The Filthy Rich Joo Brat and The Lost Hankey


By Phillip Marlowe

When I saw this small but curious detail in the PizzaGate pedophile story, I immediately checked into how this very rich, slightly cross-eyed Jewess, Susan Sandler (above right) was involved, since I already knew about her parent’s huge subprime mortgage rip-off of Wachovia Bank and borrowers back in 2006. Going to the Wikileaks site, I verified the email chain between her and Hillary’s chief political strategist, John Podesta. I could now proceed with my “extremist” hateful spewing.

It appears that a real estate agent had found a handkerchief with some kind of map on it and handed it over to Sandler. It must have been a summer rental property Podesta visited, maybe for a party right before everyone split after the season was over. Even rich Jews can’t own beautiful vacation homes everywhere. Sandler emails Podesta, concerned the map seems “pizza-related.”

Podesta admits “it’s mine, but not worth worrying about.” Unless your email gets hacked, of course. Now why would any little handkerchief spur such an exchange, unless it involved something so potentially embarrassing that Sandler has to email him about it? Just think it out.

It reminds me of a Sherlock Holmes novel where the bad guy gets exposed at the end simply because of one little bitty thing left at the scene of the crime. God really must work in mysterious ways, when it comes to the activities of Satan and his Earthly Jews. As they say, stranger things have happened before. See video below for more coded exchanges, showing that something most definitely is going on.


Watch this video for a quick rundown on the PizzaGate story and the obvious use of code words found in the Wikileaks emails from John Podesta.

“PizzaGate” refers to a Washington, DC restaurant called “Comet Ping Pong,” frequented by lefty elites and suspected of being the nexus of a satanic pedophile ring involving Hillary’s John Podesta and a guy named David Brock — big lefty writer and democrat political operative who started the Marxist “Media Matters” operation and website funded by, you guessed it, George Soros.

david-brock-insetDavid Brock (left) is the homo “partner” of Comet Ping Pong’s owner, James Alefantis — named as one of the top fifty most influential people in DC by GQ magazine. Now why would a strip mall restaurant owner get this kind of accolade if he wasn’t providing more than just real pizzas to the rich and powerful?

Now whether or not Brock also likes his “hotdogs” is unknown but one look at the faggot, you can bet that it’s a strong possibility.

As usual, lefty mainstream media is totally covering up this massive story. Even FOX news has stayed infuriating silent (FOX is every bit as lefty when you get down to it). Internet places like Reddit have since censored subreddits, though people everywhere on the net are coming to the conclusion a huge nest of sick pedo perverts is at large in our nation’s capitol.

Certainly due to her family riches, Susan Sandler is the head honcho of the “Learning Policy Institute” and also has her own Sandler Foundation (read: big money conduit for Jews to brainwash White children with lefty and homo BS). She’s also a big part in the democrap fundraising orbit, natch. Little wonder Podesta made an appearance at her vacation spot soirée or maybe he just liked the party favors with that crowd. But there’s tons of other rich Jews just like her funding politics and lefty subversions in America, believe me.

Looks like the rich little Jewess creep likes a little coal-burning.

It also appears little Miss Jew Creep likes keeping a pet gorilla around to dress up in nice clothes and snuggle up to at night. Ah, what a charming couple!

Jews so love ripping off this country and assuaging their greed guilt by jacking up the homies and pissing all over us “stealth racist” White Americans whenever possible. This is at the heart of America’s true woes.

Susan is the daughter of Herb and Marion Sandler, the filthy rich Jew couple (photo below) who pocketed 24.2 billion (yes, you read that right) from subprime mortgage bundling, which sparked the massive financial meltdown of 2008 — hurting little Americans across the board even to this day. Just think of all the individual suffering due to these Joo bastards and their financial trickery. When will people get it about the Jew?

The Sandlers (the mother has since passed on the great synagogue in the sky) have funded lefty black crap like ACORN for years. They’ve also funded the Center for American Progress and the ACLU. I’m sure they also sent nice fat checks to the SPLC and the ADL.

The bratty daughter is merely continuing the Jew fun. Check out THIS ARTICLE on where some of her riches are going, written by a stinking Jew all happy about blacks and social justice crap getting big moolah.


SNL did this very funny skit “C-SPAN with Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank” that depicted the Sandlers (along with a hilarious depiction of George Soros) that so embarrassed left-wing Jewry, more powerful media Jews up the chain ordered it immediately scrubbed from the NBC site — never to be seen again in re-runs or even on Youtube since ADL Jews get it taken down using the bogus copyright excuses whenever they come across it.

They know what’s bad for us Goyim to see.* You can go this THIS ARCHIVED LINK to watch the skit yourself.

Jew women, even the rich ones like Susan Sandler, are often big mudsharks (a large percentage of White mudsharks are probably really Jewish). I’m always reading about some Jew chick getting herself brutally beaten or stabbed crazily to death with a convenient butcher knife by her Negroid house pet during a sudden argument in the kitchen and him burning the house down on top of her in the vain attempt to hide his crime. Fire and twisted-up burned bodies are always good indications a black is to blame.

Violence-prone blacks just can’t handle a non-POC female telling them what to do all the time (it’s hard enough for mostly law-abiding White guys to put up with it). Blacks see Jewish females as just more evil Whiteys conspiring to keep a brother man from living his fun-filled Negro life to the fullest. It can instantaneously drive them insane with fury knowing all the other mudshark whores running loose out there.

It’s amazing to me how lefty females even get involved with black males in the first place, who are most definitely the biggest wife beaters, rapists and killers on the planet.

Like I said in my last article, I don’t know if this pedophile/homo ring is really Satanic, or whether they are merely Goth posers with a penchant for perversion, but what I do know is that pedophiles are totally sick and it’s absolutely necessary to expose them to the light.

Thank you for spreading this info wherever you can.

*Beware, I might get seriously DDOS’d having all this here.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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26 Responses to The Filthy Rich Joo Brat and The Lost Hankey

  1. anon says:

    Hey incogman, didn’t you use to hang out at on the usenet?

    You aren’t sure if they are satanic or not? jews are demons, of course, and their father the devil and all that? All jews and the pope are devil worshippers. Don’t you get a kick out of the vatican’s telescope named l.u.c.i.f.e.r?

    Are the chemtrails bad over in Virginia?

  2. Baronvonjewhammer says:

    Only a useless, counter-productive, mouth breathin’ jew would promote and organize child sex slavery—or any type slavery for that matter. Hand a jew a shovel and its heart will burst. A shovel is jew Kryptonite. Smear bacon on the handle and it becomes Kiketonite. Jew labor = usury, perversity, pornography, slavery, legal sophistry, psyquackery, gambling and any other thing that promotes both the weight of their shekel purse and the width of their ass to expand.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, Spiritus Gladius!

      I actually have the download on my drive and was thinking about embedding it here. I still might, but in the meantime I’ll use your link in my article should any want to watch it.

      Anon: No, I never hung out at any penis-centric website, although I am against circumcision. And sure, maybe there is a big Satan thing going down. Hell, I don’t know. And what’s this chemtrails BS about Virginia?

  3. Warrior says:

    An eye opener Incog. Very informative. All’s I can say is WOW! You hit the ball out of the park with this post! An instant internet classic! Well done!

  4. Warrior says:

    Oh Yeah Incog, Susan Sandlers buck is named Steve Phillips, more on him at these links he has a Doctor of Laws Degree, and wrote a book called “Brown is the new White”!
    He’s a left wing and black activist who is bent on destroying America as we know it in my opinion.

  5. BuelahMan says:

    When will people get it about the Jew?

    Well, at least the jews that don’t control Trump. Those jews are a OK, right?

  6. The opinion you trust says:

    “Brown is the new white!”

    It is that bad. Colored became so blatant and obnoxious, so that they represent large and large threat to the very survival of White People.

    Term colored includes arab-jews, federal reserve jews, investment banking jews, business owners jews, latinos, half – breeds, one-eights, quarters, niggers, negros, darkies, blacks, and other good people.

    These good people do not understand that they do a lot of bad things to the country. For example, the colored destroyed culture in the U.S. Colored cased patriotism in the United States to erode because it is hard for people to relate to country poisoned by completely hostile and hateful jews and niggers.

    Time and time again I am asking the you what are we going to do about it?

  7. The opinion you trust says:

    What can be done about domestic terrorists Niggers, and about global financial terrorists jews?

    First of all, we already trying to address the problem by participating in the very important and informative discussion.

    Second, we must create actual IncogMan workgroups around the country, and in Europe. The IncogMan workgroup will be able to gather in each geographic area in the U.S. in order to provide educational services and to create a powerful lobby to change the JewsNiggers Civil Rights (1964) law, which cleverly and effectively undermines white people civil rights.

    People got nothing to do, people get obese, people lost a hope, people drink. This is a wishes cycle. This could be heaven or this could be Jewish Niggerian Hell for poor white folks if we continue down on the path of darkness. The great American hero IncogMan, showed as the way. Now it is our turn to do something abut Jewish Niggerian Problem, and to get together into formations be so called IncogMan workgroups.

    Using website it is possible to organize in a few easy and free steps.

  8. The opinion you trust says:

    This article by Incog Man: “The Filthy Rich Joo Brat and The Lost Hankey” Posted on November 27, 2016 is sad truth about Cultural Crisis in America, but in the same time hilarious is the scenario describing a cohabitate of Jews and Niggers.

    IncogMan masterfully describes typical bloody violence-prone blacks burning down female jew because Niggers see Jewish females as just more evil Whiteys conspiring to keep a brother man from living his fun-filled Negro life to the fullest. On the regular basis Niggers become insane with fury and burn them all down.

    This paragraph is funny and in the same time standard scenario: “Jew chick getting herself brutally beaten or stabbed crazily to death with a convenient butcher knife by her Negroid house pet during a sudden argument in the kitchen and him burning the house down on top of her in the vain attempt to hide his crime. Fire and twisted-up burned bodies are always good indications a black is to blame”.

  9. The opinion you trust says:

    Is the anything can be do to incentivize all those baboons to move back home to Africa and Israel?

    After the Baboons moved away in the Niggeria, white people can show them some love by sending humanitarian help, and couple of military surgeons with the long sharp scalpels to follow up the separation.

    “Give me some service, your whitey” said Nigger. Here is your service Nigger!

  10. The opinion you trust says:

    Jews say: “Give me some interest rate, give me salary $120,00 a year”.

    Get the fuck back to fucking Israel and Africa, we will send couple of Christian Volunteer Mercenaries to fly to you your favorite Chily Fuckito with Red Paper, a lot of Interest Rate, as well as other staff you like. Like for example, Israel like missiles with nuclear war heads. That is unbelievable, who in a good state of mind would let the God damn bloody murderers Jews to have nuclear weapons or any other weapons?

  11. The opinion you trust says:

    On the second thought, tactical, close range missiles, can be beneficial for the whole middle Eastern region including India and of course, Africa.

  12. The opinion you trust says:

    34 people killed over the Thanksgiving day in Chimpcago. And everyday black Jews and Niggers kill more people across America not only by stabbing, but also by financial means and by just being there.

    For a normal White Person it is enough to take a look at bloody infuriating Jewish Baboon Nigger to dye from heart attack.

  13. Red Pill says:

    racism, only when it’s white on black
    and what a beautiful soul we lost, no white martyrs need apply.
    from the DC compost

    Calif. mayor laments ‘nationwide surge’ of bigotry after black musician killed in alleged hate crime.

    makes me wounder why he was in a white man’s bar.
    whites are not welcome (or advised to) visit nigger cesspools.

  14. Red Pill says:

    if only whites can be charged with a hate crime
    then blacks should only be charged with “love crimes”.
    they love to kill, they love to riot, and they love mayhem.

    never forget what happened to my friend, Edgar J. Steele.
    Edgar James Steele (July 5, 1945 – September 4, 2014)

    Take Our World Back!
    check out this LARGE anti-Zionist site

  15. carnac123 says:

    Start preparing yourself and your circle for a prolonged guerrilla war. White people will stand up and if this stupid government want this war sooner than later,…..then steal this election from Trump and see what happens.

  16. Red Pill says:

    15 Years Old Girl Survive Pizzagate Satanic Rituals Abuse
    graphic recount by victim .

  17. Red Pill says:

    JILL THE WHORE FAILS 11-28-2016

    Even if Trump loses both Wisconsin, 10 votes, and Michigan, 16 votes, the 20 Electoral College Votes he just got from Pennsylvania put him at 280. The requirement is 270, so Donald Trump is now CONFIRMED as POTUS.

  18. awed bawl says:

    David Brock looks like Irene Ryan of The Beverly Hill-Billies-


  20. MOVINGTARGET says:

    “It appears that a real estate agent had found a handkerchief with some kind of map on it.”

    “Podesta admits “it’s mine, but not worth worrying about.” Unless your email gets hacked. Now why would any handkerchief spur such an exchange, unless it involved something so potentially embarrassing that Sandler had to email him about it?”

    Well, when your email gets hacked it will be embarrassing, mainly because the word “map” is pedophile code for “semen,” and Podesta admits it’s his, but not worth worrying about, meaning, he doesn’t care about the semen covered handkerchief he threw away after he wiped his pecker off on it.

    Here’s some pedophile code words I have found that describes how these perv’s communicate.

    “hotdog” = boy
    “pizza”= girl
    “cheese” = little girl
    “pasta” = little boy
    “ice cream” = male prostitute
    “walnut” = person of color
    “map” = semen
    “sauce” = orgy

    Information here:

    This site is also very informative about Luciferian Symbolism, here:

    Also, here’s the entire pdf for FBI pedophile symbols, here:

    As strange as it sounds, I believe this “pizzagate” (read Satanic Poison) may be a Psy-OP, since the FBI refused to prosecute Podesta or Clinton, and the enemy never likes to let a perfectly good crisis go to waist.

    A similar thing happened when Bill Clinton was having a tryst with Monica Lewinski. Every night on the National News the talking heads mentioned the words “Oral Sex” repeatedly until everyone in the Country was talking about it, and the children were asking their parents what it meant.

    Years later, these same children went to collage and were having oral sex parties, because Bill, “Bubba” Clinton said, “oral sex wasn’t really sex.”

    This made me sad, because I was working a steady job at the time, and was too busy to enroll at the local collage to further my education, and possibly meet some interesting young women. LOL

    The point is, the entire Country was taken down a notch morally.

    BEWARE! If we do not demand that someone in a position of authority investigate and prosecute these criminals, but instead allow this “pizzagate/pedophile” thing to be swept under the carpet, we will find ourselves as a Country becoming even more complacent than we are, and being led to our own destruction…

  21. putnamvt says:

    Basic Principle…Identify and exclude Jews from White organizations.

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  23. Miss Vegas says:

    INCOG MAN, Thank You! I just found your site! I am so Happy! I agree with ALL YOU say and think. I also shared it with Many others that think like us….they are very Happy also to have your site.
    I am very excited to explore and read more on this site.
    Thank you again!

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