Blacks Gang-Raped and Fed Missing Girl to Alligators


By Phillip Marlowe

Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor, was named as a one of the girl's kidnappers. They already know the punk likes raping drugged White girls. His mother told local press "he dindu nuffin, he be good boy." We've heard that before.

Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor, was named as a one of the girl’s kidnappers. They already know the punk likes raping drugged White girls and dog fighting. His mother told local press “he dindu nuffin, he be good boy.” We’ve heard that line of black BS before.

In 2009, 17 year-old Brittanee Drexel, a super cute White teenager girl from New York state travelled with friends to vacation, without her parent’s permission, down at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. While there, she completely disappeared from the face of the earth. This is the kind of thing that is truly every parent’s worst nightmare.

Hell, black demons are everyone’s worst nightmare — even to other blacks!

The FBI was told by a federal inmate that he saw the girl alive when she went missing 7 long years ago. The petite (just 5 foot tall) girl was kidnapped right off the street late at night as she left a hotel looking for a friend (surveillance shots above). They might have driven up on her as she walked along the sidewalk and dragged her into the car, or maybe even chatted her up a bit. But because of PC brainwashing, most Whites are now totally clueless to the dangers of this vile, monstrous race.

As her kidnappers drove south from Myrtle Beach, paralleling the Atlantic coastline on US-17, the girl’s cell phone pinged towers along the way, plotting the direction they were taking her (I’ve actually vacationed in Surfside Beach where one of the pings registered). The totally evil black bastards held the young teen girl in nightmarish agony for days in a ramshackle gang “stash house” in the same vicinity investigators already knew the girl’s cellphone stopped working — further corroborating the story.

Here, the informant came by to pay off a debt (probably drug related) to the father of a buddy, Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor. Blacks family members commit crimes together all the time. He saw Da’Shaun (where do they get those stupid names?) and other adult men (almost certainly black) taking turns sexually abusing Brittanee. She tried to escape, but they caught her before she got far. Pistol-whipping her, they dragged her back into the house and shot her twice, probably killing her (but we really don’t know).

Just imagine the torturous hell the poor girl experienced before her brutal death.

The FBI agent said Taylor “showed her off, introduced her to some other friend[s] that were there…they ended up tricking her out with some of their friends, offering her to them and getting [into] a human trafficking situation.” In other words, the dirty bastards conspired among one another to use the poor teen girl for days to get off and then just murdered her when they tired of her.

We all know the uproar that would happen in the media and among blacks if a gang of White guys did something like this to a young black chick. The media Jews would be going crazy by the hour reporting on it nationally. “Reverend” Al Sharpton would be calling for busloads of blacks to descend on the place. “Black lives matter” militants would be marching everywhere — screaming “burn that bitch down!” Try to tell me otherwise!

In 1998, Harrel Franklin Brady tossed a 5 year-old girl into a canal filled with alligators in Florida. Fisherman found her body partially eaten.

After trying to rape her mother, Harrel Franklin Brady tossed 5 year-old Quatisha Maycock into a Florida canal filled with hungry alligators. The coroner’s report stated the little girl was still alive when the gators attacked. A fisherman found what was left of her.

To hide their insanely evil deeds, the black demons wrapped the White girl’s dead body in a dirty old blanket and dumped her into a gator pit (area in a swamp where alligators like to concentrate); so the primordial creatures would chow down on the girl’s corpse to eliminate evidence. Horrifying as it sounds, it is possible to do such a thing — especially if you’re an evil black bastard who cares nothing for anyone but themselves.

Blacks are indeed capable of such foul crimes against White people, or anyone else for that matter. Plus, they now hate Whites like crazy after all these decades of constant Jewish media race-baiting. No telling what they will do to one of us for giggles.

The media interviewed Joan Taylor, the mother and wife to the blacks named as suspects and says both are innocent (and of course we all can believe that). But the FBI is said to have other witness statements, besides the one federal inmate, connecting Da’Shaun with Brittanee, plus physical evidence, supposedly including DNA, that also has corroborated the horrifying story. If they have found any skeletal remains, like her skull, DNA can easily be extracted from inside the teeth to match the girl.

The girl’s father, Chad Drexel, has been informed of the evidence not released and says: “no doubt Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor played a significant role in the abduction and murder of my daughter. Of course the mother of Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor is going to defend her son – as a father I can understand a need to defend your children. What I DON’T understand is defending your children when you must KNOW the truth.”

Chad, Chad, Chad: Blacks don’t care one bit about any dead Whitey girl. Look at what happened in the OJ Simpson trial, for chrissakes.

The FBI is certainly keeping some details close to the vest in order to flush out as many of the culpable rapist Negroes possible. If they can make a few nervous, another perp might sing to protect himself. And there could be a few out there, too, knowing how these evil demons conspire to commit crime together.

White people: You have just got to put this in context here. Blacks have ZERO problems killing us Whites in horrible ways. How can I get that through your heads? This race is truly, truly demonic in nature.

Gun control is only going to rob some of us from protecting ourselves (others insist on being victims). Blacks commit crimes all the time with or without guns. What we really need in this country is NEGRO CONTROL. Desperately.


Just last week, 83 year-old Dorothy Dow was beaten by 4 blacks, one a black woman, who broke her arms and poured lighter fluid over her and set her on fire. Last I read she was in critical condition.That elderly 83 year-old White woman beaten, both arms broken and set on fire by a gang of 5 black home intruders has died in the hospital.

I wrote about the crime HERE.

I ask you in all seriousness:





100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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78 Responses to Blacks Gang-Raped and Fed Missing Girl to Alligators

  1. CB says:

    It’s most likely perfectly true.
    And, as some commenters
    already pointed out, the
    chief culprits are the Jews,
    not the Negroes.

    Indeed, had all these Negroes
    been transported from the
    Jew lawyers’ America to
    National-Socialist Germany,
    they’d be all good boys,
    exemplary workers earning
    their daily bread in the sweat
    of their brow – or else, they’d
    be in Dachau, along with
    the rest of the kosher crooks.

    Mr Hitler provided gainful
    employment for all, and
    Heinrich Himmler was
    an expert re-educator.

  2. S O G says:

    have to recap on elites ..where and wehn they are in 75 different countries under jew generals socom and jsoc …i wouldnt doubt it if there arr many patched over to isis like some u.s troops had to in bosnia ..some troops actually refused to patch over to the UN patch ..
    a totally unscroopulous bunch of jew run army shit anyway join the u.s. military and then they conscript you over to the united jew nations attack dog corp…..
    that whole thing was another moslem horror story …the moslems had been running a campaign of terror against the serbs and they finally rose up against the shitbags ..but only the christian serbs got banged up and it is still in the godammed paper still sometimes ..milosevic theis and that …fuckin protected moslems the cunt albright asthey say madam albright decides to bomb all serb churches on sunday when they are full of serbs not opening up this can of worms but even the hutu niggers and the tutsi nigger war was really eritrean and sudan and somalian “mercs” slaughtering both christian huts and tuts …another madam satanic gas bag albright campaign to eradicate christianity …..she is a serious bezzlebob syncophant like hillary half dead tuna fish lips taco clinton …..may she hurry up and die for fucks sake …
    the act made you or put you in a place where you werr not covered by usa military medical protocols or pursuant to need for patch work on your person you were exempt from any long term care at the VA because you were technically atatched to the u.n. some bull shit there ..
    anyway i believe the elite military forces of america are firmly in zog hands and i would bet a nickle that there are “advisors/consultants ” from elites doing time in isis for israel ….most def isis is rank and full of idf idiots …
    jew govt seeks to disarm vetwerans ..
    Massachusetts: Dyke politician proposes slave labor as punishment for local “hate crimes”…
    and where the heck is prt ..
    “……..In explosive new court testimony, the FBI, citing informants, implicated Timothy Da’Shaun Taylor and HIS FATHER ( I FUCKIN KNEW IT), Timothy Shaun Taylor, in Drexel’s disappearance and death. Court records show the elder Taylor and his brother, Randall Keith Taylor, have also been arrested in previous abductions or attempted abductions, though the charges were later dropped in both cases.

  3. S O G says:
    “………Taylor’s father, 43-year-old Timothy Shaun Taylor, allegedly pulled the trigger on Drexel …….”
    absolutely nothing new on the this case is officially in the memory hole ..nothing to see here ,move along ..just another hohum yaaawn felony nigger trigger nigger murder out of 10’s of thousands ..
    if ot had been a bunch of tattoed yahooed whites doin a nigger in like this oh wait a minute they made a racial inciting movie about that called a time to die or someshit by grisham ..who actually took a case of a neighboring neighboring nigger predatorial breaking in on 2 not even teengaers girls and raping them and doin his nigger best to kill them ..they live ..and harris i think was his name was given up by his mammy when she brought out blood soaked clothing he came into the house with …when will this shit end …oh o know ..when we hear of a nigger killing someone people who no one knows need to go out and even the score x 10 ..kinda like the ula used to do and the other parts and pices of irelands white genocide agenda ..go into each othere nabes and shoot the first pop up or cut out they saw and then back and forth ..cathos and prots …im irish and some other shit but all thet ever came out of the irish struggle was alot of vacation time in long kesh H blocks or a lot od dead white irishmen they me them had no idea who was who anymore as the true nature of the beast became jew run and 5-6 got involved and other roigue elements ..caoomunists in some sub groups ..can something never end thet should have never started ..nothing was ever gained …the jews went on to merrily take full control of uk …
    when james nigger byrd wadragged behind the pickup truck and ooops lost his head n all thet was where we should be …draging the niggers out and planting them in the garden or using them as tree ornaments
    the irish temper is a detriment to the person who cant control it …it needs channeling .
    positive reinforcement ..form and function …etc …
    the niggers always go out and shoot the first white they see or burn them or rape and kill like christian and newsome ..these people who did this atrocity should have been frog marched to the back of the courthouse and summarily executed …we still gotta support these feral niggers for life in nigger university …
    2 million americans use a fire arm to defend themselves in mostly non lethal counter confrontations with criminal shitbags …
    imagine just blowing more people away would be good for the economy also ..
    niggers have no incentive to back off …if jew american welfare system was to cut nigger welfare unless crime levels dropped precipituosly in the ghetto ,you would see niggers getting mercanary about their free shit ..incentive ..jews arent going to do that tho …clean up the crime in the ghettos or lose your benefits …its a good concept ..
    the thing that concerns me more than cops shooting a few worthless niggers is the epeidemic of shitcops shooting peaceful dogs in peeples houses who dont neccesarily wante the cops in their house or were stupid and opened the door for whatever reason ..i saw avideo of a cop shoot adog after the owner pleaded with the asshole to allow him to put his dog in the car cus they were arresting the guy ..the dog was just doin his job by barking and had not even hurt a cop …so the asshole cops say no and shoot the dog …what if the dog could shoot back ..maybe put a certain kind of service dog vest on the critter ..hmm never mind ..the fictional story continues with the dog carrying 10 pounds of something not nice and running for the cops and well crating cop parts and pieces ..fuckin shoot my dog and people will be made to pay …right …the niggers are right about the cops only they are wrong about the reasons the cops shoot their worthless asses ..alot of 50 shootings go unnoticed ….we are just treated to the jewish prime time mind fuck propaganda show …hey did you know martinez was white …guy was fuckin half jew and half peruvian …im done for the night ..
    cops are nwo asshole praetotian lo iq fucktards ,most of em and the rest are jews in uniform …american police and military is very important for jews to control 100% ..
    drexels step dad says the fbi idiots have solide eveidence against the whole nigger fambly ..
    Taylor and his son are not the only family members who have been criminal suspects. Court records show that in 2001, Timothy Shaun Taylor’s brother, Randall Keith Taylor, was arrested and charged along with four other men for the 1998 abduction and murder of 19-year-old Shannon McConaughey.
    Prosecutors later dropped the charges against all five men because of insufficient evidence, according to court records….yeah theres that old insufficient evidence thing again ..niggers sure are pressd in the racis usa …riiight

  4. S O G says:

    sounds like a serial killing family ..i wonder how many white female victims this family has really apeducted and used as sex slaves for money …and then tossed into the swamp .maybe the stupid cops should drag the areas for skeletal remains ..
    sounds like multiple oportunistic abductions and sexual abuse and murder on a bigger scale than realized …people in their small town are afraid to come forward ..maybe the niggers down there ought to exterminate all the niggers they are afraid of ..good times win win …

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m with you SOG. I still haven’t seen too much coverage of the Drexel case. However, the case of a white kid convicted of a sexual assault against a drunk female has been on morning noon and night on both local and national news networks. I’m not really sure what the white kid did though, my understanding is that touching a persons private parts can be declared a sexual assault. I’m not excusing him but whatever it was it must have been a thousand times worse than kidnapping and gang raping a young woman for days and then killing her and feeding her dead body to alligators based on the national media attention the “privileged” white kid got. Here’s some more truth AND consequences of allowing uncivilized nigger animals roam free in civilized human societies.

    Police search for man who slit customer’s throat at Denver restaurant

    Authorities in Colorado were searching for a man Tuesday who slit the throat of a customer at a Denver restaurant in broad daylight.

    According to The Denver Channel, the incident happened at the Mead St. Station Bar and Grill. Paul Burke, the restaurant’s owner, told the station that the suspect attacked the male victim from behind.

    Burke said the male victim was just sitting at the bar and the incident seemed unprovoked.

    “He honestly thought he was hugging the other customer, and turns out, he had a knife in his hand and cut his throat,” Burke said. “It was terrifying.”

    Burke added that the suspect had been seen at other restaurants and bars in the area a few times.

    “There was kids in the restaurant, and it was just a very terrible, random act of violence,” he said. “Hopefully, they catch the guy as quickly as possible.”

    The victim was seriously injured in the attack.

    Police said the suspect is a 6-foot-3 tall black male and weighs about 250 pounds. He was last seen wearing a green shirt and khaki shorts at the time of the stabbing.

    Police were still investigating surveillance footage
    They will catch him. We will hear of his violent criminal past and how many times he was released from the cage early from other crimes for which he actually got caught and convicted of. Not the ones that he hadn’t been caught doing. His taxpayer funded attorney will speak of societies failure and single baby momma upbringing and violent criminal baby daddy figures and the niggerhoods and his history of mental illness (what nigger DOESN’T have mental illness borderline retarded brain ) and drug use and blah blah blah excuses excuses excuses racism white mans fault etc. The only good thing is we can now add a new victim and a few more eyewitnesses to the truth and reality and consequences of life enriched by niggers.

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    Speaking of how many ways our lives are “enriched” by the wonderfulness of niggers and diversity…
    Escalating Chicago violence gains new attention

    After a bloody August saw homicides climb to a 20-year high, a deadly Labor Day weekend sent Chicago’s 2016 homicides soaring past 500, surpassing total murders for 2015 with four months still left in the year.

    In all, 65 people were shot during the holiday weekend, 31 of them between 6 a.m. Monday and 3 a.m. Tuesday, The Chicago Tribune reported. The 13 killed brought the city’s skyrocketing homicide total to 512 – already well past the 491 logged in 2015.

    “It is a complex problem with multidimensional facets to it,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Friday of Chicago’s homicide rate. “It’s not just about more police, but it will include that. But it’s also about more resources for our children, more resources for our neighborhoods and stiffer laws that reflect the values of our city.”

    The scores of dead and wounded in the early days of September follow 90 homicides in August, tied for Chicago’s deadliest month since June 1996.

    Nearly 3,000 people have been shot this year, according to data analyzed by The Tribune. That includes several deadly celebratory periods in 2016: 69 shot (six dead) during Memorial Day weekend and 66 shot (five dead) during the Fourth of July weekend.
    This is just chimpcago. Not counting all the other shitty’s and niggerhoods. The dead niggers I don’t mind so much, they are mostly drug dealers thug nigger criminal predatory animals and welfare sponges anyway. It’s the wounded ones that cost us so much. The Medicaid/obamacare expenses in emergency services and first responders etc when these animals shoot and stab and beat each other. And then the social security disabiwaties afterward even though they don’t work wont work and never planned on working or contributing to the system in the first place. Thank gosh for that obamacare adding 30 million more niggers on to Medicaid and making the working taxpayers who have to pay for their OWN insurance pay MORE so that more niggers can get it for free. Yeah you remember the obamacare promises from the jew Gruber and (gee I wonder what a coincidence ) the jew rahm emanuels brother came up with even saying that getting this passed depends on the stupidity of the American goyim voters. Well, 99% of niggers DID vote for Obama but that’s not racist of course that’s just Obama promising more niggers more free shit. The if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan. If you have pre-existing conditions like aids or cancer requiring expensive (and now jacked up by jews making astronomical profits) costly drugs and treatments you cannot be denied coverage. Kids can stay on mommy and daddies plan until age 26. Everybody’s health care will be better. And here was the kicker… And NOBODY will pay a SINGLE dime more!!! Man this truly is a magic negro miracle worker. But of course now that Obama is leaving office the people who pay are seeing their providers and plans drop out or rates skyrocket. But the niggers on Medicaid still get it for free. The people who cost the most shooting and stabbing each other pay the least or nothing at all. Just like the jews planned it. But niggers get to vote on how to spend OTHER peoples money. Count me as one of the millions who could see this was another line of bullshit and lies but that’s why the jews pretend to like niggers so much. Because jews know that niggers are stupid and will vote for whomever promises them the most free shit like sailfones. Niggers don’t pay income taxes anyway because they have low or no LEGALLY earned income. Of course there are many exceptions but not nearly enough otherwise these failed bullshit great society programs sending the niggers back in civilized human development would have been terminated as failures decades ago. But the jew solution is just as always as rahmmy says above. (below)

    “It’s not just about more police, but it will include that. But it’s also about more resources for our children, more resources for our neighborhoods and stiffer laws that reflect the values of our city.”

    More more more just give us more heps me heps me. How quickly would every shitty in jewmerica collapse if not for a federal means jewish/ printing deficit and debt money and transferring digits to welfare programs housing and food and medical care schools everything is free for nigger programs? The grocery stores and fast food joints if ebt cards were cut off? The jew doctors and medical systems if Medicaid were cut off. Medicare is deducted from workers paychecks like social security payroll taxes are. How about the public housing and section 8 housing industries? It would all collapse within 15 minutes if not for jew/ printing and spending money. Niggers are not capable of a self-sustaining civilized human society. Go take a look around anyplace where the majority of inhabitants rely on great society free shit programs and try and prove me wrong if you dare. Tee he Ha ha hoo hoo just laugh at the stupid-ass fucking niggers now.

  7. Bailey says:


  8. Tom says:

    “the niggers always go out and shoot the first white they see or burn them or rape and kill like christian and newsome ..these people who did this atrocity should have been frog marched to the back of the courthouse and summarily executed …we still gotta support these feral niggers for life in nigger university …”

    Good news. These nigs got 18 years and will be up for parole in 7. So no black u for life. Their defense? The white female wanted to be raped, tortured and killed and paid them to do it! They must have been judged by a jury of their negroid peers.

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    Oh no Bailey I’m way past paying for my own destruction and the destruction of my children and grandchildren and once great republic. YOU may need to get a second or third job though to pay for the niggers and immigrants. Just kidding. Another thing about public housing and section 8 and stuff for niggers and immigrants… Now you would think that the first people to be bitching about open borders and illegal immigration and refugee resettlement programs would be the niggers who always complain about not being able to find jobs. Yeah right. But not a peep maybe they aren’t really TRYING to find a job after all since they would have to WORK for a living and not get as much free shit handouts. Working for an honest living is for suckers in jewmerica. But to the housing issue also. While the section 8 fuckers get free rent it also drives up costs due to the rules of supply and demand. It’s artificially propping up rent costs for the people looking for a rental house. Same goes for public housing and subsidized ape-partments. The illegal immigrants and refugees and all the other flotsam take up housing units that could go to law abiding hard working citizens. Raising demand reducing supply and thereby raising the cost of housing for the very hard working taxpayers who pay for the shit with their own money PLUS all these niggers in the first place. Killing ourselves. Cutting our own throats. How hard it must be to go to work every day and maybe 2 jobs and pay full market price for a rental house or ape-partment and see the niggers next door home all day sitting in their lawn chairs drinking 40 ouncers and smoking weed and fucking to have more free niglets knowing that is YOUR hard earned taxpaying money paying for it all. Plus paying for your own selves and families? Bring in more refugees and illegals that don’t have jobs and don’t speak English and put all their kids in our schools that WE pay for also draining what little resources we already have. It’s insane! It’s national suicide! I could go on and on but will end with they don’t call jews nation-wreckers for nothing and jews haven’t been kicked out of virtually every place they ever settled in numbers one the host population figures them out without reason also.

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    Refugees from hilaries and the jews wars to destroy all israils neighbors to build the jewish empire jew world supremacist order. What are the refugees going to eat? The eat don’t they? Where are they going to live? They will need housing right? Where are their kids going to go to school how are they going to get there and who’s going to pay for all that also? How about medical care including diseases we eradicated years ago and unknown shit they drag from their third world shitholes? How many years and decades and lifetimes will it take them to get jobs and assimilate and support themselves and their own families assuming that they even WANT to assimilate or just live in the land of the free forever? And don’t give me this we are a nation of immigrants bullshit we weren’t a welfare state back then no free food and free housing and free medical care and no free public schools and colleges people even kids came for OPPORTUNITY and WORKED to better themselves and their families futures and didn’t just cross the borders illegally and start protesting and marching and DEMANDING more free shit and their illegal immigrant rights and shit. National suicide. Let’s see how this flies. For every illegal immigrant and refugee we take in we cut off all aid to israil unless they match our numbers one for one. You know, the jews the most racist supremacist exclusive people on earth with the most secure border walls and fences in the world but are so adamant about Americans should absorb all the worlds problems that jews created in the first place.

  11. S O G says:

    speaking of diseases ..the trypanosoma cruzi is the new america african sleeping sickness called chagas disease…..
    …east african trypanosomiasis, also known as sleeping sickness, is a parasitic disease of humans and other animals. It is caused by protozoa of the species Trypanosoma brucei ..
    … i forget how many die from the disease and ther treatment …
    now america has a form of this ..
    wheras african version is spread by the dreaded nigger fly er i mean the tse tse fly ..americas version ois spread by the kissing bug and now they say bed bugs might spread the damn thing bit it has become prevalent and widespread in the lower half of the usa from left to right coast …solid mass of color on the map of epidemiological vector …its coming up from mexico and south america and its carriers ? ? 3 guesses …
    its called chagas here …
    there is an east and a west version ..i think the west is less lethal or the people are more resistant ..
    anyway ,as of 2010 it caused around 9,000 deaths per year, down from 34,000 in 1990. An estimated 30,000 people are currently infected with 7000 new infections in 2012……… More than 80% of these cases are in the “Democratic” Republic of the Congo…
    tuberculosis and other diseases are being ushered into the united states by criminal tresspassers …the liberals bleat oh we were all immigrants once ..but they were desirable immigrants who naturalized unlike anyone today who shows up at the border …yeah we need a wall …time to put an end to unending illegal immigration …
    anyway wee have niggers ..which is a far worse epidemic and jews which are a long term chronic acute miserable wretched malady ..moslems are like shit with flys ..
    how does a moslem impregnate his 20 14 year old wives ..a bunch of mentally ill moon cultists jerk off in a circle and the flys take care of the rest …true that ..
    on britanee drexler sure that someone got a clue when her phone pinged off the santee tower near mclellandvill ..right ? home of mysterious murders and disapperances and with niggers who were even aperested and then let go ..the new racist justiss system …catch and release …sounds real hard on the niggers …riight ..
    they really wanted to cover this shit up …niggers are like crocodiles …damn near ..
    the thing is really is how long this shit has been going on and how many white women these nioggers have been allowed to keep killing …the police are responsible for the later murders ..the blood isd on their hands sure as hell wasnt their first killing …
    and take the predatory racist sub human niggers who killed christian and newsome brutally and casually hey bro pass the wipe n clean there is a real meess in tnhe kitchen …thes pathological psycopath killers were doing this for a while ..christain and newsome wasnt their first rodeo …they were practiced and organized inn the apeduction aspect ..but how organized do you have to be to grasb someone off the streets ..niggers are stupid so they have to be real organized …
    all i really wanted recap on was that these killings for the 2 aforementioned sets of killings were not the first time these white hating niggers killed …many niggers are serial killers ..if 9-10 thousand niggers die by the hands of otyher africans every year here then there is usually a core group of thrilluh killuh trigguh nigguhs doin all the killing like the killers over in obamabodycount nightmare ..lots of dead people ,so whos killin em all …a select few sociopaths working for the communist installed junta of the new usa commie party ..
    the fbi doesnt really want any answers in the drexler case because it was sacred niggers who did the killing …tghe jews and their control over media communication has to go ..political leftist agenda needs to go ..
    chagas is the new american sleeping sickness …

    There are two subspecies of the parasite that are responsible for starting the disease in humans. Trypanosoma brucei gambiense causes the diseases in west and central Africa, whereas Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense has a limited geographical range and is responsible for causing the disease in east and southern Africa. In addition, a third subspecies of the parasite known as Trypanosoma brucei brucei is responsible for affecting animals but not humans..
    T. b. rhodesiense is the acute form of the disease and death can occur within months since the symptoms emerge within weeks and it is more virulent and faster developing than T. b. gambiense.
    blah blah etc …
    It is estimated that 7 to 8 million people, mostly in Mexico, Central America and South America, have Chagas disease as of 2013. In 2006, Chagas was estimated to result in 12,500 deaths per year…..guess where these people illegally tresspass to .. america ..
    good to see the zog sasquatch didnt get you prt …

  12. S O G says:

    riight tom …its fucking disgusting …these niggers will be out on the street in a few years ..and they whine about the racist justice system …it is racist in the fact that whites are totally demonized in the courts and given longer sentences ..and suffer and rot in the privatized jew dowry for wealth privatized prisons …niggers get a slap on the wrist and they complain about that …or they get to do a book report after reading excerpts from lenins book or the qweeran …
    meanwhile in an airspace near you the govt is spraying mercury and aluminum and barium and morgellons and god knows what on americans and other nations …
    i dont want to go there now but im told its to seed the clouds …lol..but where are the clouds …oh they’re there you just cant see em ..oh alright …then they are teeaching children in school that its to keep the sun from hitting us with its intense rays ..etc ..
    yeah if its a slashing , its a nigger behind it …watch yer 6 all times ..niggers are walking up behind unsuspecting liberals and getting their slash on …or use of chemical irritants and acids ..arent niggers great …exterminate all of em …
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  13. Ihatestupidcrackers says:

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  14. protocolsRtrue says:

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  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another typical school day in chimpcago. Yeah, they can be educated alright. Just keep giving them more money and more time. About 100 trillion more dollars and about 5 million years more time.

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