Let’s “ALL” Have a Conversation About Race!

WHITE GIRL GOING CRAZY OVER MORE PC BSThe White-hating hypocrites are trying to drive America INSANE!

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

You’ve all heard this line of bull before. Plenty of times. What it really means is: “let’s tell you White people what WE WANT YOU to think, and you still can’t say JACK — other than repeating the same line of White-hating guilt BS we’ve been feeding you 24/7 on TV and the movies for the last 70 years or so — that blacks are always so innocent and victimized unjustly by White people and cops.” You know the routine.

Meanwhile, they will keep brainwashing our children until they become complete pussified automatons marching along with the “black lives matter” demonstrators and stupidly vote for the latest Globalist Jew-approved candidates who are forced to continue playing along with this never-ending charade or risk non-stop media attacks as being racist and another Hitler so the Jews don’t have a heart attack.

You know what really, really sucks? I mean really sucks. It’s the fact that some little guy like me is out here in the middle of Internet nowhere having to talk about this kind of thing; when in a normal universe, you would see other Whites much better looking than me (OK, maybe only a little) getting to voice our race’s concerns in a public venue, huh? It’s now totally obvious what the real deal is. You would have to be dumber than an iron wedge not to see it. For crying out loud!

Get this and get it good, White people: Us Whites don’t have a voice. By using “PC,” they’ve completely shackled our race, taped-up our mouths with liberal, multicult, diversity stinking Duct tape — while the White-haters were installed on the high ground like they are always so innocent and ever-so-oppressed by racist Whitey. We can’t even state facts and figures should they conflict with what these creeps are ramming down our throats, even stuff that’s obvious as hell. It’s effin’ GD joke, is what it is!

Make note of one simple fact going on: How come the so-called “free media” doesn’t report one lick on how such operations like “black lives matter” get money and infrastructure? Who’s the sugar daddy or daddies? Do they have a paid full time staff at the head? Where do the protestors sleep at night, eat and how do they get around or travel to various protest events they now have across the country every minute? Just what is the GD deal here?

What we got going on is a HUGE rip-off of American White people.

Note how the media is now showing photos of black and Whites holding hands with candles and teddy bears in the background. Video is shown of blacks going up to White cops to hug them and young Whites praying next to black women in dreadlocks. A cute little White boy wearing “black lives matters” t-shirt gives flowers to a black girl. The brainwashers know exactly what kind of visual tricks to milk our emotions. You can easily spot these brainwashing games lately.

All this until the next video comes out of a “poor black person turned into a victim by evil White cops” and they run it on national TV immediately without the least research or care about any real facts. Hell, cops are now avoiding dealing with blacks everywhere. Maybe that’s the idea, huh?

Local police where on high alert when two blacks were robbing convenience stores nearby, with one of the perps looking like the victim.

Local Minnesota police where on high alert when two blacks were robbing nearby convenience stores over the last few days, with one of the perps looking a lot like Philando whatever. Look at the way he’s standing there — it’s like another day at the office for these punks.

Notice how ABC ran that cell phone video of Philando Castile — whatever the flock his ridiculous Negro name was — getting wacked by a Hispanic cop in Minnesota. They ran the piece without any background information or research whatsoever. Turns out, local police were looking for a gang of convenience store robbers nearby (black as usual) and Philandro matched one of the descriptions. He also had the pistol ON his lap and weed in the car (he didn’t have any concealed carry license like they said, either). He was also a CRIPS gang member and had a record.

Cops get justifiably nervous as hell around these criminals. Blacks will shoot you stone cold dead in a second. Happens all the time.

When the White-hating black psycho in Dallas killed 5 White cops the next night, ABC news started running all sorts of idiot heart-tugging BS segments left and right all over their brainwashing news shows trying to dial back the anti-White BS. It was so obvious.

The bastards at ABC knew they bear at least some responsibility for what happened in Dallas, Texas. Believe me. You could see it in that Jew tool, Martha Raddatz’s eyes Sunday morning. The hypocrite liberal bitch.

The head editor at ABC “World News Tonight” needs to be fired, immediately and publicly for airing that video on mainstream dinner time news. No doubt whatsoever. As far as I’m concerned, all of these media rats screwing up America these days need to be rounded up at the point of a bayonet and incarcerated in hard labor camps out in California picking beets in the hot sun for a few years.

Then we got to listen to militant wordy blacks like Michael Eric Dyson and idiot White liberals on Jew TV talk shows, every single one of them knowing exactly what NOT to say. Never do we see a genuine White race supporter because of… that would be racist! Plus, that’s too dangerous since what he or she says might be listened to.

Instead we have to listen to mealy-mouthed morons like Mary Matalin, a phony conservative getting rich sucking on the PC media tit for decades — who we’re supposed to think is “COOL” because she’s married to that jug-eared White fool, James Carville, who worked for Billy Bob Clinton and we’re also supposed to think is “one of us” since he sounds all folksy southern and crap. I remember when they brought out those two fools on TV — oh, what a cute couple… married to each other… but are from opposing political viewpoints! What a laugh.

Let me just state a real simple fact, White people: Blacks are murderous criminals. They kill us perfectly innocent White people and cops (no matter the race) all the time. Hell, they kill each other every day like crazy in the streets. That’s something you won’t hear them talk about one bit on our BS media crapola, other than trying to excuse it with the “poor black” BS they been jacking us for decades.

Instead, we get them talking about black issues constantly, like nice guy black parents having “THE TALK” which only means them telling their kids how to act around cops instead of telling them to respect the law in the first place. Get the hypocrite BS now?


Blacks kill cops all the time. They talk about the 5 cops in Dallas being the most cops killed since 9/11, but there’s been several cases of blacks killing multiple cops that the media never talks about nationally. Even your local TV stations and newspapers always give short shift to any sort of black-on-White crime, having all kinds of tricky tactics to obfuscate the crimes so Whites don’t “get it” about these violent blacks.

Like the 2009 slaughter in Lakewood, Washington, where a White-hating black criminal, Maurice Clemmons, walked up to 4 White cops just sitting in a restaurant peacefully eating their lunch. The black SOB pulled out a gun and shot them point blank, by blasting away right into their faces and heads. Imagine the bloody scene. There was little the cops could do to defend themselves (one got a shot off that hit him in the stomach). Other blacks helped the shooter escape, but were hardly prosecuted.

Blacks protested over a child rapist was killed AFTER he shot dead 4 White cops.

Blacks protested over rapist pimp, Lovelle Mixon, getting killed AFTER he shot dead 4 White cops in a gun fight in California.

Or the deaths of 4 White policeman at the hands of a black pimp, Lovelle Mixon, whom the blacks in Oakland, California got all kinds of bunged up just because he was killed by police in a big shoot-out (right). And this was AFTER Mixon killed the cops, two of whom he administered “coup de grace” shots while they lay wounded and helpless on the street.

Mixon was wanted for raping two young 20 year-old girls at gunpoint (who were probably White, too), while they were setting up a food table during broad daylight. He was already wanted for raping a 12 year-old girl. A 12 YEAR-OLD GIRL.

Can you believe the BS with these dirty black bastards anymore? UN-FRIGGIN’-BELIEVABLE.

Then we get the creeps giving Hillary Clinton a pass on the email server. Jesus, the dirty old backstabbing bitch (she’s now blaming State department people for emailing her classified information) is going to give the blacks pretty much anything they demand, should she get put in as president. Notice how I didn’t say elected since hardly any Whites out there except completely brainwashed liberal idiots and Jews are for her. Oh, the blacks want her, alright. This is what ruined Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

And that sorry POTUS we have (more like POS), the skinny half-breed Obongo, whom we’re all supposed to think has America’s best interests in mind, is fully supporting the “black lives matters” terrorists. He doesn’t care one lick for White people, quite obviously.

There’s not going to be any real “conversation about race” in this country because the creeps controlling the narrative don’t want certain things talked about where other Whites can hear it. That’s the deal in a nutshell, my friend.

Folks: We’re being screwed over royally.





They’ve been killing us Whites from the start. And hiding it from us too.


(You might not care, but huge numbers of Whites are killed due to this insanity, not just brainwashed White women but friends and family.)

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Hoff says:

    Barney: Darwins Award.
    No loss to the gen pole.

  2. Hoff says:


    Watch pic :D))

    Chimpout at KFC, video:


  3. S O G says:

    recapping //the cavity searches happened out of calif somewhere esle and the pig used the same glove probing a woman and her friend …but it is the police so dont worry ..lol..
    they had no reason they even search them ..
    they were white ..
    the fajita gate deal was in san fran …the undercover who got kaoed was maybe the incentive for the stoopid jew movie “training day”…
    a can o worms for sure …some people have a consceinse and it gets em killed ..
    or they tell the truth and everyone calls em racist or nazi or accused of hate speech ..
    vote for hillary ..vote for satan ..im sure when satan visits hillary and humps her he brings a rubber and a bodygaurd ..
    hmm oh yeah im recapping on a post that didnt survive the trip across the digital frontier ..maybe it will pop up later …

  4. Barney says:

    Even black cops are agreeing with my earlier post that black lives don’t matter to other blacks.


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