Pathetic Loser Boy Bush Attacking Trump — STILL

WHEN WILL THIS BUSH CLOWN STFUCuck Loser Jeb Bush Claims That Trump Won’t Build A Wall, Won’t Ban Moslems And Created Alternate Reality


LITTLE JEBBIE SNACK CAKESThe pathetic cuck loser and Mexican midget fucker Jeb Bush has claimed that Donald Trump created an alternate reality. He further claimed that Trump won’t build a wall and won’t ban Moslems.

Even if Trump achieves just 10% of his stated agenda, his presidency will be the greatest of my entire lifetime. That’s how poor our leadership has been.

Jeb is nothing but a butt hurt whiner. If he became President he would have done the bidding of his donors and special interests. He’d be no different than his war criminal brother and war criminal father.

This man is a total faggot and a dishonorable liar. He’s refused to honor the pledge he made to support whoever became the GOP’s presidential nominee. That alone speaks volumes about his integrity. He should just come out and endorse Hillary Clinton at this rate. That’s effectively what he is doing by conducting these bull shit interviews.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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20 Responses to Pathetic Loser Boy Bush Attacking Trump — STILL

  1. Sen10L says:

    My thoughts exactly! Baby Cuck Bush would rather see psycho Shillery keep temple guard of the mounting dead and the lid on 9/11.

  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Cozy: BLM Leader Lives In Home Owned By Soros’ Open Society Board Member

    More evidence that Soros is the one behind Black Lives Matter.

  3. Sen10L says:

    It’s not like BushBeaner and the other cucks hadn’t created an alternate reality before they would rip off their mask and expose their treason. F”em all!

  4. Red Pill says:

    i say the Zionist are behind it all.

    List of Islamic Terror
    Atrocities Just In 2016

    During this time period, there were 1268 Islamic attacks in 50countries,
    in which 11664 people were killed and 14087 injured.
    – See more at:

  5. Red Pill says:

    Will Pathetic Loser Boy Bush welcome the niggers to Flordia

    African migrants hoping to reach US wait in makeshift camp at the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border

    Thousands of African migrants are currently stranded in Costa Rica after they were denied entry into neighboring Nicaragua, which they have been using as a crossing point in order to reach the United States. According to the Costa Rican Red Cross, most of these people from Africa, Asia and Haiti.

    It has been reported that many of them paid smugglers to reach Central America. However, when they arrived at the border gates, they were denied entry and were left with nowhere to go.

  6. Anton Chigurh says:

    I’m already living in an alternative universe where the best & brightest are overlooked for jobs. Meanwhile, the niggas get jobs thru AA while the sons & daughters of incompetent leaders (I’m looking @ you, Joe Biden) get jobs thru “family connections”
    It’s a world where the news media lies to American people & says we have 6 percent unemployent while 96 million Americans can’t get the job they are qualified for.

    the old people had a saying, “If you didn’t vote, you have no right to complain,” Well, I did vote, but choosing the lesser of 2 evils got old real fast. Now, I choose bullets over ballots!

  7. Red Pill says:

    Fredrick sent me this. more black on white murder.

    Calgary family, police ‘devastated’ as charges laid in deaths of Taliyah Marsman, mother
    46-year-old Edward Downey charged with 2 counts of 1st-degree murder

    46-year-old Edward Downey charged with 2 counts of 1st-degree murder

    how could any one kill that beautiful 5 year old child?

  8. Red Pill says:

    Mike Pence, Noahide, Good for Sanhedrin jews

    Folks, make no mistake about who this Noahide, Mike Pence will serve. He is a hardcore evangelical proselyte of Mystery Babylon and the Babylonian Talmud who will seek to attack Iran as according to the fables of the jews for their coming war to Reveal their False Christ, Moshiach, That Son of Perdition to be revealed.

    “His support for Israel and the safety and security of her people is genuine, not politically motivated in the least,” said Protect Our Heritage PAC Co-Chair, Peggy Shapiro. “I have always been impressed with his knowledge of the region and the threats against Israel’s existence. He is a truly genuine friend of the Jewish people.”

    read all about it

  9. Red Pill says:

    Pathetic Loser Boy Bush Attacking Trump — STILL
    as far as it goes i would like to shit on this Bush boys face.
    what a fucking worthless sorry ass POS.
    i think i will put a picture of him near my toilet.
    it would contribute to my regularity.
    i do have a roll of toilet paper with his brother George’s picture on it.
    got to go now cuz i feel a big bush coming.

  10. Whitepride says:

    What a POS! Fuck the Bushes! Traitors!

  11. Whitepride says:

    Who is this loser to say what Trump can accomplish! He married a spic! What a jealous POS! Fuck you Bush Family!

  12. MonkeysBeGone says:

    Fuck the Bushes, fuck Shillary, fuck Pense (jew lover to the max), fuck Trump (also a jew lover to the max). And, of course, fuck the jews and fuck the groids and the libtards. Fuck ’em all.

  13. MonkeysBeGone says:

    It will be interesting (sickening, really) to see how Trump and Pense fall all over themselves licking jew ass at the convention.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    So I call my brother and say the niggers are going crazy shooting police officers in baton rouge. Are you locked and loaded? My wife overhears my conversation and says I shouldn’t call them niggers. So I say if it walks like a nigger and it talks like a nigger and it acts like a nigger then I call it a nigger. It’s not a black or brown or yellow or white skinned human. And my wife did more years in the service than I did She IS a female believe me I checked. Back to my Brother we went to Cleveland last week and had to stay in hotels. 4 busloads of niggers unloaded outside the hotel I said better get to the breakfast bar early. He’s a smoker get’s up at three in the morning and gets out of the non-smoking room. I open the darkness curtains and what do I see? A busload of fucking niggers. Can you believe that shit? So much for that view from the hotel.

  15. MonkeysBeGone says:

    No doubt, the ‘groids were shipped in on Soros’ dime, that jew piece of filth.

  16. MonkeysBeGone says:

    Little Jebbie snack cakes……that is hilarious!

  17. Bob says:

    I can’t stand the Bushes. I once saw a video clip of HW throwing a ceremonial baseball pitch and it was the queerest, sissiest thing I have ever seen. Then in Japan at a state dinner, he puked on the Japanese Prime Minister. Classy. Then came GW who was a complete total lapdog for the jew for eight years. He started two proxie wars for the jew wasting trillions of dollars and thousands of US lives. Once he was giving a speech in the US somewhere and he got a long distance call from the jew prime minister. His assistant informed the jew that the president was in the middle of a speech and would call him back. The jew became angry and demanded that GW take his call immediately. GW then stopped in the middle of his speech and ran to take the jew’s call like a lapdog running to the call of his master. The Bushes have been born and bred to be loyal jew lapdogs for generations. Then came Jebbie who thought his jew puppet pedigree automatically entitled him to the presidency. I was sickened and disgusted when he labeled illegal immigration as an “act of love”. He couldn’t get laid in the US as a teenager so he went to Mexico and lost his 17yo cherry to a common midget street skank. They say you shouldn’t marry your first piece of ass but he did. He thought he would never get laid again if he didn’t. The Bush family didn’t even get to meet her until two days before the wedding in order to prevent an intervention. The midget stands at eye level with Jebbie’s crotch as they stand facing one another. That’s amore. Plus the midget was caught trying to smuggle undeclared jewelry into the US. Then his children are all losers; Noelle, a junkie with a no-show job at a Bush family business and George P. who has a criminal record for breaking into his girlfriend’s house. He was given a no-show job as Texas Land Commissioner and he never shows up. Plus George P’s swarthy 11 o’clock shadow makes Nixon’s face look like a baby’s ass. The Bushes are all human puppet garbage of the jew. I despise them.

  18. INCOG MAN says:

    Agreed, Bob.

    The Bushes and Clintons are definitely Jew-promoted POS, who will one day go down in history as the most worthless politicians EVER in the US.

    God help us if that Hillary bitch gets in.

  19. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Are Shooting Events Being Staged?

    Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, Orlando

    This is the best video I’ve seen yet that exposes the truth about these shootings.

  20. B E Devil says:

    It doesn’t register with most of the sheep Frank.
    Even for those that know satans spawn has total control of the air-waves.
    Maybe 50 years from now they’ll figure out that they were punked yet again.

    This one with the jew jersey yenta is priceless.
    They really can lie like the children of satan of which they are.

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