Who Does This Hillary Clinton Think She Is?


White boy ranting by one Phillip Marlowe

Let me ask you something White Peeps: Haven’t you just had it up to here with nervy mega rich left wingers like Hillary Clinton working to turn us all into multicult commie faggots — figuratively or even literally, if possible? Do you want to see America turned into a crime-ridden, Third World racial piss-pot, with homos and bizarre trannys celebrated on TV like they are so great and the spoiled rotten criminal black race going wacko every minute over practically any stupid crap they deem racist?

And who does this Hillary woman think she is, calling us Trump supporters “deplorable” simply because we want a decent, clean, moral country where our jobs are protected and our leadership has our best interests in mind instead of catering to rich Globalist elites and always-so-special minorities who could care less about those of us Whites out here in “fly-over” land?

Democraps are fast getting panicky since the “Alt-Right” has exploded across the Internet. Comment sections in main stream media sites are now chock full of things just like I say here at my “hater” site all the time — even things about the sacred Jews. In fact, lefty traitors behind the scenes are having a hard time keeping up with censoring the more clever and subtle! White Americans have simply had it with these bastards trashing our lands from the inside out. Hell, Whites are now out buying guns in record numbers getting ready for the big show down.

Reports have surfaced that Hillary’s campaign events have been poorly attended all along, with just a few hundred liberals up in the stands, picking their noses and looking moronic. Live TV camera crews have been ordered NOT to pan backwards to reveal how bad it truly is for her. Even her latest political book, “Stronger Together” is a huge publishing flop with less than 3000 copies sold. Meanwhile, der Führer Donald J. Trump’s campaign events are being attended by enthusiastic multiple THOUSANDS, like it’s Nuremberg 1930’s Nazi Germany — no wonder the paranoid Jews are now crapping their pants!

Well, what about all those polls they report Hillary ahead of Trump on the nightly news, Mr. Smarty Pants racist nazi boy? Uh, polls have been wacked for decades, brainiac. They have certain demographic “data brackets” they set up in advance for what they want to report to American news viewers. In other words, it’s pre-tailored for what they want the public to believe. It’s psychological ploy called the “Herd Instinct” they’ve been jacking us with from the start. Comrades: All these media people know that’s what they’ve long been doing to the American proletariat masses. It’s a YUGE rip-off!

And there’s good reason to believe the Dems are looking for a way out when it comes to Hillary. She very well may call a press conference any day now and say her health makes her have to quit the campaign. Looks like they have been setting the stage to do exactly that. They may bring back that old Marxist Jew, Bernie Sanders, or possibly even that mealy-mouthed old White traitor  Joe Biden — who we’re all supposed to feel so kindly over, since so many of his loved ones have died in the past. This Biden creep has really used that crap to advance himself politically for decades.

It’s also very possible the evil Globalist Jews may start a big new Mideast war with another big false flag operation and Obama will come out to say the elections are “on hold” for now. Which, of course, would be constitutionally illegal. But when has the “old dead White guy’s constitution” ever stopped Obongo boy? He issues Executive Orders all the time bypassing congress and turning America into a commie land.

While some big Mideast war occupies TV news every minute, Obongo will bring in even more hundreds of thousands of non-White Third Worlder “refugees” from wherever on the planet so they vote democrap and skew elections to further destroy White demographics. The White-hating SOB is already ramping up admitting “refugees” into the United States as we speak. Hillary has actually promised to increase it 550% more “refugees” from the Third World — not just Syria, either.

It’s only a matter of months before the White race is completely turned into a spat-upon minority and America looking like little Africa or Muzzie land.

What’s worse is the lefty media and blacks will celebrate right in our faces every minute on TV and real life and we won’t be able to say or do JACK! Hell, they are already doing that now, matter of fact.



Another thing: You know how they constantly quiz Donald Trump and Mike Pence on David Duke and all us “haters” supporting Trump? And how those two guys are always forced to disavow him every other minute? Well, guess what: They HAVE TO. Imagine Trump and Pence saying things like I say here publicly? The traitor media would be screaming bloody murder!

My site is going off the charts with hits from awakened Whites. Note the most popular over on the left “MOST SITE TRAFFIC NOW” widget (automatically generated every 24 hours). My hard-hitting photo montages of American Whites murdered by blacks on my pages WHITE VICTIMS, MUDSHARK MADNESS and WHITE VICTIMS BEFORE 2000 (a few from 1970’s to 2000) are now getting tons of visitations from all over the Internet.

It’s sickening how the media has covered up all the Whites who have died brutally at the hands of sadistic blacks over the years. But thanks to Internet, Whites are now waking up fast to how we’re the ones who are the real victims.

Let me just point out a couple of real facts of life: One, the criminal black race SUCKS. Big time. Two, Jews have been effin’ with America’s head all along. Everything the Nazis said is absolutely, one hundred percent true.

When I first realized that about twenty years ago, my head swam. Everything fit together. There wasn’t some kind of Aliens who came here from another star system to tell us what to do. It was the GD Jews messing with our heads from the start!

The campaigns of the Third parties, libertarian reefer smoker, Gary Johnson, and that Jew woman, Jill Stein, are going nowhere. I watched that CNN “townhall” showcasing Stein and her black VP choice, Ajamu Baraka. She’s your typical lefty commie creep and Baraka is a militant black “anti-colonialist” type — wearing college professor clothes to look intellectual.

But Baraka has come out in defense of Palestinians, which is a hellava lot more than you could say for White guy Gary Johnson, who didn’t even know where Aleppo, Syria was when the “Morning Joe” crew asked him. That was turned into a big “gotcha” moment for several days, with media people high-fiving each other in glee because they think Johnson will steal more votes from Hillary than Trump.

Then again, all candidates (including Trump) are not going to know everything. Guess what? You folks out there are just as smart as a lot of those you see on TV. Say what Cog man? Yep, most of the people in politics and media are not any great intellectuals, nor do they know or can know all the “wonky” details involved in so many diverse topics. That’s why the whole thing breaks down in outrage all the time. Most really smart people are too busy getting drunk and laid to deal with this sort of BS.

I’ve talked to a few fairly big people in DC and I knew for a fact I was every bit as intelligent as they were. Maybe more so. I remember this one US Senator I was talking to at (REDACTED for personal security reasons) where you could really see he was getting all excited about having himself a big “down home” discussion with one of his “common man” constituents when I sprung a simple question about AIPAC on his ass. Oh boy, did his demeanor change on a dime! I only wished I had his face on camera.

All Whites in DC know exactly what they can and can’t talk about. The media is not going to talk about it since that’s part of the program keeping us Whites snowed. The Jew-created “PC” taboos not only works to silence most of us in our own homes, but keep the politician’s mouths zipped, too. Believe me. Note how blacks can get away with saying practically any GD thing they please whenever they want. That’s because the media actively works to protect them.

Even so, America has clearly had enough of lefty, Jew-corrupted creeps like Hillary Clinton and her brainwashed ilk.

It’s time we put in Trump and get this country back on track!




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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45 Responses to Who Does This Hillary Clinton Think She Is?

  1. squarepegroundhole says:

    Great work to our friends at the Daily Stormer for this treason gem…

    All these bastards should be hung …


  2. squarepegroundhole says:

    Biden is bad- very bad


  3. Recon Ranger says:

    Incog, you are right on the money as usual and your so called “”HATRED “” needs to be louder because your ” Hatred ” is the absolute “TRUTH ” … When the bitch billary goes down for health reasons your explanation as to who would most likely take her place is so real and so very dangerous… When the tree monkey obongo brings in more sand niggers from the mid east and niggers from central africoon to our shores is when the fucking scum jews ( and I do hate those bastards from my core ) will have a false flag in syria or the baltics or somewhere so as to cancel the elections by executive order… Just as you explained…What I would surmise is this: All of our active troops would be sent to this false flag operation, If off shore, there would not be our patriotic troops here in the states. We would have DHS and the other hired criminal guns like in Katrina and other false flags….Where does this lead us, the common citizen now that we don’t have our own full time troops among us to protect us because they were put in harms way to be slaughtered by the fucking jew instituted war to eliminate our boys. This is the plan by these fucks… to put our full time boys overseas to not be here to help us… If left here in the states to put down any insurrection the scum jews know there would be mass defections within our ranks because our troops would not fire upon us…. only a few and those few would never be enough….So the outcome is actually worse for us left here within the confines of martial law. The good news is that without a shadow of a doubt the scum sand niggers and the FEMA and DHS guns will be easy to knock off… IT WOULD BE TRULY OPEN SEASON….they are not really trained for this even though they put them through basics like kicking doors down as in Boston and Louisiana… Yeah they have automatic weapons and they come in force… ( force in numbers.) There whole tactic is only one thing and that is FEAR and FEAR only… This is why all good Americans need weapons, it is our right and it is our duty to defend our nation…. These niggers, these shock troops from other countries are already here and waiting for the word….. All Americans will see it in real time because it could happen before this year is over due to the so extremely critical election…. I pray to God that more Americans become aware and get armed before it is too late…. we only have ourselves, we have our families, we have our constitution, we have freedoms and liberties…. DO we want to KEEP them ???…. Then it is time to fight and die if we need to…. Please fellow Patriots, stand up and be counted…. Killing a bad guy is not a bad thing, in fact it is most rewarding…. stand for our families, our freedoms, our rights and our most gracious and wonderful country…. exterminate the bad guys, start with the tree monkeys and the heeeeeebs…The time will arrive and we will know when. We must be ready…. As is said: MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN !!!
    God Has Blessed America…. It is our DUTY to keep it that way….HOO RAA AIRBORNE !!!!……RR

  4. Whitepride says:

    That effin Killary is an evil bitch! I hope that bitch burns in HELL!

  5. S O G says:

    that fuckin libertarian sob jew sob says he thinks that parents should be held at gun point to vaccinate theuir children with the poisonous jew gentle genocide toxins ..hes a fuckhead ….
    i think hillerys shit is well known ..her criminal history reputation preceeds her ..
    waco was good one ..clinton gets rid of 4 of his secret service party concierges ..know too much ..got too go ..they got transfered to batf ,and to the waco theater of the damned the day before they got freindly fired on the compound by fbi or ninjas or whatever which was used as an excuse to blow the whole fuckin place to hell ..we be pro-tectin them chilluns in the compound ..never mind the ones running out of the fire and geting fired on …or the survivors who filed suit aginst the benevolent guv of satanic dc ..dead lawyer and original film of siege stolen ..judge says gtfo of here and dont refile …
    i mean just that one thing alone could take an average human years to chew on and contemplate before scratchung the old noggin …wtf run that one by me again ..lol….but we have thousands of events promulgated by enemy forces inside our gates every day ..the inmates are running the asylum ..
    hillary is so fucking tiring ..i remember when a team with the provost marshall blessing and warrants went to arrest the clinton criminals at the white house …the plane made it barely off the tarmac before it did something wrong ..blew up etc killing all the persons on arrest team ….hillary days before this had been running around trying to find batteries for her wretched crusty dildo and a good lawyer to defend her indefensible crimes since she doesent qualify as a good lawyer and in no way could she as a known liar defend herself ,,,so now she is just a wealthy washed up hasbeen the jews are trying to do a repeat of weekend at bernies with her useless stinking decaying worm ridden body in the whitehouse again..some people think she is already dead …what else is new ..i belive that shit ..why not ..this bitch gets in as the jews most usefull idiot ever and proxy they will blow syria off the map and iran as well and take our guns with her blesing …
    the coming rigged election will come to a violent end ..trumps people and patriots see clinton in the whitewashhouse as game over for america and for freedom ..so we will have a new 4th of july ..if trump gets in all the worthless fucking niggers have sworn to burn dat biyatch down n sheeyit and they beez tawkin bowt burning white suburbs ..come on niggers ..time to die ..time to go away dead ..attack our white suburbs and die and anyone else protecting the nigger foot soldier advance on us will die …dont care ..its whats on the menu ..no options no outs no wiggle room …its fuckin time the niggers got paid back for all their rape and murder of whites,especially during a time when they would be attempting to commit more of this type of crimes during a nigger riot …
    its called self defense …defending your house your family …they will send out natgards to protect the niggers no doubt …
    niggers have gone viral with the nig tude and solidarity of terrorist black thugs for backup to burn america down if trump gets in …
    the jews have a party coming their way too…bad mojo mother fuckers most all kikes ..anti racist faggots ,,organizers of black violence ..social deviant stains ..social justice fascists ..communists ..bolsheviks zionists rabbinical ass clowns talmudic fuck tards ..
    muslims are target rich environment and no limit ….its what communsits always say to troops and i codify and repeat ..if you dont exterminate as many fuckin muslims as you can when the op arises you are not paying into the future of a free america …i see burning piles of sub human remains burning as a victory pyre …dead fuckers piled 50-100 feet high and soak and light ..byob ..dont forget the hot dogs and PORK n beans …

    freedom and victory cannot be acheived in any country where the jew and his pet niggers feast off the host endlessly …trump wants an end to endless illegal immigration ..no naturalization ..felony tresspassing and terroist occupation of america by 30 million illegals who had ?anchor? children ..
    mexican law says that any mexican national who has a child anywhere else in the world makes that child a mexican national and not an anchor baby ..14th amndment has been skewed by jews and lawyers ..either way encouraging millions more fuckers from down under hust cuases millions more to tag along as well creating a huge population jam and strife in america ..illegal immigration is a felony and for politicians to aid and abet is a felony …white people from africa cannot immigrate here or to austrailia ..
    proof of intent to kill whites by jews and the african national coonmunists ..
    ..whoo the fuck says that they can be anchor children …who the fuck decided that a beaner born here is a citizen ..how can a citizen be born from a non citizen ..i seen a judge throw a english girl out of the usa forever for a misdemeanor offense and her mother was a citizen here and not green card shit …the girls family is here and has no family back in england and lesser and lesser people of her own colour in brittistan as days go by ..
    the communist caravan carries jews niggers muslims and beaners as tools of satanic anti human agenda …people are really beginning to notice the tides coming in ..more like a tsunami of hate and turd worlders coming in on top of america ..they are beginning to see the real hand of control behind the masses of anti white shitstain criminals ..like south africa or germany or sweden norway finn etc ..the real horror is hitting home with war children from somalia boogadishu and eleswhere coming right into our white communities as jew proxy interlopers and perverse ways of life impacting cultural whites america ..multi culturism is being exposed as a jew bowel movement on america ..our white cultures and civilization is being sprayed with turd world excrement ..we should be out on the streets taking out undesirables …or they will take us out ..yeah some sites comment sections are heating up and the embedded hasbarat qweer kikes are responding with typical jew nonsense and disinfo quack jibberish ..the people see knockout game for what it is ,,swarms ,,mall attacks ..or beat whitee night like at the fair a couple years gone …cops being as useless as possible and ignoring felonies committed against whites repeatedly ….fuck the damn police to ..fuck them ..
    whites living in their cars and out of work as the jew removes jobs from the american landscape with the help of wetbax and other freaks …the point is even if you go full potato and embrace all this loony jew crap they will still seek your life after they destroy your mind then your soul then you will be offed anyway …resist resist resist …
    and if they let that half dead decaying tuna fish smellin clinton in their we are fucked ..the time will never be convenient to start resisting ..alot of fed up americans are older and dont really give a fuck anymore and are fed up …it is better freakicide than oldageslide .
    i mean what real choice has the jew nation wreckers left for whites ..we have seen a definitive pattern of white genocide by jews since the french revolution and napoleons campaigns ..incalculable death and suffering because of jews and their muslim cousins and niggers …
    there are many countries who dont allow any sort of rediculous immigration ..when it started in america it wasnt huge yet until more and more etc piled in and people thought a better life but their better life makes for a worse life for whites ..forget the rediculous mantra about jobs we wont do …there arnt any jobs left for original citizens here they all went to the invading hordes of spiks ..yeah deport every last fuckin one of them .
    many stores i go to are all mexicans now running and working in them ..
    mexican drug cartels are buying up american businesses ..
    obama and homoerection holder gave them many free guns ,,compliments of american gun shops the feds illegally seized guns from and never paid for them and instead wanted to endict the shop owners ..when shops demanded payment from the guvmint ..
    when the cartels own businesses they will not hire gringos ..this is part of the la raza jibberish to take back america ..etc ..america by all rights should have invaded mexico and anhilated the drug cartels but they are owned and operated by jews ..
    they are buying up car dealerships for one,but i havent looked at it yet ….
    yeah fuck the miltary contractors to they will unleash on us like katrina ..
    over in irak i know they fired more than one or two rounds at american troops as part of their jew owned agenda ..some of these pricks were caught red handed at this shit ..many suspected the kikes of planting trigger apps on vehicles to trigger ied’s …all made by jew hands ..all of em …the jews killed most of the american kia in iraq ..dressed as silly fuck arabs ..dint they do this shit in turkey in 1915 ..the freekin triumverant ..3 stooges kikes larry, mohammed ,schempstein pretending to be muslims …that dint turn out weell for armeenees …jews pretend to be muslim clerics all the time and poretend to be al kida and plo and mujahideen …single double and triple cross shit cold war bs ..jews russian communism and clerics and rebels ..heh heh …it is twisty ..look for the bottom line qui bono
    .who benefits and who dies …alot of people dint know shit about that one but the kia is appalling …the shenannigans and the jew controlled cia supplying the muj and others ..ok …well the similarities jump out at you of other similaritees …
    we need to eliminate the presidency …it is too convoluted and complicated and corrupt..our whole political body is rife with kikes who want us dead …and cuckolds and niggers and freaks …there has never been a time in history where we have needed to re-set the whole deal over ..no compromises no tit for tat ..no versaille treaty ..
    kapernig has opened up alot of eyes ..its a free country because of thet flag ..you dont protest the thing that gave you the freedom to protest the flag ..its an error of the simple mind ..you recogize that the flag isnt responsible for nigger criminal thuggery as well as whoite peole who arnt either ..but stupid niggers are enciuraged to blame everything and whites for their own self inflicted failures ..failed race ..
    yeah sqaure the biden is not a second rate whiner he is a first rate whiner and baboob bufoon …complete fuckin moron ..probably sucks mor dick then obama …
    he is a clon of the other idiot mckain …what a fuckin fecal smear ..
    lotsa people waking up to te smell of the jew

  6. She is a real Witch thru blood with also Yid Warsaw blood in her ancestry……..She more than likely does those Global Satanic Chants with her Coven and other Covens….If she is really dead like some say..the Kike Kahilla Klan has doubles and clones of her who look exactly like her,,,,If Trump wins we can see if he does what he says…..but keep in mnd he had to be tootsie with Jews to get rich and his daughter is married to Yid….I hope he is for us…but also remember this … since 65 Immigration Act..millions upon millions of Darkiess have come and they breed like hell..(Realistically maybe 165 million now).they are not Americans….they..most of them always go for the anti white crap and always are supporters of the libaturd crap….Also..81 percent of voters are women and people of color..non whites…and only 19 percent is white and most them are whiggers….Not good to think on….All White Nations of earth are now flooded with darkies….and WHITE RACE IS ZERO POPULATION GROWTH…and Whites Males have low sperm counts and females eggs are screwed up…maybe like Fullerton Informer says…Apple 666 Depolutaion is real…it maybe only effects White Race….and damn 38 billion for military goodies for Israelie…holly smokes….all the real good tech struff…The Yids will give it to China…and also like ANON says…these YIDS are INFUSING with the Gok Chinese and stripping America down…and a final invasion by China.in future….Bill and Hilliary helped Rockefellr in creating Wal Mart…with all the cheap Chinese junk products..and if Hilliary wins…damn zillions more darkies coming to USA….USAZOG is no damn good….Down With ZOG…and lets make a NEW WHITE NATION…..

  7. squarepegroundhole says:

    Twenty dollar bills, Streets, The Jews are promoting Negroes everywhere …..


  8. The Chinese Military Builup on American Soil by Dave Hodges Common Sense…https://www.beforeitsnews.com/war-and-conflict/2016/09//the-chinese-military-builup-on american-soil-2462832.html article also on Dave Hodges Common Sense website….anyway RED CHINESE SECRET SERVICE and Fifth Column already is here….Hellen and Choas is right about the Draconian Chinese….not only do we have Niggers running wild and Beaners coming in and Inbred Moslem Ragheads coming in….but the Chinese…are a hell of a lot smarter..they dont make noise and are silent and are smart as hell….If HC gets elected..oh boy….what a mess…..better be getting ready….

  9. Left a dash out after on anyway just go to beforeitsnews site or Dave Hodges Common Sense site and you can read the article..Im old like Protocols…vision fading…..ZOGUSA is really bad and so is that damn JOE BIDEN…he is a Judeo Mason and a damn White Tratior. and YID BALL LICKER.remember how he was talking after the OKIE BOMBING…he is no damn good and a PAR EXECELLENT WHITE TRAITOR TO HIS OWN RACE,,,,,.

  10. Dr, William Mount has some good info on Biden Propositioning a 13 year old and how Hilliary is butchering Horeses…

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    There’s only one thing better for the Bolshevik jews than having a stupid ass Marxist commie fucking nigger with an ink pen and a free sailfone as president and that would be a Marxist commie Bolshevik jew hag zombie all drugged up telling all her jew and stupid nigger advisors to run the country just put the shit in front of me and tell me where to sign it. That fucking weekend at bernies kennedy and senator byrd were so fucking old and brain dead their “aides” would wheel them into the senate on wheelchairs and raise their hands for them to cast votes on legislation but stupid fucks still voted for them just like they still vote for the wasserman-shultzes and the chucky jewmers and fienstiens and frankens and that stupid ass bullet headed nigger Cummings etc. Some of my keyboard buttons must be getting weak.

  12. Steamed McQueen says:

    Nicely done, ‘Cog.

    Hillary is going down like a Tijuana street whore, Trump needs to do nothing but stay on message and watch her self-destruct.

    Any thinking person knows that the jew has been using the black as muscle against whites for a very long time now. Stupid ‘groids don’t realize that they will be among the first eliminated should those hooknoses ever actually take over.

    HRC dropping out? Not likely IMO. That old hag is going to ride it all the way to the end. After she is soundly defeated in November she will likely drop dead before Trump can get around to finally indicting her.

    But if she doesn’t die right away I have an idea that might be better than prison for her. How about Trump just dispossesses her? Take all the stolen money, cut off the federal pensions, take the houses, cars, staff- leave her with nothing and ban her from ever having anything to do with government or charities ever again. No speaking or appearance fees, nothing. Let her live out her life in poverty.

    IMO that would be a suitable punishment for someone who held the common person in such contempt.

    Probably won’t happen though, so I’ll be happy if she just drops dead

  13. squarepegroundhole says:

    Black violence in Schools == More examples More excuses More denial

  14. Sam J. says:

    Yes! Yes! Tell’em Cogman.

  15. We must realise that so called bad whites are mostly Crypto Jews and they are infiltrated everywhere…..and the Kikes world wide want to infuse with Chinese and build them up. strip america and flood us with zillions of dark critters..Then the Chinese will come to do the final kill..to destroy America and take it over…..Read that Trump controls rice commodity…rice from America being sent to China….anyway who knows…..what this will do if anything….Back in the 90s Bill C gave the Chinese all kinds of military high tech….High Tech that will wipe USA out….This NWO USAZOG insanity gets more and more crazy….HC will continue to do her Witch stuff…Satanic Chants with her Coven….

  16. Gemjunior says:

    I saw Clinton Cash. What a great expose. Every TV station yakkin’ about Washington DC Slaves of Hillary who took the 5th rather than testify against this evil woman. Remember Susan McDougal? She was the wife of one of the Clinton’s financial scam partners in the Whitewater scam? She went to JAIL rather than testify against them. Everyone knows what happens to this vicious harpy’s enemies. Until she is made powerless everyone is in danger. If she does this things to her friends, why would anyone want to give her any more power? Look what she’s done with the power she had as First C*@t, pardon me, I should say Uber-C*@t, and as secretary of state? As first lady (yeah, lady LOL) the very first thing she did was bear false witness against a totally innocent faithful servant of numerous former presidents who arranged travel accommodations as his job. She made up false stories about this good man, who had a breakdown as a result. God will punish her, but that doesn’t really help us in the meantime. I keep hearing “Assange/Wikileaks is gonna do this and gonna do that and Hillary reeeeallllly has it coming,” but I’ve seen nothing impressive so far except Hillary getting away with murder. After murder, after murder, after murder. SMH. We are really in a dumbed-down nightmare filled with mouthbreathing adult-children who believe they’re victimized by evil whites when they have the life of fucking Reilly because of those whites’ money stolen and given to them. And who is at the root of this
    tree, this evil-fruit-bearing tree? Jews, a Culture of Critiquing Destroyers. We need to stand up and say it among our community – say it by stating it quietly and firmly but without vehemence that can be misinterpreted as “hate” by us deplorable people just trying to survive to see our children live a good life and have their own kids. That’s all most of us want. But because of our identity, which has been made into a shit show by the very guilty party shifting blame. It’s the same thing over and over and still our own people, and by that I mean White Americans of European descent – do not learn. It’s do or die ladies and gentlemen. It’s sink or swim, live or die, extinction or continuance. Tell everyone without fear, let them scoff and shake their head and mutter “racist anti-semite, crazy deplorable hater” and challenge that, confront that.

    Incogman: God will bless you and your colleagues, not curse you, He will curse your enemies. He will say thank you for trying to save My creations! The people against you are the ones that are going down.

    Is there anyone out there in the cyber-sphere or cyberspace or whatever they call it who knows what on EARTH would make one’s cursor hop around in the text while one is typing? It’s been happening to me lately and it’s maddening. I cannot figure out why.

  17. Red Pill says:

    HERE IS WHY THE WORD “CHRISTIAN” has nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ

    If my fellow Christians can face the sword of ISIS, surely I can face a Donald Trump presidency.
    By Rebecca Cusey
    September 15, 2016

    “Immediately after hanging up with a pro-Trump friend, shaking, sweating, angry as could be, I realized: This election is causing me spiritual problems”.

    “Donald Trump may win, he may be as horrible as I fear, and we may lose what makes America truly great. I remind myself it’s just an election, trivial in comparison with the horrors people, both Christian and not, face around the world. But there is a “shadow of the valley of death” element to the election nevertheless.”

    Jesus don’t giving a flying fuck about this earthly kingdom.
    that’s why it will collapse .
    every thing we believe in this worldly kingdom will be lost.
    those that try to save it will also be destroyed. and pagans rant.
    the purpose of life is to reject the physical world concept.
    we were originally created as spirit entities.
    all life will be destroyed, only the spirit world will exist.
    those waiting to reincarnate will have a 13,000 year wait for the next earth
    age to begin. and the next 125,000 years establishing a civilization to arrive
    at where we are now..
    i don’t know about the rest of you, but i want the fuck out of here.

  18. Smitherines says:

    Washington Post: Russia Rises, New World Order Falls

    By Jonas E. Alexis on September 14, 2016

    Jennifer Rubin needs to pick up a copy of Friedrich Hegel’s Lectures on the Philosophy of World History and realize that a system that is built on lies and fabrications cannot triumph forever.

    Flaming Jewish Neocon Jennifer Rubin has recently taken the cat out of the bag by saying that Russia is moving forward and there is not a damn thing the US can do about that. The US, says Rubin, is utterly powerless in this regard.

    Rubin cites John Hannah, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the person who has served in multiple administrations, saying:

    More @ URL below:

  19. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    September 15, 2016 at 4:34 pm

    HERE IS WHY THE WORD “CHRISTIAN” has nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ

    Niiiice, preach my brother PREACH!

  20. Smitherines says:

    From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
    Obama’s $38B aid package to Israel comes with caveats: It’s generous, but on his terms


  21. Smitherines says:

    Israeli Lawmaker says Israel helping al-Nusra (al-Qaeda) with “unprecedented support”
    September 15, 2016 at 8:49 am
    Israeli MP: Tel Aviv aiding Takfiris in Syria


  22. Karen says:

    Six plus hours viewing but worth it………https://youtu.be/Vnu5uW9No8g

  23. Red Pill says:

    Karen says:
    September 15, 2016 at 7:11 pm
    Six plus hours viewing but worth it………https://youtu.be/Vnu5uW9No8g
    i will watch it after the collapse and resulting world war from my underground bunker with solar power and protected from EMP attacks.

    i can hardly wait for the next maniacal inspired act to occur and to devour all.
    every thing is upside down.

    it will be nice to recollect that Hitler knew the truth,
    and that the deception is the “fables of the jews”
    he had a clear vision of the goals of the “aliens”.
    the jew will leave us no choice but war.
    and war is destruction and death for profit.
    no wonder Jesus cursed them.

  24. Red Pill says:

    is alive and well and they never ever fucking intend to ever let you forget it
    coming soon to a view near you.
    no doubt a block buster

    ‘Three Days in Auschwitz’: Film Review

    While the film strikes some powerful emotional chords and benefits greatly from its musical score by Eric Clapton, it’s a minor addition to the vast canon of Holocaust-themed documentaries.

  25. S O G says:

    no one is goint to save us ,,theee white race …so far all the mongrels are dedicaetd to wiping us out …whatever trump can or cant do is irrellevant ..it is just more idol ass sucking on te part of americans wo want a politician to do it all for tem ..ahhye ..
    the fucking point of a govt by and for the people is that the people all have to get involved ..we need toi stop letting sites close down or faellas and steeles get jew railed to the slam and killed …we need to out holler the niggers and the fuckin bonafide natio n wrecking religious fanatical jews and moozlims …..
    te framework of a great country still exists and the enemy knows this …
    imzagine if they said out loud “we are going to eliminate the constituion” ..
    imagine them doing it in bits and pieces,with the secoind amendment being the most important part of te constituion and withoiut the second the rest are indefensible ..
    the second inalienable right amendment is for poersonal defense ,hunting ,homeprotection from niggers and to assure freedom from govt tyranny like we have now ..wehave galloping tyrannny…we dont defeat tyranny by just owning guns or rattling sabers so to speak …the founders and forefathers intended for us to take back the nation and restore te constitution by force of arms ..no less will do it ..who is on our side and who isnt is the only thing that matters any more ..amen
    yeah hillary could be a doppleganger …every great leaderand or shouldi say every laeder great and small had adouble even hitler did ..threy say at the end of the german renewal and genocide by allied bombs the hitler wo coulddraw beautiful art and be creative couldnt draw a straight line ..doppleganger clinton could be getting dew pulses cus she is fired and jews want a new one ..anyway fuck all tis fucking god dam typing god dammmit …fuck !!!………

  26. S O G says:

    gemjr ….you might have a dell laptop ,,wit a keyboard that has a nipple cursor ting in the middle oif the keyboard ..it goes bad and is acock sucker to deal with ..if you are still running widows xp on it you can turn off the keyboard cursor nipple and the finger tip cursor baoird and go to a plug in usb mouse for now ,,just replace the key board wit a compatible one that has no fucking piece of shit nipple finger fucking cursor ..yeah i hat those dam things …find the instructions on the internet ..i dont deal with htis problem in years na dont recall but know you can turn off the touch pad and or the little cursor button between the type keys G-H-B ..lol .. ghb ..think its a coincidence ..heh heh
    key and touch settings are different for running for windows and linux …the only thing is just replace te key board to one that doesnt have the nipple fingertip cursor mouse thing on the damn keyboard ..its a piece o shyte ..it will cause your cursor to go all over the screen ..they just go bad ..
    if you have a desktop and a mouse already i dunno ..you may have issues with remote access or viruses trojans worms jews niggers etc..
    to re=cap ..you can turn off the laptop touc pad and the finger tip cursor on te keyboard ..and if you run later vista or win7 you can still turn them off and just run a usb mouse for now …good luck ….

  27. S O G says:

    fucking eric clapton having to suck jew ass now ,,tsk tsk ..he must be part jew anyway for them to make records for him all tese years ..99% of the musicians we listened to were all jews …once was told that te jew music industry used to recieve a couple hundred demos a monthe to review ..they would even poroduce maybe a couple of them per month as intended write offs for their business never intending to promote them ..only bands with a high jew member count will ever be produced and promoted by shitkikes ..alot of the master records used to go to satanic rituals for power to be in stilled in the music ..

    eric fucking clapton giving the jews a readh around wank job ,,well i’ll be a mother fucker ………..i knew a great guitarist 40 years or so more ago who made a demo and took it to a jew producer ..te kike wanted him to suck his dick and the guitarist beat the shit outta the guy and left and basically gave up on music ..hell he should have changed his name to kikel grubstein or etc instead …alot of gentile rockers were oppressed and kept down in the double AA ranks for their life …one fuckin niteclub after another for as long as you can stand …who cares but i got to see lynerd skynerd on the debut open with the quadrophonic who tour ..i cant tell you how good that was ..skinnerds first pop at the big time from niteclub to auditorium ..they were amazing then playing thru the who’s quadrophonic system ..good times ..no one had ever heard of them before …
    still like some of te old shit anyway ..hell eric played with john mayall remember the bluesbreakers ..blind faith ..yardbirds —cream — still banging on at 70 or so …
    sorry to see him doing a hoax musical …

  28. Red Pill says:

    keep the money flowing, the jews need it
    fresh from the Washington Compost

    U.S. begins paying out reparations from France to Holocaust survivors and their heirs
    The State Department has paid or approved 90 claims for a total $11 million in reparations from France to former World War II prisoners who were carried to Nazi death camps in French trains — the first French reparations paid to Holocaust survivors living in the United States, officials said Thursday.


  29. Plant Talk says:


    re: Biden

    Exactly how is Biden different than Trump in regard to Israel?

  30. Plant Talk says:

    Tim Tebow exposed!

  31. HC is a real WITCH and is in a COVEN…..she needs to be put in a cell with some simian thugs..and see what happens to her…of course..they will rape her Feminist Muff Divin Ass or better yet drop her off in Liberty City at night in Miami or in Oakland Nigger Town or Baltimore Nigger town or St.Louis Nigger Town. and see what happens to her…and maybe even better put her in a cell with some of the ragheads coming over to USA…..yeah she loves the darkies so much and hates Whites…piss on her….. Witch Bitch…

  32. Red Pill says:

    Who Does This Hillary Clinton Think She Is?

  33. Smitherines says:

    Bibi Backs Trump — on Putin
    Thursday – September 15, 2016 at 9:55 pm

    This post was viewed 5,143 times.
    1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars Votes: 4.89 Stars!

    By Patrick J. Buchanan Since Donald Trump said that if Vladimir Putin praises him, he would return the compliment, Republican outrage has not abated. Arriving on Capitol Hill to repair ties between Trump and party elites, Gov. Mike Pence was taken straight to the woodshed. John McCain told Pence that Putin was a “thug and […]
    Filed Under: Columns Tagged With: Afghanistan,

    More @ URL below:

  34. Smitherines says:

    Satanic Ritual Cults in Canada – An Eyewitness Speaks
    Jews are into this shit too, in Catholic school back in the 60s, the nuns
    use to tell us of their “blood sacrifices” of Christian children. This was
    pre Vatican II.

    By Kevin Annett on September 15, 2016

    This Sunday September 18 at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern time

    The crimes against the innocent happen in our own neighborhoods and span past and present. Dave Staffen from Ontario is a survivor of an inter-generational Satanic family cult that still tortures, rapes and kills children. He will tell his story and how it relates to other crimes, including against aboriginal children. Dave will also discuss his campaign to force justice out of the Anglican Church of Canada, which is implicated in the cult.

    More @ URL below

  35. squarepegroundhole says:


    re: Biden

    Exactly how is Biden different than Trump in regard to Israel?

    PT -. I understand the nature of your question and concerns.

    Trump is not a lifetime politician.

    Anyone in business, politics, or the mob will have to deal with the filthy Kikes eventually. I also do not believe any candidate would survive saying the types of things that need to be said. Hell, look how Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh were treated years ago. How about David Duke today? Trump is pushing the envelope yet playing it smart. I do not see Jews bankrolling Trump the way other political puppets have been dependant and controlled. I sincerely hope the hook nosed bastards have imposed on Trumps good nature long enough and payback is on the way… Additionally I like Trumps nostalgic reminiscence of America including pre NAFTA and pre- illegal immigrant hell and hope he is good and pissed off if he gets at the controls and purse strings. Trump is a long shot I am willing to take a chance on. It could be argued it is a leap of faith or a fool’s errand. For certain; it is a last gasp at a simi-peaceful resolution ignoring what is best for the world – to treat the Jews as hostile criminal alien parasites and exterminate every last GD one of them. Whites should be All –In and Vote for Trump.

    a treasonous government is not a legitimate government

  36. allovertheplace says:

    Okay, I reely hate to say this, but despite the excellent topic at hand, I do not think the “Hillary” we’ve been seeing since 9/11/16 is the real hillary. The eyes aren’t even the same color. I know! HF

  37. allovertheplace says:

    Not the real hillary I mean.

  38. S O G says:

    anyway gemjr. go to control panel in win ..look for mouse apps ..forgot to mention this ..make changes ..turn off the touch pad i think with the keyboard cursor as well ..
    i had that problem and went to mouse after turning off te touch pad and the other one ..then i replaced the keyboard ..no keayboard type cursor ..i cant think of any freekin reason they ever put this piece o crap on te computers for ….

  39. The opinion you trust says:

    Question #4.

    Here is this video about demographics of 2016 elections. This vide is an excellent example of how the blacks make us to endlessly and uselesly discussin somethig where compromize is not possible: https://www.brookings.edu/events/the-role-of-minority-voters-in-the-2016-election/?utm_campaign=Governance+Studies&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=34288614

    There is tally black panel of 5 negger jews latino majority trashing Great White People. Take a note how the make their argument. They make an argument without any prove, logic, or supporting fact. In summary, what they say is: “There is a great White country, we niggers want it, we will take it”. That is all they say.

    There however a good reason I brought it up here. Listen up.

    Based on what was said, there is a good news and a bad news. The good news is that President Trump will be elected. The bad news is blacks are arrogantly reproducing their way in the country the white society.

    Recap of discussion:
    1. minute 7, the speaker says the American whites made reelection possible in 2012, not blacks.
    2. minute 22 the speaker says that the Generation Z is the first generation which is not majority white, meaning it is majority black jew latino.

    For those who do not know what does understand what does mean demographic trend and generational gaps here is a table:
    1. Matures (born before 1946)
    2. Baby boomers (born 1946–1964)
    3. Generation Xers (born 1965–1980)
    4. Generation Yers (millennials) (born 1981–2000)
    5. Generation Z (born after 2000). Why is called generation Z, it is probably from the word “pizdec”. Marjority black.

    It is not statistically proportional racial percentage and voters percentage, but 50% of voters will be black jew latino by 2022.

    As was said, that the good news is that the good country of the United States will have 8 short enjoyable years of Donald Trump presidency. Make it count, make it productive, make America great again, and use it to rebuild itself by adapting policies that work. This is the last chance for a change. If you do not implement some major change to policy, such as for example to deregulate racial relations removing affirmative action, anti-segregation policy, to keep blacks at bay, the county will become irreversibly black. What is going to happen next, people will start asking questions what is it for blacks to have the strongest military in the world?
    Is there one good reason for the whole good country to become a black sewerage? No, there is no such reason. Instead, you still have a chance, in spirit of the free market, to let the strong white invisible hand to take a good care of jews and black niggers and such, by deregulating the cultural relations before it is too late.
    I do not see one single benefit for this country to become predominantly black. Is there anyone who can make a comprehensive argument explaining what good of having all those blacks / jew / latino africans in the United States and everywhere else in the world?

    Many of us have good Christian hearts, in addition, there are nigger lovers, and abolitionists they can go and visit them in Nigeria, but do not bring them nowhere else. I do not believe that people of color can be useful for this country or any other country.

    Here is a true story abut white and extremely rich grandma, who used to live around the corner. One day, a while ago, she found a magazine with pictures, which a nigger thrown from the car window when driving by. After grandma picked up magazine there was a picture, and she thought: “What a cute little innocent curly hungry baby nigger it is depicted on the picture”. She though it needs the help of good White Christian people. So the rich, Christian, white, and kind grandma opened thousands of sup kitchens all around the US and Europe, and her husband from Congress let blacks in free schools. All because this nice white people wanted to help. What happened next has become nonstop horror you read about on incogman.net everyday – the little innocent curly nigger baby doll grew into the huge fucking monkey baboon caught and raped grandma. After leaving her beading, and when grandpa came home after work it stabbed him too.

    Sadly, it seems that everyone has forgotten that there are many other important problems for us to take care beside the black problem. Like for example a white color crime. Discussing blacks / jews / lationos takes too much of our time, there are many more important political issues for white people to focus on. The black problem must be swiftly resolved and long forgotten, it takes too much of the valuable time. Let the strong white invisible hand to take care black nigger jews in the free market without regulations of such sort!

  40. The opinion you trust says:

    Question #5. What is abomination? This questions is for all whose first language is not English. Abomination is easier to defined by what it is not. Abomination is not “Obama Nation”.

    But, what is “Obama Nation”? Obama nation is more like “Arian Nation” that was in U.S. some 40 years ago, but diametrically opposite to it. The generation Z is the closest definition of the term “Obamanation”. In conclusion, abomination is what is going on now with all those multibillion majority Jewish niggers taking over American – that is abomination.

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