Anti-Trump Globalist Jews Still Insist Ruining America

nyt-thomas-friedman-telling-america-what-to-thinkHere’s the smug bastard on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” They have a different liberal anti-Trump NYT Jew working this particular show nowadays (David Brooks), but all these media Jews freely jump around the TV channels — that’s why you constantly see war-mongering Zionist Neocons gaming us into never-ending overseas crap to kill A-rabs just to keep the region safe for sacred Israel. Man, I can’t stand these jerkwads one damn bit!

By Phillip Marlowe

David Brooks is another anti-Trump, pro-Israel Globalist Jew creep they put up on TV.

David Brooks is another liberal Trump-trashing Globalist Jew they put on TV talk shows to tell America what to think.

Wow: Just got through watching JEW York Times writer, Thomas Friedman, on ABC’s “This Week with George” Sunday talk show. This Globalism promoter media agent is also a big Israel-loving Zio Jew boy, but of course they never, ever tell the Goy audience that (they know that Jew identification would be the end to their little games). Yet all the Jews out there know who’s who among “The Tribe,” believe me.

That’s why it’s such a good idea to put a “Star of David” (what I call the Star of Satan) on the front of all these slickster’s fancy suits, or at least make the media control room people put it up on the screen — say in the upper left hand corner — whenever they open their big fat mouths to spew their insidious PC/globalism garbage. Hell, just take them all off the TV to begin with and the entire planet will be a hellava lot happier.

Georgy boy has Freidman supposedly on to talk about Trump’s victory, since the little rat attacked Trump left and right with vicious slanders during the campaign (not one of these Jew talking heads are going to suffer any career problems believe me). Of course, Freidman is really coming on the show to push his new Globalism/Global Warming-touting book, “Thank You for Being Late,” so Goyims out in TV land can buy as presents for a holiday we can’t celebrate anymore in public (Christmas). These Jews sure do like their cute and pithy titles for their stinking brainiac books, don’t they?

foreign-policy-magazine-screen-shotTrump’s election has got all the elitist globalist rats wringing their hands and feeling butt hurt, big time. Here’s a screen shot I did of the “Foreign Policy” magazine’s web site showing some kids wearing shirts spelling out TRUMP (they might even be educated college students). The globalist creeps have no problem blaming the bitter defeat of Hillary on all us “ignorant and racist” White voters, but never a word about blacks voting for fellow blacks. It’s always us evil Whites who are the baddies, as usual. The dirty manipulative rats have long milked divisions in America to advance their selfish political and social agendas.


Friedman tries to explain to George why all us regular folk voted for Trump. He tells us middle America is frustrated and confused by the rapid pace of “change.” No duh. He says nothing about Whites getting laid off left and right, while we watch our jobs go overseas. He really could care less.

So he lays it all out: We don’t like having a store checkout clerk speak to us in Spanish — he doesn’t mind because we’re a pluralistic America now (code for Jews racially trashing our lands). We don’t like going into a men’s room and seeing some ugly dude with a five o’clock shadow dressed as a woman — he doesn’t mind because he’s all just so happy and crap about LGBT “rights” (probably because he’s also a big weekend faggot). We don’t like going to work and finding a robot sitting next to our desk studying our job — again he doesn’t mind since Jewry insists on turning White Americans into pathetic needy bastards even though hundreds of thousands of us died in WWII fighting Der Führer man.

“Progress” for these arrogant Jew creeps is for us regular White people having to suck it up no matter what they want to do to our lands and heads.

This is rich, privileged Jews living in our lands — what they want is always what we have no choice over. They act all the time like Jew things must be a foregone conclusion. I was so pissed by his total Jew bull crap, I immediately jumped on my site to pound this out. I’m going to have root around Youtube to find the vid to embed here. Ah, here it is:

Just watch yourself this smug little rat spout his stupid brainiac BS.

I hesitated using the word “privileged” since these backstabbing rats use that word all the time against the White race whenever they brainwash our youth to hate ourselves because of this never-ending racism crap with the blacks. You always hear stupid lefty liberals telling us “check your privilege” like it’s a GD topcoat or something.

But it’s really the Jews who are the ones so privileged and living high on the hog in our lands, not us regular Christian White people, whom they call “Goyim” in their sheer arrogance — thinking they are God’s “Chosen People” because of some ancient supremacist Tribal writings and who have been so victimized by us evil Whiteys their entire ever-so-innocent history just for being a sacred Jew — hence justifying in their febrile brains the entire Jewish race as being the moral compass of goodliness of the planet. My ass!

If you knew how murderous these creeps are towards the Palestinians in Israel (a land they actually stole with bloody terrorism and Globalist backroom chicanery), or how immoral and subversive the dirtbags act everywhere in White lands, you would get red hot furious. Especially once you consider just how much free reign they have to brainwash our race with PC bull crap all the time on TV and in education.

Hell, turn on your TV and in five lousy minutes you’ll see some kind of expensively-produced anti-Nazi, anti-White “supremacist” documentary crap; while on another channel you’ll see them putting up some black guy with one of our babes in a TV commercial, Jew Hollywood movie, drama show or even the GD local news anchors reporting on the latest mudshark murder!

Then Friedman goes into a bit about some dumb song he wanted to have his book audibly play like a cheesy Hallmark birthday card and tells us some wacked idea of the American worker living and working comfortably in the calm eye in the middle of a Globalism hurricane raging all about him or her — a created “safe space” like in today’s wussified PC universities. Presumably, such a brave new American will also vote for a new radical commie version of the democrat party in loving appreciation, of course.

But he can’t seem to tell us how to pull off his ridiculous Jew liberal rainbow and unicorn visions. At this point I yelled at the TV screen: Because there isn’t any way, you lousy Jew idiot! I yell at the TV a lot as you can imagine.

Then Friedman excitedly tells us how he wants to pay for things (4:10 in). First, he would abolish all corporate taxes, establish a carbon tax (the Global warming business), a tax on bullets, sugar and small money transactions. Imagine your electric bill doubling, impossible for law-abiding White Americans to go to the shooting range, making soda pop and groceries even more outrageously expensive. The social engineering but still greedy Jews would love all this.

We need to put these psycho Nation Wreckers in insane asylums and re-education camps just as soon as possible.

The Jew’s Agenda is quite obvious folks: Turn America into another mere cog in the NWO Empire of Zionist Jewry; resulting in most of our noble White race turned into a Third World mud race slave and the rest a spat-upon minority. The Russians and Chinese laughingly know Jews control America’s head. Even the skinheads get it. Will you?

I’m hoping one day soon to start writing a book that I’ll call, “Thank You for Getting the Ef Out of America” you filthy Jew rats!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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63 Responses to Anti-Trump Globalist Jews Still Insist Ruining America

  1. The opinion your trust says:

    Exactly, try to protest jews – niggers – latinos – monkeys – fucking colored zoo and for some reason all those seemingly nice white people around you change their faces and you that they momentarily became white arican snake Moomba – zoolu, and instead of supporting you they erning a credit in each other eyes by taking at pride in who is stinging you more hurtfully.

    Why is it going on. Because people by nature are very obedient to government. The U.S. government recent “unspoken policy” is multiculturalism. Government says that we all have to leave in multicularal society with niggers and jews in one big fucking colored zoo. People tried it and found it distasteful to coexist with niggers jews latinos colored zoo.

    Now we would like create a white movement to bring message to the government that people do not wont to coexist, to go to work plaices, to go to schools, and to go to public places with niggers and jews. Moreover, people do not want to niggers and jew to be part of the governments.

    Before actually “shooting mfers” let us first think and schematize a little, to check the corners what options are still available to us, and to see what can be done legally, and if we ever be able to wake up white people.

    One the good side it was a major new channel interview of a good white person explaining why the sales of ammo and arms exceeded all historic records before elections. He explained: “That is for if Clinton would win”.

  2. The opinion you trust says:

    Farmers not supposed to feed dead nigger to pigs and cows. It is not good for the animals. Only alive.

  3. Blitzz says:

    Some commenter up above was going on and on about the Trump appointment, of Steve Bannon, as if it was such a good thing. Guess again…

    Trump appointed (Jew) Steve Bannon (director/operator of the website Brietbart News [until August 2016] and former Goldman Sachs banker) as his white house advisor.

    Steve Bannon is a US military intelligence spook. All of the neo-con “alt media” outlets like are actually US-Israeli military intelligence operations operating “domestically.”

    More goods on the crypto-Jew Steve Bannon…

    Steve Bannon Made Breitbart a Space for Pro-Israel Writers and Anti-Semitic Readers:

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