Anti-Trump Globalist Jews Still Insist Ruining America

nyt-thomas-friedman-telling-america-what-to-thinkHere’s the smug bastard on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” They have a different liberal anti-Trump NYT Jew working this particular show nowadays (David Brooks), but all these media Jews freely jump around the TV channels — that’s why you constantly see war-mongering Zionist Neocons gaming us into never-ending overseas crap to kill A-rabs just to keep the region safe for sacred Israel. Man, I can’t stand these jerkwads one damn bit!

By Phillip Marlowe

David Brooks is another anti-Trump, pro-Israel Globalist Jew creep they put up on TV.

David Brooks is another liberal Trump-trashing Globalist Jew they put on TV talk shows to tell America what to think.

Wow: Just got through watching JEW York Times writer, Thomas Friedman, on ABC’s “This Week with George” Sunday talk show. This Globalism promoter media agent is also a big Israel-loving Zio Jew boy, but of course they never, ever tell the Goy audience that (they know that Jew identification would be the end to their little games). Yet all the Jews out there know who’s who among “The Tribe,” believe me.

That’s why it’s such a good idea to put a “Star of David” (what I call the Star of Satan) on the front of all these slickster’s fancy suits, or at least make the media control room people put it up on the screen — say in the upper left hand corner — whenever they open their big fat mouths to spew their insidious PC/globalism garbage. Hell, just take them all off the TV to begin with and the entire planet will be a hellava lot happier.

Georgy boy has Freidman supposedly on to talk about Trump’s victory, since the little rat attacked Trump left and right with vicious slanders during the campaign (not one of these Jew talking heads are going to suffer any career problems believe me). Of course, Freidman is really coming on the show to push his new Globalism/Global Warming-touting book, “Thank You for Being Late,” so Goyims out in TV land can buy as presents for a holiday we can’t celebrate anymore in public (Christmas). These Jews sure do like their cute and pithy titles for their stinking brainiac books, don’t they?

foreign-policy-magazine-screen-shotTrump’s election has got all the elitist globalist rats wringing their hands and feeling butt hurt, big time. Here’s a screen shot I did of the “Foreign Policy” magazine’s web site showing some kids wearing shirts spelling out TRUMP (they might even be educated college students). The globalist creeps have no problem blaming the bitter defeat of Hillary on all us “ignorant and racist” White voters, but never a word about blacks voting for fellow blacks. It’s always us evil Whites who are the baddies, as usual. The dirty manipulative rats have long milked divisions in America to advance their selfish political and social agendas.


Friedman tries to explain to George why all us regular folk voted for Trump. He tells us middle America is frustrated and confused by the rapid pace of “change.” No duh. He says nothing about Whites getting laid off left and right, while we watch our jobs go overseas. He really could care less.

So he lays it all out: We don’t like having a store checkout clerk speak to us in Spanish — he doesn’t mind because we’re a pluralistic America now (code for Jews racially trashing our lands). We don’t like going into a men’s room and seeing some ugly dude with a five o’clock shadow dressed as a woman — he doesn’t mind because he’s all just so happy and crap about LGBT “rights” (probably because he’s also a big weekend faggot). We don’t like going to work and finding a robot sitting next to our desk studying our job — again he doesn’t mind since Jewry insists on turning White Americans into pathetic needy bastards even though hundreds of thousands of us died in WWII fighting Der Führer man.

“Progress” for these arrogant Jew creeps is for us regular White people having to suck it up no matter what they want to do to our lands and heads.

This is rich, privileged Jews living in our lands — what they want is always what we have no choice over. They act all the time like Jew things must be a foregone conclusion. I was so pissed by his total Jew bull crap, I immediately jumped on my site to pound this out. I’m going to have root around Youtube to find the vid to embed here. Ah, here it is:

Just watch yourself this smug little rat spout his stupid brainiac BS.

I hesitated using the word “privileged” since these backstabbing rats use that word all the time against the White race whenever they brainwash our youth to hate ourselves because of this never-ending racism crap with the blacks. You always hear stupid lefty liberals telling us “check your privilege” like it’s a GD topcoat or something.

But it’s really the Jews who are the ones so privileged and living high on the hog in our lands, not us regular Christian White people, whom they call “Goyim” in their sheer arrogance — thinking they are God’s “Chosen People” because of some ancient supremacist Tribal writings and who have been so victimized by us evil Whiteys their entire ever-so-innocent history just for being a sacred Jew — hence justifying in their febrile brains the entire Jewish race as being the moral compass of goodliness of the planet. My ass!

If you knew how murderous these creeps are towards the Palestinians in Israel (a land they actually stole with bloody terrorism and Globalist backroom chicanery), or how immoral and subversive the dirtbags act everywhere in White lands, you would get red hot furious. Especially once you consider just how much free reign they have to brainwash our race with PC bull crap all the time on TV and in education.

Hell, turn on your TV and in five lousy minutes you’ll see some kind of expensively-produced anti-Nazi, anti-White “supremacist” documentary crap; while on another channel you’ll see them putting up some black guy with one of our babes in a TV commercial, Jew Hollywood movie, drama show or even the GD local news anchors reporting on the latest mudshark murder!

Then Friedman goes into a bit about some dumb song he wanted to have his book audibly play like a cheesy Hallmark birthday card and tells us some wacked idea of the American worker living and working comfortably in the calm eye in the middle of a Globalism hurricane raging all about him or her — a created “safe space” like in today’s wussified PC universities. Presumably, such a brave new American will also vote for a new radical commie version of the democrat party in loving appreciation, of course.

But he can’t seem to tell us how to pull off his ridiculous Jew liberal rainbow and unicorn visions. At this point I yelled at the TV screen: Because there isn’t any way, you lousy Jew idiot! I yell at the TV a lot as you can imagine.

Then Friedman excitedly tells us how he wants to pay for things (4:10 in). First, he would abolish all corporate taxes, establish a carbon tax (the Global warming business), a tax on bullets, sugar and small money transactions. Imagine your electric bill doubling, impossible for law-abiding White Americans to go to the shooting range, making soda pop and groceries even more outrageously expensive. The social engineering but still greedy Jews would love all this.

We need to put these psycho Nation Wreckers in insane asylums and re-education camps just as soon as possible.

The Jew’s Agenda is quite obvious folks: Turn America into another mere cog in the NWO Empire of Zionist Jewry; resulting in most of our noble White race turned into a Third World mud race slave and the rest a spat-upon minority. The Russians and Chinese laughingly know Jews control America’s head. Even the skinheads get it. Will you?

I’m hoping one day soon to start writing a book that I’ll call, “Thank You for Getting the Ef Out of America” you filthy Jew rats!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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63 Responses to Anti-Trump Globalist Jews Still Insist Ruining America

  1. The opinion you trust says:

    Put these psycho Nation Wreckers jews in insane asylums and re-education camps just as soon as possible! Right Incog Man!

    Locate the camps in Africa. Deploy white militia to put jews in camps. It appears that jews are not insane, but perfectly logical because they are succeeding at their Jew’s Agenda to Turn America into another mere cog in the NWO Empire of Zionist Jewry; resulting in most of our noble White race turned into Third World mud race and the rest a spat-upon minority. It also appears that we insane tolerating jews and niggers for so long all because we do not involve ourselves in the political fight to merely be able to keep the head above the excreta.

    But who created the situation where majority of white families are just barely able to keep their heads above the water? The jews did. The Jews designed economic policy to be flowed so people a motivated to constantly straggle for more, and in process of doing so cut through compete one with anther.

    There is a momentary pause in the political life now, where everything came to a holt, because Jews funded bloody niggers keep protesting and scanning now: “Kill Trump”, and then they “Rape Milania”.

    This is the suitable moment when the white movement can start and succeed. The situation is permissible to get together. Last summer I interviewed a nigger. He revealed that he is going to drive for three days going somewhere in the forest where all nation-wide niggers movement gets together.

    Obviously, when it is so difficult for the government to come up with the Policy that Works, because all the levels of governments are impenetrated with jews, niggers, and latinos who effectively nullifying any common sense initiative, and white people designed policy, and any white inspired innovation. The dark colored masses are sabotaging the country, government, and policy making just by being there in government, and by having the voting power. That is the Jewish plan of mass destruction – to saturate us with colored garbage and make us compete one with each other for a penny.

    I believe that the appropriate response should be some form of white movement. I am sure if it would be a word, we all would be there waiting for orders like a White Crusade.

    Those who do not know what Crusade means here are the images. But do not go to far down in the list because, even, there is a fucking nigger (FN) cross-dressed as a knight. Damn nigger are everywhere.

  2. Smitherines says:

    So much for “ACCEPTING DEMOCRATIC PROCESS” like that screamed at Trump for a year to accept the outcome, in the event Hillary won, now the Media is silent about them not accepting outcome.

    They actually had an NFL player: Tampa Bay Bucs WR protest Trumps’s
    victory: could you see the NFL allowing a player, especially White kid, to
    have protested Obama’s election win 4 years ago, which had rumors of
    voter FRAUD too???


    The protest marches and the outbursts of violence have not stopped, and
    it’s going to get worse.

    They are now in the process of organizing the biggest and chaotic disruption of the
    Inaugural ceremony in January…

    The Far Left Is Planning The Biggest Political Protest In United States History For Inauguration Day

    URL below:

  3. Bailey says:

    Last night the History (made up everyday) Channel took a break from the endless Hunting Hitler repeats to feature a documentary called White Supremacy: Going Under , about how the FBI defeated the evil skin head neo-nazis of the mid nineties around the time of the Oklahoma City bombing.
    I only caught the second half of this 2 hours of BS featuring Marky Potok as the expert in all things considered hate.
    It seemed like complete fiction to me and was left with the impression the whole program was to brainwash the TV dupes into believing that anyone who questions the holohoax or claims that “the jews” control everything is some sort of potential terrorist.
    The problem is that most effin’ idiots will believe it, the whole thing was about evil white skin heads wanting to kill jews and niggers.
    I’m only speaking for myself here but I have no desire to kill jews or niggers – I just want them to get the fuck out of here.

  4. Bailey says:

    George Soros may go broke funding these twerps,

    “The people united will never be divided” ?

    Then WTF do they think they’re doing ?

  5. Smitherines says:

    Bailey says:
    November 14, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    Last night the History (made up everyday) Channel took a break from the endless Hunting Hitler repeats to feature a documentary called White Supremacy: Going Under , about how the FBI defeated the evil skin head neo-nazis of the mid nineties around the time of the Oklahoma City bombing.
    I only caught the second half of this 2 hours of BS featuring Marky Potok as the expert in all things considered hate.
    It seemed like complete fiction to me and was left with the impression the whole program was to brainwash the TV dupes into believing that anyone who questions the holohoax or claims that “the jews” control everything is some sort of potential terrorist.
    The problem is that most effin’ idiots will believe it, the whole thing was about evil white skin heads wanting to kill jews and niggers.
    I’m only speaking for myself here but I have no desire to kill jews or niggers – I just want them to get the fuck out of here.

    Most of the Nazi and Skin Heads sites are operated by ADL and the SPLC
    it’s what they do, they had in Philly a suspect spraying pro Trump
    graffiti, and probably Nazi stuff, when the camera zoomed in it was
    a DINDU, he’s LEARNED well how to CON White Gentiles.

    They say Holder (who Bill Mahr had on along with some Southern liberal
    comedian, who had a nose like a beak, could see was a Southern Jew) deliberately
    helped and enable McVeigh and that other guy, they have pieces on it, so they
    can use the propaganda like Bush did with 9-11 for aggression wars, in this case
    “evil White racist doing horror.”

    Most of the Fuhrers in the 20th Century in these Neo-Nazi movements are
    either Jews or half Jews, they use it for the PROPAGANDA value to dupe
    STUPID Goyim!

  6. Bailey says:

    Yep, Like holder let all those fast and furious guns walk.
    There’s no such thing as a skin head unless it’s controlled opposition, most white dudes shave their heads nowadays because they want to look like niggers, just look at their pants.

    Commuting around the cities is getting tough these days ?
    Try one of these,

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    Speaking of the erection holder… It seems he also came out in the interview that America needs to change the electoral college system since a white man got elected president. Funny how he didn’t mention changing the system the last 2 elections when Obama was elected twice.
    In related libtarded nation-wrecking jew news the rahmmy emannual vows to keep chimpcago a sanctuary shitty. Gee, if only we COULD cut off federal means jewish federal reserve fake jew printed debt and deficit money from chimpcago and cut the ebt cards off and the free public housing money welfare money and disabiwaty money and all the school money and free breakfast lunch dinner and snacks money shit lunch shit the list goes on and on. The whole fucking shitty wouldn’t last a single day without the major chimpouts just like every other majority black place on earth is a complete fucking failure of attempting to call these apes civilized human beings. They sure don’t know how to act like it.

  8. Bailey says:

    There was at that time a militia movement and the used OKC as the way to bring it down along with Waco and Ruby Ridge.

    The next movement will not be so easy to stop.

  9. Bailey says:

    Yea, all of the sudden the electoral college is NFG.
    They whine that Shillary won the popular vote , blah blah !
    With the help of turd world so called US territories.

    The jews at snopes say these maps are false but seem believable to me.

  10. American says:

    Incog, I’m wondering what you make of Reince Priebus as chief of staff? I will give it time to see what Trump does, but something tells me simply voting a guy in isn’t going be the change we need. I also don’t like seeing him hustle over to 60 minutes for more of the same old BS jew media job, sticking to the media is why Americans voted him in to begin with. Its far too soon to draw conclusions, as it’s entirely possible he pulls a Putin, who used the jew oligarchs then flipped when the time was right. Just thinking of that last option brings a big fat smile to my face.

    In any case, the most important thing to come of all this is that many, many, more Americans are awake to the media/government collusion and the fact they are being told blatant lies. I love that jews have destroyed their own best weapons on the goyim, media and money printing central banks. The Alt-right has exploded in size, with the best men and women in our country (real ones, not faggot Milo). So I suppose it doesn’t matter what Trump does, he can only help or not have much effect at the worst, but either way our numbers have grown and there is no doubt jews best days are behind them. I truly believe it.

    Forward march!

  11. American says:

    On the topic of jewish privilege, I think its a great thing to bring up at every chance, every time we hear or read the words “white privilege”. Mostly because it is so obvious to anybody if they just take a second to think about it, but also because it doesn’t frighten those goyim that are not yet awake.

    “actually, Tim Wise is jewish, he has jewish privilege that allows him to say hateful things on every campus in America, and get paid well for it”

    “the banker (insert one of a million names) didn’t get jail time because they never do, he has jewish privilege”

    “Michael Moore exerting his jewish privilege showing up at Trump Tower expecting the President to drop everything and meet with him unscheduled.”

    “Wolf Blitzer didn’t get fired for the same thing Donna Brazile did because he has jewish privilege”.

    “Soros isn’t hung for treason for funding the destruction of the US like you or I would be, because he has jewish privilege”

    Yeah, I’m using “jewish privilege” in every damn time I can fit it in. It’s so obvious people just need to hear it a few times before they have to agree. What’s funny is when a jew responds with “you’re anti-semitic”. It doesn’t land for some reason, which exposes them further as they lose their shit. After all, whites don’t get to criticize jews, only jews get to criticize others, one more example of “jewish privilege”.

  12. The opinion your trust says:

    Today, it was on the news, the brown, black, reds, and yellow shit does not protesting any more, they are rioting, and they are threatening to “Kill Trump”.

    There is a notion called “government monopoly on security”. Meaning that we people do not have a right to defend ourselves legally. However, now black jews niggers crossed the line, and by openly threatening our President, they created legal precedent where we can organize militia which will include white FBI on our side too if they want to really earn their checks not still it from their own people as they did for years.

    I say we can legally organize in militia and give the colored an appropriate lesson in light of national threat they have became. No, not to kill, but to give them memorable lesson the jews and niggers will remember all their lives in niggeria.

    Can somebody educate publics here on the matter of Alt-right and its current status?

  13. Smitherines says:

    Bailey says:
    November 14, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    Yep, Like holder let all those fast and furious guns walk.
    There’s no such thing as a skin head unless it’s controlled opposition, most white dudes shave their heads nowadays because they want to look like niggers, just look at their pants.

    Commuting around the cities is getting tough these days ?
    Try one of these,

    Yes BINGO! Exactly!

    They use to do it with the Cassocks in Russia they would fund these bastards to
    ride in rape the Jew women destroy their villages for the PROPAGANDA
    value and to get SPECIAL laws and rules passed just for them, probably
    the same with their so called German Concentration camps, they say
    now places like Auschwitz actually had swimming pool.

    Like Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky (Crime and Punishment, you may
    have had to read it Bailey in school or high school) had said back in the
    mid 1800s “why do they need all these special laws, and are victims, when
    their brethren control all of Europe’s banking houses???” Logically it doesn’t
    add up unless you understand their mindset, they have made perception
    (their LIES) reality for centuries now!

  14. Smitherines says:

    @ American
    “time we hear or read the words “white privilege.’

    That’s one of their little deals where the Jews will traject on to another group
    something they do or crime they commit to deflect blames from them onto their
    enemy at that time, now, it’s White Christians.

  15. Red Pill says:

    ………………..(HOW COULD IT NOT?)

    Trump Considers Not Moving Into White House.
    this would be the wiser choice as he will be hacked and under direct surveillance 24/7/365.

    they should use Zyklon B and exterminate the roaches in the blackened White house starting tonight.

    i understand there are better ways to clean the WHITE HOUSE.
    like the bright light of the truth disinfecting the darkness of deceit.
    what is that truth?, where is it found? this is a famous question.

    Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

    so where does your truth come from? what is the foundation of your beliefs ?.
    i spent 60 yrs looking for the truth and it was there all the time within my reach.
    if you look for some thing for 60 yrs and find it , life is not wasted. only if you never find it.

  16. Red Pill says:

    short version.
    my creator did not make me a jew or nigger.

  17. Smitherines says:

    From Forbes:

    Thank God, our first non Israel FIRST appointment: and the Jews are raising
    cane because he isn’t a Cuckservative Israel- first Judas-goat!

    Steve Bannon And Breitbart News: Why Everyone But The Alt-Right Fears Trump’s Top Adviser Pick:

    On Sunday, Donald Trump appointed Steve Bannon as his chief strategist, stoking fears that a Trump administration would reflect and embrace the most extreme xenophobic views of the alt-right.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center has created a petition calling for Trump to rescind Bannon’s appointment, arguing that having the white nationalist media figure in the White House is in conflict with Trump’s post-election pledge that it was “time to come together as one united people.”

  18. John Taurus says:

    The lying Jew Devil’s spawn have the art of lying down to an art. There is no better group of demons on this planet better at lying than the Jews. They make war by deception. We need warrants issued for the arrest of George Trouble Maker Soros and then he can be put on trial for murder and his henchmen should be put on trial for treason. Now is the time to root these traitors out and make examples of their evil azzzzes.

  19. John Taurus says:

    Red Pill, White Privilege is the Privilege White folks have of paying for all the non-Whites expenses. If I ever had “White Privilege” some Blacks stole it from me. The Jews love to twist things around so that they end of the opposite of what it really is.

  20. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Federally Indict George Soros For Funding Various Terrorist And Cartel Groups

    If anyone might be interested in signing this petition, take a look at it. I signed it.

  21. Smitherines says:

    The Occidental Observer
    Trump won because of White people: Dance with the one who brought you!

    In certain times, there is a surreal feeling of “being apart of history,” which is perhaps to say, we are living in a time period of dynamic change. However unthinkable for the left it may be, Trump has been elected. We can add this to Brexit and other “unthinkable” events to come. To contemplate the details of what this may entail, such as the selection of cabinet members and policy priorities, which do indeed include “building that wall,” has something of a Christmas morning feeling—everyday.

  22. Smitherines says:

    John Taurus says:
    November 14, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    Red Pill, White Privilege is the Privilege White folks have of paying for all the non-Whites expenses. If I ever had “White Privilege” some Blacks stole it from me. The Jews love to twist things around so that they end of the opposite of what it really is.
    Smitherines says:
    November 14, 2016 at 3:39 pm

    @ American
    “time we hear or read the words “white privilege.’

    That’s one of their little deals where the Jews will traject on to another group
    something they do or crime they commit to deflect blames from them onto their
    enemy at that time, now, it’s White Christians.

    That’s exactly what I said, but you’re right too, White privilege simply means
    since the Civil Rights Act of 1964: the Jew has eroded away at all our civil rights
    and made us only have the PRIVILEGE of paying for minorities here and
    Jews in Israel, while having the fix in for Whites in court, your job, any
    fucking place were they can SCREW us they have and laughed in our faces!

  23. The opinion you trust says:

    Open letter to Incog Man.

    White Privilege.

    To substantiate our discussion I propose Nationwide Meeting of leaders of the prominent organizations: Klan, white right part of NRA, Conservative Lutherans, Conservative Christians and Roman Catholics, White women associations, Academy representatives in the field of law, and Nonprofit organizations specializing in Government relations.

    What does Incog Man do best? He is excellent at influencing public opinion domestically and creating positive image about America worldwide. That is exactly what we have got to offer to all the organizations above. We offer positive public relations and peaceful, legal, and neutral platform for the Nationwide Meeting of leaders of the prominent organizations to discuss what is the future of the White Humanity.

    There will be two types of proposed agenda: first, the open, to establish common nationwide communication platform for, and to combat low white reproduction rates, and second, closed, which will be discussed by the leaders following first meeting online.

    The importance of such meeting is that to show to the growing mass of dark colored murderess that we organized, and we are organized around the President, and we are organized and ready to affluence the legislature.

    To organize, to mobilize all white people, to make the the most popular communication hub, serving all communication needs of the named organizations, the Nationwide Meeting of leaders of the prominent organizations will have to come here to the chat room and exchange the greetings. After the precedent is established we will take it form there, and will follow with series of personal meetings to develop the Common Vision.

    Let us do it.

  24. Red Pill says:

    John Taurus says:
    November 14, 2016 at 6:56 pm
    6000 years ago this experiment took place.
    our present DNA was inserted into the human species.
    at almost that same time the DNA was corrupted by Satan.
    the sons of Cain were the Kenites in the bible.

    the black race was also corrupted as the original aboriginal blacks bare
    little resembles to today’s niggers. (bad experiment)

    the orientals were corrupted when Cain went EAST out of Eden and founded a city
    also inserting his DNA among them.

    there is a battle now between the two seeds.
    your white privilege that the left cries out about, is your gift from God.
    they can’t have it so they will settle for our deaths.
    not every non white is our enemy, the DNA got spread around.
    there was no condemnation of sowing your seed as wild oats.

  25. Red Pill says:

    Are you ready for Trump World? Place your bets? The house is bankrupt, so it will try to take everything you have. But the world has always been this way. Everyone’s purpose is to seize the prize, no matter what gets destroyed.

    Our new president Donald Trump has prospered by practicing the dark art of bankruptcy. Like any good customer who got caught in the addiction of gambling fever at his now-closed casinos, we cling to the desperate hope he will make us all rich with his bankruptcy magic act.

    Buy everything on credit, so they can keep proper track of you. The Bolsheviks are now your bankers who will permit you to bleed for as long as you can produce, after which you become mulch for the millionaires

    Betting our life savings on thieves who will steal it
    By John Kaminski

  26. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Evil Jew Rat Rahm Emanuel Declares War On President Trump, Vows That Chicago Will Remain A Sanctuary City

  27. The opinion you trust says:

    Chicago is a dirt nest of mix of jews and niggers. Mayer Emanuel jew, and Bloomberg jew must be both send to Africa. About 8 month ago, after a dangerous nigger was put down, nigger rioted demanding Emanuel to resign. Emanuel refused to resign and instead paid dozens of million of dollars to dirty scum niggers so they can buy guns to kill more whites, and to pay for law schools, and to reproduce more niggers. Anything jews do is bad for America. This particular jew is not just bad, he is specifically subversive. Beside funding aggressive murderous niggers he is fostering a gang of millions of Chicago jews. These jews are even more dangerous than NY jews, and are very poisonous deep-seated aggressive jews. All jews occupy the best jobs and the best businesses and orchestrating niggers to go to war on poor white people.

    Governor Roun

  28. Tom says:

    “Climate change” what a load of horses@#!$! And this is from me–a award-winning science journalist for many years. I remember Scientific American circa 1980 pushing the global cooling meme. Then they switched it to global warming. Problem is, the numbers don’t support either hypothesis. So they switched it to the horsecrap term “climate change.” Ask butler-buggering Prince Charles. Or Al Goreleone. There has never before been climate change in Earth’s history. It’s all the fault of, well, evil white men who are not rich. Carbon credits? Those are ration coupons the 1% will grow fat on. Merely having the funds and a plan to build something won’t cut it–you’ll also need Rahm Emanuel CBOT carbon credits (ration coupons) to do it. Then, a little further down the road, you’ll need carbon credits to use your wood stove or oil furnace. Maybe even to drive your evil gasoline-powered car. Of course, China and India won’t have to worry about this. Only “super wealthy” America and Europe–you guys. And we’ll also foot the tab for the so-called “developing world.”

  29. Matt says:

    Believe me, Trump is no one’s buffoon. Trump, once he’s in control he can rip the guts from the filthy whore.

    All Trump has to do, is set up a like minded governing body as a shield, and then nationalize the Jew hijacked Federal Reserve Bank, seize all assets of the Jew Rothschilds and all their associates, while issuing international arrest warrants.

    Issue a world wide edict, to all nations, that America has issued a warrant for the international Jew Rothschild’s crime syndicate, and all who protect them, will die also.

    Signed, Jesus Christ, Savior of all those who believe and are justified by faith.

    Gut the Jew pig in her foot steps and take all her power.

  30. Red Pill says:

    my father, now 99 told me years ago (1965) when i had misguided leftest leanings.
    “you don’t tear down the old shit house before you build a new one”
    TRUMP can not take down the establishment from the outside.
    we all have an inside man now which we have never had before.
    i would suggest we let him take office first and then give him a honeymoon.
    and then hold his feet to the fire.
    if he is the peoples president he will respond to the people.
    if he doesn’t respond then it’s bend over time all over again.
    end of subject.
    what else are our enemies up to?

  31. The opinion you trust says:

    Matt made an excellent point. The key world is NATIONALIZATION.

    That is also the answer to the immediate problem President Trump is facing in corporate taxation, in particular the repatriated profits. Sadly, it appears that he forced to bring it down to motivate inflow of capital, which theoretically will stimulate spending and investment in productive assets domestically. But such outcome is not guaranteed. No matter how you turn, decreasing taxes or increasing, the owners always find the ways to minimize it compeleatly avoid.

    The only sure solution is to nationalize all the foreign and domestic assets and hell with the owners who are now legally escaping the country by merging with foreign entities and not even considering to repatriate the profits anymore. Nationalization is the answer, enough flirting with the conniving bustards. This will resolve the Jewish Problem and the problem of corrupt private banking system. The government control over the productive assets will also secure jobs for all white people.

    Cut the jew pig and take all her power (figurative speech).

  32. brian boru says:

    We constantly talk about what should be done to our enemies but we have remained helpless to implement those actions because we don’t have the means to do it. Those enemies control the State, which in turn protects them against us. The kikes treated the ordinary Germans like trash when they had almost total power over the Weimar government, this despite the fact that Germany had treated their tribe better than any other country in their whole vile history. Ordinary Germans constantly complained and demanded that something be done about these vampires who were robbing them blind while destroying their culture and corrupting their institutions and youth. It was only when they regained control of the State that they could actually do something about it. Then the big kikes hit the road when they saw that the game was up. Unfortunately, only Germany managed to free themselves from their clutches so they were able to organise its destruction leading to the present death spiral of the white world. It took Hitler many years of hard struggle and organisation to take State power and he had far better material to work with than the white peoples of the west do today. However, even with a little determination and organisation we were able to reverse, at least temporarily, the kikes plans with the Brexit vote and now Trump’s election. As we can see our enemies aren’t all powerful and don’t take their defeats well and immediately work to stymie and reverse our successes. Trump may or may not work for us but he is definitely an improvement on what the kikes had planned with the Clinton monster. We need to understand that our enemies will never cease and desist. Their arrogance, perversity and sheer evil intent sometimes works against them and we have to exploit that. White people are very slowly beginning to wake up and their increasing distrust of the system has to be exploited. Although the situation looks very grim for us, especially in western Europe, the future is not written in stone and the kikes cannot control every eventuality. For example, many people are beginning to focus on the demon Soros and we may see him begin to be challenged for his crimes to the point where something unfortunate may happen to him. We must keep telling our less informed fellow whites about the realities now that so many of them have been shaken out of their naïve stupor.

  33. Hoff says:

    ‘Ape in heels’: W.Va. officials under fire after comments about Michelle Obama



    I don’t get it. To edit a short text onto paragraphs takes but a few seconds.

    8-10 sentences! Place marker and hit Enter/Return TWICE. Done deal. Now the text is readable.

    You want to tell people something? First you make sure people would even start to read the text. Rule nr1, make a nice presentation.

    Copy and past a shitload of non-paragraphed text is NOT nice. On the contrary, it’s a pain in the ass!

    I don’t read text not paragraphed.

  34. Bailey says:

    Well said Brian !

  35. Red Pill says:

    W T H ?!? Nobody EVER Told us THAT About Politics!!! (3.54)
    Nope…you won’t ever hear this…they gotta keep the illusion alive!

  36. Red Pill says:

    The candidate who railed against big government and vowed to “drain the swamp” of lobbyists and special interest donors has already given lobbyists, corporate donors and members of the governmental elite starring roles in his new administration.

    America, you’ve been played.

    This is what happens when you play politics with matters of life, death and liberty.

    You lose every time.

    Stay Alert, America: The Worst Is Yet to Come

  37. Red Pill says:

    A rare look inside Huma Abedin’s relationship with Hillary Clinton

  38. Red Pill says:

    at this point we are surrounded by sworn enemies.
    like in a foxhole taking fire.
    just fucking shoot, you can’t miss.

    In the age-old question, does art imitate life, or does life imitate art?

    Mass Assassination, Breakup of the US, Followed by Civil War- Predicts the Entertainment Industry

    Predictive Programming

    The term “predictive programming”, is used to refer to the conditioning of the masses to accept a bleak future planned by the globalists.

    to someone who subscribes to the validity of predictive programming, the US is headed for destruction and civil war. Three TV shows, a popular Hollywood movie and a video game all convey the same theme. We start with the popular TV shows.

  39. The opinion you trust says:

    brian boru November 15, 2016 at 3:10 am

    White people are very slowly beginning to wake up and their increasing distrust of the system has to be exploited. Although the situation looks very grim for us, especially in western Europe, the future is not written in stone and the kikes cannot control every eventuality.
    You say the situation is very grim in Western Europe. What about us here in the U.S.? Here in the U.S. it the country has become like a zoo. The hateful niggers-monkeys are everywhere now looking at you everywhere you are, always ready to jump at you and start beating you to death. All that zoo is masterminded by international jewery who have the financial resource necessary to elect themselves in the office, and endlessly run for office, for any position of power, and any business niche around the world. Is this good? The hell it is.

    The only catch 22 it is good for them not for us!

    It take a little too long for the white people to wake up. The neo-niggers, so called generation Z in the Unisted States are all blacks, niggers, latinos, arabs-jews, and arabs-maslims in America, say that they are new generation who do not want President Trump.

    The situation in Western Europe is not just grim, it is fucking outrageous: one can not legally say anything against Jew there. I say change the law. Change the law in Germany so great German people can rejuvenate the nation, peacefully send the bloodsuckers jews back to where they belong – Africa Niggeria nigggers shithole.

    Jews still legally get the bloody royalty from the Germany. Can you believe this absurd the bloody murderers Jews made Germany pay multimillion compensation for exploiting German people long before the WWII and long after?

    Niggers-jews-arabs is the world wide problem so all the progressive forces on earth should get together here at to get the beast of under control. Life will become better after that.

  40. The opinion you trust says:

    Germans pay multimillion tribute to the damn shithole where the white women from around the world work part time as prostitutes instead of producing more solders for white people at home. All because the average white can not afford a wife. And even when average white is able to afford a pussi, the jew-designed law in the U.S. is such that crazy bitch picks up the phone and calls on her boyfriend that he verbally abused her. Giant stupid sado police latino-italian-nigger-white mix comes, and hits the white boyfriend in the forehead with the rubber stick, then arrests him. In jail the jew layer and jew judge shake him up legally and through him back on the streets where niggers rob and bit him to death that is America. The story does not end here. Police nigger arrests him again for standing on the street and yelling: “Fucking nigger stay the fuck away!”

  41. The opinion you trust says:

    Good shit, Red Pill, good shit. True.
    Red Pill says

    Predictive Programming
    The term “predictive programming”, is used to refer to the conditioning of the masses to accept a bleak future planned by the globalists.

  42. Red Pill says:

    how many way does the enemy attack us?
    a thousand cuts. thanks jews.

    this gives new meaning to here pussy pussy.

    Watch the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Trailer: Plus Director Bill Condon on Reimagining the Fairy Tale

  43. Karen says:

    Phillip Marlowe tells it like it is and pulls no punches It’s sad that he doesn’t have more exposure unlike the ‘alt-right jew apologists’ and ‘alt-right comic book nazis’.

  44. Karen says:

    I’m old and really don’t give a sh*t anymore. Like my grandma used to repeatedly say, “you make your bed you lie in it.” An old Bohunk woman, taking the long boat ride from Russia, dropped off in the Canadian prairies during a train stop…no tax payers offering housing, food, welfare. Nada. You’re on your own baby! Fortunately the Natives were friendly and helped her and her parents, brothers etc. dig a hole-in-the-ground-shelter. They grew a garden and grandpa trapped, The Beverly Hillbilly tv show wasn’t as fictional as people think. Detroit was booming, thank you Mr. Ford, and they moved, similar to the Joads in ‘The Grapes of Wrath’, and fortunately for them, unlike the fictional Joads, they found employment. They counted their pennies and turned their noses up at status symbols and luxuries,unlike most people today. Their heirs are all educated and well off to wealthy(kind of like pulling a Jew but without the network helping you up). The point of this very personal post is not to gloat but to point out the options my grandparents had .

  45. Karen says:

    Are these options now obsolete or are we spoiled degenerate weaklings?

  46. Joe Btfsplk says:

    Seven year old negro votes for Trump in a mock election, gets thrown out of his own home. It was recorded:

  47. The opinion you trust says:

    From 1.5 billion population to 0.8 due to conscious effort of Chines government. The commendable effort to reduce population in Chine proved beyond any doubt that the population control works and it is not traumatic.

    Now look at the fucking niggers monkeys.

    UN Unveils Plot to Reduce African Population.

    The United Nations and its population-control department are under attack after releasing a report claiming that the African population is too large and growing too quickly. To deal with the niggers problem, as the UN and it partners – other national governments are demanding stepped up effort to educate African women into wanting fewer children (niggerlets). Also on the agenda family-planning” and reduction of black reproduction to reduce the number of Africans to levels considered safe by humanity and by the UN.

  48. Smitherines says:

    The Occidental Observer
    Anti-Semitism as Political Assassination: The Smearing of Steve Bannon
    by Marcus Alethia, Ph.D.

    The corporate media would have us believe that President-Elect Trump’s newly appointed Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor Stephen K Bannon is a raging anti-Semite, and “white supremacist.” Though best known now for his role in the Trump campaign, Bannon is a former US Naval officer, Goldman Sachs banker, director of Earth-science research at Biosphere 2, film producer, and chairman of Breitbart News. Over the last 24 hours he has been subjected to a well-orchestrated crescendo of op-eds and tweets attacking his character and political views.

    For instance, Esquire’s resident hysteric Charles Pierce would have us believe that “The hiring of Steve Bannon as a WH policy advisor is exactly the same as hiring David Duke.”

    Meanwhile, the Daily News’ chief fabulist-in-training Shaun King purports to explain how “Donald Trump is using Steve Bannon to turn the GOP into the new KKK.”

    And deservedly obscure presidential candidate Evan McMullin asks “Will any national level GOP leaders condemn @realDonaldTrump’s appointment of anti-Semite Steve Bannon to senior White House role?”

    More below:

  49. Smitherines says:

    A Trump Doctrine — ‘America First’
    By Patrick J. Buchanan×245.jpg
    A Trump Doctrine — ‘America First’

    Tuesday – November 15, 2016

    However Donald Trump came upon the foreign policy views he espoused, they were as crucial to his election as his views on trade and the border.

    Yet those views are hemlock to the GOP foreign policy elite and the liberal Democratic interventionists of the Acela Corridor.

    Trump promised an “America First” foreign policy rooted in the national interest, not in nostalgia. The neocons insist that every Cold War and post-Cold War commitment be maintained, in perpetuity.

    On Sunday’s “60 Minutes,” Trump said: “You know, we’ve been fighting this war for 15 years. … We’ve spent $6 trillion in the Middle East, $6 trillion — we could have rebuilt our country twice. And you look at our roads and our bridges and our tunnels … and our airports are … obsolete.”

    Yet the War Party has not had enough of war, not nearly.

    They want to confront Vladimir Putin, somewhere, anywhere. They want to send U.S. troops to the eastern Baltic. They want to send weapons to Kiev to fight Russia in Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea.

    They want to establish a no-fly zone and shoot down Syrian and Russian planes that violate it, acts of war Congress never authorized.

    Read More At:

  50. Smitherines says:

    Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump: Did you get my beautiful letter?

    By Jonas E. Alexis on November 15, 2016

    Fighting the Assad government is no longer a political and viable option for the United States, particularly when millions upon millions of Americans are desperate to put food on the table, to support their families, and to send their sons and daughters to decent schools.
    “If Trump means business, then I will finish NWO agents with a bang.”

    It appears that we are indeed going to have a different foreign policy on Syria in 2017, and that’s really good news. As we have argued earlier, Trump seems to suggest that Assad is here to stay! We certainly will hold Trump accountable for the following words:

    “My attitude was you’re fighting Syria, Syria is fighting ISIS, and you have to get rid of ISIS. Russia is now totally aligned with Syria, and now you have Iran, which is becoming powerful, because of us, is aligned with Syria. … Now we’re backing rebels against Syria, and we have no idea who these people are.”[1]

    More below:

  51. Matt says:


    I mean no disrespect, but you mention educated people like they’re a valuable part of life. I’ve been through life a lot of years.

    I find almost everything of real value come from working people and nothing come educated for nothing, parasites.

    I need property and space, nothing an educated parasite can produce, only God can. I need food that comes from farming and hard work, which again, excludes all educated parasites.

    I need housing, again, all built by working people. I need a car, again, built by working people.

    Today, people take pride in being a Jew like parasite, producing little, feeding off other, and being an educated parasite.

    Shakespeare had it right, when he said, people who don’t work with their hands, are trash. The bible itself tells a man to work with his hands.

    The worst form of existence is a Jew attorney, who feeds off, and causes the strife of man. His equal or contemporary is a Jew doctor, who manipulates the suffering of his fellow man for financial gain.

    The Jew is the scum of the earth and habitual parasite who rarely does an honest days work.

  52. The opinion you trust says:

    Should go hand in hand hard work and education. Right education creates a lot of good, and is also kind a hard work. For example nanotech spray for t-shorts. You spray it once and it becomes bullet proof so blacks can not shoot you any more.

  53. protocolsRtrue says:

    The fucking jew nation wreckers doing it again. They can become so predictable in what they will do next once you wake up to the jews like I did after reading the protocols of the learned elders of zion 20 years ago. Barbara Boxer the rich jew bitch senator from callifaggia has already introduced the bill to get rid of the electoral college system and change to the popular vote since a white man got elected this time. This following the erection holders sudden dislike of the electoral college system since a white man got elected and not a woman or minority. Back to that stupid fucking assfirmative action diversity hire and promote minority set-aside nigger later. Erection Holder don’t you know that’s why jews like chucky jewmer and diane fienstien pretend to like you niggers so much? It’s because jews know that you niggers are stupid and are using you to wreck America and destroy the white and promote the dark. So you can be jew slaves in the future. But the jews like Hispanics better because they aint afraid to work for a living. So here’s the reason why jew slut whore bitches like boxer in California want to suddenly change to the popular vote election. Because Hispanic females outbreed even welfare nigger bitches. With white females in last place because they have to work and pay for their own children plus pay taxes to pay for all the niglets and illegal immigrants. Only exception is white coal burning bitches they get the free shit gravy train with biscuit wheels free handouts also since they crap out brownies also on the taxpayer dime. But the illegals is like why a rahmmy emanual jew wants to keep chimpcago a sanctuary shitty. So that all the illegal immigrant bitches can crap out more anchor baby us citizens before Trump can do anything about it. That way when they go to the popular vote, the white people in America that jews and niggers racists hate so much will have no chance. Deblazio right now pledging jew York shitty a sanctuary shitty right now also. First thing through should be that only babies born to both parents us citizens are us citizens. The jew nation wreckers want us white people dead and gone and extinct forever so they can rule the whole planet from israil. No birth certificate as a us citizen should be issued unless both parents baby mommy’s and baby daddies can produce proper DOCUMENTATION that THEY are us citizens. This illegal immigrant ticking time bomb has been planted decades ago just like the welfare nigger ticking time bomb. It was planted by the jews nation wreckers to destroy this nation from within also.

  54. Red Pill says:

    Matt says:
    November 15, 2016 at 10:49
    good words and good advice

  55. The opinion you trust says:

    How to increase site exposure.

    Karen says on November 15, 2016 at 2:22 pm. Phillip Marlowe tells it like it is. It’s sad that he doesn’t have more exposure.

    What should be our most immediate goal? The most immediate goal should be to come up with a plan on how to increase exposure of because of its importance and capacity to integrate many little and large white movements. may become one stop information and communication hub for all White People. How can we achieve it?

    By contacting each website and requesting to integrate the effort.

    The information service provided by this website is valuable source of information for many white people, but many more may not be aware of it. It should be corrected, and that should be priority for all of us. Now there is a good time for white people to get together, which is not a simple thing to do. However, this whiter integration may be easier to achieve if the white people integrate online first. Almost every considerable white activist out there has a website or a blog space, we can contact many of them and explain that integration under one INFORMATION ROOF is the best way to achieve the goals of white survival.

  56. protocolsRtrue says:

    I stopped paying paying for my own destruction and the destruction of this country niggers and wiggers and spiggers and jews 10 years ago. You can keep on doing it go ahead. But I aint doing it and remember the federal jew reserve fake jew printed money system only started when jews wanted Germany to die and the federal INCOME tax was implemented shortly after that. So fuck them go back to the tenth amendment and tell the federal means jewish and stupid to go fuck themselves take money out of your own wallets and checkbooks to pay for niggers and jews and illegal immigrants. Just stop paying for your own destruction people. How simple could that be? Swipe a piece of bubble gum in the ebt card swiper machine. At the restaraunts and muslim gas stations and even the krogers. chicken and Chinese joints ebt cards accepted here and the corner beer stores. Fuck them I pay with my hard earned money why should you get to pay with my hard earned money also get a fucking job nigger.

  57. protocolsRtrue says:

    OK lets try this if I were president. OK so called stupid nigger teachers and school superindentands. Just more assfirmative action diversity hire and promote minority set aside college scholarship stupid fucking niggers. Go ahead and let the niggers out of school to protest a white man being elected and guess what?? You will be fired or suspended without pay for not doing your job to try and educate these stupid fucking animal ape niggers. And all of your so called planet of the apes teachers. For wasting my working white taxpayer time and money. Yes you nigger with your 275 thousand dollar a year fake jew printed money federal reserve notes salary. Fuck them just need to quit paying them and watch it all fail. Shoot the mfers when they walk upon your property. I could go to some local farmers could you use some dead niggers to feed your cows or pigs? Maybe for fertilizer because these niggers stunk when they got here but really starting to smell bad now that they are dead.

  58. The opinion your trust says:

    Exactly, try to protest jews – niggers – latinos – monkeys – fucking colored zoo and for some reason all those seemingly nice white people around you change their faces and you that they momentarily became white arican snake Moomba – zoolu, and instead of supporting you they erning a credit in each other eyes by taking at pride in who is stinging you more hurtfully.

    Why is it going on. Because people by nature are very obedient to government. The U.S. government recent “unspoken policy” is multiculturalism. Government says that we all have to leave in multicularal society with niggers and jews in one big fucking colored zoo. People tried it and found it distasteful to coexist with niggers jews latinos colored zoo.

    Now we would like create a white movement to bring message to the government that people do not wont to coexist, to go to work plaices, to go to schools, and to go to public places with niggers and jews. Moreover, people do not want to niggers and jew to be part of the governments.

    Before actually “shooting mfers” let us first think and schematize a little, to check the corners what options are still available to us, and to see what can be done legally, and if we ever be able to wake up white people.

    One the good side it was a major new channel interview of a good white person explaining why the sales of ammo and arms exceeded all historic records before elections. He explained: “That is for if Clinton would win”.

  59. The opinion you trust says:

    Farmers not supposed to feed dead nigger to pigs and cows. It is not good for the animals. Only alive.

  60. Blitzz says:

    Some commenter up above was going on and on about the Trump appointment, of Steve Bannon, as if it was such a good thing. Guess again…

    Trump appointed (Jew) Steve Bannon (director/operator of the website Brietbart News [until August 2016] and former Goldman Sachs banker) as his white house advisor.

    Steve Bannon is a US military intelligence spook. All of the neo-con “alt media” outlets like are actually US-Israeli military intelligence operations operating “domestically.”

    More goods on the crypto-Jew Steve Bannon…

    Steve Bannon Made Breitbart a Space for Pro-Israel Writers and Anti-Semitic Readers:

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