This 4th of July Vow To Expose The Bastards!

BLACK JEFFERSON AND WASHINGTON IN HAMILTONLook how they get away with all this lying BS, day-in, day-out. Extremely well-paid lefty traitor Charlie Rose pushed this crap on CBS’s “60 Minutes” like it was so great.

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Are you angry, WHITE people, yet? Well, you ought to be. The White-haters are busy turning our lands inside out and more perverted by the day. They want to turn the White race into a powerless, spat-upon minority, totally twisted up in the head. Why? Because they can, that’s why. They know they can scream “RACIST,” the minute any of us speaks out. Hell, they actively work to silence and censor us anywhere, should we dare.

America was the creation of brilliant WHITE CHRISTIAN MEN. They don’t like that fact one bit. Never have. They fully realize blacks have never been responsible for any real civilization or big thinking anywhere on the planet, including Africa. Now they got to go and make crap up. And then act like we won’t notice.

OK, so they used slave labor building the White House and picking cotton. Like, BFD. And so what if a few of them can speak without using idiot Ghetto Ebonics on TV or at work, where they replaced a much more capable White person due to Affirmative Action — a racist anti-White effort to install them in power over us. Pay attention and you’ll see that’s exactly the deal. Us WHITES are getting totally ripped-off.

That doesn’t give them the right to rewrite the history of our race. The WHITE race. The greatest race to ever walk the planet. Everybody knows it. That’s why they hate us so much — because they were not born WHITE! Notice how those called “good looking” usually have WHITE, Caucasian features, because of stolen WHITE genetics. Tell you anything?

They also don’t like the Second Amendment because of all the homies shooting each other like crazy in our now trashed, practically Third World cities (this July the 4th weekend, dozens will die in the streets of CHIMP-chago over dime bags and chicken bones). Blacks can’t handle having guns because so many of them are criminals and just plain violent wackos, who would kill you in a second over nothing and then laugh about it.

The right to bear arms was written into the Constitution so us WHITE citizens could put a stop to a takeover of the country by evil Tyrants, both foreign or domestic, as well as protecting our WHITE families from the daily criminal behavior of blacks.

evil white woman harasses black girl, hispanic saves the day

The above screen capture shows the headline from the news feed, but the story has a video embedded where you can easily see it’s a black girl on the right and the evil woman was White.

Anti-White BS exists all over the media, like the pissant story I saw on my Internet news feed today where they showed this black girl illegally selling candy outside a Target store when an older White woman asked her if she had permission.

In the story, they embedded a local TV news video where the reporter and the now required dual black and White station anchors made it out like the old White woman was so evil and harassing a poor innocent black kid for no reason (spoiled blacks now think they can do whatever the hell they want to anywhere these days).

A militant Hispanic guy “saves the day” by purchasing her way over-priced candy. I bet her baby daddy stole it all somewhere (he refused to talk on camera — a sure sign he ripped it off in the first place). “Good Samaritan” Hispanic guy tells the TV reporter it was probably because of racism the White woman was questioning the poor black child. Video editors back at the station made sure to include the Hispanic guy saying that.

Oh, of course it was. It’s always WHITES who are the baddies. Are you not sick and tired of this BS by now?

Or how about People magazine cover story this week where they have a WHITE couple under suspicion for killing their child on a camping trip, when the child may have simply fell into a reservoir or lost in the woods (it could easily have happened). The police haven’t even charged the couple yet, but People magazine felt free as a bird to splash their faces all over the national cover as if they were responsible. Why? Because they are WHITE of course.

How often do blacks crazily kill someone in their family, including kids? All the time. Some wacko black chick, probably gone nuts on crack, bloodily hacked to death with a butcher knife all four of her children under the age of five just the other day in Memphis, Tennessee. So what picture does the media use to illustrate the story on my national news feed? A police car parked out front (the media does this trick all the time). Absolutely no shots of the perp or the kids. You could only guess it was a black by the woman’s name (Shanynthia Gardner).

Total bull caca going down these days, folks. Total.

Hell, the White-haters are still broadcasting weekly documentaries on the Manson family and that crime happened about a million years ago. Ask a friend if they ever heard of the Zebra murders in San Francisco — not ZODIAC but Zebra. Zodiac was a White guy and they’ve done tons on him and he killed only a handful compared to a giant BLACK Muslim conspiracy to kill random Whites on the streets that resulted in at least 30 innocent WHITE murder victims, but probably much more (police say it was over 70).

Let’s see a big “History” Channel documentary on that! But I’m not holding my breath.

Let’s put a stop to the stinking bastards: Make a vow alongside me this July 4th holiday to make it your duty every day to spread the word among fellow WHITE people about these backstabber creeps attacking the WHITE race!

And, oh yes, arm the ef up — we’re probably going to have to have another White-led revolution in America to put a stop to these commie punks!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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104 Responses to This 4th of July Vow To Expose The Bastards!

  1. Tom says:

    I read in today’s Jewish Forward that “White genocide” is a theory. This article is one proof it ain’t a theory. You see, if you subject a people to racially-motivated cultural distortion (such as making all good characters black or mulatto and portraying all whites negatively) that can be considered genocide under the Genocide Convention. There is no free pass just because something is “judicially sanctioned” like affirmative action (race-based job, education and housing discrimination) or forced busing (race-based educational discrimination and forced relocation of the groups’ youngsters) forced desegregation of neighborhoods–these all qualify as genocide. Now, with this in mind it is very important for frequently-Jewish intellectuals to protest that there is “no such thing” as white race, white culture or white history. Because then there can be no genocide. However, even this assertion is genocidal. That’s because classical studies–which contain the essence of white civilization–have all but been eliminated from government schools which white children are forced to attend. And white history has been watered down to such an extent that a tricot hat can be stuck on some black buffoon and he passes as “TJ” with the majority of his white audience. More proof of cultural genocide.

    I believe we should judge criminals by their own standards wherever possible. Are even journalists who never raise a hand in anger against whites somehow guilty for the carnage they have create? Take the case of Julius Streicher, a German who never harmed anyone physically and simply published a newspaper with ideas exposing the real nature of the forces behind the “Allied” powers. We whites might think slow strangulation an unjust penalty for such “thought crime” but our Khazar masters obviously know better for they have shown us intellectual facilitation of crime is as bad as committing the crime directly:

  2. Karen says:

    hahahaha …very funny

  3. Karen says:

    But is seems from your Alexis ratings that no one is falling for it anymore. So, Malie Malpour, give it up, you retard.

  4. Karen says:

    It’s not the blacks, the sand niggers, the faggots, the feminists, it’s the jews.

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    comey just you and the rest of your fidelity bravery and integrity agents just plead the fifth take two weeks off and then retire. I stole that one from Bret Farve.

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    Karen says:

    July 5, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    It’s not the blacks, the sand niggers, the faggots, the feminists, it’s the jews.


    It’s all of the above but some Hispanics are hard working honest decent people.

  7. Karen says:

    Wrong Malie, JEWS WILL BE DESTROYED REAL SOON, and then all of earths inhabitants will fall back into their natural place and peace and harmony will titillate us.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    In a sense, it only does make sense. Niggers for president. jews printing fake paper money at interest. So we only have a billion dollars a year in deficit spending to pay for the worthless fucking niggers and jews and wars to protect isrial and build the jewish world empire jew world order. 18 trillion dollars in hard debt and 80 trillion dollars unfunded LIE-ABILITIES like social security and medicare taxes you’ve been paying for all these years of hard work. So the play hamiliton tells the truth that niggers and jews were in charge all along. No wonder we are bankrupt. And 80 trillion dollars in debt. A nigger couldn’t last 4 days with a credit card without maxing it out. And the jew bankers just salivate at niggers with credit cards because the jews know that the black lives matter and nigger coalitions in zog government will bail the niggers and jews out first fuck the hard working white taxpayers. Just print more money and give it to niggers and jews.

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    A trillion dollars a year deficit spending and borrowing to pay for worthless parasite niggers and jews. A billion? That’s what we spend for a summer softball league in peurto rico.

  10. Red Pill says:

    from the Jim Stone site, it’s what i also believe.
    (the script was written many years ago)

    July 5 2016

    What false flag would that be? The U.S. court system, which flies a false flag of justice! The easy rules are for the elite, who, when they get busted by even the easy rules (which include the worst offenses of all) get to walk free without prosecution while the little guy gets the difficult laws, where even pathetic meaningless “offenses” result in jail time.

    That is the only thing that can explain what is really going on with Hillary. The biggest pit of infection in America is the legal system, which is being systematically used to kill the country. Allowing that system to thrive equals the death of the nation. The very first round in a civil war has to be directed against this system, including its law enforcement, to make it possible to uproot the evil they are protecting.

    Disagree with a teacher? That system will take your kids. Have a problem with where your taxes are going? That system will take everything you have. Have any sort of fight or dispute? Into that system you go, to fill a slave labor pool. That system is the tool of tyranny, it is the worst in the world, anyone who has encountered it ought to know it, and in America that is practically everyone now. Just try to say no to even an arcane law and see what happens to you – at the very least your life will be knocked to zero by jail time that causes you to miss all payments and bills for a few months, which will cause everything you have to be cast out on the street and when you get out of jail you will start over at ZERO. That is the least the system will do to you. That will happen if you are lucky.

    And Hillary proved it is all a false flag – there is no justice in America, come on now, if you think there is, you are some sort of imbecile.

    American courts now serve, almost unilaterally, PURE injustice and the prison stats for the little guy, when overlaid on top of what Hillary got

  11. American born says:

    Expecting nighters to behave any differently is simply illogical. I did some reading a few weeks ago regarding the massive population growth in Africa. It is huge. Over a billion niggers by 2050. Understand that before Western aid and medicine was introduced to them their numbers were rather low.

    Fact is that hundreds of millions of them will inevitably flood Europe and the US. As water always finds its level, niggers will always migrate to nations willing to feed and house them, as they are simply unable to sustain and take care of themselves. Like a moth to a light they will always chase the gibsmedat. Just imagine the world a century from now when niggers inhabit every corner of the globe akin to a locust invasion devastating and destroying swaths of land.

    These days and times are literally the last stand for humanity to reverse the current trend of utter insanity and wreck less pandering to a savage horde of subhumanity bent on ravaging what remains of civilization. The earth could easily resemble the deepest pits of Africa in a short amount of time.

  12. American born says:


    You may want to add to your “BLACKS suck” sidebar. is another good one as well. Both are mainly focused on the nigger, although the editor of trunews has begun to name the jew every now and then.

  13. Red Pill says:


    America Died At 11:00 ET 7/5/2016

    James Comey Sells Out
    FBI Director’s cowardly decision will go down as one of the government’s worst assaults on truth

    Bracken: Coward Comey Takes a Dive

  14. Barney says:

    I’m not posting this to “bait” Smitherines, though he’ll probably take it as such.

    I seldom visit Al Thompson’s site at because to me he always came across as a dedicated bible believing Christian, and we can have too much even of a “good” thing, but here (assuming this posts properly) is what I consider a sensible rejection of the BS we’ve all been brainwashed into accepting as if it really was the “word of God”.

    The thing we need to keep in mind is that God (the real one) doesn’t write books and doesn’t need a book to tell us what’s what. We already know the difference between right and wrong. We call it a conscience, though it seems that among the apes and human-like creatures only the White Race is gifted in this way. Anything else we can ascertain by studying “Nature”, which is the direct work of the Creator.

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m going to have to be careful about what I say about the hilarious clintoris from here on out. The stormtroopers will be kicking in my door in the middle of the night. I think she has enough welfare-dependent niggers and wiggers and spiggers who she is promising more free shit. The lbgt’s, the libtards, government employees and college kids who want to stay in college and party forever on other working peoples dime. The illegal immigrants with voting family members or anchor babies who are voting age now or soon will be. And of course the whole first woman American president thing. Girl Power!! Oh yeah Thelma and Louis drive this nice fucking car over the cliff. And then you add in the fact that Donald Trump pissed off so many people right out of the starting gate. Socialist, communist, Marxist commie Bolshevik jew here it comes. The niggers will be the army remember what happened in Russia white Christian people.

  16. Barney says:

    My take on nigger behaviour.

    ALL animals in the wild have only two priorities, food and sex.

    What more could they need? They don’t build. They don’t create. They don’t invent. All they do is live and reproduce.

    A monkey uses a stick to get a grub out of a hole, or a rock to crack a nut. That’s hardly “tool use” as we’re continually being told. At a higher level of awareness (which doesn’t exist for them), we’d call it common sense.

    It’s not as if monkeys are thinking a problem through and then carving some elaborate tool that will get the job done. They’re just using what exists. Even a spear is nothing but a sharpened stick.

    White People create. We invent. We produce sounds, images and buildings of great beauty. We invented the wheel. We learned how to harness fire. We explored the world. We created the internet. What other species could claim to come anywhere near our achievements?

    The ape known as nigger sometimes pretends to have invented traffic lights and peanut butter, but even if that was true (which it isn’t), what good would traffic lights be without our roads and the vehicles that use them?

    Animals are only interested in what they need to survive, and who can blame them? Food and sex. Food and sex. What else could they need? What else is there? They don’t have the imagination for anything else.

    Take a monkey from the jungle and put it in a palace. What will it do? Destroy everything it can’t use or understand.

    Look at all the abandoned palaces in India, left to nature once the White Man left, and we have to acknowledge the fact that Indians are now a hybrid species due to interbreeding with Whites who weren’t fussy about mating with animals.

    If the addition of White genes can’t raise Indians above their natural animalistic lifestyle, what hope is there for niggers?

    Take a nigger out of the jungle and put it in Detroit, once a typical White town, and what happens?

    I rest my case.

    Animals can’t become Human. Transferring niggers to Human society and expecting them to become Human is like expecting a cow to become a horse, or a seagull to become an eagle.

    Humans (also known as White People) created our societies according to our needs. Our chosen “companion” creatures, mainly cats and dogs, fit in remarkably well, but monkeys just destroy anything their simple minds can’t understand.

    A nigger can never become Human. It’s an animal, and to pretend otherwise is just plain lunacy.

  17. Malie Mapour says:

    Trust me, those niggers are “MONKIES-PLUS”, they far more vicious , evil, demonic, disgusting…and savage than the original monkies from which they came from…as long those monkies in africa—living in the wilderness jungle, have their bananas, they all set and wont bother…humans; but,, those pavement-monkies in America, EUrope, Canada, Southt-Africa, Australia,…are destroying anything and everyone—even when they have all the bananas, they want—and even coming into your home …to steal from you…; they are the ‘DEVIL”, the real demons. And they shall be exterminated by the “THE GREAT-MIGHTY-WHITE RACE soon.” they will no longer have their stupid right from the media, jews… and obama , to disrecpect the GREAT-WHITE RACE ANY MORE. THEIR ENDS HAVE COME TO AN END AND IT WILL BE BRUTAL AND DEADLY. TRUST ME; THOSE NIGGERS WILL SEVERELY PAY FOR ALL THEIR EVIL, CRIMES, …AND AUTROCITIES THAT, THEY HAVE BEEN GETTING AWAY WITH FOR SO LONG. PAY BACK IS HERE AND HERE TO STAY. CHEER ON MY WONDERFUL WHITE RACE.

  18. Bailey says:

    Excellent post Barney .
    pRt above is quote of the week material.

    Here’s the HNIC stuttering with his jive on,

    Obama, still runnin’ with criminals.

  19. Bailey says:

    White kids, not much better than niggers.

  20. Hoff says:

    Muslim ‘refugees’ threaten Minnesota community with rape, zoomalians.

  21. hens are liars says:

    I must be on the no links list? Or maybe I’m full spamblinka?

    The last few times I tried to post a link I have been blanked, what gives?

    • INCOG MAN says:

      WTF are you talking about “hens are liars?” None of you comments are going into SPAMblinka, nor are links getting removed. How about telling me more so I can search thru my concentration camps?

  22. Red Pill says:

    Family threatens to hunt down cop who shot relative

    Small, 37, had a long rap sheet listing 19 arrests, sources said.
    His sister, Victoria Dempsey, complained that her ex-con brother’s character was being “assassinated” after his death and she called for a candlelight vigil in honor of his life. “We will not stand for injustice,” she wrote on Facebook.

  23. Bailey says:

    Red Pill,

    Sweet Home Chicago?

    Remember, they be Obamas sons , products of that community organizing.

  24. protocolsRtrue says:

    That baffoon on the right side with the stupid crown on his head reminds me of that glen beck guy. Are we sure that that’s not him?

  25. S O G says:

    all niggers deserve to be shot for their hate crimes against whites ..
    every crime a nigger commits against a white is a hate crime ..a racist expression of deep hatred for whites how could any rational mind think we could ever live with these assholes or their chimpathisers ..
    may i present evidence of a tip o the iceberg ..


    Cincinnati Crime, Cincinnati Jobs, Cincinnati Race Riots, Cincinnati Riots, Cincinnati Transfer

    Cincinnati native and White Victim of Black on White Crime. A story not often told or discussed yet there are close to 1 million incidents per year and 90% of them are Black ON White.

    Yawning at Black-on-White Violence (04/16/01)

    Excerpted from the Townhall.Com
    Commentary by Syndicated Columnist Michelle Malkin
    “Cincinnati is burning. Does anyone care?

    “This mid-Western city has been under siege since Monday, April 9, 2001, its downtown and surrounding suburbs overrun by black demonstrators targeting innocent white bystanders and businesses. Roving thugs have looted dozens of white-owned shops, burned down several buildings, and vandalized police precincts and firestations.
    City Hall, which had 28 windows smashed to bits on Monday night, is under lockdown. So is the Cincinnati police headquarters, where an American flag was pulled down from its flagpole and hung upside down. ….”

    “….“A black rioter shot a cop, who escaped harm when his belt buckle blocked the bullet….” a black terrorist…these niggers have proven the stereotypes are not stereotypes of them but real and actual mind sets and behaviours of a pathological pyscotic psycopathic personalities …
    citizens just venting their frustrations the cnn media says and the nigger bitch mayor of baltimore says the same and says let em tear it all down ..or the statement mlk made that rioting is the voice of the voiceless …i wish niggers were mute and voiceless ,they would be easier to deal with …
    when will white people say enough is enough ..will that time ever come ..
    reginald denny apologises to the niggers mthat brained him during the rodney king verdict urban black terroism on the streets of LA…he stopped when they stood in front of him ..hands up stop whitee so we can cave your skull in ..reginald denny is brain damaged like alot of INNOCENT whites being mobbed over by roving bands of nigger thugs 24/7 x 365 in america …are they really saying this is just “people” venting why dont we vent ..payback is and must be brutal and merciless ..we didnt start theis war is a war ..niggers and muslims and jews and mexicans are against us in the land white peole built ….there is no hope of reconciliation with the amount of crimes niggers commit in america every year aginst us …1 million apesaults ,90% are black on white …be armed with anything and prepare to survive at any cost …now they have a new offshoot of tim wise types calling themselves BAMN ..notice tim wise is gone into the shadows ..the jews know they are over playing thier anti white agenda and like when chertoff became a pariah they moved his communist zionist ass into the shadows where jews do their most damaging work ……..
    all the riots mlk started in cities across america ,he deserved to be shot and who ever took him out ,thank you very much but why didnt they also take the other niggers on the balcony …this country cannot survive the onslaught of race baiters like jessee jaxscoon and reverend asshole sharpdick …they say black lives matter but only black lives to be sure as they are getting away with murder and assault in the jeweish courts of america ..this kind of shit is why the high command of post weimar hitler chancellory removed asshole communist nation breaker jews from law enforcement areas ..too many career criminals were getting off easy and the streets of post ww1 were filling with dangerous criminals …so not only did 3rd reich round up career criminals they rounded up shitbag communists and many were ethnic germans as well as poles and slavs and kikes …cleaning the shit up …
    this is the same as ice returning psycopath mexicans to mexico without any repercussions for serious crimes and the miscreant returns time after time …it is only white peole the coutrs make seriuos judgements against for immigration slip ups ..saw a court tell a english girl she was never allowed to come back to america ever under any circumstance for a misdemeanor like pot or alcohol …she was born here and her mother is green card turned citizen the girl is banished to england the new open air gulag for whites ,,,even tho she had lived 24 years and born here and her family is here the jew judge exiled her to the dark multi psyco dead cultural morass of clucked england …a niggers dream but for whites it is becoming an increasingly desperate and dangerous environment ….
    so they fill the streets with criminals ..the marxist jew and saying that pretty much covers all the groups and sub groups and religious fanatical jew divisions …zionist-irgun-palmach-haganah-socialist party and labor groups-menshevik-bolshevik-jewish bund-social democrats-likuud party-neo cons -moderate revised judaeism -chabad lubavitch-hasidic on and on …they are all marxist mind hive drones …
    they have always used this technique to release felons from jails and put them in charge…during the russian purge of humanity by subhuman mongrel jews they did this and in iraq they did it there too ..they need the support and company of mentally deficient people to help them win their territories like the niggers out breeding flies and with mentalities like retarded children and devils they now occupy americaas large cities in superior numbers ..white flight for survival is consediered racist dare you white peole run for your lives from the sick fucking nigger populations ..
    when the time for payback comes do not be like the sandanisrtas and half step revenge payment ..this is why the sandanstas failed ..they got too mushy about killing off all of their communist jewish overlord oppressors who ran a genocidal junta against common folks of nicaraugua …some cadre said the most common altruistic stament ..we dont want to become like them shit !! …you take the enemy and you eliminate its family and friends ..niggers are never goin g to quit attacking innocent whites and are now not even being charged and or sentenced for their crimes …if it was whites even just defending themselves and not having lashback for it the naacp and every other entitled zio nigger would be rocking the foundations of the under pinnings of america like they already do all the time …hence
    N.A.A.C.P niggers -are -always-causing-problems….
    the streets of america are rampant with nigger on white hate crimes ..just because you are white ..niggers are raciswt and its racist for us ? to notice …lol…
    the jew plan must fail …take out the infrastructure jews BAMN and the radical mexicans and criminal niggers and fuck the muslims they should all be exterminated the good along with the bad ..
    japan just passed a law to study and observe all moslem populations in japan …yeah the jews control japan to …
    cest la vie ..say it isnt so …
    for new people on here this site is a gold mine of nigger insubordiantion on a satanic level
    reginal denny should have never slowed down and stopped for niggers he should have simply chose to defend his right to survival in the face of arrogant monkeys sdeeking to deny him of his human rights …i would not have stopped ..and he apoligised to the niggers in an open forum media …proof of brain damage ..good thiong is the nigger that clocked him onn the head died soon after …
    so what do the jews and niggers have planned for today in america ..
    special extraordinary immunity from racial driven anti white hate crimes against whites all over the country and abroad …
    this is an unacceptable situation and a clear and present abomination …a genocide ..must be turned around against its initiators ,its perpetrators …

  26. S O G says:

    in read the story of the nigger that got goodified by the cop …good riddance we live in an environment of nigger terrorism so accepteb by the jews and enabled by the jews that the niggers family can say we gona hunt down the cop that shot him and well what do you think they mean ..this is a death threat and the monkeys know they can say this shit and get away with it …if trump can change just this and make niggers held accoun table for their crimes it would be enough for now ..niggers dont want to be accountable for anything was sharpton who wanted to get a law passed making it a federal crime to defend your self against niggers on the street ..look at what happened to martinez a half chilean half jew who shot the idiot trayvon …hoody worship and purple drank and skittles offerings ..hands up ..more stupid shit from the animal kingdom …if whites are accused of inventing reasoning then it would be safe to dsay that niggers invented unreasonable irrationaal behaviour …
    whites must vow to not be victimes of roving black terrorism ..

  27. Barney says:

    hens are liars (July 6, 2016 at 3:44 pm)

    It’s probably nothing personal. We all end up in Spamblinka occasionally. It’s just our host being cautious. Give it a bit of time and your comments will probably appear – unless you really have done something to piss IncogMan off.

  28. protocolsRtrue says:

    fuck lousianna anyway. One less welfare nigger and it’s niglets. baby momma going to get social security money now and maybe hit the nigger lottery win with the right jew or nigger assfirmative action diversity set aside and promote niggers lawyer. See– Thank God I am retired now. I like laughing at niggers much more than I like paying for niggers.

  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    just another day in the life with niggers episode 14, 700

  30. Smitherines says:

    Barney says:
    July 6, 2016 at 9:52 am

    I’m not posting this to “bait” Smitherines, though he’ll probably take it as such.

    I seldom visit Al Thompson’s site at because to me he always came across as a dedicated bible believing Christian, and we can have too much even of a “good” thing, but here (assuming this posts properly) is what I consider a sensible rejection of the BS we’ve all been brainwashed into accepting as if it really was the “word of God”.

    Barney I don’t care what you believe in or Karen it makes no difference to me,
    I could care less where you soul ends up , maybe next near death experience
    you will NOT return, or Karen’s soul, I’m not that type of Christian, I just
    don’t like when you keep saying “TODAY’S JEWS” are God’s people or the
    Bible says that, it’s Jew lies, the term Jew didn’t even exist in antiquity.

    Says Israelite was chosen to PROCLAIM the one TRUE Abrahamic God.

    Elohim is plural, Hebrew name for God, in Genesis he says “Man will be
    made in our image” again a plural reference to a Trinity Godhead??

    In the New Testament Christ brings NEW COVENANT for all humanity.

    Barney, is it just coincidence everything in our universe is predicated off
    the number “3.” Three states of matter, family unit, mother, father, child,
    Earth is EXACTLY third planet from the son, human’s life span, child,
    middle age, then elderly, demonic entities will use a series of “3” in every
    encounter to mock the TRINITY?????

    Why, if is this all FAKE????

    My problem is you and Karen will mix demonic Talmudism and make it appear
    as if it’s Old Testament or New Testament, and like I said every Brit, I meant on
    the BNP believed the same shit: it’s like you all have solid rock granite between your ears!!!!

    Listen the logic and reason I put forth, STOP with the Jew/Rothchild controlled
    British Nuero chemistry in your brains, stop the FUCKIN tunnel vision, LIKE

  31. Bailey says:

    Do the niggers not know there are survailance cameras everywhere or are they so stupid that they just don’t care.

  32. hens are liars says:

    I try to post links and they don’t show, the links don’t show and any comments accompanying the links don’t show. If I post without links it works perfectly.

    WTF is right, I’ve been around here a long time, I promote you at other sites, I have donated to you in the past, I have even conversed with you personally via email, I deleted those emails immediately at your request, if I still had your addy I wouldn’t be bringing this up here in the comment sections.

    I don’t want any trouble, I’m on your team, and I live by the motto “Avoid Conflict”.

    I work to mainstream articles that expose perfidy in government, and articles that show media manipulation of public opinion.

    So no hard feelings on the end, I’m just trying find out why I can’t post links.

    ~regards, hal~

    Post script: You know my email addy, please feel free to contact me via that route if you like.

  33. hens are liars says:

    Just tried it, it didn’t work.

  34. hens are liars says:

    I just tried again and got this:

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

    Yet no link posted

  35. Bailey says:

    Uh – oh , the simple minded niggers in Baton Rouge are gonna be burning the bitch down for sure after they see this.

    But, if you were a cop would you put rounds into a niggers chest when your partner is laying on it ?

  36. S O G says:

    hey smitherines you almost certainly took barney out of context or misunderstood time you get a obsessive compulsive desire to fire off some shit back agoanst someone ..first reinvestigate the statement …
    i for one speak for many on here and hold barney in very high regards so stfu and listen to what is reall y said ..
    in the world of unseen hierarchy barney is very respected here ..a veteran of this site and of life …
    barney is a highly intelligent white man ,,we revere these kinds and reject others who revel in their mass self destruction cus a jew says its ok to hate yourself if your white and to become stupid so you can get along with niggers and mexicans better ..
    please try not to show disrespect like this again son ..

    hen it is your browser usually …when you post does it go to an error page ..then you click left arrow return to page ..see if the post appeared and it usially does then your good ..its just browser bee ess ..i get it every time i post goes to an error page and i return to page and ee it posted …sometimes if it didnt post it doesnt go to slamblinka it gets lost in digital grey matter and eventually turns up ..ive had this happen multitudes time ..when you see the duplicate warning it means somewhere the post is being processed and will turn up and has nothing to do with spamblnika it has to do with servers and browsers becoming more human i think ..cheers ..

  37. S O G says:

    just checking if my new assorted e-mails addees will pull the ox over the field ..

  38. Bailey says:

    About Barney, I couldn’t agree more sog!

  39. DDDDDuane says:

    Hamilton’s homo jew producer “Jeffrey Seller” (right) with his “partner” at Hamilton premier….

    Isn’t this at the BOTTOM of this shit 99 percent of the time?

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