Of Course ILLEGALS Voted in The Elections Gringos!


By Phillip Marlowe

"Der Fuerher" Trump may not be a big Mr. Nice Guy, but that's exactly who we need as president. (INCOG)

“Der Fuerher” Trump was absolutely right about illegals voting.

Have you noticed that every minute since Hillary’s disastrous defeat, the media has been pounding it over and over that “Hillary won the popular vote” and Trump must be crazy saying illegals voted? These brainwashers use this constant drip, drip, drip, to make sure dumbasses out here believe their BS, even when they all know they are doing number on our heads.

These leftists go on about this “popular vote” because they so wanted Hillary as the first woman president. Disappointed, they are trying to make us believe “the will of the people” was stolen by electoral college trickery put in place by “racist, slave-owning Old Dead White Dudes” (the Founding Fathers). This is just the usual Jewish anti-White brainwashing.

These rats have been calling them “undocumented workers” for the last 8 years, after Obongo was put in office. Even FOX News does, too. And it sounds stupid hearing these reporters say it. They are here illegally! Hell, the media has been claiming 11 million illegals since the last century when we know that’s got to be wrong. It’s at least 20 million, maybe upwards of 30 million illegal Mestizos running free — drunkenly wrecking us on the highway, collecting taxpayer freebies, drug-dealing, raping, robbing and murdering American citizens — including Spanish descended Whites (Caucasians).

Of course illegals voted! Studies conducted by Virginia universities, George Mason and Old Dominion, concluded up to 2.8 million illegal aliens voted in the 2008 elections. Plus, they most likely voted democrap, since these traitors are trying to destroy White voter demographics. And there’s perfectly logical reasons to suspect this number would be even higher in the 2016 election, since Trump was portrayed as so evil to illegals by the traitorous leftist media; plus we have even more illegals now than back in 2008.

And indeed, it’s easy to scam the system. Commiefornia and New York state issue driver’s licenses to illegals, and though they are not supposed to vote, it is easy to do so by using forged Social Security cards, bought on the black market, which many illegals already have. Hell, Obongo himself is said to have a SS number issued for Connecticut live births, when he was supposedly born in Hawaii.

Nobody does any real checking. Nobody gives a damn anymore. The rats have been gradually turning America into a non-White Third World nation for years.

Plus, leftist “get-out-the-vote” operations in those states work openly to school illegals in what to do. You never see any reporting on this kind of thing, since they don’t want us Whites to know how much they are stabbing America in the back.

In fact, the traitorous media never even said “sanctuary cities” until Trump ran in the republican primaries and spoke openly in public. Even FOX news kept quiet until now (but they won’t tell you that). ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC still shy away from the subject, if possible. Awakened Whites (us “racists”) knew all about it, and we could see for years how the media never said a GD thing!

Us White Americans have totally been screwed over.

Most democrat rats openly support letting illegals vote. Obongo himself encouraged illegals to vote during a Youtube interview with a LAH-TEEN-OH reporter right before the elections. He said they should just go to polls and vote — not to worry about any stinking legal prosecution. Some lousy GD traitor president!


Jew media lezbo, Ellen Degenerate, is seen ogling Katy Perry’s nice ones backstage at a celebrity event.

On my home page yesterday was this headliner article about some big UNICEF awards ceremony where poor little Hillary made a surprise appearance to hand the night’s top award to her big supporter, Katy Perry. Associated Press writer, Nekesa Mumbi Moody —  an Affirmative action Negro who can’t write worth a crap — made sure to stick somewhere in her stupid article that Hillary “won the popular vote.”

They just go on and on and on about this popular vote BS, don’t they?

And just because Katy Perry has herself a nice big ol’ set of Ta Tas so loved by all us straight guys and freaky bull dykes, doesn’t mean you got to listen to her libtard idiocy!

The Associated Press has been a huge Jew brainwashing operation from the start, who put out the official “stylebook” for reporters everywhere to follow — at least if they know what’s good for them. They are now ordering media people to use the term “Neo-Nazi” to label any “Alt-Right” people instead. Total BS! Everyone needs to talk about this line of Jew bull.

These damn Jews have been busy brainwashing America for decades with utter lies like this. They absolutely can’t allow any good Americans to stray from the farm or else we might just start getting a lot of dangerous beliefs.

One of the big things, maybe the biggest, is this never-ending “Holocaust” crap. They go on and on and on about it. Or have you noticed already? LOL. You can’t channel surf for five lousy minutes before you come across another Nazi-Hitler-Holocaust documentary or stupid new Hollywood movie where some poor little Jew kid barely survives the goose-stepping evil White Nazis by eating cockroaches for years.

Henry Gibson in 1980's "Blues Brothers." His character was modeled on a secret Jew pretend Nazi named Xxxxx.

Henry Gibson in the 1980 “Blues Brothers.” His character was modeled on a secret Jew Nazi and pedophile named Frank Collin, who’s real name was Cohen or Cohn, as in “Conman.” The guy was well-compensated — somehow “discovering” ancient gold artifacts in Wisconsin, of all places.

This might sound funny and all, but these creeps have been up to all this ever since 1945 (even much longer with the 6 million figure). Jewry has bilked the White countries of the West using “holocaust” crap for decades.

The big brainwashing push was inaugurated with a secret Jew marching around Chicago as a Nazi with a handful of fooled idiots, while the national news media reported on them practically every other night in the late ’70’s.

In 1980, a Jew director had these Nazis in the movie “Blues Brothers” with Dan Akroyd and John Belushi. Remember?

My belief is once they got the black civil rights stuff done, feminism and gay crap well on the way, they could now proceed in brainwashing us White Americans about the holocaust and us Whites being so evil and racist. Eventually, they could promote breeding ourselves away and move blacks into authority positions, by manipulating our race guilt.

Haven’t you had the least suspicions all this has been going on? Christ: It’s so obvious!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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95 Responses to Of Course ILLEGALS Voted in The Elections Gringos!

  1. Smitherines says:

    “My house is a decayed house,
    And the Jew squats on the window-sill”
    T.S. Eliot, Gerontion, 1920.

    T.S. Eliot and the Culture of Critique, Part One
    by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

    Although the previous article fulfilled its purpose of providing a succinct overview of the forms of the critical assault on ostracized cultural figures, in this article I wish to present a more thoroughgoing treatment of the psychology underpinning these forms. Included also are reflections on what this reveals about “anti-Semitism” as it exists in the socio-cultural consciousness of strongly-identified Jews. In order to explore this matter on a deeper level, and to keep our material fresh, we now turn our attention to the academic deconstruction of Pound’s associate, and fellow Modernist poet, T.S. Eliot.

    Read more of this post

  2. Smitherines says:

    @ All,

    A classic trick of Hasbarrats on this site and other Truther Sites if they can’t
    argue a TRUE article you post: they’ll go back to repository and try to find one
    of their brethren’s Cultural Marxist, who’s posting Controlled Opps, or
    ridiculous NONSENSE , this is fundamental in Cultural Marxism
    “attack the messenger” his credibility, if you can refute his post!

    They try to align everything on that repository as “your belief system”
    as to say “see his a Jew agent or he’s sympathetic to their Holocaust
    or Israel.”

    The other thing is what Mad Joo would CONSTANTLY do: is attack the grammar
    and spelling of the poster! Make them look STUPID, so naturally their
    Zionist Exposing ARTICLE IS FAKE! CUZ they can’t spell, have bad grammar
    or vocabulary? Jews have used that trick for decades, “The DUMB uneducated
    Redneck with his talk and conspiracy theories of a ZOG controlled west!”

    And it amazes they still uses with success?

  3. anon says:

    Anyone, (especially wearing blue helmet or rothschild flag) who comes to your door to take you arms is violating your natural rights. Therefore surrendering theirs…
    comment on shtf website:


    First the fleecing, then the slaughter – We are deer in the headlights of a fast-approaching doom By John Kaminski 12-3-2016


  4. Red Pill says:

    what “they” want is for us to support them as they extend there reach out over the

    picture a government extending there power corruptly, extending them self at the expense of the citizens.

    as they keep leaning out to subdue the world, at some point SOON they
    will look back for the support and they will find out it’s not there.

    as soon as the popular support fades they will turn upon us.
    and commence to slaughter what they don’t need.
    AKA as cull the herd…………..welcome to the tribulation.

  5. Karen says:

    You Americans have black ghettos, Mexicana towns, Somalian enclaves, Muslim Michigan, and I don’t know what else, but you’re fighting it. Here in Canada, at least from my viewpoint, it’s like a tumor that hasn’t yet mestastised, it’s seen as benign by the majority who’ve been lulled into accepting ‘diversity’ by the Jewmedia, except for those Whites displaced or forced to live among the invaders. And they are invaders, preferring to live and work among their own but immigrating here (often at great cost$$$) to enjoy the benefits of living in a White country all the while bitching and moaning about evil Whitey while enjoying the fruits of Whiteys labour, the achievements of White Western Civilization. They’ve colonized entire cities and areas within metropolitan areas and what do they do? They transform these areas into replicas of the places they left. Vancouver looks like Hong Kong and Brampton like Bangladesh. Say one word about how disappointing it is to see the neighbourhood you’ve been raised in transformed into a south Asian or Chinese ghetto and they take the ‘holier than thou’ stance and brand you a racist. If called a racist AGREE. “YES, LIKE YOU I AM A RACIST AND PROUD OF IT.” At this point I think it’s our only hope. Blacks took back nigger we must take back racist.

  6. Red Pill says:

    anon is correct, it will turn into a blood bath


    the comments describe what individuals say they will do, most are good comments.
    this is the Scenario of events to come.

    i don’t believe it because i like what they think, or it’s what i think.
    i base it on the scriptures. and the action of my country’s government.

    careful evaluations of current events plus Biblical understanding leaves
    little wiggle room for the projected results not to materialize as predicted.

    P>S> when someone says the Lord hates his people
    that he formed from the breath of his mouth and they have no salvation
    in heaven.
    i would say “i don’t know your jesus”
    my Jesus would forgive the biggest fuck up in the world if one would
    turn from his evil ways and repent. he would be forgiven.

    that biggest fuck up was me.

  7. The opinion you trust says:

    That is exactly what I was thinking about. “Blacks too back Nigger, and we must take back Racist”.

    When an average aggressive nigger hear a word nigger he attacks brutally and viciously. And it does not matter where the nigger is, bet it in the working place or at school, cafeteria, library, or street, the Nigger attacks like a mad fucking dog. And police, prosecutor, judge and Jew-Dominated Legislature supports the nigger because a nigger was called word nigger.

    Karen formulated it well: “Blacks too back Nigger, and we must take back Racist”. Every time a fucking dangerous arrogant and redundant Nigger / Latino / Arab / Jew / uses word Racist, the baboon must be attacked back by white people.

    Like a Jews takes only a moment to get together into a swarm of black crows to attack any one who sais a truth about Bloodsucking Jews – Ude murderers, like a vicious dangerous abnormal gigantic Niggers attack back when they are called with their correct biological name Nigger, in the same way White People must start attacking Jews and Niggers back. Attack them legally, so they scream illegally.

    Here a little something for you lough. Here is a short prank video showing a white calling a nigger Nigger. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzgoYDHydBs

    Unless you have licensed weapons for self defend do not do it on your own, because the monkeys are inbreed wild giant baboons have abnormal physical abilities all those shit organized sports garbage Jews pays them a lot of money.

  8. The opinion you trust says:

    It is a good time for a bath. But it would be better to first send them to Africa and then make the bath there. But the baboon Obamanation – Obachas they do not want to go. The opposite happening they come here. The niggers do not understand that there is no dialog, no compassion, no understanding, no agreements, no sympathy toward them after we so them all. There will be no discussion – you Nigger must go back home peacefully, here is nothing in the North for you.

    After seeing you all, and seeing your violence that is only message to you all.

  9. Red Pill says:

    Karen says:
    December 3, 2016 at 12:06 pm
    we have not felt the full extent the influx of “refugees” yet.
    because there are many, many more in the pipeline.

    if there not at your door yet, they will be.
    it’s one of the effects of total world wide war /monetary collapse.
    the rats will feed on flesh/they will take what they want.

    if your crazy like me, you just live in a desolate spot with no services
    or visible resources, rugged terrain, unfriendly critters and people that will say
    “no comprende ” even though they speak better English that you .

  10. Red Pill says:

    nigger barbecue or trial by fire?

    HORRIFIC Oakland Fire @ Warehouse Party – 9 Dead, 25 Unaccounted – Weird Creepy Images In The Smoke

  11. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    December 3, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    You Americans have black ghettos, Mexicana towns, Somalian enclaves, Muslim Michigan, and I don’t know what else, but you’re fighting it. Here in Canada, at least from my viewpoint, it’s like a tumor that hasn’t yet mestastised, it’s seen as benign by the majority who’ve been lulled into accepting ‘diversity’ by the Jewmedia, except for those Whites displaced or forced to live among the invaders.

    Because as a whole you’ve REJECTED LOGOS (God’s universal laws) !Canada
    was one of the first to have a Marxist Jew war on Christmas. One of the
    first have Marxists laws on guns, socialized medicine then they all come here
    when they get sick. One of the first western countries to pass draconian
    Holocaust and hate crime laws, where Karen wouldn’t dare go in public
    and criticize any academic criticism of the “Holocaust Narrative” being
    off limits, for university discussion other than the Zionist Koo-aid
    version of it! She sure as hell SCREAM loud and clear though an
    anti-Christian theme to her fellow Ca-nooks, cuz she knows Zionist
    controlled thought police there would APPLAUD that!

    Stop being COWARDS and look in the mirror: all the rotten Zionist
    cool-aid you all drink, then poisoned your children and grandchildren
    with it too, just for Zio-brownie points!

  12. Matt says:

    Karen and all,

    I agree with you. I’ve been to Vancouver and Whistler numerous times. The last time I crossed the border at Lynden, WA the border station was filled East Indian rat worshiping garbage. I made some comments and they detained me there a while.

    When I left the garbage stared at me like they wanted to lock me up. I felt like beating the shit out of them, but I had places to be and sitting in a Canadian jail or prison wasn’t one of them.

    God will eventually turn the tides and then we’ll rid our land of this Asian disease. In the meantime we’ll keep our powder dry.

    I openly admit to people I’m a racist, I’m just simple recognizing and acknowledging what God did and his order. God made different races, not me, it wasn’t my choice it was God’s choice.

    If you read Genesis 11 you’ll see God did 2 things:
    1. God made different races.
    2. God separated them intentionally across the earth.

    I guess that makes God the ultimate racist.

    God never meant us to be one shit brown colored people, that’s devil’s children, the Jew’s idea.

    The problem is, people are taught and brain washed humanistic concept from the time they’re small children in school and on TV, that we’re all equal, when in reality God has set up an order, blessing some races and cursing other races.

    Another part of God’s order can be read in Genesis 9:25,

    “Cursed be Canaan! The lowest of slaves will he be to his brothers.”

    Genesis 9:27

    “May God extend Japheth’s territory; may Japheth live in the tents of Shem, and may Canaan be the slave of Japheth.”

    God’s word has decreed the black man to slave to the white man. Again, this isn’t me, this is God’s will. I’m just repeating the bible.

    I hear ministers saying those parts of the bible don’t apply, but they’re never able to produce any scripture that shows God removed the black man’s curse. This is a big problem in churches now, that many of them take Jewish fables and Jewish humanistic teachings over God’s word.

    We can all see how that’s working with the feral blacks or the niggers running out of control.

    One thing I do know is that there is a God and that his order, in the not too distant future will be restored. God will destroy the Jews and the black man will be put in his rightful position of slavery.

    “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. When we return to God’s order, it’ll be a new white renaissance age, of beauty, creativity, peace and happiness.

  13. Smitherines says:

    Roger Daltrey: ‘I will never forgive Labour for their immigration policies’
    Roger Daltrey, The Who frontman, says that he is angry that Labour’s mass immigration policies have taken jobs from his friends


    Hey Pill “Don’t Get Fooled Again!

  14. Karen says:

    Matt, they looked at you like garbage, meanwhile in their home countries they live in garbage.and then immigrate to White countries and turn our countries into garbage…in Gone With The Wind the old black mammy said “You can dress a mule up in ribbons and bows but it’s still a mule, not a race horse.”

  15. Red Pill says:

    looks like a leftist love fest
    never know where love will find you.
    usually when your bending over
    i hear roger daltry likes young boys

    when i am asked if i am a racist.
    i could say “i am racial and proud of my race.”and
    “aren’t you proud of yours?”

    if you call me a racist, i will call you a nigger.
    if you call me white i will call you black.

    your choice, i won’t wear the racist tag and comply with the white bashing voluntarily by calling my self their assigned designated derogatory slur.

    what’s the matter some of you C(*)nt’s?
    go away and rollover on someone else.

  16. The opinion you trust says:

    God made our race, that is for sure. Would not be so sure about blacks. More and more people are now saying that the blacks are chimeras that is a mix of human and animal genes, and they are not created by God. Or, may be, the Jews and Blacks are created by evil? It is not yet clear.

    Have you heard of RR? Last time I heard, and that is unverified, he was flown on the secret mission into Israel, but his parachute did not open up, so he felt straight down into the Red See on the top of Jewish submarine, which exploded and sank, and RR unconscious was detained by Masad, which is now interrogating him to get two pieces of information: first, full list of IncogMan.net participants, and second, the specifics of his mission, but he would not give it to them, and that is the reason why Jewish nurse Sara Silverman surgically removed his left arm from the elbow down, sewing it after the surgery, making a point that Israel will continue methodically shorten RR’s both arms and then legs till he give out all our contact information. Jews call the method of obtaining information: “Cut and Stich Up”. RR was trained to resist Jewish torture. Knowing that he was detained, the U.S. government send a Marine brigade to free him, but the Jews countermeasured the attempt, so the government has no choice but to issued the executive order to nuke Israel tomorrow at 10:00 of Israel Time, if they do not give up RR. If they give him back, he most possibly will get a robotic left hand, because it is his trigger hand.

  17. The opinion you trust says:

    Here, is what they call: “list of fake news”.What is fake for some is very true for others. Let us take a closer look what is that. This link actually gives a list of websites, which for some people appear to be very biased and/or “fake”, that emerged in social media during the recent election cycle.


    The only sure thing in today’s deceitful world is IncogMan.net, which is rock solid.

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    TERRORIST ALERT!!!! Call the doj civil rights division and homoland security department!!! Just walking down the street after dark in the rain only 5:50 pm and sure enough a nigger with a gun robs them. But don’t dare call thug nigger criminal drug dealers and gang bangers terrorists because that would be profiling and violate the uncivilized sub-human gorilla ape monkey chimps rights. These women were certainly terrorized for a few minutes. See if I was one of those nigger control officers working on the first 48 show I would start out the interview with the basic questions like we know you don’t have a drivers license or any legal form of identification. We know you don’t know who your baby daddy is and what your real last name is. We know you go by mookie or little slim or call yourself murdah. But what I want to figure out to start with is do you prefer to be called a monkey or an ape or a gorilla or a chimp in this race of suspect person of interest (yeah right) block? Because I damn sure aint putting you down as a caucasion non white Hispanic I’ll just write in unknown nigger calls himself Leroy dindu nuffin was out looking for a job and he found two white females who dared to walk outside after dark in killadelphia.


  19. The opinion you trust says:

    You say Killadelphia is dangerous, what about us here in Chimpcago? 34 kills every night those hostile elements generate. I bet $100 against a penny that Chimpcago is more dangerous than Killadelphia. Therefore, we need a terrorist alert for Chimpcago too.

    And all it take to resolve it is just to change a law to make it legal to segregate. Better and faster than anything else legalization of segregation will make it obvious who is who and who is where.

  20. anon says:

    With niggers and spics you are looking at pack behavior by pack animals. Niggers never had the idea of a one on one fight between two men because they aren’t men, they’re apes. Pretty obvious. The pack behavior also goes with bikers. What is a so-called street gang but a pack of ruthless predatory animals. It appears none of them have ever evolved or had the ability to think creatively and independently, like most Whites used to and a few still do. Anyway, with niggers, spics, bikers, zipperheads, and I don’t want to leave out my favorite out here in the woods- the inbred, ignorant hick and disrespectful cocksucker- you are dealing with predatory animals that travel and attack in packs. Plan and act accordingly.

    The kike-created ‘civil war’ was not civil and not a war. It was an attack by Lincoln’s northern army of trained soldiers equipped with military weaponry AGAINST THE RURAL COUNTRY PEOPLE OF THE SOUTH. They fought back in self-defense of their homes and families. It will be NO DIFFERENT when UN or zog armies come for the guns or to vaccinate you or whatever. Doesn’t matter why does it?

    They do have quite an arsenal of weaponry ready but they are so vastly outnumbered by a heavily armed population that it is likely they will use the chemtrail aerosol operation to release some kind of wicked virus then declare a pendemic emergency. They just do whatever they want after that. The chemtrails are really heavy now. I photographed a huge wicked “chem-bomb” that spread out like a giant octopus in every direction yesterday. Now that they have everyone calling it weather modification and geoengineering and just keep on MASSIVELY SPRAYING THE SKY while denying it, you shouldn’t worry that they might put something else into the air we breathe. I’ve got news for you-the vast amount of chemtrails I see are nowhere near the stratosphere. They are down low. Real low.
    I’ve been catching the shit and putting it under the microscope for years. It really is hideous and horriffic what they are spraying us with and doing it in plain sight with no way to stop it. whew

  21. The opinioin you turst says:

    Some would argue that the best way to start an interview is that with a lead filed pipe wrapped in a rubber in the forehead, in any case.

    If you are from the South, where proud people are, there is a monthly publication http://www.firstfreedom.net/1810.pdf

    For some reason they sell it for $15 dollars instead of making it free by coming here to IncogMan.net and post what they got to say here with. Southern, can you talk to that publication and tell them about IncogMan.net opportunity

  22. putnamvt says:

    Big Problem : Many Americans prefer lies to the truth, and the status quo to honor.

  23. Pingback: A Jewish Defector Warns America – aladdinsmiraclelamp

  24. ::: AmericanGraffiti ||a-k-a|| BoxCarWillie ::: says:


    Woops, the Copy/Paste got “screwy” last time so let’s try this again…

    [The Main Stream Media, controlled exclusively (100%) by Jews,] … have been calling them [immigrants who have illegally entered, and since permanently illegallyresided within, the USA] “undocumented workers” for the last 8 years, after Obongo [“President” Obama] was put in office [illegally incidentally (as he never could provide Americans/Trump with enough solid proof/sufficient evidence that he was/is in fact an authentic natural born citizen)]. Even FOX News does, too [acts Jewy/un-American by constantly referring to illegal immigrants as “undocumented works”]. And it sounds stupid hearing these reporters say it [over and over again nonstop (an age-old brainwashing/training technique)]. They are here illegally! [Expletive deleted], the [Jewish-controlled] media has been claiming 11 million illegals since the last century when we know that’s got to be wrong. It’s at least 20 million, maybe upwards of 30 million illegal Mestizos running free — drunkenly wrecking us on the highway, collecting taxpayer freebies, drug-dealing, raping, robbing and murdering American citizens…[all due to the Jews who lobbied to get non-White/un-American immigrants to flood into White countries in the first place (to begin with)- in order to further destabilize/paralyze/weaken those White nations, so as to eventually “deliver them extreme blows” from all sides, thereby toppling them, and conglomerating them into larger regional (non-National/Sovereign) land masses (ie. European Union (EU) etc.)- in order to subsequently be merged into the Jews’ long awaited (centuries-planned) Jew World Order (JWO)]

    Highly effective (and low-risk) use of the “Trigger Finger” . . .

    Media = Jews

    Media = Jews

    Media = Jews

    Jews Did 911

    Jews Did 911

    Jews Did 911

    Jam It HOME and

    Join the T|R|A|I|N . . .

    “All Abbbbbbboooooaaaarrrrrrrd !”

    Shhhoooooooooooo Shhhoooooooooooo Shhhoooooooooooo
    Chhhuuuuuuuuuu Chhhuuuuuuuuuu Chhhuuuuuuuuuu
    Chuuuugggggggga Chuuuugggggggga Chuuuugggggggga
    Wooooooooooooooooooooo ! ! ! Wooooooooooooooooooooo ! ! !
    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! ! ! ! !

  25. 0101110 says:

    I live my white town, and have no need or desire to deal with the filthy browns.
    If i never saw, spoke to or passed by another browm in my life…
    It would be a Great Life

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