WTF Freak Negro NeNe Leakes Is Against Trump


By Phillip Marlowe

Believe it or not, I saw this on my NATIONAL NEWS FEED earlier today like it was important information that all of us out here in chumpland need to pay serious attention. The story was picked up from the Atlanta Journal Constitution like it should be read by the rest of the country. My guess is this particular freak is originally from the Atlanta area, before the media Jews turned her into a celebrity. God help that place. It used to be a decent southern burg back when our country used to be a decent place.

This black freak something or other with dyed blond hair is against Trump running as president but “she” or it once liked him as a TV person so we know “she” or it is being fair. “She” or it says “I really did like him a lot, but this orange man who’s talking on TV? I don’t know who that is. He says the craziest stuff. No, I will not be campaigning for the Trump.”

What about you, you crap-colored freak bitch? Funny how the hypocrite media people can freely get away with racism against Whites anytime they damn well please since they belong to those “special classes” we’re all now supposedly so beholden to.

Let me ask you something: Who the EFFIN’ GD HELL cares what you think about anything, freakazoid? You need to shut your totally nasty, foul trap and crawl back under that slime-covered rock they found you. And you had also better figure out your time in the sun is coming to an end, once and for all. Got that, creep?

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but this bizarre creature appears to be a Negro transvestite who has artificially straightened and dyed blond hair, very possibly still having a ding-dong (no telling these days).

“She” or it has also now been turned into a famous respected person due to being on an obscure TV show of which I don’t watch or even know anything about. It must be because I’m a boring White racist dude, who can’t bring himself to admit he would like to walk on the wild side and pay something like “her” Jew-invented fake federal reserve notes for “her” to orally gratify me in some back alley stink hole.

Disgustingly, there are indeed total freaks like this inhabiting our cities. They actually make their living doing homosexual acts for money. We’re now supposed to welcome them to our bosom as bona fide members in our brave new world society, earnestly being wrought by the “Chosen Ones,” who’s ancient writings once insisted we slay such types by public beheading.

Now, I’m just a simple guy. Call me old fashioned. Call me quant. But I like my babes genetically female, with all the correct natural parts right where they are supposed to be. I also like them Caucasian. Hair color is not important (notice how Whites come in all kinds of beautiful hair colors, while the rest don’t). I obviously can’t stand faggots or Jews (mostly the same I must admit).

I’ve seen freaks like this before on the city streets. It’s not like I’ve been carefully cordoned from the underbelly of society by racist rich White parents. I went to college in a relatively big city and saw my share of sick sodomites strutting away.

But let me tell you something: Most of the freaks like this on our city streets are indeed black. Blacks are animalistic as hell. They do each other and dogs all the time. There’s little wonder blacks have no problem going off the prison for murder or what have you. I know it’s gross as hell, but there you have it.

nene-leakes-the-viewThis NeNe Leakes thing has been all over TV, apparently. After doing image searches I’ve seen shots of “her” on all kinds of shows, like ABC’s “The View” (right) which is basically a big daytime brainwashing operation of stay-at-home White women by Globalist Jewess change agent, Barbara Walters. Watch it just once and you’ll get a lot of the crap the filthy Jews are up to.

It’s also possible this thing is at least partially Jewish. Looking at her shots (between violent gagging bouts, of course) you can make out a very Jewy nose. Maybe one of it’s parents was a Jew faggot. Faggot? Yep, these freaks can reproduce, believe it or not. I won’t gross you out on the nasty details involved, but they can do it, should they take certain actions, or merely pay medical people to handle matters. They can also adopt children these days, sad to say.

God knows the vile sicknesses going on due to the stinking Jews!

So what do we got here? A tranny faggot black, possibly Jewish, who is against Donald Trump and we should be too.




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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47 Responses to WTF Freak Negro NeNe Leakes Is Against Trump

  1. Plant Talk says:

    Look at this piece of shit jew who impregnated over 20 women behind his wife’s back. He would jack off into a cup in a Target bathroom and give it to the woman to insert into her vi-jayjay in the “ladies” room. What a pervert…..typical jew.

  2. Whitepride says:

    Eew yuck what a vile, perverted thing. Yep most of the blacks I have come across in my mid fifties are sick, perverted and corrupt. I see a lot of this si k perversion here in northern CA. Effin the sick niggers! I had to look twice last week on a train platform. A tall, nigger tranny was waiting for the train! Niggers! What a sick, sorry, and corrupt bunch! They can all go to hell. I find it very hard to live in the world with the badtards!?

  3. Karen says:

    Off topic, but good ol’ heterosexuality….mmmmm

  4. Plant Talk says:

    The freak sure has a jew nose. No surprise there.

  5. (((@))) JOY says:






  6. Red Pill says:

    want to see a jew cry?
    there is no mention of his jewishness.
    the holocaust was not even mentioned.
    but every other jew Cohen was used.
    he,Terrance Trent said, Don’t ‘harm yourself in eternity by sending me to prison’
    (i love that statement)

    A 63-year-old man was sentenced today to 13 years in prison – the maximum – for driving recklessly and causing a crash that killed two pedestrians at a Downtown intersection. Terrance Trent of Whitehall was convicted last month of two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide in the deaths of Stephanie Fibelkorn, 21, and William Lewis, 58, and two counts of vehicular assault for two others who were injured in the crash. Previous coverage: Witnesses said Trent was driving a pickup truck west on East Broad Street, speeding on a flat tire and running red lights, when his vehicle slammed into a school bus at High Street on the morning of Dec. 12, 2014. The impact knocked the bus over the curb

  7. Red Pill says:

    WTF Freak Negro NeNe Leakes Is Against Trump

    wounder where i can pick up some rifle/pistol targets with that face on them,
    conditioning is every thing.

  8. Red Pill says:

    my heart is full of love today.
    i just love this one,
    Michigan teen kills himself after accidentally killing teen (both black)
    accidents don’t just happen, there caused.

  9. Karen says:

    Niggers are the trained monkeys of the Jews. Whites and Jews are at war and the dumb nigger will be trampled in the ensuing battle. . Silly Sambos just don’t get it, and neither do White men who take this ape who walks like a man seriously.

  10. Red Pill says:

    WTF Freak Negro NeNe Leakes Is Against Trump

    never heard of this WTF nigger in my life.
    no TV since 2003.
    resist programing this hideous freak into your user knowledge.
    it’s in your face.
    down your throat.
    until you gag.
    is that all they have to make war on us?
    when will the hideous face come to your door?….better than that,
    WTF will you do about it?
    mental slavery is alive and well today.
    it’s a way of life.
    i committed suicide 13 years ago.
    sorry i can’t help you.
    swallowed a hand full of those red pills.
    and now can’t go back to sleep.

  11. Red Pill says:

    Nigerian Students Sue Alabama College for Treating Them ‘Like Animals’

    Godsgift Moses, Promise Owei, Thankgod Harold, Success Jumbo, Savior Samuel, and 30 more Nigerian students came to America hoping it would be the promised land.

    It’s only fitting that “Opportunity is here” is the motto of Alabama State University, listed as one of America’s 100 Historic Black Colleges and Universities, and where they got full scholarships from a Nigerian government fund for four years of education. Instead of getting opportunity, they say the school took their country’s millions and used the money to discriminate against them.

    i am crying crocodile tears, for the fact there are no crocodiles to take care the problem.
    they can go back to there own shit hole country.
    (after they settle out of court)

  12. Recon Ranger says:

    Way to go Karen…. you had just triggered my mind thoughts and that is to say that a good friend of mine a few years ago made a lot of sense when he told me that the niggers are still ” white mans nigger”… I asked for his explanation and when he told me it makes real straight and common sense, so simple… He said, ” niggers on pro ball teams get traded, bought and sold, turned down to the minors, brought up to the majors, turned into champ ( chimp ) boxers and so on… the difference is ” they are paid millions” but the team owners have total control of their short destiny… they no longer work in the cotton fields they work on the stage, the court ,the diamond, the ring, or the field. The one thing my friend needs to have updated is that the ” JEWS ” are the team owners and have kept the monkeys in the slave trade just as their cousins have for centuries… THE SAND NIGGERS… So the tree monkeys have never left the slave chains….When the money is all spent and they go broke its back to the streets. RR

  13. Smitherines says:

    Lutherans rise against the Khazarian Mafia

    By Jonas E. Alexis on September 7, 2016

    The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has taken a stand against the Khazarian Mafia in Israel, and Elliott Abrams is not happy about that. He is mad and sad.
    Elliott Abrams
    Elliott Abrams

    …by Jonas E. Alexis

    If it was raining outside and flaming Neocon Elliott Abrams came to you and declared, “What a rainy day,” you should quickly stick your head out and double check to see if he was telling the truth. Why? Because Abrams has a history of fabricating lies, summoning hoaxes, and withholding important information.

    “Abrams was convicted for withholding information from Congress about the Iran-Contra affair while serving for Reagan, but pardoned by President George H. W. Bush…

    “During investigation of the Iran-Contra Affair, Lawrence Walsh, the Independent Counsel tasked with investigating the case, prepared multiple felony counts against Abrams but never indicted him. Instead, Abrams cooperated with Walsh and entered into a plea agreement wherein he pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors of withholding information from Congress.

    “He was sentenced to a $50 fine, probation for two years, and 100 hours of community service. However, Abrams was pardoned by President George H. W. Bush, in December 1992 (as he was leaving office following his loss in that year in the U.S. presidential election). On February 5, 1997, the D.C. Court of Appeals publicly censured Abrams for giving false testimony on three occasions before congressional committees.”

    Abrams’ wife, Rachel, once called Palestinian children “devil’s pawn.” She did get away with this because, well, she is part of the Khazarian Mafia. These people can say some of the most disgusting things in print and the Zionist media wouldn’t dare to challenge them.

    More @ the URL below:

  14. Smitherines says:

    This just in two DINDU NUFFINS caught getting off bike and shooting 71 year
    old watering his lawn in Chicongo

    Caught on Camera: 71-Year-Old-Man Shot As He Waters Lawn
    The shooting of a 71-year-old man watering his lawn was caught on camera and the man’s neighbor is hoping the footage can help bring the assailants to justice.

    Chicongo Tribune:

  15. Smitherines says:

    Declaring Independence from Israel — It’s Way Overdue!

  16. Smitherines says:

    The Insanity of John Hagee (Zionist Stooge and puppet) and Dispensationalism

  17. Cowboy says:

    Hybrid kikegger.

  18. Hoff says:

    Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel – book

    By Mr. Gilad Atzmon on March 20, 2014

    Alison Weir’s new book is by far the most comprehensive and precise expose of the depth of Zionist interference with American life in general and the politics of the United States in particular.

    It is a book every American should obtain, read and discuss openly.

    In spite of its succinctness, the book is saturated with information and insights that are backed by valuable historical references and primary source quotes. Since I am an avid reader of modern Jewish history, I was surprised to learn so much from such a relatively short text.

    The story that is told by Weir is devastating – for more than a century, a matrix of Jewish political lobbies, pressure groups, media operators and agents within the American government and legal system have been dominating the United States’ public life as well as its foreign policy.

    Consequently, the United States has been operating against its own best interests. It has compromised its most precious principles and even its own security.


    If you don’t know Gilad Atzmon, he is an anti-zionist jew and he tell.


    For Goy Hatred on Speed Please Subscribe to the Forward

    August 24, 2016  Gilad Atzmon

    If you want to grasp the level of contempt American ‘progressive’ Jews hold towards their host nation all you have to do is subscribe to the Forward.

  19. Hoff says:

    The 1948 Nakba was a barbarian act against the indigenous Palestinians driven by racist ideology that is deeply rooted in Jewish culture.  

    The Holodomor, the systematic starvation of Ukraine was perpetrated by “Stalin’s willing executioners” as the Jewish historian Yuri Slezkin refers to Stalin’s Jews in his monumental book The Jewish Century.

    The Israeli ultra Zionist writer Sever Plocker repeated this line in the Israeli outlet Ynet admitting, “we mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish.”

     In 1936, justice driven revolutionary Jews traveled to Spain to fight ‘Fascism’ by killing Catholics and burning their churches.

    It took us three quarters of a century to admit that three quarters of the Spanish International Brigade were Jewish volunteers and the Lingua Franca of the Brigade was Yiddish.

    Time to ask why these moral interventionists always happen to burn Churches and kill Goyim.  Is this their ultimate sense of Justice?

  20. Hoff says:

    Search: Stalins Jews Sever Plocker Ynet

    Jews started and managed the Gulag. Yes they did!

  21. Gman says:

    Whatever comes out of the malt liquor hole of any nigger, sow or buck, is of zero concern to me. Whatever their worthless opinion may be it is of no concern to me whatsoever…They are animals who will parrot nonsense for whoever is currently feeding and supporting them and that would be the JEW!! War approaches brothers, prepare yourselves….

  22. Gman says:

    Sorry Incogman, pushed the button twice and tried to edit my vodka induced grammar…please delete the first message. Thanks brother..

  23. S O G says:

    nigger apetivist from ferguson disgust and mass nignorance dies of gunshot by another nigger ..another boruhthu from a difernt muthuh …rest in piss you worthless shitbag nigger…too bad he wasnt dragged by a pickemup truck till his over sized haed rooled off into the gutter …well at least its a start . heh heh …
    These racist fucking felon nigger vandals and promoters of white genocide are to recive no mercy and no quarter when the kike turns the screws ..the worm will turn ..and the worms will have their turn ….
    this other nigger says we niggers need to totally disengage from whites here ..
    but they are dependent on white civilization for sustenece ..let em all die off ..its the natural order …besides they are our mortal enemies now ..if you dont hate niggers yet there is still time to beat the christmas rush …to know then is to hate them …
    or they could leave ..they never leave ..even when the first african laborers who became freed ex slaves got land and animals they chose to stay here….and they have multiplied like rats …
    only some lives matter in reality ..some lives dont mean shit and are shit and should be shitcanned ..
    the fuglee ho in the picture ius an apparition evil race mixed spectre ..speaking of specter ..check out that tikkun olum slag barbara spectre kike …sick jew ..why is she still breathing ..all rapes and murders of indiogenous citizens of white countries are on this cunts hands …i wish someone would snap her arrogant fucking neck ..
    basically its like this …all these invaders are a moslem invasion ..must be cus they are attacking whites everywhere they are forced on whites ….i think no matter what else there is going on we can be unanymous in that there is only one suitable outcome for these pricks …ive seen some of them harrass white people at a where and when place ..
    these people are mentally more fucked up than the common nigger moron ..
    if its even possible…wtf …
    yeah niggers disengage away ..does this mean that niggers will stop home invasions ,rapes ,murders ,car jackings ,riots ,city burning ,….how will niggers survive if they all pull out of the nba and the nfl and stop selling dope to white fools ..what if white dopes stopped buying nigger music and stopped buying into hollywood supported black arts and movies …if whites did a complete withdrawl and boycott of nigger products …..the usual would happen ..there would be tnb and more riots and more accusations of whites being racist …niggers dont want whites screwing even the 1/4 -1/8 -1/16th black moolotos …but they want to screw white women ..they preach about staying with the same race as them and if a white did that etc etc …
    hell yeah you niggers can disengage please …where you niggersgoing to work if you dont work for a white business …etc …niggers are just stupid and loud and annoying ..

  24. S O G says:

    hoff lemme find the gulag link from judicial or blockyourid site archives is a good visual aid in how vast the system was and how many millions of russians perished in these camps unnoticed …post it later …
    look at the old toothless hugh heim aka hefner …there was an interview with an ex playmete a few years ago and how disgusted she was by repugnant hef …lol..
    he let his original partner or secretarty lover etc take the fall for a ig coke bust he was trying to cop for ..she was the guinea pig to pick it up and she kept him out of it ..i think she committed suicide behind the whole debacle many decades ago ……
    playboy magazine led the way for the porn tsunami ..remember hustler ..sheeeyit right …although the fucker who published it did have an asshole of the month page with a picture of some political shitbag in asshole of a donkey ..nice ..

  25. Hoff says:

    Me think sog wanta read this:

    Soviet Scorched-Earth Warfare: Facts And Consequences

  26. Barney says:

    I’ve just posted this on an earlier thread, but I don’t think our host will object if I repeat it here.

    People keep asking why criminals and traitors like the Clinton freak aren’t behind bars, but they’re missing the point.

    They talk of individuals being “bribed”, “bought off”, “blackmailed” and all the rest of it, but there’s a more basic reason that nobody ever mentions.

    White People (real Humans) don’t need “governing”. We know the difference between right and wrong. It’s programmed into our brains and reinforced by our upbringing, and if an individual gets it wrong, the community will soon put him right.

    We don’t need “laws” because we have compassion, empathy and a conscience. All we need is a central administration (not a tyrannical “government”) to co-ordinate and oversee non-local matters.

    The thing most people overlook is that the original “government” was formed when psychopathic criminals seized control of our countries with the intention of enslaving us all, and these criminal gangs haven’t gone away.

    Having achieved power over us – something no sane person would even want – they armed themselves to the teeth, passed illegitimate “laws” and imposed their fraudulent “monetary system” to maintain that power in perpetuity.

    Ask yourselves a simple question. Would you want to control your White neighbours’ every thought, word and deed? Would you want that kind of power over others of your race (species)? Anyone who answers “yes” to that is unfit to wield such power.

    We’re still ruled by the descendants of those original criminal gangs, so why would anyone expect them to observe “laws” intended to keep us enslaved?

    Obongo, Merkel, Sarkozy, Blair, Cameron, the Clintons, the Millibands, the Bushes and others are full MEMBERS of the Rothschild criminal gang that controls the world, so why would they use their own “laws” against their own members?

    Politicians are criminals because they’re members of the criminal gang known as “jews”. They’re not employees, but full members of a gang (not a race, and certainly not a religion) that wallows in every kind of lawlessness and depravity, so why would anyone expect them to behave like Normal Human Beings when they’re not normal, or even fully Human?

    Criminals commit crimes, so why is anyone surprised when it happens?

    Governments exist to commit crimes on a national and international scale, so as long as governments exist, tyranny will exist and powerful criminals will continue to commit crimes with impunity.

    The niggers, jews and other psychopaths are jungle animals masquerading as people.

    The day of the rope is coming. It’s just a matter of time, and for decades afterwards Free White Humanity will celebrate and commemorate what will become known as the day of the dangling jew. It’s inevitable, and it can’t come soon enough.

  27. Anon says:

    How much rope do you think we will need Barney? Great comment, btw.


  28. The Day of the Rope will come….A friend sent me an email who ws a cool guy..84 year old Vet …he sent me email how People in Texas deal with soon as they see them they KILL THEM…..So I sent this email to another friend who I thougfht was ok….and told him this is how we have to deal with Ragheads and Niggers….then he sent me a email back…Your F ked in the Head he said…..and he starteed talking trash about me to other people….I started thinking…I thought this guy was ok because he was from WY and was in Army in Nam but I recall being at his house how he had a painting..he paints…had this big picture of a Red Indian Nigger Chief wearing the feather hat…I thought oh well he is just a painter..yeah right..shuld been a clue..Richard Kelly Hoskins in his last chapter of Vigilantes of Chesitendom talks about who this Mexican Beaner named Martinez ratted out the ORDER and Robert Matthews…and then Hoskins explains how you have to be careful who you choose to be a comrade….in large groups their will always be rats of ZOG….On this subject of Euroasians..years back I knew this girl who had Blond hair and blue eyes and looked perfectly nordic…..then I found out she had a mother who was a North Chinese who had very white skin…her Father had blond hair and blue eyes and was tall…I recall her saying she didd not have sweat glands like Nigs or Whites….anyway the infiltration of the Mongol Hybrids is deep into White Race because of all the Mongol Invasions of West….Hellen and Choas talks about how French Researchers found that WHITE BLACK YELLOW mixes are SKITZO, BI POLAR and have the Doberman Syndrome….they are Genociders and love to kill and eat humans and drink human blood….This explains why these Khazar Mongols,,the Saxon Mongols who look like us are our dealy enemies…they hate White Race…and they strip all the white nations and flood them with muds to destroy whites and then they build up CHINA and Strip america and make stores like Wal Mart which the Chlintons helped the Rockefellers in creating the super store Wal Mart full of all the chinese chink products…and this desrtoyed many White Owned buinesses….Ever look at all thoses you tubes on Wall Martians…all these creeps going to Wall Maret and shopping…and the high crime rates in the Wall Marts….Witch HC and Bill helped create this…TO HELL WITH THE ANTI WHITE ZOG….any nation who EMBRASES HOMOS will die….USA all the politicians embrace the Fags Dykes and Queers and Trannys….what a sick nation and they allow these creeps to marry….so who the hell can support ZOGUSA…not me for sure….,

  29. Hoff…great article on Scorched Earth…Dont forget Shermans March to the Sea….burning allthe White Southerner property….well if you were a Mason and put the Masonic sign on the gate post on houses and barns…they the Yanks would not burn them and destroy them….Judeo Masonry is deeply infiltrated everywhere….Its was banned in Germany in 33…..and in America there was a movement against the MASONS in the arly 1800s….Joseph Smith started his own Adamic Masonry to oppose Judeo masonry and hot wacked by Masons for doing it…..Malachi York a Black Racist had his own Masonry for Niggers and he got put in jail and his property got confiscated in GA….The Good Old Boy Judeo Zionist Masons got pissed so they stopped the nig YORK….Hellen and Choas says the Judeo Masons talkes orders from the Chinese Hong Masons..wild stuff….anyway the TRIADS are all in the HONG..they bring tons and tons of drugs to USA and bring weapons like SKS Rifles and Aks…and sell them to the gangs in USA….Almost all Herion is brought into USa by the Triads..remember Qayuobes and all the Pain Killer Drugs and the white chinese powder..all from China…..The Chinks are using sneaky methods and buying up everything in USA and most of the collges all the top classes are GOK CHINESE…..

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    Today in history. He challenged a rich jew banker roosevelt and he was soon shot and killed by a jew. Another rabbithole but there are some good documentaries still available about Huey Long.
    Long, who was planning to take on Franklin Roosevelt in the next election, was shot by Dr. Carl Weiss at point-blank range outside the main hall of the capitol building. Weiss’ motives continue to be debated, but some believe he was angry about rumors Long had spread about the doctor’s in-laws, who had opposed Long politically.

  31. protocolsRtrue says:

    No less than the jew who shot McKinley bringing in teddy bear roosevelt rich globalist internationalist jew who proceeded to get us into one jew war leading to another.

  32. Bailey says:

    Excellent post Barney!

    SOG. – Nignorance.

    LOL , good one !

  33. ProtocolsRtrue… true about Huey LONG….Roosevelt was scared as crap that Long would beat him for Prez….Do not forget what happened to SEN.LOUIS THOMAS MCFADDEN….he was opponent of Fed Reserve and the Jew Power Elite…..WIKI has a good line about him…but he did die from POISONING……

  34. protocolsRtrue says:

    Once roosevelt became vice president… The kindly McKinley had scarcely been in office another six months when in SEPTEMBER 1901 he was murdered by an obscure and deranged anarchist. roosevelt then became president at age 42, the youngest thus far in in our history… ( kind of like placing kagens and slutoftheyears and ginzgergs on our jewish supreme elders courts) What kind of man was theodore roosevelt? Born into a wealthy and distinguished jew york family ….

  35. protocolsRtrue says:

    Sick of Clinton and her lies. I didn’t know.. I cant recall… it wasn’t marked clearly… Hey slut whore lying jew bitch traitor committing treason, YOU were the secretary of state!!! YOU were the one who should have hit the reply button that these are subjects and topics and information we should not be communicating on nonp-secure devices and private e-mail servers? Weren’t YOU the one supposed to be in charge if you cant remember anything about security procedures after being in the tan house first bill clinton whore and a senator and secretary of state you cant recall cant remember did not know then what does that say about all the rest of the jews and stupid nigger pets in the state department when YOU were supposed to be their leader? Maybe you could have said this seems like it may be kind of sensitive information let me go out of the shopping mall with my free government sailfone can you speak up? We cant hear you can you hear me now? I didn’t know. I can’t recall. I was never briefed or trained on handling classified information. There is no proof that I did anything wrong. I never deleted anything other than the things that I did have deleted by my tech gurus they deleted them.

  36. Hilliary on the Jet Plane…. the real WITCH said strongly that no POLITICIAN can talk or discuss anything about FED RESERVE..she said Trump cant quation the Fed Reserve…..screw her….the day will come that the Fed Reserve will be abolished and all those bastards …the khazar kike families and all the creeps that are for it…GET THE ROPE…and they will get it…we are tired of the BS…Revenge for Macfadden…..yeah….hang em…….OUR DAY WILL COME and JUSTICE True Justice will be delivered…THE DAY OF RECKONING…..that Richard Butler spoke about….

  37. American born says:

    Looks like she(?) might be a nigger/jew hybrid.

  38. protocolsRtrue says:

    It depends on what the meaning of IS is. No bill we are not talking about the diapers that your wife wears. Hilaries personal jet reminds her do not flush diapers down the toilet. They used to say tampons and kotex pads they fuck up the plumbing. And that Chelsea Clinton foundation married to a jew banker go figure she’s something else also. Hilary reminds me of one of those zombie rock stars like Elvis all drugged up by their handlers going from town to town just put on a show for 2 hours read what’s on the jewprompter and your personal doctor and jew advisors have more qualudes and perkosets and you can go back to sleep after tasting humas pussy and having her taste yours and we will wake you up before the next stop and with a new jewprompter speech. Obviously huma was not licking enough wieners he wanted more. Another jew puppet zombie. She’s a fucking whako.

  39. Plant Talk says:

    Watch this nice little jewish procedure that was done on you……more than likely on the second day of your life. Remember, it was done with no aneshesia. Thanks, fucking jews!

  40. Red Pill says:

    we don’t need no stinking laws, comprende?

    Recruiter for firm involved in fatal La. bus wreck in U.S. illegally
    bus driver Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez, a Honduran national who faces charges of negligent homicide, negligent injuring, reckless operation and driving without a license in the Aug. 28 crash. But customs enforcement officials said Rueda is not currently wanted for his role in the incident.

    we don’t need no stinking laws, comprende?
    people died and no charges, no problem.
    at this point, what difference does it make?

  41. The opinion you trust says:

    Amorality is blossoming. All need to be cleaned. Aplana, Detroit, Chicago, Louisiana, unbelievable amount of black niggroids sprawl of jew-supported-funded-Hollywood-enticed amorality.

  42. Eric says:

    What gets me is how ‘whiteface’ is regarded as racist, but blacks with blonde hair is somehow OK. They need to ostracize the crap out of any non-whites who dye their hair blond, red, or any white color. They shouldn’t be allowed to mimic whites. It’s racist and trespasses on white values. Same goes for traditional white clothing, white cultural and religious symbols such as the Cross.

    It’s time for Jews to quit disrespecting the Swastika.

    Hey at least Nene Leakes is a real woman. Her index finger is definitely longer than her ring finger. Unlike some gay black transgenders I can think of….

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