WARNING: Blacks Can Go Nuts Anytime Anywhere

tracy-donahue-murder-cvs-pharmacy-rape-attemptAt 9:15AM in the morning on October 14th, Tracey Donahue and her husband were simply driving down Interstate 15 in Nevada when a random black nutcase drove up next to them and started blasting away at the two because he thought they were poleece mens. Both were hit several times each, making them crash the car. She caught a slug in the neck, severing her jugular vein — bleeding her out right in front of her husband. The crazed apeman then drove off to a nearby CVS pharmacy crowded with customers, dropped his pants and tried to a rape a young store clerk (imagine that scene). The next night, ABC News showed helicopter video of him being taken down by a police dog, but somehow forgot to show a photo of the White victims. A GO FUND ME page has been set up by the family.

By Phillip Marlowe

You know something? I just can’t believe all the liberal multicult idiots out there. I just can’t understand why they don’t seem to get it about these black animals. They actually believe blacks are like they see on TV — nice, civilized, normal people like Whites.

Sure, blacks will work to come off that way to Whites when they have to, but the reality is, blacks are pretty much ugly, violent and crazy animals. There was once upon a time I tried to think of them as decent, but reality kept intruding: I would see them in public acting like apes all the time, or see grainy surveillance vids of them running off like wild beasts after a robbery or murder. I could tell they were blacks right off the bat even though the mandatory one White and one black TV anchors said not a thing!

Other Whites seemed to know all this, too, but just wouldn’t admit it. I noticed Whites were too frightened to say much about it. You could see it in their eyes, they would look sheepish, maybe even downright angry if you pushed them to talk about the subject (I’ve had Whites literally cry like babies in front of me). Our race had totally been brainwashed up the ying-yang about this filthy, murderous race! No doubt whatsoever.

Had enough of these murderous black apes — YET?

It’s hilarious: Stupid liberals and militant blacks go on and on and on about “mass incarceration.” What they are really talking about is blacks getting arrested for crime constantly. What they’re trying to imply is that these perps are all innocent — unjustly rounded up just for being black — when blacks are total criminals who fully deserved getting busted in the first place (talk to any White cop).

Hell, at least a third of all black males you see freely walking around have been, or will be locked up for committing a crime — sometimes even violent assaults on us innocent, decent Whites who have bent over backwards for this lousy race.

Just go to this one site, NEW NATION NEWS, to see all the stinking black criminals busted all the time for all kinds of mayhem — including sexual assaults (even elderly Whites and children). And this site is nowhere near the daily total number because they can’t really keep up (they depend on input from unpaid White volunteers). I see plenty of local crimes not put up on their site.

Blacks are completely animalistic. Always have been, actually.

And if you’re so stupid to believe that bull about drugs, think again. We’re not talking about dime bags of homegrown ganja here — black drug dealers are addicting people (including other blacks) to some really nasty crap that mess up our people something fierce (besides welfare fraud, I really could care less about drug addicted Negroes).

So why are so many blacks incarcerated in America? It’s quite simple, actually: Blacks everywhere are prone to criminal behavior on a daily basis.

Execution in China. We really need to start executing these black criminals just like this. Crime will evaporate over night!

Common execution in China. We really need to start executing black gangstas just like this — especially any who murder us Whites.

And why does America have more people in jail than overpopulated China? Because China hardly has any blacks living over there in the first place (there are a well-behaved handful). Plus, convicted criminals are soon executed after getting found guilty in court (right).

Caught selling addictive drugs? There’s a good chance they’ll drag you out to a nearby turnip field and kneel you down before a soldier puts an AK round in the back of your noggin (Chink teen girl getting executed on the right). They don’t mess around over there one bit!

Yeah, for some strange reason apparently quite beyond the reasoning of libtard brainiacs screaming about black incarceration levels in the US, Chinese simply don’t dare commit crimes!

It’s basically the same in Africa, too. Africoon dictators don’t have to deal with crying idiot liberals like we do all the time, like that stupid Hollywood creepess, Susan Sarandon, from that woman empowerment movie “Thelma and Louise.” Can someone please tell that ugly leftist bitch to shut her stinking foul trap?

Hollywood actor Dennis Cole's son was murdered by blacks in 1991, but I only read of the story a couple of months ago.

Hollywood actor Dennis Cole’s beloved only son, Joe, was murdered by two vicious unknown black criminals in 1991, but I first read the tragic story just a couple of months ago on the Internet.

None of these hypocrite Hollywood types dare break the PC BS ensaring our lands — including those victimized themselves by blacks like “Top Gun” hottie Kelly McGillis — who was gang-raped as a young actress in New York by two blacks who broke into her apartment in 1982. One of the black bastards was just recently busted in 2006 once again attacking other women in Greenwich Village.

Funny, how you never hear a word of any of this in the media, huh?

That’s because the Jewish owned media in the Western World is doing everything possible to obfuscate black behavior — in their ongoing efforts to destroy our race from the inside out. No doubt at all that’s what’s been going on for decades now.

The filthy GD Jews have been brainwashing us!

deshaun-taylor-vs-unknown-dorkThe bootlipped chimpanzee on the right is under FBI investigation for kidnapping a super cute White teen off the street in Myrtle Beach and feeding her tortured and murdered body to alligators. Not a word was breathed about the crime nationally. Yet the White guy’s face was plastered all over ABC’s national World News dinner time news the very night his tasteless but phony Youtube video came to light, though it was found out almost immediately that no real crime was even committed.


Notice how I said “blacks” generic in my headline versus “black men” specific. That’s because the female apes are truly almost as bad as the males. No lie.

robert-perry-murderI myself see wacked black bitches going off all the time. Should one of these militant black gorilla women think they are being “racially discriminated” by a White or Asian store clerk for accidentally shorting them a few lousy pennies or something, they go completely ape right there in the check out line like it’s the end of the world. I’ve personally witnessed this behavior several times. I’ve also seen them many times jumping up and down and screaming like wild, crazy banshees in public — over what, God only knows. These are truly jungle simians running loose in our lands.

Black women will also commit violent crimes — not only looting and rioting at the drop of a hat, but armed robbery and murder of Whites in cahoots with black males or sometimes even with other black chicks. Yep, black women will conspire among one another to commit murder and mayhem. Tell me: How often do you see that happen with White women? Like never.

There are tons of crazed militant black females in the Jew-financed “black lives matter” organization, ready to stick Whites in the gut while acting like the race victims all the time. The whole “black lives matter” thing is clearly BS. Blacks care nothing about killing people or animals — doesn’t matter one bit to these stinking, violent criminals.

No, the common denominator has always been “blackness” without a doubt.

And White people don’t do this kind of thing all the time, either. Sure, you have occasional White nutcases, but nowhere near the blacks.

This is an ugly race.

Notice how the local news station blurs out the video showing the blacks committing crime. They look for any way to disguise black behavior!



The latest that I’ve read about, with older crimes as you scroll down the page.


More victim photos since the first page has so many.


A few cases from the 1970’s to 2000. These black bastards have been killing us Whites from the start. And the media has been hiding it from us, too. Just click on the link and see some crimes you probably heard nothing about.


You might not care a thing about these idiot women getting their just deserts, but huge numbers of Whites are also killed due to Jew brainwashing of our race, not just White women but also friends and family around them. It really is crazy.


Latest reported stories of black crime and general disgusting behavior out of these filthy black demons. You will simply not believe how animalistic blacks are.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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41 Responses to WARNING: Blacks Can Go Nuts Anytime Anywhere

  1. Blue Steel says:

    They must become extinct as soon as possible as well as their enablers …Jooz..the plaque on humanity!

  2. John Taurus says:

    These animals are tools of George Soros, the real President of the United States. Obama is his puppet, as is Hillary Clinton. The media is also guilty of constantly driving these Blacks to murder Whites. We need laws passed that will make criminals of the Jews that control the media when they tell lies or distort news to get Blacks to attack White people. Also, White people need to arm themselves so that they can give lead poisoning to these apes when they go wild.

  3. Recon Ranger says:

    It’s time to take the law into our own hands. Do we want to continue to be white victims? I have stated this for years, we need to show the fucks who is boss… I remember the late 60’s and into the 70’s where the niggers did everything in their power to put the fear of God into white folk and I watched it happen time after time with pussy whites…. unfortunately it worked in the nigs favor… In just a few days it will be all out war…. Are you ready white brothers ??? Shoot … Move… and communicate…RR

  4. American born says:

    I actually drove by this scene that day hours after it happened on the I-15.
    It looked like simple car wreck at the time with NHP closing off half the freeway.
    Got home and was reading the RJ online, and low and behold it was a random killing.

    Hardly random in my opinion. He shot at the couple because they were White.

  5. American born says:

    I just read the article. He mentioned he thought they were cops. This might be true. The car I drove by that day was banked against the median. It was a white Crown Victoria looking car. At first I thought it was a taxi.
    So he could have been trying to kill police officers.

  6. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, I read his son thought that’s what happened. I put in “poleece mens” into my caption for this. These animals are being programmed by Jew media to attack cops.

  7. American born says:

    I was working right near the over pass near Charleston and looked up at the freeway and saw the traffic. It was either drive across town using side roads with endless traffic lights or sit in traffic on th 15. I got on the on ramp and about ten minutes later drove right by the car.
    This was around noon. This animal did this in broad daylight on a very busy part of the freeway running along the strip. Probably five lanes on each side of the 15 where it happened.

  8. Whitepride says:

    There were far too many stories about these niggers in New Nation News! And when these wild apes attack, their stupid effin homies record and laugh! In my fifty three years on this earth, I have probably met three decent blacks, and then there is the exception, Dr. Ben Carson. It is time for a race war! Bring back lynchings and executions! Niggers are wild beasts that must be out down!!!!!?

  9. guiltfreewhite says:

    I well recall the level of violence from the blacks in the days of rage,between 1966 to 1968.I’m lucky to be alive today.I suspect that the only thing that at last calmed things down, was Nixon getting elected at the end of 1968.In 69, the black panthers were sternly dealt with,Whatever the case, the blacks settled down again. I believe. The left, has turned Trump into the new George Wallace, so, Considering who’s still sitting on the throne, yeah, it might get real ugly.

  10. Luna says:

    Niggers are genetically prone to chimpout at any given moment. They are a violent sub species of ape that should have became extinct a long time ago. Always follow rule number one, AVOID THE GROID!

  11. Nationalist says:

    I really have to feel sorry for Mr. Donahue and the tragic loss of his wife whom I am sure meant a lot to him. White liberals seem to rarely if ever make mention of Negro crime as it effects Whites because they are too busy complaining about non-existent White racism against Blacks and other “minorities” of which they deeply resent. This is just simply getting to be down right stupid in which Whites have showered Blacks with Billions of dollars in all kinds of handouts and all we get in return is these Black apes race mixing with our people and being awarded massive numbers of good jobs just for being Black all at our expense. Time is running out on the White race, if we don’t all join the Nationalist movement now our nation will be turned into something resembling the original Planet of the Apes television series.

  12. John Taurus says:

    Whites must start carrying their weapons, with a license, and when chimped upon administer lead as needed to their center chest area…..or their head. Our government is controlled by George Soros who does his best to incite race war. The Jews want Whites exterminated. We need to return the favor. Israel needs to be nuked into oblivion.

  13. Red Pill says:

    Hillary’s Muslims Vow To Make
    Raping White Women Legal

    By Patricia Doyle 10-24-16

    Where are the idiots who want to take in these savages from Africa and elsewhere? The statement from the Muslims in the story below says it all. They will make it legal to RAPE WHITE WOMEN WHEN THEY (THE MUSLIMS) TAKE OVER EUROPE.

    Hillary and Obama see what the plan is and always have. Muslims will take over Europe and the US that is the plan. Does the white race want to suicide itself into history?

    They are coming for the white women with death sentences…as these black savages are infected with HIV Aids, resistant Syphilis and all sorts of diseases like Cholera, Polio, and a new form of totally resistant Leprosy.

    White people listen up! It is time to buy and teach your women to shoot at least a .22 rifle. A .22 such as a Remington maybe with a clip is reliable won’t jam up in the hands of a nervous woman like an automatic pistol. Actually, my first pistol was a .22 long rifle target pistol. It is light enough to handle and accurate. Won’t jam. A nice revolver. The rapist will get the message and his buddies will run. We know that black savages are cowards and have to rape in numbers or in gangs. Proves the point.

    But the BIGGEST point is that HILLARY will increase the number of muslims to be brought into the US by 550% over the amount Obama has been sneaking in.

    Check out the video. They are being honest, they have now said the purpose is to take over Europe and the US and they made it clear. Now is the time to send the ALL BACK. All Africans, all Muslims and ALL ‘refugees’.

    With Europe and the US losing their best and brightest, both will die.


    Muslims Announce That Will Make It Legal To Rape
    WHITE WOMEN When They Take Over Europe

    Many of the rapes are occurring in mixed-gender shelters, where, due to a lack of space, German authorities are forcing thousands of male and female migrants to share the same sleeping areas and restroom facilities.

    Conditions for women and girls at some shelters are so perilous that females are being described as “wild game” fighting off Muslim male predators. But many victims, fearing reprisals, are keeping silent, social workers say.

    At the same time, growing numbers of German women in towns and cities across the country are being raped by asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Many of the crimes are being downplayed by German authorities and the national media, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.

    Go Here for the story from Germany…


  14. Red Pill says:

    Muslims say they will make it legal to rape white women when they take over Europe

  15. VidereLicet says:

    One can go to ALL the websites geared to Leftists, to Communists, to jews, to blacks, to puerto ricans, to the Aztlan/Mexicans in the United States, to ALL the websites geared to Muslims, to ALL the websites geared to all the various minorities, to ALL the websites geared to the illegal aliens, and one will NEVER come across the meme/trope “Don’t Vote”. ONLY at websites geared to White Americans, or even the ones not geared specifically to White Americans but have predominately White American readers going to the websites, one ALWAYS comes across the meme/trope “Don’t Vote”.

    The meme/trope “Don’t Vote” is ONLY PREACHED AND PROMOTED AND DIRECTED TO US WHITE AMERICANS. The meme/trope “Don’t Vote” is ONLY inculcated to us White Americans, NEVER TO ANY NON WHITES. It’s a meme/trope of our racial enemies, especially when it’s being promoted this election year, so important to us White Americans.


  16. Gordon Gecko says:

    Hate, for lack of a better word, is good. Hate, is a very normal emotion by a human being to something or someone who is diabolically and systematically attempting to genocide his or her species. In these cases, we have a subspecies, that in its very nature is genetically programmed to devour and destroy any and all aspects of a civil white society. Time, however is running out for the fairer species. Death, disease and destruction are in its future. Unless, he is willing to fight for his survival.

  17. I worked in four different 7-Elevens, armed to the teeth in every one. I took no shit from anyone. I cussed out yuppie cunts and nigger dudes. In one store, I cussed out the same nigger twice, about two hours apart. He accused me of “disrespecting” him.

  18. Hoff says:

    A gang raped a young german girl, then they left her to die outside in the winter. The gang is most likely gypsies from Balkan, Yogoslavia. Gypsies are the scum on earth.

    Short Video is from (((german TV))), English subtitles. Text is in swedish.


  19. squarepegroundhole says:

    10/25/16 Somali and other Negro problems

  20. Hoff says:

    Red Pill: It’s already legal to rape white women in Europe. In Sweden they get paid for raping white women. I can show you not so few cases. How many do you want?

    About five years ago a white women was gangraped in the small town Vimmerby by 8-10 mudskins. That was by far the worst gangrape in the history of Scandinavia.

    It got ZERO coverage in jew”media”. The jews MO is exactly the same as in America. Why would the jew change a “winning” concept?

    But I can compare Norway, Denmark and Sweden. In Norway and Denmark the jew”media” actually tell the truth about the shitskins crime. In Sweden the jew “media” do everything to hide the invaders faces.

    Despite getting the facts in their face the nationalistisk party DF in Denmark and FRP in Norway only get top 25 percent in the election.

    In Sweden SD got some 25 percent in some polls. 13 percent in the last election. Every small shithole of a village in Sweden today October 2016 have gang of invaders in the street 24/7, and the sweds just fuckin don’t get it. They just don’t.

    Only ten years ago a gang rape was national news, today its page 58 in the local paper. This transformation have been rapid, I watched the whole thing. I got Internet twenty years ago so I can compare over a long time.


    Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe

    according to Time magazine of September 17, 1945, the government provided these soldiers with an estimated 50 million condoms per month, and graphically instructed them as to their use. For all practical purposes, our soldiers were being told: “Teach these Germans a lesson — and have a wonderful time!” Such were the great crusaders who brought “democracy” to Europe.


  21. Hoff says:

    No account of the Jewish Question in Germany can be complete without some mention of the tidal wave of sexual immorality that was to engulf the country during the period of the Weimar Republic (1919-1933) following World War One.

    This also happened to be the apogee of Jewish power in Germany. Every single sphere of major influence had now fallen under Jewish control.


  22. squarepegroundhole says:

    Teens? HA HA – Let me break it to you, “you’ve got NIGGERS,”

    “Police say students were surrounded and then punched, kicked, robbed and in some cases knocked to the ground by groups of 20 to 30 teens. Arrests have been made in only one of the cases.”


  23. Bailey says:

    I read over at modern heretic that one of the “teens” punched a police horse, twice in the face.

  24. Red Pill says:

    The Jews intend to kill everything natural and replace it with a Jewish product that can be controlled from afar. They will fail in this attempt and likely destroy humanity in the process.

    We have no fix on the future. Neither presidential candidate offers us a way out of our trouble because neither will admit the overwhelming control inflicted by the Jews on the whole world is leading to a mindless police state in which our only thought will be to serve the state no matter how cruel and depraved that assignment might be.

    Coming unglued
    By John Kaminski 24 October 2016

    Dark secrets remain unrevealed as society’s fabric disintegrates
    Why is every major politician surrounded by Jewish ‘advisers’?


  25. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Teen Girls Arrested After Video Of Assault On Man, 62, Appears On Facebook


    This article was on Yahoo News today. The females are nearly as violent as the males.

  26. Red Pill says:

    Frank Fredenburg, that “old fart” made several mistakes.
    1, he confronted them, 2,then he pursued them.

    the correct thing would be to have a small sic’em dog like a jack russell terrier
    and from your front porch direct the dog while your hand is close to a firearm.
    i have used this method with several dogs.
    German Shepherds work good.
    niggers would rather face a 357 than a “bad” dog.

  27. protocolsRtrue says:

    Stupid missile security story chapter 85. When we drive around for shift change there are 2 officers need to go to the launch facility capsule. There are four of us with loaded m-16 and they have 38s strapped to their sides. Us security guards are there to guard missiles but until we do the shift change relief we are there to guard these officers that actually know how to launch missiles. Like a secret service security guard thing liken Hilary has. So once we get there and say the officer doesn’t fuck up the password and they relieve the other two officers we go back to just being nuclear missile security guards. Once they do their thing shift change with I am sure more secret passwords they are supposed to shut the blast door and not open it until 2 more officers come down here and give you the proper password. The officers go through their normal checks the security alarm on silo 10 is not resetting go out there in your truck and shoot the rabbit or deer that is fucking it up. Really ? I just got here and it’s forty degrees below zero with wind chill.? I’m not really asking you to do it I am telling you to do it it’s your job and duty. OK I will put on my thermal underwear and run over every fucking rabbit I see on the way and shoot every deer too. Like I said earlier the nigger tries to carjack our suburban with the officers have 38s strapped to their sides and we have 4 or six people with locked and loaded m16s mr nigger you just picked the wrong suburban to try and carjack. We are in the Air Force and we take our vehicles seriously like it is a matter of life and death. I would rather shoot you in the head twelve times than fill out the paperwork for turning this vehicle back into the motor pool with a scratch on the paint.

  28. protocolsRtrue says:

    Stupid nuclear story chapter 87. I am the highest ranking nco in guam in this shopm and this half phiilapino half stupid fuck comes into the office and starts complaining to me about something. Guam was a SAC base believe it or not the bombers were nuclear loaded also but what difference does it make we take every airpflane quite seriously and don’t fuck with it. Like when I said earlier that the two officers are in the front seat with 38ths strapped to their waists and look in the mirror and see 6 security officers with loaded m16s in the back seats. That’s because we consider you to be security priority number one you know how to launch the missile procedures national security. That’s why we are sitting here in this truck with armed m16s. Again I aint the brightest bulb on the tree.

  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    I got off track there I was in Guam and this guy that wasn’t even from our shop storms in and says he’s pissed off the security guard threw him face down into the concrete on the flightline and held a gun to his back and then they arrested him in cuffs and took him to the cage and questioned him. He says he is going to sue the us government . Did you cross that red line that surrounds those bombers? Yes. And the security guard smashed you into the concrete and held you at gunpoint? Yes. Well I guess the security guard did his job anyway and what the fuck do I care why are you in here bitching and complaining to me I don’t even know you aint from this shop. Maybe I’m the first white guy with stripes on his uniform. Sue the fucking government get lost pineapple head. Call your union.

  30. Smitherines says:

    I don’t usually put much stock into what Michael Moore has to say,
    but on this one, he is 100% spot on! We will be giving a BIG MIDDLE FINGER
    to the corrupt establishment!

    Michael Moore: Trump’s Election Will be the Biggest “F**k You” in History

    During a speech for his new one-man stage performance Trumpland, Michael Moore remarked that the election of Donald Trump will be the “biggest f**k you in history” to the elites that have ruined the lives of middle class Americans.

    Moore began by saying he knew a lot of people in Michigan who were going to vote for Trump who “were not racists or rednecks” but were sick of their jobs being offshored to places like Mexico.

    Trump’s promise to slap a 35% tariff on Ford cars made in Mexico and sent back to America was “music to the ears of people in Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin,” added Moore.

    “Whether Trump means it or not is kind of irrelevant because he’s saying the things to people who are hurting and it’s why every beaten down, worthless, forgotten working stiff who used to be part of what was called the middle class loves Trump,” said Moore, arguing that Trump was the “human molotov cocktail that they’ve been waiting for – the human hand grenade that they can legally throw into the system that stole their lives from them.”

    According to Moore, these disenfranchised Americans have lost everything they have but still enjoy the great equalizer – the right to vote – and they will utilize it by putting “a big f**king X in the box by the name of the man who has threatened to upend and overturn the very system that has ruined their lives – Donald J. Trump.”


  31. Smitherines says:

    Michael Moore: Trump’s Election Will be the Biggest “F**k You” in History
    His voters will “get to blow up the whole God damn system”
    Paul Joseph Watson – October 25, 2016 1061 Comments

    During a speech for his new one-man stage performance Trumpland, Michael Moore remarked that the election of Donald Trump will be the “biggest f**k you in history” to the elites that have ruined the lives of middle class Americans.


  32. You want to see some truth everyone about the illegal migrant invasion of Europe? Watch this one, for it shows how the freakin JEWS are once again behind all of this sickness in Europe:

  33. Anti-Marxist says:

    It is simply Communist terror forced on White Americans. The Blacks are the pets of the Bolsheviks, doing the work of the NKVD to terrorize the population. We are headed for the Gulags if Hillary gets in. See these movies if you want to know where Hillary wants to put those of us who speak out.

    Gulag Vorkuta (2016)

    Gulag Barashevo (2015) https://www.amazon.com/Gulag-Barashevo-TanyaMironowski/dp/B018JPXFEU

    Gulag movie site: http://celtic-films.com

    The JEWs want to increase violence by Blacks so they can force Martial Law on White America.

  34. Pingback: WARNING: Blacks Can Go Nuts Anytime Anywhere – murderbymedia3

  35. Reginald says:

    This subhuman filth belongs either back where God intended them to be or in a F*cking zoo.

  36. S O G says:

    shoot tokill orders must be reinstated for police on rioters …knockout game with 200 niggers attacking whites is racial and genocidal …it is also domestic terrorism ..be armed ..kill as many niggers as you can ..no limit ..exterminate the sob’s ..what the fuck does anyone think they are doing to us …
    muslims as jew foot soldiers need exterminating as well as infrastructure nwo jews ….its now cus later it will be never …
    there no options left fopr white people in this jew controlled world ….
    dont fancy gettin my ass kicked by 30 -40 niggers all at onece ..this kind of mob mentality is begging for extermination …how many have donr this dozens of times already and will continue to do ….black flies matter ..
    niggers fly in the face of whites everywhere and they blame us for them committing acts of violence …we can truly blame them for us retaliating and keeping safe from this jew created hell stoerm of nigger on white genocide …
    it never ends cus it aint gonna end ..till americans who matter end it ..

  37. S O G says:

    there is a lot of talk about imminent invesion by cheenks or U>N> blue helmet drones ..
    chinese bivuaced in nmexican desert ..the missile fired over los angelese san diego area 3 years ago likely a dong feng class …chiunks are in mexicao ..our army is de-balled and all special forces engaged in full yime chicaneryfor the global jews ..our southern border is ass over barrel vulnerable ..all it would take is a highly trained and mobile armour and air cav of 100,000 chins decending on america with crooked yella teeth and dogca but breath grins on full auto and psyc drugs to make substantial kill in grids inexcorably leading outward and north …because the jew devils controlling the miltary now would not allow american military to defend america but instead assist chin devils and u.n. devils ..some postulate the not if but when will the invasion occur ..
    many people have seen the vast chinese army encampments and the mexican guv is quick to dismiss any conspiracy and claim its inter military joint games and shit …
    china has a seriously formiddable army in training and numbers …
    i suggest some real handy people get to makong electrical transmissio devices that can take over a drone or two …any kind of jamming signal equipment and aiming devices to increase survival odds for patriots ….anyway the reality is america is going down circling the drain right now …it doesnt look good out there ..looking at britain and europe and south africa knowing our fate will follow kike 1917 russia and 1915 armenians in turkey …the wave of destructionios guided onto a nation like it was upon german ww1 and ww2 by the international parasites …heartless soulless conciensceless jews at the heart and core of global diminishement of sanity and decent humanity ….god dam these mother fuckers

  38. S O G says:

    plus the nation of islam under serious mental case farrakon have 1 million idiot nigger followers in america …then you have the nbpp and other hoardes of moronic niggers dedicated to hurting whites …whites have shit …
    most whites are fucktards who are brain damaged idiots and useless to any sort of caues .
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  39. Retta Valcho says:

    I dont suppose Ive learn anything like this before.

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