Blacks Really Are Monstrously Evil — TOTALLY

HENRY LAVERNE PATTERSONIn 1996, Henry Patterson and his Negro homie forced at gun or knife point 43 year-old Ida Strouth, her 9 year-old son, Jacob and a neighborhood pal who just happened to be there at the time, down into the basement. There he tied them up with electrical wire, tortured them with strangulation, hammer blows and sticking them with a knife to the face and eyeballs so they would reveal the location of Ida’s do-gooder mudshark daughter. When he didn’t get anything, he bashed in their heads and cut their throats. (screen captured photos of these White victims can be seen HERE).

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Blair Witch Project? Angela Mitchelle Blair tortured her 2 kids to death and then stored bodies in freezer. Here she is going bonkers in the courtroom.

Blair Witch Project? Angela Mitchelle Blair tortured her own two kids to death and then stored the bodies in her freezer. Here she’s seen revealing her inner black demons in the courtroom. Blacks murdering children actually happens all the time in the black “community” — only rarely do you hear about Whites doing anything like this crazy black bitch.*

A lot of Whites might think I’m a real racist bastard and all. Believe me, I’m not. I’m just like them. I didn’t want to say what I now say here at my site, but this “PC” BS has gone on way far enough. Way, way too far. They are not only walking all over us decent White people and killing us left and right, but also apparently trying to drive us all insane with racism accusations every GD minute over the most ridiculous things.

It’s a numbers thing: Let’s say you invite 100 people over to a party at your house and over 60 of them trash your home from one end to the other, steal your flat screen TV, drink all your liquor, smack around your wife calling her a “Ho,” give addictive drugs to your children, rape and shoot your dog. Let’s say those 60 are all related in some way or another.

Well, most likely you’ll avoid inviting anyone from that lousy bunch over ever again. It’s a perfectly understandable reaction of anyone with half-a-brain left in this day and age.

They call it “racial stereotyping,” as if it’s always such bad thing. They’ve been using slander terms against us decent, law-abiding and fair-minded White people for decades, even though they feel free to call us as “racist” any damn time they please, without even knowing us. Even when we bend over backwards as a society to help them out, they still piss in our faces. Sometimes you hear them say “now you know what it’s like” as if that forgives them being “reverse racist” against us. But never do you hear the media talking about any of that, because they know the casual White person out there would reevaluate matters immediately.

There's more stuff on Lizzie Borden in the media today than any black on White crime, and that happened a million years ago!

There’s more stuff on the 19th century Lizzie Borden hatchet murder case in the media today than any black crimes and that happened over a hundred GD years ago!

Haven’t you noticed them showing WHITE crime documentaries on TV all the time? Jesus, how many Charles Manson things have they done over the years?

Sure, Whites commit horrible crimes. No doubt at all. And there are indeed some White sick bastards out there. But if you really study such things in any real depth, you’ll see that most of your serial killers are seriously twisted-in-the-head faggots.

Sodomy is so vile and disgusting, homos often go sexually insane at that early age when crap gets mixed up as hell in a little kid’s brain. That’s another aspect the media doesn’t let on — because they are obviously promoting faggotry among our young White people so we don’t reproduce and have close knit families. They have long been working to cut back on our numbers in any quiet way they can.

The bastards are not going to let up on the “hate-whitey” BS one bit. They go on and on and on with this “black lives matter” crap. It serves to distract us from the way blacks act — not us. Whites are always being the “Mr. Nice Guys” to the spoiled creeps. They have tons of special programs to help advance themselves up in society. Hell, just speaking understandable English is enough for blacks to move up the ladder.

They get put on TV and the movies as heroes and the “good guys” all the time. It’s not working. They don’t care. Because of Obongo and us kissing their asses every minute, many of them now believe they are completely taking over our lands and are the “superior race.” Some raving black nutcases actually believe “cave-dwelling” European Whites robbed civilization from them in ancient Africa — even though absolutely not one shred of archeological evidence of their supposed Negro “greatness” has ever been found.

Trust me: Should blacks “take over” across the board, they won’t be anything fair-minded like us. We’ll be spat upon left and right. Just look at how Whites now get treated in South Africa these days to get an idea of what it will be like.

In 2015, Clyde Leandre, 22, was caught in the act of raping a 94 year-old blind woman in Florida. It took cops to taze him off of her. Imagine that.

In 2015, Clyde Leandre, 22, was caught in the act of violently raping a 94 year-old blind woman in an old folks home in Broward county, Florida. Responding cops actually had to taze the nasty little monster off the poor woman while he was still going at it. Imagine the scene.

These blacks are monstrous, brutal bastards, without a doubt. They regularly conspire among each other to commit horrible crimes upon White people. Hell, they kill each other at the drop of the hat. Sure, you might have a few that behave. But a substantial percentage don’t.

If blacks were a monster species set loose upon the planet by some sort of alien intelligence (we know they couldn’t come up with the technology to get here by themselves); we would be busy trying to hunt them down as a threat to all humankind.

And there’s been plenty of black serial killers over the years. Definitely a lot more than Whites, especially so as a comparative percentage of the population. You just don’t hear anything about them in the media as serial killers, since so many target White women because of race hatred along with the usual ape-like behavior. For real.

There was one black who murdered dozens of virtually all White women (possibly up to 100) in completely random ways and got away with it for years simply because he was so random. Carl “Corel” Eugene Watts would see a White chick out on the street, watch and follow her till she was in a vulnerable position so he could kill her in whatever method he simply had at the moment. Strangulation, stabbing, bludgeoning, whatever. Women usually have poor “street smarts,” often oblivious to things going on around and lack peripheral vision (don’t take it personally, ladies, I’m just warning you).

Blacks have ZERO problem killing Whites

BLACK MURDER MONTAGEBlacks really are incredibly evil. They kill each other and White people in horrible ways all the time. Even little White kids fall victim to this uncaring, brutal race. You just don’t hear about it nationally since us Whites are totally getting SCREWED OVER by the brainwashing Globalist Jews in control of the media. They know well if they don’t keep our race silenced by “PC” — their ass is grass.

Another big, BIG reason why so much crap is now going down is because blacks in prison are getting fingered left and right with DNA from older crimes that went unsolved. Whites everywhere are now fast waking up to cold fact of these brutal bastards raping and killing us for decades.

Blacks casually looting during Katrina. Blacks are always a socially destructive race.

Black males and females casually loot during a natural disaster (Hurricane Katrina). Blacks are a socially destructive race — always on the lookout for getting free stuff or simply the chance to act crazy nuts out in the streets. They look for any excuse to riot and loot; like in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the past few days, over a worthless black criminal with a gun getting shot by a black cop.

Practically all the time these days, a cold case gets solved when DNA evidence is sequenced and run through computerized databases of those already in prison. Since so many criminal blacks eventually do get incarcerated, their long ago crimes are now getting exposed. Go to my page up under my masthead, White victims before 2000,” and read the captions. It’s crazy — these blacks have been killing us Whites since forever.

Or you could simply go to my WHITE VICTIMS page to see more recent examples of blacks killing perfectly innocent White people in terribly brutal ways. Just spend a minute or two scrolling down the page and you’ll get what I’m saying. Hell, it might even save your life.

My paltry efforts here only barely begin to scratch the surface on the insane criminal behavior of blacks. Simply go to “NEW NATION NEWS” to see the latest daily crop of black criminals and any breaking news of cold case crimes getting solved by DNA. You will not believe just how crazy criminal this filthy race truly is, I promise you.

The only real exception to the media blackout on blacks is the show “The First 48.” Why? Because they put camera crews and producers in the homicide offices of cities that make special deals with them (probably by contributing to police funds). These media types can’t sit around twiddling their thumbs for that rare White crime that comes their way, so what you get is mostly black-on-black murder, with occasional spic killing — usually by black perps once again. They try to ameliorate this somewhat, by showcasing black detectives as “good guys,” whenever possible. You can easily spot them doing this.

If you pay attention, you’ll also notice how filthy and disgusting these blacks are. Crazier than crap house rats, too. All kinds of totally evil black nutcase stories happen every day across America and wherever blacks live in our White lands of the West.


After breaking into their home, this black demon beat to death with his fists a frail, elderly White couple and then shotgunned to death three more elderly Whites outside the home in Kansas City in 2014. A jury certainly with blacks on board had freed him in 2009 for the abduction and probable torture murder of a cute White teen couple back in 1998. The 16 year-old girl’s body has never been found — only her partially burned purse.

Like I said, just go to “NEW NATION NEWS” every few days to see this week’s crop of criminal blacks. And the site doesn’t even try to cover daily black-on-black crime! Blacks are truly monstrous, getting worse by the day. They won’t stop until us Whites come together and put the fear of God into ’em.

Our now trashed, ghetto cities are filled with such evil demons running loose — killing each other on a daily basis and collecting government money and special race perks whenever they can. America is fast going broke supporting and policing these wild animals.

You got to ask yourself: How do you think these blacks would act towards us Whites if they controlled everything completely? Do you honestly believe they would be all nice and sweet like us Whites? No, they would freely treat us like dogs and laugh about it. Hell, they have official government policies for racially discriminating against Whites in South Africa. And Whites are horribly and brutally murdered there all the time.

Jews have done all this to us White people. We let these stinking bastards immigrate here from Czarist Russia in the 19th century and what did we get? Over a hundred years of them jacking the homies against us and financially ripping us off all along the way. Hell, hundreds of thousands of us were killed fighting a war against their most hated enemy — Adolf Hitler, who had the dirty Jews totally figured out and exposed them left and right.

Unless we stop them soon, America will end up a horrible, sleazy Third World nation under total NWO Marxist Jew control. This is what they’ve been working towards all along. It’s getting close to this already. You had better wake up now.

*Go to the embedded link in that photo caption of Blair to read a more recent story of a black mother named Sheborah Thomas killing her own two kids and stuffing them under the house that only happened a day or two ago down in Houston, Texas. The race is so, so wacked! Whenever a White mother does something like this, it immediately gets reported all over the national news forever — replayed constantly in the media — like that Andrea Yates woman in the same area years ago. Understand the total BS going on today against the White race?

We need to HANG these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Bass Mann says:

    13knotts! Works for me!

  2. Great truthful post…..Remember the Free Boat Ticket to Africa of George Lincoln Rockwell..need to pass them out again…all the free watermelon and chicken they can eat while going to Africa on the cruise ship….and what about J.B. Stoners Negro Ape Handbill pamphlet…funny as hell on the back showed a picture of the creation of mixing sperm of ape gorilla with a negress. a ha;lf gorilla ape half nigger female.said South African Scientist put the sperm from Gorilla ape in the negress and what was born a three toes on each foot critter and it could run 40 miles an hour…The South Africa Scientist put the ape gorilla sperm in a white woman and she did not get pregnant but the negress did……Back to Africa or 6 foot under…. no castrating.No more Micael Jacksons please….just get rid of them….Juile Mitchell in her articles on Stories Contributed By Julie Mitchell Before Its News…sums them up perfectly…..we need more Julie Mitchells…since most Whitemen are pussified zombies of zog now….say White in front of one of these white nigger whiggers and they freak out…what in the hell..they dont even want to live…they want to die..We can either wake up and face the truth or cease to exist…DEATH TO THIS ZOG SHITHOLE CREEP EMPIRE….never forget Eni Meani Mini Moe cacth a nigger by his toes he hollers hang him high…..Best Nigger Mantra…

  3. Nationalist says:

    The problem with the average White person in America is they think Negros have killed only few hundred Whites when the number is more likely on a world wide bases several hundred thousand Whites. Now combine that with hundreds of thousand of Whites race mixing with Negros and the bottom line becomes there are several million less Whites in the world today then there would be if we had proper control over Negros. I find this to be entirely unacceptable which is why I decided long ago to join the Nationalist movement. There is no sense in Whites continuing to believe these liberal and Jewish lies any longer, Negros are not the equal of Whites and in fact may not even be the equal of Baboons. The time for all White people to unite is now.

  4. Red Pill says:


    The Greatest Threat to Our Freedoms: A Government of Scoundrels, Spies, Thieves, Ruffians, Rapists and Killers
    By John W. Whitehead
    August 15, 2016

    “There is nothing more dangerous than a government of the many controlled by the few.”—Lawrence Lessig, Harvard law professor

    The U.S. government remains the greatest threat to our freedoms.

    The systemic violence being perpetrated by agents of the government has done more collective harm to the American people and our liberties than any single act of terror.


  5. Luna says:

    Well said Incog Man! Niggers are a useless worthless destructive race. The hook nosed kike owned media keeps promoting race mixing with these abhorrent vile apes. There’s no such thing as a magical nigger, every nigger has the “inner chimp” ready to explode and commit atrocities. A nigger whether it’s from da hood or in a fancy suit is still a feral NIGGER! We need to ship these coons back to Apefrica any way we can.

  6. Niggers cannot create or maintain a civilization. They occupied all of sub-Saharan Africa – a huge region – a developed 0 civilization. They inherited Haiti and made it into one of the most despotic countries in the world. Same with any other majority black Mediterranean locale save Bermuda. Wherever high melanin content predominates population-wise in the Mediterranean, Central or South America, we encounter despotism and desperation. In North America out of hundreds and hundreds of heavily black locales, few can function at even a base level without massive subsidies – food assistance, shelter assistance, and living assistance. Those few areas that are predominately black that seem to function well are beneficiaries of heavy handed affirmative action. Black areas degenerate and become intoletable to live in because of black indolence and violence. They make it so no one but blacks can live there. These areas then become the domains of jewish section 8 slumlords who liquidate the real capital developed by white people. Rents go down, but whites can’t live there. They must live in safe areas. In this way the prices of housing in safe areas goes up. The whites must pay more for their housing to keep from being attacked by negroes, even as they subsidise negroes, through work. The niggers and jews get the whites coming and going. It is a huge burden. Yea, whites are today’s slaves, working for jews and niggers. It’s nigh time for emancipation, but no niggers or kikes can be found to aid us in our rightious cause.

  7. A jew doesn’t change it’s spots either, Luna. Exhibit: Jazz musician Gilad Atzmon, fovorite totem of the not-a-Nazi right, who will forever take the long route around discussion of the keystone event supporting 10 million tons of other lies: 9/11/2001. Instead the focus is on the holocaust industry and the Palestinian plight. I believe these problems would gain wild traction were the truth of 9/11 to be accepted as fact though.

  8. Red Pill says:

    FYI, having been around demonic possessed persons in my 18 years in the occult.
    having been present and observed numbers of possessions i can tell you it’s unlike a “normal” anomaly. (a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form.)
    when the spirit takes over, it’s just like in the Hillary video.
    Real Demonic Possession/Caught Live/2 Cameras

    i have tried talking to these entities, and have asked them there name.
    they don’t like my ass and only hiss at me in response.
    the way that reporter is taken back is your first response to the sudden
    onset of the demonic possession. (blown away)

    all of these people were compromised. drug addicts, alcoholics , flaming homosexuals
    and the like that had sold there soul for what the desired most. decadence.

    people such as Hillary are owned by Evil spirits.
    the stories of Hillary’s health problems are a cover up.
    (they are real)

    Types of Evil Spirits As if one type isn’t enough!

    you should have no trouble believing this.
    as 90%+ of blacks at any given time can be controlled by spirit entities.

    the actual facts are that if you don’t have the holy spirit.
    you may well have an evil one.
    the locals news is a testament to the increased outbreaks of possession.
    folks are “going off” at an ever increasing rate.

    following God’s laws stops them from compromising you.
    something jews, niggers and wiggers never do.
    and a shitload of white folks caught up in Pokemon.
    Pokemon means pocket monster, it’s your hot line to the dark side.

    you need spiritual armor, and it’s not available at your local gun shop.

  9. Red Pill says:

    what a stupid juvenile idea, why spend money to correct a problem.
    consider the logistics of such an operation.
    it would be much better to float them back dead.

  10. Whitepride says:

    Black bastards are the scum of the earth! Death for all niggers! IncogMan you are doing a great job and you are not a racist!

  11. Whitepride says:

    I hate all blacks and niggers! I wod love to see them all dead! What a huge cancer they are! Black bastards!?

  12. Whitepride says:

    Yep the effin black bastards are the scum of the earth! Red Pill, I like that idea of sending the bastards back dead! I just saw a commercial for Credit Karma. A nigger woman and a white guy! I never mixed with those black bastards and never would, but the effing Jew media promoted race mixing. I live in a California suburb and the black bastards are here too. imet a coal burner in my apartment complex who had two nigger kids. Lost all respect for the shithead! What a wonderful world it was be if all niggers were dead! The black bastards are a cancer o. This earth!

  13. dolph says:

    The Jews and Niggers have taken over America, and you let it happen.

  14. brian boru says:

    Unfortunately, the nigger problem will not be solved until the jew problem is solved, and the jew problem will not be solved until the white problem is solved. That is, until whites clear the poisonous liberal mush from their brains and recognise the evidence of their eyes and understand that the government is their lethal enemy. Once that is understood among the white race in general the niggers will be easily dealt with. If the true extent of the depravity of the niggers and jews was known to the great majority of whites today there would be a revolution and lamp posts would have nigger, jew and white traitor carcases hanging from them from coast to coast in short order.

  15. Hoff says:

    Moslems/araba are also good at killing other moslems/Arabs.


  16. Hoff says:

    Send this 5 min video to all BLM-niggers and whiggers. This should make them shut up and be happy to do as the police say next time they are caught and praise all the good white people they don’t live in Aperica.

  17. Great Comments and refreshing…..Check out Nicolai Lavashovs…THE SOURCE OF LIFE PART 1,,,,,,interesting about the force fields… we need a force field to make them leave or die but not effect us…..we live a a dark age….these white libatard whigger scum bags make me sick….they are just as bad as jews or nigs…These niggers running wild are really getting bad..worse and worse….if we raised hell thee way they do…ZOG would shoot to kill us…they can stag but we cant….piss on ZOG…anyway GREAT COMMENTS.

  18. Red Pill..great comment on these ZOG Bastards…most of these politicians are Judeo Masons and lick the balls of ZOG and carry out..enforce and ram rod the NWO ANTI WHITE CRAP down our throats…these bastards take the NIMROD OATH and worship their Kike Kahilla Klan Masters….My whole life all the politicians and Prezs have been anti white and they all embrace this Judeo Masonic Mission Insanity…..We will never be free until we get rid of these bastards….DOWN WITH ZOG

  19. Red Pill says:

    it’s raciest
    Noose display shocks Oklahoma highway drivers
    reports that the owner of the display, Merle Martindale, says it was not meant to be racist, just merely a warning to any potential thief.

    But driver Terrance Reed Sr. says a noose in America represents what used to happen to African Americans. Reed says he considers the display to be an attack on his heritage.

    what about all the white criminals that were hung with a rope?
    guess that’s not raciest

  20. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Milwaukee: Unarmed Teen’s Sister Calls For Violence Against Whites – CNN Edits Clip

    Sister: Burn Down White People’s Stuff

  21. Karen says:

    Incogman got a plug on The Daily Stormer. Hurrah!

  22. Sauerkraut says:

    A ransom for every killed nigger !!!

  23. Red Pill says:

    who the hell would pay for dead niggers?
    Sauerkraut says:
    August 16, 2016 at 2:47 pm
    A ransom for every killed nigger !!!

  24. Smitherines says:

    @ Red Pill

    Red Pill says:
    August 15, 2016 at 11:11 pm

    FYI, having been around demonic possessed persons in my 18 years in the occult.
    having been present and observed numbers of possessions i can tell you it’s unlike a “normal” anomaly. (a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form.)
    when the spirit takes over, it’s just like in the Hillary video.
    Real Demonic Possession/Caught Live/2 Cameras

    Ive seen it first hand a girl I knew her boyfriend lost his kid tried to contact
    him using a Ouija Board: and what came through wasn’t his child but he
    opened a portal for a demonic entity, I saw the scratches on this girl”s leg
    always in “3s” to mock The Holy Trinity, The Godhead!

    Why, I thought Karen dabbled in the occult, they’ll the most hateful and
    vengeful things against Christ/God?

    These people on here have no idea or concept what kinda of EVIL lurks out there
    and what it can do to them, and yes, even if you don’t believe in it, that
    don’t mean it will leave you alone , in fact, it enrages these hellish monsters
    even more, they feel you’re disrespecting them and Satan.

    I don’t know what miracle brought you back home Red Pill, don’t ever
    go back.

  25. S O G says:

    we got black murderous savages and now we got muslim raping murdering savages ..cant tell the difference …america is less safe than it was before homeland security which was really aimed at controlling and victimizing law abiding whites ..typical marxism and nigger anti white racism …
    patriot act was another attack on our freedoms and stiill we are less safe from these worthless govt overbearing bloated overpaid agencies who are paid to watch out for people who speak the truth ..the truth is hated by peole who live and tell lies ..
    as an example of the obvious widesprad disinfo of what true intentions of homeland and patriot crap are about ..lets look at the importatio of islamix who are loyal only to islam and the violence it rationalizes as fighting non islamics ..they get all free shit and they still burn rob rape and kill. who needs em ..which is why they are here and why homeland and patriot crap are all about total propaganda and lies to law abiding americans …when ww2 came up america interned 400,000 german americans who were and had been productive members of america …i dont see the worth or usefulness of street crsapper muslims living here as independent nation with in a nation and having the host nation support the very assholes intent on killing us …
    remember while american propaganda teches our children to tolerate the mozlims the moslems are training their kids how to kill us …
    so where is the protection or the homeland security forces to lock up the treu infidels .
    we were indocrtrinsated and exposed to information regarding the violent and fanatical nature of the moslem world against christian and white secular peopel ..but now these people are being brought in here to live off of american tax slaves ..we are told we have to toelerate this infiltration of murderous raping swine ..whee again i ask is homeland sekurity and what good is the patriot act when it only is used agaiunst average americans who expect a duty of care from an ungrateful govt who does nothing but stomp on our freedoms and our rights as often as it can ..we are getting jewed by proxy via muslims and soros funded niggers organizations like the terrorist bunch of black communists over at the blm and noi and nigger bastards at nbpp ..
    these are textbook terrorist orgs …the govt was all too happy to go after the kkk or some white freedom party or white nationalist party or try to set up the klan in greensboro one at least ended well ..dead commnunists and islamix and bolshevik zio scum make me happy ..happy happy happy ..
    and as niggers tep up their civil war against innocent whites because some black cop killed some fucking gang nigger turd ..freedy grey euthanization was grays own damn fault and half the cops were black ..
    nigger recently shot for pointing a pistol at a cop was shot by a black cop ..
    so how does thet even compute in aniggers mind to lets go out and flash mob and beat whitey ,rape whitey ,kill whitey ,run over whitee ,shoot burn cut etc ..
    its not funny how they also centralize guilt onto guns when more peole die of obesity or cigarets or heart disease and more relevantly die from knives and bats and beatings …niggers in africa cant blame whites for their own extinction process at their own hands …its how they have always rolled …in south aff you could not put 2 niggers from opposing tribal ancestry together to do anything like construction or garbage collecting as they would wind up in a death match ..whites obviously had to protect themselves from the sickeness of tribal voodoo shines and limit niggro access to whites ..we did it here to on crow laws and keeping black monkey shines out of civilized white neighborhoods ..the jews called segregation israel zog they segregate the land and the people to cause genocide of palistinians …
    in america and south africa whites needed to be safe from the true pathology of the african in america and they are worse in africa …
    ALL niggers now think this is the answer burn down white neighborhoods when cops do something getting all my nigger shootees mixed up now ..but the stupid sow nigger whore calling for niggers to burn white stuff cus she didnt want niggers to burn down weave salons is just an example of the cross section and majority of criminally dangerous sociopathic niggers who DONT belong anywhere but in africa ..
    preferably dead …
    dint a black cop shoot her criminalchimp brother …so go burn down the police station ..
    niggers kill cops and makes cops mad so they are more likely to use less resolve when confronted with armed nigger pathology and so the cycle goes on viciously ..and whites suffer for this as well ..last year cops killed aprox 1100 people ..500 were white ,250 black and the rest someother species …
    cops kill more whites i believe is exponentioally connected to nigger on cop killings we are killed by cops and niggers and when a cop shoots a deserveing nigger,, niggers go kill whites and cops or vice versa which leads to more killng of whites and cops and blacks …
    we dont have a gun problem we have an armed nigger problem ..
    niggers would be much safer attempting to burn down a police station than they would trying to burn down a white neighborhood …times like that are what the 2nd amendment was truly written down for remind govt assholes that we have rights to defense and if cops or govt stand in the way of oour right to pursuit of happiness than we use the second amendment ..incase anyone forgot it is an inalienable right have and to bear arms ..
    all the shit aqbout niggers and ropes is ethnocentric as well …in some states blacks wernt hung for convctions some statres ther hanging penalty was still in use like in utah when gary gilmore went out with firing sqaud i think ,,,gas fireing sqaud or rope and maybe the chair were choices in utah ..blah blah …niggers as well as whites were strung up for crimes back then ..niggers and jews have taken it to mean thet mean ol white bastards trolled the nigger hoods for any ol black fucker and took em out to the hangin tree for fun …the trouble is many stupid americans really belive this shit …
    the injusticefile shows the incredible history of black malevolence back to 1800’s dint just start then it was always going on and it was always a shock to the senses ..killling whole familes raping burning robbing wow hey nothings changed we have more niggers and we have more of the same kinds of heinous crimes daily …in fact niggers are encouraged to attack whites and its not considered hate …
    when in fact it is hate …it wouldnt matter if whites were slaves under blacks and quite a few were or that nigger freed men owned the majority of slaves in the NORTH and the south ..non of this matters anymore and never did …black lives dont matter ..nothing matters to blacks ..
    after 300 years they cannot assimilate or participate in civilization only in destroying it ..we are the ones whop have been under the yoke of black oppression and violence for 300 years ..
    the 2 brothers in atlanta who tried to kill their parents is getting more press than you would expect …”….Brothers who tried to kill parents had ‘one bad moment’:
    one bad moment….with parents that stupid they should have been offed ..the parents have forgiven the keeds ..harmless pranks ..teens just kidding around ..dindoonuffin ..have you seen picturs of these demonic looking niggers ..of coure the nigger community will rally around these yoofs and get em released back to their parents on bail like the nigger who shoit his 6 year old girl and tried to say she got capped getting off a bus etc …niggers hooped and hollud n sheeyoit and duh judge had to send all the niggers out of the room after th e jew judge granted lower bail how does a no account felon come up with 500,000 bail ..jew helpers ..

    for that matter niggers dont even care that it was jews that brought them here from africa ..or that muslims used to castrate them and sell them in the caliphates …good way to keep the devils own dna out of a racial lineage ..
    you could litterally sit and read about nigger shines for years ..its hard to keep up with their growing restlessness ..hmm euphemism ..them crayzee teens at it agin…geeesh ..hiuck hiuck damn …they beez all crazy n sheeeyit ….anothr flash mob and another store trashed and a disabled white tossed out of a cart for cripples ..tossed on the floor ..see apicture of the 17 year old nigger tird who went back for heez sailfawn n got busted by rayciss popo …these niggers were always indolent stupid smoldering racists anti white ..niggers wear their sick mental state on their rediculous faces ..hell their names are designed to obfuscate any normal white person ..niggers cant enunciate their own names so they just call each other nigger all day long ..
    based on nigger propensity to kill other niggers id say that the use of the word nigger by niggers against other niggers is highly racist of niggers to call other niggers nigger …more racist than when a white person calls a nigger a nigger cus the nigger is a nigger but whites dont kill niggers and we should be in thet business asap ..
    500 flashmob riots in america in over 100 cities tells us something …
    watts told us something .. rodney king riots told us something …that niggers are all way to willing to kill each other for a chicken wing and they go out of their way to find whites to exterminate …there is something very wrong with these idiots ..
    black idiots matter is just code for white lives dont matter …
    the official black serial killer list does not do the number of true, mass spree ,and multiple killer niggers list justice ..
    a freind o mine just told me about his kid gettin jumped …thats our parlance for being attacked by multiple nigger attackers for fun …he is ok but the lesson of dieversity is etched in good ..niggers arent our friends no matter what …
    whe they come to your doorlookin all puppy eyed late at nite to use the fawn let em in and shoot …if you are not armed your a fool and if you cant shoot a worthless subhuman piece of garbage then dont open the door …so many whites have been duped like this ….
    heh heh full speed ahead 13 knotts captain …
    whites will make up for the elapsed period of time it took to start exterminating niggers by demanding an excellent count of at least 100 minimum turds flushed ..euphemism ..gnomesayin ..
    niggers are true terrorist monsters and have always been no matter where wehn or why in history and real time ..a waste of oxygen and food and time … … note the company that won in favor against the niggers but decided to pay them anyway …duh fuq .
    apefirmative axxshun no longer means niggers can get jobs they arent even qualified for they can sue not getting jobs they arent qaulified for and jobs they didnt want anyway …
    wait till the new air jordans come out and we can expect the nigger population to go down a few dozen …niggers dont care about other niggers in reality but they never pass up an opprtunity to riot over some nigger they probably wouldve shot themselves to get freeshit …and to burn rape and loot ..
    just like martin lucifer kings speeches written by jew masterminds behind the american destruction and white genocide …whites got blamed for all the rioting ..i wonder if blacks would get blamed if we decided to riot …there is big difference between whites and blacks …
    any intelligent analysys will show that you just simply cannot commit ther crimes against people like niggers do against whites unless you hate those people and why do they hate whites ..why dont more whites hate blacks as a natural resoponse to the hatred of blacks against us ..

  26. Smitherines says:

    The Real Existential Threats of 2016
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

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    Tuesday – August 16, 2016

    On Sept. 30, the end of fiscal year 2016, the national debt is projected to reach $19.3 trillion.

    With spending on the four biggest budget items — Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, defense — rising, and GDP growing at 1 percent, future deficits will exceed this year’s projected $600 billion.

    National bankruptcy, then, is among the existential threats to the republic, the prospect that we will find ourselves in the not-too-distant future in the same boat with Greece, Puerto Rico and Illinois.

    Yet, we drift toward the falls, with the issue not debated.

    Ernest Hemingway reminded us of how nations escape quagmires of debt: “The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.”

    “Debauching the currency,” Lenin’s depiction, is the way we will probably destroy the debt monster.

    Hemingway’s second option, war, appears to be the preferred option of the war chiefs of the Beltway’s think-tank archipelago, who see in any Putin move in the Baltic or Black Sea casus belli.

    What our Cold War leaders kept ever in mind, and our War Party scribblers never learned, is the lesson British historian A. J. P. Taylor discovered from studying the Thirty Years War of 1914-1945:

    “Though the object of being a Great Power is to be able to fight a Great War, the only way of remaining a Great Power is not to fight one.”

    Another existential threat, if Western man still sees himself as the custodian of the world’s greatest civilization, and one yet worth preserving, is the Third-Worldization of the West.

    The threat emanates from two factors: The demographic death of the native-born of all Western nations by century’s end, given their fertility rates, and the seemingly endless invasion of the West from Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

    Concerning the demographic decline and displacement of Western man by peoples of other creeds, cultures, countries, continents and civilizations, there is an ideological clash within the West.

    Some among our elites are rhapsodic at the change. Worshiping at the altars of diversity and equality, they see acquiescing in the invasion of their own countries as a mark of moral superiority.

    Angela Merkel speaks for them, or did, up to a while ago.

    More here below:
    Read More At:

  27. Recon Ranger says:

    The war is on our lands and it is time for retaliation and that time is NOW…. when the niggers see their homies dropping in the streets from us white boys blowing them away then and only then will peace start to begin… I knew many years ago this would end in this way…. we need to stand up and get started because if we don’t we won’t have any succeeding white generations…. it’s here comrades and it’s our time to show up for the fight.

  28. Red Pill says:

    Blacks Really Are Monstrously Evil — TOTALLY

    Blacks in Courtroom Cheer for Black Felon (who fatally gunned down his daughter) When His Bail Gets Reduced!

    Batts’ Bond Lowered; Bonds Out Hours Later (0.34 sec.)

  29. S O G says:

    yeah roght bailey and the jew judge had to clear the court ..its gotten so bad that niggers openly are rude and crude to whites now and give us all the sinister malevolent nigger glare ….so the nigger fucktard got bail but where is he going to get 500,000 cash or bond ..he shoots his daughter and the niggers are pullin for the guy ..he dinndoonuffin idd eeez white presshin …
    the retard jew bastard de-blasio claimed the accidental unnneccessary killing of 400 pound eric garner …so what even if a boot lip moron sells loose cigarets ..
    i gaurantee this moron got dozens of warnings by cops for this selling loosies ..they gave him pas after pass ..but the deal is the store owner probably didnt want his big fat ugly ass out in front scarin customers away …and called the cops ..
    the nigger resisted ..he damn sure did and you dont resist or you will die or get really fucked up ..ive seen some freinds put into ER by cops ..i seen a black cop batter a black woman once in ahospital for beiong annoying ..she was mulatto but the cop knocked her ass down and he was just there with an arrestee from a different city ..he had no security jurisdiction there …but it was black on black so no one blinked …
    eric garner would be alive today if he had not resisted ..they would have put double or triple daisy chained cuffs on the go-rilla and taken him to the human zoo lockup ..du fuc was this in new yourk ..a guy that big would starve to death on the calories they feed you in the toombs aka manhattan gladiator school …or he would have reverted to african canibalism ..whooo knows ….
    but i say again it would have been a routine arrest and one the popo probably didnt want to even fuck with anyway ..a fuckin nigger fatigue headache …but when garner started to wave his arms around and go all haaaail naww hayyyil gnaww the cops know from experience thet it is (the nigger) going to seriously escalate …
    how many times did a nigger ever cease and desist or calm down after going off guessin never …and the coppers know this as do unarned white civilians in ameirica ..
    they probably had no choice but to arrest the idiot after he got warning after warning ..seargeant says bust the street crapper or get suspended etc ..fuckknows ..
    i guess his big fatt mammy wiff her own zip code n sheeyit never had that discussion with him when he was little ..i dunno maybe he was never little ..his mammy shooda todem donchuh be messin wif dem cops …think thedumb fucker would have listened ..all it took was some wet behind the ears cop in gay shorts who couldnt have weighed more then 170 lbs to take this stupid nigger down and down he went like a sack of shit ..i have no sympathy ..i might have tghought oscar grants execution whie he was in cuffs a little over the top for a security bart cop …it created racial animus but when the jews bussed white and black agitators from out of state to start a riot in poakland the niggers to their credit stood off and did not join the highloy choreographed agitators lead when they were marching round and round and throwin shit and shouting etc looked staged and fake but no riot that nite …
    here was oscar grant another nigger looking to go more potato and decending into chimphood more and more and would havce lived if he had not caused a ruckus on the train ..
    cops still kill twice as many whites …how come we dont riot you think ol uncle soros would fund a white insurrection or more aptly a white revolution ..there isnt any money for that …
    de blah-sio also said blah blah babble bixxnood nwix foh nigguhzz n shit ..
    we will not cite niggers for destroying a city or flash mobbery and general niggerism bit we will cite you for sellin tax duty free ciggies that doesnt make any sense even to a nigger ..right he thinks and the chimp onhis shoulder all tell him that hell we can burn down any city we want and kill whites for our nigger president so i aint gots tuh werruh bowd sayilin sum lewziees n shit …yeah dint these cops get the memo ..
    de blahblah blaseo said it was a culmination of centuries of racism …can i fuckin barf now …the niggers have been killing whites in america for 300 years and why they were segregated in the military was because they couldnt follow orders that white men followed cus it was rayciss for a white man to give a dumb nigger any orders ..its why thay cant work in fast food places ..i ain gawn takes yuh oduh muhfuhhger ..
    so the niggers would shoot up and kill white offecers and troops on america army bases ..yes its true they did shcked at the african americans …lol ..come on rightr ,cannon foddrr is cannon fodder so the real reason they couldnt be trusted to be in white units is because of trust issues ..the nigger would not and could not be trusted to have your back …this was proved enough times to neccessetate separting the races ..i
    mean they could fight and some of these heathen demonic humangatans even learned how to fly once the army got hold of an english to ebonix translator dictionary and trained monkeys to fly so then on and on etc …
    thqat brothuh had a chimp on his shoulder …he resisted and he died ..its how it progresses like nigger gentle moron michale brown ..cop rolls up on him and a fellow chimp and says get on the sidewalk and the rest is not only history but the rest is 101% on m.brown ..alton sterling needed killing end of story ..the duboise moron shouldnt have tried to keep going with a cop stuck inside his window ..i woulda shit the fucker in its nuts ahhye …how do you like me now ..that snake shot round ..put it to use …freddy gray etc ..another moron for the undertaker ..etc ..
    yeah the cops didnt have to bother garner but he didnt have to flaunt his biz and he shoold never have resisted ..they killed a freind of mine for just that ..he dint try to grab a gun or was he armed ..just dazed from alcohol ..when he refused to get into the police car was when they let the air out of him ..never resist unless they are killing you and you didnt cause it ..then pull their gun and fix the problem ..we all have a right to be free from the brutality and sensless rampages of the police as well as the niggers ..
    how about that asshole clown will smith goin down lo with the farrakon tribe and jekem addicts …fuckin nigtard has donated several hundred thousand dollars to farrakons viagra fund ..farrakon was key personel in the facilitation of the zebra killings which was national and not just bay area essef..
    farrakon needs to go away for the unl;awful murder of innocent whites based on the true charter of the NOI which is to come to full ape power and arms and to launch a full attack on whites prety much at any minute now …
    look just find out who his relatives are and the counter intel on all the freekin terrosit members of the unblawful nigger terrorist group and theiur relatives where they live or why not just ask someone to hack into their database and get it all …insurance ..they are 101% planning to attack whites with the organized natioanl network of concerned and helpful kikes who will offer refuge and aid to the enemies of the united states and its lawful law abiding citizens who are sucked the life outof by the goddam kikes in america every day …
    there are 666 hundred billion cockroaches in america but we never see one …there arr a few million jews in america and they are crawling all over us 24/7 …if you told a jew there was a penny in your asshole youhad swallowed the day before ..looook out .
    holy chosen sob’s my ass ..all the jews today are sons and granddaughters of the mass murdering bolsheviks in russia and world wide ..
    in myanmar formerly burma the jews have a lock ..they distribute from there tons of coke and crqank and heroin and weed and ecstacy and oxy …the illegal organ harvest business has been veddy veddy good for the rabbis as has the sale of christian blood for the purim …all jews eat therof and are corporatyely guilty of breaking gods laws ..well they did kill all the prophets in biblical history …jesus wasnt a jew ..the jews were th edomites and the half breeds who were popping up in thise post babylonian captivity days in kike land ..jesus was decended from the house of king david and the tribe of judah ancient bona fide isrelaite tribe ..anyway ..

  30. S O G says:
    this site is like the jew counter offensive sites to maintain the deception that niggers are victims and jews do it with propaganda articles to ..shitsite
    yeah this site is pure 101% bullshit …they have jews writing this shit …

  31. S O G says:
    that site melanoidnation is fucking pure nauseating black supremecy …they forget pr want you to forget about all the fucking nigger on white attacks in usa ..every day ..
    in lite of the real evidence we are hardly whitye supremecists ..we are logisticians studying the niggers track record …it is all documented forever on the cloud …
    watch a worthless nigger get shot in the face ..good entertainment ,,

  32. S O G says: a little better than the one above but the shits wont show the niggers head coming off ..disappointed ..

  33. Barney says:

    Completely off-topic (so what’s new?).

    I can’t download this video, but it needs to be shared with as many people as possible in the US.

    It’s also on

    People in the UK should start here

  34. Red Pill says:

    Blacks Really Are Monstrously Evil — TOTALLY

    Grandfather: Man killed by police was just trying to survive
    “He was afraid for his life. He was concerned about his safety and surviving.”

    MILWAUKEE (AP) — The man killed in a police shooting that sparked two nights of violence in Milwaukee suffered from cognitive and mental health issues, and he carried a gun because he had been shot more than once in the past, his grandfather said.

  35. Red Pill says:

    Barney says:
    August 17, 2016 at 7:24 am
    I stop them from a smart meter installation.
    now they want to charge me $36.00 a month to read the old one .
    and i paid for the smart meter by a monthly assessment.
    you can’t win with these fuckers until you have your own solar power,
    and then they will tax that.

  36. Red Pill says:

    Take Back Your Power downloadable from you tube

    The government is the debtor. The people are the creditor. It’s time to liquidate the debtor. It can be done. Top people are working on that as I write. It’s coming. Oh yes. It’s coming.

  37. Red Pill says:

    Smitherines says:
    August 16, 2016 at 6:34 pm
    i never practiced the “dark” arts., i just know about them (former Rosicrucian)

    the meaning of the word occult
    The occult (from the Latin word occultus “clandestine, hidden, secret”) is “knowledge of the hidden”.[1] In common English usage, occult refers to “knowledge of the paranormal”, as opposed to “knowledge of the measurable”

  38. The PTB is building a museum in Montgomery Ala…for Negroes hanged….how about a Museum for all the Whites raped and killed by Niggers…..years ago the Self Determination Committee of Dr. Richard Brock (Nig) wanted a Slave Holycaust Museum to counter the Holyhoax MUSEUMS of kikes in all major cities in USA…This Doc Richard Brock wanted to counter the Kikes Holyhoax Museams and get reperations…….The Kikes owned the Slave Ships and fianaced it….Farakhan of Nation of Islam has books on this…..and we have Walter Whites Who Brought The Slave s To America and Julie Mitchells articles on the Negroes and Black and Jew Slave owners. Hellen and Chjoas has an interesting write ups on the Hebrew Saxon Mongols…they are the Rothchilds and Rockerfellers and Soros types….anyway Hellen and Choas says they were made by Chinese scientist..using Chinese with ancient white females of china….They also say that the Hebrew Saxon Mongols takes orders from the Hong Masons of Chins…wild….hey Red Pill Dr. William Mount has good stuff on the meters…he says you can make a protection shield and put it where it wont zap house and you…..There is so many Darkies in USA now..they breed like rats and rabbits…I have my doubts about Saving many Darkies….oh and by the way the X Nasa Scientist J.M. (Cant saay his name becaause he dont want his name mentioned)) will be coming out with a study on how Food Air and Water, vaccines gmos and chemtrails and crap in drugs is only targeting white males to make them sterile and change and transform dna of whites……The ZOG MATRIX is world wide and the Kike Kahilla Klan has an iron grip on everything….interesting what Nicolai Lavashov says how the Volkhvs Keepers survived the dark ages in Russia….we are in a Kike Dark Age now…../Death to ZOG and for the future White World Kingdom Empire…..we need the force shields like Lavashov talks about to keep out and drive all the dark ones and Kike Overlords away from our areas…..oh Mike Adams has an article on thye Tetanus shots and how they made blacks sterile and have baby squirt outs..pre mature death births…the PTBs put something in the Tetanus Shot to make the nregresss own immune system to attack thee Rh Negatives….anywaay if the bastards can do this…you know they are puttingf crap iun everything to kill and destroy white malees and females…..

  39. protocolsRtrue says:

    U.S. Military news of the day:
    WASHINGTON – The Navy is naming a ship in honor of the late gay rights leader Harvey Milk, who served in the Navy for four years before he began a career in San Francisco city government.

    Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said Tuesday that Milk displayed tremendous courage fighting for the rights of the LGBT community. The ship is one of a new fleet of replenishment oilers that will be built in San Diego.

    Milk’s career as a Navy officer, however, ended with an “other than honorable” discharge, due to allegations of fraternization with enlisted personnel.

    Some argue that Milk was forced out of the military because he was gay. A defense official said Tuesday that Milk accepted the other than honorable discharge to avoid possible disciplinary action.
    Is this what we are coming to? This guy wasn’t even Honorably discharged. What? We couldn’t find any other Navy or Marine Corps people more deserving of this honor? Name the ship seal team six or something. Perhaps the fact that he was a fag is the reason. But more likely the fact that he was a JEWBOY fag was probably why they put his name on a ship. Yes, jews have a grip on our military also. Why do you think there are so many civilian positions in the DoD and a whole separate system of jewish neocon israil firters chain of command in the pentagram. The ones that lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to our gullible president who made the costly mistake of listening to what his jew advisors were telling him instead of what his actual trained us military officer experts were telling him.

  40. Hoff says:

    Search: blacks and jews the secret relationship

    In the book’s introduction we read:

    “Deep within the recesses of the Jewish historical record is the irrefutable evidence that the most prominent of the Jewish pilgrim fathers used kidnapped Black Africans disproportionately more than any other ethnic or religious group in New World history and participated in every aspect of the international slave trade.”

  41. Red Pill says:

    How people board a train.
    this is some place else. just skip to .50 sec.
    it will be this way it will be in America and Britannica.
    you will be like these people.
    you will be like these people or you will be dead.
    there is no room for anything else. (agenda 21).
    this is not my opinion, but of many collaborating voices .
    the end of the internet starts Oc1 2016
    look it up, Obama signed it in to law and also sending us into receivership of the United Nations.
    some one will claim authority over all forces on planet earth.
    for what ever reasons.
    there will be a period of silence that won’t last long.
    are your ready for the ride of your life literally?

    20 million people in southern california won’t have any water to drink from lake Mead in the Nevada/Arizonian border because they engineered the weather and let the water flow to the gulf of California for the first time in 60? years.
    (i got the clip)

    you got little precious time to dig a hole and pull a slab over it to save your sorry fucking sorry ass’s . wear this shoe if it fits.
    live in a metropolitan area? well it was nice knowing you.

    i, for one won’t buy any this shit

  42. Bailey says:

    sog, nigger only needs 10% but still, that’s alot for a bondsman to put up.
    Don’t worry, nigger be back in jail by the end of the month.

  43. Barney says:

    Red Pill – Your comment (August 15, 2016 at 10:06 pm) triggered a memory of the garbage I heard about 1980 from a bunch of queers.

    I’m not saying your post is garbage. It isn’t.

    At the time I couldn’t quite get my head round their idea that shouting and insults amounted to “violence”. Calling a queer a queer was “violence”. Getting arrested was “violence”. Anything they didn’t like was “violence”.

    That was about 35 years ago. Now we’ve got thought-crime laws passed by queer jews in government. Racial jokes are now treated as if they were more serious than violent crime. Failing to worship mentally deficient queers or other misfits is a “hate crime” attracting a long prison sentence in a legal system that openly states that truth is no defence. If your accuser claims you offended it’s “feelings” in some way, even if you didn’t even know the vindictive bastard was there, you’re automatically “guilty” of a crime regarded as worse than murder.

    A kebab shop owner in Blackpool was recorded boasting about murdering a young girl and putting her in the kebabs.

    What happened? NOTHING! No, not quite nothing. The “case collapsed” due to (deliberate?) mishandling by the pole-lice. As far as I know, the arrogant bastard still runs the same kebab shop.

    In a sane country, the absolute minimum that would have happened would have been for that shop to have suffered a mysterious petrol (gasoline) leak, followed by a fire when that bastard was in it, and with some mysterious object blocking his exit, but this hasn’t been a sane country for decades.

    Note to zog’s censors. No, I’m not “inciting” anything, just saying what would have happened if you bastards weren’t destroying what was once MY country (and will be again).

    That murdering bastard goes free after confessing to murdering a White Girl, but I’d be locked up if I dared mention his crime in public.

    The day of the rope gets nearer all the time, and our children will celebrate the day of the swinging (or dangling) jew.


  44. Barney says:

    dolph says: (August 16, 2016 at 2:01 am)

    The Jews and Niggers have taken over America, and you let it happen.

    Simple answer – It’s NOT my fault. It’s time to stop blaming us for things that happened long before anyone here was even born. The jew is a slimy, demonic thing that worms it’s way in by capitalising on our inborn desire to help the underdog, something unique to White People.

    It pretends to be a victim, a refugee, then once it gets it’s feet under our table, we start to see it’s true nature, but by then it’s often too late. They’ve stolen our money, raped our women, set fire to the house and are drinking the blood of our children.

    You should read this by Commander George Lincoln Rockwell.

  45. Barney says:

    Smitherines – I couldn’t agree more. I’d always believed witchcraft was just a silly game played by idiots who were deluding themselves if they thought their rituals gave them any power.

    I was wrong.

    I didn’t even know there was a coven operating in the area, but it seemed I crossed them when I innocently got in the way of a murder plot. My experiences weren’t as bad as some we read about, but it was pretty frightening at times, both before and after the murder. Fortunately I knew of someone who was able to help me fight back.

    To anyone else who thinks satanism is nothing more than an excuse for moonlight orgies, leave it alone! It’s DANGEROUS. Have your orgies if that’s your thing, but stay away from the dark side. It really does have the power to bring thoroughly evil entities into this world, and we’ve got enough of those with the devil’s children, the jews.

  46. protocolsRtrue says:

    Bailey is right. Niggers go fund me account needs only the ten percent. Bondsman puts up the rest and tries to make sure the nigger shows up for court appearances and trials. If the nigger runs which I would not be surprised if this one does based on the facts of the case, then that’s why they have dog the bounty hunters to go catch him otherwise the bondsman loses a shitload of money. This particular nigger since he is from Nashville the nearest big shitty to me even had the assdacity to throw a party and put videos on facebook about it after getting released from the cage on bond. The courtroom thing is annoying but the party after killing your own daughter? Felon in possession of a firearm. Let’s see all the mandatory years he will see in the cage over that. Or can that be blamed on whitey’s also. Well, what can you say about niggers. Niggers? Niggers??? What can you say about niggers anymore? What more excuses can we possibly make up for nigger behavior? What more excuses can even the most lying of jews make up now? Legacy of slavery? UNDERprivleged? DISadvantaged? LESS affluent? Free food. Free housing. Free medical care. Free schools including free college for niggers that couldn’t pass an 8th grade math or English test. Free utilities electricity and gas and phones even free sailfones. And just start to take a look people after the latest nigger riot and rampage. This is how niggers act NOW!!!
    WITH ALL THE FREE SHIT WE GIVE THEM!!! Imagine how they would act if we STOPPED giving them all the free shit? Even with all the free shit we give them now to support their worthless ass parasitic pathetic totally dependent on other working taxpayers money what do they do? Do they say thank you working taxpayers? Hell No! They demand more more more give me more you owes me more!! Or else we going to be burning this shit down. So when are the working white taxpayers going to wake up and realize that the great society has failed. Failed miserably. That the niggers will never be satisfied. We are not giving them enough and frankly never ever WILL be able to give them enough. Because they will always want… DEMAND more.
    So fuck the niggers just laugh at them now. tee hee ha ha hoo hoo. No more money from me niggers go ask your jewish masters to write you a check or print more fake jew money 19 trillion in hard debt 80 trillion in unfunded LIE-abilities when your favorite nigger leaves office. Tee he- Ha Ha. So anyway. This is how niggers act now WITH all the free shit. When it all collapses and the ebt cards stop working and free sailfones stop working and heat and free heat and air conditioning stops working and truck drivers stop delivering goods to markets and stores how will the niggers behave then? The police are seeing nigger behavior every day with their own lying eyes. I think the police are waking up also that all this niggers are beneficial and a great asset to civilized human societies because diversity makes us better stuff is just another great jewish lie. And my sympathies go out to the Sheriff Clarks and Colonel Wests and Charles Paynes and all the other upstanding responsible black skinned civilized humans but the sharptons and jacksons and great society programs have you way outnumbered.

  47. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m still having a hard time digesting the fact that the navy named a ship after the jewboy faggot Harvey milk. This begs for a great big NFL C”MON MAN! What about all the other millions? Navy, Marine Corps? What about the Coast Guard? They bust drug runners and save peoples lives? He wasn’t even honorably discharged and back in those days lied on his entry forms and every cockswain day. Man you could have named the ship USS StepDad Jim from bygod west Virginia and did a better job than that. Sure he was an asshole to me and my brother but that’s what happens to people when they have 2 aircraft carriers sunk out from under them by the slant eyed japs. Navy names a ship after a faggot jewboy Harvey milk for his courage in fighting for lgbt rights. No wonder I quit paying federal means jewish taxes.

  48. S O G says:

    the super dome in katrina had white people in their also ..yeah jew fema ruined black lives by trumping up a 200,000 dollar fema clean up fee on black properties and they did get the jew shaft in katrina with the triage tents full of dying people whojust needed water in many cases and needed insulin or food …all manner of medical aid was refused ships were told to go away ..etc …you couldnt afford to pay the jew fema tax for clean up so your nigger land was seized by the filthy jew ..i dont know why niggers dont go full potato on all jews ..jews put thm in slavery and put their countrymen in brazil and muslims put 24 million nigger twitchers in middle east caliphates after castrytin their asses …win win ..but niggers love coffee and love islam and kick the south ..niggers owned slkaves in the north and the south as well as jews who were rich from the usual sheister shines they owned ships and plantations …they controled the far east india trading company …they trampled all over the civil war battlefields with their carpet sacks full of judenfetzen and presigned contracts ..maiking land and crop deals and like their descendants the partisans of ww2 which were all self ziobolshevik serving cut throats ..they robbed banks and stole assets and valuables ..a war zone is a perfect place to commit crimes accountability ..
    these jew devils are solely responsible for ora dur sur glane massacre after the jews tried to steal the gold there ..bottom line it was a commie jew partisan training stronghold ..long story but germans who were racing to the front at the sea walls which were pathetically designed for resisitance to the 7000 ships that came over to destroy germany ..who didnt know they were coming at least months in advance ..and the germans only held france occupied france without interfereance ..france had comminist problems and the nationalist vichys were being slaughtered by mobile bolshevik death sqauds ..all the while jew communiksts like jendrik yagoda were slaughtering 10’s of millions in russia …in 1 year they called ominously sovietzation jewish communists killed 10 million russian citizens ..non jews ….
    germany only occupied france since the frogs had invaded germany in 1939 but were stomped …france had controlled the confederated territories of the rhine in the 1800’s ..germans did not even go into south france just the upper half the secure the sea wall ..rommel noted what a shitty defens it provided for the people of germany …rommel was eventually drummed out of service ….alot of bad decisions were made …
    back at the superdome during katrina the natioal gaurd had to get the whiote people out of the dome becuse the niggers wanted to kill them and were chanting like voodoo niggers in africa ..kill the boer etc ..kill the white people ..they were scared so they naturally wanted out of there …i guess the humangatans blamed the flood on whitee ..
    the jews blew the levees and the shootout and downed helo near a bridge and a levee etc .
    jews founded new orleans and wanted niggers gone ..nice how jews can get rid of niggers using a natural disaster and making it worse and then slapping them with a fema clean up fee they cant afford then so and on and on …liened to gubbuhmin jews ..
    jews deport 70,000 africunts to austrailia and sweden ..happy raping bon voyage ..dont come back ..we dont want any body but fake ass jews in israel ..
    oy vey …
    i just got a report of niggers kicking the shit out of white people in san fran yesterday aprox…on a beach down there at ocean beach ..i didnt think niggerz liked water so that should have been a clkue toi the clueless whites ..oh wait now they haVE a clue …the black eye in the mirror will be a reminder to be armed and be ready to defend your life …since the prepondereance of of most of nigger beat downs lead to permanent brain damage or death it is a safe conclusion thet yes they will try to kill you just as not but death is more disconcerting that simple battery multiple battery by multiple black turds so you cant second guess their intentions ..their intentions are to kill you rape you rob you ..nigger trilogy …any nigger who perpetrates a riot or a mugging or murder or a beat down or a swarm mob in a restaurant or mall or store deserves to be executed in a swift and decisive manner ……these arer nothing more than terrorists …if the rules dont apply anymore then fuck the rules of engagement ..especially when any serious act of real self defense is considered a racist act by morons who refuse to see the niggers started the shit anyway …etc …
    that stupid fuckin nigger in milwaukee dinnnndooooonuffffinnn …his old silverback tooofliis retard jiz donor granpaw dosnt know shit ..fuckin stree crapper probably guilty of rape and murder he never got caught for …these old nighger bastards all raped white women in their younger chimping forages …didnt this feculenrt piece of moldy shit pull agun on a black police ..cest la vie ..die with the rest in piss in monkey purgetory …
    anohther nigger in line for sainthood ..what will it be like when the filthy shitkikkes turn this sewer into england …are guns even legal in jew ish uk …
    that nigger who shot his daughter shot her to keep her quiet about him raping her ..its plain fucking obvious ..the nigger fuck was raping his niggeroid daughter …any hole will do and all that jive ..90 year old granmas gettin sexually pounded by crazee niggers and africans raping 1-2-3-4- year old babies so they wont get aids …niggers need to have their heads cut off ..caliphates were wise to castrate the demons …
    the horror of the sheister schuck and jivery in an american court with a jew judge jester offerin half bail to appease the africans ..and they hoot and holluh n sheeyot ..haaaayil to the yaeh muhfuhgger …amusing murder of english language …
    nigger was raping his daughter because its in the genetic lineage …shitferbrains ..
    she says to the nigger daddy …i wann a tell granny you been slipin dah thing you call a pickle in to my special place …duh fuq oh dos are granpappies pickles yall cain tellim daht etc on and on ..seriously niggers are extrememl;y stupid and why did he shoot her then ..
    prt its we gown tuh bunn deez muhfuhkuh dohhwn n sheeyit

    the real clue that blm is a commie in our face violent terroist group is because they are not even sayin this shiot to bvlacks and no one else kills blacks except other niggers …9-10 thousand a year kill each other …army doctor surgeons are trained for battlefield gunshot treatment in chicago and detroit hospitals ..
    barney there are tens of thousands of witches and covens inn england ..forget the real number is alot higher tho ….
    right bailey i didnot think about niggerfundme scam …50,000k down the drain the bounty hunter heh heh ..the last time he got mixed up in a political bon fire he got neutralized ..he went after the scion and heir to max factor for date rapes committed in so cal …went to mexico to bring the jew back but thats where his problems started ..charges like kidnappping etc were trumped up took him a lot of time and money to escape the jew dragnet but at least he could bail himself out ….
    speaking of niggers in the subsahara and the desert areas in south africa …it was the whites who irrigated and made the arrid place bloom like the palestinians made the palestine bloom and the jews stole all the farms etc ..gee where have i heard this story before ..russia germany armenaians in turkey ..silesia bromberg pomerania etc ..list is too long ..
    blm was tellin the liberal white morons in the frontof of the nigger crowd to getchall in to the back of the crowd dis be a black thing …..niggers should be tellin the nigthugs blm not us ..for one thin g you niggers lives dont matter to me or anyone else who realizes the niggers true intentions ..and black lives dont matter to other blacks so why are they yellin at whites we arnt killen these fools off …
    history shows around 2/5 of persons duly vconvicted of gross criminal aqcts in the olden days and hung by rope were whites and in some states more whites than blcks were hung and in some states no blacks were hung ..why do niggers think no whites were hung when they think we are nothing but evil criminal dogs ..wouldnt thet set a pattern of crime and punishment for whites …as well as others ..the marxist narrative and propaganda enticement for niggers didnt exist in the 17-18 hundreds people were just freed black men who owned slaves and businesses and some of them were controlled by their lower iq and genetics …
    yeah stay the fuck away from o.u.i jee boards and the like and horoscopes not horrorscopes ..
    its a portal ..i cannot and well i wont talk about the power that is behind it …ive seen it in terrifying raw exhibition ..once knew a girl who escaped from a coven after some people were executed upside down for refusing to take the oath of membership ..they followed her to many states looking to kill her …the devil used to come to her and screw her at night even way after she had fled ..i cant really say more is a dangerous path …people who mess with that excorcist shit where you cast out niggers from people can be in mortal dangers they know nothing about if they arent sanctioned ..linda blair shit movie and the blair witch project invenomnated america with a spirit of fear …you CAN kill people with a form of mental targeting ..and if you get enough people to concentrate at the same time on the same target you can do some crazy shit . ..alot of people dont consider this part of black art ..its a grey fucking area for sure and gets darker and darker the farther you go in . ..i say fuck it all …stay well away …
    another day will come god willing …there are things i want to say but i cant ..things that i used to be able to do but renounced and re-renounced can kill with your mind ..

  49. Barney says:

    Red Pill (August 17, 2016 at 8:11 am)

    Thanks for the link (Take back your power). I’d already seen that one, but hadn’t been able to download it as a single file because everywhere I find it, it seems to consist of numerous small files rather than one large file, and I don’t have enough experience of video editing to re-assemble all those fragments.

    I use FireFox (which I’m very quickly learning to hate following numerous changes over the years, none for the better), and the add-ons that couldn’t handle this one are

    Flash and Video Download
    Video Downloader pro
    Video Downloader professional

    Today I tried “YouTube Video and Audio Downloader” and it worked, so I’ve got it at last.

  50. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Bailey, SOG. There has been a totally unexpected and surprising update to the story of the baby-daddy of the year dindu nuffin who had celebrations when his bond was reduced after killing his taxpayer supported niglet.
    Hendersonville father accused of killing daughter fails drug test
    Aug 19, 2016 4:41 PM CDT

    A Hendersonville father released on bond after allegedly shooting and killing his 11-year-old daughter has failed a drug test, the district attorney confirmed.

    District Attorney General Ray Whitley told Channel 4 he was informed Friday that Timothy Batts failed a drug test.

    Batts was placed on a supervised bond, meaning he must be drug tested every week. The judge said if he picked up any new charges, his bond would be revoked.

    According to a motion filed to revoke Batts’ bond, he tested positive for cocaine on Monday.

    The positive test came three days after he was released on bond and a day before his daughter’s funeral.

    Channel 4 reached out to Batts’ attorney, John Pellegrin. He did not want to comment but said he hasn’t talked to Batts and doesn’t know much about it.

    Timothy Batts’ daughter, Timea Batts, died on Aug. 8.

    Police said Timothy Batts pulled the trigger thinking his daughter was an intruder, but his story to police has changed multiple times.

    Timothy Batts is charged with reckless homicide, tampering with evidence, false reporting and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

    He was initially held on $1 million bond, but a judge later reduced that to $500,000.

  51. S O G says:

    ha hah ha ..thanks prt …the nigger dindooonufin ,,,someone put that shit in heeez purpol draaahnk n shheeyit ..he’ll cry raaaaycism rayyycism ..what a waste of 50,000 g’s ..
    niggergofuckyerself ..lets send him a old 38 so he can eat a bullet instead …
    i know this derwlict 59 IQ dumber than a monkey mofo was screwin his daughter cus he probably believed she wasntr his ..she wasnt anyones ..immaculate conception aka anyones gues ..where daht baby mama at …ever heard of a male groid takin care of a kid without somer jekem influenced agenda…
    wonder what the autopsy says …
    its what the israeli sentriesstill do …they lure teen age palle girls and rape them and then machinegun their genitalia areas and pelvis area and here and there to hide evidence of rape …then they make up a story about the teens being terrorists …in a nutshell ..the terrorists murderers saying innocent other people are the killers …

    someone needs to castrate this nigger to keep it from ever spreading his toxic nigger dna in the world …i know whiteswho didnt get reduced bail or a break and were saddled with heavy sanctions and they maintained ,,niggers dont want freedom ..niggers cant do for themselves and its why on the intake busses at san quentin there are no unhappy nigger faces gettin off the bus ..niggers vacation time up in duh big house …nothing changes ..a nigger is just as worthless in jail as they are out in our free world …the only difference is less crima aginst whites is being committed …
    yeand if batty wqas so paranoid of an intruder is not all well in the hood ..niggers are so afraid of other niggers they shoot first and axxxxx queschins later…
    he was yahoood up on white lady and the glass dick and wanted to kill anything ..inner chimp getting restless or he went all nigger on her ad fucked her and realized in the back of his pea sized brain dhat he gown be in trubbil nhoww n sheeyt …
    who is surprised a nigger can pop daht cap on a relative or son (marvin gaye’s daddy)or daughter ..lillte batts was probably not even his keed …
    i just want him dead cus he is a coon and all the other shit is just usuall plausible normal baggage ..right ..put him for a fit up with a goodyear or michelin flaming necklace with a 20,000 mile garuntee ….then bury him in a kentucky fried chicken bucket …

  52. S O G says:

    batty will probably get an electric nigger boundry anklet and have to do a book report on being a better father etc ..ha ha ..du fuq ..
    how much worthless kike dollars you wanna bet he doesnt get any real or hard time at all …
    hes better out on the mean streets anyway as his odds of being culled from the nigherd by other niggers are very high aka (good) …another dumb dangerous nigger lying face up in a gutter somewhere is justice …

    battshit was rumpy pumping his chirrens ..ebonix fo 1 keed ..
    i’ll bet a case of shitbeer the nigger was takin the piss and bein a peedo …
    even if the autopsy showed he was banging this nigger female child the community would stiill rally around this turd like they did with lovelle mixon who apeducted and raped a 12 year old and in the end he got 4 cops off to the last precinct land in the sky ….the second 2cops wernt thinking too clearly when tney got themselves wasted was really their own fault goin after a feral trigger nigger you have to use more sense and caution if you want to live …
    niggeres are very very odd life forms for dam sure ..
    i mean yeah they birn down their own niggerhoods all the time and yet they dont get mad at the nigers for burning the shit down ..
    not to worry they still have plenty of niggerhood acreage to burn yet in the future ..

  53. protocolsRtrue says:

    Latest update.

    The wheels of justice go round and round…. very slowly. You would think the judge would revoke the bond and put out the re-arrest warrant immediately after the failed drug test but no… he will consider the matter next Friday.

    The same idiots that petitioned to get the thugs bond reduced and he be released are now starting a new petition to get him locked back up in the cage.

  54. Carol says:

    I agree on the blacks, hispanic and muslims, races, not so much about gays or jews, really they don’t bother anyone, if you lightened up on them, you would have more supporters.

  55. And That Is The Truth says:

    Then again just look at all the filthy white trashy whore women they’re getting these days. Very disgusting altogether.

  56. Grand Inquisitor Silencius. says:

    You see a nigger, you kill it!

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