Animal Apes Now Going Crazy in NC

APES GO APE FERGUSONFilthy criminal blacks are now rioting in Charlotte, NC. Seems a black cop shot a criminal black by mistake or possibly not, but that doesn’t matter one whit to this lousy race — the wilding apes are going to go ape over just about anything. Blacks are truly animals. I know I say it all the time, but it’s true. [INCOG]


It’s been quiet on the Monkey Front for a little while lately, but thanks to the trusty, but usually lazy, Southern Pavement Apes, the RACE WAR is now back on.

Apparently the story began when a Black man, identified as a large 43 year old buck named Kevin Lamont Scott, was approached while in his car by police officers looking to serve a warrant. Scott then exited the vehicle with a weapon in his hand, and was subsequently put down by one of the cops, also identified as a Negro.

From ABC News:

A black police officer shot an armed black man at a Charlotte, North Carolina, apartment complex Tuesday, authorities said, prompting angry street protests late into the night.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department tweeted that demonstrators were destroying marked police vehicles and that approximately 12 officers had been injured, including one who was hit in the face with a rock. Television coverage showed police firing tear gas to break up the crowd. The protests came just hours after another demonstration in Tulsa, Oklahoma, over the shooting there of an unarmed black man by police.

Charlotte police went to the complex about 4 p.m. looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they saw the man — not the suspect they were looking for — inside a car, department spokesman Keith Trietley said in a statement.

Officers saw the man get out of the car with a gun and then get back in, Trietley said. When officers approached, the man exited the car with the gun again. At that point, officers deemed the man a threat and at least one fired a weapon, he said.

The man, identified as 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott, was taken to Carolinas Medical Center and pronounced dead.


And as expected, the incident prompted thousands of feral African tribesmen and sheboons to descend on the area from all directions, culminating in a night of riots that resulted in destroyed police cars, burned tractor trailer trucks, a looted Walmart, and at least twelve injured law enforcement officers.


To make matters even more hilarious, the family of the dead Silverback are now claiming that Scott had been sitting in his car, “readin’ a muhfuggin book,” while waiting for one of his seven “chilluns” to get off a school bus.

Here’s the man’s sister. She says he did not have a gun. @CMPD says he did.

— Sarah-Blake Morgan (@SarahBlakeWBTV) September 20, 2016

You dumb hood rat bitch. Niggas don’t read no books. And the Nazi cop who shot yo’ brotha be Black too.

Hundreds of pieces of obsolete farm equipment, some of whom apparently pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda and the Taliban during the fracas, also managed to block I-85 for several hours during the evening, thus impacting White people’s employment and retail resupply from Alabama to Southern Virginia.

More riots are feared tonight, and I will provide extensive commentary on the situation sometime later in the day once I get some coffee, and clean up my underground bunker, known to many as Top Kek Headquarters, somewhat.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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39 Responses to Animal Apes Now Going Crazy in NC

  1. James says:

    I laughed so hard when I read the news report claiming he’s was reading a book AND picking up his kids. The two most improbable things a negro would be doing….reading and doing something fatherly. The level of dishonesty in this country regarding what animals these are is mind boggling.

  2. John Taurus says:

    They are going to gang up on a White person with a concealed carry permit and lots of ammo……and there will be a lot of dead chimps. The MSM is stirring up this racial discord which is funded by George Soros. Our masters want race war/riots so they can declare martial law and attempt to confiscate our weapons. A dozen White red neck country boyzzz would slaughter 1000 city Blacks. All this is the work of the demon Jew.

  3. squarepegroundhole says:

    Obama and the Jews are pushing a race war….its on like Bing Bong Jack.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    He was reading the Bible and picking up his niglets from school with baby-mommies welfare car AND was going to apply for a job after that. He was a good boy dindu nuffin. What a tragic loss for civilized humanity.

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    prts morning roll call cheer up speech to the police officers. OK guys and girls and whatevers strap on those bullet proof vests and get ready to patrol the great society niggerhoods. And remember that there is nothing worse than a coked up meth addicted pcp high nigger or wigger than a 6’4″ 300 pound nigger you can try the tasers or stun guns or even billy clubs but they probably will not have any effect. And when do have to shoot them do not aim at their heads the chances of hitting a brain cell are close to nil. Shoot at the heart. Ok then lets have a nice day and remember to put on your bulletproof stab proof vests and get out there and patrol the great society. hurry hurry hurry Omaha Omaha lets go! My phone number has been disconnected from the 911 call center by the way I’m going to retire in 6 months hopefully still alive don’t call me unless there are at least 5 dead niggers make it 6 dead niggers forgheddabouuditte fuck it just don’t call me at all call the mayor and the dead nigger storage people.

  6. carnac123 says:

    Negroes are crazy as loons. They are not only crazy but they have the IQ of a cabbage. They lie to themselves and then expect others to believe their childlike lies. I guess the dead negro was not only was reading a book waiting for his niglets to get out of school,….he was also studying for his Doctorate of Divinity and trying to decide whether he was going to sponsor a poor child in Africa or adopt a poor kid from Ethiopia. In reality he was sitting in his car masturbating to some pictures of young girls he got off internet and was waiting for a child walking past his car without a chaperone or parent escorting her. He was thinking he could just yank her in through the window of the passenger side. Negroes be crazy.

  7. Red Pill says:

    Animal Apes Now Going Crazy
    check them bootlips.
    Armed Robber Runs Away After Employee Pulls His Own Gun (31 sec)

  8. INCOG MAN says:

    Blacks are stupid animals.

    How many stories have you read of them electrocuting themselves trying to get free electricity or steal copper wire?

    Besides stupider than an iron wedge, they are a criminal, angry race that needs to be deported to Africa as soon as possible.

  9. INCOG MAN says:

    Let’s wash our hands of this race.

    I mean really.

    What on God’s Green Earth do they do for America? Play basketball and dance? Cripes!

  10. Red Pill says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    September 21, 2016 at 6:13 pm
    Enslave the Jews to pay for deporting the Nigs, then castrate them and ship them off to Madagascar.
    i doubt that will ever happen.
    most likely there will be a civil war to free the white slaves.
    the white slaves own guns and will overthrow our black oppressors,(and foreigners)
    along with there jewish enablers.
    blood will run in the streets.
    history tells me it’s the only way.

  11. INCOG MAN says:

    Just break out the electric-powered Gatling guns and mow them down. Everything will be over with in about 1 1/2 minutes.

    These boogs are only acting up for the CNN TV crews, who only report the black angle to the issue.

  12. squarepegroundhole says:

    I am ready to see BLM running across my lawn, like ducks on a wheel….

    I am surprised the powers have not pulled another False flag yet -setting off free TV night and other monkeyshines

    Re-writing History:

  13. American says:

    Been having trouble getting onto the site, tells me server can’t be reached among other things. Then when I get onto the site, I can’t access the comments section.

    Not to get off topic of the noobas going apeshit in NC, but I wanted to share this 2 part video called “The Rise of Putin and the fall of the Russian Jew Oligarchs”. Very interesting, and one big reason I like Putin, he knows the deal with jew-rats. The whole show was good, but the first 3/4 just explains how the criminal jews looted Russia’s state property, and only get to Putin’s treatment of these crooks about halfway through the second part. Putin could be the real deal in that part of the world, maybe Trump will get fed up being told what to do, threatened, or bribed by jews over here? I looked into what happened to some of these oligarchs after exile, and was surprised that many lost a lot more than I would have guessed. Lets take back what they’ve stolen!

    The tactics the jews used to loot Russia in the 1990’s reads like jew 101, so you wont have a hard time believing the story.
    and part 2

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    Don’t worry if you are a nigger your niglets will still get breakfast and lunch and snacks for free. But if you have a job and work for an honest living you better pay up more otherwise they will take your lunch and give it to niggers for free. Make sure you keep paying your taxes too people niggers and jews need your money. Keep paying for your own destruction. Meanwhile they will take away the lunch from YOUR kid.

    District Superintendent Matthew Daniels said the policy has cut down drastically on parents who don’t keep current on lunch accounts for their children, and isn’t meant to embarrass anyone. The policy doesn’t target those who qualify for financial assistance with school lunches, but is meant to make sure parents who have the ability to pay stay current.

  15. Red Pill says:

    The truth about Interracial dating, romance, love stoies you never get from MSM, Hollywood
    Published on Sep 22, 2016
    you’ve been warned

    “This study investigated intimate partner violence in interracial and monoracial relationships. Using a nationally representative sample, regression analyses indicated that interracial couples demonstrated a higher level of mutual IPV (intimate partner violence) than monoracial white couples but a level similar to monoracial black couples.”

  16. Barney says:

    I know nothing about this site, but this page seems to explain a lot about nigger (mis)behaviour.

    Presumably it would also apply to jews due to their sloping foreheads restricting brain development.

    It doesn’t excuse anything or eliminate the need to take whatever action is necessary, but at least it (at least partly) explains why niggers and jews are such vicious animalistic spoiled brats.

    Understanding that it may not be their fault doesn’t change what we need to do though. Rattlesnakes may not consciously plot our demise, but there’s only one course of action if we find a nest under the bed, and the same applies to nests of niggers, jews and other racial enemies. They’re dangerous animals invading our territories, and the situation can’t be allowed to continue.

  17. Barney says:

    Here’s some advice I found elsewhere.

    If you’re charged by a dangerous wild animal, don’t waste bullets trying to hit it’s non-existent brain or it’s heart. That won’t stop the charge quickly enough, and it may be wearing (stolen) body armour anyway.

    Aim for the hips. That will bring it down instantly.

  18. Johnny Draco says:

    The way I see it:
    It’s another ZOG distraction.
    Let’s not forget that jews are master magicians.
    I believe that this has something to do with the upcoming “election”(sic).
    Will the jew pull another FDR with Obama???? (12 yrs in office).


  19. Red Pill says:

    Why Are We Sending $38 Billion to Rich and Powerful Israel?

    Last week’s announcement of a record-breaking US aid package for Israel underscores how dangerously foolish and out-of-touch is our interventionist foreign policy. Over the next ten years, the US taxpayer will be forced to give Israel some $38 billion dollars in military aid. It is money we cannot afford going to a country that needs no assistance to maintain its status as the most powerful military in the Middle East.

  20. Red Pill says:

    it’s unclear if this measure will deal with political bull shit.

    Only In California – Governor Jerry Brown Signs Bill To Regulate Cow Flatulence

    In yet another attack on California businesses, yesterday Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill (SB 1383) that requires the state to cut methane emissions from dairy cows and other animals by 40% by 2030.

  21. squarepegroundhole says:

    Thanks to Paul Kersey of SBPDL (Stuff That Black People Don’t Like)

    Sunday, September 18, 2016
    The “Awful Milestone” of Homicides in 65% Black Memphis a Reminder why Jim Crow Existed: To Keep Black Dysfunction in Check
    Without black people, this “awful milestone” wouldn’t have been possible! And remember, Memphis is 65 percent black.

  22. squarepegroundhole says:

    Black Insurrection in Charlotte Further Proof the Members of the American Colonization Society Were Onto Something…

    Black cop shoots black male reading a book pointing a gun at him.

    Black people riot.

    Somehow, white people are to blame.

  23. Red Pill says:

    Surprise! (not): NFL is losing viewers from Kaepernick blowback

  24. So let me get this straight… A BLACK police officer shoots a black hoodlum in North Carolina, and now the Blacks are going “ape shit” and wanting “revenge” for that killing on whites who had nothing to do with the shooting at all?

    OK, I guess that explains everything.. These creatures are obviously too stupid and ignorant now to see that they are in the wrong and attacking whites for no just cause..

    I smell the stench of that ultra criminal “Dr. Evil” George Soros in this and his wanting to have a race war explode in America… That JEW already funds the fraud “Black Lives Matter” group and will continue to pour money into black groups to have them incite violence…

    Yes, it is all part of the psycho Jewish bastards master plan for both race wars and the destruction of America..

    And again, the dumb ass blacks are just too stupid to see that they are being played by the Jews!

  25. Red Pill… Did you notice that just before Kaeper-prick pulled his bullshit on the world, he “changed” his religion from Judaism to Islam?

    Damn it…. Are Americans really that stupid to not see that Kaeper-dick is playing his part in the Jewish plans to fracture America?

  26. Here is that video that Red Pill is promoting… It is very factual and everyone should watch to see the truth about how stupid white women are these days that they want black… Sickening is putting it mildly:

  27. Smitherines says:

    Zionists Have Been Hypocritically Practicing “BDS” for Centuries

    By Rahul Manchanda, Esq. on September 21, 2016

    And all of these anti-BDS politicians and leaders are simply enabling this criminality and “chutzpah.”

    by Rahul Manchanda

    In another blatant act of hypocrisy, Zionists from all over the world are hemming and hawing about the “BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction) Movement” originating in university campuses and intellectual circles globally which has a stated goal to “end international support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law,” according to the BDS Movement website.

    Organized Zionism seems to conveniently forget that the original creator of these types of economic boycotts, sanctions and divestment programs to get other nations, individuals or political organizations to comply with their demands, or bring them to their knees, began with the Zionists themselves.

    There are countless examples throughout history where organized Zionism has literally declared economic warfare on their enemies or against entities whom they wanted to control and/or destroy with these methods, even using the Romans to destroy Jesus Christ, and the Palestinians (their current victims under Zionist heels) have merely learned from their oppressors to use their own economic boycott medicine against them.

    URL below:

  28. Smitherines says:

    New Leaks, as usual…never a world about Israel or real organized crime

    By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on September 22, 2016

    More proof that all leaks and “whistleblowers” are subterfuge for an unwitting public

  29. squarepegroundhole says:

    Teen Sisters Hurt During Stockton Protest Felt Targeted Because They Are White

    BLM do not protest, they are lawless criminals given immunity.

  30. squarepegroundhole says:

    Charlotte Protests “RIOTS” Innocent White Guy Attacked

  31. S O G says:

    yeah deetroyt had 80 thousand street lites but the niggers stripped 40,000 of em and so the mayor said thet they didnt need that many lites any more or was it ever ..but most of the areas could be abandoned rows of houses and naberhoods …yeah them gettin zapped was probably almost as fun as gettin tased ..i wonder how much volt and amps it takes to straiten out that nasty nappy shit they call hair that they hate so much and try to straiten it out or put a weave on it ..lipstick on a pig ..
    wtf the lite fandango might be chicago but i beez thinkins itz destroyt …
    like the post prt …dont call me at all call the dead nigger storage mofuuhgz …heh heh
    yeah jerry brown could start by shutting his faggoty mouth ..hes an asshole of a special kind ..allows the fuckin waste and absurd fast rail project .allows mandatory vaxxine poisoning of innocent children .allowed the jews to drain out the dams in n,cali so that the san joaquin valley would die off ..the last bread basket in ameirca …he allows feinstein to run amok in california ..he wants to buid a fuckin tunnel under the california delta ..nuff said ..waste and expense and destruction of ecology ..and since the nigger said it will get more water to the san joaquin i wanna know where all the billio acre feet of water that was drained out intentionally went besides flooding towns along the sacramanto river and the other one ,,ehh yaeh ok was drougbt it was some hare brained scheem to fuck ebverything up..jerry brown is a huger asshole everyday and banned open carry as well ..he also allowed for obama to come in and litterrally stamp out pot clubs after the nigger said he wouldnt touch them if brown wants to regulate cow farts he really wants to destroy farming and food the old marxzist way …like all the environmentalists who claim thes and that but just want to eliminate farming etc …what about banning fracking the fuckin cock sucker govenor ayye ? the wells all leak methane after a few years and they always leak after that millions of tons of the shit every day ..i cant remember the thousands of wells there are making pennsylvania uninhabitable but they want to kill farming or they would kill fracking which destroys water and land for ever ….and leak millions of tons opf methane and this shit is the worst as it hangs low in the atmosphere …cows farting ..who is going to count the farts ..a specail jewish committe off assholes per cow ..hey follow that cow around and count the farts ,,fuck jerry brown asshole and his faggiot sidekick gavin bathhouse boy …fiscal irresponsibility is the name of the game rail gonna cost 100 billion and no one to ride it ..never fuckin pay for itself and the basic opoeration of it from day to day will be a losing money deal ..these assholes in charge of us all need to fitted with a mandela discount tire and peetrol ..wouldnt miss anyone like that fun to watch ..good times ..
    the amount of racial animus towards whites is uncontrollable by stupid fucking niggers ..i saw a video where they were gettin theior dictator praqctice on and sayin yeah all whites get to the back of the crowd ..many white photographers have been jostled and hated on by niggers inn the throes of mindless stupidity …these bafoons need to be ..
    removed …….besides it is generally idiotic to even be in a shark waters when feeding time arrives ..the niggers think they sound so eloquent and intelligent like those stupid niggers in the debating finals last year …white should have their own activities but niggers would complain if we didnt let em come and ruin everything ..with niggers you lose …

  32. Ama Whiteslave says:

    I live not far from the latest chimp out. As I watched the violence unfold before my eyes I cannot help but wonder… When will one of our top chemist develop a race specific virus for all the destructive Googles & Skypes? And drop that right in the middle and walk away? I know you are out there…. Pitch in and do your part and be the savior of the white race my fellow whitey.

  33. Ama Whiteslave says:

    Now is the time 14/88

  34. S O G says:

    most of the agitators at charlston that got aprested allhad out of state license or zoo permits …now the kkk is there an a shootin at some nigras laaaaawrdy be …i wish ..
    like russians said and maybe it was putin but it went like ,americans do not give up your guns ..plenty of fucktards arre sellin thier hard=ware back to gun buy backs to cops ….22 calbre beginning to be scarce …i would like all the gun buyback faggots to bring me theur ammo and top quality pieces …i hate to see good ammo absorbed by the cops ..they arnt gonna burn this shit ,right ? ..
    i guess sorass gets a perverse pleasure out of funding insurrection ..he’s either too old or rich to get arreted but he is breaking 29 different laws by funding a terrorist group..]
    but the fed heads dont think thet even what farrikhoon said about conscripting 10,000 niggers to stalk and kill whites was hate speech buit instead covered by free speech …like yelling fire in a crowded theater if everyone panicks and tramples a bunch of people the guy wo yelled fire is criminally liable….
    what soros is doing is aiding and abbetting murder and violence against whites ..
    nasty fuckin ashkanazzy …
    there is alot of vids showing the peaceful protest and probablysome nigger has the shooters on his sayol faown but he aint uh gouwna snitch cus duy blakk lives splatter n shheyit ..sheee e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e i i i y y i t …..funny as hell to listen to nignog say that ….
    so where is the next nigger insurrection going to be held so i can cater it with sammitches n woings winges ..nigger says hed kill for a wing .belive the mofo ..ahhye
    nigger would kill his own mammy if she hadnt beat the tar out of the poiccaninnies when they are little criminals …oh they grow up so fast siiiigh ..(sarcasm)……..
    and turn into monsters who smile in your face and stab you in the back ..
    they goes tuh skoolz n sheeyt just az long as day doan habb tuh learnz nuthin ..
    it seems almost like the mehserlee oscar grant shhooting and a couple of the recent nigger extinguishings are deliberate agendas …jews get some cops to kill niggers and make all the shit get even crazier …no doubt …

  35. Johnny Draco says:

    And the Hoax goes on and on.

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