Dumb Negro Asks FBI Head About Daily Stormer

IDIOT CONGRESSMAN WILLIAM LACY CLAYINCOG NOTES: These Negroes they put in government sound just like some kind of charactor from that old Amos and Andy show back in the day. It’s amazing how moronic this race can be. And it’s also a crying shame us White people have to pretend they are worth a crap. During one of these BS congressional hearings, a totally idiotic Negro congressman (Hank Johnson D-GA) was seriously worried the island of Guam was in danger of capsizing after additional US troops were stationed there.* The race is truly retarded!

LOL – Monkey Congressman Asks FBI Director Comey About The Daily Stormer During Clinton E-Mail Hearing


I’ve been watching the congressional hearings where the FBI Director James Comey is being questioned about the Hillary e-mail server fiasco. Most of the idiotic Black Democrats who are asking questions have been complaining to Comey about racism, Blacks being killed by White police officers, hate crimes etc.. to waste time during the hearing.

One of the Blacks specifically asked the FBI Director about Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer website. I laughed 6,000,000 times when this happened.

The clip is below. I’m sure Andrew will comment about this one further but this is some really funny shit. The Alt-Right has become such a political force that we have Negroes in Congress whining to the top man at the FBI about what we are doing.

NOTE: All these dumb Negroes are playing the “Hillary good, Republicans bad” BS because they think blacks will get more out of Hillary Clinton as president. The spoiled bastards don’t care one lick about America — just what they can get as a race! (INCOG)


*The black congressman later tried to say he was joking around about Guam capsizing but you could tell he was serious as hell. Go to embedded link for a video of him asking the question. He was indeed quite serious about the possibility.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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45 Responses to Dumb Negro Asks FBI Head About Daily Stormer

  1. Bailey says:

    Obviously jew scripted.
    Pretty damn funny though, we got you on the run, nigger !

  2. This is what European civilization does: it uses unprecedented and unsustainable prosperity to both; subsidize the breeding of sub-80 IQ feral, halfwit North American Pavement Apes, and import illegals to slaughter animals and fry their meat so that we can stuff it down North American Pavement Apes’ throats until they’re too fat to walk.

    It tirelessly trains people in the cutting edge of math, science, finance and management to erect offshore platforms to suck up the carbonized remains of extinct species in order to provide the necessary fuel for the spic-nig cycle

    This is the goal of civilization. Why did newton discover calculus? What are maxwell’s equations for? Why did mendeleev deduce the periodic properties of elements? Why the ceaseless improvement of binary toolbox interfaces? The answer to these and to all questions: to stuff North American Pavement Apes with fried meat until they become crippled from overeating, then to provide them with heroic medical care until they gracelessly expire.

  3. Mark says:

    The ADL and SPLC support the Jewish interest.

    The ADL and SPLC act under the guise of protecting racial minorities encouraging governmental laws, programs, and practices to discriminate against white/Europeans in hiring and promotion, access to loans for business and housing, college admission and scholarships, and in numerous other ways that affect the lives and livelihoods of white/Europeans.

    These policies are applied solely against all Europeans, regardless of age, class, income, or national origin.

    In short the ADL and SPLC are hate groups acting in concert with government and their agencies to undermine white/Europeans interest…

    “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” —- Henry David Thoreau

    The ‘Alt.Right’ must strike at the root, more namely. the ADL, SPLC, AIPAC, and their MSM power…

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    I watched and listened to every minute of it. That nigger bitch honorary representative from dc. That dumb-ass bulletheaded nigger that marched across the bridge in Selma. Each time a nigger came up to talk about the hilarious clintoris scandal they talked about niggers with guns getting shot by police officers. just laugh at the niggers. Take a break and then laugh some more. Who votes for these stupid-ass niggers? Let me guess. Other stupid ass welfare dependent fucking worthless niggers. That one nigger bitch even reading from her jew master prepared statement couldn’t pronounce any words correctly that alone if I was comey I would have got up and dismissed myself and announced my retirement and walked out.

  5. ICU says:

    Watching the BLAK Clowngress jiggaboos on the Comey hearing today was like watching what runs out when you lift up a rock near a stream.
    The ridiculous Negros do a good job… of reinforcing negative stereotypes about their silly ass, failed slave race…er, species.
    The bitter fact that those ooking, eeking, jabbering Chimpoids are installed in “elective” office, by the manipulations of The Eternal jew, is the best indictment of Universal Suffrage that I can think of…today.

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m sorry congressnigger from the niggerhood. I didn’t clearly understand what you just said. It sounded like a combination of oogha boogha and ebonix and an unknown alphabet I never learned in law school. Could you try re-reading that to me again? Without all the slobbering and blabbering? Otherwise you are kind of wasting my valuable time.

  7. Red Pill says:

    ya gotta love it
    as we sit here trying to make sense of a criminally inspired script
    that is not real, but we pretend to believe it so we can show our discontent
    with the bad movie and the bad actors.

    the uncalled for and often unwarranted killing of black men and others
    by the police is not good for any of us.
    racial unrest is a weapon against all races

  8. Red Pill says:

    i told you it was a poorly scripted movie with bad actors
    nothing is as it seams, nothing is real.
    i swear it don’t fucking count.
    the bitch can swear what ever.

    FBI didn’t record Clinton interview, did not administer sworn oath

    Strawberry Fields Forever

    Let me take you down
    Cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields
    Nothing is real
    And nothing to get hung about
    Strawberry Fields forever

    Living is easy with eyes closed
    Misunderstanding all you see
    It’s getting hard to be someone
    But it all works out
    It doesn’t matter much to me
    Strawberry Fields Forever

  9. carnac123 says:

    The left has been using negroes as the tip of the spear they are using to destroy us. Negroes are ignorant and dangerous and they are like a large pack of wolves among us along with their Lib handlers. They are either at our throats are at our feet. They are always playing the victim after they went on the attack and then got their asses shot. They are stupid and do not like taking orders. They do not obey the police. They are constantly the center of all trouble. They think it is their right to ignore laws. They are so used to being on the streets ignoring the police that it catches up with them. They think they are immune to obeying the law because Obama is in the White House. This shooting was justified. Wait and see. Let them riot in Baton Rouge. Some people would consider that a blessing and a target rich environment.

  10. S O G says:

    the niggers in congress aka the black caucus is just that ..a racist afirmative action group of entitled niggers who ook and eek about racism and yet they secretly hate whites all the time …cops shoot twice as many whites and use other means to kill whites such as behind prison walls there is an anti white genocide being carried out by ziomarx jew shitbaghs ..
    the reason niggers get shot alot of the time is because they are always trying to grab the policemans gun away to shoot him or they try to run at the cops with knives …niggers are always tweeting about how they gone to kill police and the feral NOI and the ignorant ebonic ranks of the NBPP are all about hate and racism toward whites ..they talk about it they have rallies about it and they incite hatred and criminal acts towards whites and these stooopid niggers in congress flap their worthless boot lips about cops killing blacks …what about niggers raping white women or is that racist of me to notice ..how about the 1 million apesaults a year which are 90% nigger onn human whites ..humangatans on whites ,,if you are white and are in the wrong place at the wrong tiome you can be killed or robbed and raped and killed or beaten to a pulp and left brain deranged …niggers are on an american wide anti white safari to hurt as many white peole as they can because in realityn they do not want to be accountable for their conscienclesss crimes inn the name of black raacism ..blacks are thee most racist bastards in america ..with the white nigger jews hiding in the shadows pulling the strings and manipulating the media proaganda to make sure niggers stay stupid and hateful to whites ..
    intersting that …it was mainly jews who first owned slaves and who brought them over here and then later as more niggers got freedum they top owned slaves ..
    jews and muslim ships brought 14 million nnigger slaves to brazil and south america for coffee trade …of course the niggers who were sold into slavery were already slaves in africa under some tribal dictator or feudal land nigger chief ..of course shaka zulu killed 3-4 million niggers in south africa and many countless nigger chiefs and dictators have killed zillions of other piccaninnies jigabboob baboons in africa …as it stands right now in africca in mauritania there are millions of nigger slaves owned by nigger pimps ..other country/states in africa also have slavery or they have black on black genocide where most of the time niggers are being used by comintern global jewish communism to wipe out christians tribes in africa and elsewhere …destabilize the country and watch millions die ..its a jewish thing and they have taught the black jews welll ..is it jews who are white niggers or is it the shwoogies who are the black jews ..same effin difference …moslems are just in need of euthanization on a global level …

  11. S O G says:

    that you tube frame is funny as hell ..sheeyit wher arduh witewimmin n shieyt

  12. Dave says:

    You know the stupid nigger won’t ask why his fellow niggers are being persecuted in Israel. If the nigger asked that question, his funding would be withheld by the Jews who run congress, senate and the Presidency.


  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    Oh no no. Let us not forget the same old story and the same old dance. Bill Clinton lost the nuclear launch codes for three months while he was getting blowjobs from monica jewlipski. So every time the Generals from the pentagram sent a junior officer to the white house to say we need to do a refresh on these codes rham emanual sent her away and said the president is busy right now doing dictation to his intern. 3 months even the General shavilisy who suddenly fell off a ladder said ok enough is enough. you better come back with the refreshed nuclear codes and from his football or I’ll have to go over there and personally kick his and her ass. And believe me I will do it secret service or not.

  14. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Meet FBI Director James Comey… the guy who just gave Hillary a “get out of jail free” card.

    Formerly with Lockheed Martin…

    Formerly with HSBC (the drug laundering bank)

    And from those snake pits he went straight in the FBI Director’s position – with NO law enforcement experience.

    Now you understand what happened.

    The meeting with Bill and what’s her face on the private plane was just a distraction.

    The “fix” was in from day one.


    This program is 7 minutes long.

  15. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Obese Jewish Slut Lena Dunham Blames “Violent White American’s For Death Of Black Criminal Alton Stirling


  16. Red Pill says:

    If justice is not equal, then justice is a farce
    i would rather answer to the Lord than a jew paid human judge any day.

    The head of the FBI’s shocking admission: You are no longer under any moral or ethical obligation to obey any federal laws whatsoever… the rule of law is now vacated across America

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/054592_James_Comey_rule_of_law_federal_laws.html#ixzz4DmmOqoBl

  17. Red Pill says:

    i almost forgot
    lock and load, keep your power dry.
    there getting ready to turn the niggers loose on us.
    no law, no problem, blood in the streets

  18. Bailey says:

    Things are getting hot now in Obamas amerikwa , it aint the alt-right calling for the death of Police men, it’s the fuckin’ niggers and the jews got them believing they’re justified because the stupid niggers forgot since they have a nigger president that they still need to follow orders from the po-leece.
    Is there one innocent nigger that the police have killed?
    Just one, can the jew media find a non felon negro that was killed by the police for nothing?

    It’s on , just like all of us who don’t live in the bubble knew it would be right as the 2nd nigger term is winding down.


  19. NinjaJohn says:

    And now the Shylocks are bringing it to Texas. This is what they wanted. All out chaos so they can declare martial law and suspend the Constitution and keep half-Jew faggot groid and his tranny “wife” in the White House.


  20. Bailey says:

    Is the nigger Obama going to go on TV and wipe some fucking onion jews under his lying eyes and fakey weep over the lives of 4 police officers and the injuries to the seven others ?
    Remember Cambridge Mass. with that monkey professor being arrested for typical nigger behavior?
    “The police acted stupidly ” the new nigger president proclaimed and then had some beer with the fake professor and the cop who was actually an expert in race relations, the beer summit was the first FU America that our commie nigger prez had to offer
    I wonder what that cop from Mass. thinks about race relations and law enforcement thinks today.

    Comments closed on jew news about the slaughter of Dallas police, no surprise since it is evident that white people are waking up .
    The comments on dead niggers are more and more looking. like they come from people who are waking the fuck up, it’s not racist to realize reality and the reality is that the niggers are out of control.
    The spics are not far behind, the jews are so confident they now operate in the open.

  21. Whitepride says:

    Stupid fucking nigger ape dressed up with a bow tie! What a laugh the shithead is! Worthless bastards!

  22. Whitepride says:

    The ape dressed in a bow tie has shit for brains! Asking the director and calling him Mr. Comey! Haha most likely got that government job because of Affirmative Action! Go to hell niggers!!!

  23. Bailey says:

    Yea John, it could be where this is going and i still feel that an attempt will be made on nigger barrys life, i got money riding on it and i’m not really a gambler.

  24. putnamvt says:

    “Jews are the only race that controls the media – or needs to.” –Mark Twain

  25. putnamvt says:

    South Africa just voted for a law that forces whites to sell to blacks at whatever price the black offers. Think US blax wouldnt copy?

  26. putnamvt says:

    Unlike CUCKservatives, I have intellectual humility: I dont believe i can talk a jew out of what’s it’s been for 5000 years.

  27. S O G says:

    like someone once said very poignantly and quintessentially …..cops have a hard job ..that statement is ment to engender feelings of equality and sympathy for police or specifiacally who they should be ..be that as it may be the cops shoot twicew as many whites as they do niggers….
    the other truism is that cops get tired of dealing with the nigger pathology 24/7 …the other one is that even black cops shoot blacks and whites as well ..what about the mexican plague who become police ..they shoot anyone and anything ..white cops are targets of more hardened facets of militarized judieized ghetto niggers ..they think they arr all moozlim n sheeyit but that is an extreme fanatical hae cult based on terrorism and murder and rape and is why so many niggers “convert” into it although they are already mooslim at heart ,,,
    as long as niggers continue to ignore police orders and try to grab police guns from their holsters ,stupid niggers are going to get shot and it aint about race when a stoopid fuicking nigger is tryin to take your gun cus it suddenly occurs to you that the filthy mongrel will shoot you to get away from accountability ..
    one of the biggest riots in american history waqs watts and it was over a traffic ticket ..niggers have commiitted military insubordiantions\\insurrections en masse in the very early 1900’s ..they took up arms against the white military commanders in some forts i will try to post links ,and this is why the fuckinn niggers were placed in quarantine units by themselves .they were ok in the civil war but a taste of jew enablement after civil war and raids and rapes and murders put the nigger in a specail status class ..


    niggerds have been killing cops for over a hundred years ..
    one thing haasnt changed at all and that is the hatred of whityes by nigggers and the severity of their brutal and sensless crimes against white women and children ..this hasnt changed and has always been with america since the worthless nigger was brought here by shitkike ships ..
    one thing stands out alot once you notice and remembering the whining of niggers who trade their satanic spouls for moslem evil spirits they always bang on abvout eyes gots tuh gits rid uuuhv muhh slaave name n shheyit …only thing is the niggers slave naem is almost always jewish surname ,,king ,berryman ,,stuckman ,
    looking over the intense brutality odf the niggers criminal actions in 1900 and on the nigger deserved to be burned at the stake and hung ..still do ..niggers burn niggers in africa for stealing and mandellas invention namely the flaming necktie was used on reluctant afrinigs …
    and back then the neggger pathology was the same as it has been for 60,000 years ..
    they were stuopid then and they did not speculate that they were identifiable by witnesses and committed monstrous crimes and didnt care if they weer caught it seems ..no future orientation, planning ,intutiton or sense..they are controlled by demonic forces .
    inonocent whites were sometimes”lynched” by shitmobs of pathetic moronic niggers as some sort of protest//revenge against them being punished for their outrageous content of character…..
    when niggers gang raped white women guess who tried to keep white angry righteous lynch mobs away from the suspect ..cops ….white cops protected nigers if they could …why ?….
    they knew how to exact justice from the worthless niggers back then ..they even made shiftless jobless niggers laeve town in some places ..good thinking ..
    one nigger shot a cop and they flushed em out of his nigger shack …i dindunuffin ..they gunned him down and tossed him back into his burning shanty ..rofl ….
    they should have broken his legs and tossed him in their wiothout shootin the nigger ..the 1900’s are smothered with nigger criminal acts unspeakable medieval acts of racism against whites ..so fuck the god dam jews for bringing us here to this situation ion america ….
    over at the inhusticefile it is hundreds of home invasions and rapes and family massacres and murders and robberies by niggers against whites …they didnt have specific marching orders from jews so much back then …so what in trhe fuck was mlk tryin to free ..niggers seemed pretty free to commit 100’s of thousands of serious crimes of racial nature against whites ..
    when cops have to deal with the worthless nigger pathology day in and day out they are in the right to shoot when someone os going for the gun …people really doubt that …liberal kikes and worthless whites think niggers matter …they are a pain in the ass and stupid and have set this country and africa back 400 years …they are continually violent without cause ..\be armed and survive ..make the bastards who hate us and attack us relentlessly pay for their trangressions …
    there was another read in 1900 ..a nigger raped a 3 year old girl and he was protected in jail bvut the angry whites still tried to ghet some justice but couldnt …sounds like the cops were real racist right ..protecting some dirtbag niggers “rights” ..didnt they march for rights ..where were the riughts of all the white people they have killed because they were white …cannot be described as anything but a reign of terror.
    alot of crimes went unsolved but no one went and just dragged non suspect niggers from their houses and lynched them ..when iot did happen it was in response to the severity of the crime against a white and it was no mistake who the perpetrator was ..
    it wasnt like mistaken identity was a problem or deliberate as you must realize that there wernt that many niggers walking around compared to white population ..so a nigger stood out and i can tell one nigger from anaother at 100 yards or by movement forensics ..such as is used in identifying people thru camera serv…etc
    body language …everybody walks different ..
    the niggers never did nuch to hide their identity when they committed crimes ….they should have been exterminated then …
    most niggers are like the jews in that they are grandsons and daughters of multiple and mass murdering scum ..decendants of bolshevik killers and early american niggers who also participated in rapes and murders of widows and orphans in the subjacated south post civil war …it is no wonder the kkk was formed to stop the marauding niggers from killing and attacking whites in post war south ….
    the sheets represented the ghosts /spirits of murdered southern folk in the war aqs well as soldiers …
    it is no wonder that laws were made to keep niggers away from whites ..JIM crow laws in light of the rampant out of control nigger debauchery and anti white endless crime wave were based on the urgent need to separate from these vermin …
    200 niggers invade white town and riot till they get liquor ..wtf .lol…1906 …
    anyway read the shit …unfuckinbelievable …niggers have always been worthless ..
    and then the nigger bill cosby is typical of a sexual deviant predator who operates secretly and is accepted by stupid whites …cosby oougt to be burned at the stake ..
    Any gathering of blacks is a potential riot. For three years in a row, from 1990 to 1993, blacks rioted when the Chicago Bulls won the NBA championship. In 1992, they burned 14 buildings, looted countless stores, and injured 95 police officers. In 1993–despite thousands of extra police–they looted dozens of stores, burned scores of cars and killed two people….
    new jersey has seen multiple riots and murders by worthless nigger trash ..
    it was the same story in Detroit when the Detroit Pistons won the NBA title in 1990: blacks looted, burned police cars, and killed seven people.
    niggers always kill people to get that voiceless voice thing on ..
    rodney king riots killed 63 people and i bet 99% of em were white which means as a fact the niggers went out of their way to hunt and kill whites …

    The morning after the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, Mayor Eugene Schmitz put up notices all over town warning that:
    The Federal Troops, the members of the Regular Police Force and all Special Police Officers have been authorized by me to KILL any and all persons found engaged in Looting or in the Commission of Any Other Crime……
    Reports of the number of looters killed vary from a dozen to a hundred…

    In December, 1913, the San Antonio River overflowed, and there was serious flooding in central Texas. The order issued to the state police was, “Shoot all looters, and shoot to kill.”

    same in LA watts 1965 ..the riot niggers started cus the cops were giving a moron nigger a ticket ..all thet shit over a ticket …shoot to kill was the order and the jew teevee propaganda did a roots like angle on it making it seem like the nigger was being persecuted …of course they all think that shit thanks to the nigger spokesmen race hustlers and splc home of the convicted child rapist morriss dees who fraudulently recieves money from idiot donators based on a premise set out by the splc which is pure buillshit …
    brazil has had its share of nigger insurrections and riots in the distant past ..they had 14 million slaves vs. 400,000 brought to america by jew ships and put to work in jewish farms and plantations and properties ….

  28. S O G says:

    ellis tills most likely groped the woman in the store ..it wasnt open to the public that day so the nigger thought he was going to have some fun and show off his inner chimp to his friends …if he had just walked in and talked shit it wouldnt have gone to the level the adl says ..he must have been set up to go in and physically harras the white stoer owner with witnesses and then the adl killed tills and tossed his fucked up ass into the river …the ADL clearly killed tills just to make a martyr out of the future rapist and murderer..like his father who was hung for rape and murder in italy during ww2 …although the american brass had given the french shits permission to allow their nigger troops morroccans etc to a 2 day event in a italyun village …supposedly the allies were therr to liberate it but the american asshole brass decided to let the niggers under the french rape and plunder and loot this place for 2 days ..they couldnt get a 3 day event approved …2 days isnt enough for a nigger to get his muh dik on ..but you see the similar coddling sick appeasement give to america niggers like in baldymo last year ..oh she didnt ..yes she did the nigger whore mayor of baltomo mudereland denied aver saying to let the worthless niggers tear it down ..their venting ..lol…but the videos dont lie ..niggers do …

    yeah so the nigger underground railway bs was constructe to allow niggers to escape justice not slavery ..alot of niggers fled to canada to avoid capture for serious crimes and the railway was instrumental in theis ..
    many times niggers were brought back to jail and nothing happened to them till conviction..
    anyway its all in black and white ..

  29. Red Pill says:

    Red Pill says:
    July 8, 2016 at 12:02 am
    that’s what i said. here come the niggers
    Five officers fatally shot during police protest in downtown Dallas

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    11 shot, five dead. Is this it? Is this the start of marshal law and civil war? Is this what it took to make people wake up to the lethal danger biological weapons of mass destruction called niggers?

  31. protocolsRtrue says:

    Got niggers? You got problems. Lot’s and lot’s of problems. Got jews? You got problems. Lot’s and lots of problems. As a group all they do is fuck shit up and cause problems. The sooner people wake up and face the facts and the truth the sooner we can get these monkeys and problem causers off of our backs. An illness cannot be cured unless you are willing to make the proper diagnosis and admit the reality of the situation despite what all the liars are telling you.

  32. protocolsRtrue says:

    And this nigger on my morning jews leads off with this…. A peaceful rally in downtown Dallas ends in gunfire…
    You cannot get more than 5 niggers gathered in the same place at the same time without something bad happening and somebody using their free obamaphone sailfone calling 911 heps me heps me.

  33. Blacks don't matter says:

    I really hate niggers and their enablers.

  34. Smitherines says:

    See JPG

    Is Hillary Morally Unfit to Be President?
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Does Hillary Clinton possess the integrity and honesty to be president of the United States? Or are those quaint and irrelevant considerations in electing a head of state in 21st-century America?

    These are the questions put on the table by the report from FBI Director James Comey on what his agents unearthed in their criminal investigation of the Clinton email scandal.

    Clinton dodged an FBI recommendation that she be indicted for gross negligence in handling U.S. security secrets, a recommendation that would have aborted her campaign. But Director Comey dynamited the defense she has been offering the country.

    Comey all but declared that Clinton lied when she said she had State Department approval for the email server in her home.

    He all but declared that she lied when she said she had only one server, and that no classified or secret material was transmitted. He also implied that she lied when she said she had used only one device and had turned over all of her work-related emails to State. The FBI found “several thousand” more.

    Clinton said her emails were stored in a secure area. This, too, was false. Hostile actors and hostile regimes, said Comey, had access to email systems of those with whom she communicated.

    Comey said he found no criminal “intent” in what Clinton did.

    More @ the URL below:
    Read More At: http://buchanan.org/blog/hillary-morally-unfit-president-125417

  35. Smitherines says:

    Report: Israel Pressured FBI to Clear Hillary
    If Israel was spying via Hillary’s servers, it would explain why FBI is backing off
    Wayne Madsen | Infowars.com – July 6, 2016

    View JPG

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received a “get out of jail free” pass from the FBI because the case of her opening up unsecured email servers to foreign hackers involved the bugbear that always scares off the FBI — Israel.

    Almost every time there has been a national security case involving the actual or alleged compromise of national security information to the Israelis, the offending party or parties walk free.

    Although the espionage case of Jonathan Pollard was pursued vigorously by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joseph diGenova, and Pollard, a civilian employee of the Naval Investigative Service’s Anti-Terrorist Alert Center in Suitland, Maryland was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, the Pollard case resulted in powerful American Zionists, as well as successive Israeli prime ministers, calling for his release. Pollard was released last November.

    Since the Pollard conviction, a series of cases involving actual or suspected spies for Israel have resulted in virtual slaps on the wrist or no prosecution.

    More @ link below:

  36. Smitherines says:

    Astronomer and Science Historian Nicholas Kollerstrom Challenges the Holocaust Industry

    By Jonas E. Alexis on July 6, 2016

    People in the Holocaust establishment believe that truth is what they want to believe. They will always endeavor to undermine historical-factual debate about what really happened.

    Nicholas Kollerstrom has a B.A. in the natural sciences from Cambridge University, with an emphasis on the history and philosophy of science. He is also an astronomer, receiving his Ph.D. from the University College London. He was a former correspondent for the BBC and received grants from the Royal Astronomical Society to do scientific work related to the discovery of Neptune.

    Kollerstrom has written numerous technical articles and essays.[1] He is the author of Newton’s Forgotten Lunar Theory: His contribution to the Quest for Longitude (London: Green Lion Press, 2000) and The Metal-Planet Relationship: A Study of Celestial Influence (Eureka, CA: Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, 1993). Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers contained several of his essays on mathematician and astronomer John Couch Adams (1819-1892), astronomer John Flamsteed (1646-1719) and Isaac Newton. But because he has challenged the Holocaust establishment using science and reason, all his work was removed from the Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers.

    Kollerstrom was widely cited in the scholarly literature[2]—until he began to look at chemical evidence for how Zyklon was used during World War II. Graham Macklin, manager of the research service at the National Archives, scorns at Kollerstrom’s claims that Auschwitz-Birkenau had a swimming pool for inmates and that the inmates themselves used to listen to orchestras.[3]

    More @ Link below:

  37. Smitherines says:

    “Neva Neva Neva Faget Da Holocaust Incog!”

  38. Red Pill says:

    Micah Xavier Johnson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    An Army veteran “upset about Black Lives Matter” and “recent police shootings” who opened fire Thursday night in Dallas in an attack on police officers has been identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, the Los Angeles Times and CBS News report.


  39. Red Pill says:

    November 22, 1963: Death of the President in Dallas by a lone gunman
    who was also killed.

    July 7, 2016 (7/7) death of 5 police officers by a lone gunman who was also killed.

    will we ever learn that the government is in control of your brain.
    if you believe the smallest lie , you buy the hole pie.
    sounds like a “operation” to me.

    i bet a “lone” gunman will start WWIII.

  40. S O G says:

    DALLAS >> Five police officers were fatally shot and seven others wounded during a protest over fatal police shootings of black men in other states, authorities said. It was the deadliest day for U.S. law enforcement since the 2001 terrorist attacks.

    this gaurantees that all niggers will live up to the sterotype ..they are all dangerous ..a police shooting of a nigger and there is a national riot ..police shooting of a white person or killing of a white person and nothing ..
    black lives dont matter if they are just going to continue to be the murdering devils they have always been ..its not a sterotype its a personality ..
    the assassination of cops gaurantees moer nervous cops and itchy trigger fingers as if it could be another way ..
    the cops were not the shooters but died as result of more nigger pathology in the usa ..and niggers are more and more wanting to just kill any whites and this is been the way they are since they were brought here ..
    see http://theinjusticefile.blogspot.com/
    copy the whole fuckin file page site etc ..the comporehensive collection of nigger crime from the 1900’s is unparalleled..it show that 100% without doubt that niggers have always been violent rapists murderers and home invaders etc and now we got cars they want thoise to and sail fawns ..n sheeyit ..
    snipers kill cops ..this shit is waaaaay out of control …these are some of the extra beltway killer niggers ?…
    what does the stupid nigger oaf in duh white house have to say behind closed doors ..he is happay as hail about whites being murdered by his people who he has enabled and coaxed into guerliia war against whites …is it time to strike at the nigger population yet …they have no problem and never has had a problem targeting police and innocent white people ..god dam the niggers in america and everywhere …god dam the fuckin niggers …god dam the fuckin jews ..5 cops dead by niggeer assasins and more to come from the niggers im sure …any mention of nigger control or gun control …they wont bring up gun control most likely because it was only white cops but america needs to be free at last from nigro bondage …they say they were slaves but the universal truth is thaty WE HAVE BEEN SLAVES TO NIGGER VIOLENCE for 3 hundred years noew…and i pray for revenge and retribution ..the truth out about niggro ass holes would be enough to seal their worthless fates …
    fuck you nigger terrorists ..fuck you BAMN ..we need to adopt this doctrine and get angry in america …a little truth and lot of anger copuld balance the scale ..
    all i know is that i will not trust niggers within 50 feet of me wheras before i didnt trust them at 25 feet before ….
    it seems you cant trust them at 300 yards either with a rifle and a scope ..
    where did the nigger train for this and where did they get the ammo …rhetorical question as they got it from some fuckin jew cocksuckeer behind the curtain …
    does anyone think this is a false flag ..i doubt it …if you look long and hard at the injustice files records of niggers killing cops it was actually everyday activity of niggers 100 years ago and befroe and after …
    be armed ..every nigger is your enemy and potential attacker ….
    jim crow laws were absolutely neccessary ti insure white saftey as was the real original KKK …
    todays nigger terrorist orgs like new black pamper party and the terrorist nation of niggers in islam are far far far more violent than even the alleged wrongs that jew propaganda sez about kkk …todays jews mexicans and moslems and nihggers are together a blight on the face of the earth with all their violence …and they rattle on about the kkk like it had ever done anythinf besides protect widows and orphans in postr civil war south where murder and rape was everyday shit and where people were evicted from ancestral homes and farms by the federal mandate from the north ..
    nazis and kkk ..wow …the natioal socialist party of germany was benevolent and the american kkk was to till it resurfaced as a jew weapon …
    now the jews have their weapons aimed at us ..the moslem turds the nigger babboon idiots and the mexishits …
    think is mexicans dont tolerate nigger shines like whites do ..
    is it a war yet ..?
    there was more than 1 shooter and a whole lot of people involved in the organization of the assassinations of 5 dallas cops ..
    i’ll betcha noi and nbpp are involved …but its the nazis that are bad right ..lol

  41. S O G says:

    the fact that this crazy nigger says he dindoonuffin and wuzzn apefiliated with any other nigger terroist group makes it soo much better right ..i feel safer already ..like this nigger didnt get aride to the shooting from some other worthless ape …
    he was a 1 man hate group who said he wanted to just kill whites ,any whites ..
    niggers are crossing over into an area thet is goint to definitely starta a race war and it will be messy ..the color of your skin will be your uniform and white shabbois and liberal nigger sympathisaers will and sjhould be treated as traiters and charged with treason in a battlefield situation …hence ..summary elimination..
    any white member of bamn or who sucks and clucks to black nigger lives matter is an enemy ..whites arent the ones committing the violence in america ..it is clearly negroid pathological sociopathy and it seems genetic or learned at a very early age ..
    this xavier coon will be treated like a hero among his apes …
    if a white person killed 5 cops we would be under martial law right now and gun seizures and door to door searches and armed intrance into white homes “searching” for more suspects …so why havent they pulled a boston watertown on these naigborhoodrat ghetto niggers and gone door to door and technicalyy kinnapping them at gunpoint and ushering niggers to a marshalling area like they did with whites in watertown ..
    i am not for gun control at all …but they ought to start stop and search on all niggers everywhere and search all welfare niggers homes for stolen weapons and some of the fast and furious weapons im sure will be in attendance …
    what a crock o shit this country has sunk to under communist mooozlim hybrid shitbird nigger oaf obama ..what a sheister lying fuck he is ..

  42. S O G says:



    flAnDEers favorite site ..www.commieblaster.com

    obama refuses to allow other nations to come and boom and suck up the oil during the gulf catastrophee with the drill rig …he cites the maritime “jones act”… maybe he thought it was some tv show ..and so the oil came and destroyed the gulf while he sucked cock and played golf that week …fuckin idiot or deliberate saboteur ..both ..
    the other nations had a vested interest in claening up the mess as all our backyards are connected via the ocean ,,obama cant spell ocean and he probably doesnt even know what the word means …he is responsible for poisoning 40 million people in the gulf and all that corexit spray as well which makes the oil 11 times more toxic and just makes it sink to the bottom of the ocean ,,no probleemo ahhye ,,so there is a highway of oil 14,000 feet down hundreds of feet thick and thousands of yards wide and dozens of miles long that will be with us for an eternity ,,,it will not decompose at a submerged level thet deep where there is no oxygen …obama should have been strubg up for that alone and the obama care communist decree upon america ….yeah obama has been reeeel god for merica n sheeeyt ,,

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