Faggy Looking Jew Behind Big Anti-Trump Letter

ANDREW WEINSTEIN ANTI-TRUMP LETTERUnhinged Jewish Rat Behind Letter Signed By 70 Republicans Demanding That The RNC Cut Ties With Trump


An unhinged Jewish rat by the name of (((Andrew Weinstein))) is one of the main figures behind a letter signed by 70 Republican traitors demanding that the RNC cut ties with Donald Trump.

The reasons cited look like they were drafted from the talking points of the Communist opposition otherwise known as the Democrat party. They cry about how he hurt the feelings of the subversive Moslem terrorist who spoke at the DNC, promoted kooky conspiracy theories about Trump’s connections with Russia and whined about how Trump has said mean things about non-Whites.

The whole thing is insane. Trump is the main person raising money for the party. If the RNC stops cooperating with him, they’ll have no money and will have an even harder time winning the Congressional races. These #NeverTrump fools are basically working on behalf of Hillary Clinton. It shows that Trump is fighting the established power that exists in the fake two party system.

From Politico:

Republican Andrew Weinstein, a vocal anti-Trump Republican, is one of the operatives organizing the letter, which began circulating earlier this week and is expected to be sent next week. Weinstein served as director of media relations for the Dole/Kemp presidential campaign and was deputy press secretary to then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Weinstein said that the letter is coming from “People who want the party to protect its majorities in the Senate and the House. It’s not an endorsement of anybody.”

A spokesman for the RNC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The letter ticks off a series of Trump actions that they believe have “alienated millions of voters of all parties,” including, attacking Gold Star families, positive comments about violent foreign leaders and encouraging Russia to find Clinton’s lost emails.

“Those recent outrages have built on his campaign of anger and exclusion, during which he has mocked and offended millions of voters, including the disabled, women, Muslims, immigrants, and minorities,” the letter states. “He also has shown dangerous authoritarian tendencies, including threats to ban an entire religion from entering the country, order the military to break the law by torturing prisoners, kill the families of suspected terrorists, track law-abiding Muslim citizens in databases, and use executive orders to implement other illegal and unconstitutional measures.”


INCOG: Yep, this is the Jew rat behind all this. He once served as spokesman for Newt Gingrich and director of media relations for Bob Dole’s failed campaign against Billy Bob Clinton. But he’s really just a little poser so typical of the beltway Jew rats sucking on the White taxpayer whenever possible. Here’s his LINKEDIN bio. He also looks gay as hell. Would not surprise me in the least he’s HIV positive and hangs out at DC bathhouses and gay bars — maybe even Barney Frank’s Fire Island summer house.

Folks, this is the kind of rotten Jew creep long busy working to turn America into an immoral, Third World hell-hole — where black worship and sodomy is celebrated all over the media.

It’s time to put the SMACK DOWN on these filthy Jew rats!



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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79 Responses to Faggy Looking Jew Behind Big Anti-Trump Letter

  1. Recon Ranger says:

    Incog Man… The commie jew and nigger scum had hacked my system and have put your address incorrectly on my e-mails from your site… hopefully this mail will get me back on track with your posts… thank you…RR

  2. Dan: In the old 1911 Edition of Encylopedia Britanica….says no niggers were allowed in Ottoman Turkey…..10 years ago you could look up anything in these old sets on net…but now its censoreed and says no male chaviism or racism allowed etc etc….what a bunch of crap…anyway if you find an old set look it up…..I know these Ottoman Turks..cut the balls off the Janizarries…. check out Otto Von Hammers Assissins…book…..these raghead killers were sent all over..and demanded yearly ransom for the Old Man of tyhe Mountain in Syria..or they would kill those leaders and so on…..anyway..all these Moslems are Inbred and crazy as hell….as far as the niggers…you say they have high tosterone level.s..hell man its there nature..you can take them out of the jungle but you cant the jungle out of them….these nigs are in open war on whites….be ready…..shoot to kill…NIGGERS ARE RUNNING WILD….remember how the cops just stood and watched as Whites were being attacked by niggers in Miami Riots….they will do the same thing….so be ready for these critters….Guess Wifi and GMOs dont make niggers sterile like it does to Whites….anyway like Ancestry.com says..there is no pure African American in USA…Very few BLUE GUMS…they are mixed with Indian or White or Asian or some other kind of dark critter…they have this in their woodwork..they are not pure BLUE GUMS….anyway all these critterss need to be rounded up and sent back to Aftrica….or go six foot under like Robert Matthews of Order said….to hell with ZOG

  3. Red Pill says:


    The Elite are controlling every aspect of our lives, and have been for years. They control our food and water supply, what we watch on tv or in the movies, the music we listen to, the Education system, Government, Federal Reserve, FBI, CIA, AMA, FDA, CDC and even the air we breathe. The list goes on and on.

    As long as people remain asleep, those who seek power and control will continue to manipulate and engineer the masses, right down to the structure of our very reality.

    Everything You Know Is A Lie… Can You Handle the Truth?

    Revelation 18:4
    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    come out of the delusion.
    that old whore, the world has fornicated us all.
    there is another reality parallel to the one we are presently in.
    i found the door, so can you.
    it’s the only way to escape the coming doom.
    (do not mistake this for religion, religion will send you to hell).

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    Who seen this coming? Hint: I did, Obama did, and of course Hilary did.
    Hillary Clinton is enlisting undocumented “Dreamers” into a new voter registration drive aimed at signing up sympathetic voters with warnings that Donald Trump’s immigration plans could result in their deportation – though the Dreamers themselves cannot legally vote.

    Clinton’s national voter registration program, called “Mi Sueño, Tu Voto/My Dream, Your Vote,” was announced Sunday, on the four-year anniversary of the 2012 order that temporarily shielded from deportation some young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children.

    The 730,000 young people known as Dreamers are prohibited from voting. However, they remain a powerful political organizing force, and the Clinton campaign hopes to use them to convince Latino and other households to go to the polls for the Democratic nominee.

  5. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill,

    Revelation 18:4
    And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

    The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 will not be the Jewish and the Gentile church. They will not be Moses and Elijah reincarnated.

    John the Baptist was not literally Elijah; yet Jesus said that he fulfilled the Elijah prophecy because he came in the spirit and power of Elijah. Likewise, the Two Witnesses will be two ordinary people that apparently come in the spirit and power of Moses and Elijah. These two prophets are almost certainly alive on this earth right now, and are being prepared by God for the ministry for which they have been ordained.

    The time for the revelation of the Antichrist(Zionism and it’s related entities) and False Prophet (Fake APOSTATE Pope and Ministers) is here. These two will be Satan’s witnesses.

    God has an answer for Satan’s master plan. He will present His Two Witnesses to the world. They will preach the full truth of God’s Word for three and one-half years. They will then die in Jerusalem. After 3 1/2 days, they will be resurrected and caught up into the sky.

    Yes, Satan’s messengers will deceive the world and corrupt the people of the world by his flatteries. But, the people who know their God shall be strong and do exploits!

  6. carnac123 says:

    White people need gangs. We need to come together in large groups and defend ourselves and any White that is attacked by the talking gorillas. We used to do it. Now we sit and watch the television and become brainwashed to do nothing. Television is an arm of the government. If you do not believe it concentrate on what is going on. Since Obama has arrived there are more and more blacks on television. There are more and more mixed families on the screen and in commercials. There is never a blond woman standing in a commercial without some negro standing next to her. Do you think this is all an accident? White man; wake up. Get more ammo and get with friends you can trust. Quit being side-tracked by football games and the same old crap. Get out of your recliner, get your weapon, and get in the fight to save your country and in doing so,….you will save yourself, your family, and your children. Look what is happening in cities all over the nation. Negroes are on the rampage and are especially looking to attack white people. Stop being a target. Become a hunter and a defender of Whites. Whites can riot and fight also and the scum will find that out soon.

  7. Red Pill says:


    the Two Witnesses are the two lamp stands
    the two lamp stands are the two houses of Israel.
    the house of Israel and the house of Judah.
    i would say more, but this is not the place to do it.
    take the clues i gave you and ask the holy spirit to show you who they are today.

  8. Smitherines says:

    Milwaukee Rioter To Police: “We Cannot Cohabitate With White People, One Of Us Has To Go”

    Josh Caplan
    August 14th, 2016

    In yet another shocking video to emerge from the Milwaukee riots, local police were the target of intense verbal abuse and physical threats by angry African Americans.

    At the 35 second mark in the video below, a Black Lives Matter supporter can be heard telling law enforcement “we are done with that justice for peace shit, we want blood.”

    A few seconds later, the same man told police officer that “we cannot cohabitate with white people anymore, one of us has to go, black or white!.”


  9. dan says:

    @Smitherines Yes we can co-exist with blacks.

    The first lesson is to castrate testosterone fueled bucks, negating all possible aggressive behaviors in them.

    The Ottoman’s castrated all of their blacks and didn’t have a single slave revolt in 600 years — The America’s didn’t pay attention to the fine example and pay the price now.

    Society will collapse before you can employ slavery, which is a ripe time to do it, you will not see the chance to “deport them all to Africa and live separate”; you must learn the ways of animal domestication young Luke.

  10. Dan: Good article about ball lesss nigs in Ottoman Empire….anyway….We dont need niggers or any kind of darkies…and we dont need kikes overlording us..piss on that..we need geographical seperation…if they dont get out like Robert Matthews said….of the Order..no Anti White on Non White allowed above the Rio Grande…..if they dont leave 6 foot under…..The Darkies will never change and neither will the Kike Overlords….they all gotta go….WHITE AMERICA and White World Control…not Kike Kahilla Klan Overlording everyone….Just heard Trumps speech in Ohio…the words Anti Semitism. Hate and Bigotry came up…I hope he does not target Whites for the Kike PTB…like he wants to with Ragheads….If he wins we will know for sure if he is pro White or not…..Can you imagine Whites protesting and talking that way to cops…without a doubt they would use deadly force on us……Remembeer The Klan in NC got there guns and what they did…thats what scares the shit out of ZOG…If anyone has a old set of 1911 Encylopdias..look up Turkey or Ottoman Empire…I remember that it said NO BLACKS were allowed on the Turkey pennisular….anyway..whatever…we dont need the darkies or kikes…period…..they will always work to destroy us…..

  11. Dan…I dont think most Turko Mongolians like Blacks…..Since we live in PC crap age..history rewritten…..they change things…the Kikes….They hate the old 1911 Encylopedia Britnanicas because they are not politically correct and want all new history the way they want it..More than likely..No Blacks were allowed into Turkey until after the fall of the Ottomn Empire in 1917. (Maybe they had Black Eunuchs..but Blacks just could not go to Turkey unless Turkey let them maybe to become a Eunuch)..In History most Eunuchs were White Christians….also the Turko Mongolians took a lot of White Christians and made the females sex slavees in their Harems….you know damn for sure that half white half turko mongolians were made in this situation….I read were the Turks took Circassians and others and made them warriors and cut their balls off…read that in a few books..anyway the KIKES are rewitting all history and getting rid of all true history…Like Nigger Cowboys out west..Nigger Vikings and Niggers this and that and on and on bull crap….Helen and Choas has a good take on Chinese and races….how they explain Mongols is wild…anyway..seems true to me what they say about Heberew Saxon Mongols being the lap dogs of the Chinese Hong Masons….This politiocally correct history of jews suck..its all lies….look at all the real old history books…will surprise you nd what these serpents critters have done to history…..

  12. S O G says:

    all the executive orders add up to genocide …legally …its a jew obsession ..legal ism ..
    the jews make the death penalty for well deserved misanthropes and niggers go away but instead want to mass murder and starve 300 million americans ,,,
    all the jew crapper shit like hostile takeovers and leveraged buyouts and anti trust are all controlled and invented by jews and made legal ..the anti trust part is used against any opposing gentile company wants to achieve immortality …onl;y the jews can ascend to this babylonian tower of control over finances in the globe …
    many laws (hundreds) were passed in congress without public awareness to facilitate jewish monetary financial industrial hegemony ..americans unaware state is like rem coma ..
    hundreds of privately owned gentile banks were shuttered by jewish contolled bank regulators rackets 10 years ago …i saw my bank get closed and reopened under new ownership for doing somethin specifically not illegal and industry wide practice ..so if there was an illegality they would have just replaced the managerial peeps ..not close the bank down by jew regulators ..it is said not written that the stock exchange is controlled by jews and that insider trading goes on 24/7 by jews in high places ..
    the usa also bailed out mexican extension banks a couple years before the big bullshit jew scam on wall street ..never mind the S&L scandal pres reagan signed …
    mexican banks got billions and not a fuckin peep in the media ..they got the money from us ..
    suuuuuuuuuuuuuch uhhhh deeeeeeeeeeeeeeal
    if we castrated niggers we would have a whole country filled with michael jackson impersonators ..good point tho ..the muslims did remove 20 million niggers to middle east as sex and labour slaves …its ironic that niggers today flock to islam as their stockholm syndrome is passed along genetically ..
    the 14 other million nignog ididots that were transfeerredto south america therby astronomically increasing their odds of longevity and survival and of not being eaten for lunch by their freindly street crapper tribe …
    i dont know if i would even compare testosterone to nigger violence but if it wasnt test it would be the akkuhall or tribal voodoo rap nursery rhyme tunes …but yes i can see the excess of test and the lack of a proper working brain would absolutely cause what is going on in america ..with or without testosterone i would imagine with niggers …cut off the nuts and they grow to be effeminate and express high estrogenic atributes …i say just killellillellillell em all ..use of secret word ..lol….yeah so who can niggers blame for all the undoing and dooodoing inn africa ..cant blame the whiytes ..ahhye ..there are plenty of other white colonies never mentioned in the struggle ..lol struggle ..yeah a struggle to put 2 words together without grunting or raping …
    kinda like america where the south gets bashed for slabbery n sheeyit but the north had just as many slaves and rthe majority were under black slave owners ..niggers owned by niggers just like africa ..just like sierra leone and liberia and mauritania where the passed a law forbidding slavery ..maybe forbidding it and outlawwing it are two different things that mean the same thing or vice versa ….niggere enslave whole american cities with fear and murder and rape and car jacking and murder and home invasion and murder ,,did i say murder …niggers are responsible for 55% of murders in america ..used to be an age limit for nigger violence ..now we see that young niggers 4 years old to niggers 70 years old commit crimes against whites and in fact we whites have been under the yolk of nigger pathology for 300 years ..we have been slaves to nigger violance and pathology for 300 years ..still tho niggers are 13% of american pop and the killer class of clowns is 4 % so 4 % of the population commits 55% of american murders and 9-11 thousand other niggers by niggers is included in the mix …
    so ifr yer sittin in yer house with the lites out some nite and you could swear a ghost is carrying out your teevee as it is floating toward the door its probably just your new sec 8 neighborly nigger bringing er taking a house warming gift .. ..

  13. Smitherines says:

    >> General. F. Dunford is a great loss to our military leadership at a time when Americaâ??s national leadership is sorely and dangerously lacking.
    >> America’s Top General Resigns
    >> Date: July 7, 2016 at 12:02:01 AM CDT
    >> General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., USMC resigns his job as highest ranking USMC General, but not before he inflicts some major damage to the idiots in the White House and this socialists administration. May God have mercy on the USA, and may God forgive the citizens of this nation for not following the wisdom of Dr. Ben Carson when he was attempting to unite “We the People” to take back Washington DC.
    >> And should Mr. Trump make it to the White House, may God have mercy on the Obama’s and every other treasonous member of that administration, because he will do a lot more than reverse all the illegal “executive orders” that “tail that wags the dog imposter” signed into “lawâ?.
    >> Very interesting…
    >> Finally…a leading general who tells it just as it is…straight talk from a true patriot…A heartfelt Semper Fi to General Dunford!
    >> Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, in concern for the lives of current and future US military personnel and to honor those who have gone before, I must speak to the nation today.
    >> I’ve called this press conference to announce that I am resigning as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and I am retiring after 39 years on active duty, which included combat service in Iraq leading the finest Marines in the world.
    >> I am resigning as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and retiring from the Marine Corps for the following reasons:
    >> For the last seven years during the Obama Administration:
    >> I have watched and remained silent as hundreds of senior officers were forced to resign or were forcibly retired because of their disagreements with the current policies wrecking the military.
    >> I have watched and remained silent as people who have never served a day in uniform laid siege to the glorious traditions of the US military.
    >> I have watched and remained silent as male ROTC cadets paraded in red high heels, male soldiers conducted physical training wearing pregnancy simulators, combat units dealt with breastfeeding and lactation issues in the field and sensitivity training became the standard operating procedure of the US military.
    >> I have watched and remained silent as trans-genders were authorized to serve in the ranks, and three females graduated from the US Army Ranger School, under what I believe are the most dubious of circumstances.
    >> My predecessors in the JCS chose to look the other way, and like Pontius Pilate, wash their hands of these egregious affairs.
    >> My predecessors in the JCS were more concerned about their careers than about the welfare of the nation and the troops they led every day.
    >> Now the final nail in the coffin of the US military has been hammered in.
    >> On April 1, 2016, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, with the full backing of the President of the United States, authorized the legal inclusion of women in the combat arms branches and special operations units of the United States Armed Forces.
    >> In good conscience, I can no longer remain silent. The stakes are too high for this nation and for the women in the US military who, I believe will be greatly harmed by their inclusion in the combat arms and special operations.
    >> I can no longer watch the US military be annihilated. While many have chosen to sit on the sidelines, I must step forth and report to the nation concerning the mortal danger the US military is in tonight because of its commander in chief, President Barack Obama and his cabinet and advisers.
    >> The evidence against women in direct combat from the Center for Military Readiness and the Marine Corpsâ?? 36 million dollar, 9 month study and the performance of women at the Marine Infantry Officers Basic Course is overwhelming. Yet, the President, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of the Army refuse to acknowledge that the evidence even exists.
    >> It does exist and it indicates that while women perform spectacularly in 80% of the jobs in the military, the combat arms and special operations should be closed to them; permanently.
    >> Women are simply prone to more injuries than men, have less muscle mass, do not have the upper body strength, the same aerobic lung capacity and the aggressiveness to fulfill the militaryâ??s combat readiness requirements and missions.
    >> The so-called experts often say that women have already served in combat. In the last two conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, females did engage the enemy and many performed heroically and beyond the call of duty. But, returning fire during a military police security operation is not the same as being in a combat arms unit that has the mission of finding, fixing and killing the enemy. That is like comparing Pop Warner Football with the NFL.
    >> Reality says that women serving in the combat arms and special operations is not just a bad idea, but a horrific decision that puts this nation in mortal danger.
    >> The President and the Secretary of Defense are not dealing with reality, but with a feminist based fantasy based on false premises of gender neutrality. They see the world the way they want it to be, not the way it is. These policies are based on the illusion that genders are neutral and that none of this will affect the militaryâ??s readiness, esprit de corps and ability to wage and win wars.
    >> There is no gender neutrality on a battlefield.
    >> It is the responsibility of Americaâ??s military leaders to protect the nation and to obey the lawful orders of those appointed above us. But, our military leaders are not martinets. There is no Fuehrerprinzip in America. An order is not just an order. The nationâ??s military leaders have a moral duty to inform our elected officials when policies they support and implement are destructive to the nation itself.
    >> Silence is not golden. It is pure and unadulterated moral cowardice.
    >> Congress also has a duty to protect the nation and to insure that the military is strong and readiness is maintained. On the issue of women in combat, Congress has been full of sound and fury, while signifying nothing. Except for a few concerned veterans like Senator John McCain and Congressman Duncan Hunter, Congress has remained silent because a majority of Congress has never served and is largely ignorant of the issue itself.
    >> I cannot in good conscience promote policies that will order American women, ages 18 â?? 26 to register and be eligible for a military draft which could place them in combat arms units in wartime.
    >> I cannot in good conscience serve as the highest ranking military member of the US military, when I am completely at odds with the social engineering directives emanating from the Secretary of Defense and the President.
    >> The military has one sole mission. That is to wage war and to vanquish the enemies of this nation on land, on the seas and in the air. It must never be used as a social engineering project by naive and uninformed politicians and lobbyists.
    >> As the military prepares for this cataclysmic change, the enemies of this nation are lining up against us. They know that this is a lose, lose situation for us and a win, win situation for them. They know that we are now going to wage war with a much weaker force and that our readiness is withering by the hour.
    >> It is very possible that the United States of America may never win another war. I do not believe this is hyperbole. I believe this is a fact.
    >> The fate of the republic hangs in mortal jeopardy. I pray that my successor and a new President elected in 2016 have the courage and the wisdom to amend the policies that might very well destroy this great nation I have served for nearly four decades.
    >> I bid you farewell. Semper Fi

  14. S O G says:

    modernheretic today ..black cop shoots stupid nigger ,,jew media tried to ramp it up like a whjite cop shot a cockroach a sacred cockroach ..niggers will make whitey pay no matter who did what or to who…
    niggers are funny to ..they need an excuse that is riddled with delusionary propaganda hokum brainwashing and jekem to go and kill whites because of what a black cop does ..somehow they connect the black cop killing a nigger they dont even like and would probably shoot themselves to completely nigger manufactured white guilt and subsequent targeting of whites for their own failures and ther actions of cops justifiable most of the time ….
    im thinking that the niggers dont even need to have an excuse anymore like a robbery gonbe bad thing …that the robbery turned to murder but first a quick break for a quick rpe then murder …if murder is like sex to the nigroid miscreant malfunctioning hominids then the trilogy of robbery rape and murder can come in nay order and was always the real intent …its never a robbery gone bad ..why dont they say it was a rape gone bad or it was a murder gone bad after the nigger kills he rapes ..like i said no special order ..
    hey bailey where you hiding at ,,heh heh ..try the 40 ounce country club ..best beer for the money …used to be 1.69$ a few years ago …better beer than many others …

    niggers are always causing problems /n.a.a.c.p.
    niggers wanna come and burn down the suburbs …victimize innocent people ..when white peole get mad iof they ever do we need to go shoot up nigger ghettos ..oh gosh wait i meant burn them down …right i am not allowed politically to say this but niggers like NOI and their subniggerary the nbppoopers can moan all day long on obama fawns and cry out for the death of white babies …1 white baby is worth 10,000 nigger turd chirrens …
    niggers wanna bring this shit to a close ..ramp up or stand down ..
    i suppose if we had a group of whites who were dedicated to wiping out the worthless violent niggers like the niggers have groups dedicated to wiping out whites we would be called white kkk nazi extremeists but yet niggers are praised and admonished politically to be radical anti white racists and its a ok …
    i see a problem with that …lol…
    why are these stupid fuckin niggers going to riot over the latest ape who got himself shot by a black cop …it was a black cop …and it waS a worthless gun toting criminal nigger …who pointed the thing at a cop ..who the hell wouldnt shoot the fucker …
    niggers are not only stupid they are getting stupider by the day …now if a nigger commits suicide they are going to riot …white people could a dunn sumthin to stop dis shiyit ….niggers are beyond worthless ..beyond dangerous ..beyond redemption ..
    goof fuckin keeeeryse there is no end or bottom to nigger appeasement ..we need to do more ..like magnetic sights they can mount on the right side of their gats so they can hit more niggers when holding the gun in an african maricone position ..
    i think police should just quit responding to black niggerhoods for any reason ..
    niggers are all fuck the popo then when they need the police they holler hepp us oh laaaawdy laaaawdy heppus …im surprised nigger cities havent incorporated nigger cops only for niggerhoods …hands up policing ..i think the niggers want the cops to surrender to them …
    when stupid people with lo intelligence are left to their own devices and then demand to be laft to their own devices and refuse any progressive input it becomes shit in shit out ..street crapper street rapper ..gown uh popuh cap in yo azz n sheeyit …they murder the english language to …black lies and jew lies matter ..black lives scatter ..
    niggers cant even go without shooting each other for 1 day …or staabbing a fambly member actuaLLY a half member over a kfc hot wing …absolutuely no ability to put the brakes on when tribal emotions detonate .
    anyway most jews look like faggots ..most faggots are jews ..see how that works out ..stay away from jews and you stay away from aids infected fags and vice versa ..
    break time ….

  15. Marc C. Daniele says:

    Heading for the article about Gen. Dunford’s “retirement speech”
    “N.B. Since this article’s publication, some have asked if General Joe really made this speech and if he has indeed retired. General Joe did not say these words. I only wish he had.”

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