Blacks “Hate Crime” White People All The Time

WHITE FEMALE VICTIMRight when you’re getting murdered, it matters not a whit the reasons why. You just want to live. Violent, criminal blacks kill perfectly innocent Whites in horrible ways all the time. They hated and killed us back then, as well as today, regardless of being a liberal or not. They simply don’t care. Sometimes they kill us just for fun. The real people behind the “narrative” don’t want us Whites to “get it” about the evil black race — before it’s too late. (INCOG)

Ebony Mag Editor Claims ‘Hate Crimes Can’t Be Committed Against White People’


Ebony Magazine’s Jamilah Lemieux

White-hating Jamilah DING DONG bitch doesn’t think Whites can be victims of “hate crimes.” Total lying BS. Blacks murder us White people all the time — often just because we’re White. (INCOG)

Fun “fact” according to the editor of Ebony Magazine: Apparently hate crimes can’t be perpetrated against Caucasians, so if a black person starts screaming about wanting to kill white cops, then shoots a dozen of them killing five, it somehow magically isn’t a hate crime… because, you know, they’re white.

Via Daily Caller:

On Wednesday, Ebony Magazine’s Jamilah Lemieux criticized the use of the phrase “hate crime” in association with the five white Dallas police officers who were killed claiming that using the phrase with a “majority group… gets into very tricky territory.”

Appearing on “CNN Newsroom” with guest host Ana Cabrera, Lemieux said, “I have to say, I would not describe hate crime as the most comfortable word choice, considering these circumstances. There’s so much that we do not know about what took place, what motivated this person. We only have the one account of law enforcement. We haven’t had the opportunity to really look into his history in a meaningful way.”


“When we use a phrase like ‘hate crime,’ we’re typically referring to crimes against people of color, people of various religious groups, LGBT people, people who have been historically attacked, abused or disenfranchised on the basis of their identity. To now extend that to the majority group and a group of people that have a history with African-Americans that has been abusive, and we can apply that to either police officers or to Caucasians, I think gets into very tricky territory.”

— Jamilah ding dong bitch

White victims of blacks: 1990’s


White victims of blacks: 1980’s


White victims of blacks: 1970’s



Us Whites are being effed over royally by those in the media. No doubt at all.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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82 Responses to Blacks “Hate Crime” White People All The Time

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    the time a white woman spends with a nigger is just good times for the nigger and oppression for the white woman till he kils her and her family ..
    we need a global bounty on niggers ..
    SOG makes a good point here about putting a global bounty on niggers and jews and alligators and sharks and crocodiles. Let’s say 10$ dollars for a dead nigger and 15 dollars for a dead alligator we can make some really cool boots out of their leather. I don’t think I could walk around all day wearing dead nigger boots I like the soft leather. I wore boots for so long the hair on my legs don’t even try to grow below 12 inches above my ankle. And as far as marriage goes can I at least unlace these fucking boots before you start bitching at me about something our kids did or the fucking plumbing system is clogged up.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    No I’m totally serious if you look at my legs you will see where the hairline stops and it is where my boots were. I’m a man and we had to shave our faces every day I’m not sure if women were required to shave their legs before wearing their skirts I didn’t pay too much attention to those regulations until I was a supervisor of some of them. But then again back in those days men were not allowed to wear earings while in uniform but…. well you see where we are now.

  3. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    July 15, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    Smitherines says: July 15, 2016 at 5:47 pm
    i agree with you, but he doesn’t hate white people.
    he understands the plot against us.
    on that he speaks the truth.

    He doesn’t, but in some ways, he can do just as much hurt or “injustice” to wake
    up SHEEP (Kwan) to the Jew being the real “Boogie man!” He continually harps
    on “the old Mac Daddy, Barry, son of the Devil” as if he’s behind this or the
    Catholic church. or other organized religions, WHICH HIM DAMN WELL knows
    are controlled big big money Zionist Jews like Soros, Rothschild, Haim Saban,
    Sheldon Adelson (big Trump supporter by the way). Barry (Obama) has been
    a Georgie Soros production and that Communist Jew in Chicago he followed
    right from the beginning: Obama even boasts of having a “Jewish Soul” he has a
    Seder Dinner every year at the White House, but yet Manning HARPS on
    continually on “The Evil Muslim, Barrack Hussein Obama!”Michele’s cousin
    is a rabbi in Chicago for Christ sake!

    He can’t Google that fucking IMAGE:

    The Passover Seder that the Obamas hosted Thursday night at the White House had many of the hallmarks that have defined it for years — the Maxwell House Haggadahs, the glass kiddush cup the first lady received in 2009 from a rabbi in Prague and bottles of Manischewitz wine!!!!!

  4. Hoff says:

    Alex Jonestein is full of shit simply because it’s anything – but the jews. But even a blind chicken can find a corn. Give it three minutes.

    This Video Will Bring Down Black Lives Matter

  5. Smitherines says:

    “77 dead on 7/14” – numerology signals false flag – UPDATES!

    By Kevin Barrett on July 14, 2016


    Since in the decimal system 10 represents transcendence (i.e. God), 11 one-ups transcendence. In other words, it fancies itself better than God. Hence the Satanic fascination with “going to 11.”

    By By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

    I’m watching Fox News in the aftermath of the carnage in Nice. They’re doing the same pre-scripted propaganda show they did on 9/11, only this time it’s even further over the top : “We are at WAR with Islam! Every Muslim who believes in shariah should be deported! Send more troops to the Middle East! Obama is a WIMP! Appeasement! Neville Chamberlain! This is war! Kill, kill, kill!”

    Hannity is bringing on a parade of neocons, each one more rabid than the last. Most have no more actual terrorism expertise than “famous Fox terror expert” con man Wayne Simmons. They’re low-grade propagandists. And they don’t want to end terrorism. They’re part of the terror team themselves! Stop and think for a moment: If the neocon team behind Fox weren’t also behind the attack, they would downplay or ignore it. The “terrorists” want media coverage, OBVIOUSLY. So if you give it to them, ultra-big-time, you’re clearly part of their team. Can anyone really be stupid enough not to see that these “terror attacks” are PR stunts whose purpose is to create the hysterical “reporting” that follows? Does anyone at this point in history really not understand that the whole “war on terror” is a neocon-Zionist propaganda hoax, and that every one of these events is a false flag?

    More @ URL below:

  6. Anon says:


  7. Hoff says:


    Canada is a steaming cesspool of Jew Cuckoldry and has been since MacKenzie King was no longer Prime Minister.

    When MacKenzie was Prime Minister in the 40s, Early in 1945 an unidentified immigration agent was asked how many Jews would be allowed in Canada after the war. He replied “None is too many”.

    Official Canadian policy was decidedly ANTI JEWISH before and during the War mostly due to “ANTI SEMITIC” pressure from Ukrainian Canadians and French Canada. Canada accepted the lowest number of JUDEN Rats – more so than any other country – .

    They were viewed as urban parasites who offered nothing to the then agriculture focused Canadian landscape.

    Thanks to the reversal of fortune, Canuckistan has a glut of hook nosed filth and our present society is over run with the plague carrying fleas of the JEW rat – NIGGERS, CHINKS, AYERABS and PAKIs

  8. Hoff says:

    WARNING: This is real! Turkey.

    Tank Drives Over Citizen

  9. S O G says:

    i never knew sal mineo got speared by a spear chukker …
    jamillah rhymes with gorilla ..she is one hell on wheels racist right and the media clucks and sucks for her and up to her …maybe she will get hit by a bus and dragged 300 yeards while screaming in african bird language and hybrid ebonix …
    fuck this nigger bitch ..white peole have enough prblems with the nigger monkey on our backs ,we dont need more race baiters and hucksters like jackson who by the way is corrupt as hell like sharpton who once ratted out his coke dealer ..and was moving large quantities hisself …i tried to post some court records ands self confessions inn mixed company on morris dees who runs a fraudulent organization for the illegal procurement of funds under a cloud and illusionn as to what they are for …besides this cluck is a convicted child molester …figures the jews like him as most jews had their corks sluurped on by a filthy rabbi when they were spawned and had their shit clipped ..disgusting shit …rabbis just wanna have fun ..right -oyy vayy …

    nobody in their right mind ever wanted jews to flock to their country un accounted for like they have here under LBJ the golda my ear look alike or transvestite switcharoo ..

    like michelle obama and the beach ball under her size 30 tent she wore while “gestational gorilla term “pregnancy”…oh crap michelle tell america where yall rented thoise chirrins from …..alot of amerricans believe thet michelle is not only a complete asshole abd a spendthrift coon with americans money like no other befoire her but that she is a he or once was a nigger nfl coon named michael ..this is america i’ll believe anything these days …except that niggers arent racist and the jews are basically good people ..
    anyone who watches how jews conduct business wiill grow to loathe kikes …ive seen how they operate a little in towns and also try to run their shit thru labor causes and social justice causes and bamn and noi and nbpp and and and well there is also the fraud of environmentalism which is and hass done good but is also used as a cloak like gloabal warming to do shit that paralyzes the wrong groups …
    i have here a record of alton sterling s nigger creds …hmm no stint in nigger university so he be a rat also ..its in another computer …its a long record leaqding up to where he put himself by refusing to cooperate and fighting with cops ..niggers just cant follow simple instructions and dont belong in any white civilization …white peole non jews who visited africa knew blacks were not compatible with their own culures just by watching them in actionn in africa ..

    this nigger trash was a convicted registered sex offender but what nigger isnt .. and his fat rotund ass waqs in a gang..
    cops and niggers arr both no good so what is the verdict ..cops take a useless nigger piece o shit off the streets BAMN and so it goes ..i dont care …most niggers are closet anti white hating racists and not so closeted anymore with the clown ass nigger in the white house and his cunt puppeteer valeri korade jarret communsi whiore who keeps an eye on the events in the whitew hoiuse and who has publicly stated that america must die and what made it great ….she should have no standing in american political process ..she should be drasgged from the white hoiuse in chains and tossed into gitmo ..filthy comunist …

  10. Day of Ragee July 15th Marches and Rallies by BLM downplayed and blacked out on ZOG News Media? On one web site saw on a you tube where drivers are runing plowing thru the blockcades of the roads and a few simians got ran over….also articles downplaying the event by ZOG…..When the free money runs out (Not enough Whiggers to keep ZOG afloat now) all darkies of all kinfs and anti Whites will run wild….The Turkey thing and Nice road ram rage of a Raghead really downplayed the Simian Rallies.?…..ZOG JUDEO MASONIC CONTROL SYSTEM is running out,,,and the Darkies will go crazy and wild..count on it inthe future…be ready…Maybe a lot of things happend but ZOG News did not show because of ZOG JUDEO MASONIC CONTROL SYSTEM…..Rennenber the Rodney King guy in concrete truck that got beat to his near death..why didnt he ram plow over and thru them?

  11. Red Pill says:

    Texas correctional officer killed in prison
    Mari Johnson was found unresponsive in kitchen area
    Mari Johnson, 55,

    they haven’t released the perpetrators data yet,
    want to guess what race he is?
    just another dead white woman?

  12. Hoff says:

    Gang attacks man with swords and burned him alive in casablanca, Maroco.

    This sewer DNA-waste are all over EU.

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    So my favorite last words to my wife were aint this place nice? And believe it or not I actually live near a place called Paris, Tennessee. Not too many niggers and spiggers and wiggers. Then the truck ran her over so I say anybody named muhaamed or wearing a turban on their head and every other fucking ILLEGAL immigrant should be deported back to where they came from immediaetly and if they try to come back line them up on the border and shoot them. We have too many niggers and wiggers and spiggers and libtarts and government employees assfirfirmative action minority set aside diversity hire and promote worthless fucks employees and teachers union worthless fucks to pay for now already . tee he ha ha I’m laughing at you fucks now. Tell the johnny shit tough boy from jew York I said Hi!

  14. Tom says:

    (1) Jonestein clip–see my YouTube comment. Jones does quite a head trip in this one–whatever you do (and no matter what blacks to to you) don’t take up “the ring of Mordor, i.e., racism. Or you won’t go to heaven. Jones needs to concentrate his efforts on blacks as they have problems with white-directed violence, not vice versa.

    2) Turkey. Looks like this was an Erdogan-Mossad preemptive action against the Turkish army. VT says a mini lithium-deuterium nuke used to blow up Turkish Parliament. 2300 Turkish judges removed form office (did they revolt?) And thousands of mid-level army officers facing execution–including the Turkish pilot that shot down the Russian jet. Sultan Erdogan has blockaded Incirlik air base in Turkey and cut off power to U.S. forces. To understand Erdogan’s curious behavior:

  15. S O G says:

    that dead prison gaurd wa probably set up by the upper brass …remember lemuel smith the serial killer who killed new york prison gaurd donna payant …cant upset the nigger and sentence him to death ..oh gee wait ,new your banned capital punishement in 2007 or so …
    this fucker is still wasting oxygen and peoples time in the jew justice system
    donna payent was brutally sodomized … i wonder what happened to the gaurd mari ..probably got niggerized ..

  16. Three more ZOG Cops just shot …..looks like jungle bunnies ambusing ZOG COPS….wonder what the ZOG JUDEO MASONIC CONTROL SYSTEM will do now? Guess they will have open season on the koons…..they have it all under control..we are all one..ha ha ha..yeah right…..why cant we all just get along? Really heatin up now….

  17. protocolsRTrue says:

    I will venture into another stupid but true story. Me and my brother take a road trip back to Cleveland to see our cousins that were flying in from alberquirqie and springfield ILL -anoise. The visit went fine except for the niggers got on the bus gus and made a new plan stan. I get up fairly early and this female comes out the exercise room just as I happen to be getting fresh ice for my cooler. She has big tops on a small cliff and a pink Floyd tee shirt the one with the prism and colors kinda’ wet from sweat I say to her I seen a pink Floyd concert in Cleveland in 76. First she said good for you. But then when I went back out the hallway to get more ice for my cooler there she was again. She said her brother went to the 76 tour in Montreal but her Dad didn’t let her go because she was too young. So I said you are not too young anymore and just at that time my brother came around the corner grinning on his face I cant believe you went out for a bucket of ice and came back with a woman.

  18. S O G says:

    lookin at the montage of ghosts here and there and everywhere it is absolute fact the niggeroids have been shooting cops and whites for 2-300 years …..
    injusticefile has more on nigger pathology ..coontent of their charachter ..obviously it aint about color anymore ..cus they hate whites it is color …but niggers would be like they are even if yellow or mullatto or semi black or all black ..niggers dont what they want ..
    first we were supposed to call them negroes then black then african american …they are just african aquatters who refuse to go back to africa and take all their drama with them ..filthy fuckin niggers ..

  19. Whitepride says:

    Yep I hate those black bastards! I get what everyone says on this topic. In Chimpago recently, sixty people were killed! Probably all niggers! Only good nigger is a good nigger!

  20. S O G says:
    there are as a matter of spaeaking many white colonies in other areas of africa thet dont have this problems …
    the land the boers settled on uncontested hundreds of years ago was developed in euro civilized manner and method thus providing the bottom tip of africa with a modern civilized development ..whitesd did not keep africans out ..they came from other parts of africa to work and live in white mans civilization and they were not indigenouis to south africa …the developments did not impact niggers negatively ..they had shaka zulu and other black despot tin horn dictators to kill millions of blacks …all the while jewish communism in africa was making untrue propaganda the nigger dictators were killing millions of blacks all over africa ..mandela was one of the worst ..
    jews did deal on africa sealing the fates of innocent boers and whites ..while at the time of era of unrest it was jew communists who instigated bombingsd and murders just like tey did in palestine killing 4 million palestinians so far …
    jews are responsible for all the famine and civil war in africa after they over threw white rule in white countries southafrica and rhodesia sauth africa you hads to be care ful of how you put black work teams to gether or black laborers and garbagemen ..if they were from opposing and enemy tribes they would and did kill each other ..
    here again as in the usa we have whites inventing and building a utopia and trying to keep blacks from destroying it all and to keep the jews from inciting all kinds of shit ..fuck the jews ..
    here is a filthy jew mocking the white genocide ion south africa who should be exterminated …on jew tube ..he mocks and makes whayt he thinks are funny faces and brings some of his nigger slaves on the video to make more light of 10’s of thousands of deaths …only a filthy jew could act this way …when white peole are evicted from properties jews take them and no jews are ever hurt in the white genocide …shokker that …since they engineered it from the gate anyway …they use the blacks to do their dirty work there to ..jews have always taken property from expelled masses of germans before during after ww1 and before during and after ww2 and in palestine but never without massive gentile body counts of muredeered innocents like dont forget armenaians in turkey or the whole fuckin palestine lands and they stioll harvest them for organs and rape …israel is the biuggest and top o the list for captive sex slave workers in the jew brothels something they have profitted off for centuries …kidnapped sex slave victims … i cant watch it all without wanting to slit this filthy kikes throat ……..uhmm hmm ..ahhhye

  21. Gazelle says:

    The police and prosecutors in Chicago were trying to decide whether or not to charge four black people with a hate crime after they beat the hell out of a defenseless white man. Sixty years ago they wouldn’t have called it a hate crime, they would have called it a lynching.

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