Clinton Cash: The Official Movie


Clinton Cash, is a feature documentary based on the Peter Schweizer book that the New York Times hailed as “The most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle.”

Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation. This wealth was accumulated during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State through lucrative speaking fees and contracts paid for by foreign companies and Clinton Foundation donors.



You might be asking yourself: “How come I never see anything about all this on TV?” Well, my friend, it’s because we’re being totally screwed over by the real power structure — who own the media. The Crooked Clintons and pretty much all the traitor rats in DC are not going to say anything about this power structure, if they know what’s good for them. The idiot libtards out here in lala land are not going to care — we already know they are HUGE hypocrites when it comes to anti-White race BS.

And the Clintons have the gall to attack Trump on his business practices? How about the media and the dems at the convention in Philadelphia talking about Trump’s university crap and his bankruptcies 24/7? His sins are small potatoes compared to the Clintons (just watch the movie). The BS going on nowadays is so thick you can walk on it!

If you really, really care about upsetting the rotten apple cart, you need to vote Trump.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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56 Responses to Clinton Cash: The Official Movie

  1. Nationalist says:

    The Clinton’s are both excellent examples of how sometimes Whites do not live up to their full potential. Satan likes to brainwash people into adopting the liberal point of view with the goal of weakening God’s strongest followers, the White race.

  2. Matt says:


    Don’t be deceived, Hillary is a Jew, physically, mentally, and emotionally, here the to kill, steal, and destroy, like her father Lucifer.

  3. Hoff says:

    Killary is a mini-jew. She think like a jew and act like a jew.

    Haven’t followed DNC at all, but I’m reading a thread about it. Day one started in chaos. DemoCraps booing everytime when Killarys name was mentioned.

    DemoCraps chanting: Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up.

    No American flag at DNC. No white speaker. All the speakers modus operandi is:

    I’m [name], I’m an immigrant from [country], I am [lgbt/discriminated against], donald trump sucks because [lies], vote for hillary.

    The far left Bernie supporters marched with Soviet flags down the street.

    Every fucking DemoCrap voter is a Gib me dat, free sheeeet or some freaky poopacking minority.

    Take all the insane white Americans that votes DemoCrap and put all in Sweden, that is Sweden today.

  4. Hoff says:

    Oh, did I say that all the “leaders” in Sweden are lesbian females or feminizad “males”. Vote Killary, and go down the Sweden insane dead end road to diversity hell on earth.

    No sane white man or women can vote DemoCrap. How many white vote DemoCrap? Anyone got the number?

  5. brian boru says:

    Only someone with the awareness of a mushroom wouldn’t know that the Clintons are total criminals; anyone else who supports them simply doesn’t care. It’s not that these creatures have committed countless crimes, each of which would have put you or I in prison forever, but that they are part of a system which is criminal, and has been for most of our lives. In a civilised white society these people would have been tried, convicted and executed decades ago. Instead, they have become ever more brazen while accumulating vast wealth. In some ways it’s puzzling. Why do our enemies continue to push such an obviously evil creature on us? There are plenty of other hand picked psychopaths who could be more effective tools of the jews in their program of destruction against us. I think they do it because they think they can. They hold us in such contempt that they think we will accept any humiliation. We’ve played their game willingly now for a century. Being their attack dogs and dupes at every turn. They foisted a criminal, faggot, communist nigger and his tranny consort on America with no reaction to the insult from the whites. In fact a significant number of whites twice voted for the ape to lord it over them and despoil the White House. They murdered 3,000 Americans in broad daylight when they used pre set demolition explosives to bring down the towers, while making a profit into the bargain. Then they blamed people who had nothing to do with it and got their goy slaves to go and destroy several countries that weren’t subservient enough to the gangster state in occupied Palestine. A process that is on going and which has cost the lives of millions and cost the American taxpayers, whites, trillions in debt which can never be paid off to their banks. There has been no overt resistance to the open invasion of our homelands by millions of cockroaches in human clothing, a process which will mean our extinction in a few generations. Will this video wake up white Americans? I don’t know why is should; nothing else has so far.

  6. Hoff says:

    At Incog: The video is over an hour long. Far from everybody has unlimited download. Just write that the video is an hour long, on top of the video.

    Had I known it is an hour I would never clicked the video.

  7. Hoff says:

    Bill Clinton is a serial rapist? This man wrote a book about BC raping women, on RT.

    Hillary Clinton regularly beats Bill while advocating against domestic violence – frmr Nixon adviser —-25 min.

  8. Red Pill says:


    DEAR JEWISH COMMUNITY: How do you feel now?
    I might as well use this opportunity to say Hillary is an obvious crypto Jew. There. Done. Now, how do you, the Jewish community, feel about what is happening despite the fact that you can ram rod any lie you want down everyone’s throat you can imagine, due to your total ownership of all mainstream media? How does it feel to be outwitted completely, across the board, despite having total control over all info easily had? How does it feel to get beaten in the infosphere even after you destroyed practically every home and family in America, ripped the children’s brains out with destructive vaccines and a huge portion of the adult population’s brain out with fluoride, antidepressants, and poisoned food? You wounded America and the rest of the world horribly and gave everyone huge wounds to tend to, many are grasping for life after what you have done and despite that they still had the intellect and will needed to see through all your piped in 24/7 bullshit.

    YOU SUCK, because all you are able to do is play by a 5,500 year old play book that was probably written by someone else, and worked just fine up until a society was created that was so advanced it survived death until long after all the plays ran out. That book had to have been written by someone else, because you can’t come up with anything new, it is always the same old crap re-played over and over and OVER. We are onto you now, and you are SCREWED because you don’t have the brains you need to add to that book and continue your rampage and we are still alive. That book was written by someone superior to you and your failure now proves you stole it, obviously.

    You had better start hiding now, because many many people are awake to just what level of filth you went to, and justice is coming. OH GO CRY. Cry in the wilderness, and about how you are oppressed and all the other crap just because people “hate Jews”. You don’t have the brains to figure out why, GEE people really don’t like being enslaved with taxes and licenses, and your phony central banks, GEE, people don’t appreciate having their astonishing medical accomplishments turned into weapons and used to wipe them out, GEE, people are sick of the brainwashing that has caused so many broken homes and destroyed people, and perhaps for the first time after you destroyed a society, a large number of survivors know it was YOU that did it.

    I myself would prefer to see Fukushima in one piece, or perhaps somehow ripped out with a tractor beam and dropped on you heads, after what you did there you surely deserve it. Yeah, you are still winning the media war in Japan, but probably not for long, and they are real A-holes when pissed. Just look at what they did to China a few decades ago. I wish the same on you. You surely deserve it 10X more than the Chinese did. And your pathetic @sses could not possibly handle a pissed off Japan, especially when they are experienced with being nuked and got over it psychologically.

    Where are you going to run, when this time around you screwed the entire world? Historically there has always been a place for you to slither off to, what are you going to do now that that option is gone? We all know that as soon as you get a foot hold somewhere you use that foothold to launch operations against all of us, that is no secret anymore, and at least 50 million people know it. 50 million is too many I’d say, will you ever be safe again, now that your sht is falling apart? If you continue to play the destructive parasite, I certainly hope you are never allowed to sleep again.

  9. Hillary “Killary” Rodham’s mother was a Jew, and therefore according to slithering snake rules, “Killary” is automatically a Jew herself…

    That also makes demon seed Chelsea automatically a Jew herself… And of course demon seed marries a Jew and her demon seed offspring will also all be Jews…

    Yes, the evil ones want the White House and they will have Diebold change the votes in an instant this November to attain that goal no matter what…

    But will the American people do anything when the stealing takes place? NOPE, for the Jewish demonic slithering freaks have done their damage to their minds and their bodies to the point now that most will just sit there and do Nothing!

    Yes, the movie is great…. I have already sent it off to so many followers, and may yet post it at my own site…

  10. All these Politicians only care about making money for them..You go to a Politicians Office and all you see is Kikes….If the problem is not about making money..they dont give a s t about it..only care about makin cash….Look at all the Vets screwed up from Agent Orange and Dioxin and Depleted Uranium…these snakes dont give a damn about us…..PISS ON ZOG and all their crap….hope CRACKER HACKER hacks the hell out them….

  11. Smitherines says:

    Philadelphia Vs. Cleveland: Divided We Stand
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

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    Friday – July 29, 2016

    Wednesday was the best night of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

    Joe Biden, Tim Kaine and Barack Obama testified to her greatness and goodness and readiness to be president. And all saw in the Republican Convention in Cleveland a festival of darkness and dystopia.

    Nor is this unusual. For, as the saying goes, the ins “point with pride,” while the outs “view with alarm.”

    Yet the clash of visions between Cleveland and Philadelphia is stark. We appear to be two separate and hostile peoples, living apart in two separate Americas.

    Obama’s America is a country of all races, creeds, colors, lifestyles, a kumbayah country to be made more wonderful still when Clinton takes the helm.

    The message from Cleveland: Cry the beloved country. America has lost her way. She is in peril. A new captain is needed. A new course must be set if America is to find her way home again.

    Which portrayal is the more true? Which vision of America do her people believe corresponds more closely to the reality of their daily lives?

    Do Americans share Philadelphia’s belief in Clinton’s greatness and in the magisterial achievements of the Obama presidency?

    Read More At:

  12. squarepegroundhole says:

    Great work up on Clinton Cash Incogman…. and far better suited for public consumption than my heartfelt comments on the subject matter ?

  13. Paul Henry says:

    All that are happening in midle east is for build the Eretz Israel (From Nile to Eufrates).
    After, will be the whole world…awake gentiles of all world, Satan don’t sleep…

  14. Smitherines says:

    Not to ICM, their a lot books and material out there about these two CRIMINALS:,204,203,200_.jpg

    Why the Clintons Belong in Prison is a book I don’t think that you could have searched for and found a better title for. – Larry Patterson – 30 years with the Arkansas State Police, and 6 Years on Bill Clinton’s private security detail. Contained in this book; How Bill Clinton used the IRS against his political enemies and former girlfriends. Bill’s cocaine usage, how he raped a woman and got away with it, and how he used the Arkansas State Police as his personal pimps. The top 25 lies told by the Clintons.

    Strange deaths associated with the Clintons. How Bill pardoned big-time drug dealers, international fugitives, and cop-killing terrorists because of their political ties to his party. How Hillary abused the Secret Service, the Arkansas State Police, and launched into X-rated tirades like a drunken sailor. How the Clinton’s manipulated the criminal justice system to keep themselves of of prison!

  15. Smitherines says:

    Not to ICM, their a lot books,

    typo should read “Note to ICM, there are a lot of books and material out there
    about these two criminals” keyboard sticking

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    This fidelity bravery and integrity agent was in charge of doing background checks and security clearances for the clintons and their admin staff. He has a different opinion than mr. comey on security issues. It turns out that this man was way way way more correct in light of the hilary private servers in her basement and the toilet in Colorado.

  17. protocolsRtrue says:
    a review from 2000

    5 stars
    A Frightening Expose of Life in Clinton White House. September 24, 2000
    Format: Paperback
    I read this book many years ago (when it first came out), and have since read it again. Seeing the way that Special Agent Aldrich was treated by the Establishment press made me understand what a powder keg of a book it really was! Aldrich was easily dismissed then; but I wonder if his revelations would be as easily cast aside now with the impeachment done with, and yet more scandals looming that could cast a pall on Vice President Al Gore’s run for the presidency.
    When I read about the Christmas tree being decorated with drug paraphernalia, and stories about how Clinton administration officials weren’t too concerned about finishing their FBI background checks (an absolute requirement designed specifically to weed out those who would do harm to national security). Such things have been the status quo of this particular administration. The way in which Clinton reacted to the Waco siege is particularly brow-raising in view of the evidence that has come out since (the use of flammable CS canisters was STILL not enough to bring about possible punishment of federal officers who allegedly lied about its use during the siege).
    The reaction by Aldrich to Vincent Foster’s supposed suicide is interesting in retrospect as well. Aldrich doesn’t have much new to say to that, except when he regards the fact that Foster was not an imbalanced person in his view, and the agent contends that something was not quite right about the president’s longtime friend killing himself (reporter Christopher Ruddy ran afoul of Clintonite spinmeisters by maintaining that Foster,indeed, was a victim of foul play. If it was complete tripe, why did Carville and other Clinton godchildren go after him like they did?).
    I am well aware that the radical egalitarians and/or moral relativists out there will still call this book a piece of trash, and repeat the old mantra “the book a waste of a tree”, or some such nonsense. But I wholeheartedly disagree. Aldrich’s take on the Clintons (especially Hillary, who would throw a poisonous glance at anyone who dared look at her, or worse yet, say “Good morning!” to her!) is interesting, and presupposes the era of Monica and the subsequent impeachment on grounds of obstruction of justice and witness tampering (not…ahem…just sex…please…).
    I will add to this that I do think Aldrich wrote the book because he disliked the Clintons, not just because of his conservative leanings, which are very evident. The book is deducted a star because I think it was too much a motivating factor; I would have preferred an expose based solely on what he saw. Keeping this in mind, read the book that first opened the eyes of many who wondered just how far the Clintons could go with the Scandal-of-the-Month administration they created.

  18. antuerius says:

    An excellent documentary! Also recommend “The Clinton Chronicle – The Bill Clinton Murders” on American Patriot Channel. In the latter half, after covering numerous murderous cocaine dealing crimes, the documentary shows how the Clinton’s have been selling off the USA to Communist China and Chinese Mob Triads. Horrifically criminal monsters.

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    I try to learn something new every day and delete something I was taught in jew public schools 40 years ago to free up some data space. What I learned yesterday comes courtesy of Donald Trump. I knew that hilary had a personal ASSistant named omigodajew who I just presumed was her personal vagina licker and a jew bitch who hilary put in charge of all the emails on the PRIVATE SERVERS IN HER BASEMENT AS SECRETARY OF FUCKING STATE!!!!!!!!!!!! But what I didn’t know was that this very same omigadajew is actually married to this guy named anthony wiener from jew york also! What are the odds of that? Do you remember that jewboy? Emailing pictures of his dick to people calling himself king zorro or something? Maybe that’s why they came up with the idea of private servers in your basement. The dude would run up to people buck naked in the congressional shower room you better vote for this or vote for that or else I will stick my dick up your ass. So yesterday Trump called him a sleazeball and a pervert. So that’s what I learned yesterday. umagodajew is married to the wiener. Just like our ambassador to the un samantha power is married to cass sunstien. Do I need to mention he is a jew?

  20. Bailey says:

    Carlos Danger, creepy jew !

  21. Red Pill says:

    if your in the catholic religion, get out now.
    the catholic religion does not represent true Christianity.
    do any of them?

    looks to me just to be a big photo opt. 27 pictures

    Pope visits Auschwitz, begs God to forgive “so much cruelty”
    OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) — Pope Francis paid a somber visit in silence to the Nazi German death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau on Friday, with his only public comment a guest book entry begging God’s “forgiveness for so much cruelty.

  22. It’s too bad that Julius Streicher (I’m currently reading a bio of him) isn’t still around. Imagine, a man who was executed for expressing an OPINION. He knew more about the jooz, than the jooz knew about themselves.

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    Huma Abedin

    Huma Mahmood Abedin
    July 28, 1976 (age 40)
    Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.

    Alma mater
    George Washington University

    Political party


    Anthony Weiner (2010–present)


    Huma Mahmood Abedin (born July 28, 1976)[1] is an American political staffer. She has been a long-time aide to Hillary Clinton, and was U.S. Secretary of State Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff at the State Department. Prior to that she was traveling chief of staff and served as assistant for Clinton during Clinton’s campaign for the Democratic nomination in the 2008 presidential election.[2][3][4] She is married to Anthony Weiner, a former U.S. Representative from New York. Abedin serves as vice chairwoman of Clinton’s 2016 campaign for President.[5]

    3 Congressional inquiries 3.1 Outside employment while at State Department
    3.2 Employment records and emails
    3.3 House Benghazi Committee testimony

    4 Allegations by some Republican members of Congress
    5 2015 State Department Subpoena
    6 In popular culture
    7 Personal life
    8 References
    9 External links

    Early years[edit]

    Abedin’s father, Syed Zainul Abedin, was Indian, and her mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, is Pakistani.[6] Both of her parents were educators. Her father, born in New Delhi, India, on April 2, 1928,[7] was an Islamic and Middle Eastern scholar of Indian descent, who founded his own institute devoted to Western-Eastern and interfaith understanding and reconciliation, and published a journal focusing on Muslim minorities living in the diaspora.[4] He graduated from Aligarh Muslim University in 1947 with a master’s degree in English literature, and joined the department’s faculty as a lecturer.[7] He later received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. Her mother also received her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently an associate professor of sociology at Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.[4][8]

    Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan.[4][9] At the age of two, Abedin moved with her family to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where she was raised and lived until returning to the United States for college.[4][9] Abedin traveled frequently during her childhood and teenage years and attended a British girls’ school.[9]

    At age 18, Abedin entered George Washington University,[4][9] where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.[10]


    While a student at George Washington University, Abedin began working as an intern in the White House in 1996, assigned to then-First Lady Hillary Clinton. In 1998, she was also an assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.[11] For several years, she served as the back-up to Clinton’s personal aide, and officially took over as Clinton’s aide and personal advisor during Clinton’s successful 2000 U.S. Senate campaign in New York,[4] and later worked as traveling chief of staff and “body woman” during Clinton’s unsuccessful campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.[2][3] Writing in Vogue during the 2007 campaign, Rebecca Johnson called her “Hillary’s secret weapon” and noted that what seemed to motivate Abedin was not the details of policy or political horse-racing, but rather “the way that politicians are uniquely invested with the power to help individuals—as with, say, the woman whose legs were badly broken by a piece of plane fuselage on September 11,” whom Abedin and Clinton visited in the hospital. Abedin told Johnson, “To me, that’s one of the blessings of this job. In some tiny, tiny way I am part of history, but I am also able to help people.”[12] According to a number of Clinton associates, Abedin is also a trusted advisor to Clinton, particularly on the Middle East, and has become known for that expertise.[4] “She is a person of enormous intellect with in-depth knowledge on a number of issues—especially issues pertaining to the Middle East,” said Senator John McCain.[4]

    In 2009, Abedin was appointed deputy chief of staff to Clinton in the State Department,[13] under a “special government employee” arrangement created by the department which allowed her to work for private clients as a consultant while also serving as an adviser to the Secretary of State.[14] Under this arrangement, she did consultant work for Teneo, a strategic consulting firm whose clients included Coca-Cola and MF Global,[14] and served as a paid consultant to the Clinton Foundation, while continuing her role as body woman to Clinton.[14] The New York Times reported that an associate of Abedin’s said that the arrangement also allowed her to work from her home in New York City, rather than at the State Department’s headquarters in Washington, to be able to spend more time with her child and husband.[14] After leaving her post at the State Department in 2013, Abedin served as director of the transition team that helped Clinton return to private life,[4][15] continued her work for the Clinton Foundation,[14][15] and set up a private consulting firm, Zain Endeavors LLC.[15

  24. So much stuff as been brought out thru the years on them..its hard to keep up with it….Like giving China and Russaia Military stuff..even the secret silent sub propeller…and it goes on and on… Bubba liked Pun Tang Chocolate Booty..even one Negress has a kid and says Malatoe kid is his..and their is a 16 year girl claiming Bubba is her father,,All thru the the years saying was they had Open Marriage..screw anyone they wanted to…and HC was Bi…..and then their is Vince Fosyer and all the people on a long list who many claim to be Cs Hit list who got wacked..Remember what Bubba said about Gordon K the highly decorated guy from Korea I think who was in the Posse Commintatus aand his son..his son still in prison….Gordons. his hands were cut off. Maonsic revenge style.and..the old Uncle Joe and all the crap he talked about White Supremist after Okie Bombing… hell with all these ZOG Creeps….Time for a change… more Css….if she does can cout on it being rigged..shee owns and controls all the voting machines made in Israelie…well 2well we all gonna live in one happy Village…and dont forget the kids who got wacked watching the airport in Mena Akr…all the drugs were being flown in their…..oh eyah and Monica lewinsky was a Mossad Agent….anyway its a long list of crap thru the years..rememberbthe guty Nichols…..Piss on ZOG…

  25. Karen says:
    Check out the cut muscles. Proves my theory that Swedish men, pussified, have actually morphed into women and are now fighting crime.

  26. guiltfreewhite says:

    I think, that the ONLY thing still holding America together, is the fact, that when one pays their elderly parents a visit, for the holidays, one has to be control oneself around ones Hillory worshiping relatives.As these aging parents pass away,that need to hold in ones anger with one pinhead demoncrat blood,greatly diminishes.One can’t educate them, they wont read or watch the book or video. They are enlightend, you, why your anti woman if your against Hillory, and MUCH worse.One can hear the cracking like lake ice, of family relationships across America.It looks a lot like the election of 1860.

  27. MonkeysBeGone says:

    Examining the consequences of faggot behavior.

  28. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    July 29, 2016 at 3:47 pm

    if your in the catholic religion, get out now.
    the catholic religion does not represent true Christianity.
    do any of them?

    looks to me just to be a big photo opt. 27 pictures

    Pope visits Auschwitz, begs God to forgive “so much cruelty”
    OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) — Pope Francis paid a somber visit in silence to the Nazi German death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau on Friday, with his only public comment a guest book entry begging God’s “forgiveness for so much cruelty.

    @ Red Pill

    I just saw this on ABC News, i don’t know why I watch it, it’s about 5% truth
    and 95% Jew Talmudic mind fuck! Anyway, i wanted to PUKE, this fake Spic
    Pope (suppose to be pedophile too, like Ratzass, or whatever the last queer’s
    name was, the German one)!

    I’m an old alter boy from the 1960s: Saint Mary’s, just like the beautiful movie,
    still one of my favorites, although Bing Crosby was a CRUEL asshole in real
    life, “The Bells of Saint Mary.” “Just dial O for Omaley, when in trouble.”

    And Ingrid Bergman, boy if my nuns ever looked like that good, I had one Pill
    so huge, i think she had her own gravitational field! I owed my brother money
    once (God rest his soul) and he comes in my classroom, says “give me my
    money before the WHALE returns.” She come around the door, he wanted
    to have a heart attack , she grabbed his ear, like the Little Rascals or
    something, he was screaming, she dragged to the head nun.

    Shows the state of decay: he’s bowing at their fake alter of Holocaustinity
    and what about the poor Palestinians, they DON’T MATTER????

    And the other Pollock one, exonerating Jews from Christ’s death, the worst
    crime in the history of man, and he PARDONS him and their disgusting
    Satan worshiping race!

  29. Smitherines says:

    Typo, meant he pardons them, “world Jewry.”

  30. Smitherines says:

    EXCLUSIVE: Exposed-Orlando Shooting Used to Strengthen Sandy Hook Lawsuit

    By Ian Greenhalgh on July 28, 2016×360.jpg


    By Stephanie Sledge

    There are two more plots that go hand-in-hand brewing against the American People when it comes to more suppression and total tyranny on firearm freedoms. Plot one is the Firearm Risk Protection Act 2015 and the other is the pending Sandy Hook lawsuit against various gun manufacturers to attempt to hold them criminally responsible for murders by which their products are used. But, are the gun manufacturing owners involved in the plot?

    Hillary Clinton secretly met with several alleged Orlando Night Club shooting victims recently and several families have agreed to join the Sandy Hook lawsuit. Lawyers representing some of the Orlando victims have already had preliminary talks with those representing the Sandy Hook families.


    TIMELINE – In January 2015, three years after the alleged mass murder at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, family members of some of the alleged dead victims filed a wrongful death suit against Remington Arms Company (the maker of the Bushmaster), the distributor (Camfour Holding, LLC), and Riverside Sales (the now-defunct East Windsor gun store).

    The wrongful death suit argues Remington Arms as well as the other defendants “unscrupulously marketed and promoted the assaultive qualities and military uses of AR-15s to civilian purchasers.”

    In December of 2015, all defendants asked Judge Bellis to throw out the lawsuit on the claim of ‘immunity’ under the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). According to the Act,

    “To prohibit civil liability actions from being brought or continued against manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or importers of firearms
    or ammunition for damages, injunctive or other relief resulting from the misuse of their products by others. <>

    More @ the URL below:

  31. Smitherines says:

    Keep a CLOSE eye on this Zionist traitor Incog Man, CAROLYN B. MALONEY
    (Crypto fake Presbyterian)

    A brief peek into Maloney’s history says a lot about who she is really interested in pleasing. I can guarantee, it is not the People, it is financial interests and the Jewish Agenda to Disarm America: Communism’s Secret Back Door. She has deep background ties to the banksters and wants to criminalize speech, eliminate guns, and enslave the American people. She is a snake slithering in the grass waiting to dupe and bite the People using manipulative and dirty tactics including participating in ways to market deceptive campaigns against the Civilian populous to make money off disarming the nation and promoting economic hardships, criminal sanctions, and plotting to help make the insurance companies money off the Second Amendment.

  32. Smitherines says:

    Born Carolyn Jane Bosher CAROLYN B. MALONEY

  33. Most of the Gun Maker Companies are owned by the Jews..Same with all the Ammo Makers,,,,We need to learn how to make our own weapons….the snakes will never stop till they do take them away….Its part of the NWO Agenda..Un Agenda. (like intergration was and all this fag crap)To Disarm all civilians in every country on earth is their goal…Talk about Anti White Creeps….look at the Judeo Masonic Orders.,…they are infiltrated into everything…these evil slick crypto jew evil bastards…..they look just like us….but they got that just one drop of blood in their blood and its all its takes for them to be the way they are..ANTI WHITE BASTARDS..If HC wins..count on her doing all in her power to take guns away….These damn white nigger Whiggers are sickening..its a giant infection everywhere in White Race now….All melanin critters are our enemys no matter what the shade,,,,,and their Masters..The Kikes….The KKK Kike Kahilla Klan..Kaniving slick sneaky bastards…..they can play like us… just like us…and then… stab us in the back or send their zombies killers to kill us…..Piss on the ZOG MATRIX……and these damn Banks..they got us by the balls..everything you got to go to a bank..these snakes control the money and their LAW and ORDER KIKERY crap is their safe guard to keep us trapped……in their rotten World Matrix….All Banks should be Nationalized and made into White Peoples Bank only..and any shyster con kaniving stuff..if done by the workers in the White Peoples Banks will be shot by firing squad…..Freedom from the ZOG MATRIX is the only answer…..Hail Victory….Its getting Darker every where..WE NEED SOME WHITE LIGHT……

  34. S O G says:

    they have the childrens fund and probably a copy of the promis software by inslaw tech corp…..the childfrens fund amounts to 700 million dollars in pay on demand bearer bonds ,,,,president sleepy reagan opened the fund for op black payouts etc instead of usda …all so clever it makes one shiver …tremble pass gass ,belch etc …
    the suprem cuntess-a has it all …if she becomes installed junta director of jewish american activities we be screeeeeeeeeeeewd …
    never a bitch more foul was spawned from the anal loins of hell then chilliery clintonoff ..
    the DNC should be considered a horroro film or a work of fiction …do people actually really believe this piece of shit …lofl …grim laff trak ….
    i think whitewarord is quite effin right about the kikeshit shell companies having bought up all gun cos …the business acumen would have been im gonna make you an offer you ands your kids and relatives cant refuse ,,,beacues if you do you can say goodfuckin nite like they did toi noveske world famous renowned builder of ar -15 rifles …kies wanted his company ..and he posted a factual based piece on the shooters in american mass shootings were all on court ordered anti depressants …how the fuck can a jew court mandate such a thing ..question is self answering …
    another nigger cockroach shooting of cops in san diego ..
    shit we be owed for slabery n sheeyit …
    hillaries niggers …
    stinking fuckin cops arent angels ..most of the yime they take their sweet lazy fat ass time calling for a med bus ,amberlamps …for anyone good or bad …
    cops are abig poroblem white people …they kill twicw as many of us than lowlife niggers …to add to it there are the occasional use of force that is feloniuos that proves the niggers incessant whining correct ,now and then …oscar grant was shot after he was cuffed on bart oakland station …so why was the idiot messerlhe even trying to taze the monkey anyway ..for fun …fine with me but to killl acuffed suspect if the fuck is black just puts the nigger out on the street looking for violent illogical revenge against innocent whites like the justic for jane doe chick in fairfield …niggeer was never indicted …poor pressd nigger raped the hell out of theis innocent white girl so the doctor sez hell effin no theis wasnt consensual the n igger admits to niggerizinf jane doe and ripping and bloodying her everywher if you know ….so its a nigger rapist gettin a pass fcrom the jewish controlled courts …
    so there is no doubt as to the criminalsa runnin g things …..i heard a devout catholic lady call clinton a pos in conversation ,then she said the piece of shit word …good decent people may be waking up to the mass criminal behaviour around us …
    vote for alfred e neuman …or mr.wizzzard ..or bigfoot …fuck controlled opposition theater im afraid ..

  35. S O G says:
    in lite of chillery bitch clinton allowing the circus side nigger show on her stupid shill for nigger extroardinary rights campaign where was the truth fledas soon as it saw satans concubine ..yes hillary is a high ranking memeber of a satanic group …
    why would that surprise anyone …the truth fled and darkness took over …would a made a nice drone strike …considering there have been drone strikes on americans already ..kind a hasrd to cover up the fingerprint of a drone hi xxx on ahome in a neigborhood and try to blame it on a gas explosion or was it the bbq they said ….blag fuckin blah …
    heh heh ..i knew they had thet …
    try to find anything on kike D.I.M.E. anti palistinian weapon …not on the net anymore ..if you can find it post it up …israeli devil bomb ..
    “……….Gaza: a testing ground for Israeli military technology………….”
    so was the rest of palestine and poof the kikes kill 4 million palestinians …people say what about the kikes palestinians kill ..negligable and it was always self defense ..the heinz 57 tribe was the aggreesors and mass murderers in gaza and the rest of palestine ….never forget the truth …
    we whites have been under the yoke of nigger pathology for 300 years ..
    when niggers claim thier civil riots are being blah blah its ALWAYS the opposite ..
    stoopid ass treyvon little skiittles hoodie hands up martin was criminally profiling properties to rob as the area had been plagued with such niggerization and martinez was on top of it till martin blind sided him and then he was under it …remeber the media jews cahnged the message on the 9-11 call that came in on the fight ..
    made treyvon look white and made martinez a half chilean half jew look white …many niggers booked in jail are classified as white …nice trick …nigger pathology is established and it is in their contaminated gtribal dna …
    i think hillary wants to get laid by 50 niggers one after the other and only a nigger would hit that anyway …

  36. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    “S O G says:”

    The Elder says you are an overlooked genius and a real Kamerad in his view.

  37. Frank Fredenburg says:

    #NEVERHILLARY: Thousands Of Pissed Off People Crash The DNC, Boo Everytime They Hear “Hillary”

    Censored scenes from the Democratic convention. This video is 4 minutes long.

  38. Frank Fredenburg says:

    OP-ED: I’m A Jewish Man Who Is Straight Up Terrified Of Donald Trump

  39. Frank Fredenburg says:

    EXPOSED: How The Clintons Likely STOLE BILLIONS From World’s Poorest – Charles Ortel

    This video is 32 minutes long.

  40. Your right Sog about the Laser and Drone stuff being used by ZOG..they also use the Mind Control Beam stuff from Satelites, harrp, cell towers and gwinn towers and other transmitting stations we know nothing about. to target singlepersons and also whole areas or even ethnic kill cleaning..really high tech evil crap…With all these Mayonaisde Monkey white nigger Whiggers..ZOG is without a doubt doing something to the brains…maybe some people..maybe like us have a resistance someway..maybe the Negative Rh Factor or something else in us we are not aware of that is genetical….Who knows maybe Zog has beams that will effect genetics and brain functions and even transforming people into their loyal ZOMBIES….of the Kike Kahilla Klan…these bastards even use Radionic and Black Magic for controlling the masses also…Damn I hope Cracker Hacker can Hack some of their main computor control frames and turn it on them….without a doubt…HC IS A POWERFUL ILLUMANAT WITCH and has a lot of power….She really pumps the WE ARE ALL ONE crap of Judeo Masonry…The Shriners use all that Moslem crap and worship Allah and use the Moslem Sword and take the Nimrod Oath…Bubba is a Scot Riter….HCs mom was a high rank Illumnati Dam also…HC wants to transform all GOYS into being good worshippers of the Kike Kahilla Klan….Remember what happened to GORDON KAHL getting his haads and feet cut off…many say this was Masonic Revenge….I hope Trump is for us and using cover methods to get in power..of course he could be just another ZOGITE..which I hope he is not…TO HELL WITH AND PISS ON ZOG….

  41. S O G says:

    true that warlord …dui per 1 gram of material incinerated released 20,000 alfa particles ..only takes 1 to go up someones snout and get circulated to brain etc ..and death comes in 7 years or less and not a fun ride ..of course the more particles released and the more inhaled ,good bye and good nite ….
    out of the 780,000 reg army and others in gulf jew war # 1 500,000 are on permanent disability …the story of the guys who were tasked to clean up unincinerated anti tank shells dui from in the tanks were given dust masks …long story short is all of those teams are dead …the dui shells dont completely vaporise on contact and a slug is left behind the fuckin dod thinks that these slugs are dangerous enough in static mode that they need to be policed …right they give guys dust masks to do the job and the repoerts of sick metallic smell etc were voiced and no one cared ..remember the complete asshole bufoon rumsfeld and his pep talk to the troops in iraq ..tellin em not to complain because they didnt have prpoer armour for vehicles and body ..what a fucking asshole shmoo …you can thankl him for aspartame and bgh from monsanto ..
    one time a guy picked up a slug and took it to a european lab to test and they freaked out and told him to get that shot outta here ….what was the figuer of incinerated depleted uranium used in the middle east ..370,000 tons ….troops who came in to contact with it went home highly irradiated and cpould be seen from nsa satts ..they went home and fatherd dui malformed babies ..but did not before they were in iraq ..
    troops were vaxxed with micoplasma fermentans incognitus ..higly highly contagious and is estimated 90 % of americans have it …the dui damamge is passed on to the wiofe thru radiaoctive semen and protoplasm genes etc when the ashkanazzi kikes skoked 100,000 sephardic children with 75,000 x exray ionizing radiation to cure the “ringworm” the askanazzis started a social program to help assimilate sephs and offered to send the seph childs to yourh camp ..and what a coincidence they all had ringworm and insted of conventional treatment they were given deadly dose of radiology …heh heh …its called the ringworm scandal …i think it should be called jew on jew massacre or mass murder ….def a time jews dont like to see come into the light ..i think 30 40 thousand died asap ..i wonder hoew the camp directors explained jr.s tired ness …oh heres your child he looks kind of burnt and dead ..that negev desert sun can be deadly this time f year ..maybe you should have given him/her some sun screen …or radiation block 100% ionization uv block…anyway ….most of the sephardic shitbirds died and the ones that carried on were major fucked up ..any genes passed from these people would def produce true jews …
    like agent orange blue yelloe white etc has produced massive birth defects in viet numb and iraq with the same thing from dui …kids playing in heavy dui dust areas and playing with the slugs ..hey look american football ,sure is wierd looking ..etc ..
    in fact that thousands have died fro gulf qwar syndrom it is not a stretch to just put it together ..radiation -vaxxines –anti depressants and anti cholinergics to get the troop out there and give his all for jews ..squeeze that last ounce of life out of the naive american boys fr te jews ..suuuuuuuuch a deal …
    now its time for dime D.I.M.E. dense inert metal exxxxx…tungsten ..i found the trove of info still on the air …it is drone delivered mainly …

    Doctor in Gaza Reports Injuries Indicating Israeli Use of Banned Weapons
    idf enter pally schools and shoot children for throwing rocks or zog snipers shoot children in schools or they drop a dime or phospho on the schools …jewish dem ons love to kill children and ritual bloodletting proves this as well as the massacres of nations like armenaians and russians and germans and spanish in 36 ..a civil,war the jews fronted but they also used mobile bolshevik killing teams probably irgun haganah palmach to kill 3 million nwomen children and preists before hitler stepped in and helped …
    White phosphorus is considered a ‘banned weapon’ in civilian areas, due to the severe burns it can cause….
    all this is just the tip of the iceberg ….

  42. S O G says:

    when a kike sez they are jewish it means nothing as far as racial identity is concerned ..these people are very racially diverse and perverse …they are none of them semitic ..
    none ….our mental link they try to install is of the israelites from old testament blah blah israelites emites ibaru etc ..fuck all semites and non semite jews ..todays jews are truly a multicultuaral and racially diverse tribe …they do not learn from old testament
    anything except what they can cherry pick to beat judeo christians over the head into submission with …
    if i seem obsessed with this ordinance there is a peculiar reason why …i doenst do any good out side of a narrow diameter or radius …end of story ..
    jews are no more special or genetically related to original israelite turds any more than a fly infested moslem arab sob …
    mongolian carthaginian kazzar ashkanazz asian african turkish …hell its plain middle eastern for short ….
    these peole are seriously delusional and megalomaniacs …mentally ill the black suits and hats size fits all and doesnt show dirt except the dirtbag wearing the zootsoot ..where is the store that sells all these fuckin satans rags …Kikes”r” us ….
    schmeckleopolis …
    havent heard from banjo billy in awhile over at bamboodelight …good site …
    sataurday ramblin ….
    remeber the phoenix operation …something like 40 districts aka counties in south republic of numb chinks vnam ….jews ran it out of cia …infrastructure assasination ..sounds very jewwy …furthering the scope and focus of jewish communism ..400 -700 people a day were smoked in these cement bunkers ..the gooks commies didnt fuck with thess places ..i mean tere was an agenda and a game plan always ..movement of raw opium tar was essential and these masses of northeners were always allowed to move around in peace ..most runderfrool vracrayshrun sprot in wrrrorld nrow ..
    never mind the fact that it is a permanent vacation spot for many …goping to vector away from subject not a good one …a very secret abul nidal type but named richard armitage knows all the names and locations of mia’s ..mia;s were usd for slave labor in te poppy fields in thailand or sent to ussr …end of story ..
    our vets today afre getting screwed and stop loss victims were jewed out of their so called reinlistment bonuses ..
    we are on the apex of the eve of destruction …the antichrist is prbably hillary or bill ..what a clown show …evil clowns ..
    never thought to look in wickepedia
    heh heh learn and talk about DIME and danish and group discussins …lol..
    A more recent U.S. Department of Health and Human Services study in 2005 found that HMTA shrapnel rapidly induces rhabdomyosarcoma in rats.

    The tungsten alloy carcinogenicity may be most closely related to the nickel content of the alloys used in weapons to date. However, pure tungsten and tungsten trioxide are also suspected of causing cancer and other toxic properties, and have been shown to have such effects in animal studies.
    yeah the real green eco prius uses batteries made from nickel ..the mining of nickel is an environmentalists wet dream or nitemare but i hear nothing …the batteries canot be recycled and cost like 7000$ and old ones simply put in dumps …prius are so good they dont cause smog they cause smug …hate the car and the owner ….
    so oops i got to see a dime go off one nite ..colorful is noisy and it disappaers 100% after det…
    recap on ringworm scandal is that it occurred in the 50’s
    see endless documentation google subject ..hey jews ,never forget lol…

  43. Hoff says:

    Video, 4 min. Ghettoni66ers use basballbat

    I grew up in a Jewish home in the 50’s and knew from a child that the Democratic Party was a ’second synagogue’ for Jews. —- Brother Nathan—–

  44. S O G says:

    By the early 1950s, Israel had absorbed most of the Holocaust fakers and other immigrants(russian mass murderers reinventing themselves as hoax survivors ) from western countries. These were generally the preferred Ashkenazi Jews, who were the nation’s elite. It was then that Jews from Arab lands began arriving in great numbers. David Ben Gurion knew he needed great numbers of Jews to come to Israel in order to counter the demographic threat posed by Israel’s illegal invasion and occupation of remaining Palestinian population (those who hadn’t been murdered yet or expelled during the Nakba). That’s why he accepted and encouraged the Arab sephs invasion , despite the fact that the newcomers’ Sephardi heritage was considered defective….arent they all …
    the only decent non propaganda plus truth facts ..all the other ones are clones of jew authour silverstein and its all jew jew this and nazi that ..

  45. S O G says:
    jews acting innocently lol…dindoonuffin and then it was realized later lol that intense radiation of a childs head can kill …hmmmm …
    when its germany trying to keep typhus to a low roar its a jew holocaust but when jews do it to other shitkikes its explainable it is a journey into dark and unknown truths etc a group somewhere discussing it over k’nisch and lox bagels and jew wine ..oy vey it was a mistake and the jews didnt know it was going to kill anyone ..
    imagine if germany had used xray to kill typhus ..they did use microwave frequency range transmitters to kill tyophus in clothing after realizing zyklon olny worked moderately the new radio tech worked 101 % …jews used ionizing radiation on kids fallout at all ..jews kill 80 million nrussians and even advertise their intention to do so and have gukags and death camps etc fallout ..none from armenian genocide or fr4ench rev or the recent wqars jews have saddled america with ..oy vey you owe us is their arrogant attitude …we spend probaly with jet giveaways and iron dome donations and free nukes and the 6th fleet patrolling the sea near jizzrael ..oops what about the 3 trillion dollars dov rabbi zaxckheim stole fro the pentagone ..oy vey its really our money anyway they say ..usa spends easily 200 billion a year on israel ..wit the free 40 billion prbably not included ..and their free money from germany …

  46. Good info Sog…the Serpents have a million tricks to screw us up and kill us…HC and Kerry dont give damn about what Agent Orange and Dioxin did to vets….in fact these critters dont give a damn about any Vet….We have so many enemys we can even count them all..all I know is that all Darkies and their masters the Kike Kahillia Klan all need to be gotten rid of someway….You want a trip look up… diary of a negress website and look what this negress says about Whites…oh another good article also is NON-LETHAL BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AGENTS LINKED TO AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE EPIDEMIC BIO HAZARD BACTERIA BY DYLAN CHARLES….all the funny sickness in USA is causd a lot by this plus GMOs and the Beam Crap that transform DNA….maybe the Beam crap is one reason why their is so many dumb ass white nigger whiggers….amazing how ZOG can target anyone on earth using their ID Freqs and they find you and then zap you heart attack or something…HC evidently has some kind of of Kike disease that makess her have the seciures…SKITZO is a transmitted disease and you can catch it from the kikes….like the old sayin goes…what goes around comes around..ha ha ha…Guess the Yacub Moslems Black Sun God will burn us all up to…..Here is good one about what the serpents do:RUDY2s MULTI LINGUAL BLOG WIRELESS PSYCHOTRONIC HUMAN BODY ASSUALT SLOW KILL MURDER MACHINE MIND CONTROL OF CIVILIAN POPULATIONS>………….Great article with a lot of stuff on what these snakes bastards do to us….. and ZIKA is in Miami now…but I bet ya its not from shitters..maybe from Vaccines like Stone says..or maybe its just a natural get back of mother nature against race mixing..its a std..sextransmitted disese just like AIDS…if the ZIKA explodes no one will go to Multi Cult Miami..and it will spread all over the South……maybe a curse from GOD….for race mixin….but these Mudsharks wont stop screwing the jungle you damn well know its gonna spread….Zika could also be a Nano-Particle weapon of ZOG put in GMOS and released and put in the air by chemtrails and in water and the flouride wont kill the ZIKA….bet ya maybe a lot of people will get it in RIO screwing around…….HC will start harpin about they need a mandatory for all vaccine as an antidote for ZIKA and you can count on the snakes putting somethin in that….so much for INSANE ZOG……

  47. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    I got curious today about seeing what I could find out about the whitest of the white universities here in Jewmerica.

    Guess what shows up as the number one white school in this jew wrecked country. If there was ever a place which needed a heavy dose of jew imposed diversity, this is it.

    We know it will never happen. This place is in need of a Big Lips Don’t Matter protest this Fall.

    World class hypocrites, just like Christ said.

  48. Red Pill says:



    America is a country of people living on the land.
    The United States of America is a corporation with the power of life
    and death over you.
    all the the other corporations support there mother goddess.
    this great whore manifests it’s self in every thing we do.
    it owns us all and she wants you.
    she will say any lie that suits your fancy.
    do you want her out of your life?
    do you want your country back?
    and all the other liberties granted by God alone?

    every one here knows who this whore is in her many hydra headed manifestations.
    i want this whore dead, i want this bitch out.
    but there is no illusion on what will happen when she dies.
    we will drop into the stone age in a few short years.

    she intends intend to destroy and salvage every thing to her advantage.
    if you don’t go into her and partake of her sins, kiss your life good by
    but you won’t leave her because your shacked up with her and her sorceries.

    all that she has left to sell is death and destruction
    she feeds you lies right over the TV.
    she has created for us a great a great extinction event.

    it’s playing out right now, but when this whore gets to my door.
    I’ll send this bitch packing down the road. she is rotten to the core.
    i may be dead, but my problems will be over, but hers are just beginning.

    no body gets out alive, what have you got to lose?
    hint (YOUR SOUL), provided you were born with one.
    if you can’t understand what i write
    then you haven’t understood sexual intercourse.

  49. Matt says:

    Red Pill,

    Hillary is a Jew. Her tribe is the great prostitute, drunk with the blood of Christians as seen in Russia.

    Rev 18:24 In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people,
    of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

    Including Jesus Christ, who the Jews asserted, let the blood of Jesus be upon us and our children.

    As Jesus himself described the Jews “murderers”, before they murdered God’s only son.

    God will remember the crimes of this great prostitute. Rev. 18:5

    The Jews sit as queen saying never will they see bad days, but in a day this great Jew prostitute will be destroyed. Rev 18:7-8

    The Jew’s time is running short, and they very well might have passed their pinnacle, God himself has already decreed their destruction. Ezekiel 16 & 23.

  50. Red Pill says:

    Matt says:
    July 30, 2016 at 10:17 pm

    Red Pill,

    Hillary is a Jew. Her tribe is the great prostitute, drunk with the blood of Christians as seen in Russia.
    right on Matt.
    the jews own the corporation “The United States of America”
    we own America the country and it’s a great loss to us that they are in control.

  51. squarepegroundhole says:


    Found within the WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton email archive is an email with the subject ‘Unrest in Albania,’ in which Soros makes clear to Clinton that“two things need to be done urgently.” He then directs the Secretary of State to “bring the full weight of the international community to bear on Prime Minister Berisha” and “appoint a senior European official as mediator.” Revealing the influence he wields within the corridors of power, Soros then provides Secretary of State Clinton with three names from which to choose. Unsurprisingly, Clinton acquiesced and chose one of the officials recommended by Soros — Miroslav Lajcak.

  52. squarepegroundhole says:

    Pictured are Hillary and Bill Cosby-

    …..the Negro drugs you so you have a shot at not remembering getting screwed.

    Both Israeli Media Darlings that can do NO WRONG.

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