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hillary-losing-it-with-trumpYou can also click on my rude artwork above to go straight to Youtube to watch it and comment there. Your choice, White peeps!

Click “continue” button for live streaming video of the debate (9pm EST). Leave your hateful 14 cent comment below (2 cents adjusted for Globalist Jew Big Banking-instigated inflation).

Personally, I’m really just hoping like hell to see Mark Cuban get his smug little Pittsburgh Jew boy ass kicked royally by Billy Bob’s old mistress, Gennifer Flowers, in a running, screaming Kung Fu fight out in the audience right behind that quadroon guy married to a White woman — NBC moderator Lester Holt — who labels himself “black” so he can rake in the big media buckage doled out by Big Jewry to brainwash White people.

They’re now saying 100 million people might watch the Hillary/Trump debate tonight. If we wake up with the Chinese Army, United Nation Paki troops, or maybe even some bug-like, freaky-as-hell alien species from a distant star system occupying our cities tomorrow morning, well then, I guess we’re all screwed!

The leftys have also been yapping away that Lester Holt sure had better “fact check” Trump on the fly (which also implies to the TV masses that Trump is the big liar of the two, lol). Basically, they are quietly threatening Holt in advance to give Trump a hard time whenever possible. The lefty rats got openly pissed with NBC’s Matt Lauer for being “too tough” on Hillary for asking fairly basic questions on her email server. They even acted like little old Jimmy Fallon was all-so-terrible for joking around with Trump and messing with his hair. Can’t be having fun with today’s designated Hitler man!

Total anti-Trump commentary from the Jew-run CNN. So obviously anti-White Jewy  these days it’s funny. Check out that Brian Stelter CNN “analyst” — what a little Jew boy!

I’m not sure what’s going to come with this feed or if it will stay up.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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27 Responses to Debate Live Stream @INCOG LAND

  1. INCOG MAN says:

    C’mon everybody — forget Daily Stormer and INFO Stormer’s live feeds. I’m way more hateful and I got better drinks and tasty munchies!

  2. ihatekik*s says:

    we always with you incog,

  3. Jack Rabbit says:

    I’m betting she won’t be able to go the full 90 minutes without having to set down or take a shit or change her depends. She might even try wearing her ear piece for assistance.

  4. American says:

    I can’t wait for the trouncing to commence!

    Check out the sign in front of the entrance, jews want to turn everybody into simpering little pussies so when they come to slit your throat you don’t do anything but curl up and cry. WTF?

  5. Smitherines says:

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had it coming

    By Jonas E. Alexis on September 26, 2016

    “Those who set out to debunk the moral and spiritual order were in the end debunked by their own lives. Since they choose desire over truth, the explication of their desires debunked their entire intellectual system.”

    Jewish actress Mayim Bialik, who has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and who “shows support for ‘Supergirl’ with special work outfit,” has this to say about her own children:

    “What really gets people is this: we don’t let our kids watch TV. Oh, the gasps! The jaw-dropping! No TV!? That’s right, no TV. Nothing. Nothing ‘educational.’ No Sesame Street. No videos. And get this: not even ‘Blossom’ or ‘The Big Bang Theory.’”

    What is her actual reason? Again, it gets a little interesting:

    “My husband and I prefer to educate our children with books and words that come out of our mouths and our minds. We believe that children under the age of 7 or so don’t need any structured ‘education.’”

    Just to make sure that her readers understand why she is very conservative when it comes to educating her own children, she says:

    “To sum this all up as bluntly as I can, I don’t like the way kids’ eyes glaze over when they stare at a TV. I don’t like the commercials, I don’t like the ads, I don’t like the fast cuts, and I don’t like the messages I see on kids’ programming.

    “I don’t like that kids will keep asking for more TV time than they already have allotted to them, and I don’t like that otherwise reasonable children throw hysterical fits when you tell them that their TV time is up, as if you have removed their beloved doll or… dare I say it… a drug.”

    Isn’t that beautiful? She was protecting her kids from being brainwashed but she was making millions brainwashing other people’s kids. If she cannot see that this is a blatant contradiction, then she needs to go back to UCLA and get her money back because she didn’t learn damn thing over there.

    In short, you the moral order is here to stay. As E. Michael Jones rightly pointed out

    More @ link below:

  6. Harri Karri says:

    About the 15 year old victim being raped by a white police officer

    There is no connection to the NYPD and South Africans are saying this cop’s uniform is not South African. When I stated on YouTube the video might be faked (like porno) I was savaged. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a psyop.

  7. cowboy says:

    I hope Trump rips that bitch a new asshole.

  8. anon says:

    Maybe the jews will have them both killed on tv and then obongo can remain?

    I can’t stand the sight of either of those jews-clinton or drumpf and it is meaningless what they say. Killary is big on killing anyone who gets in her way, and drumpf is most likely taking it in the ass from nutandyahoo.

    How can anyone be cheering either of these filthy kikes is beyond me. We should be getting ropes on them right now.

  9. Red Pill says:

    when you hold all the cards the end game is never in doubt.
    nothing just happens, its planned that way.
    the electoral process is a 100 percent illusion to give you the idea you actuality
    have a say in this political cesspool that’s a created soap opera
    purely for the enslavement of ALL mankind. (turn off TV)

    once you learn the truth and refuse to “cooperate”, they will kill you.
    we will have truth and we will have blood.
    to continue voting and expecting real changes is akin to insanity.
    real freedom requires blood, will you “pay” the price to defend that?.
    what else is there to live for?.

  10. INCOG MAN says:

    Trump dropped the Janet Yellin FED business!

  11. The opinion you trust says:

    I confirm is way more informative, and drinks are better here. If you want to have a fun then join this website and share the information among thousands white sufferers who got seek and tired of being a hostage of blacks haters. In fact, all Freedom Loving White People reflecting on the growing problem on all different websites, in all different countries should come here and pull resources and data together. This way billions of readers will have one convenient source of information.
    Every honest person must unite around the Colonel Incog Man!
    All websites, all truth seekers, the honest people from around the world, should unite around the Incog Man. Our strength is our shared vision and commonality of interest goals, all will lead to organized movement to make the Globe a Better Place Again!

  12. INCOG MAN says:

    Shillary playing the race card.

  13. allovertheplace says:

    Daily Stormer BBS

    1155 / 1208

    blob.jpg634x524 102 KB
    blob.jpg800x450 84.2 KB

    blob.jpg1024x650 209 KB
    blob.jpg640x640 151 KB

    Banned from X-Box Live for Racism

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    You forgot the hypodermic!
    She wont leave home without it!

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    Banned from X-Box Live for Racism


    Pleasant Style!

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    Racist on Acid


    Savior of Aryan Princesses
    Do you think the National Socialists supported the conservatives in 1929? Did they modify their message to hope to attain power by increments? I have been a Trump supporter, but tonight I realized that is not the answer. There needs to be tsunami of White Nationalism to attack the left on its premises, to strike at the heart of the dragon, like Siegfried with his sword. From this point on, I say no compromise, no quarter and we fight!!!


    Did anyone notice how Trump’s camera was moving all over the place and Hillary’s was steady? Also, the topics in the debate were softer for Hillary, yet Trump had plenty of chances to hit Clinton very decisively. Why didn’t Hillary’s personal server use come up in the “cybersecurity” portion? Did everyone else in the world have that idea but Trump? Why didn’t Trump hammer Clinton on gun control as a fundamental freedom? When Hillary was talking about female equality and womens issues, Trump could have slammed hillary hard with her own record. Too much time explaining himself and his issues. He should have explained that tax cuts in the 80’s brought an economic renaissance but instead he talked about the benefits of lowering environmental standards. On Russia he should have just asked the people if they wanted war. A few times he was solid though, particularly when he reiterated that hillary changed her position and was all talk no action. Honestly Trump may have lost ground in a debate he should have easily won against a tired, lying hag that people are sick of.

  14. allovertheplace says:

    Oops, sorry. Somehow copied a little bit more than my own comment in DS to bring over here. It is not what I visually selected when copying, FYI.

  15. American says:

    Trump didn’t do as well as I hoped, but good enough against a drugged-up (xanax or valium) opponent with an odd and inappropriate smile much of the time. Since my internet was not working well enough last night I had to watch on CNN’s stream, which I hated but was a blessing because the flow of comments were 95-98% pro Trump, with many calling out the jews, zionism’s wars, clinton’s race-baiting, etc…its as if The Donald could’ve taken a dump onstage in front of 100 million people and still win the election in a landslide! People just want the entrenched criminals out.

  16. Aservant says:

    Yeah American….it pains me more than I can say……..but Trump was horrible…..absolutely horrible. We are so screwed when someone like Clinton is made to look like a paradigm of virtue, and it was completely handed to her on a silver platter by Trump.

    This is very upsetting. Even the Jew Krauthammer and many other, dim-witted talking heads had it completely pegged…..all Trump needed to do was not come across as unhinged, and he did the exact opposite.

  17. squarepegroundhole says:

    Do you ever wonder if there are enough bullets?

  18. Red Pill says:

    squarepegroundhole says:
    September 27, 2016 at 9:07 am
    Do you ever wonder if there are enough bullets?
    that’s some ugly white butt fuck chicks in that vid
    you sure as hell wouldn’t want to look at there faces up close.

  19. The opinion you trust says:

    Good news, finally. It has become mater of death of live for the State of Illinois and especially criminogenic Chicago to address Black Problem. Take a close look at positive experience of Governor Rouner in Illinois how he combat the

    He is doing a good staff. So learn from his experience. He is only one in the whole state of Illinois who took a firm stance on the Black Problem of black / jews – arabs / latino / mexicans / niggers / negros. He cut the budget for all black / jew arab / latino schools. Consequently, he froze the part of the budget he could not cut. To freeze all bad niggers out of the city. For years Governor Rouner was under brutal attack from all kind jews and niggers, black prosecutors, black mafia and religious sectarian leaders. The well-organized niggerian forces of evil were shamelessly and viciously attacking small groups of white people in Illinois and governor Rouner.

    All that because the State of Illinois is very black, and has a lot of jews negros, especially in down town of Chicago. But Rouner was firm, and did unfreeze the budget to subsidize the nigger piglets-nigglets sprawl through high schools. Black nigger jews ain’t got a dime. Now look at the first positive results of Governor Rouner work. This school year 2016, 14000 less black niggers jews lations negros enrolled in the public schools. Is not it a relieve, is not it a God’s way?

    Where did the thousands of niggers go, I am not sure hopefully in Nigeria, but it may be the just left to pollute some other State like Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and black U.S. capital Atlanta, red latinos – jew capital LA, California, etc. As long as they are not in Illinois it all for the good. In conclusion, if there is the same Black Problems in your state, order your State’s Governor to use the model developed by Rouner. This will help to alleviate the Black Problem in your state too. The Black Problem is especially bad in Southern States. The jew – arab – mexican – latino – nigger problem is especially bad in Norther States. But the Midwest methodology of solving Black Problem, successfully developed and implemented by Rouner, is usable for both Northern States and Southern States.

    It is important to abolish Affirmative Action law, Equal Employment Opportunity law, Desegregation law. It is important to stop hiring black jew latino because they reproduce at abnormal rate 1 : 1 to the amount paid. So if you give nigger or a jew $100 (hundred dollars) it will reproduce 100 times, they are that bad. It is illegal to regard them with baseball bats, but it is legal to stop hiring them, segregating them, and recognize them as domestic terrorists. For safety.

  20. putnamvt says:

    Remember, Trump is just a proxy. His family married into Jews

  21. The opinion you trust says:

    In re to putnamvt, at September 28, 2016 at 5:54am.

    Ptnamvt, also I support Trump, but your message about Trump secretly cooperating with Jews made me sad. That reminds me the scenario that scumbag Gorbachev was married to the scumbag jew, and then became one of the major reason behind collapse of Soviet Union.

    But let us be optimistic here, and Trump is not necessarily a proxy. What would be the reasons for Trump to affiliate himself with a jew? May be he needed a loan? In some circles, and I mean among poor people because poor people are mainly stupid, affiliating with a jew often viewed as some kind stylish privilege.

    Let just hope that President Trump will not be all alone there, we going to be around to correct if there is a considerable stray.

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