Filthy Jews Are Driving America TOTALLY INSANE


By Phillip Marlowe

Jews are so depraved, they actually go into business as A FAMILY doing porn videos with the son acting.

Jews are so sick in the head, they actually go into business together as a family doing commercial porn videos (abusing naïve White girls trying to succeed out in Hollywood along the way); like the Glasser family above. The son, AKA “Seymore Butts,” even takes part by engaging in onscreen sexual acts. Sick!

You know how they often say “Whites do the same kinds of things” when you bring up something horrible blacks did? Well, sure they have. Every minute it seems some psycho bastard of whatever race, gender — what have you — rapes, robs, shoots, stabs or beats to death a person or even a big group of people in America. Look, we all know crap is getting crazier by the day in our White countries. But why has it become like this?

You might remember that Super Bowl halftime show where Justin Timberlake pulled off the breast cover to the outfit of Janet Jackson — sister of pedophile Michael. The two called it a “wardrobe malfunction” but later admitted it was done on purpose. Some were outraged, but nothing much happened other than a relatively moderate FCC fine that Jew-owned Viacom/CBS fought for years.

You used to hear them talking a lot about how violent the movies have become and what to do about it. But nothing ever really happened. No one now says anything anymore about the matter. Why? Because those in control of the media really don’t give a rat’s ass, morality-wise. Never have. Nothing gets in the way of shekels when it comes to these greedy, dirty Jew bastards. They have America by the short hairs and insist on taking us all straight down into the gutter alongside them — black or White!

I know how some will yell “you blame Jews for everything.” Uh, what don’t you get fool? If these creeps control the media power nexus in our lands, they can pretty much get away with anything. This is THE reason why the media is so sick nowadays (as in nasty and bad, not “cool” as some modern day hipsters might use the word sick). Just project it out and you will know why we see people realistically getting their heads blown off in a shower of gore all the time, or some other vileness like sodomy (I saw a “Mr. Robot” TV episode not long ago where a man was shown anally doing another).

That’s why I sometimes wonder if the Devil himself is behind things. Oh, that doesn’t mean I absolve the filthy Jews mind you, since these little creeps must definitely be the foot soldiers for Mr. Beezlebub, bub.

No seriously, there’s some violent crap on TV all the time now. You know it too.

Not long ago, I was watching this older documentary on the Civil War. You know how they have confederate and yankee reenactors firing away at each other with muskets, to depict a battle? They had these clips of the reenactors falling down like they just got hit. Well, someone decided that just wasn’t realistic enough for today’s audiences, so they used CGI (computer graphics) to drop in a big burst of blood to their chests or faces right before they fell. You could easily see it was added in. Looked stupid, too.

But they really got it looking real in today’s productions. The blood was fake as hell in old movies; like someone picked out some house paint down at the local hardware store, because that’s what they did. Nowadays, they have these big prop companies that sell buckets and bags of blood literally with specific characteristics the Jew directors can select from, like “highly oxygenated with chunks” (meaning pieces of flesh) and “dark dead zombie.”

They also have all sorts of external prosthesis (artificial body parts) you can buy so the movie people can do lovely little things like stabbing and hacking with real axes and crap. Dead bodies are rented out in large lot quantities so you can make that massacre scene look perfect!

I bet right at this very moment, some sick Jew director in Hollywood is probably looking at one of these prop catalogs and salivating — hell, the sick little bastard has probably got a hand jammed down inside his pants!

Filthy Jew Freaks Running America CRAZY


Now kids and blacks (Jew media contributes greatly to their violent nature) are completely inured to brutal violence. It’s like nothing to them anymore. We’ve actually got entire generations of sick violent psychos coming of age — ready to blow their and our asses away at the drop of a hat. There’s no telling now when a nutcase is going to start spraying lead someplace.

Crime-prone, pinhead blacks are insanely affected by this realistic movie violence and the promotion of promiscuous, easy sex with White girls. Monkey see, monkey do. Not only that, but the Jew music industry is constantly promoting the gangsta lifestyle as something cool. It’s the perfect storm of Jew slash Negro BS!

The brainwashed liberals might now be stupidly screaming “Whites do the same thing!” Haven’t we had enough of this tired line of BS? Whites are only taking part in the general “zeitgeist” (a favorite word of the Jews) where the only thing that’s important in life is making beaucoup shekels. Plenty of Whites will stab you in the back these days acting like Jews when it comes to careers and money.

Jews are a poisonous cancer to any country that stupidly let them move there. You think 109 countries that tossed them out over the centuries did it only because of them being religious? Hell, the mothers have been trouble-makers, perverts, criminals and scam artists from time immemorial.

Get this good: Every single country Jews have lived in eventually turns to hell. I also firmly believe Jews have been behind most of the wars, many of the assassinations and all of the commie upheavals in the last 200 years or more. Jews have been nothing but never-ending trouble for the White race and the planet.

Now you might be a liberal who has read so far so he or she could get into a head of a real life Nazi boy. But please scroll back up and look at my main art at the top I used. I did this up back when Hollywood psycho boy Elliot Rodger, shot up a small college town in California, killing several people. He was the spoiled brat half breed son to a movie director and went crazy because he couldn’t get laid. So he decided to get even. He killed two pals with a knife in his apartment and then went gunning for blond babes with a pistol. No lie.

We will probably have to resort to violence ourselves to set things right. They don’t care one bit when we voice our opinions on the matter. It simply doesn’t register.

Decent White people can’t say a thing anymore before these lousy Jews start accusing us of being racist and crap. Nothing can get in their way of profits and non-stop social engineering. These are arrogant, selfish people who have little morals to begin with. What kills me is them going around proclaiming themselves the beacons of light upon nations (they call it “Tikkun Olam”). My White pimply ass!

I am a pro-White American who has had quite enough of this sick Jew BS destroying our country and our brains. I say it’s high time we put a stop to these dirtbag Jew bastards!

Are you with me?


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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102 Responses to Filthy Jews Are Driving America TOTALLY INSANE

  1. SOG…all my like I have been a White Supremist…When I starteed reading the Hellen and Choas site..a lot of things they say makes sense…about tye the Khazar Hybrids were created by the Mongols raping White Women and killing all the White Males…the Mongols created the Euroasians,,,HUNS TURKO Mongols and SAXON MONGOL KHAZARS….also Hellen and Choas brings out how White Black Yellow Mixes create the Doberman Syndrome….these mixes are SKITZO and are killer Genociders and Cannibals its in their DNA Gena Mix….and look at how CHINA keeps devloping buolding their military up and how more Chinese Immigrants come to USA and Caanada than any other race and start taking over silently these Saxon Mongols includes the Mile Square City in London The Crown and the Royals who are Saxon Mongols …According to Hellen and Choas the Kikes which are a Khazar Mongol Mix….Saxon Mongols like Rockefellers=s and Rothchilds and Soros and many many others….Hellen and Choas says that the Saxon Mongol Khazars takes orders from the Highest CHINESE HONG MASONS and this includes Mile Square City in London, The Crown and all the Royals of Europe and the Khazar Banking Families of world which are Saxon Mongols…..Look at how these Saxon Mongol bastards build up China and strip America….read this…

  2. Smitherines says:

    German Jewish leaders: Far-right party’s strong showing in election a ‘nightmare’
    FROM JTA September 5th, 2016:

    A far-right party in Germany finished second in voting in the political home state of Chancellor Angela Merkel, ahead of Merkel’s party, spurring concerns among Jewish leaders in Germany.

    Alternative for Germany, known as AfD, with its anti-immigrant and ultranationalist platform, picked up 21 percent of the vote Sunday in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, behind the center-left Social Democratic Party with 31 percent, which retained leadership in the state. Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union had 19 percent; it was the first time that the AfD surpassed the Christian Democrats in any German state election.

    The fact that the right-populist party did so well — winning 18 seats in the 71-seat legislature — is widely seen as a further indictment of Merkel’s liberal policy toward accepting refugees from war-torn Muslim countries and has set off alarm bells among Jewish leaders in Germany.

    I guess it’s time the Zio Puppets start rigging German elections too?

  3. SOG..looked at First Light Forum and it has tbis article … Asian Gooks exposed as the mutated offspring of aliens that fornicated with the daughters of men on earh…..also has article by Jack Ma the Gok who threatens war if Globalist trade stops……Niggers are part ape…also….anyway…fits right in with Hellen and Choas on the Draconian Chinese, Kikes and Mongols and the Saxon Mongols…..These Kikes stripping america and building China up and flooding us wirh muds… hell with Gooks Kikes and all Muds….

  4. The opinion you trust says:

    White Warrior, you made me lough clear and sound by saying: “how the Khazar Hybrids were created by the Mongols raping White Women and killing all the White Males…the Mongols created the Euroasians”. Eurasians are Russians. Because Russia is where Europe and Asia are bordering. So are you saying that Russians are mongoloids?
    That is all good, but I would like to point your attention to the southern Europe. The Italians are not white – they are Mexicans. Mexican and Italian language is almost the same. Greek are not white they are mixed with muslim turks from turkey.
    In reality, there are very few whites left. There are only 30 million of Russians-Russians. Germany reproduction rate is negative. White part of the United States reproduction rate is down. Do not get depressed!

  5. The opinion you trust says:

    I do not understand where the hell 80% of all my comments go. The Incog Man is good, and he is doing a good job, but he is politically correcting my posts. I write posts he deletes them. What good does it make?

    • INCOG MAN says:

      I’m not deleting them. I’m just unsure whether you’re a Jew hasbarat or not. One of your comments was talking about black penises. I don’t like crap like that.

  6. The opinion you trust says:

    I don’t like crap like that either. I am not a jew hasbarat. Not even remotely. What I did, I replied to a common black niggers argument about that they are the fastest runners and how their physicality is important to them. Somebody had to do that, so in order to destroy their argument, I merely explained that all this garbage that makes them proud is not a merit, instead it is deformity. And no one, in common sense, in the whole world needs to look at that abnormal athleticism or abnormal monkeys, with abnormal bodies walking around people without even understanding how foreign inappropriate and unacceptable their behavior, appearance, hatred toward us , aggression, the way of thinking and logic, and everything else about them is.

    Nevertheless, thank you for the striking clarification.

  7. Verrangian Vikings of Russia are WHITE..pure Fancis Yockey in his Imperium talks about….there is some pure Whites left in Russia….but Russia is loaded with the mongol mixes from all the Mongol Invasions….The Ancient Greeks and real Greeks are pure White…they did get invaded by the Mongol Turks and there is a lot of turko mongol mixture….but pure White Greeks do exist…same with Itallions…In Northern Italy in the mountains their is many oure Whites…but Italy now is not White Itallion..its a multi cult cess poll just like ZOGUSA is today thanks to the 65 Immigratiuon Act and bringing in muds by the millions….The Kikes are insane..they want everything mixed up..plants aninals and insects…sickos and all this transhuman crap..its all DEVOLVING CRAP….Hybrid crap….Concerning Nicolai Levashovs works…he explains how the White Russians destroyed Khazaria and the Bolshevic Revolution was revenge of the Khazars against White Russia for destroying Khazaria… far as the Negroes….very few are pure Blue Gums…they are mixed with a White Asian or American Indian or some other kind of critter…you have two types…the field niggers and the house niggers….the field niggers are violent as hell…but the house nigs are the magic nigger types…but still have that jungle blood crap in them….PURE WHITE MALES ARE BEING STEERILZED IN A VERY SECRET OPERATION PROGRAM WORLD WIDE…THATS WHY WHITES ARE NOT PRODUCING AND THE LOW SPERM COUNTS….This is a race specific bio weapon….and far as ITALLIONS….look at JOSEPH TOMMASI of the National Socialist Liberation Front….great whiteman…..All the Muds Kikes and Niggers and GOK CHINESE want all pure whites dead,,,,,puss on them,,,,,Read article that Hilliary is a true Witch….maybe she has witch blood like Jennifer Anderson does who had a relative in Salem who got tried for being a Witch but got off….Maybe the law of three is getting HC…..Congestive heart Failure and a colosomy bag and brain wacker diiease from muff diving….Hardly anyone is taking about how the Clintons sold out America to the Red Chinese and were involved in the Wa. Mart crap….you know how many businesses have put under…Mom and Pop stores and so on and on by Wal Mart….The Home Depot guy is anti trump to…and look at all the small hardware pop and mon stores that went out of business….Bill C is Winthrop Rockefellers son and Jimmy Peanut Carter is Joe Kennedys son…..damn al;l the PREZin my life have been anti white traitors.,,,,,to hell with ZOG and all its crap….

  8. Jerry Burnett says:

    I agree with you, Incogman, and I appeciate your bothering to read, and expunge, any posts that include foul and offensive terms, such as you indicated our newcomer had included.

    I come here to lend my mind to the posters, and, it is very offensive, and disturbing, to be reading, with intense and intellectual focus, only to be slapped in the face by the use of offensive terms, describing that which anybody else on this board would have absolutely NO INTEREST in reading about. The poster might seek psychological counseling if he fails to comprehend this.

    Keep up the good work.

    From Texas

  9. Barney says:

    People keep asking why criminals and traitors like the Clinton freak aren’t behind bars, but they’re missing the point.

    They talk of individuals being “bribed”, “bought off”, “blackmailed” and all the rest of it, but there’s a more basic reason that nobody ever mentions.

    White People (real Humans) don’t need “governing”. We know the difference between right and wrong. It’s programmed into our brains and reinforced by our upbringing, and if an individual gets it wrong, the community will soon put him right.

    We don’t need “laws” because we have compassion, empathy and a conscience. All we need is a central administration (not a tyrannical “government”) to co-ordinate and oversee non-local matters.

    The thing most people overlook is that the original “government” was formed when psychopathic criminals seized control of our countries with the intention of enslaving us all, and these criminal gangs haven’t gone away.

    Having achieved power over us – something no sane person would even want – they armed themselves to the teeth, passed illegitimate “laws” and imposed their fraudulent “monetary system” to maintaining that power in perpetuity.

    Ask yourselves a simple question. Would you want to control your White neighbours’ every thought, word and deed? Would you want that kind of power over others of your race (species)? Anyone who answers “yes” to that is unfit to wield such power.

    We’re still ruled by the descendants of those original criminal gangs, so why would anyone expect them to observe “laws” intended to keep us enslaved?

    Obongo, Merkel, Sarkozy, Blair, Cameron, the Clintons, the Millibands, the Bushes and others are full MEMBERS of the Rothschild criminal gang that controls the world, so why would they use their own “laws” against their own members?

    Politicians are criminals because they’re members of the criminal gang known as “jews”. They’re not employees, but full members of a gang (not a race, and certainly not a religion) that wallows in every kind of lawlessness and depravity, so why would anyone expect them to behave like Normal Human Beings when they’re not normal, or even fully Human?

    Criminals commit crimes, so why is anyone surprised when it happens?

    Governments exist to commit crimes on a national and international scale, so as long as governments exist, tyranny will exist and powerful criminals will continue to commit crimes with impunity.

    The niggers, jews and other psychopaths are jungle animals masquerading as people.

    The day of the rope is coming. It’s just a matter of time, and for decades afterwards Free White Humanity will celebrate and commemorate what will become known as the day of the dangling jew. It’s inevitable, and it can’t come soon enough.

  10. Anton Chigurh says:

    If you wanna drive jews crazy, just mention the obvious solution:
    enforce existing immigration law and remove incentives like section 8 & EBT.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    I don’t remember I cant recall I was never trained or briefed about the proper and safe handling of classified information.. OK bitch so now you want to be president and commander in chief? I have my jewish mossad agents and handlers deal with those issues of course because we all know that jews never lie or deceive or cheat or steal anything. They are always the victims. Just like niggers are always the perpetual victims of racism. OK so now I am back as an NCO and I say hey guys and girls and you transfaggotts to Hilary says that her jewish mossad advisors at the pentagram says we should go do this today. So what WE are going to do is the exact opposite and we will keep ourselves alive and go back home to our families even though I don’t like any of you fuckers in the first place and I know you assholes and dickheads damn sure hate me also. Knock Knock. On the ovulation office door. Sir Sir? Mr. President? What the fuck no pun intended cant you read about that do not disturb sign? That means I am giving very important dictation to my young intern monica jewlipsky and was just about to come to my conclusion!! All for the benefit of my library and foundfaciotn. But sir, this is really really important sir. OK what is it if it’s about nuclear war with the Russians talk to my jewboy rhammy emanual chief of staff I lost the nuclear launch codes months ago and he says he will find them soon. No sir it’s not about that sir this is even more important. Hillary is on her way home and due back in 10 minutes the secret service is going extra slow and has been changing green lights to red for as long as possible and she will be here soon hurry up and finish your dictation to your intern monica jewlipski otherwise we will be forced to defend you from your own slut whore wife and beat HER down and that wouldn’t look good for all of us.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    Only a few more months until the great community organizer can be reunited and it feels so good with his rham emanuell jewboy in chimpcago and get all these fucked up nigger problems they inherited from george bush get fixed. Just give us more free printed money and more time and the niggers will get this whole civilized human society thing figured out. OK so tell me how many more trillions do your jewish leaders need and how many more million years do you fucking backward ass stupid fucking uncivilized predatory animals need to move a little bit up on the evolutionary scale? I don’t have that kind of money or time left. It’s not like the jew/ has not tried to force integration of niggers into civilized human societies. Remember school bussing? Free colleges? Section 8 housing? We’ve paid for everything and anything to give niggers handouts and handups and minority set asides and diversity hire and promote assfirmative action programs trying to teach niggers how civilized human societies function and make the trains run on time. To no avail. My dogs understand English better than niggers do and they don’t bite the hands that feed them. So what’s the point give up quit trying and especially quit going to work so money can be stole from YOUR paycheck to feed them and house them and provide them with medical care. They are racists and hate us anyway because of the color of our skin and want to do everything they can to harm us and destroy us and kill us. Just like jews do. So why keep paying them and helping them? It makes no sense.

  13. The opinion you trust says:

    Professor Kevin B. Macdonald, in his lecture “The Psychological Mechanism of White Dispossession”, which can watch on, convincingly explained how the white culture gradually disappears.

    Professor of Psychology at California State University-Long Beach, Macdonald offers a deep historic outlook into the problem. In the middle of the lecture he exclaims that: “by not doing anything about the attack on white people we are committing suicide”. However, Prof. Macdonald didn’t offer any solution for the problem how white people should preserve their existence and secure their wellbeing. What Kevin Macdonald achieved – he formulated the problem, but he ended the lecture abruptly not offering any solution. This abrupt ending made me think about difference between being PROACTIVE and being REACTIVE.

    What does it mean to be reactive? Being reactive means to merely react to the problem and complain about the problem without offering a solution.

    As expected, niggers grew indifferent to critique. One of the niggers was let into a university and even wrote an article “The nigger word as therapy for racists”. I agree in today’s uptight legal environment it has become only luxury we can afford. What can be learned from that nigger? One important thing, that to become proactive. For example, who’s call for actions is best heard on the popular website That is Karen’s. Poor, honest, beautiful little white women – the dream. She humbly raised he voice and called for action. Karen says, on September 5, 2016 at 6:11PM: “… rising en masse from Antarctica seems at this point to be our only hope” Antarctica is far away in Canada and Russia, but the United States will do just well. Creating of National – Socialism party is not possible, but creating of smaller organization is possible.

    What does it mean to be proactive? It means to graduatially transition from defining the problem and expression frustration about the problem to creating a purely legal organization determined to influence and finally change policy to resolve the problem.

    I propose, every participant the website from around the world make an effort to end each post with a proposed solution as you see it. Even if your solution will initially be naive we are not judgmental, or even if it is a repetitive just do you best and finalize each one of the post with the solution as you see it. Or if you liked a solution proposed by another member of the Incog Man you can say so. Finally, courtesy of Incog Man we all have a place to get together to brainstorm on the problem. I propose to take it further to the new heights.

  14. ALERT ALERT ALERT….WHITE RACE IS BEING STERILIZED……The Nigger Supremist says its their Sun God Ra making White Race Sterile..because White dont have Melanin….and the Niggers Sun God RA will give Whites melanoma….and nigs make lists of whites who have died of melanoma…then their is another nig who says all Whites because they are Albino Mutations will die from their God..of the Cosmic rays coming to earth…Then all these niggers are bragging about how Whites are below zero poipulation growth and the WHITE RACE IS DYEING……..The niggers are full of crap….its something else folks…dont know what it is…but its being done…..some ways they might be doing it with Nano Partticle Tech…Nano Bots that are programed only to sterilize whites….Its added to food, can be can get from chemtrails water and vaccines also…then when this nano bots goes in your body they stay their….Then the EVIL BASTARDS doing this sends a beam out and it triggers the sterilization process on WHITES ONLY…..Maybe its done with Raiation that only effects whites or beams or freqs that targets the whites….What bugs the hell out of me…no one is trying to figure this out…..J.M. is the only one I know of who has mentioned this..J.M. is a X Nasa Scientist…..Whoever is doing this…they need to be targeted…we have to go after them and destroy them or they will kill white race off….Monsanto could be doing it…who knows……I know Witches in the past could make curses to make sterile….or maybe Satanic evil bastards doing Black Magic…or Chinese GOKS using Qigong Masters to blast earth with a Qi energy to make all whites sterile…..anyway..why no one is onto this is something,…this is an issue and its got to be researched…..DEATH TO ALL THE BASTARDS WHO WANT TO KILL OFF THE WHITE RACE…maybe we need a Radionic Box to zap all non whites or a Cosmic Pipie like farmers use to clear their fields of bugs…Hey folks this is a very serious problem….DEATH TO ZOG…..CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT GREATEST THREAT TO FUTURE….its OVERBREEDING DARKIESAND MUDS:…….they breed like rats and rabbits…..Everybody talks about Depopulation plan of NWO…but what I see witth eyes is something different…WHITES DISAPPEARING NOT MAKING BABIES and the MUDS squrting out more dark muds just as fast as rabbits and rats…more like damn TICKS,,,,,lets get busy and fingbout who the hell is doing this…..,

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    National jew news is making a big deal out of the libertarian party candidate gary Johnson did not know what alleppo was when he was asked what he would do about alleppo if he were elected president. He asked back what is an allepo? It’s in Syria. Personally I think he is a bit of a fruitcake anyway smoking too much of that medical marahoochie just there to skim as many votes away from Donald Trump as he can but he played the whole gotcha interview wrong to begin with. He should have said fuck the alepos who gives a shit about them I am running for president of the United States why don’t you ask me what am I going to do about all the thug nigger criminal domestic homegrown terrorist niggers and gang banger drug dealers in chimpcago or detroilet or Memphis or jew Orleans or chimpsinnatti or all the rest of the American shitty’s?

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    New visitors read and heed this. Take the jews at their words and see if they dont match up with their deeds. For whatever reason call it fate or call it destiny a hard journey brought me here as a messenger. And believe me zog tried ( did) destroy my life and livelihood. Always the bad guy make him go away we don’t like him and we don’t want him around to hear what warnings he is trying to tell us. But thanks to the internet and incogman I’m still standing and telling the truth. A lot of better men and women than myself have been telling us the same things throughout the centuries.

  17. The opinion you trust says:

    I have became an addict! I developed strong addiction to the website called INCOGMAN.NET. Now the question is what is next? A drag addicts are always looking to enhance kaif. Creation of a strong organization with the mission to drop the affirmative action and deregulate multiculturalism may be just it. No more forced desegregation!

  18. The opinion you trust says:

    serve not the jew, nor his master.

    In re to Richard Gearon’s of September 4, 2016 at 3:35 pm. Preaching it is not enough, action is a must. Jews are very cohesive organization mafia like, which satisfies the definition of organized crime, jews are arabs. They say that jew is not a race, but jews are arabs of different religious sect. I interviewed a polestinian women recently she said that jews are the same race as arabs, but different religion. She also sad the jew’s religion is almost like a muslim religion. I do not believe that jews can be useful for humanity.

    RIGHT FUCKING ON, INCOGMAN. Preach it, Brother, preach it.

  19. The opinion you trust says:

    White Warrior, there are several theories about “who the hell is doing this” and why there is such an enormous push of multiculturalism upon America.

    Theory 1 is that the jews want to hide behind the mix so they manically force everyone to mix by creating absurd policy like affirmative action, desegregation, same school policy, etc

    Theory 2 fear as a conduit for governance is introduced into society to facilitate leadership to achieve their goals. More scarecrow – like niggers who do not afraid to go to jail and therefore always ready to commit a crime against person is injected in the U.S. For example, in the recent robbery of couple of boyfriend and girlfriend, black nigger – latino stabbed one in the stomach so that the acid from the stomach went into the blood stream. Not a fun. If I would to rule – I am very simple – I would clean it all up overnight. But we white people we should be better than that, and more civilized. So the humane soclution is to put all of them on the steam ship to niggeria. I mean not to stock up the steem engine with them, but to swim them to niggeria.

    Theory 3 the U.S. may became a test ground for a research on the viability of multiculturalism and to check if multiculturalism can be departed in harmony and balance in one country. It appears that the multiculturalism and the diversity experiment, instead of being a benefit as it was introduced, is may be a drain. Moreover, it has a potential to destroy or weaken the United States, because of frequent antagonistic incompatibility of the racial groups. There is no any other country with that much diversity. The strong desire to continue with the experiment may inadvertently result white people start to think of themselves as an “experimental animals” in research on the possibility of the utopian multicultural harmony.

    Theory 4, Theory 5, etc

  20. The Opinion You Trust…Someone is using a weapon that is secret to make Whites sterile ..mostly white males…..we need to find how how thes evil bastards are doing it and stop it….look around and open your eyes…all you see now is dark faces… white babies being born…and the dark races are overbreeding…something is fishey…Its time we figure this out…..

  21. The opinion you trust says:

    In re to Barney 09/08/16 07:11. It make a lot sence in several areas.

    1. I agree when you say: “White people, the real humans, don;’t need govenring. We know the difference between right and wrong. We don’t need the laws because we have compassioin, empathy, and a consience. All we need is a cental government” In that respect, Preseident Trump has all our hopes and support. His VP, the governor of Indiana, choice is sound. Let us hope he will be able to implement real people’ will.
    2. In re to yor “origianl governemnt was formed by scychopathic criminal gangs…” there is an excellent article, published by one of the most concervative think tanks, in 2012. For educational purposes here is a fragment of this article. I concider you thinking deep and correct. This unique article, kind of a conformation of your school of thought.

    Case study 34_3. Article mafia states organized crime takes office

    1.; Published by Foreign Affairs Counsel, May/June 2012, by Moises Naim, Senior Associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Reference: (Naim, 2012)
    2. The major issue worldwide now, criminal organizations gaining political power. It is not just about, as it was before, legal organizations adopting criminal ways to gain political power.
    3. One thing I do not like in this article, is that it should be a stronger call for the U.S. State Department involvement to resolve the issue in all world before it is too late.
    4. I hope that the essay published in journal of such a caliber, is taken as a signal, of the changing political attitude of the U.S. administration against criminals, in a form of ruling elite of many countries penetrating governments of those many countries. I sincerely hope that the policy makers in Washington had decided to take a less accepting position on the issue.
    5. The global economic crisis has been a breeding ground for new transnational and traditional criminals. Thanks to the weak economy, cash-rich criminal organizations can acquire financially distressed, but potentially valuable companies at bargain prices.
    6. Reasons for criminalization:
    6.1. Me – the first and most important reason for all criminality to go up is a global spread of capitalism.
    6.2. First reason: fiscal austerity is forcing governments everywhere to cut the budgets of law enforcement agencies and court systems.
    6.3. Second reason: – millions of people have been laid off and are thus more easily tempted to break the law. Large numbers of unemployed experts in finance, accounting, information technology, law, and logistics have boosted the supply of world-class talent available to criminal cartels.
    6.4. Third reason – meanwhile, philanthropists all over the world reduced their giving, creating funding shortfalls in the arts, education, health care, and other areas. This funding shortfalls:
    6.4.1. criminals are all too happy to fill in exchange for political access, social legitimacy, and popular support,
    6.4.2. international criminals could hardly ask for a more favorable business environment. Their activities are typically high margin and cash-based, which means they often enjoy a high degree of liquidity (means CASH)– not a bad position to be in during a global credit crunch.
    7. Problems confronting police departments, prosecutors and judges:
    7.1. are not only absence of resources, but
    7.2. in recent years, a new threat has emerged: the mafia state:
    9. Across the globe 2 phenomena happened:
    9.1. criminals have penetrated governments to an unprecedented degree.
    9.2. reverse has also happened: rather than stamping out powerful gangs, some governments have instead taken over their illegal operations.
    10. In mafia states, government officials enrich themselves and their families and friends while exploiting the money, muscle, political influence, and global connections of criminal syndicates to cement and expand their own power. Indeed, top positions in some of the world’s most profitable illicit enterprises are filled:
    10.1. not only by professional criminals, but also they now include
    10.2. senior government officials, legislators, chiefs of intelligence, heads of police departments, military officers, and, even heads of state or their family members.
    11. Governments through their spy agencies and criminal groups collaborated in the past:
    11.1. But unlike normal states, mafia states do not just occasionally rely on criminal groups to advance particular foreign policy goals.
    11.2. In a mafia state high government officials actually become leaders of, criminal enterprises, and the defense and promotion of those enterprises’ businesses become official priorities.
    12. Mafia states include:
    12.1. Bulgaria,
    12.2. Guinea-Bissau,
    12.3. Montenegro,
    12.4. Myanmar (also called Burma),
    12.5. Ukraine, and
    12.6. Venezuela, the national, and the interests of organized crime are now the same.
    13. Policies and resource allocations of mafia states are determined by both:
    13.1. the influence of criminals, in addition to the
    13.2. forces that typically shape state behavior,
    14. Because of this influence of criminals, mafia states pose a serious challenge to policymakers and shape of international politics. Mafia states blurring the conceptual line between 2:
    14.1. states actors (me -public sector),and
    14.2. nonstate actors (me – private sector).
    15. As a result, their behavior is difficult to predict (me – enforce, of even defy as illegal), making them particularly dangerous actors in the international environment.
    16. Me – The appearance of mafia states was permitted – even more so intentionally induced by the U.S. Intelligence foreign policy. Fostering criminals into political power by funding them, and providing them with the ideology of materialism and capitalism. Drunk unrestricted consumption of new cocainated business people whose needs were only enrichment – demoralized the corps of all honest normal working people whose traditional values included the homeland defense, protectionism of the domestic industries and manufacturers etc. The action served as psychological weapon which distracted defense of the country, effectively destroyed the sense of patriotism, brotherhood, and made people to distant themselves from the participation in political debate, and then replaced the need for common goals for friendship and brotherhood with the fear for survival for being physically killed / or imprisoned by mafia states officials – the criminals, or fear for survival for financial reasons. So now as the rich people became government officials in majority of the countries – they say “cross pollination” occurred. Where the rich cross invested in the all the different countries, financial and physical assets. Some saying that this is effective mechanism to prevent war. The reasonable question is do we need the peace at the cost of allowing the bunch of shady elements with questionable ideas of individualism who act to maximize the returns on stockholders investment. The second question her is whether it is going to be peace or war is going to be replaced by the criminal clashes over the target market shares with allocation of target clients. Some absurd notions enforced upon people that the bunch of billionaires / oligarchs sailing their yachts around our world made their money in a legal way under the threat of common set of instrument the capitalistic society developed to muffle that is to accuse of defamation, any prompt for action – is sedition, any clarification about those in power they call – treason against homeland, no one can effectively argue that they should be imprisoned and the assets nationalized. The question here is how to react? Should reaction necessarily be hate and resentment and filling of hopelessness because of inability to change anything. I believe that the reaction should be opposite and the process should be invited and supported. Unexpected conclusion, also is logical.
    17. Me – psychological weapon – political criminalization, penetrating of criminal romantics in in culture and media conducted intentionally to destabilize, and finally take under control.
    18. A Revolution In Crime.
    19. Conventional wisdom about international criminal networks rests on 3 faulty assumptions:
    19.1. First mistaken assumption is that many people believe that when it comes to illegal activities, everything has been done before. It is true that criminals, smugglers, and black markets have always existed. But the nature of international crime has changed a great deal in the past two decades, as criminal networks:
    19.1.1. have expanded beyond their traditional markets,
    19.1.2. started taking advantage of political and economic transformations, and
    19.1.3. exploiting new technologies.
    19.2. Second mistaken assumption is that international crime is an underground phenomenon that involves only a small community of deviants operating at the margins of societies. The truth is that in many countries, criminals today do not bother staying underground at all, nor are they remotely marginal. In fact, the suspected leaders of many major criminal groups have become celebrities of a sort. Wealthy individuals with suspicious business backgrounds are sought-after philanthropists and have come to media control. Moreover, criminals’ accumulation of wealth and power depends not only on their own illicit activities but also on the actions of average members of society: for example, the millions of citizens involved in China’s counterfeit consumer-goods industry and in Afghanistan’s drug trade, the millions of Westerners who smoke marijuana regularly, the hundreds of thousands of migrants who every year hire criminals to smuggle them to Europe, and the well-to-do professionals in Manhattan and Milan who employ illegal immigrants as nannies and housekeepers. Ordinary people such as these are an integral part of the criminal ecosystem.
    19.3. Third mistaken assumption is that international crime is strictly a matter of law enforcement, best managed by police departments, prosecutors, and judges. In reality, international crime is better understood as a political problem with national security implications. The scale and scope of the most powerful criminal organizations now easily match those of the world’s largest multinational corporations
    20. Both types of organizations seek political influence:
    20.1. legitimate organizations, and
    20.2. criminal organizations.
    21. Of course, criminals have always sought to corrupt political systems to their own advantage. But criminal groups have never before managed to acquire the degree of political influence now enjoyed by criminals in a wide range of:
    21.1. African
    21.2. Eastern European, and
    21.3. Latin American countries,
    21.4. China
    21.5. Russia
    21.6. Guinea
    22. Example 1. In the past decade or so, this phenomenon has crossed a threshold, resulting in the emergence of potent mafia states. Jose Grinda, a Spanish prosecutor with years of experience fighting eastern European criminal organizations, maintains that in many cases, it has become impossible for him and his colleagues to distinguish the interests of:
    22.1. criminal organizations from those of
    22.2. their host governments.
    23. According to Grinda, Spanish law enforcement officials constantly confront criminal organizations that function as appendages of the governments of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. In confidential remarks contained in U.S. diplomatic cables released by the whistleblower Web site WikiLeaks, he detailed his concerns about the tremendous control” exercised by what he termed “the Russian mafia” over a number of strategic sectors of the global economy, such as aluminum and natural gas. This control, Grinda suggested, is made possible by the extent to which the Kremlin collaborates with Russian criminal organizations.
    24. Example 2. In mafia states, government officials and criminals often work together through legal companies, with close ties to top leaders and their families and friends. According to Grinda, Moscow government regularly employs criminal syndicates, as when, for example:
    24.1. Russia’s military intelligence agency directed a mafia group to supply arms to Kurdish rebels in Turkey.
    24.2. More indicative of the overlap between Russia’s government and its criminal groups, however, is the case of a cargo ship, Arctic Sea, that the Russian government claimed was hijacked by pirates off the coast of Sweden in 2009. Moscow ostensibly sent the Russian navy to rescue the ship, but many experts believe it was actually smuggling weapons on behalf of Russia’s intelligence services and that the hijacking and rescue were ruses intended to cover up the trafficking after rival intelligence services had disrupted it. Grinda says that the smuggling was a joint operation run by organized criminal gangs and what he cryptically termed “Eurasian security services.” The Russians were embarrassed, but the outcome was essentially benign, even a bit comical. Still, the affair underscored the unpredictability of a security environment in which it is difficult to distinguish the:
    24.2.1. geopolitical calculations of states, from the
    24.2.2. profit motives of criminal organizations.
    25. Reiteration of the fact that now mafia has the country:
    25.1. Russia is hardly the only country where the line between government agencies and criminal groups is gone.
    25.2. Council of Europe published a report alleging that the prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim, and his political allies:
    25.2.1. “exert violent control over the trade in heroin and other narcotics”, and
    25.2.2. occupy important positions in “Kosovo’s mafia-like structures of organized crime.”
    25.3. State-crime is even stronger in Bulgaria. Diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks read, in part: Organized crime has a corrupting influence on all Bulgarian institutions, including the government, parliament and judiciary. In an attempt to maintain their influence criminals donate to all the major political parties. As these criminals have expanded into legitimate businesses, they bought their way into the corridors of power. This state of affairs led Atanas Atanasov, a member of the Bulgarian parliament and a former counterintelligence chief, to observe that “other countries have the mafia; in Bulgaria the mafia has the country.”
    25.4. Police departments, secret services, courts, local and provincial governments, passport-issuing agencies, and customs offices have all become subjects of criminal takeovers. For example, retired general who headed Bolivia’s antidrug agency, was arrested by U.S. federal agents in Panama and charged with plotting to ship hundreds of kilograms of cocaine to Miami.
    25.5. Similarly, a succession of generals who held the chief antidrug post in Mexico are now in prison for taking part in the very kind of crime they were supposed to prevent.
    26. Profiting In The Shadows.
    27. Increasingly, fighting transnational crime must mean:
    27.1. more than curbing the traffic of counterfeit goods, drugs, weapons, and people; it must also involve
    27.2. preventing and reversing the criminalization of governments.
    28. Illicit trade is intrinsically dangerous, but the threat it poses to society is amplified when:
    28.1. criminals become high-level government officials, and
    28.2. governments take over criminal syndicates.
    29. Yet today’s law enforcement agencies are no match for criminal organizations that:
    29.1. not only are wealthy, violent, and ruthless, but also
    29.2. benefit from the full support of governments and their diplomats, judges, spies, generals, cabinet ministers, and police chiefs.
    29.3. Mafia states can afford the best lawyers and accountants and have access to the most advanced technology.
    30. After all, how can a country coordinate its anticrime efforts with government leaders or top police officials who are themselves criminals?
    31. As the role of mafia states has become clearer, law enforcement officers across the globe have begun to develop new policies and strategies for dealing with such mafia states, including:
    31.1. requiring high-level public officials to disclose their finances;
    31.2. scrutinizing the accountants, lawyers, and technology experts who protect crime lords; and
    31.3. improving coordination among different domestic agencies.
    32. In reference to our class. As is often the case, long-term collaborations among two categories is different:
    32.1. like-minded individuals who know one another well and share values are far more effective than
    32.2. formal, officially sanctioned cooperation between institutions whose officers barely know one another.
    33. Mafia states have transformed international crime into a national security issue.
    34. An important obstacle to combating the spread of mafia states is a basic lack of awareness among ordinary citizens and policymakers about the extent of the phenomenon.

  22. The opinion you trust says:

    Whit Warrior, 99% of your writing is good and quality staff. The participation right is also good. But when I read some of your work such as 09/09/2016 at 14:35 I am wondering did you know that the best Pat around is when Californian growers watering it not with water, but instead with vodka?

  23. The opinion your trust says:

    Ever since after the WWII, jews secretly and openly are hunting German military people often Officers, to murder them. Jews killed so many since 1945, so they come to love the blood, they become aggressive, bold, conniving. Nothing good an average White person can expected from the jew, instead a sad destiny to always be on the high alert. All because good white American Christians shared their house with the jew. Is it good to always be on a higher alert?

  24. The Opinion You Trust,…..Nicolai Lavashov in his works talks about what Vodka did to White Russsians….really messed them up….Russians really addicted to Vodka..makes you feel good but kills you….Smernoff has a lot of added bad chemicals in it as additives….reacts to other things…

  25. PicturedLady says: – One more reason…

    I IMPLORE President Trump to REVOKE, RESCIND, AND REMOVE, ALL actions taken by our government during the past 8 years – REINSTATE America back to the days prior to the evil that has darkened our White House.

  26. The opinion you trust says:

    White Warrior, number of people addicted to vodka in Russia is commensurate to number of people addicted to marijuana in America. Did you know that Israel is one of the larges in the world advertiser, research, and exporter of marijuana and other narcotics to poison white people? There are indications that jews are up to no good.

  27. The opinion you trust says:

    PicturedLady, are you sure that reinstating America 8 years back would be enough? How about to reinstating it further back before 1960s, and before the civil movement because segregated cities are safer than mixed?

  28. The opinion you trust says:

    Yes, we are with you Incog Man to the victory.

    Here at we are dedicated to make live better for all people. And the live of all people would better without niggers jews and latino. In his article “Filthy jews are driving America totally insane”, posted on September 4, 2016, Incog man stated that 109 countries already tossed them out over the centuries. Thus, this is not impossible to put them all on the steam ships and send them all back to Africa, Israel, Latino, etc. The important thing is the precedent in a common law is established because 109 countries thrown them away, and after all it is not such a new idea that requires long thinking, or pilot testing. The other did it means we can do it either.

    The bad people call is “White Majority”, “Supremists”, “Biased”. The dark forces call everything what is only good in this live, bad. Today, I tell you, let that be it, be the white majority! Majority means that we can vote any political decision necessary and required by that Majority. Be that majority! Be decisive, use legal means to create the legal system you believe necessary. Learn from jews – their push for power is strong. This year 2016 we had 50% of presidential candidates were jews this – a notional threat! Look at the math: President Trump, Hillary Clinton, jew with his changed last name Sanders, and jew Bloomberg from independents. Troublesome stats. But, not all lost. More and more people, in the U.S. and abroad believe that Incog Man was send to us by Jesus Christ himself to show us the way (figuratively speaking).

    Our society has changed dramatically. For those who can read between the lines, Dewey (2009) wrote: “Difference between society now and back then. Such words as “society” and “community” can be misleading, for they have a tendency to make us think there is a single thing corresponding to the single word. As a matter of fact, a modern society more or less loosely connected. Modern city, in spite of its nominal political unity, there are probably more communities, more differing customs, traditions, aspirations, and forms of government or control, than existed in an entire continent at an earlier epoch. In the olden times, the diversity of groups was largely a geographical matter. There were many societies, but each, within its own territory, was comparatively same”.
    Two things can be learned from Dewey’s (2009) paragraph:
    First, this provides good explanation of why it is so difficult, often impossible to achieve any political change even the most obvious ones That is because there diversity, instead of being beneficial, works to the detriment and to stolid decision making. Because all that diversity wants the opposite things from wheat we want, thus successfully annulling all the progress we make.
    Second, the everybody should be hoppy in their respective geographies. It does not mean that we stop all international trade and foreign relations, we still be collaborating with all those different cultures, but for, God sake, not that closely as it is now. They put those different aggressive haters together with people everywhere in cafeterias, workplaces, schools, businesses, government cubicles -this is way too close we do not need this we need fresh air.

    To conclude, because we are called majority, theoretically, we should be able to influence the decision making process to adapt any law majority deem necessary!

  29. The opinion you trust says:

    Excellent article Phillip Marlowe. After reading about lovely blonde shiksas in the article, I recalled how Germans educated, regarded, and directed their women.

    Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels was a Reich Minister of Propaganda in Germany. Younger generation can learn about him on Goebbels used to designate one the most beautiful women as a Model of the German Motherhood.

    In his speech to women on March 18, 1933 grandpa Goebbels stated: “A fundamental change is necessary. At the risk of sounding reactionary and outdated, let me say this clearly: The first, best, and most suitable place for the women is in the family, and her most glorious duty is to give children to her people and nation, children who can continue the line of generations and who guarantee the immortality of the nation. The woman is the teacher of the youth, and therefore the builder of the foundation of the future. If the family is the nation’s source of strength, the woman is its core and center. The best place for the woman to serve her people is in her marriage, in the family, in motherhood. This is her highest mission. That does not mean that those women who are employed or who have no children have no role in the motherhood of the German people. They use their strength, their abilities, their sense of responsibility for the nation, in other ways. We are convinced, however, that the first task of a socially reformed nation must be to again give the woman the possibility to fulfill her real task, her mission in the family and as a mother” as appears in

    Young generation of Americans is not familiar with the title Minister of Propaganda. These generation is also not familiar with the fact that in today’s America it this position was replaced with a construct “media” and it is controlled not by one man but seven and all of them are scaring jews. According to the article of John Whitley in “…Seven Jews run the vast majority of US television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals…”.

  30. The opinion you trust says:

    White Warrior, as you search for answers for declining reproduction rates for White people. The complete speech of Grandpa Goebbels may shade a light. Goebbels gave this speech on 18 March 1933 at the opening of a women’s exhibition in Berlin. I believe a lot can be learned from his speech directed to women. White man can learn how treat their women. And the white women can learn that we have high expectations of them.

    German women, German men!

    It is a happy accident that my first speech since taking charge of the Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda is to German women. Although I agree with Treitschke that men make history, I do not forget that women raise boys to manhood. You know that the National Socialist movement is the only party that keeps women out of daily politics. This arouses bitter criticism and hostility, all of it very unjustified. We have kept women out of the parliamentary-democratic intrigues of the past fourteen years in Germany not because we do not respect them, but because we respect them too much. We do not see the woman as inferior, but rather as having a different mission, a different value, than that of the man. Therefore we believed that the German woman, who more than any other in the world is a woman in the best sense of the word, should use her strength and abilities in other areas than the man.

    The woman has always been not only the man’s sexual companion, but also his fellow worker. Long ago, she did heavy labor with the man in the field. She moved with him into the cities, entering the offices and factories, doing her share of the work for which she was best suited. She did this with all her abilities, her loyalty, her selfless devotion, her readiness to sacrifice.

    The woman in public life today is no different than the women of the past. No one who understands the modern age would have the crazy idea of driving women from public life, from work, profession, and bread winning. But it must also be said that those things that belong to the man must remain his. That includes politics and the military. That is not to disparage women, only a recognition of how she can best use her talents and abilities.

    Looking back over the past years of Germany’s decline, we come to the frightening, nearly terrifying, conclusion that the less German men were willing to act as men in public life, the more women succumbed to the temptation to fill the role of the man. The feminization of men always leads to the masculinization of women. An age in which all great idea of virtue, of steadfastness, of hardness, and determination have been forgotten should not be surprised that the man gradually loses his leading role in life and politics and government to the woman.

    It may be unpopular to say this to an audience of women, but it must be said, because it is true and because it will help make clear our attitude toward women.

    The modern age, with all its vast revolutionary transformations in government, politics, economics, and social relations has not left women and their role in public life untouched. Things we thought impossible several years or decades ago are now everyday reality. Some good, noble, and commendable things have happened. But also things that are contemptible and humiliating. These revolutionary transformations have largely taken from women their proper tasks. Their eyes were set in directions that were not appropriate for them. The result was a distorted public view of German womanhood that had nothing to do with former ideals.

    A fundamental change is necessary. At the risk of sounding reactionary and outdated, let me say this clearly: The first, best, and most suitable place for the women is in the family, and her most glorious duty is to give children to her people and nation, children who can continue the line of generations and who guarantee the immortality of the nation. The woman is the teacher of the youth, and therefore the builder of the foundation of the future. If the family is the nation’s source of strength, the woman is its core and center. The best place for the woman to serve her people is in her marriage, in the family, in motherhood. This is her highest mission. That does not mean that those women who are employed or who have no children have no role in the motherhood of the German people. They use their strength, their abilities, their sense of responsibility for the nation, in other ways. We are convinced, however, that the first task of a socially reformed nation must be to again give the woman the possibility to fulfill her real task, her mission in the family and as a mother.

    The national revolutionary government is everything but reactionary. It does not want to stop the pace of our rapidly moving age. It has no intention of lagging behind the times. It wants to be the flag bearer and pathfinder of the future. We know the demands of the modern age. But that does not stop us from seeing that every age has its roots in motherhood, that there is nothing of greater importance than the living mother of a family who gives the state children.

    German women have been transformed in recent years. They are beginning to see that they are not happier as a result of being given more rights but fewer duties. They now realize that the right to be elected to public office at the expense of the right to life, motherhood, and her daily bread is not a good trade.

    A characteristic of the modern era is a rapidly declining birthrate in our big cities. In 1900, two million babies were born in Germany. Now the number has fallen to one million. This drastic decline is most evident in the nation’s capital. In the last fourteen years, Berlin’s birthrate has become the lowest of any European city. By 1955, without emigration, it will have only about three million inhabitants. The government is determined to halt this decline of the family and the resulting impoverishment of our blood. There must be a fundamental change. The liberal attitude toward the family and the child is responsible for Germany’s rapid decline. We today must begin worrying about an aging population. In 1900 there were seven children for each elderly person, today it is only four. If current trends continue, by 1988 the ratio will be 1 : 1. These statistics say it all. They are the best proof that if Germany continues along its current path, it will end in an abyss with breathtaking speed. We can almost determine the decade when Germany collapses because of depopulation.

    We are not willing to stand aside and watch the collapse of our national life and the destruction of the blood we have inherited. The national revolutionary government has the duty to rebuilt the nation on its original foundations, to transform the life and work of the woman so that it once again best serves the national good. It intends to eliminate the social inequalities so that once again the life of our people and the future of our people and the immortality of our blood is assured.

    I welcome this exhibition, whose goal is to explain and teach, and to reduce or eliminate harm to the individual and the whole people. This serves the nation and popular enlightenment, and to support it is one of the happiest duties of the new government.

    Perhaps this exhibition titled “The Woman” will represent a turning point. If the goal of the exhibition is to give an impression of women in contemporary society, it does so at a time when German society is undergoing the greatest changes in generations. I am aware of how difficult this is. I know the obstacles that had to be overcome to give this exhibition a clear theme and a firm structure. It should show the significance of the woman for the family, the people, and the whole nation. Displays will give an impression of the actual life of women today, and will provide the knowledge necessary to resolve today’s conflicting opinions, which were not primarily the result of the contemporary women’s movement.

    But that is not all. The main purpose of the exhibition “The Woman” is not only to show the way things are, but to make proposals for improvement. It aims to show new ways and new opportunities. Clear and often drastic examples will give thousands of German women reason to think and consider. It is particularly pleasing to us men in the new government that families with many children are given particular attention, since we want to rescue the nation from decline. The importance of the family cannot be overestimated, especially in families without fathers that depend entirely upon the mother. In these families the woman has sole responsibility for the children, and she must realize the responsibility she has to her people and nation.

    We do not believe that the German people is destined by fate to decline. We have blind confidence that Germany still has a great mission in the world. We have faith that we are not at the end of our history, but rather that a new, great and honorable period of our history is now beginning. This faith give us the strength to work and not despair. It enabled us to make great sacrifices over the past fourteen years. It gave millions of German women the strength to hope in Germany and its future, and to let their sons join in the reawakening of the nation. This faith was with the brave women who lost their husbands and breadwinners in the war, with those who gave their sons in the battle to renew their people. This faith kept us standing during the need and desperation of the past fourteen years. And this faith today fills us with new hope that Germany will again find its place in the sun.

    Nothing makes one harder and more determined than struggle. Nothing gives more courage than to face resistance. During the years when Germany seemed destined to decline, a new kind of womanhood developed under the confused veneer of modern civilization. It is hard, determined, courageous, willing to sacrifice. During the four years of the great war and the fourteen years of German collapse that followed, German women and mothers proved themselves worthy companions of their men. They have borne all the bitterness, all the privation and danger, and did not fail when hit by misfortune, worry and trouble. As long as a nation has such a proud and noble womanhood, it cannot perish. These women are the foundation of our race, of its blood and of its future.

    This is the beginning of a new German womanhood. If the nation once again has mothers who proudly and freely choose motherhood, it cannot perish. If the woman is healthy, the people will be healthy. Woe to the nation that neglects its women and mothers. It condemns itself.

    We hope that the concept of the German woman will again earn the honor and respect of the entire world. The German woman will then take her pride in her land and her people, in thinking German and feeling German. The honor of her nation and her race will be most important to her. Only a nation that does not forget its honor will be able to guarantee its daily bread.

    The German woman should never forget that.

    I declare this exhibition open. May it reveal all the former errors and show the way to the future.

    Then the world will once again respect us, and we will be able to affirm the words of Walther von der Vogelweide, who had this to say about the German woman in his famous poem:

    He who seeks
    Virtue and proper love,
    Should come to our land.
    There is much joy.
    Long may I live there.

  31. The opinion you trust says:

    Question #2. Why there is Incog Man at More and more people from around the world are now trying to understand where the Incog Man comes from. The reason for Incog Man is that most of us are confused because we are blind to the ideal. We are held bondage by the shadows of imperfection within our world, and we need others to help release us from our imprisonment, and to direct us toward goodness, and truth – our leaders who are guardians of our society. The Incog Man is one – the natural leader. But what does it mean guardian of our society. Plato explained that people are different, and “ not all created equal”. He 3 distinct types:
    1. The first type of people appetitive people: appetite component includes those who have souls coded toward the realm of the appetite. Driven by their physical appetites, they base their lives on the pursuit of physical pleasure. They seek passion; they seek luxury; they measure success in terms of the accumulation of wealth. Appetitive component would consist of craftsmen and artisans, those who seek the material rewards of life, those who seek pleasure, those whose lives are driven by passion, rather than reason.
    2. The second type of people spirited people like for example warriors and church leaders.
    3. The third type of people rational. Rational component includes those with more rational souls, who find delight in the acquisition of knowledge. They are not victims of lust and physical pleasure, and are apart from those who are self-serving, for they seek only wisdom, goodness, and understanding. Theirs is the life of the mind, not encumbered by the impoverishment of material gain and power as they seek union with that which is eternal. Plato calls them the guardians of society.

  32. The opinion you trust says:

    Question #1. Why jews and blacks? No high – minded man, no man of right feeling can impose the so deviant, hostile and dangerous jews and blacks society. But for some reasons policy makers, here and in Europe, often force people to be together with jews and blacks starting from high school. For some reasons the policy makers bring more jews and blacks in the society. Why do they do it? I would like to invite you to answer that question. (Well, not every country in Europe. Great Britain voted to exit European Union, only because started getting too black as all jews and blacks, from the colonies, started flooding the country. London has become like a sewerage.

    One possible explanation is that the policy makers inject society with the jewish and black adversity to facilitate controlling. By fragmenting and darkening American people they are easily manageable due to being exhausted by the antagonizing black Jew Arab forces from inside. Somebody, may ask why they do not do it in Russia in order to control masses? The answer is simple, in Russia there is no need for such an instrument as mixing people with blacks because the Putin will simply wack every one opposing. The difference is that in Russia, where supposedly no democracy, you get managed undemocratically, simply by whacking. Here, in supposedly democratic society, you getting managed democratically, by mixing you in the same grinder with black niggers.

  33. The opinion you trust says:

    Question #3.
    Earlier on today I sow a huge, giant, abnormal, and infiriating black nigger getting out of a new BMW with a license plate saying: “Rise”. All How much bolder and blatant will people allow them to become before disciplining them once and for all. Many may ask why they are infiriating? They are infiriating because they, in opose to white people, are willing to got to jail to be with their black niggers together together and have all the fun.

    In the meanwhile, the niggroids got out of hand. There is a trial in Chicago of several black criminals who got together to form a criminal group called “hobos” to control supply, using all normal set of methods to do it including killing of white people and police. The question is if these eight niggers in detention how is controlling the market and committing the murders? There are more of them on the loose.

    To “combat” the growing crime in Chicago, they found nothing better to do than to hire nigger chief of police. When people of Illinois faced him to ask what does he do about 22 killings a day in Chicago, he said: “He is out wack”. It means that the black nigger takes it easy and do not want to take a firm stance on the crime.

    Both poor and rich are unhappy about black niggers are still in America. Rich, even though they can afford to avoid seeing or contacting black niggers in their daily activities, are unhappy about black niggers because the rich property owners painfully hate to pay property tax, which mainly spend on breading black niggers and jews. Poor American are unhappy about black niggers because they have to work and live next to, and sniff that dangerous shit every day.

    This must be stopped!

    Even though, it can be heard that there are some sometimes some undesirable sentiment, still the developing countries and the 3rd world countries look up to the United States, in terms of their policy. In many countries the legal and economic systems are built as a mirror image of the U.S. system, in part due to IMF. Therefore, the policy developed and applied toward niggers and jews, putting them on pedestal in the United States will be copied by the rest, and if not successful this policy may also negatively or positively affect those countries and contribute to spread of blacks and jews around the world. Then the pandemic will be impossible to stop.

    All American people should pay attention to what the Illinois black nigger wrote on his license plate: “Rise”!

    Long live Free White America!

  34. The opinion you trust says:

    An old but exhortatory and sad anecdote about a Jew, which granddad of girlfriend whispered me.

    An elderly Jewish gentleman stands at the flee-market selling two silver fruit – forks. Quickly and masterfully joggled silver forks back and force, back and force in the fast hands of the older Jew, shined in the sun. The gleam of the metal attracted kids. A boy – goyim running by, stopped and asked with astonishment: “Uncle Jew what is it you got them in your hands?”.
    The Jewish gentlemen immediately answers with a polite smile: “That is a binocular”.
    The boy, not able to hold back his wonderment, asked: “Uncle Jew, may I take a quick look”?
    The Jew says: “Yes, of cause, boy”, swiftly thrusts in both forks in the eyes of the little goyim.
    “Oy, oy” the boy is crying: “I cannot see anything, Uncle Jew”.
    The Jew warmly replies: “Wait, boy, stand still, I will adjust the focus”.

    ‘This story, may not necessarily is grounded in the true facts, rather on observations of the thousands of generations passing the wisdom. Often wisdom is only what white goyims inherit. This example of a metaphorical thinking, may be useful to describe predatorily financial behavior of Jew dominated banking, hedging, federal reserve system, and the whole world financial system. The implication if the story is that it is important to adjust your expectations!

  35. The opinion you trust says:

    Riot accusation.

    A recent article in the Huffington says that state’s attorney charged a white woman Goodman with trespassing, but on Friday he dropped that misdemeanor charge and replaced it with the riot accusation.

    I am wondering when it comes to the point when all white people have to go and protest against jews and niggers what is it going to be? Are they going accuse us of rioting too?

    Case stemmed from a Sept. 3 altercation where Dakota access pipeline guards used pepper spray and dogs against protesters who entered land designated for the controversial pipeline.

    Goodman and her team filmed the confrontation and interviewed protesters, who say the pipeline threatens their drinking water and has disturbed burial grounds and sacred sites.

  36. Salvatore says:

    I bet NOT one ANTI TRUMP type who hates Trump because he wants to build a WALL have got rid of their Anti-Virus Software in their computers. Anti-Virus software protecting one’s computer is ALSO A WALL. ANTI VIRUS SOFTWARE IS A TYPE OF WALL, A TYPE OF WALL THAT PROTECTS YOUR COMPUTER, and I bet NOT one ANTI TRUMP type has eschewed, opposed, rebelled against, renounced, the ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE WALL IN THEIR COMPUTERS.

    We’re to have open borders and we’re NOT think maybe some undesirables will enter the United States, that is “racist” to think maybe some undesirables will enter the United States over the Open Border , but on our computers we are to be very wary that undesirables may get into our computers, so we all have Anti-Virus Software programs as a WALL to protect our computers, including ALL the ones who hate Trump for wanting a WALL, I guess undesirables only exist online, NOT in real life outside of the Noosphere. As per the ANTI-TRUMP types.

  37. The Honest Truth says:

    God is a Filthy Jew Bastard that Sucks Cock And Swallows like a Ugly Motherfucker.

  38. The opinion you trust says:

    You know black Jew, The Honest Trust, that blossomy is heresy and heresy is a capital offence which is punishable by burning in the fire.

  39. I Really Did Work For Those Cheap Filthy Bastards says:

    Speaking of jews which i did at one time worked for those filthy cheap jew bastards.

  40. And That Is The Truth says:

    Jews are the cheapest bastards to work for. Been there and done that.

  41. Reality Check says:

    And to really think that i worked for those cheap bastards at one time.

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