A Muslim Merry Christmas To White Germans

By Phillip Marlowe THE INCOG MAN

Looks like another Muslim terrorist attack on Germany, this time killing at least 12 and wounding up to 50. It appears that a non-refugee Paki immigrant killed a Pole and then plowed his tractor-trailer into crowds at a busy Christmas market in Berlin, Germany.

Just think of all the dirty ragheads allowed into the country by Angela Merkel, who it’s virtually certain is a bloody crypto-Jewess pig woman put into a position of power by the globalists out to destroy our White race. They tell us that this is “conspiracy theory” when it’s now completely observable by anyone with half a brain.

White people: Haven’t you had enough? I mean just think of it, we got a power structure bound and determined to undermine our racial demographics in our own lands. Hitler must be rolling in his grave — if he had a grave, but of course he doesn’t since the dirty backstabbing Jews sucked in the USA into war against him — helping Stalin and his Jews to rape and murder Germany.

The same BS is going on in the US, as the Jews in power have been brainwashing us for decades to go along with the gradual destruction of our race with all this stinking “diversity” crap, right along with insane faggotry and tranny perversions. Hell, you can’t turn on the TV for a lousy five minutes before you see blacks treated like the big heroes or us Whites treated like dogs, even though we died by the hundreds of thousands in the Civil War and WWII. The punks don’t care.

I was reading elsewhere on the Internet just yesterday where they said I was really a secret Jew “hasbaRAT” when the term “hasbaRAT” was first coined by me here on INCOG MAN. Can you believe people actually calling me a secret Jew?

These are most definitely the real secret Jews, pretend “Nazis” clearly out to seed doubt among Whites now rapidly awakening to the Jewish racial upheavals and moral degradations — whom I’ve sworn eternal exposure for effing up the entire USA — the greatest country on the planet until the lousy, stinking Jews came along.

And I’m definitely going to awaken even more Whites everywhere, Jew boys, and we’re going to put a stop to your Nation Wrecking of our lands.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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73 Responses to A Muslim Merry Christmas To White Germans

  1. The opinion you trust says:

    Interracial Marriages

    Resent research by Haward University proved that 99% of interracial marriages are getting ended in problems of all kind. The divorce is the lesser of the spectrum of those problems, where the most common is dismembering.

    Here is a story as heard from 78 old Sara, who just received a phone call from here niece Bracha, from Georgia. This sad story teaches white women to cherish Christian Values and dedicated themselves to building strong white family.

    Sara and Bracha had a good laughter discussing what happened in Georgia.

    Apparently, daughter of Bracha’s neighbor, 17 old Gretchen, of German decent, was a very attractive but also open-minded, and completely ignorant to the teachings of Colonel Incog Man. When Gretchen got pregnant, she invited a team of researchers, MSN news, and all neighborhood to watch her in labor. Why would a young Gretchen do it asked Sara?

    Gretchen all point making this documentary was to make enough dollars to pay for her medical bills, and to prove that the Niggers are born through the anus, but not through the birth canal called vagina.

    What medical bills, what happened exclaimied hearty Sara, was Gretchen in a hospital?

    Gretchen, because of her open-mindedness, was raped and beaten by three vicious football players, Niggers from Atlanta. Gretchen parents did not have it to pay for her medical expenses. So, when they came back after 3 days of absence, and found Gretchen on the floor, immobilized, lying on the floor in her own blood and feces, they did not know what do with her. Only one word, apparently written by Gretchen herself with her own blood and finger stated: “Jamals raped me, kill them all, Mather!”.

    Poor parents of Gretchen, who was still breathing on the floor, were of cause to law abiding, and decided to wait a little in hope that she would be dead soon by herself, because anyway she was a useless white whore. But somehow, Gretchen survived the niggers rape, beating, and hanger for several more days.

    At this point Gretchen parents had no choice but to call her an ambulance. The ambulance janitor determined that Gretchen is pregnant, and she will be giving a birth in 114 days total to, triplets – nigglets, and that the birth will be through the rear and front. After diagnosing Gretchen this way, ambulance janitors refused to treat Gretchen because her poor parents had no medical insurance, called Obamacare, which is only given to Niggers.

    At this point, great humanitarians from local Democratic Party Office made an offer of $200 (two hundred dollars), if Gretchen would agree to publicly videotape her scientifically unusual birth making. According to the local Democratic Party Office representative, the all point of this educational movie, was to prove how exceptional Diversity is, by demonstrating Niggers are so unique that even the offsprings of the Multicultural rape are delivered through the ass and through vagina, and that is really diversity which makes us all diverse.

    The best scientists in the world still are trying to understand what prompted Jews to come up with statement: “Diversity is very useful for America”, this unusual birth is certainly a proves that the Diversity is very Diverse decided smart Democrats, and made this educational movie.

    The total duration of pregnancy was exactly 114 days, and was successfully accomplished through the ass laughed two Jewish ladies drinking Napa valley hot vine on the cold Christmas day.

  2. The opinion you trust says:

    That is how the cancer spreads out. The DC is black like in the ass of nigger. Why? Because somebody very bad appoints Jews and Niggers in all levels of government. All those cushy jobs in the middle are occupied either by Niggers or Jews. No wander Whites afraid even to open up a mouth, because if they do they wont have anything to put in the mouth.

    For example, all mayors in DC are Niggers when not Jews.
    1. Adrian Fenty https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrian_Fenty
    2. Vincent Gray https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vincent_C._Gray
    3. Muriel Bowser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muriel_Bowser

    And look at the sadistic Nigger baboon, so called businessman, who run the campaign for other niggers mafia to become mayors from jail, and the baboon is given $600 million dollars. America becomes a mafia state like Russia, but run by black Jews and Nigger mafia.

    Look at the baboon should be immediately send to Africa http://freebeacon.com/issues/dc-dem-ran-illegal-shadow-campaign-released-prison/

    Instead somebody gave to the baboon $600 mil, pilot license, brain surgeon training, medal of Congress.

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