Street Crappers Don’t Have The Right to Lecture Us!

Khizr Khan Lectures TrumpStick it where the sun don’t shine, you dirty Paki!

By Phillip Marlowe

This continuing business over those Paki Muslim parents at the Democrat Convention is getting tiresome and ridiculous. The media Jews have been giving Trump all sorts of hell, like Trump is the evil guy just because he’s for “AMERICA FIRST.” Jews hate that line like crazy — ever since “Lucky Lindy” Lindbergh, and over 80% of America wanted to keep us out of another murderous foreign war against fellow Whites in Europe.

And we see how much credit us White Americans have gotten since, haven’t we?

The Paki father at the dem’s convention whipped out a copy of the US Constitution to tell Trump to read it. Uh, I don’t recall anything in the American Constitution — written by White Christian men — saying these nervy foreign scum can freely come over here and start telling us what to do. How about you stinking goat herders just stay over in your own filthy lands and work to clean them up before you come over here to live the good life? Contribute to America’s economy? They don’t pay a dime in taxes for 5 years and many live off the bountiful freebies made available by the government and White do-gooders. Tens of billions are wired back every year to relatives where they came from.

It’s part of the BS about letting non-Whites into the USA — all the flotsam and jetsam from the entire planet. Just stop at any New Jersey turnpike convenience area sometime, where they have fast food restaurants, to see all the nasty dirtbags now filling up our America. Oh, we’re supposed to be caring and welcoming these Third Worlders turning our lands into crap holes, aren’t we? The same BS is also happening in Europe, Canada, Scandinavia and Australia, too. Everywhere they’ve brainwashed White people with “diversity” crap!

I remember seeing a bunch of disgusting photos on a Chinese website where they showed shots of half-burnt bodies floating along in the Indian river Ganges. The Hindus put their dead on funeral pyres, but usually the corpses don’t burn up all the way and they just shovel what’s left out into the “sacred waters” like it’s such a wonderful thing. It’s unbelievably nasty as hell (photos below).*

Ah, the joys of the Third World!


These Third Worlders are indeed disgusting. We’re supposed to think they are all so colorful, peace-loving and close to the God Head or whatever the hell they believe. Actually, their lands are full of poverty, daily violence and insane superstitions. Nothing ever improves because all the relatively intelligent ones simply work to get into America and the other White countries of the Western world.

The Indian Hindus have this one group they call “untouchables” that are pissed on in the streets all the time, sometimes literally — with occasional village massacres should the upper classes think they did something impertinent. Happens all the time.

Pakis are equally wacked. The whole country is a seething cauldron of hundreds of millions of dirt poor Muslim terrorist nutcases who hate the Hindu Indians with a hot fury. The only reason why so many of these dirty pakis haven’t yet died from mass starvation and shooting each other up with rusty old AK-47’s is because of America propping them up with our taxpayer dollars every single year.

They also have the Bomb — after this greedy Jew guy named Asher Karni sold them “spark gap” medical devices from the US allowing them to build plutonium implosion weapons so they can retaliate in case the Indian Hindus attack to steal their dirty little goats. They’ve come close to out-and-out nuclear war on multiple occasions. Jews would sell their mothers to make a shekel. Pakistan also helped North Korea build the Bomb.

George Washington, in his farewell address, warned America of getting involved in such foreign entanglements. He correctly surmised that all the wacked nutcases out there in the world might end up a danger to America’s republicanism. Of course, the media Jews won’t say anything about that angle, since Mother Israel is obviously jerking our chains big time.

Don’t you ever wonder why this Muslim Terror crap just keeps going on and on AND ON? Hell, I remember all the business with Yasser Arafat, the PLO and this Palestinian terror outfit called “Black September.” Hollywood Jews had them threatening oblivious football-loving Americans by exploding a bomb over a Super Bowl game in the 1977 movie “Black Sunday.” Jewry has been busy brainwashing America since forever to hate Muslims because of sacred Israel.

It’s not White Christian America behind all this never-ending terrorism BS. Trust me. That is, of course, if you don’t factor in how much the Jews have brainwashed the Christian Zionists for the last one hundred years with ridiculous religious BS.

Look, we all know what the subversive, Marxist Jew bastards are for. Let’s list it out:

  • Free immigration of the Third World into White countries.
  • No borders for our lands — but they have ZERO problems with Israel erecting massive concrete barriers — actually paid for by us with fungible money.
  • Faggotry and all sorts of truly bizarre transgenderism in our faces.
  • Never-ending black victimhood and White guilt trips.
  • Black worship all over the media, where they constantly turn them into heroes. Look at all the TV commercials these days.
  • Censoring and obfuscations of “people of color” crime. Blacks murder innocent Whites all the time.
  • Constant Jew holocaust crap. We got to hear about this all the time.
  • Supporting Israel even if they don’t ever do liberal things over there.
  • Taxing us White people through the roof.
  • Taking away the Second Amendment so we can’t protect ourselves.
  • Brainwashing our children with liberal and homo crap in the schools.
  • Lastly, but most important is their silent control of the money-making and debt mechanisms in our lands. Don’t you ever once wonder why they never do any documentaries on the Federal Reserve? It’s because the media people know it’s a hugely verboten subject because of Jewish involvement. Think about it.

This is all because the Jews think they have a mandate from God himself to heal the world (they call it “Tikkun Olam” or some such BS). Actually, their sheer Jew arrogance has totally effed-up the planet. Tens of millions, maybe over sixty million, have died because of these crazy bastards. Look at Communism, for crying out loud. The Jew takeover of the Levant area (the land of milk and honey) and them treating the Palestinians like dogs is the root cause of this never-ending crap. Everyone knows it to some extent deep-down.

What you are now seeing going on in White lands is the Jewish end game. They need to render the White race completely powerless before we finally come to our senses en masse. They have always known it would come down to this sooner or later, so they’ve quietly worked to brainwash us with liberal thinking, while at the same time promoting non-White races to flood our lands so we become a weak, voiceless minority. It’s already getting there — we can’t say JACK anymore.

You might think I’m a mean racist bastard for not wanting these Third Worlders to flood our lands. Actually, I’m not. In fact, I’m a good guy who wants to see America clean, beautiful and safe long into the future; while Third Worlders must deal with and fix up their own countries by their own efforts.

There’s an old saying that goes something like this: Give a man a fish and he has dinner for the night. Teach a man to fish and he eats for the rest of his life.

Now if you simply extrapolate out all the things us White people have brought into the world and everything we have taught these Third Worlders by books, movies, going over there in person to show them or simply by our example, then you might get the big picture.

Think about it.

*Not long ago, I saw this NatGeo religion show, “The Story of God,” hosted by America’s favorite God/president actor Negro, Morgan Freeman, where he visits the river Ganges to talk about the “sacredness” of the place, while wearing snappy Negro hats. Never once did they mention anything about dead corpses floating out in the river (the place is filled with them). America is totally kept stupid by “PC.”


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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89 Responses to Street Crappers Don’t Have The Right to Lecture Us!

  1. S O G says:

    still crakkin me up over here prt ..
    monikas new cigar humidor should be a hot seller ..digars with thet extra touch ..
    smell the difference ..etc ..they did try to off the bitch at one point but failed ..another retired police captain sitch and a hit and roll on the jews highway system ..
    most police brass is now kikes …and so the big push to send police to the stupid fucking jive ass hoolahoax moozeums …fuckin jews lying out there asses ..its all extrememly disgiusting ..and why do american police need to go to some fuckin jew shrine to the talmud of babbylon ..
    where the fuck is the museum for the 80 milloion victims of JEWISH bolshevism in russia or the armenains 4 millions or the palestinians 4 million murdered by jew fucks ..there is way way more ..and when you consider that the slope mao tse tung was a chinese jew you get the picture ..4-500 million people ,massacred thru programs by communists over the lasy 100 years ..
    next there will eskimo jews and pygmie jews and korean jews ..everyone can be a jew just donate 10,000$ to the nearest child rape jew temple ..oy vey suuuuuch a deeel ..
    if you worship money more than anything else and you are willing to kill millions to obtain it or support the filth thet does the dirty work you are a jew …
    fuck that asshole khan ..muslim shitcock sucker ..

  2. S O G says:

    childrens blackop payout fund prollaby came from theis shit wad o cash ..
    the promis software by inslaw where many people and reporters associated with inslaw died strange deaths ..more of clintons handiwork like waco …
    the promis software can find money that has been secreted away in secret numbered acounts and moved and moved etc will find it ..clintons wanted this shit and the jews over in israelwanted this shit reeeel bad back then and alot of people wound up clintonized over it ..did they use it to take money from foster who took money from wanta ..did they i mean did hillary take fosters dough to blackmail him into keeping quiet ..meaning theis fuker knew where ALL the clintons bodies were buried ..they figured he might turn on the clintons like ron brown did …another plane crash in bosnia with a nigger named brown on board ..done deal ..the survivor of the crash died later on the way to hospital with a kbar kut to femoral artery adminned during ride ..if she had been cut in the plane she would have bled out instead of walked out ..
    the guy who jammed the doomed planes directional was later dead and all associated the same ..
    foster got mad ..dlintons took all his cake ..his loot ..retirement fund ..clintons dont let people know what they know about them and retire to sunny paradise ..whitewater and other things like MENA arkancided people around that event …there is way too much info related to the importation of cocaine in aoir force planes and delivered to air bases in america to tell but many suspicious witnesses died unexpectedly ..service personel and ciivs .. there 8 parts to the story ..weirsd that he lives and does terry reed clintons good friend after writing a tell all book ..some guy named hatfield wrote a boook about bush called fortunate son and he was arkancided in arkansas …then there was brett kimberlin and the shit around quayle with the info ..lots o shit happened in the 70’s and 80’s ….

  3. Hoff says:

    New York Times Paul Krugman Gloats over Demise of White America –30 sec.

    … when I did Gran Torino, even my associate said, “This is a really good script, but it’s politically incorrect.”

    And I said, “Good. Let me read it tonight.”

    The next morning, I came in and I threw it on his desk and I said, “We’re starting this immediately.”

    ESQ: What is the “pussy generation”?

  4. We live in a FRUITCAKE WORLD created by the Kikes….all mixed up with the Kikes as the supreme Masters..and and all the darkies have to lick the balls of the Kikes….This WE ARE ALL ONE CRAP which is Judeo Masonic crap is about living in a WHITE ANGEL CAKE WORLD with Whites as boss. piss on the Kike Fruitcake world of dark critters….Who knows maybe these Kikes have a Blue Light Beam that they transsmit from orbit of satelites to make WHITES STERILE ONLY….Guess the Kikes are immune from the Blue Light Lazer Beam….somwway thru antidote or even their jew serpent DNA.dont bother them this UV Radiation and so on is from the new light bulbs and power metersamd Didital TVS and Cell Phones and Cell Towers and Gwinn Towers… who knows maybe ASTAXANTHIN will protect us frrom the Kike Radiaction UV Blight Violet Light Beam that is transmitted b y many differnt ways..ha ha ha…ASTAXANTHIN protects against all UV Radiation…guess the Kikess will outlaw it ha ha ha…yeah right….anyway to hell with the Kike Kahilla Klan and their ZOG Empire and all their damn darkies…..GOKS are dangerous as hell also..they are a hell of a lot smarter than the other darkies…remember how DRYWALLL used in homes FROM CHINA had radiation in it and Kid Toys had the toxic stuff in them,,and even clothes made by the Goks..all shipped to thge USA….these GOKS even made BLUE SUN SHADE GLASSES which only effect whites…to make them go blind and get cataracts and do other things to the body…they are sneaky killers and damn expert infiltrators..they are quiet..and then one morning you wake up and they own everydamn thing and have all the good jobs….tyen we have all the Freeloader Beaners and other assorted brown citters…and of course the Jungle Simians …..we need some good HIGH TECH to make a WHITE ANGEL FOOD CAKE WORLD:::piss on the FRUIT CAKE world of the Kikes……Death to ZOG WORLD EMPIRE….

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    They told the Olympic swimming teams go ahead but don’t put your head in the water. 3 new Olympic events this year. Rape and run, Rob and run, and the new triathalon rob run and shoot at cops chasing you while on scooters or motorcycles event.

  6. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Silicon Valley: Jews Scheming With Chinese To Destroy American Tech Companies

  7. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Hillary Clinton Received Millions Of Dollars From Russian Tech Companies Through The Clinton Foundation

  8. PTB KIKE KAHILLA KLAN IS USING BLUE LIGHT AS WEAPON AGAINST MASSES>>>GET BLUE LIGHT FILTER SCREENS FOR LAB TOPS AND DIGITAL: DEVICES AND WEAR AMBER BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION SHADES>>>>>Lazer Blue Light being shot at masses in all large cities……Blue Lazer light being shot at Cop Choppers and jets….this evil is from the BLUE LIGHT KIKE CRAPPERS. its different from Black Goo Nigger Crap..Death to ZOG.. ZOG has us saturated in Blue Light Shit….

  9. Smitherines says:×427.jpg
    Julian Assange: “1,700 emails” proves Hillary Clinton sold weapons to ISIS in Syria

    By VNN on August 3, 2016

    “A vote today for Hillary Clinton is a vote for endless, stupid war,” – Julian Assange

    Julian Assange says “1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection” proves she sold weapons to ISIS in Syria

    “A vote today for Hillary Clinton is a vote for endless, stupid war,” Assange wrote via the @wikileaks Twitter account on Tuesday.

    In Obama’s second term, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton authorized the shipment of American-made arms to Qatar, a country beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood, and friendly to the Libyan rebels, in an effort to topple the Libyan/Gaddafi government, and then ship those arms to Syria in order to fund Al Qaeda, and topple Assad in Syria.

    Clinton took the lead role in organizing the so-called “Friends of Syria” (aka Al Qaeda/ISIS) to back the CIA-led insurgency for regime change in Syria.

    The Rest of the URL here:

  10. Smitherines says:

    The Arab foreign ministers during the 27th Arab League Summit on Sunday expressed their support for the French peace initiative according to which an international peace conference shall be convened until the end of this year to re-launch the Arab-Israeli peace talks.

    Riyad al-Maliki, the Palestinian foreign minister gave a speech on behalf of The Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, who missed the 27th Arab Summit in Nouakchott, calling on Arab countries to Support Palestinian National Authority to raise its case against the British government as Britain according to The Balfour Declaration paved the way for the illegal Jewish settlement in the land of Palestine.

    “We shall re-open the Israeli violations against our people since the end of the British Mandate of Palestine (1948-1920) and we pledge to remain steadfast to end the Zionist occupation of our holy land and illegal settlements,” said Riyad al-Maliki

    URL below:

  11. Bob says:

    Hey cogman,
    You would have to be at your keyboard 24/7 to keep up with all the black on white murders that are getting basic threshold press attention (Fox) much less the ones that are quickly covered up and hidden. The Queens jogger who was strangled (Vetrano) and now the American woman in London who was stabbed by a Somali nigger who the jew press labels a “Norwegian man”. It’s overwhelming. Even you can’t keep up. Maybe can. The London woman’s husband is referred to as a “eminent scholar” teaching classes in London. I wonder what he teaches. Advanced political correctness? Advanced refugee coddling and nurturing? A white genocide workshop? I am assuming he and she are liberals. I could be wrong. Time will tell.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Bob: That’s right. It’s impossible to mention all the crimes being perpetrated on the White race. I just hope to get enough Whites to “see” the crap going down before it’s too late.

  12. Jo Jackson says:

    Pakis are worse than niggers – they’re the flip side of the ‘semitic’ coin as they’re more crafty.

    Pakis (arabs same thing) and pale skinned yids may hate each other in their turd world homelands of the Middle east and Indian sub, but in Europe and other white lands they are united .. and with niggers, are a combined force working to overthrow our people in our countries they currently infest. Hindus are the kikes BEST buddies. You see it in South Africa, Australia, NZ and especially in the UK – Kikes and Coolies and niggers are united when it comes to opposing white people.

    Have you ever seen either ‘community’ stand up against each other in support of white people’s concerns ? You never see them protesting against niggers murdering whites do you or protesting against their homies behind terrorist bombs in Europe ?

    Yet these fucks STILL choose to live are in OUR countries whining about us and fucking our vulnerable people over !

    Clint Eastwood is RIGHT !
    We are a pussy generation !

    And because we’re such pussies collectively, due to political correctness, ‘guilt’ and the insidious Marxism that created it, wealthy kikes feign friendship with non white shit and white liberal scum et al using them to galvanise themselves and consolidate their poison in our countries.

  13. Barney says:

    I don’t mean to criticise, IncogMan, but you’ve fallen into the “modern” trap of inverted meanings where you refer to the ability to build plutonium implosion weapons.

    The stupid jew media have been making this substitution ever since they discovered the word, but an implosion happens inwards, as might happen in the case of a submarine going too deep and being crushed by the surrounding water pressure.

    Implosions are comparatively rare and would present little danger to anyone outside the immediate area.

    Buildings are not imploded, but brought down by carefully-placed explosives. As in my example of the submarine, an implosion is a “crushing” effect resulting when the pressure outside an object exceeds the pressure inside by more than the container can withstand.

    If you can get a can with a removable lid, put a little water in it and put it on the stove. When it’s full of steam, take it off the heat, put the lid on and throw it into cold water. That’s an implosion, frightening perhaps, but comparatively harmless.

    Be careful if you decide to try that. Put the lid on while it’s still on the stove and you’ll get an explosion, which can be dangerous.

    Bombs explode, even in the unlikely event (which I can’t envisage happening) that the explosion is triggered by an internal implosion.

    Anything that produces a harmful or destructive pressure wave is an explosion. An implosion would result in the imploding object or substance becoming smaller (shrinking).

    Does anyone know where I can get a ton of implosives? There’s no such thing, but just imagine causing buildings occupied by the enemy to suddenly reduce in size. Any occupants would be crushed, but there’d be little danger to bystanders. A few bricks bouncing off each other, and a few shards of broken glass, but nothing like an explosion.

    implosion – things fly inward.

    explosion – things fly outward.

    I repeat, I’m not getting at you, IncogMan, or anyone else on here. I just hate the way the jews are destroying our language, a few words at a time. We’ve been at the “newspeak” stage for some time. Soon it will be “duckspeak” (I think that’s what Orwell called it). Destroy our language, and sooner or later we won’t have the language of rebellion.

    “Big Brother is double-plus ungood”.

  14. Barney says:

    This “blue light” thing is a new one on me. I’ve been away for a week-and-a-bit, and suddenly everyone’s talking about it. Perhaps I’ll try Googling it, but for this post I’ll just comment on what I know already.

    Cop cars have been using blue lights for decades, and the brighter they become, the greater their effect on me personally, especially at night. I saw a film a long time ago, “Outbreak” or something, where a woman “scientist” was effectively blinded by the red warning lights whenever she was testing a sample or something that was contaminated, so she failed to recognise the alarm.

    I’ve always felt as if flashing blue lights were threatening to have a similar effect on me. I never feel comfortable, as if they’re getting through to my brain or something.

    It’s difficult to describe the effect, but it’s certainly not doing us any good.

  15. Barney says:

    Correction. The film was “The Andromeda Strain” (1971).

    Not sure whether this link will work, but I’m watching it now.

  16. Barney: Have did a lot of google searches on Black Militants using Blue Lazer Lights on Whites and Cops to blind them…found two sites about this..and it was BLOCKED…they show all the arrest of people using these Lazer Lights pointing them at Jets and Cop Hoppers and how cops have a way to catch them…there is a long list of the arrested critters alot… look like cruds.they dont show the nig simians..wonder why..but the Zog Controllers dont want us to know that Black Miltants are using these devices….The Sp;ider 3 Blue Lazer Light Saber blinds and burns the skin…yes this Bluie Light stuff is weird..make sure you get a Blue Light Fliter Screen for youe labtop also..and even a Faraday Gage to protect from the evil beams generating out of Labtops…wearing special shades might protect from the Digital TVs also…these new light bulbs suck also..the light is dull as hell and they are expensive and got mercury in them….and thesee damn new electric meters zapping to is bad crap….Check oiut NICOLAI LAVASHOV THE SOURCE OF LIFE PART 1….interesting info and view point…Nicolai got wacked for being anti jew and saying Khazars took revenge on Russia because of destroying khazaria….The cops in future will start using the new military high tech stuff to control crowds..wonder when they will use it on the jungle bunnies…..TO HELL WITH ALL THE ZOG BASTARDS….yeah Barney a lot of taking going on about the Blue Light stuff…..maybe DIY Lazers will replace guns when they are outlawed by ZOG….Imigine a White going mad with a HK 91 with 50 round clip of 308s…and maybe even a Atkinson Assault 12 gauge Shot gun 20 rounds..sprayed on the nigs running wild and looting….They need go be sent back to Africa…..

  17. These Ragheads, Nigs, Mestizoes, Anglo Mestizoes, Whiggers and Kikes and all their dark critters…all enemies of white race….maybe GHRESS of Hellenee and Choas is right about Chinese…..This Greek site says Anglo Mongols..Rotchchilds and Mile Square City and all Masons follow the orders of the HONG MASONS in China….wild but who knows…look how these creeps are making China rich as hell and developing it….Look at all the Chink products in Wall Mart..damn man…..all this crap on TV how great China is and how it is booming and all that crap…Helene and Choas says that the Chinese will in the end kill all NON YELLOWS..that inclusdes the stupid Anglo Mongol Masonic bastards…China is taking over Africa too….If Trump wins will be interesting to see what he doess with this China Problem…..Ever notice how all the Kike TV Creeps talk about China and havee all kinds of programs about how they are advancing….Thee Kikes with their Dark Race Zombie Armies want to destroy us…but China has different plans…..all this ANTI WHITE CRAP is INSANE…we better wake up….

  18. Barney says:

    White Warrior – Thanks for that. I’ll have to do some more Googling on this blue light stuff. I did find a couple of reports about an advert being banned over here because it was deemed “misleading” (or perhaps too truthful).

    I’ve known about the dangers of CFLs for a few years, and I’ve been suspicious of LED lighting since it became powerful enough to replace light bulbs, especially as LED torches come with a warning not to look directly into them, but it’s difficult to find any sensible information about the dangers of LEDs.

    I don’t use a laptop, preferring my purpose-built tower with i7 processor, two hard drives totalling 1¾ terabytes (1,750 GB) and a 22 inch wide monitor (sorry, shouldn’t boast), but I really should get a filter for the monitor, and also for the LED keyboard light. I’ll have to look into it.

    No wi-fi either, and I’ve got a mini “poster” in the meter cupboard telling my electricity supplier NOT to install a “smart” meter. So far they’re not allowed to install one if you make it clear that they don’t have your consent, but I’m sure that will change.

    This site’s primarily for the jewnited queerdom (UK), but may be of interest to people living elsewhere.

    It seems “smart” has become code for spyware. “Smart” meters are continually irradiating people and reporting back to their owners. “Smart” tel-aviv-zions (TVs) contain cameras (and almost certainly microphones as well) to spy on users (not the kind of thing to have in the bedroom). “Smart” phones are probably worse than “ordinary” mobiles, and “smart” cars are ugly as well as incorporating all the undesirable features included in every other vehicle, including microphones, GPS and a fully hackable computer. Ask Jorg Haider or Michael Hastings how that works out – – – oh, you can’t. They were (apparently) murdered by zog remotely taking control of their cars’ onboard computers.

    On the subject of cars, what legitimate reason could there be for bringing things like seat belts, windows, acceleration and even steering under the control of the computer? Answers on the back of a postage stamp, please.

    We’ll have a lot of cleaning up to do after the initial cleanup, getting rid of all this zog-inspired spyware and remote-control capability.

    As for the Chinks, I remember when the term “Chinese junk” referred to a particular kind of sailing boat. Now it’s everything in the shops.

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Barney. 8/10/4:25pm. Let me explain the implosion device. Incog had it right. To achieve nuclear detonation the material must reach critical mass, whether it be uranium or plutonium. The earlier method was a gun device that fired a slug of uranium into another core of uranium which brought on the critical mass and uncontrolled nuclear fission reaction (explosion). The more complicated but efficient method for bigger bang was to encase the plutonium core with shaped charges of conventional explosives. Setting off all the shaped charges at exactly the same instant directed the force of their blasts inward toward the nuclear core crushing the core into an evenly distributed critical mass and again, uncontrolled nuclear fission reaction explosion. It all happens within a thousandth of a second. Take some loose hamburger meat and cup it into your hands and squeeze it tightly together to make a hamburger That’s the concept except it is perfectly round. That’s why they call it the implosion type device. First there is the implosion, and then you get the explosion. They call it an implosion device because of the method used to trigger the explosion. Sorry, but I just needed to clear that up.

  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    Little Boy dropped on Hiroshima was the gun type device because it was thought to be the more reliable method back in those days. Fat Man dropped on Nagasaki was an implosion device.

  21. Barney: Great Post….Heres one to laugh on…Martin Lindstedt is wild but he makes sense on what he says…he was talking about DIGITAL TVs aand Labtops…he says he puts aa little piece of tape over the cameras in Digital Tv and labtop….sometime he takes the tape off which is covering the spy camera..and puts on a purple wig..i laughed like hell over this….Marin Lindstedt is wild as hell….he has a Talkshoe..a lot of funny stuff and he doess have race down pat..whiggers, mestizoes, beaners, chinks. mulungeons…and is right about ZOG BABYLON fallin apart on itss own..not enough of white whiggeers to keep it afloat now and CIVIL WAR 2 or Truibulation will come..and he talks about his 10 thjousand warlords program….Amy Worthington on net has great info on the light bulbs and the zapperss you wlak thru in airports..they make you sterile and give you cancer..I ask for pat downs all the time….when you go in all Gov Buildings now they want you to walk thru those Zappers made by Churkoff the exx DHS kike boss,,,this one screeening agent told me..oh its just radio waves and it dont hurt you…boy is that guy dumb..all those people (TSA and DHS) that work around those walk thru zappers are getting cancer and getting sick and sterile now…anyway Amy Worthingtton on rense.,com has good info on this…ZOG TRIES TO POISION US EVERYWAT THEY CAN./….maybe WIFI and GMOs dont effect the darkies..only whites…warning… the koons have those spider 3 blue lazer lights to bilnd cops and whites….. damn we even have to ware those protection shades when we go ZOG is zapping us a million ways also..Death To ZOG

  22. Barney says:

    PRT – Thanks for the clarification. I had a vague awareness of the process, but I’d never really thought of it as an implosion. It fits the description though, so you’re right. The initial implosion triggers the explosion.

  23. Pingback: ???????? ????? ????????????? ???? ??????? ?????? | ????? ???????? ???? ::...

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