Jew Rats Trash Talking Trump Left AND RIGHT

WOLF BLIZER CNN CLOSE UPJews like Wolf Blitzer of CNN are obviously biased against Trump and have been pushing the subversive Globalist Jew “Agenda” for decades.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

I just can’t believe how much our nation is under control by these dirty Jew rats. It’s ridiculous how they have these subversive creeps now everywhere pushing the Jew line of bull — long busy turning America into a Third World crap hole so they don’t feel threatened by a resurgence of White racial solidarity.


When you see Ratner on FOX news, pay close attention to her on the split screen when they talk about liberal crap — you can literally see this ridiculous self-satisfied smirk on her ugly Jewy face. She’s a total Jew rat!

I’m watching the supposedly conservative FOX news yesterday and they trot out Iraq war/CIA media asset, Judith Miller and this radio host, Ellen Ratner (right), to gibber about the Democrat’s convention in Philadelphia. Now, most Whites out there might not know Miller and Ratner are both Jews. Sure, a few might suspect Ratner by her super Jew-ugly face, but are still too programmed by “PC” not to factor Jewishness into the over-all equation of how this lousy bunch is screwing up America.

The two start going on about how the last night of the democrat’s convention was so patriotic with all the flags (procured suddenly somewhere after republicans talked about the obvious absence during the first three days). The two FOX pundits seriously said democrats now look more pro-American than republicans and what a big role-reversal that is. Right.

Then the two FOX News Jews started fawning over a bunch of multicult-mixed “vets” (how much real combat seen is doubtful) the dems marched out on stage alongside this retired general creep, who viciously attacked Trump for absolutely no reason. The two then praised the Paki Muslim parents of a Muslim soldier dying in some overseas Jew NWO war and how the mother bravely wore her Muslim hajib outfit on stage, like it was so great. The lying liberal Jew media BS is getting totally insane.

JONAH GOLDBERG SILOThen the two mention Jonah Goldberg (who they bring on FOX all the time) writing that the dem’s convention was about “loving America” while the republican convention was about “loving Trump.” Well, guess what? Goldberg is yet another anti-Trump Jew. And he’s described as a “prominent conservative writer” by CNN. Oh sure. He’s a giant backstabbing liberal Jew GD rat just like all the rest!

Speaking of CNN, they had Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash giving the play-by-play at both conventions. All three of them are Jews, natch. Plus, the commentators were mostly Jews or blacks, with a White liberal suck-up or two to round things off. Any Trump supporters are for the rest to talk down to.

Then we got ourselves the White traitor bastards like Stephen Colbert of the “Late Show” who answers a question out of his studio audience during a break about what he would most like to ask Trump. He thinks he’s being so funny by saying he would ask Trump “how does Vladimir Putin’s d–k taste like?” Of course, the word “d–k” is bleeped out, but you can tell that’s what he’s said. In his excitement of being all so cute and clever, Colbert prances away on stage like he’s Groucho Marx (a long dead Jew “comic”). Friggin’ Jews still love that Marx guy like crazy.

Man, I’d love to see this overpaid little Colbert punk sent to jail and see what he thinks about tasting a little homie d–k, which we all know would happen.

Colbert also brought on Jon Stewart —  who’s real last name is Leibowitz — to trash talk Trump on the very night he gave his acceptance speech at the GOP convention. Stephen Colbert is a total whore for Jewry, no doubt at all.

DIRTY JEWS ON TV MONTAGEThis is only a handful of the Jews they bring on TV to brainwash America nowadays. Jews have been pushing Marxist Jew subversions on America for decades — that’s why we have all this immigration, black and faggot crap ramping up like crazy. It’s the lousy Jews behind it all: Wake up to it!

Hillary Clinton is going to tax the living crap out of us. Not only does she want to make you pay more out of your paycheck to the government, she wants to tax you 25% if you buy a gun. All kinds of new taxes and surcharges are in store. Do you like to drink coke or other sodas? Her “everyman” VP Tim Kaine wants a steep tax on beverages, for crying out loud. Her Marxist crap is projected to cost Americans an additional 1 trillion dollars.

The selfish, spoiled blacks don’t care — they’re the ones getting most of it.

Speaking of guns, we all know she wants to wipe out the Second Amendment, regardless of what she said during her acceptance speech. She’s a liar, everyone knows it. Why do you think that Jew NY mayor, (((Michael Bloomberg))), came on insulting Trump, when he was supposed to so buddy-buddy with him and Trump always used to say good things about? Because Bloomberg is a HUGE anti-gun nut (like most lousy Jews) and thinks he can disarm us White Americans once Shillary gets in.

Then the media Jews and Hillary got all sorts of wacky when Trump said in his acceptance speech “I’m the only one to fix things.” Uh, Trump was talking about the simple political choice between him and Hillary, obviously enough. They play acted like Trump was getting all stuck-up and dictator-like. These brainwashing tricky-dicks know exactly the kinds of bull they can blow up into a mess.

The paranoid Jews believe any White guy like Trump might turn into another Adolf Hitler overnight. This Jew/Nazi/Holocaust crap is friggin’ never-ending — just like the black BS over slavery and Jim Crow. It’s insane what the Jew rats are doing to Trump.

These media Jews have no problem making a mountain out of a molehill to paint who they hate as the evil baddie. Pay attention and you’ll spot this tactic all the time.

You got to ask yourself: Do these dirty Jews get to trash-talk anyone they don’t like anytime they damn well please? Apparently, they can. We can’t say squat or else they call us “Nazis” or the dreaded, all-inclusive “White SUPREMACISTS.”

The Jew-owned media is also pushing the bit about the Russians supposedly hacking the DNC servers and releasing emails of the Democrat establishment undermining the campaign of Bernie Sanders; as if Trump is a proto-dictator in cahoots with evil Russian dictator Putin. Jews hate Putin since he booted out all the Jew oligarchs busy robbing the country after the fall of communism. Plus, he threatens their Jew NWO-instigated “color revolution” theft of the Ukraine. Putin a pal of Trump? The horror, the horror.

And if you’re worried about Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s career, well don’t, because once things settle down and Sanders gets some sleep back in Vermont, she’ll get to keep her congress seat and have any job she wants — maybe back in as DNC boss. Nothing ever really bad happens to fellow Jews. Look how they gave Jeff Zucker the head job as president at CNN Worldwide after his big Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien Tonight Show screw-up at NBC Entertainment. They called it “one of the biggest debacles in TV history.” But that never matters when it comes to chummy Jews.

The whole Jew race is one giant, nepotistic global crime family!

Then they gave Trump living hell over him sarcastically asking the Russians for Hillary’s deleted emails, like it was so terrible. Didn’t Hillary insist the 33,000 emails she deleted had nothing classified? Just personal stuff, like her daughter’s expensive cosmetic surgeries while living in a swanky multi-million dollar Manhattan condo with no job other than a brief stint as a NBC reporter doing two lousy stories in her whole career, or her nerdy husband — the Jewboy son of a Goldman Sachs scam artist and convicted tax dodger?

And where was all the patriotic anger from the dems and media over the fact Hillary even had an easily hackable personal server in her basement to begin with? To these traitors, it means JACK!

Elise Labott: I can tell right off the bat this smiling baby rat is trained for pro-Zionist hasbara activities in the USA by the motherland. She was briefly "suspended" for a pro-Syrian "refugee" immigration tweet, but is now safely back at work like nothing ever happened.

Elise Labott: I can tell right off the bat this smiling CNN “expert” is a Jew rat — trained for pro-Zionist Hasbara brainwashing activities in the USA by the motherland. She was briefly “suspended” after making a pro-Syrian immigration tweet, but is now back at work like nothing ever happened.

Elise Labott was trotted out on CNN to talk about the evil Putin Rooskies behind the DNC email hack turned over and released to Wikileaks. They literally described it as “another cold war spy story,” like we’re supposed to get all up in arms over Trump colluding with the enemy. Right. Jew psychos are now calling out Julian Assange as an anti-Semite since he tweeted something impertinent about the “Tribe” getting way too excited over all this email business.

Yeah, everyone is now getting it about these dirty rotten creeps — BIG TIME.

And you just know Globalist Jewry is behind pushing this ridiculous Trump/Russian angle, since Labott is obviously a trained Hasbara operative of the Zionists in Israel (they say her heritage is French, but it’s more like French Jew — they have these rotten liberal Jews over there turning that country into a terrorist-filled, racial pigsty, too).

CNN brings her up on screen whenever something comes up dealing with sacred Israel having to slaughter Palestinians. Same thing going on with this other fat old Jew cow woman who’s name escapes me at the moment, but Wolf Blitzer (who’s about the biggest jackass Zionist AIPAC plant on TV) brings on all the time like she’s a such insightful world affairs expert. I’m quite certain both are Globalist Jew plants.

Now we know the media is liberal and biased up the ying-yang. It was so so obvious during the conventions. But it’s more than that — the media has long been busy brainwashing our race into committing racial suicide. That’s exactly what they have been doing to us White people.

White people: Our race has been totally screwed by these dirty Jew rats brainwashing us for decades. Thankfully, many other Whites are now starting to get it.


Here’s that other Zio Jew plant I was talking about: Barbara Starr. You can tell she’s a big fat lousy Jew, too. CNN is totally Jewed up.


Jew Rat2

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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98 Responses to Jew Rats Trash Talking Trump Left AND RIGHT

  1. Smitherines says:

    That last post directed to Marc C. Daniele, whom I am smelling FAKE cuz
    Christians spell Mark, with a “k” Jews use “c” Marc???

  2. Smitherines says:

    @ Marc
    Come on Danny??

  3. Marc C. Daniele says:

    Ever hear of the Roman Marc Anthony? By the way, if it matters, I’m half Sicilian (Father), and half Irish, Welsh, and Bohemian (Mother), and a former Roman Catholic (baptism, first communion, etc.)! Even on my dogtags!
    Too bad you all don’t spend even half as much time defending your race/nation as you do “going off” on people like me who want to!

    Paranoid, are we? Scared of your own shadow? Already defeated I see!

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Marc, I’m with you.

      Just that people don’t usually like to hear they can’t do anything about the sit. It’s called “demoralization” and Jews do in fact try to infect Whites with it. These are totally tricky-dick bastards and know exactly the deal. These Jews act like millions of marxist AGIT PROP agents (agitation and propaganda), working to mess us Whites up in our lands, politically, socially and even morally.

      My site is for awakening other Whites to what they are doing — to get the info out there. I can’t do anything beyond that right now.

  4. Marc C. Daniele says:

    You mentioned, What have I done-Well I have been “talking” since 07/08, after the “va system/us government” personally screwed me over, as a “Service Connected” Veteran.

    I am sick and tired of “talking”, while we/our nations die, little by little, day by day!

    My Oath (My Word as a man) can not allow me to let this continue!

  5. Marc C. Daniele says:

    I hear you. That is why I tried to “tone it down” a little bit.

    If you remember, we have talked before (about St. Louis, etc.)? I just don’t comment here, or other websites very much, other than google. Been booted from jewbook several times, done with that.

    I am just completely fed up! Every other “race” is out there doing what they do, and we are just sitting back taking all of it that is directed straight at us, so….

    One of these days we have to step up, or we will not have the opportunity to step up!
    On a side note, you may be interested in this story from today, sorry on my google page-

  6. carnac123 says:

    Lib/communist have always had the corner on name-calling and slander. If the other side (us) do the same to them their lap- dog media cries foul. White people had better wake up or continue to be steamrolled. Do you (white people) think you will get the same affirmative action benefits for you when you are the minority? Look around. They are already blaming you for everything and talking about you freely in the press like you are all Nazis and you are still the majority. You are on the way to being discriminated on like you have never seen unless you wake up now and take back your country. Stop the immigration from other countries and regions that cannot and will not ever assimilate. Take the reigns of this nation again one way or another. Other are willing to march and riot…..or you? You had better be prepared for a fight and if you are and you do fight, you will win it if you just engage. Stop being brainwashed by television. Stop watching television or at least pick carefully what you watch because the shows and the commercials are nothing but brainwashing videos. Be prepared for anything and become as brave as roaring lions. I am tired of watching whites being abused and nothing being done. Vote Trump. I do not know how good he will be but he is not the establishment. He is better than Hillary for she is the lib that wants to fill the nation with Muslim immigrants, take you guns away from you, and hates white males. Down with the Democrat party.

  7. Smitherines says:

    Marc C. Daniele
    Shared publicly – 10:10 AM

    Ladies and Gentlemen, your morning funny page! The G. Soros funded “black lives matter” Terrorist Org. “is calling for the passage of a bill that would create a commission to study reparations for descendants of slaves”, among other demands!?

    Actually that would be a GOOD thing as long as Jews like Monsanto, Lehman Bros,
    Levi Strauss had to PAY Blacks like the Hollowhoax industry been milking
    IBM, Volkswagen, BMW and a host of other companies that did business with
    Hitler and Nazi Germany during WWII. Didn’t you see LIBERALS Hillary
    and Bernie “Feel The Bern” Sanders are for Holocaust reparation, but NOT
    slavery???? Cuz they know rich billionaire Jew companies gonna have to pay
    if slave reparations are passed! Jews don’t pay reparations only Gentiles do!

  8. Marc…..Look upMARTIN LINDSTEDT and read what he says….about Tribulation and Civil Sar 2 and what will and is happening to the Whiggers….he has it down pat on race about anglo mestizoes, mulengeons and mamzers and so on and on. and his 10 thousand Warlords Program…Aryan Nations did all in its power to awaken White Race and underground Order and Morris Dees closed AN aand one rat beaner brought the Order down..and then ZOG bite and stung em….but the Whiggers would not wake up…..I highly recommend that everyone should read DAVID TATES..LONG LIVE THE CAUSE…..and Marc..get to openly active and aggressive and ZOG will sting and bite..and hope you live after that…and rot in prison or wacked like GORDON KAHL was..his two hands and two feet cut off and his teeth bashed in and then burned..dont get caught….Hell I use to go to all kinds of meetings..and nothing ever got was very controlled all the meetings by Zog Plants and Infiltartors..Hell would go out and pass by myself WHO WHAT WHERE ARYAN NATIONS Pamphlets and I did more than all those controlled by ZOG Meetings…Back in late 70s Bob Depugh of Miniteman and Robert Shelton of United Klans of America would give lie detector tests for all those attending their Patriots Coneferences…To me the solution is HIGH TECH….hell if you try to do it wirh a powder shooter the damn barrell will melt and you wont even put a dent in the darkies because they breeed so fast and are coming into the USA by the groves..every damn day crossin the border and gettin g off plane with VISAs..and they dont go back….If their is no Civil War 2 like Martin lindsetdt says it will be like India and Brazil but with snow….Hell its already that way now..just go around and look..darkies and more darkies everywhere….Like some one told me years ago..even if all the concrete bunker capitals that are well guarded in USA..disappeared over night..their would be millions with the same mind sets to replace those scuz balls….It is bleak as hell Marc..I admit….The kikess have a iron grip hold on everything using their Judeo Masoinc cryptos and zombie whiggers who will kill and die for ZOG…and worship the Kikes..well enough cryin and talk..guess the nigs will get us with Voodoo and their Obeahman crap and Back Sun God Ra crap and the kikes already got us enslaved in their matrix….Hope the Jungle Bunnies and ragheads go after those snakes..would be funny as hell…Piss on ZOG FREEDOM ONLY COMES THRU BLOOD……make damn sure you never get caught….

  9. Red Pill says:

    ”I am sick and tired of “talking”, while we/our nations die, little by little, day by day!”

    God will destroy the Nations that turned from him and his laws.
    he also uses our enemy to bring correction upon his People.
    the problem with a lack of faith in your nation is not my problem.
    i don’t put faith in my country, so i am not disappointed.
    the occupied nation of America is a problem of the collective conscience
    of all Americans.
    i can only change my own conscience,
    we can not change a nation that has there head stuck up there ass.
    INCOG does a good job of updating people to the reality of the jews.

    thou shalt not murder is a commandant from God.
    self defense is also a commandant from God.

    if the nation dies, it’s because of our disobedience, and the will of God.
    and if one chooses not to believe in God, then he works for that other guy .
    you can’t throw stones when you live in a “glasshouse”.

  10. Marc C. Daniele says:

    First-Slavery would be solely blamed on Whites, period! “jews” would never allow it to officially come out that they ran the slave trade/ships, and owned the majority of the slaves in America. One source is Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael.

    Second-You forgot to link the story that goes with my google post-

    Third-“Nazi” is a “jew” invented term (Konrad Heiden) meant to denigrate, and DOES NOT represent the NSDAP (National Socialists German Workers Party in English). If I’m not mistaken INCOG MAN has a link to the site with this info. I had it, but my computer was hacked (yes by hasbrats), and I had to buy another one.

    Fourth-“Holocaust” (TM) reparations? Hell, bet you didn’t know US Taxpayer money (State and Federal) is already going to “holocaust survivors” throughout the US. Info on my google page from about 8 months ago, or so.

    Fifth-According to the Talmud (rabbinical interpretations of, yet supersedes the Torah/Old Testament in “judaism”), all non “jews”, “gentiles/goyim” are nothing but “animals in human form” so… For more info on the Talmud, I suggest Michael Hoffman’s book “Judaism’s Strange Gods”.

    Sixth-Killery Bernie (“jew”), and Obummer (mother was a “jew”) are all communists! communism is a “jewish” creation (Karl Marx/Mordechai-son of a Talmudic rabbi), and implementation (Russia 1917, resulting in the murder of AT LEAST 76 Million People, mainly Christians in Russia/Ukraine alone.

  11. Red Pill says:

    the beginning of the death of federal governance?
    states rights , civil war and survival of the fittest.

    BREAKING: Texas Gov. Makes Announcement About Secession

    On Friday, Texas Gov.Greg Abbott spoke with Fox News’ host Sean Hannity on Hannity’s radio show about the secession movement in Texas — and the state of politics in the United States in general.

    “Candidly, Sean, what I think is that what Texans believe in is that we need the United States to be more like Texas. In fact, I believe America longs to be the way the Texas is,” Abbott said.

    Abbott explained how crucial it is for nations and states to assert their sovereignty.

  12. Smitherines says:

    @ Marc
    Marc C. Daniele says:
    August 1, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    First-Slavery would be solely blamed on Whites, period! “jews” would never allow it to officially come out that they ran the slave trade/ships, and owned the majority of the slaves in America. One source is Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael.

    Lehman Bros and others already had to undergo slave reparations demands, in
    court, federal (you know it was a Jew, wouldn’t dare if these were Holocaust)
    Judge dismissed them:

    Slavery reparations lawsuit (re USA)

    SlaveryDescendants of 19th-century African-American slaves filed nine lawsuits seeking reparations from corporations in various US federal courts during 2002. The plaintiffs alleged that the defendant corporations (financial, railroad, tobacco, insurance, and textile companies), or their predecessors, had ties to the trans-Atlantic slave trade and were unjustly enriched from the labour of African-American slaves. In October 2002, these lawsuits were consolidated into one class-action lawsuit. In 2004, the court dismissed the claim but allowed the plaintiffs to amend their complaint. The plaintiffs submitted an amended complaint making claims of intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, civil rights violations due to the denial of property rights and consumer fraud. In July 2005, the court again dismissed these claims. The opinion noted that these claims raised a “political question”, and therefore were beyond the scope of the federal judiciary. In addition, the court found that the plaintiffs did not have proper standing to bring the lawsuit against the named defendants and that the plaintiffs’ claims were precluded by the statute of limitations. In December 2006, the US Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit reversed the dismissal of the plaintiffs’ consumer fraud claims, while upholding the dismissal of the balance of the plaintiffs’ claims. The court of appeals found that questions remained as to whether consumers were defrauded by the failure of the defendant companies to reveal their alleged collaboration with slavery. In May 2007, the plaintiffs petitioned the US Supreme Court to hear their appeal of the 2006 court of appeals decision. The Supreme Court denied the plaintiffs’ petition in October 2007, declining to hear the case.

    Slavery reparations lawsuit (re USA)

    I love that” plaintiffs’ claims were precluded by the statute of limitations.” 1945
    last camp was liberated, not only are they getting Holocaust reparations
    their descendants of the future will, I think Obama signed the bill already

    It’s over 70 fucking years WHEN will it run out on this trash, that never
    happened i the first place!!!!!

    Marc (V_x) you can just go to this African American’s site Dontel Jackson
    “We Thought They Were White” He gives use 20 times the historical
    information of Rabbi Raphel, most of his stuff is Sephardic Jews through
    Holland, Dontell is AMERICAN JEWS and their companies involvement
    with the African Slave Trade. Jews were so prevalent in the slave auctions
    of the South, the closed them on Jewish Holidays?????? WTF????

    Dontel Jackson “We Thought They Were White.”

    Are you kidding me, you CAN’T KEEP THAT QUIET forever!

    David Duke has several videos on Jewish involvement also!

  13. Smitherines says:

    @ Marc,

    Now you know why Beeeeeeeeeeeeeernie and Shillary are for every ridiculous
    demands Blacks make, like BLM make, EXCEPT one, “Slave Reparations” they
    know their brethren and Master will be paying big time then!!!

  14. Smitherines says:

    @ Marc

    George Soros isn’t loyal to anything except George Soros, he’s also demanded
    Palestinian rights, but it’s not out of social concern, he’ll blackmail the
    Zionist there and extort, just like it looks like he wants to do with slavery

    Soros is the one all big on “Save The Planet” and “Green Initiative” and as
    soon as coal stock dropped to NOTHING, who bought it all up, non other
    than George Soros????

    Also collaborated with Germans in WWII, no Diane Sawyer special on that
    though, ay?????

  15. Just for everyone to know.. A great Youtube presenter of facts and is totally anti-Jew, who goes by the handle “Peekay Truth” has had his youtube channel taken down (no surprise here…) due to his exposure of the fraud Nice France and Munich Germany “shootings”…..

    Peekay went after a definite Mossad agent who was at BOTH shootings (shows how the Jew rats love to “film their events”… The sick bastards!) named “Richard Gutjahr”, and exposed him as a Jew faced rat and a Zionist Mossad agent….

    “Gutjahr” who is married to an Israeli former Mossad operative and a present member of the Israeli Knesset, was most definitely sent by the Mossad to “film these events” and was at both events… And then to top it all off, his Jewess daughter who is wanting to become a “reporter” herself (Yes the Jew rats just love to control the media, and flaunt that control…) was at the Munich “shooting” herself as a WITNESS (Honestly, what are the odds???) for that event!

    Lets face it for the Jew bastard demons are now performing these fraud shootings at an almost daily rate… They want the general public that is too stupid for their own good to cower in fear and to go crying to their criminal governments demanding “protection” from the big bad “Muslim terrorists”…. The result will be the stripping of our rights and freedoms and the removal of our last line of defence against these Jewish pricks which is our guns!

    Do not be fooled everyone…. These Jewish bastard dog fuc*ers will continue to do their sick twisted game until we have the guts to stop them!

  16. And I as a Canadian have one simple question to ask you guys in America… And it is this:


    I for the life of me cannot understand the mentality of the American people… Thank goodness there are those with their eyes wide open that come here and voice their opinions and give great comments… (Other than the rat faced bastard Jewish pig dogs from the Jewish “internet defence leagues” that are in here for nefarious reasons…)

  17. PLAID says:

    Demographics always wins

  18. TRENT says:

    NWO shills. F**k The Liberal media. Don’t believe it.

  19. Frank Fredenburg says:

    COVER UP – Obama Sex Settlement At Harvard

    Harvard University paid out over $10 K to two male Law Review editors who complained of sexual harassment by Barack Obama, who was President of the Harvard Law Review 1988-1989. Clearly Obama had CIA or Masonic protection that organized the payments and suppressed the story. Even the GOP kept silent.

  20. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Die Juden really are putting on a good shoah on coming after Trump. It is difficult to find any billionaires out there either that are not backing Hillary of Baphomet.

    Warren Buffet came out today backing The Whore of Baphomet Hillary.

    Looks to me like Trump feels pretty certain that he will be cheated out of the presidency.

    The damage that The Great Whore will do to this country and the world boggles the mind of those who are still in their right, white minds.

    Incog mentioned demoralization in one of his comments.

    Installing this satanic witch into office will rank as one of the top demoralizers of all time.

    We see that the media jews are doing a tag team attack on Putin as will as Trump. Of course they just lay it out there that Putin and Russia are our enemy without ever providing any proof, because none exits.

    Jews despise a nation committed to Christianity.

  21. Smitherines says:

    Northerntruthseeker says:
    August 1, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    And I as a Canadian have one simple question to ask you guys in America… And it is this:


    Yeah, it’s called State Induced Stockholm syndrome, like millions of Patty Hearts
    running around LOVING and wanting to protect that which HATES and ABUSES
    them, their earthly Satanic messiah! Brought on by 24-7 brainwashing from
    womb to tomb through every form of media which they have a STRANGLEHOLD

  22. Smitherines says:

    Typo “Patty Hearsts”

  23. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Election Fraud Story Gets Worse: Irregularities Tied To E-Voting Machine Companies That Donated To Clinton Fund

    Trump’s people better be on guard election day! If it is a landslide in his favor, I don’t think they will dare try to steal it. If it is close watch out! I have a strong feeling the polls are fixed and Trump is farther ahead than they show. One day they say Trump is ahead a few points and the next day they say he is behind. I bet that come election day the polls will say he is behind.

  24. Smitherines says:

    The Elder of Zyklon-B says:
    August 1, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    That’s a nice URL visited it and remember as Putin embraces Christianity
    Barry (Obama) refuse to enter Christian establishments, this Zio
    degenerate that sits at our highest seat!

  25. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    That is right Smitherines. Interestingly, Renegade Tribune has a Baphomet image up today which is a version of what you posted. It is under “Talmudic Terror and Torture” by Mike Walsh.

    The Great Whore Hillary is licking her bloodstained chops to orchestrate a 21st century version of what Walsh presented along with starvation programs. Never, ever underestimate just how wicked and evil this hag is.

    What Walsh wrote about here is nothing new to incoglanders, but I have never met anyone in my life that has a clue that these demonic events took place much less the true nature of them. I would guess that what we know here puts us in the upper 1% or perhaps even less of those with knowledge of true historic events.

    Mein Gott people, I have grandchildren who look like they came right off of a NSDAP photo book on beautiful Teutonic children and families. It is them I fear for rather than myself.

    How many people do you know who are very intelligent, who earn large incomes, are very good at what they do, but have a worldview of a 4th grader who has been feeding at the trough of talmudic programming all of his or her life?

    I have found these people almost impossible to reach. Another seemingly hopeless group unfortunately are those who consider themselves evangelical protestant Christians. It is a pathetic and sad situation.

  26. Marc C. Daniele says:

    How’s it going?
    I made a post on google about “Richard Gutjahr”, and his wife being part of “Unit 8200”, and it’s significance, but as you can see (link below) the video was taken down from yt because “Richard Gutjahr” is claiming copyright infringement (click on video).
    The second video link at the end of my post description is still there, and seems to be the main one going around now.
    My post from July 23-
    As for Clinton-Has anyone else noticed that the email scandals (“us government” arming the “Syrian Rebels” AKA “ISIS”, the DNC, etc.) are now being deliberately overshadowed with attacks on Trump about a muslim soldier, nude pics of his wife, etc.?
    One of many videos to watch on Clinton, when you have the time-

  27. guiltfreewhite says:

    Read a post recently by Pat Buchanin, about America being” a house divided”How the gulf is so wide and deep,that as is, it would be best to split the country in half.One can try to have a civil discussion with these people, all one gets is being called a ton of names.I think a lot of people will pass on atending thanksgiving and Christmas events with their families this year, and for many years after.Yes, there ARE those who worship Saint Hillory and Saint Obozo,with all their heart and soul.How they rage and heap scorn on the repubs and trump. They will either be dying from joy, as the cartoon smoos would do, or be consumed with a terrible rage, come November.

  28. S O G says:

    i think the obamma stool fairy harrassment lawsuit is just toattempt to legitamiz his ghost attendanc at said college one remembers him and based on student hierarchy h wouldnot have ben eligable to be presof the law review or wtf ever it was …most of the shit ive rad leads me to belive the dung beetle humangatan pooftus neevr even went to the colleges they allege …this 70iq sasquatchmo asspirate a lawyer …he cant even spell it…..
    obamas rent achild turned 18 and tmz was profiling it ..i got stuck watching this fucking vomit at a frinds house ..tmz ..the nigger in the dreads is a nigger ..shocker …he says blacks invented some kind of dance slide ..wowzer ..niggers sliding around on shit staind shorts ..
    niggersthink we stole their music…ha ha fuckin ha ..whiotes invented musical ionstruments and the strings and the scales ..ok ..america had country and als western music ..if you evr hear westrn it is played out in a similar 12bar typ blues chords witrh different accents ..this god dam fucking keyboard is malfuckishionoing ..
    whites were doo wopping and soul singing before the niggers were ..jazz was also co inventd by whites in order to avoid paying sheetmusic royalties forcovering othr music …whits excell at jazz solos and uinfortunatly we only get tohear jew musicians ever ..suer the niggers took a slide glass to a guitar a white european invented and made clever inroads but thr aagin never anywhere the levelof duane allman and others ..ysah i lubbed dat 3 king blues ..albert was a gentlman giant who inspird stevie ray vaughn …freddy king couldplay and socould others as well as the ol BBking ..stood for blues boy ..alot of black blues players were rough and unsophisticated ..
    rock n roll basically jew nurtured ..howabout symphonies ..think nigers could go from a mud hut to inventing musical scores for symphonies …hell niggers dont ven like soul anymore …most rappers have made fun of soul as if the niggers who sang that were beneath them and not as violent as they shoulda been ..fuck cares ..

    if that clinton sasquatch wins by cheating it was always known she was going to be the cabinet installed interim junta of hardcore lubavitchers and hasidix ..
    our fearless new bosses …what the fuck they got to be scared of ,they control it all …

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  30. Dennis Richardson says:

    Hopefully, Israel will experience not just physical new life from Ezekiel 37 but spiritual new life as well. Otherwise Israel is inundated by fake Jews that are really Khazarians. As Jerusalem was liberated in 1917 by General Allenby, in 1967 by the Six Day War, in 2016 Jerusalem will be liberated by a financial crash of the Rothschild family banking system, exposing them as fake Jews. Until then it is a JEW World Order. I am a supporter of the state of Israel but NOT ZIONISM. The Hebrew G-d will have HIS way with Israel. Does not that sound like the best possible outcome? Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

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