Philly Blacks Launch Racist Attacks on White Kids

philly-nigger-mobs-attacking-whitesHundreds of Philly Blacks Launch Pogrom Against White Temple University Kids, Jewish Media Trying to Cover It Up

By Eric Stryker @Daily Stormer

During the 1960s, a project unfolded through litigation, government pressure and activism by Jews, an ambitious pursuit that sought to mix the races not only in schools, but also in communities. Moving blacks in and around universities of high-repute is one of the most “daring” treads into “sociology,” where it was theorized that intelligence and White character traits would be transferred to blacks through close cohabitation… apparently through osmosis. Every year, local black criminals anticipate back to school season as excitedly as a nervous but eager freshman transplant, but for very different reasons.

More than half a century later, the neighborhoods surrounding the college campuses of schools like Temple in Philadelphia, Hofstra in New York, Rutgers in New Jersey, most of the “top tier” North Carolina and DC schools, are “No-Go Zones” for people of European descent, where gas stations have bullet proof glass and fast food joints have a direct line to the cops. School administrators have overlapping interests with media power-Zionists in lying about this, so a lot of students who end up going to these schools learn the truth the hard way.

That is why parents who have a daughter beaten and raped, or a son assaulted or murdered, ought to open up lawsuits against school officials whenever this kind of stuff happens.

The Tab:

A mob of kids have been attacking people near Temple’s campus

On Friday night, we received a TU alert of increased police activity involving a mob of young kids near Main Campus. Last week the same mobs of juveniles were seen near our campus.

At around 8pm and throughout the entire night, there were reports of assaults but only a few victims have come forward and many students at Temple are wondering what happened.

We spoke to students who came into contact with the mob:

A Junior, Environmental Science Major, told The Tab:

“My boyfriend and I were walking to his apartment at 8pm and we saw a lot of cops and like five kids middle school age and thought that all the police activity was extra but we didn’t have any kind of warning of what was really going on, so I thought it was because everyone was coming back from the Temple game or if there was an event at the Liacouras Center.

“We turned onto 16th from Cecil towards Oxford and halfway down the block, we see 10 then 20 then up to like 40 kids pour out from around the corner of Oxford and 16th and we then crossed the street but two kids followed us and hit my boyfriend. My boyfriend ran and got away but the second I tried to run, they grabbed me by my hair and started beating my head and back.

“I somehow got to the other side of Oxford Street by the time they got me to the ground. I remember shoes coming for my face and after that I heard other kids from the group saying ‘Yo chill, yo chill it’s just a girl’ and they pulled my attackers off me. I got up and ran in the direction of my boyfriend’s house but no one was interested in me anymore.

A student, Michael P told the The Tab, he witnessed the kids assaulting students and also heard a lot of stories of assaults.

“I only walked around it when the crowd first started forming on Broad in front of where Burger King and Koja Grille are. It had to be over 100 people, various ages from middle school to high school.

“The mob I walked passed by started to form around 7:45pm after I walked from Rite Aid to the IBC.”

Although only a few students have come forward with their testimony, there are more reports of these assaults.

These attacks occurred on Temple’s campus and it’s frustrating to hear that we were never informed about the number of incidents of students who are being attacked. Shouldn’t we be receiving a TU alert on this? Shouldn’t we feel safe or should we be expected to know that we are located at North Philadelphia and we should know ‘better’?

I was told to remember my surroundings, but my job is to be a student – not an officer.

The onus is always on the White to not get assaulted, and if it happens, to not tell anyone about it. But what happens when we run out of patience? Are we not human? This kind of racialized pogrom violence by blacks against Whites is hitting a fever pitch in 2016 America. The fathers and families of these students need to get more active and start getting riled about this perpetual problem nobody is doing anything about.

A father of one of the female victims is at least speaking out:


Don’t complain, ORGANIZE!

In order to get any kind of details about this incident at Temple, you need to read either local Pennsylvania news or Breitbart. Everyone else is trying to cover it up. Spread this story around, once enough people know about it it will force the Jews to report on it, albeit with spin. That’s alright, we want their usual blame-the-victim spin, as it further discredits the information manufacturers in the eyes of the people.

These attacks are apparently organized on twitter. Notice that the Anti-Defamation League has millions of dollars to pursue a politically incorrect cartoon frog on social media, and yet, there is no interest in stopping actual real world racially motivated violence (as long as it’s against White people) on there.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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68 Responses to Philly Blacks Launch Racist Attacks on White Kids

  1. Tom says:

    Typical negroid behavior. Like Africanized bees–can’t make honey much. Like Zebras–useless–can’t be ridden like horses. Pestilence, elephantosis, dengue fever, rift valley fever and the like–microbial and viral equivalents of the negroid…all products of Africa, the “mother”land.

  2. Smitherines says:

    Michael Moore: Trump’s Election Will be the Biggest “F**k You” in History
    His voters will “get to blow up the whole God damn system”

    During a speech for his new one-man stage performance Trumpland, Michael Moore remarked that the election of Donald Trump will be the “biggest f**k you in history” to the elites that have ruined the lives of middle class Americans.

    Moore began by saying he knew a lot of people in Michigan who were going to vote for Trump who “were not racists or rednecks” but were sick of their jobs being offshored to places like Mexico.

    Trump’s promise to slap a 35% tariff on Ford cars made in Mexico and sent back to America was “music to the ears of people in Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin,” added Moore.

    “Whether Trump means it or not is kind of irrelevant because he’s saying the things to people who are hurting and it’s why every beaten down, worthless, forgotten working stiff who used to be part of what was called the middle class loves Trump,” said Moore, arguing that Trump was the “human molotov cocktail that they’ve been waiting for – the human hand grenade that they can legally throw into the system that stole their lives from them.”

    According to Moore, these disenfranchised Americans have lost everything they have but still enjoy the great equalizer – the right to vote – and they will utilize it by putting “a big f**king X in the box by the name of the man who has threatened to upend and overturn the very system that has ruined their lives – Donald J. Trump.”

    The film maker noted that “the elites who ruined their lives hate Trump, corporate America hates Trump, Wall Street hates Trump, the career politicians hate Trump, the media hates Trump.”

    Asserting that his voters will “get to blow up the whole God damn system,” Moore concluded by saying, “Trump’s election is going to be the biggest f**k you recorded in human history, and it will feel good.”

    More below:

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Back to the stupid missile story. Why in the fuck do you officers look into the rear view mirror and see 4 guys with loaded m16sts? It’s because of you. We consider you priority number 1 because you know how to launch the missiles. If we God Forgive have too. And this bullshit enlisted people hate officers and stuff we are all on the same page here.

  4. American says:

    I hadn’t heard of this until here at Incogland. When you wrote “we want their usual blame-the-victim spin, as it further discredits the information manufacturers in the eyes of the people.”, I couldn’t agree more. It’s another example of the typical jew tactics not working like they used to, instead it’s serving to wake up more Whites these days. Same with SPLC and the ADL, becoming less relevant and so predictable they are tying the noose for jewry more than brainwashing the “goyim”. Only the most retarded PC fools (homos, feminists, etc) or scumbag jews can quote the ADL and SPLC with a straight face nowadays. It’s getting easier for a “goy” to discover the truth each day!

  5. Recon Ranger says:

    I said a couple of days ago folks that you better get ready for the full blown street war… niggers VS. the White Boys… It’s here and it needs opposition and fast if we want our race to survive and prosper….This shit has got to end… this happened to white students in Bezerkely today at UC… If my daughter had that happen to her I’d be in heaven that same night or the next morning on campus… before I met the boss I’d guarantee there would be dead nigs all along the blvd…. It’s coming boys…. to a town dear to all of us….Shoot, Move and Communicate… Stay alert…RR

  6. Joe Btfsplk says:

    Isn’t a race war that (((the kikes))) want?

  7. Johnny Draco says:

    “…A mob of kids…”
    “… mob of young kids …”
    “… mobs of juveniles…”
    ?????? What are we talking about here….11 to 17 year old???

    “… ‘Yo chill, yo chill it’s just a girl’ and they pulled my attackers off me. ”
    ????? WHAT!!! No gang rape??? Not like Nignogs.

    “I was told to remember my surroundings, but my job is to be a student – not an officer.”????
    Say WHAT????? I smell poo-poo.

    “…Dad, I was jumped…”????
    If I asked my daughter what’s wrong and she answered “I was jumped” it would register in my mind that she was raped. Or ganged raped.
    I believe that this person “Lauletta”(???) is a crisis actor.

    There are to many things that just do not add up with this story.

    Furthermore, why would any true White person today send their kids to “college” and waste their money????
    There are NO jobs for Whites.

  8. John Taurus says:

    White folks gotta start shooting their attackers if they want to get respect. Blacks understand violence being answered by violence. Shoot their azzzzes full of lead. Shoot for their heads. Shoot center chest. Take’em down to the ground six feet under. When Whites get a reputation for standing up for themselves this will stop. Blacks need to get the message that White people are DANGEROUS prey.

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    If it weren’t for federal means jewish fake jew printed debt and deficit money and ebt cards and free housing and welfare checks and Medicaid the free obamacare for the able bodied niggers that don’t work and wont work and never plan on working and free school lunches and breakfasts and snacks and free sailfones and free everything else to support every minute of every day of their worthless fucking parasitic lives every one of our shittys and niggerhoods would collapse in ten minutes totally bankrupt and nigger animals gone wild. Just think about what would happen if even the ebt card system failed for a day? These niggers act like the way they do now. That’s WITH all the free shit we give them. Imagine how they would act if the free shit gravy train with biscuit wheels finally does go full speed ahead over the gorge bridge out ahead since the conductors wont slow down and back up and change direction.

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    Keep paying for your own destruction people keep paying for the wrecking of our Nation. Even though I am retired did my thirty years for this country believe it or not they still DO take federal taxes from my legally earned income checks and I DO have to pay for health care insurance even though I am in the VA system also I just kind of consider that money paying back myself at least I aint paying for worthless fucking niggers criminals animals paying for my own destruction anymore. That helps me keep my blood pressure closer to normal I guess that saves this country money also even though I know jew/ would prefer me to be dead not alive when I reach social security day whenever that is 200? Maybe that is the overall plan when all the fake jew printed money runs out and social security and medicare and Medicaid and welfare and ebt card money runs out just start a nuclear war and kill 300 million people and leave only rich jews left.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    I wish I could take back my last comment especially on the world wide web internet so don’t tell anybody I said that keep it a secret on your private servers in your basement. When all the social security and medicare and Medicaid and every other program runs out of fake jew printed debt and deficit money and the economic collapse does happen just start a new world war with nuclear weapons this time. Kill a billion people bada bing bada boom problem solved at the cost of only a few billion innocent stupid goyim lives. Oh wait the jews already did that jew wars 1 and 2. If it works they will keep doing it and enriching themselves in the process.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    I called my congressman and asked him to put an iron dome missile security system over my 6 acres and a double wide mansion only got an answering machine.

  13. squarepegroundhole says:

    Furthermore, why would any true White person today send their kids to “college” and waste their money????
    There are NO jobs for Whites.

    Not arguing the validity of your statement but…

    Keep in mind College can be free with high ACT and sports packages.

    White children are our greatest assets and treasure. This is why the Jews attack them with such conviction.

    So don’t let your kids wear their hats backwards, talk like Niggers and play play station all day.

    My kids will be educated, hold degrees in martial arts, be bi lingual, have street smarts and be trained in the realities of political correctness and multiculturalism –able to shoot a gun, know about Jewery, armed with a chance to survive in what is undoubtedly going to be a colossal goat F– K of a world.
    Let them be everything a Superior White should be- to have a fighting chance.

  14. Bailey says:

    Squarepeg, draco is a troll.

  15. squarepegroundhole says:


  16. squarepegroundhole says:

    Thanks Bailey

  17. Red Pill says:


    Draco (lawgiver)
    Draco (/?dre?ko?/; Greek: ??????, Drak?n; fl. c. 7th century BC) was the first recorded legislator of Athens in Ancient Greece. He replaced the prevailing system of oral law and blood feud by a written code to be enforced only by a court. Draco was the first democratic legislator, being that he was requested by the Athenian citizens to be a lawgiver for the city-state, but the citizens were fully unaware that Draco would establish harsh laws.[1] Draco’s written law was characterized by its harshness, with the adjective “draconian” referring to similarly unforgiving rules or laws.

    Draco (constellation)
    Draco is a constellation in the far northern sky. Its name is Latin for dragon. It was one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, and remains one of the 88 modern constellations today. The north pole of the ecliptic is in Draco.[1] Draco is circumpolar (that is, never setting), and can be seen all year from northern latitudes.

    Draco Lucius Malfoy (b. 5 June, 1980)
    was a pure-blood wizard and the only son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. The son of a Death Eater, Draco was raised to believe strongly in the importance of blood purity. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1991-1998 and was sorted into Slytherin House. During his years at Hogwarts, he became friends with Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Pansy Parkinson, and other fellow Slytherins, but he quickly developed a rivalry with Harry Potter.

  18. Karen says:

    Took my mother to the heart/stroke clinic today. Medical technology is ‘Jettsons ‘ evolved from the old days of stethoscopes. The doctor monitoring her on a computer screen that 30 years ago wold have seemed science fiction was black. He was professional and considerate

  19. guiltfreewhite says:

    Those of us who are both white and over 60, we’ve seen this before,in our school days 45-50 years ago, and it was a pretty ugly experience What did we get, turning the other cheek, and fleeing the inner cities for the burbs?Sadly, a great number of us, learned absolutely nothing from what we seen first hand, about the blacks. I see them attending class reunions, with those who robbed them, beat them,threatened them,in our old school, that in the end, they directly destroyed,by by their rioting.But to dare say that even to a white at such events, will get one kicked out.Because the problem wasn’t dealt with back in 1968, now dealing with it will be a thousand times worse.

  20. Karen says:

    Squarepegroundhole…….so that their children can become doctors, scientists etc….why else are they importing muslims, chinese, east asians…whites have to stop resting on their laurels…get your shit together

  21. Gordon Gecko says:

    The enemy’s objective is to attempt to create a Bizarro World. That is, to attempt the impossible of raising the lower species up to the nobility of the human. In this false reality, they must diminish the greatness, past and present, of the White man. Now, any reasonable individual knows, through simple observation of comparison of intelligence, creativity, imagination, beauty, etc. that the entire concept is nothing less than absurd. Thus we have the constant barrage of media garbage, images of stupid, inept Whites, juxtaposed against the smart, proud and heroic Negro. What a fucking crock of shit!

  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    They hate us because we are white. Another stupid story from Guam I am in the carpenter masonry field.. This philipeano not guamainin comes up to me and starts bitching about his phillipeno brother was arrested for committing a crime. There was a lot of philipeanos working on Guam back then also. So I say what the fuck are you complaining to me about I don’t even know you or what shop you are from. Apparently I was the first white guy he found that looked like I knew what I was doing. Martinez or martiz criminal background so he has his hand on his waistbelt next to a folding knife acting like he is going to stab me to death for being white and then I hold my 22 ounce framing hammer from my toolbelt and we have another Chinese standoff for a few minutes then he turns away and walks away. I was only 22 back then what the fuck is the problem with these people? So I did do a couple looks around other shops after that martez Martinez whatever but never seen him again.

  23. Smitherines says:


    This is absolutely brilliant. A surprising article from the New Yorker Magazine. This magazine has always been a left wing apologizer so this article is even more amazing. Don’t pass it up.

    The author is the political correspondent for Bloomberg and wrote extensively about Obama even before he was nominated.

    “Who is Donald Trump?” The better question may be, “What is Donald Trump?”

    The answer? A giant middle finger from average Americans to the political and media establishment.

    Some Trump supporters are like the 60’s white girls who dated black guys just to annoy their parents. But most Trump supporters have simply had it with the Demo-socialists and the “Republicans In Name Only.” They knew there wasn’t a dime’s worth of difference between Hillary Rodham and Jeb Bush, and only a few cents worth between Rodham and the other GOP candidates.

    Ben Carson was not an “establishment” candidate, but the Clinton machine would pulverize Carson ; and the somewhat rebellious Ted Cruz will (justifiably so) would have been tied up with natural born citizen lawsuits (as might Marco Rubio). The Trump supporters figure they may as well have some fun tossing Molotov cocktails at Wall Street and Georgetown while they watch the nation collapse. Besides – lightning might strike, Trump might get elected, and he might actually fix a few things. Stranger things have happened (the nation elected an [islamo-]Marxist in 2008 and Bruce Jenner now wears designer dresses.)

    Millions of conservatives are justifiably furious. They gave the Republicans control of the House in 2010 and control of the Senate in 2014, and have seen them govern no differently than Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Yet those same voters are supposed to trust the GOP in 2016? Why?

    Trump did not come from out of nowhere. His candidacy was created by the last six years of Republican failures.

    No reasonable person can believe that any of the establishment candidates [dems or reps] would have slashed federal spending, rein in the Federal Reserve, cut burdensome business regulations, reform the tax code, or eliminate useless federal departments (the Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Energy, etc.). Even Ronald Reagan was unable to eliminate the Department of Education. (Of course, getting shot at tends to make a person less of a risk-taker.) No reasonable person can believe that any of the nation’s major problems will be solved by Rodham as she is simply the third verse of Obama’s waning swan song.

    Many Americans, and especially Trump supporters, have had it with:
    · Anyone named Bush
    · Anyone named Clinton
    · Anyone who’s held political office
    · Political correctness
    · Illegal immigration
    · Massive unemployment
    Our out of control federal spending
    Our National Debt that exceeds our GDP (Can you say Greece?)
    · Phony “official” unemployment and inflation figures
    · Welfare waste and fraud
    Money being spent on Illegal immigrants
    · People faking disabilities to go on the dole
    · VA waiting lists
    · TSA airport groping
    · ObamaCare
    · The Federal Reserve’s money-printing schemes
    · Wall Street crooks like Jon Corzine
    · Michelle Obama’s vacations
    · Michelle Obama’s food police
    · Barack Obama’s golf
    · Barack Obama’s arrogant and condescending lectures
    · Barack Obama’s criticism/hatred of America
    · Valerie Jarrett
    · ” Holiday trees”
    .Hollywood hypocrites
    · Cop killers while Black Lives Matter
    · Gun confiscation threats
    · Stagnant wages
    · Boys in girls’ bathrooms
    . Whiny, spoiled college students who can’t even place the Civil War in the correct century… and that’s just the short list.

    Trump supporters believe that no Democrat wants to address these issues, and that few Republicans have the courage to address these issues. They know that Trump is their way of saying, “Screw you, Hillary Rodham and all the Do Nothing Republicans!” The more the talking head political pundits insult the Trump supporters, the more supporters he gains. (The only pundits who seem to understand what is going on are Democrats Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell and Republican John LeBoutillier.

    But America does not need a tune-up at the same old garage. It needs a new engine installed by experts – and Hillary Rodham is not a mechanic; she merely manages a garage her philandering husband abandoned. Trump is also not a mechanic, but he knows where to find the best ones to work in his garage. He won’t hire his brother-in-law or someone to whom he owes a favor; he will hire someone who lives and breathes cars.

    “How dare they revolt!” the “elites” are bellowing. Well, the citizens are daring to revolt, and the RINOs had better get used to it. “But Trump will hand the election to Clinton !” That is what the Karl Rove-types want people to believe, just as the leftist media eagerly shoved “Maverick” McCain down GOP throats in 2008 – knowing he would lose to Obama. But even if Trump loses and Rodham wins, she would be nothing more than a caretaker, not working to restore America’s greatness but merely presiding over the collapse of a massively in-debt nation. A nation can perhaps survive open borders; a nation can perhaps survive a generous welfare system. But no nation can survive both – and there is little evidence that Hillary Rodham understands that. The United States cannot forever continue on the path it is on. At some point it will be destroyed by its debt.

    Yes, Trump speaks like a bull wandering through a china shop, but the truth is that the borders do need to be sealed; we cannot afford to feed, house, and clothe 200,000 Syrian immigrants for decades (even if we get inordinately lucky and none of them are ISIS infiltrators or Syed Farook wannabes); the world is at war with radical Islamist’s; and we cannot continue trying to spend our way out of debt.

    Is Trump the perfect candidate? Of course not. Neither was Ronald Reagan. But unless we close our borders and restrict immigration, all the other issues are irrelevant. One terrorist blowing up a bridge or a tunnel could kill thousands. One jihadist poisoning a city’s water supply could kill tens of thousands. One electromagnetic pulse attack from a single Iranian nuclear device could kill tens of millions. Faced with those possibilities, most Americans probably don’t care that Trump relied on eminent domain to grab up a final quarter acre of property for a hotel, or that he boils the blood of the Muslim Brotherhood thugs running the Council on American-Islamic Relations. While Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s greatest fear is someone giving a Muslim a dirty look, most Americans are more worried about being gunned down at a shopping mall by a crazed [Islamic] lunatic who treats his prayer mat better than his three wives and who is fool enough to think that 72 virgins are waiting for him in paradise.

    The establishment is frightened to death that Trump will win, but not because they believe he will harm the nation. They are afraid he will upset their taxpayer-subsidized apple carts. While Obama threatens to veto legislation that spends too little, they worry that Trump will veto legislation that spends too much.

    You can be certain that if Hillary wins in November 2016 … [her] cabinet positions will be filled with the same people we’ve seen before. The washed-up has-beens of the Clinton and Obama administrations will be back in charge. The hacks from Goldman Sachs will continue to call the shots. And America will continue her continuing decline as other great democracies in history.

    If the establishment wins, America loses.

    Roy Kaplan

  24. putnamvt says:

    Jew Soros won’t quit until your family is blown up. He’s paying Hillary to help him.

  25. Red Pill says:

    you can only control what you possess and others want your shit.

    they are coming to kill us in ever imaginably way.
    now it’s speeding up, there can be little doubt of this.
    this is an ages old struggle in its final end stage.has begun.
    the final chapter has opened. it all has been foretold.
    the real enemy here is our unconscious submission to a false reality
    created by the evil one to deceive us all into believing what we see and hear
    is real.this is the deception we were instructed to “come out of”.
    that’s the rabbit hole we must enter , that’s the red pill we must take.
    what you don’t know can kill you. your soul is there goal.
    no one will escape tribulation, the SHTF day could start anytime.
    i personally believe we will shortly have three and one half years
    of the worse times there ever has been or will ever be.
    be of good cheer, no one gets out of here alive.

  26. Red Pill says:

    …………………………….IS ANYONE HERE IS FOOL ENOUGH……………………………..
    watch this then tell me i am wrong… we are being set up again.
    ………….Is Donald Trump an “Illuminati Agent”? (26min)

  27. Red Pill says:

    Rigged Election: Hillary and Trump Caught Partying Like
    BFF’s With Kissinger at Jesuit Gala

  28. John Taurus says:

    We must convict some of our “REPRESENTATIVES” in Washington of treason. Those that gave away our jobs to China, Mexico, and etc for example. Hang their azzzzes from the cherry trees and leave them there until they rot… an example to the rest of our “REPRESENTATIVES” who do not represent us but do what is best for the Zionist Jews.

  29. Johnny Draco says:

    @Smitherines says:
    October 26, 2016 at 7:36 pm

    “Who is Donald Trump?” The better question may be, “What is Donald Trump?”
    Answer….An old transgender granny.

    And what is Hillary rod-ham???
    Answer…An old transgender grandpa.

    And what is Barack Obama???
    Answer.. An old transgender jew.

    And what is Michelle (Mick) Obama????
    Answer….An old transgender black jew.

    And what is Soro???
    Answer….An really old transgender ugly jew.

    Get it???
    Got it???

  30. squarepegroundhole says:

    Wednesday, October 26, 2016

    Black Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist Blames Massive Black Riot/Racial Attacks on White People and Cops on… White People
    Hundreds of black people attack white Temple University students and a black Philadelphia Inquirer columnist blames white people for these atrocities (for being successful, and gentrifying formerly blighted, crime plagued majority black neighborhoods).

  31. Bruce says:

    kikes want race wars

  32. guiltfreewhite says:

    Back in the 1960’s, there was a lot of proof, from their own words, that the vast majority of the conflicts with the blacks, were well planned events. It was not just because it was “the times”I noticed just after the election of 08, that we were moving again into that direction.The riots of 1967-1968, cost America greatly, large numbers of whites beaten, their stores looted and burned. Few were put on trial, fewer, put long behind bars. They learned, that the mere threat of taking it to the streets,would make whitey shake with fear. Shake down artists like Jackson, would squeeze companies for millions,lest he bring down a black boycott.The least of it all, are the great numbers of incompetent blacks corporate America was forced to hire,and are fearful of firing.Add to that, is the cost of all the whites they must employ, to do the jobs the blacks pretend to do.With who we have in power until January 20th, America has a mighty big problem indeed.In no nation, in all history, have savages been given such a helping hand up, and been so spat in the face for the effort.

  33. squarepegroundhole says:

    Berkeley Protesters Harass Students and Disrupt Campus

  34. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another stupid story from guam. 35 years ago. jew war 2 was over in 1945 but a slant eyed jap never gave up and never surrendered because nobody told him the war was over so he hang out in the jungle eating pinapples and coconuts. I remember the philiponoes name now it was johnny marques comes up to me on the jobsite and threatons to stab me kill me to death. For what? I don’t even know you. The locals tell me he is from one of the biggest criminal families on this small island don’t fuck with him he will kill you. I can figure that out already since he threatened to kill me stab me to death with his knife because I am white thank God I had my framing hammer with me and he had to revaluate this Chinese standoff situation before I bash him in the head with it and believe me back in those days I knew how to swing a hammer and I knew how to lock and load an m16 too and hit my fucking target. So his name was johnny marquez and I started searching around the whole base after that I want to find this guy. He wasn’t supposed to even be within the gates to begin with. The Chamorros Guamians did teach me a lot of good things back then. When ever we did a demo demolition they would take the time and effort to pull the old nails out of the wood and straighten them out with their hammers and take them home with them. Something I never seen civil servants do in America. There were still some of those metal quonsit hut steel buildings left there from jew war 2 and we have a long list of outstanding job orders because the door don’t fit right. I get there and think about it get my level out make sure it is true and plumb and level maybe we need to get bigger screws for the hinges are worn out. This pineapple head goes to the truck and gets the five pound sledgehammer and starts banging away at the doorframe basically shifts the whole building over by a quarter of an inch and the door starts fitting again.

  35. protocolsRtrue says:

    Stupid Guam story chapter 58. It was basically beautiful island with great weather every day but you could count on it raining every day also. Temperatures stayed between 50 degrees and 90 degrees every day. We did go through a couple of typhoons but that is for a different story how we handled that. Keep in mind that I am talking about 35 years ago. We have air force at Anderson and navy and marines on the island also. I don’t want to mix up Anderson air force base in Guam with Andrews air force base in just outside of dc. Home of air force one. So the island has a few beautiful beaches areas on it but only on one side. The other side you don’t even want to step in the water because the tide will take you away and drown you in the mariannes trench to be eaten by sharks. We were young men and on our days off weekend we could fuck our wives in the morning and believe me we did that so what do we do for the rest of the day? Sit around here and listen to them bitch and moan and complain about being stuck here on this Island? So the Marines are going to have a drill reenactment about how they stormed the beaches of Guam back in jew war 2 but this aint really a reenactment this is an actual training drill for these guys. They aint using the same landing craft and stuff and not even the same rifles. They are using amphibiues vehicles that actually drive on to the beaches and hovercrafts and full automatic m16s and stuff. Even our m16s back then were either switchable from semi-auto and full automatic. That means one trigger pull one shot or pull the trigger and spray the whole apepartment building until your bullet magazine is empty. So we are sitting on the cliff overlooking the beach and seeing all these navy ships out there and the Marines start coming and they have fake Japanese sandbag trenches with cheap slant eyed jap machine guns in it and the pillboxes some of them are still there the First Marines jump out and open up full automatic shoot and kill anything you see even if it is a seagull the first ones run up to the first sandbag hole and thank Gosh they are using blanks they just start spraying bullets into the hole. And I am on the cliff overlooking the beach but if this was the real deal the Navy and air force would be pounding the shit out of me too. So when that stupid nigger from congress says johnsen or whatever from Georgia asks the Admiral still in uniform that he is afraid that the whole island will tip over and fall into the ocean if we put 2,000 more Marines on it and the Admiral starts to hide his tears instead of bursting out laughing believe me I just burst out laughing.

  36. protocolsRtrue says:

    So some of these pineapple heads weren’t kidding they DID have tommy machine guns and hand grenades and stuff left over from jew war 2.

  37. protocolsRtrue says:

    So back to my stupid war stories now I will tell you about the 101st airborne division out of Fort Campbell Kentucky. That is the nearest real military base not national guard or reserve or vfw or American Legion stuff. No offense to them either. These guys are the biggest and baddest mfos I ever seen every one of them seemed to be over six feet tall and as physically fit as a young man could be. You wouldn’t want to be fucking with these guys if they were well armed and well trained and under good leadership. And this may be politically incorrect but the only exceptions to that rule were the females. But even they looked mostly ready for a fight just not as big unless they were pregnant. So I have also spent time at Fort Bragg 82nd airborne they jump out with parachutes or wait until somebody secures the airfield and just land there and then they start shooting people. So what is the point of this stupid comment? Don’t worry about your young military men and women they are the best of the best goyim. They will sacrifice all for this country. You need to worry about who is their leaders giving them orders.

  38. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    October 26, 2016 at 9:28 pm

    …………………………….IS ANYONE HERE IS FOOL ENOUGH……………………………..
    watch this then tell me i am wrong… we are being set up again.
    ………….Is Donald Trump an “Illuminati Agent”? (26min)

    Amen Red Pill “Donald Drumpf” the German Jewish name from Europe of his
    either father or grandfather they Anglo-Saxonized!

  39. Smitherines says:

    New post on The Occidental Observer

    Where are the “child refugees”?
    by Francis Carr Begbie

    Citizens UK Private Sponsorship Chanukah Video from Charlotte Fischer on Vimeo.

    The dismantling of the Calais “Jungle” refugee camp has been marked by huge scenes of disorder with rioting, at least one gang rape, and much of the camp going up in flames. But there has been uproar in Britain too since the realisation that most of the thousands of “child refugees”, which the Prime Minister had agreed to accept, were neither children nor refugees.

    From the moment these healthy, strapping adult male migrants stepped off the bus in London it was obvious that the British people had been subjected to yet another massive immigration deception. Those who enabled and organised this “child refugee” scam are brazening it out, safe in the knowledge there will be no comebacks for them.

    First they attempted to prevent any more embarrassing pictures by throwing blankets over the arrivals so they resembled state witnesses at a Mafia trial. Then a screened walkway from the bus alighting point to the door of the reception centre was erected overnight for the same purpose. Dental tests to determine the real age of these youths were ruled out as an “invasion of privacy.” And there is no question of having them deported, so nothing can be done now. They’re here. Get over it.

    But of course, it all works better if there is no clamour from the public. So the powers-that-be have resorted to the tried and tested method of stifling dissent. Anyone who sticks his head above the parapet to raise doubts is subjected to stern lectures about their moral shortcomings. BBC TV presenter Gary Lineker chastised his fellow British for their “shameful” attitudes, while Labour shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott attacked those who wanted to carry out dental tests to assess their age as “racist.” Pop singer Lily Allen became a media darling when, on behalf of the people of Britain, she made a tearful apology to the refugees for causing their plight.

    Let that sink in. Britain caused the plight of the refugees. Read more of this post:

  40. Frank Fredenburg says:

    ‘Pat To Slay’: Foreign Crime Family Reached Hillary Clinton For Immigration Favors So They Could Run A Baby Parts Harvesting Business

    Planned Parenthood was the source of aborted baby remains that two Isaias family businesses sold all over the world.

    Incog have you ever heard of this family? They are Ecuadorian but the name sounds Jewish. They donate to both parties.

  41. INCOG MAN says:

    No, sure haven’t, Frank. Definitely sounds like a latinized crypto Jew family. “Isaias” sounds like “Isiah.” These demons are all over South America, too.

  42. squarepegroundhole says:

    Obama’s sons stab a White college student 30+ times in Louisiana during a robbery

    Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick said Thursday he will seek the death penalty against Joshua Every for the stabbing death of a young woman..

    Each of the three men also is charged with two counts of armed robbery, one count of false imprisonment with a deadly weapon and one count of witness intimidation.

  43. squarepegroundhole says:
  44. Hoff says:

    WTF!? You can actually do that? 1:50

    Worlds Worst Woman Drivers Must See! —4 min

  45. Pingback: Philly Blacks Launch Racist Attacks on White Kids – aladdinsmiraclelamp

  46. Smitherines says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    October 27, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    No, sure haven’t, Frank. Definitely sounds like a latinized crypto Jew family. “Isaias” sounds like “Isiah.” These demons are all over South America, too.

    Yes, they are Sephardi Jews or called Marrano or Pig inEnglish)

    Isabella kicked them out for being “disloyal” (sound familiar?) to Spain: faking
    their conversion (being 5th Column like they are everywhere they have been
    on this earth) dealing with both the Christians and the Muslims for PROFIT
    their usual motive for everything.

    Many went to the Netherlands, where the were called “Black Dutch” from their
    like a plague they spread through Europe. Then to the New World, through their
    dominance in the African Slave Trade. Which they same to forget with all
    their Zionist propaganda slave movies: which I bet the recently released
    “Birth of a Nation” where 3/4s of the wealthy Jews owned slaves in the South,
    like Monsanto and Lehman brothers, compared to 3% of poor White Christian
    southerners, yet all these Blacks are taught it was a “White THANG!” and I’m
    sure the release of it contributed to this recent Philly Chimpout!

    Go check the Jews were so entrenched in cotton: NY wanted to be
    NEUTRAL during the Civil War war due to all the Jewish cotton merchants like
    Levi and Strauss later combined, to sell clothing to Gentiles off Negroes slave
    labor!!! Lincoln would not allow it, yet again this fact is missing from not only
    their movies but our history books!

  47. Smitherines says:

    Which they same to forget , Typo should read: they seem to forget

  48. Smitherines says:

    View JPG×245.jpg

    A Presidency From Hell?
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    A Presidency From Hell?

    Share Pat’s Columns:
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    Friday – October 28, 2016

    Should Donald Trump surge from behind to win, he would likely bring in with him both houses of Congress.

    Much of his agenda — tax cuts, deregulation, border security, deportation of criminals here illegally, repeal of Obamacare, appointing justices like Scalia, unleashing the energy industry — could be readily enacted.

    On new trade treaties with China and Mexico, Trump might need economic nationalists in Bernie Sanders’ party to stand with him, as free-trade Republicans stood by their K-Street contributors.

    Still, compatible agendas and GOP self-interest could transcend personal animosities and make for a successful four years.

    But consider what a Hillary Clinton presidency would be like.

    She would enter office as the least-admired president in history, without a vision or a mandate. She would take office with two-thirds of the nation believing she is untruthful and untrustworthy.

    Reports of poor health and lack of stamina may be exaggerated. Yet she moves like a woman her age. Unlike Ronald Reagan, her husband, Bill, and President Obama, she is not a natural political athlete and lacks the personal and rhetorical skills to move people to action.

    She makes few mistakes as a debater, but she is often shrill — when she is not boring. Trump is right: Hillary Clinton is tough as a $2 steak. But save for those close to her, she appears not to be a terribly likable person.

    Still, such attributes, or the lack of them, do not assure a failed presidency. James Polk, no charmer, was a one-term president, but a great one, victorious in the Mexican War, annexing California and the Southwest, negotiating a fair division of the Oregon territory with the British.

    Yet the hostility Clinton would face the day she takes office would almost seem to ensure four years of pure hell.

    The reason: her credibility, or rather her transparent lack of it.

    Consider. Because the tapes revealed he did not tell the full truth about when he learned about Watergate, Richard Nixon was forced to resign.

    In the Iran-Contra affair, Reagan faced potential impeachment charges, until ex-security adviser John Poindexter testified that Reagan told the truth when he said he had not known of the secret transfer of funds to the Nicaraguan Contras.

    Bill Clinton was impeached — for lying.

    Read More At:

  49. squarepegroundhole says:

    4 people shot in Miami Gardens, gunmen at large

    “When the police pick up over 39 bullet shells, that they shoot up a house, and then you turn right round the corner, another house gets shot up within a week, it’s something going on,” said a man from the neighborhood. “Yeah, I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated. You know, when is this going to stop?” (When the Niggers and Jews are treated like the hostile terrorists they are!)

  50. squarepegroundhole says:

    Maryland family hires an African immigrant nanny named Oluremi Oyindasola & she promptly kills their baby

  51. protocolsRtrue says:

    You gotta love it. Carlos Danger strikes again. Reopening the case against Hilary’s private servers and classified information because while they are investigating the jewboy wiener for mailing pictures of his wiener to underage people or with his kid sitting next to him they find on his device classified info because wieners wife huma amajewtoo was hilarys “personal” assisstant. They got this all fucked up just watched a Hilary speech she spent 20 minutes telling people in Iowa to get to the polls and vote early or absentee before the shit hits the fan on this one also. Once that early vote is cast you cannot take it back. I wonder if you cast an early vote and the candidate dies before the election day can you take it back then?

  52. protocolsRtrue says:

    Hilary was even in Iowa and telling people mostly women exactly WHERE their early polling places are.

  53. Smitherines says:

    The New World Order is melting in the heat of its own contradiction

    By Jonas E. Alexis on October 28, 2016

    Henry Kissinger: military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”
    …by Jonas E. Alexis

    See JPG:

    Julien Barnes-Dacey, a policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, and Daniel Levy, director of the council’s Middle East program, admitted in the New York Times in 2014 that ISIS was fighting against the Syrian government.[1]

    This was indeed a true statement, and it weakened the idea that the so-called “Syrian rebels” are “moderate.” But both writers, while indirectly admitting that ISIS and the “Syrian rebels” are almost two sides of the same coin, did not have the intellectual courage to make certain logical moves because they were operating with an incoherent system.

    First of all, they subtly declared that Assad is a “brutal ruler” without an iota of evidence. For them, the statement itself is a brute fact. But even then we are confronted with some inevitable conclusions.

    If we accept for a moment the idea that Assad is a “brutal ruler,” then it could be deduced that Assad was following the Zionist interpretation of terrorism. According to this view, a state has to hunt down terrorist groups and cells whenever and wherever they are found—and no price is too high.[2]

    In other words, if Assad is indeed brutal, maybe because he doesn’t play dice with terrorist organs like ISIS. And if we turn the table around, we would quickly discover that New World Order agents have more problem than Assad.

    What did New World Order agents do in places Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo? Didn’t they force prisoners to have sex with each other? Didn’t they literally watch an officer “fucking a kid”? Have the Syrian soldiers reached that low level?

    New World order agents simply cannot have it both ways: they cannot allow people like Bush and Cheney to get away with their crimes and hypocritically call Assad a “brutal ruler.” In fact, the CIA continues to torture people virtually all over the world.[3] New World Order agents are now “concerned” about civilians in Syria, but did they really give a flip about those civilians in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and even Libya? Here is the number of civilians who lost their precious lives in Iraq from 2008 until 2013:

    More below:

  54. Smitherines says:

    View JPG:
    “Mr. Kissinger, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you.”

  55. Red Pill says:

    if it were up to me there would be no trials.
    they are guilty thru there endeavors.
    kill them all, starting at the top down to the street thugs.
    life is not lived on your knees unless you work for the government.
    then your down on all fours. GD political whores and media prostitutes all.

  56. Guys… Get the facts straight about Heinz Kissinger… He is a flaming HOMO!!! And a psychotic JEW to boot!!!

    Kissinger should have been in jail decades ago…But instead he is still able to spew out his trash at his advanced age… And the guy is still flaming!

  57. Can we all sing the praises of Donald Drumpf now that Killary is indeed facing NEW charges by the FBI for her emails…

    It appears that the insiders in Jewish occupied Washington now see that Killary can NOT win this “election” no matter how badly they corrupt the voting systems… Therefore they are now abandoning ship and are about to have Killary hang for her crimes against humanity…

    A victory for Americans? I doubt it, for Drumpf is still a massive Jew butt kisser and one that really loves Israel, even with all that psychotic state’s criminal acts against humanity…

  58. VidereLicet says:

    Trump as president isn’t going to bankroll “Black Lives Matter” like Hillary is behind “Black Lives Matter” and supplies “Black Lives Matter” and other black Communist groups with weapons [ behind the scenes, via the mosbsters she’s hooked-up with ] and won’t allow the Communists to bus rioters around the country to start riots.

    In addition to constantly goading on American blacks to riot and giving the blacks money and weapons to go out and kill White Americans, Hillary also simultaneously wants to bring in millions of Muslims, many from black sub-sahara Africa, and she will bankroll them and give them weapons behind the scenes via the mobsters she’s hooked up with, and the massive number of Muslim immigrants Hillary will bring into the USA will go on Islamic Jihad, that’s for sure, as the Muslim immigrants in Europre are now on Islamic Jihad in Europe — while simultaneously Hillary will be bankrolling and arming Mexican drug cartel criminals in the United States and goading the Mexican criminals Obama allowed into the U.S. and gave tons of weapons to violently attack us Americans [ as they’re doing right now , Hillary wants even more violent attacks and even more killing of us White Americans .]

    See : “Obama + Operation Fast and Furious”

    I don’t know if Trump as president will be a “victory” for us Americans, but he’s sure a billion times preferable to Hellary as president, who will be, without a doubt, a TOTAL DEFEAT for America.

  59. S O G says:

    saw this shit in my school ….noggs using razors in their afros to cut hands grabbing them ..nigger sow bitches with pipe filled purses and niggers going around looooking for trouble and causing it ..a fella tossed a pipe thing ..heh heh at them at a foot ball nite as they were going around assaulting whites ..yeah nigger violence comes with the nigger anywhere anytime all way back to 1800 …genetic fossils …extermiante needed …

  60. Matt says:

    Northern Truth Seeker,

    Let me tell you, the truth is that it doesn’t matter how Jew you are. Trump may be a Jew or his kids might be Jews. As much as it’s disputed, the truth is Jesus Christ was a Jew by birth and a direct descendant king David, but he also knew the Jews are the children of the devil, and also adamantly rejected that the Jews are the chosen by their flesh or birth and then they murdered him, because they hated the truth.

    If I do a DNA test tomorrow and discover I’m a Jew by birth, it wouldn’t matter. It wouldn’t matter if my wife or my kids are Jews. I’m so set and committed to God and his son Jesus, nothing will change my mind. The truth is, that I know the Jews are the children of the devil.

    My impression is that Trump’s forehead is like stone. It’s constantly asserted Hitler was a Jew also. It would seem everyone the Jews hate most are Jews, so they say.

  61. randy behrens says:

    Too many nigger for my comfort level,send all of them back to Africa! We need to kill all of the corrupt niggers who hold office.I almost had to shoot anigger the other morning at a Mc Donalds drive thru because he was enraged that I honked my horn for him to wake up and put his cell phone down and drive , he got out flailing his arms like so many other simians do and ” Motherfucking this”&” mother fucking that” calling me a a cracker ,you know the usual nigger rhetoric,he has no idea how close he he came to getting a ‘double tap ” from mySW40,too bad for society.

  62. S O G says:

    nigger trigguh mud dick taylor is a poor excuse for a lump o shyte ….this shit int his first rodeo ..seems his fambly mambers have been aperested for the same shit before and released cus a nigger cant get a fair trial in america ,,guffaaw ….its elitist niggersim in the courts of clowns and jews getting the niggers offf like it was 30’s germany getting the commie socialists and red cap jews off for crimes time and again ..some lengthy histrionics ….no the niggers are sentenced to electronic bracelet that no one monitors and or a book report in ebonix …sheeeeee-it ….
    niggers are the ones who have been attacking and lynching whites for 300 years ..we whiotes have been under the jews ass and the chains of slavery to nigger pathology ..
    they cant escaPE from their genetics and so few of em would if they could no different than the jews unable and unwilling to escape from their neandetahlic asiatic middletern dna n’ere do well criminal gene pool genetics …jews holy ? chosen ? jews semites ? …not one iota …..its all just as fabricated and evil and fraudulent as the holohoax and more …as fraudulent as the babylonian judeaism the official kike devil religion based on lawless fanticism and enslavement of naieve christians and others ..
    next time a nigger gets up your nose i recommend following the piece of shit to a location with no cameras or just find out where it lives and then come back at a more anonymouse convenient time and smoke the worthless piece o shit ..for reals ..whats good for the goose is justifiable for the gander …
    pipe thing a muh jig …perfect for dispersing large crowds of assaultive nigger trash aka welfare stock …mammys name the chirrens names that niggers cant even pronounce ..
    what works even better at dispersing large loudmouth nigger crowds is a littel nigger running around axxxin if he my daddy or you my daddy ….lol….
    whitegirlbleedalot is agood site as is violenceaginstwhites and many others …tellin the truth about nigger pathology …it hasnt changed in 40,000 years and aint about to start …. save all pages if you have the time …

  63. James says:

    These people really are animals. They never fully evolved. Sub-humans. I carry my CCW everywhere. If the same situation happened to me and one of these assholes was shot and killed I would be he guilty one. The bad white guy who shot the black kid. And photos of the kid when he or she was 8 years old would be all over the news. INCOG is right. White people need to organize. My problem is I don’t understand what blacks want. They get every government assistance known to man. So they don’t need to work. And the ones who do decide to work sometimes get jobs over more qualified white people. I don’t get it. What do they want. Whites to be slaves? White people already are. Whites work all week so blacks can collect. So it can’t be that. Can someone help me out with this?

  64. putnamvt says:

    Jews need nigs (or muslims) to wreck white nations. Whites dont need nigs at all. …or muslims. …or jews.

  65. Name says:

    Niggers on the loose

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