Blacks Really Are Monstrously Evil — TOTALLY

HENRY LAVERNE PATTERSONIn 1996, Henry Patterson and his Negro homie forced at gun or knife point 43 year-old Ida Strouth, her 9 year-old son, Jacob and a neighborhood pal who just happened to be there at the time, down into the basement. There he tied them up with electrical wire, tortured them with strangulation, hammer blows and sticking them with a knife to the face and eyeballs so they would reveal the location of Ida’s do-gooder mudshark daughter. When he didn’t get anything, he bashed in their heads and cut their throats. (screen captured photos of these White victims can be seen HERE).

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

Blair Witch Project? Angela Mitchelle Blair tortured her 2 kids to death and then stored bodies in freezer. Here she is going bonkers in the courtroom.

Blair Witch Project? Angela Mitchelle Blair tortured her own two kids to death and then stored the bodies in her freezer. Here she’s seen revealing her inner black demons in the courtroom. Blacks murdering children actually happens all the time in the black “community” — only rarely do you hear about Whites doing anything like this crazy black bitch.*

A lot of Whites might think I’m a real racist bastard and all. Believe me, I’m not. I’m just like them. I didn’t want to say what I now say here at my site, but this “PC” BS has gone on way far enough. Way, way too far. They are not only walking all over us decent White people and killing us left and right, but also apparently trying to drive us all insane with racism accusations every GD minute over the most ridiculous things.

It’s a numbers thing: Let’s say you invite 100 people over to a party at your house and over 60 of them trash your home from one end to the other, steal your flat screen TV, drink all your liquor, smack around your wife calling her a “Ho,” give addictive drugs to your children, rape and shoot your dog. Let’s say those 60 are all related in some way or another.

Well, most likely you’ll avoid inviting anyone from that lousy bunch over ever again. It’s a perfectly understandable reaction of anyone with half-a-brain left in this day and age.

They call it “racial stereotyping,” as if it’s always such bad thing. They’ve been using slander terms against us decent, law-abiding and fair-minded White people for decades, even though they feel free to call us as “racist” any damn time they please, without even knowing us. Even when we bend over backwards as a society to help them out, they still piss in our faces. Sometimes you hear them say “now you know what it’s like” as if that forgives them being “reverse racist” against us. But never do you hear the media talking about any of that, because they know the casual White person out there would reevaluate matters immediately.

There's more stuff on Lizzie Borden in the media today than any black on White crime, and that happened a million years ago!

There’s more stuff on the 19th century Lizzie Borden hatchet murder case in the media today than any black crimes and that happened over a hundred GD years ago!

Haven’t you noticed them showing WHITE crime documentaries on TV all the time? Jesus, how many Charles Manson things have they done over the years?

Sure, Whites commit horrible crimes. No doubt at all. And there are indeed some White sick bastards out there. But if you really study such things in any real depth, you’ll see that most of your serial killers are seriously twisted-in-the-head faggots.

Sodomy is so vile and disgusting, homos often go sexually insane at that early age when crap gets mixed up as hell in a little kid’s brain. That’s another aspect the media doesn’t let on — because they are obviously promoting faggotry among our young White people so we don’t reproduce and have close knit families. They have long been working to cut back on our numbers in any quiet way they can.

The bastards are not going to let up on the “hate-whitey” BS one bit. They go on and on and on with this “black lives matter” crap. It serves to distract us from the way blacks act — not us. Whites are always being the “Mr. Nice Guys” to the spoiled creeps. They have tons of special programs to help advance themselves up in society. Hell, just speaking understandable English is enough for blacks to move up the ladder.

They get put on TV and the movies as heroes and the “good guys” all the time. It’s not working. They don’t care. Because of Obongo and us kissing their asses every minute, many of them now believe they are completely taking over our lands and are the “superior race.” Some raving black nutcases actually believe “cave-dwelling” European Whites robbed civilization from them in ancient Africa — even though absolutely not one shred of archeological evidence of their supposed Negro “greatness” has ever been found.

Trust me: Should blacks “take over” across the board, they won’t be anything fair-minded like us. We’ll be spat upon left and right. Just look at how Whites now get treated in South Africa these days to get an idea of what it will be like.

In 2015, Clyde Leandre, 22, was caught in the act of raping a 94 year-old blind woman in Florida. It took cops to taze him off of her. Imagine that.

In 2015, Clyde Leandre, 22, was caught in the act of violently raping a 94 year-old blind woman in an old folks home in Broward county, Florida. Responding cops actually had to taze the nasty little monster off the poor woman while he was still going at it. Imagine the scene.

These blacks are monstrous, brutal bastards, without a doubt. They regularly conspire among each other to commit horrible crimes upon White people. Hell, they kill each other at the drop of the hat. Sure, you might have a few that behave. But a substantial percentage don’t.

If blacks were a monster species set loose upon the planet by some sort of alien intelligence (we know they couldn’t come up with the technology to get here by themselves); we would be busy trying to hunt them down as a threat to all humankind.

And there’s been plenty of black serial killers over the years. Definitely a lot more than Whites, especially so as a comparative percentage of the population. You just don’t hear anything about them in the media as serial killers, since so many target White women because of race hatred along with the usual ape-like behavior. For real.

There was one black who murdered dozens of virtually all White women (possibly up to 100) in completely random ways and got away with it for years simply because he was so random. Carl “Corel” Eugene Watts would see a White chick out on the street, watch and follow her till she was in a vulnerable position so he could kill her in whatever method he simply had at the moment. Strangulation, stabbing, bludgeoning, whatever. Women usually have poor “street smarts,” often oblivious to things going on around and lack peripheral vision (don’t take it personally, ladies, I’m just warning you).

Blacks have ZERO problem killing Whites

BLACK MURDER MONTAGEBlacks really are incredibly evil. They kill each other and White people in horrible ways all the time. Even little White kids fall victim to this uncaring, brutal race. You just don’t hear about it nationally since us Whites are totally getting SCREWED OVER by the brainwashing Globalist Jews in control of the media. They know well if they don’t keep our race silenced by “PC” — their ass is grass.

Another big, BIG reason why so much crap is now going down is because blacks in prison are getting fingered left and right with DNA from older crimes that went unsolved. Whites everywhere are now fast waking up to cold fact of these brutal bastards raping and killing us for decades.

Blacks casually looting during Katrina. Blacks are always a socially destructive race.

Black males and females casually loot during a natural disaster (Hurricane Katrina). Blacks are a socially destructive race — always on the lookout for getting free stuff or simply the chance to act crazy nuts out in the streets. They look for any excuse to riot and loot; like in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the past few days, over a worthless black criminal with a gun getting shot by a black cop.

Practically all the time these days, a cold case gets solved when DNA evidence is sequenced and run through computerized databases of those already in prison. Since so many criminal blacks eventually do get incarcerated, their long ago crimes are now getting exposed. Go to my page up under my masthead, White victims before 2000,” and read the captions. It’s crazy — these blacks have been killing us Whites since forever.

Or you could simply go to my WHITE VICTIMS page to see more recent examples of blacks killing perfectly innocent White people in terribly brutal ways. Just spend a minute or two scrolling down the page and you’ll get what I’m saying. Hell, it might even save your life.

My paltry efforts here only barely begin to scratch the surface on the insane criminal behavior of blacks. Simply go to “NEW NATION NEWS” to see the latest daily crop of black criminals and any breaking news of cold case crimes getting solved by DNA. You will not believe just how crazy criminal this filthy race truly is, I promise you.

The only real exception to the media blackout on blacks is the show “The First 48.” Why? Because they put camera crews and producers in the homicide offices of cities that make special deals with them (probably by contributing to police funds). These media types can’t sit around twiddling their thumbs for that rare White crime that comes their way, so what you get is mostly black-on-black murder, with occasional spic killing — usually by black perps once again. They try to ameliorate this somewhat, by showcasing black detectives as “good guys,” whenever possible. You can easily spot them doing this.

If you pay attention, you’ll also notice how filthy and disgusting these blacks are. Crazier than crap house rats, too. All kinds of totally evil black nutcase stories happen every day across America and wherever blacks live in our White lands of the West.


After breaking into their home, this black demon beat to death with his fists a frail, elderly White couple and then shotgunned to death three more elderly Whites outside the home in Kansas City in 2014. A jury certainly with blacks on board had freed him in 2009 for the abduction and probable torture murder of a cute White teen couple back in 1998. The 16 year-old girl’s body has never been found — only her partially burned purse.

Like I said, just go to “NEW NATION NEWS” every few days to see this week’s crop of criminal blacks. And the site doesn’t even try to cover daily black-on-black crime! Blacks are truly monstrous, getting worse by the day. They won’t stop until us Whites come together and put the fear of God into ’em.

Our now trashed, ghetto cities are filled with such evil demons running loose — killing each other on a daily basis and collecting government money and special race perks whenever they can. America is fast going broke supporting and policing these wild animals.

You got to ask yourself: How do you think these blacks would act towards us Whites if they controlled everything completely? Do you honestly believe they would be all nice and sweet like us Whites? No, they would freely treat us like dogs and laugh about it. Hell, they have official government policies for racially discriminating against Whites in South Africa. And Whites are horribly and brutally murdered there all the time.

Jews have done all this to us White people. We let these stinking bastards immigrate here from Czarist Russia in the 19th century and what did we get? Over a hundred years of them jacking the homies against us and financially ripping us off all along the way. Hell, hundreds of thousands of us were killed fighting a war against their most hated enemy — Adolf Hitler, who had the dirty Jews totally figured out and exposed them left and right.

Unless we stop them soon, America will end up a horrible, sleazy Third World nation under total NWO Marxist Jew control. This is what they’ve been working towards all along. It’s getting close to this already. You had better wake up now.

*Go to the embedded link in that photo caption of Blair to read a more recent story of a black mother named Sheborah Thomas killing her own two kids and stuffing them under the house that only happened a day or two ago down in Houston, Texas. The race is so, so wacked! Whenever a White mother does something like this, it immediately gets reported all over the national news forever — replayed constantly in the media — like that Andrea Yates woman in the same area years ago. Understand the total BS going on today against the White race?

We need to HANG these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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76 Responses to Blacks Really Are Monstrously Evil — TOTALLY

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Bailey, SOG. There has been a totally unexpected and surprising update to the story of the baby-daddy of the year dindu nuffin who had celebrations when his bond was reduced after killing his taxpayer supported niglet.
    Hendersonville father accused of killing daughter fails drug test
    Aug 19, 2016 4:41 PM CDT

    A Hendersonville father released on bond after allegedly shooting and killing his 11-year-old daughter has failed a drug test, the district attorney confirmed.

    District Attorney General Ray Whitley told Channel 4 he was informed Friday that Timothy Batts failed a drug test.

    Batts was placed on a supervised bond, meaning he must be drug tested every week. The judge said if he picked up any new charges, his bond would be revoked.

    According to a motion filed to revoke Batts’ bond, he tested positive for cocaine on Monday.

    The positive test came three days after he was released on bond and a day before his daughter’s funeral.

    Channel 4 reached out to Batts’ attorney, John Pellegrin. He did not want to comment but said he hasn’t talked to Batts and doesn’t know much about it.

    Timothy Batts’ daughter, Timea Batts, died on Aug. 8.

    Police said Timothy Batts pulled the trigger thinking his daughter was an intruder, but his story to police has changed multiple times.

    Timothy Batts is charged with reckless homicide, tampering with evidence, false reporting and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

    He was initially held on $1 million bond, but a judge later reduced that to $500,000.

  2. S O G says:

    ha hah ha ..thanks prt …the nigger dindooonufin ,,,someone put that shit in heeez purpol draaahnk n shheeyit ..he’ll cry raaaaycism rayyycism ..what a waste of 50,000 g’s ..
    niggergofuckyerself ..lets send him a old 38 so he can eat a bullet instead …
    i know this derwlict 59 IQ dumber than a monkey mofo was screwin his daughter cus he probably believed she wasntr his ..she wasnt anyones ..immaculate conception aka anyones gues ..where daht baby mama at …ever heard of a male groid takin care of a kid without somer jekem influenced agenda…
    wonder what the autopsy says …
    its what the israeli sentriesstill do …they lure teen age palle girls and rape them and then machinegun their genitalia areas and pelvis area and here and there to hide evidence of rape …then they make up a story about the teens being terrorists …in a nutshell ..the terrorists murderers saying innocent other people are the killers …

    someone needs to castrate this nigger to keep it from ever spreading his toxic nigger dna in the world …i know whiteswho didnt get reduced bail or a break and were saddled with heavy sanctions and they maintained ,,niggers dont want freedom ..niggers cant do for themselves and its why on the intake busses at san quentin there are no unhappy nigger faces gettin off the bus ..niggers vacation time up in duh big house …nothing changes ..a nigger is just as worthless in jail as they are out in our free world …the only difference is less crima aginst whites is being committed …
    yeand if batty wqas so paranoid of an intruder is not all well in the hood ..niggers are so afraid of other niggers they shoot first and axxxxx queschins later…
    he was yahoood up on white lady and the glass dick and wanted to kill anything ..inner chimp getting restless or he went all nigger on her ad fucked her and realized in the back of his pea sized brain dhat he gown be in trubbil nhoww n sheeyt …
    who is surprised a nigger can pop daht cap on a relative or son (marvin gaye’s daddy)or daughter ..lillte batts was probably not even his keed …
    i just want him dead cus he is a coon and all the other shit is just usuall plausible normal baggage ..right ..put him for a fit up with a goodyear or michelin flaming necklace with a 20,000 mile garuntee ….then bury him in a kentucky fried chicken bucket …

  3. S O G says:

    batty will probably get an electric nigger boundry anklet and have to do a book report on being a better father etc ..ha ha ..du fuq ..
    how much worthless kike dollars you wanna bet he doesnt get any real or hard time at all …
    hes better out on the mean streets anyway as his odds of being culled from the nigherd by other niggers are very high aka (good) …another dumb dangerous nigger lying face up in a gutter somewhere is justice …

    battshit was rumpy pumping his chirrens ..ebonix fo 1 keed ..
    i’ll bet a case of shitbeer the nigger was takin the piss and bein a peedo …
    even if the autopsy showed he was banging this nigger female child the community would stiill rally around this turd like they did with lovelle mixon who apeducted and raped a 12 year old and in the end he got 4 cops off to the last precinct land in the sky ….the second 2cops wernt thinking too clearly when tney got themselves wasted was really their own fault goin after a feral trigger nigger you have to use more sense and caution if you want to live …
    niggeres are very very odd life forms for dam sure ..
    i mean yeah they birn down their own niggerhoods all the time and yet they dont get mad at the nigers for burning the shit down ..
    not to worry they still have plenty of niggerhood acreage to burn yet in the future ..

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    Latest update.

    The wheels of justice go round and round…. very slowly. You would think the judge would revoke the bond and put out the re-arrest warrant immediately after the failed drug test but no… he will consider the matter next Friday.

    The same idiots that petitioned to get the thugs bond reduced and he be released are now starting a new petition to get him locked back up in the cage.

  5. Carol says:

    I agree on the blacks, hispanic and muslims, races, not so much about gays or jews, really they don’t bother anyone, if you lightened up on them, you would have more supporters.

  6. And That Is The Truth says:

    Then again just look at all the filthy white trashy whore women they’re getting these days. Very disgusting altogether.

  7. Grand Inquisitor Silencius. says:

    You see a nigger, you kill it!

  8. Fuck white ppl says:

    “ blacks have no problem killing white people “


  9. Morris Deeds says:

    Fuck white ppl says:
    January 10, 2018 at 9:49 am
    “ blacks have no problem killing white people “


    INCOG MAN says:
    January 10, 2018 at 10:53 am
    You can’t even make sense, you stupid Negro.

    This Danny “Vox” from St Louis trolling it ‘s “Fuck white ppl s” not a real Black or
    poster he’s trolling to F your site up, doesn’t think you are proactive, like
    Controlled Opps pacifier.

  10. Morris Deeds says:

    Millionaire Football Heiress Accused Of Anti-Semitic Assault With Glass Purse
    January 4, 2018 By Marcy Oster


    (JTA) — A millionaire socialite is accused of making anti-Semitic remarks to a Jewish attorney at a Manhattan restaurant and then hitting him over the head with a purse made of glass.

    Jacqueline Kent Cooke, daughter of the late billionaire Jack Kent Cooke, was arrested by New York police on Wednesday and charged with second-degree assault in the New Year’s Eve incident, People magazine reported.

    Cooke reportedly at first denied the incident when confronted by police but later turned herself in.

    Read more:

  11. Morris Deeds says:

    New post on The Occidental Observer:

    The Bestial of British: How Non-Whites Enrich a Stale Pale Nation
    by Tobias Langdon×139.jpg

    Where would Britain be without its communities of colour? For one thing, journalists would have much less to write about. The obscure northern town of Rotherham has achieved world-wide infamy thanks to its hard-working Pakistani rape-gangs. The southern city of London isn’t obscure, but it had fusty associations with stale pale males like Charles Dickens and stale pale institutions like parliamentary democracy.

    Vibrancy and violence

    Mass immigration has changed all that: in the twenty-first century, London vibrates with murders, gang-rapes and acid-attacks. A Black Londoner called Theodore Johnson has just hit the headlines after being convicted of killing his third “partner.”

    That’s some achievement, particularly at the age of sixty-four, but Johnson isn’t as remarkable as the Black Londoner Delroy Easton Grant, a serial rapist who specialized in attacking elderly women.

    These high-achievers originally came here from the small island of Jamaica, which has supplied many more murderers and rapists to Britain since our traitorous elite allowed mass immigration to begin after the Second World War. As the twentieth century closed, Tony Blair and his Jewish immigration minister Barbara Roche began to source our violent criminals from the entire Third World, with entirely predictable consequences. Blair and Roche are now long out of office, but their treachery goes on giving. At the end of December, a London newspaper wrung its hands and listed “the names of the young people we lost to violence in 2017.” A feast for phoneticians then followed:

    Djodjo Nsaka (19), Quamari Serunkuma-Barnes (15), David Adegbite (19), Abdifatah Sheikhey (19), Karim Samms (16), Abdullahi Tarabi (19), Jordon Wright (19), Mahamed Hassan (17), Elijah Dornelly (17), Joao Ricardo Gomes (18), Abdirahman Mohamed (17), Osman Sharif (16), Mahad Ali (18), Joshua Bwalya (16), Soban Khan (18), Daniel Namanga (19), Jermaine Goupall (15), Abdul Mayanja (19), Corey Junior Davis (14), Saif Abdul Magid (18), Aren Mali (17), Michael Jonas (17), Kacem Mokrane (18), Jason Isaacs (18) (London youth violence: These are the names of the 24 teenage boys killed in stabbings and shootings in 2017, Get West London News, 29th December

    More below:

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    Incogman did some coverage of the Newsome/Christian case on one of his threads a long time ago but I can’t remember which one. So I just picked one of his negro crime subject threads to post this update.
    5th suspect in couple’s 2007 killings now indicted on murder

    updated: Apr 05, 2018

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AssPress) – A Tennessee couple was carjacked, raped (asspress left out the word tortured here) and killed in 2007 and new charges including murder have been filed against a man who was convicted in federal court of being an accessory after the fact.

    News outlets report a Knox County grand jury returned a 36-count indictment March 20 against 46-year-old Eric Boyd in the slayings of 23-year-old Christopher Newsom and 21-year-old Channon Christian.

    The county court clerk’s office says Boyd is scheduled to appear in court Thursday. It’s unclear if he has a lawyer.

    County District Attorney General Charme Allen’s office declined to discuss what led to the sealed indictment and whether new evidence has emerged. Then-County DA General Randy Nichols said he didn’t believe he had enough evidence to seek an indictment against Boyd.

    The four other suspects were found guilty in state court.

  13. goldstein says:

    All Goyim shall be exterminated by our proxies. We own you and control everything. We alone will select who is allowed to live to serve us for eternity and who will perish.

  14. Liberals=Libels,Libels=Liberals says:

    Hey niggers that are in here
    why don’t shut your mouth you filthy savages
    you’re just saying that because you know in actuality an reality your race
    and or ethnicity are nothing more than sewage,pawn scum not to mention
    I will like to see you collect all the intel in the late 16th or same century
    an decade in how many whites murdered “innocent blacks”just like Dylan
    Roof murdered those “innocent blacks” in church

    but we all know
    you wouldn’t find any because even if you did or said
    you have we would all know that you blacks will lie your ass’s off
    to make it look like you found them like you do every darn time when ever
    one of your own is caught red handed and he or she still insists that they didn’t
    do nothing.another thing to consider if you add the body count in how many
    of these bonobo erectus have killed whites over the centuries in America,Sub
    Saharan Africa it will surpass the six million deaths to what the Germans did
    to the Jewish an growing.I do love it how naive,ignorant,oblivious black people
    are thinking that the majority of whites in America had black for slaves when
    in fact most of the whites in the United States of America never had them as slaves and the ones that did were only remnants while the first slave owner was a negro owning other blacks.of course when it comes to there race they always have
    to monopolize like they are the only ones enslaved an oppressed since all races
    and ethnicity’s have been through it an much worser than what they’ve been through.

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