Trump Needs To Declare War — On CUCKservatives

john-mccain-and-paul-ryan-cuckservativesIt’s Time For Donald Trump To Declare WAR On The Republican Party

By Marcus Cicero @INFO STORMER

We’re now getting unconfirmed reports that Donald Trump is preparing to take on not only Hillary Clinton and her Jewish/Globalist backers, but also the bulk of the Republican Party establishment, which have proven themselves utter traitors in front of the American people.

In his great hour of need, leaders of the GOP have decided to stab the Glorious Leader in the back in a manner that has very little if any precedent in the history of the United States, and especially not during times of decisive importance.

Now, I understand that many limited-government individuals, of which the Alt-Right still harbors a large number, are going to take offense to my next series of comments, but I feel that the time has come for Congress to be broken in a manner that prevents treason once and for all.

During the last few generations, and longer if you ascribe to the platform of Southern Nationalism, the legislative bodies of this country have grown fat and content on pure corruption and greed cloaked in the mantle of the Constitution.

Time and time again they have sold us out to Jews and Communists in matters of social, military, and economic importance, choosing instead to virtue-signal to their constituents while wheeling and dealing behind closed doors with the enemies of our race.

Reforms have failed, curbs on their evil have failed, and now the advent of a true leader (actually lukewarm when compared to our more hardcore beliefs) has gotten them to out themselves as two-faced vermin as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

Therefore, I advise Donald J. Trump to launch what we will hereafter refer to as the nuclear option against his own party; an offensive that should consist of denunciations of all those who dared to bow like craven cuckolds to a cause that can only have one end result: the election of Hillary Clinton and her destruction of Western Civilization.

Use proxies if need be, deny involvement in the more bitter and nasty operations if need be, but never lose sight of the final goal: the destruction of the GOP and all those who have turned it into a rubber stamp for Neo-Marxism and Multicultural gospel.

And when safely secured in power after next month’s election, I advise Trump to avoid the tedium and nonsense of Congressional approval. Rule through Executive Orders if need be, and cite the machinations of the Google Overlord whenever confronted by whining weaklings who bring up outdated foolishness as their argument.

It’s a known fact that all Republics eventually die, or mutate if you prefer, and transform into autocratic bodies that no longer rely on slow and cumbersome political bodies for policy changes.

And it’s high time that this occurs in the United States if its salvation (which I’m not even convinced is a good thing) is to be assured for even a few more years.

May today’s Great Betrayal serve as the spark for true change in this country; a change that has been needed for quite a long while.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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55 Responses to Trump Needs To Declare War — On CUCKservatives

  1. Red Pill says:

    Trump Needs To Declare War on Dirty Chicken Puckers on 10/11/2016

    Activists want city to axe chicken-slaughter ritual.
    A group of animal-rights activists want the city to stop the slaughter of 50,000 chickens on the streets of Brooklyn in the days leading up to Yom Kippur.

    OH Wait, don’t forget “Gawds Chosen” Watch the Chabad Curly Girly Girls in Hasidic Joo-Doo Voo Doo Action……………it is once again time for the Talmudic Satanic Voo Doo ritual of Kaparot……..

    Don’t the Evangelicals just luv em? Make no mistake, soon they hope to slit the throat of Christians in this vood doo ritual sacrifice to their g-d hashem. (Lucifer)

    Of course they have allianced…..they share the same rituals unto Lucifer


    Yom Kippur ( also known as the Day of Atonement0

    Kapparot & Venom: Sacrificing Chickens to Satan

  2. Karen says:

    Recon Ranger …off topic, but wonderful…

  3. The opinion you trust says:

    Totally agree with Incog Man. That is the time for “For Donald Trump To Declare a Major WAR On The Republican Party”.

    We outgrew the GOP. It does not contain us anymore. The republican party instead of mediating and facilitating what we want, bounds us to do what they want. The republican party has become so bold to even attack the candidate of our choice – President Trump.

    Who the hell is Paul Ryan? No one knows him, and he wants to become president. How the fuck cares what Ryan wants. The important thing is what we want. And we want President Trump!

  4. Smitherines says:

    Report: Clinton Mulled Killing Wikileaks’ Julian Assange With A Drone Strike
    Matt Vespa
    Matt Vespa
    Posted: Oct 03, 2016 7:00 PM

    Okay—I want to start by saying that this isn’t verified, but it looks as if Clinton mulled whether to take out Wikileaks’ Julian Assange through a drone strike. Assange’s organization published scores of emails from the Democratic National Committee prior to the party’s convention in Philadelphia, showing that DNC officials discussed ways to torpedo Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign. That led to multiple resignations from the committee’s executive leadership.

    More @ Link below:
    Smitherines says:

    Hillary Clinton on Assange “Can’t we just drone this guy”

  5. Smitherines says:

    The U.S Election Is a DISTRACTION From WW3 Very Soon
    Very good must see this English dude it on time!
    Check out this video on YouTube:

  6. The opinion you trust says:

    Good Morning American People, and black terroristic fecaloids, terrible Ude-jews, and deep seated hateful rapists lationos.

    Rabbi Shlomo Itzhak was a Master of Propaganda for the jews’ war machine. Sociology scientists were among his followers, and they proved that all activities of people are for the sake of comfort. Therefore, everything we do can be explained from that standpoint. All decisions we make are only to make us comfortable.

    And we are very uncomfortable with jews and black africans. To be comfortable we need to legalize segregation.

    Some people, the slaves of addiction, fight all day long for the legalizing marijuana, this people are only concerned with immediate happiness. They do not think about the future of the country; they only think about today of the country and if the country can smoke.

    Here at we are concerned with long term happiness of the country. Therefor I propose, all those who are for Legalizing Marijuana add to their demands Legalizing Segregation!

  7. John Taurus says:

    That Paul Ryan bitch looks like the devil. All these “REPRESENTATIVES” sold out the citizens and stabbed us in the back. They should be put on trial for treason…..maybe that is why they are so against Trump…they are afraid he will have them arrested for treason. They gave our jobs away to China, Mexico, and other third world countries while importing “REFUGEES” they created to Europe and the US in an attempt to wipe out the White population. TREASON. We want some public hangings…..after a fair trial of course. Let’s send a message to the Jew bass turds.

  8. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Crying Grabocaust Survivor Is A Professional Actress

    A link with this article, has the woman that Trump made the comments about, talking about flirting with Trump. Trump’s people should put this video to use!

  9. Andmineeyeswereoped says:

    Those who have ears, let them hear. Those who have eyes, let them see. The black hordes are no longer at the gates. The savages, whose true intent is to beat, ravage, rape and cannibalize, are already in our cities, towns, schools and neighborhoods. The evil plans put in place many years ago by the children of Satan are coming to fruition. The Children of Light, by way of an intense and constant stream of subliminal brainwashing in print and electronic media, have been lulled and duped into accepting the ideology that ultimately leads to their genocide. Awaken, ye Children of Light, lest ye perish from this earth.

  10. Red Pill says:

    jews celebrate Kapparot in which chickens are sacrificed to Lucfer.

    it makes me wounder if a country called Israel was nuked to green glass beads,
    would that be a suitable sacrifice to God?
    this would be the real jewish holocaust.
    make this happen by showing support FOR HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT.

    the sooner the shit hits the fan we can take back our land and form our own government.
    A blood sacrifice is required, blood for blood, eye for an eye , tooth for a tooth.
    immutable laws of the universe.
    I’m just sorry that Putin must nuke us first and China and North Korea will invade us.
    before Americans and whites awaken to there fate as the lights go out and you lose your your will to live.
    of course the perpetrators of all the carnage will be safely in their underground cities when the Gama rays cleanse the surface of the earth.
    they know it’s coming and fuck you.
    the jews have declared war upon us in the name of their Master.
    they want us dead or subdued into a mud race of compliant workers.
    (the jews will be eliminate also as they won’t be needed)

    welcome to the AGE OF AQUARIUS
    the world is a jewish game.


  11. Terrorist says:

    All of these comments appear to be directly on target regarding the sources of our peril, their assumption being that the internet can make billions of proles aware that something more must be done just now than cringe and complain, but without REAL regime change right here in the good ol’ JuSA, civilization will relapse into barbarism for everyone. Nor does “Election 2016” offer any avenue out of this fever swamp whatsoever. For the Hasbara’s 1/2 percent minority, which like the Mossad specializes in doing wars by deception, outvotes sites such as Incogman 100 to 1, the same way they did last century via their now-fading print mediacracy. With the money that’s behind them, an internet search for “White pride” will continue returning 100 “white supremacism” and “racism” hits for every straight answer. So let’s keep at what we’re doing, but ALSO give more support to the mere handful of straight and honest hardcopy newspapers jumping into that void slowly being vacated by those no-longer-relevant metropolitan rags. One such highly-readable “Southern agrarian” monthly, a 24-page tabloid, would be The First Freedom out of Silverhill, Alabama. It’s even online, for those too cheap to subscribe, at .

  12. Red Pill says:

    jews celebrate Kapparot in which chickens are sacrificed to Lucifer.

    it makes me wounder if a country called Israel was nuked to green glass beads,
    would that be a suitable sacrifice to God?
    this would be the real jewish holocaust.
    make this happen by showing support FOR HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT.

    the sooner the shit hits the fan we can take back our land and form our own government.
    A blood sacrifice is required, blood for blood, eye for an eye , tooth for a tooth.
    this is an immutable laws of the universe.
    I’m just sorry that Putin must nuke us first and China and North Korea will invade us.
    before Americans /whites awaken to there fate as the lights go out and you lose your your will to live.
    of course the perpetrators of all the carnage will be safely in their underground cities
    after the man made cataclysms comes the astrological cataclysms
    when the Gama rays cleanse the surface of the earth.
    they are grabbing resources and they know it’s coming and fuck you.
    the jews have declared war upon us in the name of their Master.
    they want us dead or subdued into a mud race of compliant workers.
    (the jews will be eliminate also as they won’t be needed)

    welcome to the AGE OF AQUARIUS
    the world is a jewish game.


  13. Red Pill says:

    “That Paul Ryan bitch looks like the devil”
    it’s natural that they look like their father.
    John 8:44
    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.


  14. Bailey says:

    10 years ago Trump said he grabbed a womans vajayjay, the jew media is in warp speed about republicans pressuring the man to stand down while thinking that the amerikwans will now , finally be offended.

    Guess what , jews ?
    Another kike scheme back firing !

    And when a queer nigger displays his disgusting way it’s just the President who we should never question or we’ll be called a name.

    Damn it , I lost the video , BRB !

  15. Bailey says:

    Eff’ her right in the pussy !

    Funny shit that millions of amerikwans worship,

    But now , a guy does this and it’s 6 million tears ?

  16. American says:

    Havent given s crap about the republican label in so long I can’t remember. Fuckin rats are traitors to Trump as they have been to their constituents forever. We care about actions, not party affiliation and lip service. Its almost shocking to watch these scumbags bail on a guy in their party with a great chance of winning.

    I like how Trump is handling the “pussy’ scandal. Just blow right by it, nobody gives a fuck if he can slow or reverse the rot in our system.

  17. Bailey says:

    I knew I was forgetting something ,

  18. Karen says:

    The world would be a better place 75% of you ‘humans’ died.

  19. Red Pill says:

    Karen says:
    October 9, 2016 at 6:29 pm
    The world would be a better place 75% of you ‘humans’ died.
    yes Karen, you know the devils plan.
    do you admit to being alien?
    because your admitting to not being human.
    ” 75% of you ‘humans’ died.”

  20. Nationalist says:

    Life for Whites 100 years from now is going to be intolerable to say the least if White people are even around. I cannot believe how utterly stupid today’s White liberals and White Cuckservatives are being by not joining the Nationalist movement and in fact are getting more liberal all of the time. We have Whites dying as a direct result of non Whites by the tens of thousands every year and that is not even considering all of the race mixing that is going on in which our White children are being turned into something resembling space aliens, we don’t even know who these race mixed weirdos are. Less than one percent of our people are even doing anything about this if you can believe that, I can’t. Donald Trump has got to be at least one billion times better than Hillary Clinton and all Whites should know it and they would if they were not brainwashed with Satanic liberalism.

  21. The opinion you trust says:

    There is a possibility that White people are not around, Nationalist is right. However, for the different reasons than you described.

    The main reason, why the White People in this country can disappear much faster than in 100 years is simple. The demographic trend is the U.S. becomes black. If it is not reverted, the other countries will never let the largest military power in the hands of niggers and jews. If the White Christian People in the United States wont be able to clean themselves from the hateful destructive niggers and jews who poison the country by penetrating every level of government and impose corrupt policy, then the other countries will have to do it. Such outside “help” can have undesirable side effects.

    I propose to structure a movement. The first step would be draft a fundraising plan. The funding can come from two sources governmental and nongovernmental. The later further subdivided into corporate funding and private funding.

    I am wondering if there is a grant available from the U.S. Department of Commerce which may be granting mass movement for involuntary Segregation and abolishing Affirmative Action, and establishing McCartney Commission to address Jews Problem?

    Can somebody advise a billionaire or a corporation who maybe sympathetic to growing Black and Jews Problem, so I can draft and post here a fundraising letter for further discussion? This would be a good first step in structuring Incog Man Movement for the better future without genetic garbage.

    I can see thousands of White readers, who got a sharp feeling of guild and sorrow for the “genetic garbage”. White people, please do not be sorry for the “genetic garbage”. This garbage is not just a “genetic garbage” how needs your Christian help and compassion. This genetic garbage proved to be lethal for the White Christianity.

  22. The opinion you trust says:

    Correction to the post timestamp October 9, 2016 at 10:40 pm

    Should be: “If the grant is available from the U.S. Department of State” instead of “the U.S. Department of Commerce”.

  23. Bob says:

    Well let’s review. The Trump God humiliated little Jebbie and rubbed his face in the mud during the primaries and little Jebbie ran sobbing back to his midget beaner squaw wife. Now little Jebbie’s cousin, Billy Bush, loses his cushy jewy media job because he chortled when the Trump God went on a ball scratching, trash talking, alpha male soliloquy about his prowess with the hotties. More Bushy collateral damage. lol He got “Sanchezed” by the jew for showing a little camaraderie to the Trump God and slightly deviating from the kike cultural Marxism playbook. Gawd, they must really hate Trump by now. This is so rich. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaaaaaa

  24. dolph9 says:

    Since when have Republicans done anything about anything?

  25. Hoff says:

    Guess what country. Mogadish, Somalia?

    Ett torg för alla del – 3

    At 21 minutes, a whigger doing Muh Dick. Oh, and the country is the most fucked up white country, Sweden.

  26. Red Pill says:

    Was fly sending message when it landed on Hillary Clinton’s face?
    i don’t know, but what i do know is that flies love shit.

  27. Red Pill says:

    Internet brands Clinton a robot after she fails to swat fly on face

  28. American says:

    Trump 2016 “Grab em in the pussy” campaign

    He can do no wrong in comparison to anybody in the jewed-up establishment!

  29. Smitherines says:

    Here ya are Bailey: 🙂×223.jpg

    But like he said, it’s all ” locker room talk” her husband Bill, actually did it, whats worse: talk or actual ACTIONS?

    Like an Intern giving you ORAL sex right in the White House with your wife
    next door, and them him saying the thrill. of doing it with her right there
    made it even better, they’re both degenerates. her (rapist of a young girl)
    and Bill!

  30. The opinion you trust says:

    Do not forget about latinos!

    Many think of latinos as harmless toy, or a hard worker, or some other incorrect things. They are not who you think you are. Study the criminal statistics if in doubt. The country become black mostly on account of latinos. Lations have their own culture, which is similarly with jews’ and niggers’ culture is incompatible with with white culture. If you do not understand what does it mean, you may argue that we there is no need for them to adapt our culture. The jews, latinos, blacks, and niggers, not adapting out culture means that they will always hate us.

    The deep is rooted believe of white people in innocence of hateful and criminally inclined lations. Here is a short story to illustrate. When President Trump has started running, he was interviewed by one of the radio hosts. Naturally and reasonably President Trump said something along the line that Latino people may not be as economically beneficial. That is when one, obviously white person, called saying that Latinos are hard workers and the United States need them badly. This white person, also a big business owner, also ordered President Trump to shut up. The white business owner did not stop there, he asked he nigger-latino friends to translate English world shut up inot the Mexican language. And then the bad rich business owner, because he benefits from hiring cheep niggers-latinos, said to President Trump to shut up in Mexican language.

    The implication of this story is that most of common folks do recognized how harmful for the country lationos are, who by the way have got sharp clows. Latinos created the enormous chain of nonprofits all around America. They integrated this chain with Catholic church. As a result they have significant political power. Much more stronger than the political power of the disjoint White People. This way, legally, they can get any law they want throw the Legislature, or apply enough pressure on the court to adjudicate anything they want.

    Every black turd, like a jews mafia, terroristic movement Plack Power and BLM, Arab Brotherhood, and every other peace of shit out there is acting not along but as a part of cohesive groups, except White People. Instead, White People from around the world come here to complain to Incog Man how bad they are treated, and how they are squeezed out of their own country. When the solution is simple, and all you need is a pair of pliers to catch all the dirt for the balls and through them to Niggeria so they can protest there, commit crimes, provide cheap labor, provide innovative financial services in the case of jewish bankers, hate each other, threat each other, elect Hillary there, and do what every the hell they want. But not here, and not in Europe.

    The question is when will white people integrate themselves into the strong political alliances (White Front) to secure the decisions which make us comfortable but not jews arabs muslims – niggers – latinos – blacks – kikes – browns – reds – mulattos – one eights – sexual minorities – stupid organized sports which breed half-breeds and niggers (except hockey) – and other shit like a damn fags in military?

    Remember niggers latinos jews cabal will eat you alive and your kids too.

  31. The opinion you trust says:

    She got the balls and arrogance.

    The black nigger Condom – lezbo Rice stepped out from the shades of hell, according to msn, and said to President Donald Trump to withdraw

    The whole is upside down. Instead of removing blackness from the office, the black darkness opens up the dirty mouth and said something to White People. Will this abuse and absurd ever stop?

    The demonic demon sheboon motivated here stepping out of the dark shades in the light with absurd statement that Trump said something inpatriate about women. But I much better listen to “inappropriate” about women than to listen about damn fags day after day on the damn jews radio and damn jew TV.

    Beside what does it mean “inappropriate” about women? I have had many good-looking women, and I assure all of them do “inappropriate” things very appropriately and they like it even more than I do. Because it is a law of nature. Man fuck women. There are roughly 8 billion people on the planet Earth, 60% of them women, roughly half. So the 4 billion men fuck 4 billion women every day. So what is “inappropriate” about it, you ugly sheboon nasty black darky? There is nothing inappropriate about it, it is normal, and even a bit routine and boring if it is the same women every day.

    That is why the Unites States is underfucked, and the jews suppress normal sexuality in the U.S., but arresting people for merely disciplining a wife, or merely touching the nice things, or for anything at all. They suppress normal American sexuality so whites are unhappy, the blacks baboons multiply anyway damn animals.

    “Enough! No sheboon should say anything bad about our president Donald Trump. The black monkey jews latino niggers should withdraw themselves from the U.S. and voluntarily leave for Niggeria!

  32. The opinion you trust says:

    Condom Brown Rice says that Trump is inappropriate.

    But President Trump supporters say we support President Trump appropriately and inappropriately. So here is an “inappropriate” anecdote.

    -A man asks his favorite woman: “How many pussies do you have?”
    -She says: “I have two pussies”.
    -Man asks her again: “But why just two, why not three?”.
    -Woman explains: “Because the third one periodically becomes very stinky”.

  33. The opinion you trust says:

    Jewish billionaire George Soros generously funded negros movement Black Power Punters BLM garbage damaging American People. He gave $100 million dollars to bloody niggers to sabotage white American People.

    I figure out that Warren Buffett supports President Trump. So, Incog Man have to go to Buffet and ask for half a billion dollars ($500,000,000 million dollars) to support White Front.

  34. Smitherines says:

    The opinion you trust says:
    October 10, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    Condom Brown Rice says that Trump is inappropriate.

    Nah, Don just secretly always wanted to be a gynecologist×223.jpg

  35. The opinion you trust says:

    All damn curly shit like niggers and jews and shit out there should go to Niggeria. Before Niggeria there is a mandatory stop in France for hair cut by guillotine.

  36. The opinion you trust says:

    Some good contributors we had here disappeared. Sad. Because of sensitivity, and because they committed a suicide. These were the outstanding contributors and good soldiers, but they lost a hope to change anything, and because their country – the United States, has become like a black niggerian zoo.

    Not all lost!

    I recon, if you are sensitive or not, just come back from dead, and keep contributing. Incog Man needs every soldier out there to fight dark hordes.

  37. The opinion you trust says:

    I am republishing this short conversation to illustrate that it become harder to deal with the dangerous niggers – jews. This is happening for two reasons. First, it commonly expected among black negros-niggers to go to jail, so they are always ready to commit a crime, and are not scared of jail, and second, is that they learned that they can set white people against each other by complaining that a white person called nigger Nigger. Here is short blog where a white girl complains of a nigger squeezing her and she was not able do a thing about it.


    Stormy says

    Damn Niggers

    Are the blacks getting dumber by the minute? I had to run into town today for more canning jars…I’m standing in line at the register, minding my own business when a nigger tries to strike up a conversation…even though my tank top stated: “take your black ass back to Africa”. Anyway…he asked me…”say baby you know what time it is, I bet your fine ass gots a Rolex”. I was going to just ignore him but when he put his hands on my back and repeated his question…I turned around and said “nope, I don’t have a Rolex but I do have a .38 and if you don’t remove your paws off of me, the next headline won’t be anything about Trayvon, it will be about you”. The next thing I know…he’s screaming at the cashier saying I called him a “fucking nigger” and threatened to shoot him inside the store! Now guess what happens next??? The manager asked me to leave the store, never once asking me my side of the story. At that point…I called him a nigger lover and left! So…someone did get called a nigger…it just wasn’t the nigger who started the crap! It’s getting to the point a White woman can’t go ANYWHERE without some nigger hitting on her…makes me want to just stay home and avoid the nasty scum!

    If you want to know what I think of guns, try breaking into my house and find out!


    Demetrov88 says

    It just goes to show how many race traitors we have in the world today. If I was there when it happened me and that jiggaboo would’ve been fighting. Reminds me when a nigger hit on my mom and I got in his face and he backed down. But if he so much as laid a finger on her he would’ve been leaving the store we were in toothless.


    Stormy says

    I was repulsed, that he had the nerve to touch me! Black males grow bolder by the day…especially when they think they can get away with it!

    cole-T…I never called him a name, but he knew all he had to do was accuse me of calling him a nigger and the management would side with him. People are too scared of the race card to do anything else but kneel down and take it! Not this woman…I refuse to kneel!

    If you want to know what I think of guns, try breaking into my house and find out!


    rusty shackleford

    its because niggers think they can do and act any way they want because libtards pander to them and if a white person says any thing they are a racist welcome to the new america Racial loyalist is the correct term for Racist. Yep…everyone is afraid of being labeled a racist….everyone that is, who still has their blinders on.

  38. Karen says:

    Whoa! I never said that about 75% of humans! WTF? My only comment on this thread was the clip from the Griffith Show! WTF?

  39. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    October 9, 2016 at 7:32 pm

    Karen says:
    October 9, 2016 at 6:29 pm
    The world would be a better place 75% of you ‘humans’ died.
    yes Karen, you know the devils plan.
    do you admit to being alien?
    because your admitting to not being human.
    ” 75% of you ‘humans’ died.”

    Not “Alien” but Witch or New Age heretic, although hate Jews they hate Christ
    and LOGOS more, they think Satan their God has shown favoritism to the
    Jew over them, but they hate Christ more, will not even say his holy name!

  40. Smitherines says:

    Donald Trump hits a home run
    October 9, 2016 at 9:57 pm

    By Dr. Patrick Slattery — I have watched all the debates since August 2016, and this was absolutely his best performance. Now that The Donald knows how to prepare, he should be able to close this deal with the American voters.

    When I wrote my summary of the VP debate last week, I gave Pence high marks for style, but acknowledged that substance-wise he was pretty much a typical cuckservative. Donald both projected strength and confidence, which is all most voters will take away from this, but also was the best he has ever been on the issues.

    The highlight in terms of substance was when he rejected Pence’s call for a no-fly zone over Syria, and with only perfunctory vilification of Syria and Iran and no vilification of Russia declared that these were the countries that were defeating ISIS, and made the obvious point that you can’t fight ISIS while fighting the Syrian government.

    More @ URL below:

  41. Smitherines says:

    Great Summation By Dr. Patrick Slattery

    “In summation, I just want to say thank you to Donald Trump for doing what no one else could do in terms of doing an end run around the Jewish gatekeepers of our elections and standing strong and not backing down or cucking out.”

  42. Smitherines says:

    Freedom of the Press is a Lie: Not One Newspaper in All of America has Endorsed Donald Trump
    October 6, 2016 at 9:12 am

    The following article by Eric Striker was originally posted on the Daily Stormer.
    Freedom of the Press is a Lie: Not One Newspaper in All of America has Endorsed Donald Trump

    Eric Striker
    Daily Stormer
    October 5, 2016

    More at URL below:

  43. Bailey says:

    Hey Smithers, that chick looks happy as if Trump grabbed her by the pussy.

  44. Trump may be one of the greatest heroes in history. And he absolutely kicked ass in that debate last night. Best thing ever. I pray for Trump every night, and donate something to his campaign every week.

    A good article albeit there is no mention of the ultimate culprits. It is nonelthess quite insightful.

  45. allovertheplace
    An open comment to Mike Pense: Mike Penis, do you realize what you have done you little fucking cuck? You have forever sealed your reputation as the most supreme of cucks, ever, and you should hang your Indian-looking face in SHAME. Paul Ryan will not last another election cycle. He is not the republican party, nor is Jeb! WE, and other red-blooded, regular patriotic Americans are the Republican Party. Why do you think Ted fucking Cruz is dialing for Trump? Because he knows his ass is Texas Toast if he doesn’t you little fucking cunt. Your name, in our minds, will always be more onerous than Benedict Arnold. We seek to take America, and our hard-won destiny, back from a cartel of arch criminals trying to take over the world in the name of all that is good using self-serving, vain politicians as fronts. Trump selected you out of a group of far more intelligent and capable politicians, perhaps because Indiana’s fiscal situation looked good or is in a contested region, I don’t know. I had never heard of you before you were selected and I therefore suppose I never would have. I must say it was pretty generous of Trump to offer you the slot. He, I think, was trying to buck convention and go with someone he felt had solid executive credentials so that he could project the image of administrative competence, which is part and parcel with his plan of rebuilding the country. He doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, but, boy, he sure made one this time. You might look good on paper, Penis, but you knuckled under in short order and betrayed the one person who offered you the formerly illustrious position of vice-president of the US of A with all hopes in really making America great again. (You preachy, moralizing selfish piece of shit.) You have 0 mettle and aren’t presidential timbre. It isn’t you, you vain twit, that is packing 25,000-seat venues, with as many stragglers outside. It isn’t Ryan or Jeb or that gay gumbi Kasich. It isn’t any republican you fool. None of them moved 3 or 4 MILLION democrats into the REPUBLICAN primaries. All of the other republican “party leaders” and all of their sycophants, of which you are one, all together could NOT fill a 25,000-seat venue. Nor have any of them ever done so, past and present: people don’t like being lied to. What you don’t realize, fool, is those people staring back at Trump in admiration and pride are the republican party. In other words, TRUMP is now the republican party. What your vain little move is doing is serving to illustrate the stark difference between the vain, preachy, hypocritical and do actions-with-lips-only old cuckold republican party that people hate and the new Trumpist walk-the-talk republican party that people LOVE. And guess who just became the poster boy for the preachy, vain, hypocritical, only-talk old republican party to juxtapose to the clear, rightious and confident new one? Well…you did volunteer.

  46. American born says:

    This just came out. A Jew that works with Paul Ryan may have leaked the tape.

    “RUMBLINGS: Top Paul Ryan Advisor Leaked Trump Sex Talk Tape to WaPo”

  47. Johnny Draco says:

    When tens of millions of Americans are prepared to vote for psychopaths, what does that tell you about the IQ level of the general population?

  48. squarepegroundhole says:

    The Notorious Banned FOX 9-11-2001 News Footage about Israeli/Mossad Links. This was aired then immediately banned and removed from the Fox archives right after 9-11.

  49. The opinion you trust says:

    If you are not with us you are against us. One more hidden enemy of the progress is unmasked.

    Niggers are just a stumbling block in our way, and a little obstacle to be removed and smashed, on our way to resolve the most important problem for all of us – the problems of haves and have nots!

    Both niggers and jews are at the very core of the problem, and are the main reason why not everything is good with our society. Jews are the main reason for out problems because their enormous economic power let them to manipulate political system of many countries. Niggers are also the part of the problem, but on the different end. They are an instrument jews use to distract us from achieving our most important goals, and to resolve the most important problems.

    Periodically I get that feeling the everyone wants to kill everyone. I agree, we white people also have our many differences. But try to stay focused and good things will come to you too. First thing first, the common problem for millions of white people around the world is jewish, african-american niggers’ problem has priority and must be resolved before we taking a closer look at each other.

    There are reactionary forces among us, such as nigger lovers, white rich people who support this unsatisfactory order as it is now, and investors. Here at we previously profiled rich nigger – lovers. You can conveniently find information about it by diligently studying this website.

    Today, however we included new category – investors. Those are white deep seated pieces of shit they are there to preserve their economic equilibrium as it is. They do not want to change, they do not vote for President Trump, they do not support Congressman Incog Man, all they want is everything as it is – rotten but comfortable for them. These bad investors are invested in jewish wall street, they well loaned by the Fed, they are good. But the thing is they are only good for themselves, not for millions of American people.

    These investors should be recognized not only as an impediment to the progress but as a national security threat. Because these smilingly innocent investors are not only perpetuating equilibrium to protect their investments, but they also perpetuating violent niggers murdering white people, and perpetuating dangerous jews who live of the white American people blood.

    When it is baseball bats time, you will be able to recognize those harmful investors. They are white people looking like us, but with the rose chicks because they live of the interest and do not need to work hard to rebuild America and do not feel obligated to make America great again.

    I believe that the important discussion conducted at must be getting more and more substantial and every post we make her should be ended with a short proposal and a donation for the White Front. For example, I propose that everyone propose a solution in the end of each post and make an average donation of $500 for the White Front.

  50. The opinion you trust says:

    In re to Karen at October 10, 2016 at 6:40 pm
    The world would be a better place 75% of you ‘humans’ died.
    Whoa! I never said that about 75% of humans! WTF? My only comment on this thread was the clip from the Griffith Show! WTF?

    Karen, do not be too hard on yourselfers for the blander of 75%. Instead, consider optimistic 90%, to include all yes-men, brown-noses, those who are too poor, and those who are too rich, niggers, jews, latinos, half-breeds, one eights, all curly, idiots, and other bad pieces of shit.

  51. The opinion you trust says:

    David Duke: “Voting against Trump is treason to your heritage”!

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