Why Spanish White Latinos Must VOTE TRUMP!


By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)

When I was in high school many moons ago, I took Spanish classes. I pretty much sucked. But I tried. The teacher was this older lady from Cuba. I remember one day the black kids giving her hell, so I stood up for her (blacks wouldn’t ef with me). I could see she totally appreciated it. That was good, since I needed all the help I could get.


She came over here to Estados Unidos right after Castro took over and came out as a commie. This was when his minions started executing people left and right. I used to stay over after class to get extra help with my lessons. I remember asking about Cuba. She said a family member was executed by Che Guevara himself (right).

Reading about this Cuban revolution business later on, I found out Che Guevara was about the most mean commie bastard you could possibly imagine. Once he put a .45 bullet into a little kid’s head and bragged about how it almost took the poor kid’s head off. He had thousands executed and sentenced homos to hard labor in hot sugar cane fields just for being homo.

Leftys made him out like he was such a big hero — just because of some iconic photo that looked cool in high contrast on t-shirts and dorm room posters so they could act like they were all tough and “against the man” pseudo revolutionaries. Total BS. Leftys are embarrassingly pretentious little fools.

You know the scum I’m talking about… The low-class illegal Mestizos who bring in drugs and crime. Marxist Jews have worked for decades conflating them with decent, law-abiding Spanish Whites…

I was also curious about the blacks in Cuba. I wondered about this black/brown business south of the border. I think it was around at this time I also found out my favorite movie actor, John Wayne, had a weakness for the sultry señoritas. I also dug the Latin ladies. Who could possibly forget that hottie, Salma Hayek, dancing in that demonic Hollywood movie “From Dusk to Dawn” for crying out loud? Man, that chick was one hot tamale!

Haydee Tamara Bunke Bider was Che Guevara's Jew main squeeze. She was also a mudshark, too. Here she is giving a commie speech.

Haydée Tamara Bunke Bider, or “Tania,” was Che Guevara’s Polish/German Jew lover. Like so many Jew Yentas, she was also a big mudshark, too. Here she is commie speechifying among the proletariat masses. Eventually, Bolivian soldiers blew her and her comrades away while crossing a jungle river shortly before they nailed Che’s bolshie butt. Viva la revolución!

Naturally, I didn’t talk about babes with my old lady Catholic Spanish teacher, but I did ask her about blacks in Cuba. She explained they were brought in to work the sugar cane fields until slavery was ended. Afterward, they became useless as hell — just like in America. She said Cubans were Castilian Whites with clear social separations with blacks and whatever half breed Indian races that moved there. All this was pretty much the same going back to the days of Hernando Cortez and the Spanish Main.

Sure, there’s been degraded White Spanish slut puppies who cohabited with animals down the centuries, but these were snubbed among the White Spanish, just like I do about the White mudshark hos, or that rare White guy pervert who’s into boot-lipped black chicks for whatever disgustingly sick urges. God, can you imagine actually sleeping in the same bed with one of those big fat ugly sheboons? ¡Ay caramba!

She also told me the same business was going on in Mexico. I noticed this myself. White Mexicans sometimes might be a little darker or more olive skinned than Whites north of the border — but not always, though. They definitely had pleasant, intelligent Caucasian features. White Spanish clearly ruled the roost, too, in the brain department. I always saw them running things.

Mestizos often had this stupid, vacuous Inca-like face, sometimes a very Jewy hooked nose and mean, murderous look. What’s going on is a twisted-up, bizarre mish-mash of races — including former black slaves. Just look up a photo of the crime bandit “revolutionary,” Emil Zapata, and check out his Negroid hair.


You know the scum I’m talking about here: The low-class illegal Mestizos and criminals from Central America who bring in drugs and crime. Marxist Jews have worked for decades conflating them with decent, law-abiding Spanish Whites in everyone’s minds. It’s just not the case.

Hillary is going to be devastating to America’s bottom line. She’ll let in all kinds of flotsam and jetsam from wherever on the planet (like radical Muslim freaks from the Mideast and IQ-deficient black Afri-COONS straight from Africa or Haiti). It will drive all our wages even more straight to hell. Add to that all the drugs and crime from the gangs and murderous satanic Santa Muerte Drug Cartels south of the border. These are the sort of criminals who would chainsaw your head right off and then hang your bloody naked corpse over a highway underpass as a message to other drug gangs.

You want that kind of crap going on in the US of A? I didn’t think so. God help us, we got enough problems with the worthless blacks!

Even White Spanish Americans fall victim to Jewish media brainwashing and black murder. At the end of June this summer, Carina Castellanos tried to leave her violent Negrito boyfriend, but he killed and dumped her dead body into a muddy Texas ditch while her friends and family desperately searched for the cute, but once very foolish young señorita.

White Spanish Americans fall victim to Jewish media brainwashing and black murder all the time, too. At the end of June, Carina Castellanos tried leaving her violent Negrito boyfriend, but he killed and dumped her dead body into a muddy Texas ditch, while loving friends and family desperately searched for the sadly once foolish señorita.

Now, technically the homies should vote for Trump, too. That is, if they know what’s good for America as a whole. But that’s not going to happen. 90% or more of them vote exclusively for members of their own race, no matter how clearly incompetent the black candidate is (fully exposing them as the real out-and-out racists in America); or vote for those pandering White suck-ups like Shillary, who promise them the world because they are blacks.

But the black race never does anything logically. That might just be the most understated sentence I ever wrote.

Hell, the biggest reason why Jew Socialist Bernie Sanders lost the democrat primaries was because of large black populations in states voting overwhelmingly for Shillary. Everyone knows it. All your TV talking head people (including FOX news) fully understand this to be a fact but carefully tip-toe around the issue because they constantly work to protect the murderous black race. Even Bernie himself knows not to touch the subject with a ten foot pole.

But they sure don’t mind talking about non-college, blue collar (their special code to other White-haters for calling us stupid) WHITE males being for Trump because this dove tails in with the “Trump as another evil Hitler/Racist/David Duke” MEME they are now busy planting in our heads just to put this Hillary woman in office. You know it, I know it.

Look, we all know the sub-Saharan blacks are pretty much the most worthless race on the planet. In fact, a lot of what gets them all so bunged up is the internal realization they have of just how worthless and criminal their own race truly is. Their criminal craziness is a manifestation of self-loathing.

Plus, Hillary Clinton is a total whore of the dirty Jews. Being for Hillary means more overseas wars for the Zionist NWO Empire, and we know the brave, tough Hispanics are always in the front lines fighting hard alongside us corn-fed White guy patriots, unlike the weakling Jew boys who avoid soldiering all the time just so they can stay home eating bagels and going to gay bars, or getting it in the rear with the gear, should they on the rare occasion join as pampered officers from elitist, Marxist Jew-administered schools. Few Jews ever become casualties in American wars.

That’s exactly the deal, my hombres.

Ever see a Jew boy actually doing any hard manual labor? It’s about as rare as hen’s teeth. Jews believe manual labor is beneath them — as the “Chosen Ones” of course. They tell us it’s because of their education. What they don’t tell us is how their own nepotistic race stacks the decks in the colleges and universities in favor of little Jew boys and girls.

This is one big, BIG reason our higher education centers are so Marxist and “PC” freak lands. Think about it.

Another reason for Hispanics to vote Trump is a bit more subtle. I might not be a good enough writer to elucidate it out. Basically, Hillary would be so bad for this country that all hell will eventually break out. When that kind of thing happens, there’s no telling how bad it can get. People might not be so pleasant down the road.

Technically, you might even say I’m a big peace-loving pussy boy by pushing Trump!


Now I freely admit using the “spic” word here on my site once and awhile. But don’t take it personally — you already should know by now I’m about the most un-PC White SOB you’ll find. You won’t find me BS-ing around, trying to be a Mr. Nice Guy to everyone. I just let it all hang out!

Unfortunately, most Whites don’t really understand the business with Latinos being White Christian people, too. Haven’t they ever read anything about the great White Christian warrior, El Cid, kicking serious Muslim butt and how King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ejected the backstabbing Jews out of Spain for colluding with the Moors?

The Spanish are a Indo-European Celtic race that moved down into the Iberian peninsula (Spain) long before any sort of history was written. Many Italian Whites interbred with them back in Roman times. Virtually all your slaves in the Roman empire were White Europeans who stayed right where they ended up at. During the hundreds of years of conquest of the New World, many White Spanish came over to find fortunes and settle down. Hispanics or Latinos are simply descendants of these White people.

Sure, a lot of Ameri-Indians died from disease at the start, without a doubt, because of invisible microbes and viruses that absolutely no one knew squat about at the time (guns, bugs and horses). But are we going to cry about spilt milk forever? Act like little lefty morons all the time over stuff that happened a million years ago?

I wouldn’t be bothering to write all this if I didn’t like Latinos of the White Spanish persuasion. Sure, I just can’t stand the scummy illegal alien Mestizos. And blacks are obviously totally worthless. We really ought to ship them all back to Africa.

All this BS today is because of the filthy, nation wrecking Jew. They’ve been purposefully driving wedges in our populations from the start — chiefly to keep all us non-Jews (the Goyim) at each other’s throats while they get away with murder and rob us blind. Plus, they love causing trouble and acting up on all kinds of things. It’s really a big career path for the creeps.

Hell, even the sexes are all screwed up because of Jewry. Just imagine all the personal love heartaches and troubles down the years among us just from this radical feminism BS alone out of the trouble-making Jews.

We’ve got to come together and put a stop to the dirty Jew. No doubt whatsoever.



If I were a White Spanish citizen of the US, I’d be seriously knocking heads among fellow Latinos to vote Trump. Like the guy who wrote the following comment on my site. It’s copied verbatim — click on the name to go right to it:

“Don’t worry Gringos, we Latinos (aka “Beaners”) hate the damn negritos too! Yes, I am second generation Latino born in this great country (damn anchor baby), and I am a also veteran (retired First Sergeant, U.S. Army 1988-2008) and I fully understand the misery caused by blacks. My family appreciates the White American tax payers who supported us when we got here, and my family is glad to pay our fare-share of taxes. There are way too many illegals who are just filthy parasites on the American Tax Payer and make all of us look like criminals. Anyway I will still vote for Donald TRUMP to clean up this Great Nation.”


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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56 Responses to Why Spanish White Latinos Must VOTE TRUMP!

  1. Luke says:

    I know the difference between White Spanish and the mestizo mongrels who constitute the majority of the population of Mexico, Central and South America. But, I still do not want to be ruled by White Spaniards. I want to be ruled only by racially healthy, racially proud and strong men of White European ancestry. Preferably of British, Irish-Scottish, or Germanic descent. With an emphasis on the last two of those three groups, being as I am Scots-Irish descent myself.

  2. Dave says:

    Guevara was a murdering POS, but he was spot on about the useless niggers….

    “The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing, have seen their territory invaded by a new kind of slave: the Portuguese.”

    “The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”

  3. Mark says:

    It’s abundantly clear that immigration and resettlement programs are being used as a weapon to destabilize European Nations.

  4. Smitherines says:

    Latest “I DINDU NUFFIN!!!!”
    Black in Chicago STEALS Jaguar police kill him now they’ll be another BLM
    induced Gran Mal Chimpout of Chicongo DINDUs!

    Chicago police release video tied to shooting of unarmed man

    By Ray Sanchez, CNN

    URL below:
    Updated 7:03 PM ET, Fri August 5, 2016


  5. Smitherines says:

    “They can only take so much,” he said. “Once the gunshots started, they immediately left the room … crying, breaking down.”

    Let me get this right the kid STEALS a Jaguar races away through
    residential area possible run over children, crashes into a wall, then police
    are what, suppose to hand him a bouquet of roses???

    And everyone of these DINDUs you can bet has a record as long as your

    Some claim Mike Brown killed someone in ST Louis and Hillary has the
    mother speaking in Philly at the DNC.

  6. Smitherines says:


    Who Rules the Anglosphere?

    By Moti Nissani on August 5, 2016

    America’s real rulers have access to immense fortunes, operate behind the scenes, and enjoy near-absolute power

    “[The Controllers of the Invisible Government] would continue to grow in strength, until they had the whole silly world, the whole credulous world, the whole ingenuous world, in their hands. Anyone who would challenge them, attempt to expose them, show them unconcealed and naked, would be murdered, laughed at, called mad, ignored, or denounced as a fantasy-weaver.” — Taylor Caldwell, Captains and the Kings, 1972″

    The Controllers

    This article argues that the five major countries of the Anglosphere — Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US — are governed behind the scenes by a coterie. This coterie shapes historical events, accounts for the near-uniformity of these five countries’ political developments, and enjoys partial or full control of most nations of the world. As far as we can guess, this coterie is comprised of a few banking families and their allies and subordinates in the information, corporate, military, intelligence, secret society, and “religious” worlds.

    More @ URL below:

  7. Smitherines says:

    How STUPID the DINDU is, here devil worshiper Jay-Z adorns his image:

    I got news for ya, ICM Che like “Blackey” less than you!

    Che Guevara was no hero, he was a racist
    “The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink” – Do these sound like the words of a left-wing hero? – —Joseph Hammond

    URL here:

  8. Ray says:

    The Olympics in Brazil. The press will refer to Brazil as a collection of different races, multicultural and diverse. How wonderful, how progressive. Yet, the government instituted affirmative action in 2001. Even though Brazilians have neighbors and family members of different races, nobody wants the blacks or indians. People refer to others as “he makes a good appearance,” code words for pale skin color. Another dog whistle for referencing, an unknown person is, she has beautiful hair, hence, not “kinky.” So, even in this Mecca of diversity, people want others of their own kind. This feeling of security and identity is built into humans and animals. It is only natural.

  9. Smitherines says:

    Che Guevara, also cautioned his revolutionary counterpart Fidel Castro,
    “The Black is LAZY and STUPID and will be useless to the Revolution” Che

    Funny how the liberal Communist get “convenient amnesia” on their
    hero’s racism, same goes for Trotsky, after the bastard coined the
    phrase “racist” to control Y-T, he then says “we will use Russia’s Niggers
    to take her over!”

    Are Jews the most HYPOCRITICAL bastards ever put on this earth??

  10. Smitherines says:

    “She also told me the same business was going on in Mexico. I noticed this myself. White Mexicans sometimes might be a little darker or more olive skinned than Whites north of the border — but not always, though. They definitely had pleasant, intelligent Caucasian features. White Spanish clearly ruled the roost, too, in the brain department. I always saw them running things.” Phillipe Marlowe, ICM

    A personal note here, Ive been in Mexico a couple times, had two years of
    Spanish myself in high school. They have a CASTE system there, same for the
    rest of South America. The White with PURE Spanish blood is on top, then
    the Indian mix, then Blacks are at the bottom.

    It’s why, if you watch Telemundo: they look like Christina Aguilera or
    Shakira, no “Whoopey Goldbergs or Precious on their?” Or no
    George Zimmerman, remember Jew media ” a White Hispanic” when
    he looks like as Aztec or something and hsi father is Jewish, not German!

  11. Smitherines says:

    n their, typo grammar error meant” there”

  12. Good article Incogman….The true Spanish are the Visigoths….they are White….The darker ones…have the Moor mix or nig or indian or asian mix…..In South America the Padron and Padronna stuff is ingrained…they were the White Owners of farms and so on ….Their was a Marine General that was from Puerto Rico who gave a lot of money to White Movements…his name was Gen. Pedro Delgado or something..cant remember his correct name…he had articles in the old Christian Vanguard newspaper of the New Christian Crusade Church….Terrible Tommy says it right…Latinoes are at the Cross Road…they can either go White or go Darkie…..Ben Klassen said Latin is a misnomer…Latin waas ancient language of White Romans….There is only White Spanish and the mixed mestizoes……

  13. Oh why I am at it…that RAMOS Mexiturd can go back to Mexico….The Mexican Federal Immigration law..is very strict…if you are not a citizen..you cant protest..have rallies or marches..like those beaner mestisoes did in LA a few years back.maybe USA should copy Mexicos Immigration Laws….Frostty Woolridge on rense.com has good articles about this….this crap that people in school cant wear USA flag T Shirts is crap….that it offends the Mexiturds…..piss on mexiturds….Build That Wall……then figure out how to rid the darkiess out that have arrived since 65 and squirted how more anti white turds…..

  14. sicilian says:

    Spain and southern europe is home to a variety of white ethnicities , mostly mediterranean and alpine and some nordic element in some areas ,southern euros are a bit different than nordics but we belong to the same race, remember the real diverse race is the white race we have blond,brown,red,black hair and a full palette of eye color , our skin ranges from light olive to pinky white, we should unite to fight the jews instead of playing their divide and conquer game.

  15. Red Pill says:

    Mexico also has a large influx of Italians, Irish, German and French nationalities.

  16. Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Pedro A. del Valle…..this was one top notch White Spanish Man..we need more like him…..he was born in Puerto Rico….Cave of Cavadonga in Spain…great victory over Moors….in future White Warlords will learn a lot from this…..It took over 800 years to kick out the Moors in Spain and defeat them and destroy Granada….It will be long .long battle to attain freedom…..from the ZOG MATRIX….

  17. INCOG MAN says:

    Sorry “LUCIFERBERG”, your Jew comments are not welcomed, so take your satanic ass out of here.

  18. Karen says:

    So that the spics don’t feel centered out or offended………honkey, kraut, bohunk, jafa, nip. chink, polak,, mick, gook, kraut, seppo, wop, flip, limey, cracker, squaw, peckerwook.
    Yid and kike don’t count as they’re not slurs.

  19. S O G says:

    as a white man i can walk thru hispanic latino mexican central american south american mixed communities without being bothered and the difference between these albeit illegal sob’s and the niggers communities ..3 guesses ..
    niggers used to toss rocks and bricks down on emergency personel trying to save nigger lives ..dont try to walk in a nigger naberhood while white or youll get profiled by niggers and niggerized by them ..
    niggers would shoot at the amberlamps rushing to save a worthless gsw nigger victim …the car full of niggers who shot the fellow babboon on te street would try to stop the ambulance from reaching the victim …
    nigger shines …
    if a white person wants to commit suicide all they have to do is find the nearest nigger nest and walk thru it in the day or nite it doesnt matter and they will be niggerized ..raped and robbed and killed and not particularly in that order ..
    oy vey a new dead nigger by cop incident in chicago …blacktivists are aghast ..lol..they cant even spell it ..aghast ..right so they never say shit when niggers shoot chicago up or when niggers attack innocent white people but these moron level iq pavement shit stain niggers have plenty to cry about when some dumb fucktard nigger rams police cars in a stolen car and gets shot for it ..good riddance ..now the niggers wants cops to get prosecuted for minor shit …arbitrary ..like the nigger thay killed while he was resisting in front of a store selling cigarets or such …niggers always resist ..white people do to and more than twice as many whites die at the hands of police ..niggers dont see us as co victim partners of police brutality ..whatever a cop does even if te pig is black the niggers still blame any white person even little old 80 yuear old ladies …
    niggers dont see things too clearly ..they see what the jews want them to see ..
    rodney king resisted from the time he exited his ride ..etc ..fuck that nigger to ..
    niggers hold bent niggers like lovell mixon in high regard even after he abducts and rapes a 12 year old black girl …he killed 4 cops when it was all over …oakland niggers were upset about his rightful extermination …niger says i wish he wauhz still alives so he could rape my daughter to n sheeyit …
    cops kill more than twice as many whites every year but the loud mouth race baiters /ignoramusses say they are just tirred of seeing niggers shot down …
    maybe they shouldnt resist or ram police cars ..or shoot at cops or or or ..
    sure the killing of oscar grant on the bart platform in oakland was obviously a planned agenda …no one is stupid enough to pull a gun instead of a taser and axxidentally shoot a handcuffed cockroach …besides messerhle used to practice the gunfighter excercise 50 times a day ..oh wait did he not know his right hand from his left …he used to pull his gun out and twirl it on his finger and slam it back into his holster 50 times a day …like some cops play with their batons and do tricks with them …etc ..
    cops being cops and having to make split second decisions based on their survival dont shoot niggers cus they want to in fact the whole nigger jew agenda is striving toward a cop being unarmed and getting shot by the nigger instead which ghetto trash niggers have no problem with ..or with niggers killing innocent whites on a genocidal level of oppression to whites ..you shoot when you are in danger ..it isnt racist but it can be unneccesary at times …..
    white people have been under the slavery of black pathologival behaviour for 300 years ..whites as you can see at the injusticefile dot com have been victims of black crime since they arrived here on jew ships ..
    other monkey shines .. the stool fairies continuing medical care sabotage …ObamaCare rates set to skyrocket for most New Yorkers …
    maybe doctors need to set up their own insurance companies ..many doctors have fled the indiustry just like school teachers ..no one wants te liability or vast responsibility without compensation ..and wy not …niggers want free money for shit they dont do never do and never will and they get it ..they think trump is going to end free nigger ride ..they think hillary is their friend …wow …niggers are goi ng to be woithout any love soon …
    all you have to do is troll newnation dot org and iman and injusticefile and others to see the level of increasing balck on whoite genocide ..its a war officially ..niggers are winning …niggers kill 9-10 thousand other niggers every year and no rumbles ..when a dop has to shoot a nigger now they will have to hesitate which can endanger innocent civilians and themselves …what does the black asshole community expect ..they want cops to keep things safe for the niggers stuck in an environment of murder and fear and gangs but then when te cops have to enforce some shit the niggers get upset ..ohh lawwwdy kain yall use majik fairy bullets that turn a nigger into a good boy …well yeah you can say that ..niggers and their rediculous sense of entitlement “i din doo nuffin or idindoonuffin ..”
    more monkey sheins …some dumb as turds nigger NFL nigger apefirmative axxshun pigskin tosser says that planned parenthood was started to genocide nigger babies and its working ..i wish it was …first of all niggers dont plan on having chirren s ..
    most of what planned parent does is birth control and health checks …
    from the looks of single shheboons who have 4-5-7-9- keeds from different apes i dont think the race baiter pigskin apefirmative axxshun idiot is tellin the truth …
    its well known thet planned parent is more in alignment with white baby genocide ..white families with more than 1 or 2 children is rare and worthless african shitbags oh excuse me uh single unmarried niggers have 5-7-9 kids …i dont see planned parent in their gps on their free obama phones …
    this “christian” nigger who plays ball is still a race baiter and anti white ..he blames planned parent for nigger woes when in truth planned parent agenda is anti white ..
    why dont niggers use it for birth control or proactive birth control “nigger pestilence control”
    niggeres are nothing but violent predators with no concsience whatsoever towards wites or their own …
    people like “Christian” NFL player Benjamin Watson has opened up about his views on abortion and how it factors into race relations in America today…another word for anti white racist ..a nigger cant talk about anything without it being about them and what they stupidly percieve as aginst them ..they are paranoid …and factually wrong ..what is the amount of white babies aborted every year vs. nigger spawns ..flushed oops it looked like a turd ..nigger sheboons dont use birth control obviously and dont require the use of planned parent as they need the many wild asskeeds for welfare stock payments ..
    just another ignorant nigger 60 iq race baiter …
    maybe they should push it on people who dont work and require nanny govt care payments ..taxpayers should have a say ..
    seriously this one stoopid fucking idiot racist ..he doesnt even see how racist he is ..not just for ignoring white stats on te issue but droning on about black people having ideas forced on them ..really ..when did thet happen ..im still waiting for the idea of ceasing their violence and mayhem against whites to penetrate their anvil heads …and the idea of not having so many future gang members keeds is not something tey are open to discussing ..niggers have never been open or receptive towards white ideas ..they are only open to multiplesex partners and baby daddies ..they are only open to committing violence and not learning sit in school which is a total waste of money and time ..no wite teacher wants to teach in a predominantly black environment ..its dangerous and pointless …
    american africans have been radicalized into death cult ism from usual violent stuff .

  20. Red Pill says:

    you won’t have to organize.
    you won’t have to protest or have a leader.
    because they will come for you.
    just like the play book from the Russian revolution.
    and just like the destroyed Germany, post war.
    there will be a war at your front door.

    (8.39 min.)

    is the hand of God on Donald J. Trump? of course it is.
    the hand of God is on every one.
    will God use Trump? you better believe it.
    but it won’t be to make America great again.
    God will not restore a nation that has turned away from him.
    Trump can not turn America to God, but he can be a poster boy for revolution.
    he can lead the resistance that causes people to abandon a corrupt system.
    everything has a turn around point.

    Donald J. Trump is that man, ordained by God to bring down a corrupt belief system.
    it’s no wonder the TPTB will never allow Trump to ascend to the Presidency of the United States of America.
    do you know what time it is?………….it’s time to wake up.

  21. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    August 7, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    I love this spic…..https://cesarmillan.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/cesar24.jpg

    Don’t we all, Karen! He’s one in a million!

  22. Frank Fredenburg says:

    WIKILEAKS To Release Major News That Will Shock The World! WE THE PEOPLE Must Act To Annul The Clinton Nomination!


    I don’t know much about this site and I don’t know if there is any truth to this article. I thought I would post it. According to the article Hillary committed Treason.

  23. jews are shit and we need to wipe our ass. Niggerz are shit too and we need to wipe our ass of them too. jews and niggers, send me to Africa and observe. That’s the solution right there. Hispanic denotes European Spanish peoples and, I believe, whites of Spanish extraction in the New World. I would presume one must have zero or little Moorish muslim admixture to qualify. I wouldn’t say that all Spaniards in Spain are white, unfortunately. Latino denotes mixed race speakers of the Latin-based European language of Spanish in the New World.

  24. squarepegroundhole says:

    Juan McAmnesty

  25. Smitherines says:

    Incog Man

    Could you imagine if this was Melania or Ivana???

    Obama’s Mom Exposed as a BDSM Soft Porn Queen:

    The rest of the URL here:

  26. Smitherines says:

    Could you imagine if this was Melania or Ivana???

    Their media would have this posted everywhere would be on CNN MSNBC
    David Muir would have it as opening story??

    Tell me they haven’t protected this degenerate and his family for years now??

  27. Red Pill says:

    damm good thing those pictures has those “parts” blacked out.
    you couldn’t unsee them and the damage would have been done.
    only a niglybear could view them.

  28. Frank Fredenburg says:

    To Fight Trump, Journalists Have Dispensed With Objectivity


    The latest lie they are telling is he never really wanted to be President, he just wanted the publicity.

  29. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jew Bill Maher Attacks “Fact-Free, Racist” Whites


  30. carnac123 says:

    I have always considered white Spanish people white people. They basically look just like me but they speak Spanish. The White Spanish should separate themselves in some way from the rest of the Latinos/Latinas who are mainly Indians or blacks. White Spanish have no problems assimilating.

  31. I just decided to drop in to openly examine and expose this popular savage criminal negroid apologist PC catch phrase “Unarmed Black”.

    Violent, irrational, vicious, white human hating testosterone driven, opportunistic, cowardly, delusional, black anthropoids don’t need to be armed to pose a threat of serious injury and even certain death to fully evolved, civilized, non-simian full humans.

    That over used annoying commie talking point is an irrelevant non issue to anyone with an IQ superior to that of a turnip, a fence post, or a box of rocks.

    Avoid The Groid! (and it’s Hebrew masters)

  32. Red Pill says:

    To Fight Trump, Journalists Have Dispensed With Objectivity
    Satan’s kingdom is built on lies. it get more degenerate every day.

    John 8:44
    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    truth has been exchanged for lies, this will continue until it results in the reversal.
    this is the second coming.
    Jesus Christ is the truth and the light to guide us.
    the old must die for the new to be born.
    don’t stand in the way of the destruction of the old.
    embrace the new. we are at the end of the age .
    fuck Satan and all his lies, all he offers is shit sandwiches.
    his minions spew vomit and sink deeper in to depravity with ever breath they take.
    they will destroy them selfies.

  33. Red Pill says:

    here is a real “Unarmed Black” (6 sec.)

  34. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill


    Nest it will be us removed??

    Obama’s mom grinned like demonic succubus, and they say Michele’s mom
    is a Voodoo witch!

    Real Daddy Frank Marshall Davis: Commie still alive in Hawaii was/is atheist
    fake real Satan worshiper, like his son Barry Davis (aka Barrack Obama).

    Obama is covering all the Satanic bases!

  35. Smitherines says:

    Obama’s Plutocratic and Tyrannical Elitist “Operation Choke Point”

    By VNN on August 8, 2016

    Allowing His Elitist Club To Put Political Dissidents Out of Business


    In yet another dereliction of President Obama’s duties to the American people, and in another display of his complete obeisance to American Plutocratic Elitist tyranny, Operation Choke Point is an initiative of the United States Department of Justice that was announced in 2013, under fellow “club member” former Attorney General Eric Holder, which states that their purpose is “investigating banks in the United States and the business they do with payment processors, payday lenders, and other companies believed to be at higher risk for fraud and money laundering,” but which instead is used as an openly unconstitutional weapon in the hands of tyrannical Plutocrats behind the scenes within the US Government and in the Military Industrial Complex security establishment to shut down, without warning or due process, any and all businesses deemed to be enemies of their political and militant agenda.

    This operation, disclosed in an August 2013 Wall Street Journal story, has been accused of bypassing due process; the government is pressuring the financial industry to cut off the targeted companies’ access to banking services, without first having shown that the targeted companies are violating the law. As reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, critics say, “it’s a thinly veiled ideological attack on industries the Obama administration doesn’t like, such as gun sellers and coal producers.”

    Ironically, while fellow “club member” Governor Andrew Cuomo has openly declared war on the anti-Israel economic boycott BDS movement in New York by disenfranchising them from business dealings and contracts with the State, encouraging others to follow, in a complete and total violation of the First Amendment, no one seems to question or ask how corrupt elitists in America can now literally starve out, shut down, and cut off from credit anyone and everyone who pisses them off, for whatever reason, under the guise of being a “high risk business.”

    The rest of the URL here:

  36. Bailey says:

    Hey Smithers, I still cannot find a scholastic globe that has Palestine on it.
    Probably have to find one that’s pre 1948.

  37. Red Pill says:

    Frank Marshall Davis (December 31, 1905 – July 26, 1987)

  38. Red Pill says:

    Historical maps of Palestine

    Palestine does not exist anymore , some hook nosed kikes from Europe stole it,
    painted it over and renamed it.
    long live Palestine, may the Israeli Regime die and may there ashes scattered
    to the winds of time.

    the real jewish home land.

  39. Anon says:

    The time has come for jew Expulsion. Enough talk. Expell them.
    One way tickets to Madagascar are pre-paid for all jew.
    jew Expulsion-the time has come (Again).

  40. Red Pill says:

    Anon says:
    August 8, 2016 at 9:30 pm
    sounds good to me.
    just how do you suggest we do that?
    i think a one way ticket to hell sounds better.
    my God says it’s on the horizon.

  41. I say the middle of the Dark Continent.

    The rest of the country will know that Frank Marshall Davis Jr. was Frank Marshall Senior’s spawn when they see the black freckles come out in a few years. God, Frank Marshall Nigger sure was some disgustingly ugly son of a bitch.

    Blax have done NOTHING of consequence in ALL of history. They have no urge explore, invent, create, discover, contemplate, analyze, seek, discover or sacrifice. They are everything I don’t want to be. I have to give them this though: they are still better than jews.

  42. Red Pill says:

    Helen Canfield Davis, Frank Marshall Davis second wife
    Davis’ wife, Helen Canfield Davis was from Libertyville Illinois. She was white and 18 years younger than Davis. It was money from her trust fund, which came to her in the fall of 1948, which enabled the couple to move Hawaii.[1]
    The couple married in 1946 and divorced in 1970.

  43. S O G says:

    hey bailey ..maybe this site works for you ….it has all the terrotories in palestine maps etc and former villages and cities and numbers of people who lived there and now the jews live there ..many of these villages were ethnically cleansed ..hundreds of villages ..and then bulldozed …4 million pally’s dead by jews in the last 100 years but mainly just before and after statehood ..a criminal hq for ashkanazi and sephs and other idiots not related to ancient tribes of israel …
    on a globe ..heh heh ..yes pre 1947 globe …some o those old collector friggin globes are worth a hundred thouand $ and more … …

  44. S O G says:

    “…….Clinton is so prized by Jews—who control the entire electoral system—though drawn out of a sewer, Hillary’s Jewish enablers will douse her with eau de cologne so she smells like the queen of the prom while the sewage seeps from her skin.

    And the queen may soon be king, and her partner in crimes and misdemeanors, Bill, may soon be queen……..crossdresser?……..

    soon the skeletons in the white house will be ashamed of the new occupants whoever they may be and as they are of the current evolutionary dead cow flop that are embedded in the white casa…
    either way its still goin to be a jew white house …
    if trump makes it in they will figure out end runs and workarounds to get around trump ..like they did to hitler germany …biggest mistake was sending all the brownshirts into to wheremacht therefore disabling the very organiztion that made a hitler chancellory possible …etc ..
    http://www.auphr.org/index.php/news/5218-mapcard of palestine …

  45. Hoff says:

    A group of Jew national insecurity experts are warning the dumb goyim not to vote for Donald Trump.

    This is because the only things that can keep America safe are open borders, stupid undeclared wars for Israeli Jews and job killing trade deals.  

    Oh yeah, and we also need to have World War III with Russia because Vladimir Putin is a mean person who hates queers.  Only when these things happen will America be safe from terrorism.

    CNN did a story on this and I lost track of the Jews that participated in issuing this warning.  Read it for yourself.  Nothing but Jews and neocons pushing anti-Trump talking points parroted by Hillary Clinton supporters.


  46. Anon says:

    HOW TO EXPEL THE jews? When the filthy creatures occupy and control OUR government and all of what should be OUR media it won’t likely be done by kike ‘elections’ on kike ‘voting’ machines run on kike vote-counting software with ALL ‘candidates’ being filthy kikes advertised endlessly with kike lies on a kike-box sitting in every room of your house that rots the brain of the mindfucked sheeple.

    So, first the idea is introduced as the only way to stop the filthy kike devastation of everything decent and good on the Earth. Then intelligent minds work on implementation of a program of jew Expulsion. We talk about jew Expulsion then we act by taking steps one at a time to get the filthy dirty perverse jew scum out of OUR country and out of OUR lives FOR GOOD.


  47. Martin Lindstedt is right..the CONstipation and Bill of Goods…hum…yeah right…Whigger Infected White Niggers all over the place….Judeo Masonic Cruds Infiltrated into everything….with the Kike Kahilla Klan as the absolute Controllers of everything….Not enough of Whiggers to keep Zog afloat…Darkies coming in by the zillions and breeding like rats and rabbits…Hitler said America is a nation of mongrols with the jews in charge….Everything Devolving and getting Darker like Julie Mitchell says…Hope what Martin Lindsteedt says about Civil War 2 or Tribulation is true….if not true…USA is already a mixed up multi cult crud state…its like India and Brazil but wiith snow….little brown critters running around all over the place..what a future….Whites not having Babies…..why? maybe wifi and chemtrails and vaccines and GMOs Radiuonics and Black Magic used by elitess to control us..being zapped by beams from ZOG for mind control..sterilzation..seems like only whites are being sterilized ..guess the other Darkies aint affected….Maybe the Chink Chinese will turn on Jews and wipe out all non yellows like Helen and Choas says….boy what a world we live in now…..It gets worse and worse everyday..darker and darker….and these White Whiggers dont give a damn and want to die..really sad….some say if Jesus does not return their will be no white flesh left on earth..others say we need a High Tech Solution to get rid of all the darkies and the Kikes and all Anti White Bastards…..Death to ZOG and for a Future White World Empire Kingdom….Hail Victory Hope Trump is for us..getting rid of all the establishment crud balls….would be a miracle….The Odinist done by a girl is fresh air…The Odinist http://www.odinist.org/events/ over 300 pages good info… and some saay FREEDOM ONLY COMES THRU BLOOD…and the Law of Survival is Above All Made Laws….

  48. The Mystery of The Serpent by BF Jacckson…great interesting book….

  49. Mudshark madness says:

    Whites aren’t having babies due to feminism, responsibility to afford those you have, marrying late or not at all …..Ie Joos
    White warrior. Stop the conspiarcy nonsense i.e. chemtrails et al
    Wifi, gmo and vaccines are all bad but they don’t effect other races

  50. Mudshark madness says:

    Nice piece but you kind of lost me about Che killing gem because they were homo
    Who cares? May have been the only sensible thing he did. The USA had the same laws for buggery here. Some say that Playing with other men’s poop should be a capital offense not one that garners sympathy.

  51. Mudshark Madness..true about what you say all this feminine crap…but what about Wifi and GMOs…….maybe you are right ..maybe the vaccines and chemtrails. gmos wifi and all the other crap is just targeting us whites…it sure as hell aint stopin the Darkies from being fertile and having babies…they breed like rats nd rabbits….This National Organization of Women (NOW) is mostly made up of Lesbos and and jew bitches who hate white race and promote women are the same as men..no way….this is just kike pumped up crap….To hell with these white trash whigger mudsharks..they deserve there fate….the darkies will beat the crap out of them and kill them…these stupid whigger brods having malatoe turd children….. The Cubans in Miami say Castro was scared of Chi and he is the one who killed Chi….anyway…piss on all the cmmies and all the anti whites…..

  52. Marco says:

    Who else is ready for Castizofuturism???

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