Bloodsucking Alien Parasites Killing America

ZIONIST JEW FACE HUGGER ON THE STATUE OF LIBERTYIt’s like an alien species has a head-lock on America!

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

So, I’m sitting on the can the other day taking care of my morning business. I know, I know — like you care about all that. Too much information, right? Well, I had a bizarre mental and real world coincidence while sitting right there on the sh*tter thinking about crap other than literal crap. My world is so weird. Or maybe I’m just weird? Hell if I know.

I’ve got my handy little vaping device to toke a few long smoky hits so the place doesn’t stink up so bad. My cup of black coffee is sitting on the sink counter just to my right. Yeah, yeah, I’m a big “regular guy,” alright. Women (entire life plural) have found my daily “regularity” a humorous topic for some reason. I think it must be jealousy since so many of them seemed so bunged up with constipation all the time.

I had one girlfriend so jammed up plumbing-wise she couldn’t go for days on end, for real. Man, that woman sure could get bitchy!*

While I was sitting there taking care of matters, I’m contemplating the wonderful world of PARASITES. Somebody came here on my site just the other day and dropped a comment asking if anyone reading here might know the online link to this book PDF on you-know-who as parasites. There’s been quite a few smart folks seeing the metaphor of “them” as parasites of the White race long, long before little old moi came to the same conclusions.

Read on my droogies.

The natural world is full of parasitic creatures — animals and plants which have evolved somehow to take advantage of other creatures by feeding on them. Like the lamprey eel, a truly God awful-looking thing with a giant spiky sucker mouth that attaches itself to the side of fish like freshwater lake trout and Atlantic cod, gradually sucking the life out of them until the fish dies and they swim off in search of a new victim.

There’s actually a real-life vampire bat in Mexico that goes out in the night to feed on the blood of sleeping cattle or even humans should they stick their feet outside of the tent — which they shouldn’t even be out there camping in the first place because they’ll probably get raped and robbed by Mestizo bandits, soon enough.

There’s even the mistletoe plant, which you can see up in the trees during the winter after the leaves have fallen (I found one just the other day on a tree branch I cut down in the backyard). People go out in the late fall to knock them off somehow so they can sell as decorations for drunk, horny Christmas revelers to neck under (how they came up with that one, I don’t know).

Just as I’m ruminating pleasantly about parasites while sitting on the porcelain throne, lo and behold I feel something crawling on my leg. I look down to see a common woodland tick entwined in my calf hairs, working his way north towards my enticing crotch area — searching for a warm stinky place to sink his dirty little tick proboscis thingie. For real. I must have picked up the little faggot while out checking on my modest tomato and pepper garden I plant in the backyard for S&G’s, while sipping on my first cup of morning joe. Ah, the simpler pleasures in life!

Thankfully, the tick had yet to latch on and bury into my epidermis. I picked him away with my thumb and index finger and put him under the edge of my coffee cup to hold him down until I’m ready to flush the toilet — sending him into the dark, stinking tomb of my septic tank system. I’m really not all too merciful when it comes to PARASITES.

Parasites are often carriers for some truly nasty diseases and viruses. Everybody has heard about the African ZIKA virus now making it over here from the Third World. Mosquitoes are the “vector.” Vectors are carriers of microscopic dangers, like the illegal immigrant ship rats were during the Middle Ages for the black plague (killing tens of millions of White Europeans). Ticks carry LYME DISEASE, which can mess you up in the gut for years.

America has been plagued with parasites in one way or another for the last one hundred years or so. Of course you know I was getting to that, didn’t you? America is like a giant big fat cow for the parasites of the human race.

Blacks are now HUGE parasites in White countries. Just think it out for a minute, would you? Don’t let the lefty media brainwashing fool you. They are still bilking the slavery guilt BS, even though few White people have any ancestry involved. Hell, it was Whites who ended slavery in the first place. Africa still has slavery going on.

Blacks rake in hundreds of billions in “entitlement” money (much more than defense expenditures) so they can sit around on their fat asses all day, watching BET TV and blaming Whites over the most ridiculous BS. Hell, we pay the brats more per month if they have more chilluns from different black men. They also get monthly EBT cards so they can eat at Mickey D’s and free cell phones so they coordinate gang shoplifting activities among themselves.

Our once beautiful cities are filled with lazy-ass, criminal blacks sucking beaucoup dineros from America’s bottom line.

Simply imagine all the money this country spends with police, prisons and legal crap just dealing with the black race’s daily criminal nature? It’s certainly in the tens of billions every year. Hell, it’s 2.5 billion in Chicago alone. And that doesn’t even touch the bastards killing innocent White people all the time, like our elderly (they rape and murder old White ladies all the time).

Simply put: Blacks represent a “coerced, negative zero-sum” to the nation’s bottom line. This is wonky game theory lingo for them being a huge albatross around America’s neck — meaning the black race is TOTALLY WORTHLESS.

Then we get to the Jews. Blacks don’t hold a candle to the parasitic, Whitish-looking, chameleon Jew. The café Internet scam artists of Nigeria would have you believe so, but no. Blacks can take credit for mindless criminal behavior and individually sucking monthly benefits out of our Jew-corrupted, formerly White governments, but no way can they handle massive financial heists of entire nations, like the Jews are getting away with. Except of their own tinpot African countries — who scam White countries of the West for never-ending financial, food and medical aid, of course.

Just like the continuously changing or mutating HIV virus, Jews are the virus that destroyed the proactive, protective White T-cells of our body politic, while blacks are the “opportunistic” disease bacterium ravaging the system overall.

Like the fags who came down with HIV, or AIDs (acquired immune deficiency) back in the 1980’s, America came down with the Jews in the 1880’s — the virus infection passed on to us by monarchist Christian Russia, who themselves died of the violently virulent Jewish disease of Marxism in the Red revolution of 1917.

The Jew virus first infected our digestive tract (the money-making apparatus or Federal Reserve) and then sent offspring out into the nervous system and up into the brain (the educational system and media) to blind and confuse us with a somnolent-inducing drug called “PC,” while keeping us from visiting the doctor (Hitler).

Now that might sound all funny and crap, but it’s the sorry GD truth.

Hasidic Jews are the biggest ethnicity to get Section 8 free money for housing in New York state. Why is that when so many Jews suck mucho dineros out of Wall Street? Because there’s a whole other section of Jewry (about 10%) who are truly supremacist, religious extremists (God’s “Chosen Ones,” remember), and wear all black while sitting around reading the convoluted, Jesus-hating Talmud all day, treat their babes like dogs and have tons of kids like blacks.

It’s always A-OK for us to hate WHITE Christian Fundies (even the complete idiots who suck up to Israel) and WHITE Mormons (Warren Jeffs is a favorite subject of Feminazi loving media since he’s a White guy), but never do we hear JACK about these hateful, women-enslaving Hasidic Jews sucking on America’s bountiful parasite freebies.

These wacked bastards actually believe the entire planet will eventually be under their express control and each will have 2800 “Noahide” slaves at their beck and call. Don’t even get me started on their dirty pedo fantasies involving our children or their “KOSHER” scam operations where they skim a little money off us each and every damn time we go shopping (even many non-food items like aluminum foil and sheet metal for cars get KOSHER-ized in the scam).

These creepy bastards even have the gall to erect a 90 foot tall satanic menorah in the Washington park across from the White House for the Jewish “high” holidays of Hanukah (Christmas season for the “Goyim”). The Jews so control us, they have even had the menorah declared as non-religious by SCOTUS should any of us “haters” dare to say JACK when they force us to remove Jesus imagery. The lousy creeps are always getting the cross taken down from any public setting.

Basically, most of your Jew holidays revolve around them killing masses of us Goyim. Or God slaying us for them. It’s crazy what these nutcases think.

Then we have the majority of atheistic, immoral and often homosexual Jews who virtually always work jobs with little to no manual labor — especially anything to do with money. Somehow, they got everybody thinking only Jews can handle this kind of thing. Total BS. The only thing they are good at is setting up backroom deals so they and corrupted Goyim cohorts (enlisted for racial camouflage), can skim off the labors of the rest of us.

Hell, the Federal Reserve was a total USURY creation by the International Jewish money monopoly. The whole “fiat” money business is running each of us broke with inflation because these bastards hand over tens of billions per month to fellow bankers to pay off bad loans, derivative gambles or just the interest accumulated on our national debt (now close to an unimaginable 20 trillion dollars). They’ve been bilking American taxpayers from the very beginnings in 1913.

New York city is full of these tricky-dick, rip-off money Jews. Basically, all they do is rearrange numbers on computer screens from one toxic account to another. Most of your Wall Streeters are Jews. The stock exchange used to be for helping American companies expand and improve business. But no more. Most of what goes on in New York now has little to do with building up America — just breaking up companies, selling the parts around and siphoning off what they can get away with along the way.

Other Jews sit around making side bets on the whole process, by exploiting insider tips whenever possible.

The place is chock full of rich Jew vampires wearing $3000 suits, $300 ties, spending $30 for cocktail appetizers while they slap each other on their crooked hunched backs for a rip-off job well-done earlier that day. Hell, the squirrelly punks spend more per day than most people earn in a month or two at a real job — if White people even got one in this now totally Jew globalist-corrupted country.

It’s GD ridiculous what these lousy Jew creeps have done to our lands!

You can see how these rats really think and act in a filthy Jew Hollywood movie that recently came out called “The Wolf of Wall Street” (with talented goy actor, Leonard DeCRAPrio, playing the lead Jew scam artist). Although they don’t openly say they are Jews, they have little embedded signals that alerts fellow Jews that you can spot if you pay attention. Unfortunately, it goes over the heads of most “goyim,” but Jews get a hearty chuckle. The movie was based on a group of real-life scam artist Jews back in the ’90’s who really did all those things, too.

Hell, it might even be the most accurate Jew movie ever produced. The punks are total sleaze balls! Just don’t buy or rent the movie. Borrow or steal. I know that sounds hypocritical but hey, didn’t that smirking trouble-maker Jew with the big Jew fro, who they act like was such a great 1960’s anti-war hero, Abbie Hoffman, write a book he titled “Steal This Book?” I remember taking him up on his suggestion when I was a kid. Thank God, I eventually figured out the dirty Jew’s subversions.

Look, you can call me a “hater” or anti-Semite or whatever the flock the stinking bastards have made you think, but I’m just telling it like it is. All this BS is going on, jack.

America really is a giant fat cow for the parasites. Of course the parasites want you to ignore such talk. They don’t want to lose their cushy little parasite dealy they got going on in America. They have all kinds of organizations expressly tasked with keeping us as a host. They instinctively understand that if we “get it,” they might just have a few problems. This is “the why” we have so much PC BS going down these days.

They are indeed blood sucking ticks who have permanently attached themselves to our body — and we’re going to have to burn the bastards off!

— Phillip Marlowe

*Don’t take it personally, ladies, you know us guys can be full of crap!


George-Soros-STAR OF SATAN

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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53 Responses to Bloodsucking Alien Parasites Killing America

  1. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    I was going to get a bit concerned about you incog if you had stayed with that scatological content for another sentence or two.

    “The Jewish obsession with feces is very disturbing, and very real. In fact, it is openly admitted by many Jews.”

  2. S O G says:

    micro super jew bacteria …htlv-1 genetically modified many ways …
    what is worth pondering is the fact most people with hiv antibodies had it under control or were immune ..but the jewish medical dowry for death and wealth also took these and 60-70% of false positives and put idiots on AZT ,which destroys human immune system and so joilla you have a.i.d.s. ..even stupid african niggers know this..
    the african nigger nation has an estimated 180 million cases of aids ..created aids or real from poly vaxxination synergy ,,certain vaxxes can work together to form mycoplasma fermentans /incognitus ..these are subjects of long ass reads ..most if not all soldiers have it well as high levels of background radiation and are having malformed children like the jew thalidamide bs in the 50’s ..the jews prescribed it to pregnant women for morning sickness and alot of babies wwere born deformed without arms or other shit …
    the whole reason the jewsw circ/umcise gentiles is to manually destroy the normal functioning of the male apparatus and the ensuing problems it manifests later in life ..masters and jonson revealed some male maladies with sex bit never connected the dots to the jew doctors …same ass shit as giving a day old baby a hep b shot ..1 of 214 shots to come …
    think trump will put an end to fake false positive prostate results so jews cannot continue to keep cutting away peoples lives …
    think he will end NAFTA ..when clinton signed it 700,000 jobs left the usa and the ensuing years saw the loss of 60,000 factories and 30 million well paying unioun jobs ..
    how about all these kike and gentile socialist scum bags who spew on and on about the unioons this and labour party blah blah is their own social red jew devil supporters who kill unions and look at safeway markets now owned by jew cerberus corp ..all the prices of everything arre rising signifigantly ..the jews own all kroegers albertsons and safeways in america …this is our anti trust laws being flouted and kicked around by jews no less ..jews in control of americas food ..
    take out of circulation sites / links and go to wayback machine

    yeah happy fuckin 4th o jewly ..they arrest people now for setting off big fyrecrackers ..callit detonating a explosive device ..the land of the slave home of the fee …

  3. Long time, no read… Incogman..

    I was waiting for an article like this one… You hit the nail on the head about the psychosis and sickness of the REAL parasites of all of mankind, the disgusting psycho demented demon seed mentally deranged Jewish pricks…..

    I too cannot understand the infatuation which fecal material that these Jewish bastards have… Maybe deep inside they wish they all could be pieces of shit?

  4. Smitherines says:

    Is the Istanbul Bombing a False Flag?

    By Jonas E. Alexis on June 30, 2016

    “Although some Turkish government officials say that the ISIS group was responsible for the attack, ISIS has never officially claimed its attacks on Turkish soil.”
    The recent bombing in Istanbul reminds me of what the Mossad in Israel did in 1950 and 1951 in Iraq. World War II veteran and CIA chief Wilbur Crane Eveland wrote in his 1980 book Ropes of Sand: America’s Failure in the Middle East:

    “In an attempt to portray the Iraqis as anti-American and to terrorize the Jews, the Zionists planted bombs in the U.S. Information Service library and in the synagogues. Soon leaflets began to appear urging Jews to flee to Israel.

    “The Iraqi police later provided our embassy with evidence to show that the synagogue and library bombings, as well as the anti-Jewish and anti-American leaflet campaigns, had been the work of an underground Zionist organization, most of the world believed reports that Arab terrorism had motivated the flight of the Iraqi Jews whom the Zionists had “rescued” really just in order to increase Israel’s Jewish population.”[1]

    Numerous accounts have confirmed this claim. Naeim Giladi, an Iraqi Jew who was the president of the World Organization of Jews from Islamic Countries, wrote an entire book on this very issue.[2] Later, Giladi wrote an article admitting:

    “I write this article for the same reason I wrote my book: to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors. I write about what the first prime minister of Israel called ‘cruel Zionism.’ I write about it because I was part of it.”

    Israeli officials wanted Iraqi Jews to immigrate to Israel. They realized that the best way to do so was to strike terror among the Jewish population and create panic across the country. Once Iraqi Jews figured that their lives were in danger, then they had no other choice but to move to Israel. It was essentially a covert operation.

    The rest of the URL below:

  5. S O G says:

    so domestic spying is allowed by all spy agencies but not by cia ..small oversight ..the cia is as jew controlled as nsa or m16 or mossad or savak was or any spy aparatus ..irans spy network is probably still trained and manned by jews or crypto jews and half jews who are 100% asshole ..iran has the 2nd largest jewish population in the world next to israel so they say ..
    you should check out all the lawsuits jews have filed in us courts for money relating to ww2 ..and we sacrificed 425,000 men to that genocide of germany …jews not so secretly fomented the war the world of alleged and all that evn if jews needed rescuing which they had already left or been deported as anti german nationalism cunts ..they stabbed america in the stomach and the back just like they did to germany ww1 and ww2 …judea declares war against germany in 1933 ..its inn newsprint ..the naval blockaeds against germany were semitic as patton called the jew manipulationn factor …it is hard to miss the jewish foot prints of violence and genoicide all over history …their parasitizm goes all the way back to before they were even israelites ..ibaru carvaners ,,like the worthless shit present day gypsies ..thieives con artists drug dealers pimps killers etc ..they are connected to world mixed jewry . shows major parasitical jew ..many wars throo history were started by jews to take focus off of em ..more like the jews blamed others for the damasge they themselves did to many others ww2 ..
    judicial dot inc + wayback machine …works good mostly

  6. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Leaked: Saudi King Financed Netanyahu’s 2015 Election Bid

    This is more proof that the Saudi Royal family are jews.

  7. Frank Fredenburg says:
  8. Whitepride says:

    What a wonderful world it would be without Jews and Niggers! You are not crazy IncogMan! I was born in Jew York! Loads of arrogant Kikes and criminal niggers live there! My perfect existence would be the mass genocide of niggers and Jews. I struggle to get by every day here in liberal California.

  9. guiltfreewhite says:

    It’s about as bad here in liberal Minnesota.Perhaps even worse?

  10. brian boru says:

    The jew is the most highly evolved and dangerous parasitic life-form on earth. It is responsible for more human suffering and death and cultural and environmental destruction than all people in the world combined. Unless it is dealt with there will never be peace or spiritual progress for humanity.

  11. Whitepride says:

    The effin Jews were shunned and chased out of Europe. They put their heads in books. They used to be walking in New York and reading. I too am scared of this country’s future. Effin Jew York herbs are so arrogant.

  12. Israhell on Earth says:

    Great post Incog, but you did not mention your greatest ally in the middle east, the nation state of the jewish people, beautiful Israel.[TM]

    I’m not 100% sure, but i believe that Israel is indeed the most parasitic state on this planet. At first you’d think that’s a stupid notion, i mean most people there work, they have a high-tech computer industry etc( the first CPU was developed in Israel – the Israelis love to mention that when a “hater” comes along..) but if you take a closer look it becomes obvious.

    – 20% of the population are hasidic jews with no interest in working or serving in the army.

    – Israel may be a small country, but it has a big organized crime problem. Many of these gangsters seem to be ordinary russians, not even “khazar” or “ashkenazi” jews. They migrated to Israel in the 1990’s/early 2000’s with no questions asked to win the “demographic war” against the arabs and Palestinians. They run big drug operations, extortion rings, and of course the countless brothels where White, eastern European women get exploited.

    – Israel’s entire economy is unethical and dirty- weapons(often stolen from America, reverse-engeneered and sold to China), blood diamonds, human trafficing, or cheap labor from Asia. Israel is No.1 when it comes to crookedness.
    Israel is also leading the online fraud charts:

    – All the financial support and bribed countries U.S. citizens have to pay for. What do the jews give you in return? False flag terrorism and lots of angry muslims carrying out real terror attacks, or lucrative deals with DHS to further enslave and control the population.

    – The Israelis don’t fight their own wars anymore. They found other morons to fight and die for them, and i don’t just mean Americans. During the Afghanistan war German politicians had a heated debate whether or not it’s permissible to send German soldiers to kill Afghanis because according to their twisted, ethnomasochistic, and jewed logic Germany was responsible for WW1, WW2, and of course the Holohoax.
    The former minister of defence, Peter Struck, coined the silly phrase “Deutschlands Freiheit wird auch am Hinukusch verteidigt”. That’s basically the same lie George W. Bush uttered after 9/11 when he proclaimed “they hate us for our freedom”, [we have to bomb their countries to smithereens]
    Israel’s creation and existence has created a backlash and fuels a guerrilla war that is the driving force behind so much unrest in our own nations, but the jews accuse you of being an evil hater just for stating obvious facts.

    Due to Israel’s mandatory military service for all men and women, many cowards end up in the IDF. Just look at that picture of soldiers wearing diapers and literally pissing in their pants. Many of these thugs are not fit to fight in a real war, all they’re capable of is shooting unarmed Palestinian rioters.

    I’m not trying to present myself as some kind of warrior, i never served in a war. But at least i completed 8 months military service in Austria without pissing in my pants.
    These pathetic jews are weak, especially the women.

  13. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Question and answer time for Donald Trump.

    Tough guy Trump considers this as nasty?

  14. MonkeysBeGone says:

    @ Elders

    That video of Trump responding to the old guy’s comment says it all. Fuck Trump. He’s a jew tool and he proved it once again as he has done countless times before. Over and over and over he has proclaimed his undying support for Israel. Israel is his number one concern, not the United States.

    Trump is the biggest phony that’s come along in decades, and it shames me that so many goy have fallen for this con. I honestly cannot think of any one person on the national stage who has taken as much jew dick up as the ass as The Donald.

    A vote for Trump is a vote for Israel.

  15. MonkeysBeGone says:

    Donald Trump 1000% for Israel.

  16. Hoff says:

    Just found this. Never seen this before.





    Reg: May 2010

    Inlägg: 127

    “Since the dawn of history the Negro has owned the continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet and yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.

    His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled.

    A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour.

    In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud.

    With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.” — Charles Darwin 

  17. Hoff says:


    Excerpt: Typhus from now on took over its historic role along the entire Eastern front. It flourished as usual in all the Rastern armies, but was kept, by extraordinarily effective sanitary measures, bathing and delousing, within reasonable bounds among the Austrians and Germans.

    Though it penetrated into the prison camps in Central
    Europe, it was successfully prevented from spreading
    to the civilian populations. Among the most remarkable phenomena of the war is the total absence or typhus from the Western front.”

    Full text of course.

  18. Ray says:

    You said, the jews send embedded signals to alert other jews. The jews call that, “to bagel someone.”

  19. Smitherines says:

    A Buddhist monk goes to a barber to have his head shaved

    “What should I pay you?” the monk asks. “No price, for a holy man such
    as yourself,” the barber replies. And what do you know, the next day
    the barber comes to open his shop, and finds on his doorstep a dozen

    That day, a priest comes in to have his hair cut. “What shall I pay
    you, my son?” “No price, for a man of the cloth such as yourself.” And
    what do you know, the next day the barber comes to open his shop, and
    finds on his doorstep a dozen roses. That day, Rabbi Finklestein comes
    in to get his payoss [sideburns] trimmed. “What do you want I should
    pay you?” “Nothing, for a man of God such as yourself.” And the next
    morning, what do you know? The barber finds on his doorstep â?? a dozen

  20. Karen says:

    Shit is a powerful manure, so Marlowes latest, fresh and uncomposted (which can BURN), brings forth a big and beautiful flower.

  21. Hoff says:

    Ray says:

    July 2, 2016 at 9:52 am

    You said, the jews send embedded signals to alert other jews. The jews call that, “to bagel someone.”


    Can you explain that expression?

  22. Anon says:

    TELEVISION. That’s how the jew controls the world. All of its plans, its bogus laws and bogus politicians, all implemented through jews controlling all television including movies. Every staged event, niggers all over tv, and always the phony idiot on the street opinion after the fake event. New ‘laws’ and experts to tell about them. It’s all a big jew fraud theater made by filthy jew. Sure, other media is owned or controlled by them, but if we took away control of television from these filthy deviant disgusting sub-human hybrids, the TRUTH would flow out like a giant tsunami and that would be the end of the jew parasite. It’s time to take back control of the sheeple- by taking back control of television. I know it would work. The jew controlling television is the ONLY reason they haven’t been expelled already! make that Yet- #110

  23. Hoff says:

    The Jew media is flipping out after The Donald tweeted an image of “Crooked Hillary” with dollars and a Jew star.

  24. Fred says:

    I just saw on (((TV))) Elie the Weasel died.
    You should expect a full blown at least a week long (maybe a month) remembrance and tolerance white people beat down.
    I already listened to the “he was shipped to aushwitz where his mother and sister were immediately sent to the gas chambers” report.
    A short 10 years ago I would have nodded my head in solemn agreement.

  25. Red Pill says:

    how to give head to get ahead
    One wonders how long before all Western peoples conclude that only a French Revolution complete with guillotine can set them free.
    nothing is going to fix the mess.
    heads need to roll.
    don’t bother to vote.
    you were led here by the Judas goat,
    nobody gives a shit about you any more than you do your own self.
    quit dreaming , take a shit or get off the pot.
    get fucking real now, there is no help on the way.
    or join the Hillary for president campaign and receive your own personal demon.
    that day is just 6 months away.
    the longer one believes the lie , the more people that have to die.
    the lie is every thing you were taught.
    if you haven’t learned thru experience, then your thoughts are not your own.
    if your television is on then your part of the problem.
    all of the knowledge found at this web site, and there is plenty.
    can’t give you one gram of wisdom.
    all wisdom come from God almighty.
    humble your proud asses, confess your shortcomings and ask for a lift up.
    the hand of God “TRUMPS” the word of man.
    chose today whom you will serve.
    it’s the best deal out there despite what that “other” guy is selling.

  26. INCOG MAN says:

    Elie Wiesel — GIANT JEW CON MAN.

    Go Here:

    • Kayla says:

      Hi Incogman

      Please tell me you have that Statue of Liberty facehugger Alien pic as a .GIF file?

      If not, could you please make one and send to me please?

      I lot of facebook pages don’t allow you to reply with a photo, only gifs or text

      Well done on the photo, the most accurate photo i’ve seen that depicts the current situation. It’s brilliant!

  27. Red Pill says:

    Elie Wiesel is dead
    sounds OK to me.

  28. carnac123 says:

    One of our main parasites now is the feral negro. They are always demanding positions they are not qualified for, engaging in crimes and blaming the ‘white man’, finding schemes to suck the money out of the country, and blaming everything and everyone for the fact that they are deficient in everything that makes up a human being. Every thing they touch goes to hell. Every neighborhood they live in goes to hell. Every nation they form is a hell-hole. Every nation they gain some control in turns to a third world dump. A case in point would be Obama and America. Look what is happening to us. Blacks were put in Africa by the Creator to be separate from everyone else due to their lack of humanity and brain power. While the rest of the world’s people and races were rapidly rising in intelligence in harsh environments, the negro was lounging in a rich environment doing absolutely nothing but perhaps eating his children . Negros are an infestation and they need to be cleared.

  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    What is about these people and fat food joints at the beginning of the month?

  30. Red Pill says:

    World Mourns the Death of Elie Wiesel, Bloodsucking Alien Parasite
    i to have shed a tear, waiting all these years for the good news of the jews.

    How Elie Wiesel Responded to Losing His Life Savings to Bernie Madoff
    no sin was committed between long standing Cohen artists.
    sort of a kosher fuck between friends who built there kingdoms on stolen money.

  31. Steve says:

    Since we’re on shitty subjects, Do you know why all those homos died in Orlando? It’s because the were all packed in the rear. Bwahaha!

  32. Matt says:

    Who’s the main group wanting Muslims brought into America, while at the same time telling us to be tolerant and calling us hateful if we’re not, while at the same time trying to take away our guns, our only real means of self-defense?

    The Jews, are in the process of importing the Muslim army that will carry out the Jew’s desire to genocide the white race and finish what they started in Russia. This is really what is happening.

  33. Hoff says:

    FRANCE INVADES GERMANY — 1914, 1923, 1939


  34. S O G says:

    yeah and england starts bombing civilian german cities in 1939 march 13 for 4 months before the german high command retalliated ..fuck coventry ..a micro sized area at best with very minimal loss of limey life …germany was another chapter ..a genocide dressed up as war like there was a sane or rational reason to go all in that country ..japan hadnt even been an ally of germany in ww1 and in reality had fought against germany so who pulled the wool and put a retarded war treaty in place for japan and germany …actually it read that if eitherr country was attacked the other would come to the rescue ..something got takenout of context….to start ww2 which the filthy kikes were anxious to start …

    on hoffs foot notes ..the region known as belarussia on the eastern region of russia probably better known as the area where the pale of shetylment was …1000 shetyls or towns villages etc of jews ..where all manner of disease was always breaking out ..their hygeine was almost non existent ..the jews brought the typhus into the camps in poland and germany probably on purpose …
    when the communist jew backed obama agenda puppet speaks out as a pro muslim he is in fact proving a jew moslem matrix ..obama is both ..communist and moslem sob.
    jews have total control over this fly ridden brigade from the depths of hell ..
    all these new redicupous gun laws are prima fasi evidence of constitutional tampering …on a smeller level such as jury tampering is punishable by stiff sentences ..constitutional tampering seems to be acceptable on the hill …contaminated corrupt traitors to the usa occupy seats in our political system as legal definition conspirators and traitors ..
    the whole mess needs to go and they know we know it ,..gun laws will only affect and disarm and penalize law abiding people abiding people are not committing gun crimes ..gun incidents account for leess deth than automiobile or fall and die in home events ..cigarettes kill 500,000 people every yaer ..on and on many do vaxxines kill each year or incompetent doctors and pharmacide ..or fucked up wars fought for israel assholes ..arrogant filthy fucking twats …there is a special place in hell for kikes ..
    russia was the most heavily armed populace in europe before the gun roundups in bolshevik post revolution 1917 russia ..prior to the mass murder of russians by jews they confiscated guns like they did in turkey in 1914 ..armenian soldiers in turkish army were disarmed and executed as well as some larger numbers causing masses of armenians to flee to russia and the bolsheviks slaughterd them what wernt killed by the jewish young turks leadership in turkey ,,3-4 milli9on armenians ..the point is that the leadership of muslims there was by jews like savak in iran and in palestine 1947 the jews did the same thing by murdering 70,000 intellegentsia infrastructuer persons wonder 700,000 palestinians fled in exodus mass fashion ..they didnt leave because someone said to leave they left becaust the jews had begun their aggressive sovietizationn bolshevik jew style mass murders of palestinians ..they fled for their lives ..and in the ensuing years jews killed millions ..executed palestinians like katyn revisited or russia cheka and buldozed the villages ,,hundreds …the bigger cities were deprived of water and food and nature took its course like it did when the jew bolsheviks startved 10’s of million s in the 2 didfferent holodomor engineered famines of ukraine who kept insisting on independence …they got it shortly after chernobyl right …jews at work ..
    agents of death and destruction ..

  35. Whitepride says:

    Dear Carnac 123
    I could not agree with you more! I hate blacks! They are the nastiest apes to roam a once beautiful earth! Greedy, ugly, stupid and smelly! Always looking g for a handout! They are theost violent savages to roam this earth! Everything they touch goes to shit! I have seen the awful destruction they do when they are evicted from subsidized apartments! They are animals and are a cancer to this earth! Death to niggers! Take back America!

  36. S O G says:,%20Beatings,%20Murders%20and%20Hangings.htm

    so the jews used jews to kill jews during the olympics “The 1972 Munich Olympic massacre …”
    Abu’s organization, Black September, invaded the Munich’s Olympic village, and took the Israeli Olympics team hostage. There was a standoff, and the Germans agreed to let the Nidal’s operatives escape. They go to an airport were they are ambushed, and some of the terrorists were killed as well as 11 Israelis ………….
    Israel has the Mossad assassinate the 11 Arabs connected, but don’t touch Abu Nidal.
    The odd part — Abu Nidal killed from 1972 till 2002, and the Mossad never retaliated and killed him………….! ?

    the reparations racket and the myriad of lawsuits filed on behalf of greedy lying jews is sordid and long …
    the gold train bull shit was a well known fact that american high command had a train full of looted shit also …americans looted 600,000 known baubles and valuables from germans ..
    15 millio9n germany germans were evicted from their homes ..this is something patton refused to participate in ..most of these germans went missing suspected of being killed in the former german camps and russia ..russians kidnapped 70,000 orphans from berlin and put them on a livestock train to russia at the height of winter ..they all perished ..or the def’s civilians germans put into open air death gulags by americans and french and russians also ..
    russians were belived to have stolen 800,000 personal valuable items from german houses and civilians …
    on the armenian thing the kikes came crawling out of the pale to assume the properties now gone vacant by their murdered armenian owners ..houses businesses and asserts …this was repaeted in bolshevik russia by shitkes communist comintern drones …the list goes on and on …

  37. S O G says:,%20Beatings,%20Murders%20and%20Hangings.htm

    so the jews used jews to kill jews during the olympics “The 1972 Munich Olympic massacre …”
    Abu’s organization, Black September, invaded the Munich’s Olympic village, and took the Israeli Olympics team hostage. There was a standoff, and the Germans agreed to let the Nidal’s operatives escape. They go to an airport were they are ambushed, and some of the terrorists were killed as well as 11 Israelis ………….
    Israel has the Mossad assassinate the 11 Arabs connected, but don’t touch Abu Nidal.
    The odd part — Abu Nidal killed from 1972 till 2002, and the Mossad never retaliated and killed him………….! ?

    the reparations racket and the myriad of lawsuits filed on behalf of greedy lying jews is sordid and long …
    the gold train bull shit was a well known fact that american high command had a train full of looted shit also …americans looted 600,000 known baubles and valuables from germans ..
    15 millio9n germany germans were evicted from their homes ..this is something patton refused to participate in ..most of these germans went missing suspected of being killed in the former german camps and russia ..russians kidnapped 70,000 orphans from berlin and put them on a livestock train to russia at the height of winter ..they all perished ..or the def’s civilians germans put into open air death gulags by americans and french and russians also ..
    russians were belived to have stolen 800,000 personal valuable items from german houses and civilians …
    on the armenian thing the kikes came crawling out of the pale to assume the properties now gone vacant by their murdered armenian owners ..houses businesses and asserts …this was repaeted in bolshevik russia by shitkes communist comintern drones …the list goes on and on ………………………………………….

  38. S O G says:

    good riddance to eli weasel ..he had no tattoo and did say tho that there were non death camps in germany at least not till the allies took control of germans fate ..
    is he still dead …
    well said Whitepride …the humagatans have taken over the plannet of the apes with the jews and muslim ,mexomalian sob’s ..
    californea is a fucked up place with brown the clown and the othert kike basterds looting this state ..brown vooted for the mandatory cal vaxx and allowed for open carry to go away and he sat and watched the kikes empty the cal reservoirs over the drought killing the san joaquin valley …the usa traitors in wash dc passed a law 2-3 year ago banning home grown food gardens etc and now new zealand is doing the same thing control has always been an enormous weapon in jew hands from the post ww1 british naval blockade of germany to starve the germans who didnt freeze to death after the ruhr valley coal regoin was coincidentally taken from germany via the vesaille treaty ,,all to coincidental …it goes on and on and all thw way back to the earliest histories …the jews are part of a global criminal nere do well genetic criminal set mixed with all the standard races and the neanderthals and hittites and mongols etc etc on and on ….it isnt even a race for fuck sake nor is it a REligion but a criminal, satanic cult …

  39. Shadowcaster says:

    “Welcome To Babylon” — Crisis Actors

    (Phuck the Pharisees out there, too, by the way. We’ll see ya soon. Blowback is a bitch… and she’s one very angry Shiksa, too…)

  40. MonkeysBeGone says:

    Urban Jungle Girl – The Niggers are the Sledgehammers for the jews.

    Urban Jungle Girl tells it exactly like it is.

  41. putnamvt says:

    “Nation of immigrants” — successful jew meme and most Americans seem to think it’s in the Constitution .

  42. Hoff says:

    SWEDISH police have blamed Scandinavian teenage girls’ “Nordic alcohol culture” and Western behaviour for a steep rise in sex attacks carried out by migrants.

  43. Smitherines says:

    This “tear jerker” is for you Bailey (chk out comments Kwan are waken)

  44. S O G says:

    the jew parasites looking for ways to ,uh more ways to fuck humanity over at this page an d the destruction anti depressants from jew pharmaceutical companies is why kids kill …most school shooters were jews and the nut that shot the first arizona jew congresswoman ..she was in the same temple as jared lee loughner and his family ..jewish shooter on quaff ..brain drain and reinfiltraTION with homicidal tendencies ..wasnt it the guy noveske the custom gun maker who posted this shit about kids on ssri’s doing the killings in schools on line and was susupiciously dead a week later ..he posted how all school shootings were by kids on ssri dope and he forgot to mentiion that they were all jewish as well
    well reknowned rifle maker john noveske was killed in a weird car accident …he also refused to seel his company earlier to cerberus who is secretly bidding for all weapon and ammo amnufacturers …
    Guns don’t kill people. People on psychotropic drugs kill people – sometimes with guns.
    nterestingly, about a week before this car wreck, Noveske published a post on his Facebook page about the connection in recent mass-casualty shootings to drugs being prescribed to the people who committed these crimes. In a January 10th article I posted in response to an email from Sen. Dick Durbin, I said that rather than focusing on the guns being used in these shootings we should look at the people who are committing these crimes and what might be causing them to take these extreme actions…noveske was a maker of the ar-15 the weapon that wasnt used either at sandy hoax or at orlando hoax ….
    11 Apr 2014 … PHOENIX — The man who shot former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was unraveling in the months before the rampage, clearly going into some sort of mental state via drugs..

  45. Tom says:

    Smallpox is a good illustration of the Jewish-black nexus as well. Smallpox knocks out a portion of the immune system–you can’t see that–but then secondary bacterial infections set in causing high fever and often terrible scarring. Without the smallpox, these infections would b adequately handled by the body’s immune system.

    As for us being the host, I suspect our days as primary host are numbered. Our gold and industrial capacity have already been sent “East”. When the Jews finally do leave they’ll only have to pack for a day trip. Everything of value will long since have been stripped and sent out of the country. I think China is slated as the new host, with Eurasia as the captive market. Many prominent Jews are breeding with their Asiatic brethren now, like Zukerberg. and “our” military has been turned into a moving “Maginot Line” by these parasites who supply overpriced and defective equipment from “holy” chemical warfare gear to the F-35. The superior weapons of Eurasia would send much of our Navy to the bottom shortly after a war. Tanks and most planes would be vulnerable. For those unfamiliar with Maginot, it was sold to the French public in the 1930s as a costly, but foolproof, method of stopping Germany with an impenetrable wall of artillery–and allowed France to goad Poland into provoking Germany, safe in the belief that France itself was safe. Hitler simply sent gilders and paratroopers over the fortifications and attacked from the rear, where the guns could not be turned. Today, Maginot is an underground shopping mall.)

  46. Barney says:

    The jews love all things related to excrement. Presumably that’s why so many (all?) of them are queer. Here’s something I had on my living room wall for years, until it faded and became brittle. I keep meaning to make a new one.

    (large text) QUEERS
    (smaller text) ARE A
    (large text) PAIN
    (smaller text) IN THE
    (large text) ARSE

    Centred and of a size to just fit an A4 sheet. Our American brethren will probably want to change the spelling of that last word to “ASS”.

    It took me about a day to programme my printer to create that back in the days of the old Commodore 64. Nowadays I could do it in a minute or two.

    I’d love to make a thousand of them and plaster a couple of towns with them, but then I’d probably offend some poor widdle poofter’s feelings and end up inside.

  47. S O G says:

    yikes litterally barney …gays kill ghays with the aids virus ..annaly injecte death sentence A.I.D.S..

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