“Norwegian” Somali Goes on Stabbing Spree in UK


By Phillip Marlowe

Folks: This crap is clearly getting ridiculous. The other night a wilding Somali teen in London stabbed six people out on the street in a nice touristy part of London; including a couple of Americans, an Australian and an Israeli. A White American woman from Florida in her 60’s died on the spot. I imagine her family is totally heartbroken right now.

Jenna Cartwright, a 21 year-old new mother, was abducted off the street in Canada by a Somali who tortured and raped her for days. He left her dead in a muddy ditch.

Jenna Cartwright, a cute 21 year-old new mother, was abducted right off the street in Canada by a drug-dealing Somali who beat, tortured and raped the poor girl for days. He left her mutilated to death in a muddy ditch to rot. The traitor media didn’t even show a photo of the perp.

I remember seeing this episode of “The First 48” where this popular White college student was leaving his pals at a bar in Minnesota. As he was getting on his moped to go home, a Somali accosted him for his wallet and stuck him in the gut with a knife. The poor guy stumbled for a few yards bleeding like crazy before collapsing to the sidewalk dead. The detectives brought in some of these Somalis for interrogations and you could easily see how ridiculous it is letting such animals into America.

Somalis are a particularly violence prone species. Meaner than snakes. You can’t even understand what they are trying to say when they speak. It’s just jibberish. They don’t even try to learn English. Why we allowed this nasty race to immigrate into the US and throw money at is utterly beyond me. I think the average IQ level in that part of the planet is something like 60 points. They have absolutely nothing at all to contribute to our country but pain and suffering.

Guns got nothing to do with it. I can walk into a “Bed, Bath and Beyond” or a Walmart right now and easily shoplift a super bad butcher’s knife — with a blade that would scare the bejesus out of anyone out on the street. A knife that would surely kill you dead if it hits an artery when the black bastard stuck you with it. Happens all the time with these animals.

Beautiful 19 year-old Margaret Molland Sanden, was stabbed to death by a Sudanese in Norway back in 2013.

Beautiful 19 year-old Margaret Molland Sanden, was brutally stabbed multiple times to death on a bus by a black Sudanese immigrant in Norway in 2013. He also killed an elderly White couple. The media didn’t show his photo, either.

And that’s exactly what these black Somalis bastards do. They can stick it down into a sock, just inside of a pant’s leg and no one is going to know. They can whip it out and tell you to hand it over and jab you with it right quick before running away laughing like wild African hyenas.

White people, this BS has gotten way, way out of hand.

They called the stabber in London “mentally unfit” right away so that it might somehow preclude us Whites from getting more paranoid about Muslim Terrorism in our lands. Just like they did with an Iranian (or maybe Syrian) who shot 9 people in a Munich McDonalds. Hell, the traitorous Jew media in Germany even had the nerve to call that non-White guy a Nazi, too. The lying BS is out of control.

A White German videotaped the shooter yelling on top of a parking garage from his apartment’s balcony. Just because he called the man a “Turk” in the video, Bavarian authorities are now investigating the White guy for “hate speech!”

All this is because of us being forced to accept non-Whites, including Muslim nutcases into the White nations of the West.

Ugly non-Whites kill us all the time. We really do need to round them up and put them on container ships for return back to El Negro land.  Sure, a few of them will try to resist by violent means, stupidly wanting to continue living the cushy life here in our lands — getting everything handed to them for free — but we’ll just have to deal with it by using “extreme prejudice” right on the spot.

You can just sit there and try to tell me I’m a terrible racist for saying the kinds of things I say here on my site.

That is, of course, until you get to see it up close and personal!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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81 Responses to “Norwegian” Somali Goes on Stabbing Spree in UK

  1. S O G says:

    look at the smokin jew deal this savage asshole nigger got ..he should have been marched out to a wall and summarily shot ..just like that ..1 2 3 a b c ..
    what did they need a plea deal for ..i smell a jew ..witnesses who were injured by simpleton while trying to get him to stop killing their family member ..she had a boyfriend and thet wasnt good enough for the stupid lo iq morlox…
    go with caution out there white people ..
    the jews have destroyed the usa justice sysytem and made it nigger friendly and anti white same as courts all over the jew infested world …absolutely disgusting ..this simpson fucker almost killed the son etc …destroyed the family and the marriage ..ahh no we need to do a plea bargain and so the nigger sob wont get the death penalty …fuckin jews have bolloxed up the death penalty as well …fuckin kike lawyers ..
    my only question is why the father did not have at least a metal pipe to crush the niggers skull with or a legfal fire arm to shoot the pos …..
    nigger gets a big fat jew pass for his work for killing gentiles in the service of the jews ..this nigger practiced killing the burke family for a year ..pretendong to be their freind the whole time …raed te mothers sad tale ..
    oh yeah you got catholic assholes who want to abolish the death penalty …

  2. S O G says:

    be sure and read thy off2dr blog from cat burke …she has a point ..her daughter is brutally murdered and the pro white assholes sound like they support the nigger =scumbags murder of her family ..i cant see any differenc ebetween the faggots at national nigger foot soldier site or the white site ..makes you wonder who thinks they are running pro white issues and programs and protocols …..if some fudker from stormfront wrote some sit to me about a family member hel;lwhite or not id hunt his ass down ..assclown ..the niggers are bad enough woithout the supposed pro whjite sites turning on white people especially in the face oif a brutal murder oif a beautiful inteelligent white young woman …the nigger was gay ..he wasnt told to stay away from the daughter ,he had stolen and acted like a worthless nigger and when the burkes discovered this they removed his worth;less african ass from te house …
    read it ..wtf were the fucking asshjolecops up to by kidnapping cat and holding her agaoinst her will in a garage down the street ..it definitely had something to doi with the fact thet this niggers niggr father was a cop ….technicalaly the police kidnapped mrs burke ..and falsely imprisoned and illegally deataiuned her and failed to do their jobs until the media saw the cop chasing mrs burke after she fled illegal police detainment ..then the shitcop backed off ..it seems like tey were trying to give simpson .o yeah another murderer named simpson sounds eeerilie familiar ..seems like the cops were trying to allow simpson time to get far away ..his sheeboon whore of a mother aided and abetted and was never charged but if you were white you would a seen the inside of a cell for this …those 2 stupid niggers who killed the minor white blonde female for her bicycle ..that one ..yeah and she is in a garbage can ..and the nigger bitch mother tries to get thet reward for knowing where she was ..she knew or helped her stupid useless morlock nigger sons dump the girl ..niggers dont accept that they be accountable for their grevious actions ever ..niggers got to go ..
    i cant figure out why the cops took mrs burke into fals imprisonment in a garage down the street from the crime and why they told her her daughter was still alive …
    i can only suspect that eoither the faggot niggers father or mother knew of the plans for murders months in advance amd the father used his influence to help the nigger get away ..and the plea bargain ..im beyond stabby ..thet bridge back to stabby is gone.
    the pro white fuckers and some of their wierd beliefs in unconventional christianity is rediculous ..if everyone on here professes a different jesus and differetn god then where is the solidarity ..if you further victimize a white family after they suffered inhuman behaviour from a nigger then you need to check yourself …i stand for what i believe ….dont blame white people for the brainwashing ..exterminate the brainwashers ..you remeber the deprogramming groups who would kidnap naive idiots from fanatical religious cults in the 70-80’s ..the evil ,majority must be exterminated or fugheddaboudit …its one way or nothing at tis point there are npo options on the table with niggers calling fro exterminaTION of all whites ..thats you and me and your kids etc …
    that plea bargain they gace this asshole is extraordinarily obnoxious ..and unneccessary because he ntried to kill everyone in the house and there were witnesses ..slam dunk ..so who bolloxed this slam dunk case ….his mamme and sperm donor daddy are corporately guilty of the murderes their faggot nigger son committed …may they rot in hell as well ..
    now multiply this nigger horror on whites by 140,000 since 1800’s ..
    most of the murderes have been of late …
    this nigger could get out of jail someday ..someone who cares should keep track of the time and day that this might happen …
    we are under siege in america since the pooftus took office ..the stool fairy in chief .
    and his ugly tranny wife gorilla humangatan etc …

  3. Good posts Sog….yeah it is bad,,,been that way for years and years,,,,Its in them …the Headhunter crap to stalk us and attack us…its the jungle genes….let me ask you a question..what about the Shriners and the Nimrod Oath and taking allegiance to Allah and the Brotherhood of Man We areAll One and them wearing the red fezes and using the moslem sword….they are all over the place….infiltrated everywhere…same with the Zombie Black Masons…even King was a Prince Hall so is OB….they (the PETS)take orders from their Masters..the Bay Bay Brit Boys….like Rockwell says..sometimes you can be a in a ditch hole and no whigger whites around will give you a hand..but a darkie will….take it…and get out of the hole….the blacks dont need the BLM they need the Back To Africa Movement..that was done by Marcus Garvey….we live in dark rotten fruitcake world now..the ZOG MATRIX..gotta figure out how to get out of it……have to watch out…they are using the blue lazer lights to blind… also.put the blue light filter screen on the labtop..protect your eyes….

  4. S O G says:

    hoff you gave me a good idea ..
    re-energize america ,plant jews and muslims an niggers maybe they will turn into trees someday
    http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/rnr/5692618313.html ……..this link shows the illegal immigration of turd world moozlims ..and settlement in america …skip the naturalization process eeez raysizz …
    will turd world street crappers ever work ..no ..will they ever assimilate into americans ,no…
    will they refrain from violence or demanding sharia ..hell no ..wtf are they doing here ..oh well maybe they will majically turn into good citizens ..nope …they will continue to organize and terrorize here like they do in other countries and their own ..shoulda been a clue ..people should have protested and resisted this infiltration …millions had stood up it wouldnt continue ..jews are only doing what they can get away with ..remember the words of solshenitzyn…”we burned in the camps ” thinking of how cheka could have been defeated ..the jews won ,they always win because we never resist their tyranny and global hegemony ..
    clinton foundation pays the khan crapper gold star muslim …what muslim would allow his boy to go kill other muslims …i mean we sahould all kia their asses but just sayin .

  5. S O G says:

    http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/rnr/5704315990.html clinton monkey sheins
    discourse on street crappers islamic cult .. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/rnr/5689903087.html
    hey isnt that an oxymoron ..islamic /extremist ..same difference ..
    another good news site is phillycrimenews dot com …is maniacnannies news compilation distrib site since “they”took her maniacnanny site down for tooooo much truth and news about niggers true pathology …..

  6. S O G says:

    good writeup warrior …the key to jew succes is to have organized unnoticed militias like masons globally that kikes control ..or like turkey ..turkey is israels militia and controlled by jews for more than 100 years ..not so surprising when you think of france havinf been under the jews ass for 300 years or britain and cromwell and king richard regicide ..wasnt crom boy dug up when brits held a legal court proceeding and convicted all of regicide ..funny point is they dug crommy up and hung him twice and chopped off his head and not the other way around ..ever try to hang someone without a head ,,lol..not lately ..
    england had even kicked the filthy jews out in 1200’s for blood ritual …
    on and on ..kikes have controlled china for 2 thousand years ..chinks invented the foldable cash and im sure a jew had to do with that .. the catholic church and the indulgences and the counting of offering cash and other booty ..it was considered unclean for caths preests to deal with money so the hired ——–> j e w s to count the money ..let the fox into the hen house …foxes have moer nobility than a fuccin jew ..
    https://archive.org/details/TheJewsandTheirLies by martin luther ..not bad free pdf
    http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=448 gun seizure and elimination is what gun control means .. the unconstitutional meddling and trifling with unalienable rights including our right to self defense and our right to eliminate communist jew tyranny and cleanse our nation of turd world street crapping cockroaches …
    the jew organizes at congress and satanic senate level to violate our rights to gun possession …meanwhile as guns are highly micromanaged and good law abiding people are not allowed to be armed for protection while niggers cut them down the political jews also known as traitors to america carry their own guns for protection and have armed gaurds …gun control was used against armenians in 1915 in turkey and look waht happened ..it was used against russians 1917 and look what happened ..and russia had been the most heavily armed populace at the time with women carrying derringers and such …gun control was used against the usa and look at crime wave and mini nigger riots in usa ..over 500 in 100 cities only recently ..mob attacks and wilding and polar bear and knockout game arre to be considered riots but also rampaging in numbers andf closing down malls etc ..schools …fuck thees stone age refuse dead end dna half apes half shit ….america according to the commie cunt valerie jarret who presently squats in the white house for free with tranny ladys mom or is she also a rent a mom like the keeds …valerie stinkho jarret says what made america great must die ….commies and muslims need to be exterminated …
    its awfully frikkin obvious that the jews want law abiding whites to be slaughtered ..they really dont hide it much anymore ..gun laws and other acts of treason against
    the constitution are rampant in obamastan …the pooftus has spoken ..the prince of butt piracy ..etc ..the death of the 4th amendment in a large way at the fake boston marathon bombing ..cops enter watertown and take citizen occupants of private houses out at gun point and to an area away from their homes …this is technical kidnapping ..false imprisonment and illegal all kinds o shit ..but its ok cus the cops say so ..they came with tanks and snipers …they had no clue to where the scape goat not bombers had gone …they do alot of “legal” home invasions now and shoot dogs even ones who are secured and friendly ..baltimore has a flilthy pig cop named bolger who walked up to a dog and slit its throat and was laughing while it was trying to breathe …the niggers can kill this mother fucker all they want …in fact most cops are shitbags and no friend of the constituion or the middle class …
    the cops got called for a dog that was loose but was now tied up and none of the other losers tried to stop bolger ..fuckin psyco ..white cops black cops asian cops ,mexxy cops are all assholes and i never had many good encounters with cops who didnt lie or act psycotic ….
    in this link you see violent worthless niggers wearing sweat shirt hoody like the robes of kuklux …and the writing says kill all white supremecists ..do you think white supremecicts arent jews and how does that change the dynamic for niggers ..will they actually go attack rich jews or just innocent everyday whites ..because the code word for any white person is white supremecist ..i say kill all niggers wearing violent hate filled racist anti white messages on their stolen clothing ..so waht i said ..kill all niggers ..they say it all the time ..kill all whites and they are doing it fo no reasons …just stupid black moron delusional reasons ..think we can ever go back to a discussion or a parlee with niggers anymore ..they have kept the white man down for 300 years under the murdering raping robbing terror they commit on a daily basis for 300 years against whites ..back then they didnt kill or rape out of anger for slavery cus they knew that blacks owned slaves also and many niggers today have also jew surnames and so rich jews did own most of the plantayions ..shocker …
    so to a nigger any white person even a 90 year old helpless old woman is a white supremecist ..i reality the eqaul riot bs the niggers were on about fr 50 years was mainly for them to have extraordinary rights andf amnesty for their fucked up tribal vilence pathology ..
    think about mandella and his invention of the flaming nacklace or shakra zulu nigger bufoon who killed 4 million other niggers out side of zulu nation …
    mandellape smoked thousdands of niggeres whodint wan commie jew politics and thiousands of whites ..apartheid is a myth then ..now its real with 700,000 poor whites evicted from properties that jews took over and jobs and assets ..these white people live in refugee camps hundreds of em and have little to no food and die ..30 white peole a day in SA are murdere by niggers ..no shit like this ever exeisted as a force against blacks by whites …it was a holohoax …but real apartheid is practiced against “white supremecists ” as i use the word in sarcastic mode by jews and niggers in africa ..same in israel where the jews have MURDERED 4 milion pally women children and men to steal the land ..they build 30 foot walls and rip out olive groves from families who have been on the land for 2000 years and longer …
    niggers are worthless and that stupid ..they are not worth a damn ..
    when they were looking for revenge for the killing of oscar grant in oakland they raped women and never even tried to get at officer messerhle ..they are quite satisfied to kill any old white person for any old reason ..irrational reasons ..they are very open about wanting us dead ..i want them dead more …its them or us ..burn that into your framework …

  7. dan says:

    “@Dan–do you have any percentages on black abortion? It seems strange they’d abort a majority of their kids when they get paid to have bastard picaninnies.”

    According to the CDC, 35% of negro pregnancies are aborted. Hillary pushing the feminism can get this up to 50% or greater.

    The radical feminism can also get all male prisoners castrated.

    Vote Hillary.

  8. J.B. STONER years ago said 90 percent of all abortions are sttupid ass brain dead white girls….Whites have had the most Abortions since 73….Abortion is a not equal opportinity thin young white girls are brainwashed by zog..thats its ok to let jew doctors or darkie creeps abort them…like its ok….Abortion is needed badly for the overbreeding darkies..(worldwide)..During my life I have seen stupid ass White Whigger guys go get their tubes cut like the dumb ass white whigger girls do..very sickening….The greatest threat to future is not climate change..its overbreeding darkies….open your eyes and look around..it should scare the hell out of you….The one jew creep Doctor in Hilton Head South Carolina buys aborted babiess and makes a IV Serum with Collagen to extend life from 10 to twenty years..many say George Burns, Dick Clark and Strom Thurmond had these every six month treatments of the Aborted Baby Collagen IV….cost 15 thousaand every six months..Anti Abortion group had a hidden camera near the clinic and had pictures of all the creeps..mostly rich going for this treatment…This info has been totally Blacked Out by the PTB….and by the way.. lot of cosmetics have aborted baby collegen in them…..so do niggers and darkies need abortions…you damn right they do and they need to be sterilized so they wont keep breeding and breeding and making zillions of dark critters…..

  9. kerdasi amaq says:

    It’s kind of sad really; the British police had an opportunity to give this Somali a hot lead deportation order and they passed it up. 😡

  10. Yeah Sog these Judeo Masonic anti white Creeps are Militias of ZOG without a doubt….they are also the Ram Rodders and Enforces of ZOG Agenda…..All Anti White Masonry must be banned….these snakes are evrywhere…and they gotta face their fate for their anti white Kike Worshipping crap…these zombie bullies and killers of ZOG….to hell with ZOG and all their PETS….

  11. Barney says:

    The really BIG lie is that jungle apes are somehow “human” just because they can walk upright. So can gorillas and chimps when it suits them, and in my opinion a gorilla is far more civilised and considerably less ugly than a nigger.

    We should go to the zoo and open every cage. Let the animals run loose and give them superior rights over us. That’s the jews’ plan, but what is a jew anyway? Just a parasite, far less “human” even than a jungle nigger or an ant.

    Animals have two needs. Feed and breed. That’s all they do, and when they come across something their simple minds can’t understand, they either ignore it or destroy it. Look at the palaces in India abandoned to Nature because, even after the misguided addition of White DNA, their simple mud minds can’t understand our idea of luxury, and the nigger is even worse.

    Feeding is easy in the jungle, and breeding compensates for the loss of so many niglets to disease or other animal species. That’s why they don’t care if they lose a few. They have no compassion because (to a White Family) the loss of a child can be devastating. Jungle animals can’t afford to care about the loss of a few family members, and then there’s cannibalism.

    Who’s for dinner?

    The jews are not Human. They’re not even apes. They have no place in this world. All they know is to parasitise, defile and destroy, and they’re intentionally unleashing dangerous wild animals to achieve what they themselves are too ignorant and cowardly to do themselves.

    What jewish “intelligence”? High IQ scores are easy when your tribe controls the tests. Their claimed “intelligence” is no greater than that of a turd.

    Every week I see more monkeys on the streets of what was once my country (and will be again). Every week I see more formerly-White females that are lost to our species because they’ve fallen for the LIE that apes are human too, and probably quite a few of those lost females (no longer deserving to be regarded as women) have been taken in by that other (probable) lie that niggers are unusually “gifted” in the trouser department. The same could be said of horses and elephants, but that’s hardly a reason to breed with them.

    I’m crippled (no sympathy please, I’m a White Man), so it would seem there’s not a lot I can do, but I drive an electric vehicle, and if I ever see a monkey attacking a Human Being, the monkey will find out what it feels like to be hit by an object with a combined weight of 3½ cwt (175 kilos) travelling at 8mph.

    Hate crime? Not me. I don’t know what happened. I just lost control of my vehicle.

    The jew is the cause of the problem. The jew is the disease flooding our countries with jungle animals. The jew has to be the first to go, after which the clean-up will be easy.

    ALL jungle critters have to be returned to the jungle, except those that have attacked our people. Those have to be treated the same as any other animal that has shown itself to be dangerous.

    The devil’s vermin have to business invading our world. They have no place anywhere on Earth, so must be returned to where they do belong, with their father as defined by Jesus Christ.

    In the past, any attempted mass invasion, whether by hostile Humans, wild monkeys or any other dangerous critter, would have been met with machine gun fire at the very least, proving beyond doubt that our ancestors knew better than to listen to the lies of the devil jew.

  12. Barney says:

    Anyone who thinks abortion is acceptable needs to see The Silent Scream.

    WARNING. The truth about murdering babies in this way is likely to make you throw up.


  13. Barney says:

    It’s all true, I tell you.

    I’ve just found out six jews were gassed a million times each.

    They were fed on nothing but baked beans and diamonds for three weeks, and then locked in a room.

    Six jews, one million farts each, and continually passing those diamonds through their digestive system. They loved it! The diamonds quickly turned into gold bars, and those farts smelled exactly like cyanide, a jew’s favourite food.

    They all wrote books afterwards, but any Human who dared to go anywhere near that room dropped dead instantly.

    Why not? It was all real in their simple jew minds.

  14. dan says:

    @Barney Yes abortion is an atrocity, but only the Christian-Right are against it. Ironically, Proverbs 24:21 prohibits Christians from voting in secular elections or willfully participating in any form of government that isn’t a monarchy.

    Voting in a democracy built on the ashes a monarch is infact rebellion against God, bible thumping americans line the pits of hell.

  15. Smitherines says:

    “Barney says:
    August 10, 2016 at 11:47 am

    It’s all true, I tell you.

    I’ve just found out six jews were gassed a million times each.

    They were fed on nothing but baked beans and diamonds for three weeks, and then locked in a room.”— Barney

    Irene Zisblat of “The Last Days of The Big Lie” fame, use to swallow family
    diamonds, shit them out wash them in a mud puddle them re-engulf them
    orally (swallow again) all through her captivity, and this NEVER alarmed
    any guards???

    Also the “Greatest Love Story” Oprah called it, had them on twice: about the
    little girl throwing the apples over the electrified fence (in their camp pajamas
    of course) keeping the little Jewish boy kept him alive. These apples came
    from a nearby tree, which she was harvesting, he said, there was snow on
    the ground, like what trees bloom or give fruit in the dead of a German winter??

    Of course it was all a HOAX, the son dime em him out, after he made millions
    from DUMB, stupid, gullible Goy on two published books, claiming 100%
    true validity, Oprah never retracted this farce either!

    He was never made to the money back either!!!

  16. Read alot bout how the satanic ones need aryan blood to survive….thats why all the missing kids”for the blood and for their sataanic rituals every yearbdisappear and aborted babies also…they need the aryan blood so the kike diseases would kill them…..Thre is book on this and writer was killed for writting it..The guy from Alabama a Christian Identity guy as well as another Ci writter has written on this subject,,,,,

  17. Barney says:

    White Warrior – I’d be interested in seeing that book. Do you know the title? A lot of out-of-print or censored books can be found on-line as e-books.

    I saw some matzo balls on sale in my local supermarket recently and wondered …

    While I’m on the subject, we shouldn’t use the term “blood libel” (something many of our people have been tricked into doing). The word “libel” means something isn’t true, when we know jewish murder of Human children has been proven to have happened in the past, and we can be certain it’s still happening today.

    We know about matzo balls, and it’s long been rumoured that “a certain burger chain” (with a Scottish name) “recycles” murdered Human children into burgers, and probably homeless people as well. It wouldn’t surprise me.

    Another story I first read at Hofflandia ( https://hofflandia.wordpress.com/doreen-and-karen-a-tale-of-two-mothers-mandatory-read/ ) has recently resurfaced concerning the admitted rape and murder of a young White girl by a kebab shop owner in Blackpool (England) where the scum responsible actually boasted about having made kebabs from the girl’s flesh.

    She was White, so the pole-lice ignored the case, and continue to do so.

    Pakis continue to rape young girls in Rotherham and other places throughout Britain, but it wouldn’t be politically “correct” to do anything about it, so the pole-lice continue the cover up for fear of losing their jobs.

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s jews or moslems (they hate that spelling of the word, which is why I use it). Dangerous animals don’t belong in White countries. All they do is rape, steal, rape, murder, rape, defile, rape and destroy everything they can get their filthy hands on.

    Don’t eat burgers, kebabs or matzo balls (or anything “kosher” or “halal”). You’ll never know who you’re eating, or what harmful substances may have been added by those evil creatures (jews and moslems) masquerading as human.

  18. Barney: The Mystery of the Serpent by BF Jackson….Israelite Identy Archive under Outstanding Study has it as well as Christian Identity Reading Room under books….Rudy2 has tremendous info on mind control….More than likely the future wars will be fought with Lazer Tach…Nigs are using them to blind cops and whites….I read on a site that Military Dazzler Tech and some lazer tech..is being sold .and different zapper tech manuels…….to anyone….wild….If HC does takes the GUNS..maybe Flash Gordon and Star Wars Lazers will replace the piwder shooters..will be worse than powder shooters..US Military used this High Tech in Iraq and Cops are now getting this tech…..for crowd control and so on…..PISS ON ZOG

  19. Barney..jimstone.is says eat Kosher food becausse it dont have the gmo poison and nano crap in them…but who knows..maybe the serpents put white kid blood in ceertain foods because they need it….almost all foods in the supermarkets are gmo now…all the veggies and fruits are iradated with low level radiation and so on and many fruits and veggies are tyhe satanic bastards creation of gmo crap plants and trees… The Kikes like Monsanto want all seeds with the terminator crap in them so you can only but their killer seeds for food..bad crap….oh by the way JIM STONE also says but a property or home near a Sin O God because thoses areas dont get zapped with the beams from GWINN, Harrp or Cell Towers..its like all Kike Kosher living areas dont get the beams…wild…../Guess these Kikes have attidotes to keep them safee from the GOY ATTACK KILL STUFF in foods, water and air and so on….Kike Kahilla Klan rules world with iron grip..they have their Shriner and Masonic zombies as enforcers and ram rodders of Kike Agenda….anyway Jim Stone gets his food from Kosheer Mrts because he says it is not GMO and otheer crap…but like I said above..maybe this kosher crap might have blood from missing kids because the Kikes need it to keep well….all these raghead moslem creeps are bad as well as all the niggers…but like my Dad told me..watch out for those GOKS..they are smarter than ragheads or nigs….also Helleene and Choas has greatr articles on how the Goks make poison products to kill us and keep in mind more CXhinese come to USA than Beaner Mexicans eevery years…hell they already own VanCover which is now HONG COVER and many other places on west coast..hell the main draay thru Chicago is owneed forr miles and miles on bother sides by Asian Goks….these Goks are smart….they are talking all the Gov Jobs and Good Jobs from the Whiggers….anyway..one morning we will wake up and they will own every damn thing..hopefully..who knows maybe Goks will turn on the Kikes to be the World Ruler..Ha Ha ha….

  20. Barney says:

    White Warrior – Thanks for all that.

    I go to Jim Stone’s site most days, and he talks a lot of sense, but sometimes he says things that make me wonder, like his insistence that NASA wouldn’t lie to us, using parachutes where there’s only minimal atmosphere for example.

    Most of his stuff seems legit though, and I’m sure you’re right in saying the kikes wouldn’t irradiate sinner-gogs. Could be a good place to harvest weapons when the time comes, assuming we can get there first. Over here (the sewer that was once England, and will be again) the devil’s vermin have banned guns (except for niggers), but I’m sure they’d have a pretty good armoury under every sinner-gog.

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    Somali man spreads his wonderfulness of diversity on college campus.
    An 18-year-old Somali student was behind an attack involving a car and butcher knife on the campus of Ohio State University Monday that left 11 people injured, officials said.

    After the attacker, identified by authorities as first-year student Abdul Razak Ali Artan, plowed his vehicle into the crowd, officials said he got out of the vehicle and began attacking people with a butcher knife before he was shot and killed by a campus police officer.

    Two law enforcement sources told Fox News that Artan came into the United States as a Somali refugee, and was granted status as a legal permanent resident

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