Pearl Harbor: Another Big Day of Joo Infamy

david-sarnoff-rca-headI suspect the rich Jew owner of RCA communications at the time, David Sarnoff, had embedded peeps purposefully delay the teletype message warning of a Jap attack on Pearl until long after the big air assault was over. For some reason, Sarnoff was soon made a general and got himself a real nice fancy uniform to wear, didn’t he?

By Phillip Marlowe

All kinds of secret Globalist Jews were hard at work screwing America at the time, like Harry Dexter White, who's real Jew name was Weiss.

Just like today, all kinds of secret Globalist Jews were hard at work screwing America at the time, like Harry Dexter White, who’s real Jew name was Weit (clever, huh?). The punk was also a big spy for the commies.

I told my brother once it was obvious that FDR wanted the Nips to attack Pearl Harbor, so as to backdoor the USA into war with Hitler — arch enemy of Jewry to this day. The evidence is all over the frickin’ damn place. That’s exactly what FDR did, right out of the gate.

The International (globalist) Jews wanted to get at Der Fuehrer man something bad, once Hitler turned Germany into an economic powerhouse and threatened the banking Jew’s cut in the action. They couldn’t let that go on for long.

Folks, what we got here is a bunch of backstabbing bastards jacking this country left and right. They don’t care one bit if any of us “Goyims” get killed — never do when it comes to NWO Globalist Jew designs upon America. They only thing they ever really care about is when other Jews get waxed and sometimes not even then.

So, I’m watching the Hitlery Channel the other night, and all the media rats are still claiming such talk about Pearl Harbor is nothing but “conspiracy theory” when the evidence is now obvious. They’ve been using this line of bull for decades. Now they are introducing a big, brand new term to snooker us with: FAKE NEWS. This is nothing but another kind of head games to keep White Americans in the dark — while they continue destroying our race from within.

Just read this book and you'll see FDR really did irk the Japs into attacking -- to get us into war for the Jews!

Read this book and you will see that FDR really did secretly work to get the Japs to bomb Pearl Harbor and inflame America. But the publisher made the writer add at the end that it was all just to save the Jews from a future gassing. Right.

If you really know much about the secrets behind Pearl Harbor, you will notice things they never say a word about. Why? Because they don’t want us “hoi polloi” to suspect anything might be wrong in today’s “narrative.” We might understand it’s been part and parcel of the brainwashing designed to keep Whites from going “Fascist.”

They fully realize that if we start to believe Pearl Harbor was a “Let It Happen On Purpose” (LIHOP)false flag designed to jack us into war with Hitler, then we might start questioning a lot of other stuff about WWII — especially the Holohoax fake gassing BS — the biggest JEW PSYOP against the White Western world until 9/11.

A “Let It Happen On Purpose” false flag is when you know they are going to attack, but do nothing because you can use the event towards your own benefit. For over a year, FDR purposefully goaded the militaristic Japs into attacking us, since he knew full well Americans like you and me would go bat crap furious. Which we all did of course.

spotblitzerToday’s Jew media rats are getting quite obvious in their brainwashing efforts of America. Because of Trump getting elected,  the hysterical Jews have been ramping up liberal bull like crazy. It’s so bad that even the braindead are noticing and talking about it.

You can see it just by watching CNN. That channel has become so totally Jewed-up, it’s ridiculous.

Can you believe they are still going on and on AND ON, about Hillary winning “the popular vote” and that it’s crazy talk that any illegal aliens voted November 8th?

Look, we all know illegals voted in New York and Commiefornia. Hell, they have Obongo himself on video telling a LAH-TEEN-O Youtuber, that illegals should just get up and go vote — they needn’t worry about having any problems with the law. Imagine the president saying that? Imagine a news media not reporting on it.

Probably upwards of 3 million illegal Mestizos in these states and in other states like Colorado, voted in the last election. Trump won only by strategic campaigning– outfoxing Hillary’s chief strategist, Robbie Mook (the little faggot is now blaming FBI director James Comey). Might not be possible to happen next time, unless we can put a stop to the invasion of Third Worlders, long promoted by Jewry to destroy our racial demographics.

This “FAKE NEWS” is now being touted to explain away the “PizzaGate” story — something the media has been ignoring for weeks. The other night, some insistent guy from NC strolled into Comet Ping Pong to look for imprisoned kids and fired an AR-15 round to break a lock off a door. Sounds like the guy was pretty well pissed about little kids getting molested, as everyone should be.

This is what happens when we have a traitorous media refusing to investigate democrats and liberals!


There’s plenty of totally convincing evidence supporting serious investigations into this “PizzaGate.” I’m not saying Shillary Clinton is part of it, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that John Podesta and his brother are part of a big DC pervert pedophile ring. Andrew Breitbart of Breitbart media is on video implying John Podesta and George Soros had bad skeletons in the closet. Breitbart may have been murdered in advance of the 2016 elections for what he might say publicly.

John Podesta’s brother, swamp rat mega lobbyist Tony, has all sorts of bizarre kiddie artwork (called “modern,” see above right) hanging on the walls of his various palatial mansions around the world (DC/Italy/Australia). James Alefantis, gay “partner” of influential “MEDIA MATTERS” democrap David Brock, runs Comet Ping Pong.

Homos are often big kiddie diddlers — everyone knows that.

The traitorous media is obviously scared half to death that more of us will learn such details behind the story and come to suspect something is going on. Practically every normal person out here can’t stand the thought of innocent little kids getting molested by dirtbag homos, or little girls getting raped by dirtbag straights.

Meanwhile, the media rats are trying to get the homies worked up on a daily basis with whatever White-on-black crime they can dig up or make up, like that cop who shot the black fleeing (they say nothing about the tazer wire you can see for a second). They tell us that a White on the jury is responsible for getting it declared a mistrial — then cut to the black’s family having fits over “justice denied” once again for the innocent black man.

Hell, my opinion is that black guy deserved it for fleeing from the cop in the first damn place. Blacks always try to run away from POLEECE MENS, after they did just about anything. Hell, unpaid parking tickets gets them a-running! The race is totally off the rails.

Another innocent black man victimized by a racist White, of course.

What we see here is another evil racist White slaver, after victimizing another ever-so-innocent black man.

Or that guy who shot the black ex NFL player in a “road rage” incident. National news keeps showing a shot (right) of the guy involved, handcuffed on the ground sitting next to his car so you just have to notice that he’s another evil racist White guy.

Funny how the national media never reports any stories about blacks committing road rage murders on Whites — which they do all the damn time — right along with all the other crime and murders the out-of-control race does.

Blacks constantly murder White people. Astoundingly horrific stories are totally ignored. The traitorous media is keeping Whites in the dark on just how bad it’s becoming.

Big rich Jew operations like the SPLC do everything they can to make it look like us Whites are so terrible, like a recent report they just released on Trump’s election saying Whites in schools are now committing hate crimes against peeps of color. Not a single word was said in the report about blacks attacking Whites over Trump. Jews never say a thing on Whites getting victimized.

We’re totally being brainwashed by these lousy Globalist Jews — as they gradually destroy us in a wide variety ways.

Just think about all the White Gentile guys who died in WWII. 418,000 Americans died (virtually all were White Christian Gentiles and White Spanish descended men). And today the devious lefty creeps in the media trash us Whites all the time, don’t they? It’s a never-ending assault on our race. They don’t care one bit what we think, have you noticed?

Are you not sick of the BS by now?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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64 Responses to Pearl Harbor: Another Big Day of Joo Infamy

  1. Recon Ranger says:

    Incog, the best we can do as white people is to keep this information in our heads and to teach and explain to anyone who bends and ear and to those who don’t as well. We need a war. We need to turn this all around and exterminate these non human entities… I always hope it will be my generation that finally makes a stand and does the elimination. It seems too slow… I wonder after so many countries over history have been destroyed by this scum of the earth when will their game end… It seems that no matter the good times or the bad times each has an end at some point, the big question is ” When ” will these fucking evil ass holes be eliminated….I call for open season and $ 150.00 bucks a head.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    One of your best incogman. Let it happen the ends justify the means. No matter how much death and destruction and waste of goyim lives. While jews prosper and profit and sit back and laugh. Yes. Roosevelt rich jew banker knew the jap fleet had left. The brits had broken the codes. All he had to do was notify the admirals at pearl that they were coming and the ships would have been dispersed and ready for battle instead of just sitting there like sitting ducks. Which they were doing. It was high treason by jews and freemasons at the top levels just to get us into jew war two. Even just sending a plane out to let the japs know that the secret attack plan was blown would have made the japs turn around. The ships would have been all hands on deck and get up steam and disperse and the japs would have turned back. Another 911 let it happen kill 100 million best goyim in jew war 2 waste death destruction and a few hundred jews the ends for jew world order and creation of israil and jewnighted nations and atomic weapons justify the jew world order means. The more you go down the pearle harbor rabbit hole and look at who they made the scapegoats the more you learn that it was Roosevelt and marshall and other freemasons that let it happen and wanted it to happen. Fucking scumbags cowards pieces of shit traitors committing high treason.

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    And oh yeah the jews did profit handsomely. Take all the japs and put them in concentration camps along the pacific coastline and confiscate thier businesses and houses and property and give it to us jews instead because a pacific war means big money not just as supply war materials jew middlemans but stealing fresh recruit gi meager paychecks also since so many will never come back to America ever again anyway. Kill the best goyim and in korea and Vietnam also and a hundred other conflicts while the jew war profit machine jew world order keeps grinding forward on the dead bodies of stupid white goyim.

  4. The opinion you trust says:

    Is it $150 we have to pay for each head we do, or we are going to be paid $150 for each head we do?

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    All I want for Christmas is this. Pat Buchanan has a great writing style and tells the truth. I burned through this book in three nights of bedside reading. Hitler did NOT declare war on Britain or france. THEY declared war on Germany over a place called Poland that England or france had no chance of ever guaranteeing their safety anyway. Let alone the other omitted fact of history is that stalin wanted half of Poland also and waited for the Germans to get the hard work done first. So the brits got kicked out of Europe Hitler gave mercy upon them instead of wiping them out and the French of course surrendered without help from others. So the brits needed help really really bad and churchill sent the king and his wife to jew York to suck roosevelts dick and beg for an American bailout. heps me heps me your a rich jew house of rothscild banker boy jew 33rd degree freemason get America into this jew world order 2. Anyway this is a good book also.

  6. The opinion you trust says:

    Florida is not a good place. I you every being in Florida it is all black, and Mexicans, and Jews which often hard to distinguish from people. It is so hot and exotic there so it naturally attracts Jews who have exotic taste. Not a good place to be. In a lawsuit filed today in Florida Court, some probably Black Jewish Florida voters assert that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, actually won Florida. There should be a way to sue them for frivolous lawsuit.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    Rest in Peace Stepdad Jim. From West byGod Virginia and served in jew war two. 2 ships aircraft carriers wasp and hornet sunk out from under him by the slant eyed japs and everything he owned that was not left at home is now resting on the bottom of the ocean. He came back to live and work at the Good Lord and Mr. Ford Cleveland engine plant but he was quite the asshole especially when he was drinking. And I don’t blame him for that either. He was a good man even though looking back upon it he was a mean sob. Every neighbor and even across the street in Cleveland back then were jew war two veterans army navy marines and even air force were called army air force back then. Real good people and they worked hard to make America great again and didn’t wear earrings or makeup that was for their female wives back when men were supposed to like women. Man when I would come home from Cleveland jew public schools and he asked me what I learned today he would beat my ass and say that’s all bullshit and so is this new math they are trying to teach you. Algebra? What fucking algebra? Letters and numbers don’t mix together no matter what jews try to tell you! Boy you need to learn addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. You aint smart enough for that geometry and algebra and calculus stuff. He was right again. If I say I am going to hit you with my belt 8 times but I change my mind and say my arm hurts and can only hit you with it 5 times then how many times are you going to be hit? Uh.. 5 ??? Is that a trick question? Allright smartass now I’ll add back the next 3 and it will be 8 times.

  8. Hoff says:

    And why could the japs do Pearl Harbor? The carrier fleet. I think the japs had six carriers when they attacked.

    Scroll down a little and read about the carrier:

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    Stepdad Jim was a good man. Had a three speed shift on the column to get to work at the Cleveland engine plant at 4 in the morning every day. Only a few times he told us to get out of the bed and help dig this car out of the snow so I can get to work. Always worked and did everytime overtime he could do to make sure his bill were paid on time. And he didn’t take no shit from anybody either these are my rules in my house I pay the fucking bills here for heat and electricity and this fucking roof over your head and if you don’t like it hit the road jack and don’t you come back. So me and my brother hit the road jack both at age 17. Military woke us both up at 4 oclock in the morning to. Fuck it. Jim was a good man deserving of high respect one of those guys down in the bowelles of a ship he told me once he was a fireman on the wasp and the hornet when the japs hit us the ship was sinking the abandon ship order was given and then I already had my life jacket on and was floating around in the ocean. What is MY story? Gulf war? scud missiles with chemical warheads? Nothing like that full out against the slant eyed japs stuff. Rest in peace stepdad Jim.

  10. Hoff says:

    Very powerful video, 4 min


    Let’s Just Release the Blacks from Prison and Onto the Streets!

    Daily Stormer
    December 6, 2016

    What could go wrong???

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    Stepdad Jim was an unsung hero. Not only in the navy but one day he came home from work at the Cleveland engine plant. This asshole from across the street was mad because we were playing frisby in the street and it landed in his yard one time. He started yelling at Jim and Jim just got home let me get my boots out of this car and don’t fucking yell at me anymore I will shoot your fucking ass head and I hate my kids too. Jim always had a 38 and didn’t like people parking in his parking space either. I never had anybody stand up for me and help me before stepdad Jim said if you ever fuck with one of my kids anymore I will shoot you. And he meant it and nobody fucked with stepdad Jim.

  12. Justice Frog says:

    Fake News Stories! Watching HLN now and they are saying #PizzaGate is a fake news story and TOTALLY baseless! Like NO this never could happen? 400 Children in Ontario. The pedo rings in England. This does and has occur. IF we let them get away with covering this satanic child sex ring up, we as a nation deserve to perish.

    I am working on creating an email / identity to take action, because if this is ignored, shame on us.

    Where is the NYC Police on this? The FBI? Please don’t let these satanic demons get away with this.

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  14. anon says:

    Yea let all the niggers out of prison–Time for some Coon Hunting. Let me see if I can find my truck mount for my PNL – portable nigger lyncher.

    “Fake” ‘news’- pfffft. Hold up. The D.C. pedophile kikescum will NOT be able to lie their hooknosed pedo-kike way out of this one. THIS ONE WILL BRING THEM ALL DOWN.


  15. Recon Ranger says:

    Hey Opinion …We get paid the $ 150.00 bucks per head…. do you have enough Ammo ?If not, better purchase now because this bounty could mean a good economy for us Goyim…RR

  16. Blitzz says:

    Yeah, we got to “Do This Up Right” and finish the Jew OFF for All Time- if not for ourselves, then certainly for all of the “StepDad Jims” that have been in our Lives- some, that we never even got a chance to really know.

    I reverently raise my glass . . . .

    Here’s to all of our “StepDad Jims” out there . . .

    The real Men who truly stood up for us and cared for us when we were still too small to fully care for ourselves. May The Great Spirit (The Father of the Lord Jesus Christ) be with you and comfort you Forever- and may we Follow the Best of your Brave Examples, and lay a few new ones of our own- ones Gifted to us by Our Great Father, as Good Medicine- Foot Steps and a Path that would make you Proud.

  17. The opinion you trust says:

    After looking at the above-mentioned pictures of treatment of a fecaloid, it brought an association of a jail. Which is a normal association in today’s suffocating legal environment.

    The White Boy is in there, and the vultures are sharpening knifes to bring the innocence down today or tomorrow. They say he did it, but did he reality do it?

    It appears that instead they themselves did it to themselves. I can say by the way the White Boy looks, that repeatedly Niggers were desecrating and dishonoring him by calling him all kind inappropriate names. For some reasons Niggers think that it is all right to call people names, kill them, rob them, disobey them, rape them, and hate them. But Niggers did it to the white boy and they keep still do it every day everywhere in America. Why do they do it? That is because how Incog Man explained it: “The niggers got out of hand”.

    And the time has come when the patience was all lost and the white boy overreacted. And then he repeated it nine times. And look who appears to be guilty now: the provoked innocence who stood for what is right, orb the real culprits who provoked the poor creature.

    Those who are sharpening the knifes to sentence him are the same groups who use the Church of our God to conspire against the Whiteness, to collude against the Goodness, to organize against us, to desecrate our God himself.

    The darkness uses the religious placed, they use our Church to advance their hate and criminal intent. The Blacks are desecrating our Church by using it to plan their crimes against humanity, their resistance, their brigades. To illustrate, here is a black article written by a Nigger detailing how the Niggers use black churches to organize resistance to us in the Trump era.

    Take a good look at this dark website under examination here. This website brewed by the dangerous demons by the evil’s servants themselves, who are exact opposite of all good in this life, who are the opposite of good honest American people, who are the opposite of us – God Soldiers.

  18. GTRman / nilus/Tony Hayers says:

    The above hit piece I posted on Andrew Brons seems so dated already…..but all of his points are lemony-fresh and acutely relevant. Those “on the right” knew that they had all the (((odds))) stacked against them, and knew it was going to be a long haul, but…fuck me, how things have changed since that was
    first published.

    God bless TRS , Morrakiu, etc, and a BIG SHOUT OUT to the UNSUNG HEROES and PIONEERS like INCOGMAN

    GREETINGS ALL. Sorry for being a stranger.

  19. Hoff says:

    Watch lower left, women in stairway going down. Watch “cultural enricher” from behind. From six secund and next three seconds.

    The Cultural Enrichment of Germany

  20. Smitherines says:

    Israeli Penetration Of The U.S. Media

    By Rahul Manchanda, Esq. on December 7, 2016

    The US actors involved are all at once guilty of treason, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, RICO, and the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

    Much has been written over the past few weeks about how allegedly the Russian Government has penetrated the American media in order to tell their side of the story and to counter the steady diet of anti-Russian propaganda by the thoroughly corrupted and co-opted US Mainstream media by the Neo-Conservatives, Warmongers, and Military Industrial Complex in order to brainwash and motivate average Americans into hating Russia and to support clandestine and overt military and paramilitary operations against Russia and their interests overseas.

    The American Mainstream Media (“MSM”) has been steadily beating the drum against Russia while vilifying Vladimir Putin in order to justify Neo-Conservative incursions into that sovereign country, as well as undermine their relationships overseas and subjugate their entire country.

    This type of media script is also pushing the United States dangerously close to World War 3 by constantly provoking and poking the Russian bear, aided and abetted by NATO who is constantly pushing its troops, military, tanks, missiles and other hardware right up to the border of Russia in an increasingly menacing and hostile manner.

    But next to nothing has been researched or written about the long-standing, ongoing, decades long penetration of the U.S. Mainstream Media by Israel and its vested spies within the US Government.

    More below at the URL:

  21. Blitzz says:

    Trump vs. Clinton

    Forget the popular vote numbers in total (most of which were cast by un-American white-skinned Jews, other such type foreign invaders- “mexicans, latinos, syrians, xxx judeo-muslim invaders, etc etc,” or non-existent persons).

    Here goes the real numbers . . .

    Donald Trump
    Counties Won Nationwide = 3,000+
    (small-town America, Agrarian communities)

    Hillary Clinton
    Counties Won Nationwide = 57
    (mega-cities/counties filled w/invaders)

    Foreign invaders have no memory, because they have no American past. They should not even be in America, much less voting in America! The numbers above prove that they either have no recollection of the past, or are insane- or both. The numbers above prove who really voted for Clinton.

    It’s not that Americans liked Trump so much, it’s that Americans, that is to say true Americans, know/remember who the Clintons are/were (flashback below) If we can only get them to know more (like with Pearl Harbor etc etc from a Jew-wise angle) . . . . . .


    Waco Revisited

    We can easily picture Josef Stalin staging a public ceremony to honor the distinguished service of the commandants of his notorious death camps. They had very efficiently killed more than a million Christians a year, during the first forty years of the Bolshevik regime in Russia.

    It is more difficult for us to envision such a ceremony taking place in the United States. However, C-Span did televise ten days of a recent proceeding in which sleek, well-dressed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) agents, and agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the American equivalent of the Russian KGB) were brought before a Joint Committee of Congress, chaired by hard-core Republican leaders and forced to listen day after day to encomiums heaped upon them by the admiring Congressmen.

    Their achievement? They had perpetrated one of the greatest mass atrocities in American history, incinerating many dissidents, including almost two dozen women and children, who had taken refuge in their church.

    Our story begins on the morning on February 28th, 1993, when a column of more than 100 heavily armed federal agents wound down a lonely road some ten miles northeast of Waco, Texas. Their mission — to attack and destroy the congregation of a Christian church, the Branch Davidian subsidiary of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

    This mission had been assigned, and was orchestrated throughout the siege, by the sinister agency, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith [Hebrew for “Sons of the Covenant”], through its subsidiary group, CAN, the Cult Awareness Network, which had infiltrated its agents into the church to set up for the ADL-directed massacre.

    Their mission was an integral part of the ADL’s nationwide drive to confiscate all guns from citizens of the United States, as part of the ADL mission to make America safe for its Zionist agitprop revolutionaries.


    This assault was planned as a classic murder raid, patterned after the Indian raids along the early Texas frontier. These raids were known as “murder raids” because the Indians, hoping to discourage further encroachment on their lands, tried to kill all of the settlers within a given area, including women and children.
    To justify this bloodthirsty goal, the federal agents knew they had to provoke some resistance from their intended victims. This goal was achieved by broadly advertising that they were intending to attack. The day before the raid, the local newspaper, the Waco Tribune-Herald, had featured a story about the Branch Davidian Church and the government’s intentions.

    The New York Times noted on March 1st, 1993 that camera crews were present before the federal agents began their assault [yep- they sure were], including crews from KWTX, and a camera crew from Dallas, a CNN affiliate, WFAA-TV.
    It was apparent that a first-rate television event was in the making.


    At the church, the intended victims, led by their young minister, David Koresh, who had legally changed his name from Vernon Wayne Howell in 1991, watched the armed attackers approach and take up their firing positions around the building. When the agents knocked on the church door, David Koresh tried to alert them by yelling, “There are women and children here!”

    Reassured by this information, the federal agents began firing through the door, wounding Koresh and one of his assistant ministers, who soon died of massive stomach wounds. The armed agents then effected a well-planned assault on the second story of the church, entering through a window. One agent went in first and was followed by four more ATF agents. A burst of gunfire then came from within the building, killing four of the ATF agents. These agents included four men who had traveled the previous year as President Clinton’s personal bodyguards throughout his Presidential campaign. Their deaths were the latest in a long list of casualties among persons who had been close to Clinton.

    The first agent then emerged from the building, and rejoined his comrades on the ground. A fifty-one day siege ensued. The 100 agents at the site was increased to more than 400 agents. The ATF agents were replaced by the FBI, which assumed total command over the operation.

    President Clinton was said to have been incensed over the failure of the ATF to wipe out the defenders of the church during the initial attack. This is the only instance in American history in which a Christian church has been subjected to such a devastating attack by any government agency. Although the Branch Davidian church was a flimsy wooden firetrap, FBI agents later admitted in their testimony that they had never made any provisions either to bring in firefighting equipment or to notify area fire departments to stand by to protect the women and children in the church from flames.

    Later in the siege, the US Army’s heaviest [military] tanks were brought in to complete the assault on the church. Our laws strictly forbid the use of military equipment against civilians, but this prohibition was overcome by the Attorney General’s [Janet Reno] taking advantage of the President’s “war on drugs”.
    She was informed by ADL agents provocateurs that the Branch Davidians had become very active in producing and selling drugs, and that they had established a “methamphetamine laboratory” in the church.

    This information, which was later proved to have been entirely false, allowed [Janet] Reno to call in military assistance. She requested the Army Special Forces to plan for a massive military assault against the Branch Davidians. However, the Army warned her that such a raid on a drug laboratory would inevitably result in heavy civilian casualties.

    Attorney General Reno assured the Army that she understood the risks, and that she was fully prepared to accept such consequences. It was this agreement between Reno and the Army Special Forces which inevitably doomed the women and children of the church to a horrible death.


    During the fifty-one-day siege of the church before the final holocaust, a few of the Branch Davidians, women who had taken no part in the firing, were ostentatiously seized by the agents as they emerged from the condemned building, and handcuffed and shackled in full view of those inside the church.

    They were led away in chains, charged with “conspiracy to murder ATF agents”. In charging these worshippers with conspiracy to murder, the [federal] government ignored many published reports that the ATF agents had been shot down by their own [US Government] colleagues in a withering crossfire.

    In fact, the AFT agents, many of whom had never fired their guns in action before, had fired thousands of rounds in an orgy of excessive force, in their anxiety to kill all the congregation as quickly as possible.

    The actual events were chronicled in Newsweek, April 5th, 1993, which appeared a few days after the initial assault. It was headlined, “FRIENDLY FIRE”, with the subhead, “In The Bungled Waco Raid, Federal Agents May Have Been Shot By Their Own Men”.

    Newsweek went on to state unequivocally, “Some federal law enforcement officials now believe that at least some ATF agents were brought down by friendly fire — a federal source involved in the Waco situation says that ‘there is evidence that supports the theory of friendly fire.’ The official, who insisted on anonymity, believes that an investigation will show that agents were downed by colleagues. ‘I’m afraid it’s inevitable.“’ This “unnamed federal official” is said by Washington insiders to be none other than the then Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary Lloyd Bentsen, who was in charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms [ATF].

    He was furious at the public embarrassment for which he was held responsible. However, his views were never again expressed publicly. Privately, he tried to get the FBI to accept the ATF bureau as a gift; they refused. He then fired the entire ATF upper echelon.

    At Bentsen’s insistence, Clinton ordered the FBI to take over the siege of the church, to protect him from further embarrassment.


    The FBI initially focused on a psychological waging of the siege, using such favorite Communist tactics as playing loud [heavy metal] music [along with constant mind-numbing noises] and focusing bright lights on the congregation [all throughout each night], to wear them down [by never allowing them any sleep].

    They [the FBI] had called in their staff “behaviorists”, such as Dr. Murray Samuel Miron, who lists himself in Who’s Who as “psychologist, threat assessor for the FBI, Dept. of State and Dept. of Energy, expert in psycholinguistic profiles of anonymous communications, Office Psycholinguistic Research Center, Syracuse, N.Y.”.

    The behaviorists ignored the fact that they were dealing with a religious group, and focused on accepted Freudian psychotherapy techniques in dealing with the congregation.

    The Davidians had been founded by a Bulgarian immigrant, Victor T. Houteff, who wrote The Shepherd’s Rod in 1930, which refined Seventh Day Adventist dogma. The Davidians believed that there would be 140,000 survivors of the coming Apocalypse, who would be the core of a new Kingdom of God modeled on the ancient Kingdom of David. This was a very devout group, which lived by the Bible.


    The New York Times reported on March 8th, 1993 that 21 children came out of the church, noting that “social workers say the children seem well cared for”. A Texas Child Protective Service worker, Joyce Sparks, later testified at the Congressional Hearings that she had spent many hours investigating at the church and had found no evidence of any child abuse.

    The children had been receiving home schooling by their mothers at the church and were bright and responsive to adult questioners. Nevertheless Attorney General [Janet] Reno used the pretext of child abuse as part of a three-pronged justification for the final, lethal assault of the murder raid on the church.

    She had already falsified the story of the “drug laboratory” on the premises; she now publicized the fact that the attack must proceed to “save the children” and a further fantasy from the Anti-Defamation League [ADL] that the Branch Davidians had been planning a massive attack on the residents of Waco.

    This was the most nonsensical claim of all. The church was ten miles from Waco; Waco had 100,000 residents, and was a church town which had more than 200 churches. Certainly its inhabitants had no reason to fear an assault by the Branch Davidians.

    In fact, reporters on the scene found that hardly anyone in Waco had ever heard of the Branch Davidians or knew where their church was.

    On March 31st, 1993, an attorney hired by Koresh’s family, Dick DeGuerin, visited the church to persuade Koresh to surrender. Koresh seemed more than willing to do so. He had now stood off a huge military assault for more than a month; he had become a national figure; and the New York Times reported that he had hired two New York City lawyers, Michael Kennedy and Kenneth David Burrows, to protect the rights to his life story.

    In fact, Koresh believed that he had won, and that a surrender on his terms could be concluded. Certainly he had no thought of suicide. Dick DeGuerin informed Jeffrey Jamar, FBI site agent in charge at the assault scene, that Koresh needed a few more days to complete his translation of the Seven Seals, and Jamar [FBI agent] assured him [Koresh] that they [The Davidians] had all the time in the world, as he later testified before the committee.

    However, when Jamar [FBI agent] notified Washington headquarters that a surrender was imminent on April 14th, there was panic in the White House. Plans for an all-out assault were drawn up the next day, approved on April 17th, and the final attack began on April 19th.

    Jamar later testified that they did not believe Koresh intended to surrender, but the National Review, November 1st, 1993, reported that an almost complete translation of Koresh’s Seven Seals work was later found in the church, indicating that he had been sincere in his assurance that he would surrender as soon as this vital work was completed.


    Throughout the siege, telephone lines had been kept open to Washington [DC] by the ATF and FBI agents. All negotiations were discussed and approved by Washington. Now the federal officials, panicky at the thought that Koresh would actually surrender, ordered the attack plan for an assault which will “terminate” all of the church members, including the women and children. No one would be allowed to escape alive.

    To initiate the assault on April 19th, 1993, four-hundred tear gas shells of deadly CS gas were fired into the compound. Each shell was clearly marked on its base. “Do Not Use in Enclosed Area” as it was known to be deadly, especially to children and small infants.

    The US Army’s heaviest [military] tanks launched a direct attack on the church building, collapsing its walls, while overhead, the helicopter gunships rained bullets and napalm on the church from above.

    Texas Governor Anne Richards had lent Texas Ranger helicopters to take part in the “final solution”. When this was revealed during her campaign for re-election, she was terminated by the voters of Texas.


    Within minutes, the entire church was ablaze in President Bill Clinton’s long-awaited inferno. A few of the worshippers managed to stagger out through the flames, but most of them died a horrible death.

    The gas and flames were particularly agonizing for the small infants. Testimony at the hearings revealed that their lungs were seared as they choked on their own saliva, dying in agony.

    The nation was stunned by the depth of this tragedy. Although the New York Times quoted on April 20th, 1993 a statement by Attorney General [Janet] Reno that she “concluded tonight that in hindsight the Government plan to assault the heavily armed cult near Waco, Texas had been a mistake.” She said on Larry King’s program that it was obviously wrong.

    Although Reno valiantly asserted that she bore full blame for the horror, the New York Times also quoted Bill Clinton on April 20th in an official White House statement, “I told the Attorney General to do what she thought was right, and I stand by that decision.” In so many words, Clinton himself was assuming full responsibility for the inferno, although he never again admitted that he bore any responsibility or blame.


    Government agents hastily bulldozed the entire area of the church, planning to bury forever the results of their murderous conspiracy, keeping the entire area under heavy guard until their “sanitizing” efforts were completed.

    It seemed that the children of Waco had indeed been buried for all time, until the 1994 elections. An outraged electorate swept many of Clinton’s [Democratic] loonies from office, and left him facing a Republican majority in Congress. This Congress soon announced full-scale hearings into many of his crimes, including the Whitewater conspiracy and the Waco Holocaust.

    While he [Bill Clinton] retained a Democratic majority, he was secure from any Congressional investigation, but now he stood bare to the wind of exposure.

    A Joint Committee on Government Oversight, co-chaired by Congressman Bill Zeliff, (R-N.H.) and Bill McCollum (R.-Fla.) started off like a house afire, despite roadblocks quickly thrown up by Congressman Charles Schumer, (D-N.Y.) former chairman of the committee [as well as Congressional spokesman for the ADL], and his sidekick, Congressman John Conyers (D-Mich.)

    Schumer, known on Capitol Hill as “the Congressman from the Anti-Defamation League” accused Zeliff and McCollum of “trying to rehabilitate David Koresh”, provoking them into vilifying the departed minister at every opportunity.

    It seemed that Koresh would be totally destroyed when the committee brought in a [false] witness, a 14-year-old girl named Kiri Jewell, who read a carefully prepared statement that David Koresh had had intercourse with her four years ago, when she was at the church. She was then ten years old. There was no cross examination, but all of the members of the committee, both Republican and Democratic, now erupted in furious vilification of David Koresh. Throughout the remainder of the hearings, they referred to him as “the maniacal child molester” and other epithets.

    However, a distinguished British reporter now based in Washington, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, made a few phone calls that evening, and quickly elicited the information that at the time she claimed to have been molested, she had been living with her mother and grandmother in California, and had not been near Koresh or the church at Waco.

    However, [Englishman reporter] Evans-Pritchard’s request to bring this information before the [Congressional] committee was indignantly denied by the chair.


    After several days of hearings, the Republicans on the committee seemed to have experienced a remarkable change of heart. They repeatedly voiced their assurances that they were not there to attack law enforcement; they continued to vilify Koresh, and they allowed the Democrats, Schumer and Conyers to dictate the content of the hearings.

    This seemed very mysterious at the time, but Washington sources intimated that the Republican co-chairmen had received a good talking to from the ADL emissaries, who reminded them that these hearings might well result in the abolition of the ATF bureau, the abolition of the FBI, and the departure of [Janet] Reno and Freeh, as had already been repeatedly predicted by the press.

    The ADL reminded the Republicans that Congress needed these federal agencies, who helped to maintain the monolithic government bureaucracy, and that the Congressmen too benefited from their forays against the taxpaying citizens.

    The Republicans returned to the hearings, suitably admonished, and for the week of hearings remaining, their comments were indistinguishable from the Democrats. The sellout had been complete.


    One of the most effective witnesses at the Waco Hearings was a survivor of the Waco Holocaust, Clive Doyle, whose family had perished in the inferno. Doyle began his testimony by asking plaintively, “Why aren’t you calling more of the survivors? I know there are several of them in the area.” No one on the committee made any response, nor did they call any other survivors. However, they did call an incredible number of ATF agents and FBI agents who had presided over the Holocaust, and who repetitively claimed that they had incurred no blame for anything that happened.

    Doyle’s touching testimony began with his account of the initial ATF assault, when Koresh and his assistant were fired upon through the door by the ATF agents. Neither he nor any member of the committee ever referred to the damning article in Newsweek, April 5th, 1993, which stated unequivocally that federal officials knew the agents had been killed in their own cross fire. Nor did they refer to another damning exposé, appearing in Time magazine, Dec. 11th, 1993, headlined “TRIPPED UP BY LIES”, which stated, “A report paints a devastating portrait of ATF’s Waco planning. The two-hundred-and-twenty page critique issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms [ATF] concluded that the decision to proceed was tragically wrong, not just in retrospect, but because of what the decision makers knew at the time. The report says they handled the sensitive situation ineptly, but tried to cover up its bungling with lies and obfuscations. [Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary Lloyd] Bentsen [then head of the ATF] ordered replacement of the agency’s entire top management, including its director, Stephen Higgins.”


    Because Time, Newsweek and other publications had already fully exposed the blunders of government agents at Waco, we can only marvel at the duplicity of the Congressmen in concealing all of this readily available information and admitting only testimony which reinforced the government agents’ chutzpah [a Jewy word for a deceitful display of bold boastful arrogance and false-confidence whilst enjoyably misleading someone] in claiming they were totally blameless for the massacre of the women and children in their church.

    Throughout many days of parading the death squads’ members before their committee, the Congressmen vied with each other in expressing their thanks to the child killers for their selfless devotion to duty, their sacrifice, and their UNDISPUTED patriotism.


    The only break in this web of deceit, which ranks as one of the greatest acts of treachery by Congressmen in the history of our Republic, came when two bold and honest Texas Rangers testified before the committee.

    When they were asked why they had not spoken in public before on their experiences at Waco, they answered with great pride, “Texas Rangers do not give interviews, appear on talk shows, or make public statements.”

    Captain David Bymes and Captain Maurice Cook testified that they had been called to Waco and deputized as United States marshals in order to investigate the deaths of the ATF agents, which the government claimed was murder. However, they were horrified to find that FBI agents were changing and destroying evidence at the crime scene, a felony, and that they were conspiring to obstruct justice.

    When the [FBI] agents realized that the Rangers had no intention of joining them in their conspiracy, they gave them the silent treatment. The Rangers testified that the FBI became totally uncooperative giving them very little input into what was going on at Waco and finally refusing to have any communication with the Rangers at all.

    [Ranger] Byrnes testified that the activities of the FBI at Waco “casts doubt on all law enforcement”. This was in complete contrast to the protestations of the Congressmen at this hearing that they were not there to attack law enforcement. Byrnes testified that he had called for the indictment and prosecution of two FBI agents who had repeatedly lied to him and obstructed his investigation of a murder scene. He said flatly, “We were lied to.” Although he insisted that he would continue his demands for prosecution of the FBI agents, it is doubtful that his complaints will ever be processed in Washington.

    [Ranger] Byrnes also testified that at Waco, “The FBI lines were always open to Washington [DC]. Everything was run out of Washington.” This clearly proved that President Clinton was in total charge of the entire Waco operation, as the FBI and the Attorney General are known as the KGB or political police of the White House.

    Nevertheless, no attempt was made by the chairmen of the Waco Hearings to call Clinton as a witness.


    The Waco cover-up hearings concluded with two days of testimony by Attorney General Janet Reno. She parried all queries about the torture and murder of the children at the church by gas and flames, stating that she had consulted the best experts. She pointed out that there was little available information about testing tear gas on children.

    In fact, the gas had been developed to control dangerous criminals. No one ever expected that it would be used on helpless infants.

    A psychologist observing her testimony commented that “[Janet] Reno is a classical, textbook example of the socio-psychopath. She is incapable of remorse or of admitting guilt for any crime she commits.”


    With each day of the hearings, Co-chairmen Zeliff and McCollum had become more obsequious [compliant in a servile manner] and fawning to the federal agents, the mass murderers, who appeared before them. Instead of reproaching them for their crimes, the Republican Congressmen outdid each other in groveling before the killers, assuring them that in no way did they wish to reproach them for having done such an outstanding job.

    When [Janet] Reno finally left the stand, and the cover-up hearings came to a close, Americans knew that they had been hornswoggled again. The Wall Street Journal, August 2nd, 1993, echoed the sentiments of most Americans when its editors criticized the hearings as featuring “far too much feeble, half-hearted questioning by Republicans. Enough new information has come out to make mincemeat of the Clinton Administration’s Waco story.

    Within 48 hours after the February 28th, 1993 initial assault on the Branch Davidian compound, the federal government abandoned routine law enforcement to avoid gathering evidence that might embarrass the government.

    A Sept. 17th, 1993 Treasury Dept. confidential memo to Asst. Treas. Secretary Ronald Noble stated that on March 1st, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms [ATF] initiated a shooting review and ‘immediately determined that these stories (of agents involved) did not add up’.

    Justice Dept. Attorney Bill Johnston at this point advised ATF supervisor Dan Hartnett to stop the shooting review because AFT was creating exculpatory material that might undermine government prosecution of the Davidians.

    The cover-up continued on April 14th, 1993. The Treasury Dept. general counsel, Robert McNamara, sent a letter to several top-ranking Treasury officials stating that the Justice Dept. ‘does not want Treasury to conduct any interviews or have discussions with any of the participants who may be witnesses because of fear of creating exculpatory material.’ The Justice Dept. also warned Treasury not to contract outside experts to analyze the original raid.”

    In conclusion, the Wall Street Journal found that “The evidence of a cover-up and gross federal misconduct is far stronger in the Waco hearings than in the [Clinton] Whitewater investigation. The Republican leadership in Congress should seize upon the recent revelations to demand a special counsel to be appointed to investigate possible federal crimes and cover-ups regarding Waco.”

    In fact, the Republican leadership in Congress has no intention of demanding a special counsel. Instead, they have now buried the Waco hearings forever, and will continue with the Whitewater charade, which actually serves to insulate Clinton from any investigation of his complicity in the Waco Holocaust, because the Whitewater hearings can be dismissed as a mere political harassment of the President.

    Once again the American people have been sold down the river by their duly elected representatives in Congress. The Waco cover-up will be seen by future historians as the most disgraceful act of a conspiratorial, totally degenerate Congress. It would seem that the children of Waco have now been buried for all time. Let us hope that an aroused American populace will soon raise as their battle cry, “Avenge the children of Waco!”

  22. Hoff says:

    It’s simply beyond me. What?! Why?! Kicking a women from behind down the stairs make you what? King of the stairs? King of women?

  23. Hoff says:

    This is why the communist jews gave up Soviet in the mid 60s. And then joined the zionists jews in Washington DC.

    This is why America is the jews who*re. The landing deck on carrier. Any ship can launch a jet fighter, but to receive it, that’s the Achilles heel of the carrier.


    An Achilles’ heel is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can actually or potentially lead to downfall.

    The Achilles heel, the landing deck of the carrier just not might lead to the downfall of the carrier. It’s THE downfall of the carrier.

    200 meters/yards, 200 kmh/125 mph and two seconds.

    200 meters, 200 kmh and two seconds that is what took down the jew ruled Soviet. The jew ruled Soviet couldn’t build and maintain a carrier fleet. And Soviet Union didn’t have ice free ports in the Pound, The Atlantic.

    The world is 70 percent water and to rule the world you must have the biggest navy on earth and a fleet of carriers. Anything less isn’t even futile. The jew ruled Soviet wasn’t even in the game.

    Only US America can build and maintain a carrier fleet. And got ice free ports to the East, West and South.

    The jet engine came about in the mid 40s. The jet fighter carrier was a mess of trial and error. By the early 60s the jet fighter carrier was operational, and that was only due to the angled landing deck. Now the carrier could launch and land jet fighter simultaneously.

    You want to get rid of the jews in America? It’s really easy. Scrap the carrier fleet. Because without the carrier fleet, America can’t be the jews private army, the jews proxy army.

    200 meter, 200 km/h and two seconds. That is why the jews rule America.

    Landings and Missed Traps F14, F18, A6a —- 2 minutes

  24. Hoff says:

    Watch careful at 30 sec and the next ten seconds. And the watch it again, and again … until you get it.

    What you just watched in two seconds was before the angled landing deck at total disaster to carrier. 50 planes in total, 49 has landed safe, you are plane 50 and miss the landing cable. And they are all 200 meters in front of you.

    What you watched is called a Bolt, missing the landing cable. And even if you catch the cable, the cable might snap. Any witch way, you MUST have at least 200 km/h if you miss the landing deck.

    If don’t have at least 200 km/h you will ditch. A 30 ton jet fighter is a flying brick. At anormal landing you will take of power. When landing a jet fighter on a carrier you do the exact opposite.

    A nanosecond before touchdown you pull full throttle. Gotta have 200 km/h two seconds later, or you ditch if you miss the landing cable. Or the cable snaps … Start at six seconds. Rare, but it happens.

    11 Airplane Crash fatal Compilation 2016 ? Boeing 737 A320 A380 ? Pilot error 2 scenes Gta 5

  25. S O G says:

    hawaii wasnt part of usa yet ….
    good ships moved away ..
    everyone knew it was coming ..
    how in the hell did the japs get talked into this shit …
    japan had oppsed germany in ww1 (jew world war 1) genocide of germans part 1 ….
    strange like the strategem synergist trigger thaT motivated ww1 …
    looking at normal reactions compared to jew conspiracies the normal course of action after arch duke ferdinand was assed by shit kike gavril pricip was to go into serbia and exterminate all jews instead of allowing jews to exterminate all jentiles ..
    so jap and germany had a war or aggression pact ..what the fuck for …it was to be enacted on the attack on either nation by an enemy and the other nation was to join in helping the other ….nothing in there about a group of rogue masonic japs who wanted to overthrow the prince going out and causing the total destruction of japan and how germany even remotely was relatred to this event planned by global shitkikery …
    japan sued for peace asin was done and crispy for a whole yeAr and desired peace aka a stop to s corched earth bombing …ok so in defense of sanity in the face of emotionalism 99% of japs were just japs doing theire thing and not responsible for agreessions ..the oppenheimer crew wanted a live roman catholic city to drop hell bomb little boy a trigger action nuke like the one the jews at avrana security from negev israel detonated at bldng 3 in fukashima ..etc …
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  26. The opinion you trust says:

    That is correct, millions of Jews left Soviet Union, and came here. That was a very organized Jews’ funded operations. In a few short years 99% of all Jews from Russia relocated to the U.S. This transfer was sanctioned by bad Kissinger specifically appointed Secretary of State, to execute this operation. Shortly after the Soviet Union collapsed, which was followed by inflation, in which populous lost everything. The wealth lost by the population changed the hands, and was now in the hand of the few Jewish cons who did not leave, who were directly and personally guided and funded by the foreign intelligence office on how to incorporate, how to invest, how to establish and document property rights in the completely absent, at that period of time, legal structure Unspoken waive of criminality flooded the country. Scarcity created by devaluation created first wave of criminality – the bloody mascara where all whites where killing whites, to still the money and bread from each other. Everybody has became a member of the gang, where one gang was in racket business, and the other in protection business. In the meanwhile, then the spheres of influence and the property rights were redevised among new criminals the new criminal order started settling. The second wave of criminality came, where the common people where no longer permitted to be criminals, and police became racket-gang cutting breaking knees of business owners, and FBI assumed the role of the protector-gang (so called crisha, which is a term describing illegal protection from illegal activities).

    The collapse of the Soviet Union is the study case on how to change political system by changing economic system of a country. The saturating America with such number of Jews and Black Mexicans, which is the operation of gigantic is comparable scale to what was done to the Soviet Union.

    For many the Federal Reserve system has become embodiment of ill. In the reality the Fed system by itself may not be as harmful as it seems. Simply because it extends its financial influence through the chain of Central banks all around the globe. Such system is good to gather information about the spikes in economic activities which may indicate increase in military spending or strategic infrastructure changes. Such system is very conducive to gather information on who is who and who borrows what. Such system is very good at secretly transferring any amounts to fund and size foreign intelligence. The only really bad thing about Fed is that owned and dominated by the Jews. Almost 100% of people who work for the Fed are Jews. In addition, it generated enormous profit, as you understand, and that profit goes to Jews. And Jews do very bad things with the money.

    It would be better for the U.S. to nationalize Fed. It would be even better if the Jews would be all happily together in Israel.

  27. Read this and weep.. The real smoking gun of the entire Pearl Harbor false flag.. The McCollum Report of October 7th, 1940… This shows the evil of the US and how FDR wanted the war:

    0p-16-F-2 ON1 7 October 1940
    Memorandum for the Director

    Subject: Estimate of the Situation in the Pacific and
    Recommendations for Action by the United States.

    1. The United States today finds herself confronted
    by a hostile Germany and Italy in Europe and by an equally
    hostile Japan in the Orient. Russia, the great land link between
    these two groups of hostile powers, is at present neutral, but
    in all probability favorably inclined towards the Axis powers,
    and her favorable attitude towards these powers may be expected
    to increase in direct proportion to increasing success in their
    prosecution of the war in Europe. Germany and Italy have been
    successful in war on the continent of Europe and all of Europe
    is either under their military control or has been forced into
    subservience. Only the British Empire is actively opposing by
    war the growing world dominance of Germany and Italy and their

    2. The United States at first remained coolly aloof
    from the conflict in Europe and there is considerable evidence
    to support the view that Germany and Italy attempted by every
    method within their power to foster a continuation of American
    indifference to the outcome of the struggle in Europe. Paradoxically,
    every success of German and Italian arms has led to further
    increases in United States sympathy for and material support of
    the British Empire, until at the present time the United States
    government stands committed to a policy of rendering every
    support short of war the changes rapidly increasing that
    the United States will become a full fledged ally of the British
    Empire in the very near future. The final failure of German
    and Italian diplomacy to keep the United States in the role of
    a disinterested spectator has forced them to adopt the policy of
    developing threats to U.S. security in other spheres of the world,
    notably by the threat of revolutions in South and Central America
    by Axis-dominated groups and by the stimulation of Japan to further
    aggressions and threats in the Far East in the hope that by these
    mean the Unites States would become so confused in thought
    and fearful of her own immediate security as to cause her to
    become so preoccupied in purely defensive preparations as to
    virtually preclude U.S. aid to Great Britain in any form. As a
    result of this policy, Germany and Italy have lately concluded
    a military alliance with Japan directed against the United States
    If the published terms of this treaty and the pointed
    utterances of German, Italian and Japanese leaders can be believed,
    and there seems no ground on which to doubt either, the three
    totalitarian powers agree to make war on the United States,
    should she come to the assistance of England, or should she
    attempt to forcibly interfere with Japan’s aims in the Orient and,
    furthermore, Germany and Italy expressly reserve the right to
    determine whether American aid to Britain, short of war, is a
    cause for war or not after they have succeeded in defeating
    England. In other words, after England has been disposed of
    her enemies will decide whether or not to immediately proceed
    with an attack on the United States. Due to geographic conditions,
    neither Germany nor Italy are in a position to offer any
    material aid to Japan. Japan, on the contrary, can be of much
    help to both Germany and Italy by threatening and possibly even
    attacking British dominions and supply routes from Australia,
    India and the Dutch East Indies, thus materially weakening
    Britain’s position in opposition to the Axis powers in Europe.
    In exchange for this service, Japan receives a free hand to seize
    all of Asia that she can find it possible to grab, with the
    added promise that Germany and Italy will do all in their power
    to keep U.S. attention so attracted as to prevent the United
    States from taking positive aggressive action against Japan.
    Here again we have another example of the Axis-Japanese
    diplomacy which is aimed at keeping American power immobilized,
    and by threats and alarms to so confuse American thought as to
    preclude prompt decisive action by the United States in either
    sphere of action. It cannot be emphasized to strongly that
    the last thing desired by either the Axis powers in Europe
    or by Japan in the Far East is prompt, warlike action by the
    United States in either theatre of operations.

    3. An examination of the situation in Europe leads
    to the conclusion that there is little that we can do now,
    immediately to help Britain that is not already being done.
    We have no trained army to send to the assistance of England,
    nor will we have for at least a year. We are now trying to
    increase the flow of materials to England and to bolster the
    defense of England in every practicable way and this aid will
    undoubtedly be increased. On the other hand, there is little
    that Germany or Italy can do against us as long as England
    continues in the war and her navy maintains control of the
    Atlantic. The one danger to our position lies in the possible
    early defeat of the British Empire with the British Fleet falling
    intact into the hands of the Axis powers. The possibility of
    such an event occurring would be materially lessened were we
    actually allied in war with the British or at the very least
    were taking active measures to relieve the pressure on Britain
    in other spheres of action. To sum up: the threat to our security
    in the Atlantic remains small so long as the British Fleet
    remains dominant in that ocean and friendly to the United States.

    4. In the Pacific, Japan by virtue of her alliance
    with Germany and Italy is a definite threat to the security
    of the British Empire and once the British Empire is gone the
    power of Japan-Germany and Italy is to be directed against the
    United States. A powerful land attack by Germany and Italy
    through the Balkans and North Africa against the Suez Canal
    with a Japanese threat or attack on Singapore would have very
    serious results for the British Empire. Could Japan be diverted
    or neutralized, the fruits of a successful attack on the Suez
    Canal could not be as far reaching and beneficial to the Axis
    powers as if such a success was also accompanied by the virtual
    elimination of British sea power from the Indian Ocean, thus
    opening up a European supply route for Japan and a sea route for
    Eastern raw materials to reach Germany and Italy, Japan must be
    diverted if the British and American ( ) blockade of Europe
    and possibly Japan (?) is to remain even partially in effect.

    5. While as pointed out in Paragraph (3) there is
    little that the United States can do to immediately retrieve
    the situation in Europe, the United States is able to effectively
    nullify Japanese aggressive action, and do it without lessening
    U.S. material assistance to Great Britain.

    6. An examination of Japan’s present position as
    opposed to the United States reveals a situation as follows:

    Advantages Disadvantages

    1. Geographically strong position 1. A million and a half men
    of Japanese Islands. engaged in an exhausting war
    on the Asiatic Continent.
    2. A highly centralized strong 2. Domestic economy and food
    capable government. supply severely straightened.

    3. Rigid control of economy on 3. A serious lack of sources of
    a war basis. raw materials for war. Notably
    oil, iron and cotton.
    4. A people inured to hardship 4. Totally cut off from supplies
    and war. from Europe.
    5. A powerful army. 5. Dependent upon distant overseas
    routes for essential supplies.
    6. A skillful navy about 2/3 6. Incapable of increasing
    the strength of the U.S. Navy. manufacture and supply of war
    materials without free access
    to U.S. or European markets.
    7. Some stocks of raw materials. 7. Major cities and industrial
    centers extremely vulnerable
    to air attack.
    8. Weather until April rendering
    direct sea operations in the
    vicinity of Japan difficult.

    7. In the Pacific the United States possesses a very strong
    defensive position and a navy and naval air force at present
    in that ocean capable of long distance offensive operation. There
    are certain other factors which at the present time are strongly
    in our favor, viz:

    A. Philippine Islands still held by the United States.
    B. Friendly and possibly allied government in control
    of the Dutch East Indies.
    C. British still hold Hong Kong and Singapore and
    are favorable to us.
    D. Important Chinese armies are still in the field
    in China against Japan.
    E. A small U.S. Naval Force capable of seriously
    threatening Japan’s southern supply routes
    already in the theatre of operations.
    F. A considerable Dutch naval force is in the
    Orient that would be of value if allied to U.S.

    8. A consideration of the foregoing leads to the
    conclusion that prompt aggressive naval action against Japan by
    the United States would render Japan incapable of affording any
    help to Germany and Italy in their attack on England and that
    Japan itself would be faced with a situation in which her navy
    could be forced to fight on most unfavorable terms or accept
    fairly early collapse of the country through the force of blockade.
    A prompt and early declaration of war after entering into suitable
    arrangements with England and Holland, would be most effective
    in bringing about the early collapse of Japan and thus eliminating
    our enemy in the pacific before Germany and Italy could strike
    at us effectively. Furthermore, elimination of Japan must surely
    strengthen Britain’s position against Germany and Italy and, in
    addition, such action would increase the confidence and support
    of all nations who tend to be friendly towards us.

    9. It is not believed that in the present state of
    political opinion the United States government is capable of
    declaring war against Japan without more ado; and it is barely
    possible that vigorous action on our part might lead the
    Japanese to modify their attitude. Therefore, the following
    course of action is suggested:

    A. Make an arrangement with Britain for the use of
    British bases in the Pacific, particularly
    B. Make an arrangement with Holland for the use of
    base facilities and acquisition of supplies
    in the Dutch East Indies.
    C. Give all possible aid to the Chinese government
    of Chiang-Kai-Shek.
    D. Send a division of long range heavy cruisers to
    the Orient, Philippines, or Singapore.
    E. Send two divisions of submarines to the Orient.
    F. Keep the main strength of the U.S. fleet now in
    the Pacific in the vicinity of the Hawaiian Islands.
    G. Insist that the Dutch refuse to grant Japanese
    demands for undue economic concessions,
    particularly oil.
    H. Completely embargo all U.S. trade with Japan,
    in collaboration with a similar embargo imposed
    by the British Empire.

    10. If by these means Japan could be led to commit an
    overt act of war, so much the better. At all events we must be fully
    prepared to accept the threat of war.

    A. H. McCollum
    0p-16-F-2 ON1 7 October 1940
    1. The United States is faced by a hostile combination of
    powers in both the Atlantic and Pacific.

    2. British naval control of the Atlantic prevents hostile
    action against the United States in this area.

    3. Japan’s growing hostility presents an attempt to open sea
    communications between Japan and the Mediterranean by an
    attack on the British lines of communication in the
    Indian Ocean.

    4. Japan must be diverted if British opposition in Europe is
    to remain effective.

    5. The United States naval forces now in the Pacific are
    capable of so containing and harassing Japan as to nullify
    her assistance to Germany and Italy.

    6. It is to the interest of the United States to eliminate
    Japan’s threat in the Pacific at the earliest opportunity
    by taking prompt and aggressive action against Japan.

    7. In the absence of United States ability to take the
    political offensive, additional naval force should be
    sent to the orient and agreements entered into with Holland
    and England that would serve as an effective check against
    Japanese encroachments in South-eastern Asia.
    Comment by Captain Knox

    It is unquestionably to out general interest
    that Britain be not licked – just now she has a stalemate
    and probably cant do better. We ought to make it certain
    that she at least gets a stalemate. For this she will probably
    need from us substantial further destroyers and air reinforcements
    to England. We should not precipitate anything in the
    Orient that should hamper our ability to do this – so long as
    probability continues.

    If England remains stable, Japan will be cautious
    in the Orient. Hence our assistance to England in the Atlantic
    is also protection to her and us in the Orient.

    However, I concur in your courses of action
    we must be ready on both sides and probably strong enough
    to care for both.
    Re your #6: – no reason for battleships not
    visiting west coast in bunches.

  28. The opinion you trust says:

    jews …they are truly all criminally insane …none of them are significantly fit for living with humans …

    Completely unfit!

  29. Hoff says:

    Muslims in … Mandatory video.

    Dearborn, Michigan 2016 —- 6 min

  30. Johnny Draco says:

    @ Northerntruthseeker says:
    December 7, 2016 at 10:59 pm

    “1. The United States today finds herself confronted
    by a hostile Germany and Italy in Europe and by an equally
    hostile Japan in the Orient.”???

    Question: How did the united States “…finds herself confronted
    by a hostile Germany and Italy in Europe and by an equally
    hostile Japan in the Orient…”???

    Change “The United States” to “The Rothschilds Monopoly” then it all makes sense.

  31. John Taurus says:

    The Devil Jews are the enemy of every human being on this planet. They have been making war by deception upon us since God threw their Devil azzzes out of heaven and down to earth. We are in the middle east fighting Israel’s wars and paying for them because Israeli Jews destroyed the World Trade Center and blamed it on Arabs. There is no end to their evil treachery. They use us like a common whore and then murder us when they are through. This needs to end. Right now they are sitting us up for race war with the fake news stories about “Mean evil White men” murdering poor Blacks at every opportunity. They need to be expelled from the country and executed whenever possible. They are pure evil in human form. There is no good in them.

  32. Johnny Draco…

    What you read and have reposted in your comment is the original wording from the McCollum Report as stated in 1940… Those are Andrew McCollum’s words, not mine..

    Therefore that was over 76 years ago….

    But you are correct in that the terminology could be changed to the Rothschilds today….

  33. anon says:

    Ten thousand incensed Jews swarmed into New York City’s Central Park where the man they hated most planned to speak in the “free forum area.” The huge mob was swollen with overwrought people loudly screaming for his blood. They brandished lead pipes and pieces of broken pavement in the best Old Testament traditions of free speech. No one really expected him to show up in the face of such demented numbers, so the frothing Chosen turned the event into an anti-Nazi celebration. They clapped and sang “Havanaglia” and performed round-dances in the street. But at the height of their vengeful hysteria, at the appointed time, a big man standing tall and alone in the very midst of the insane rabble threw off his long, concealing overcoat. As if by black magic, George Lincoln Rockwell appeared in full Stormtrooper uniform in the eye of an emotional hurricane, surrounded by enemies too stunned to move. Incredibly, he began to taunt them, deriding them to their camel-faces as cowards and fugitives from lunatic asylums.

    He had shown up , he said, at their request, so let’s see how tough they really were. No one made a move against the formidable ex-U.S. Navy Commander. He strutted smiling among them, ridiculing their false promises to prevent his New York speech. It was a very personal confrontation between Aryan man and his Jewish opposites, between racial matter and anti-matter. An explosion was inevitable.

    The Jews Go Nuts

    Only by degrees did the Hebes belatedly psych themselves up to sufficient hysteria. In a convulsive, screaming lunge they fell on Commander Rockwell. But he had the psychological advantage of a larger-than life personal courage. In an utterly one-sided battle too incredible for anyone who has not actually witnessed or fought through such a moment, he bashed and throttled his way into the shrieking crowd. The grasping, spitting devils fell on all sides, as the lone hero of the White race cut a path of blood and broken bones across New York City. They never knocked him off his feet and he never tired of splitting enemy jaws.

    Alarmed and inspired by such Hurculean bravery, a squad of policeman crashed into the howling throng swinging night sticks. Kosher casualties mounted rapidly, as the cops obviously relished their sport. They blazed a path of splattering gore to the ever-battling Rockwell, and escorted him over the blubbering bodies of fallen Jews. He emerged with only a few cuts and minor bruises. Even his uniform was in relatively good shape.

    Who Was George Lincoln Rockwell?

  34. And….. About Pearl Harbor and the proof that they followed the McCollum report to the letter…

    The US Pacific Fleet once it knew that the Japanese fleet was coming purposely withdrew ALL of its modern support vessels and modern carriers from the harbor days before the attack… The USS Lexington (CV2) was sent to Wake, with its fast and modern support vessels.. The USS Enterprise (CV6) was sent to Midway, also along with its own fast and modern support vessels…. The USS Saratoga (CV3) was purposely delayed in its departure from the west coast along with its own modern and fast support vessels as well…. The USS Yorktown (CV5), Wasp (CV7), USS Hornet (CV8), and even the smaller USS Ranger (CV4) were also either in the Atlantic Ocean at the time of the attack or moored on the West Coast of the United States and far away from the attack…

    Therefore the only vessels at Pearl Harbor for the week until the attack were in fact absolutely old and scrap World War I pieces of junk Battleships and their much slower and older support vessels…. That was the cheese used as bait for the Japanese attack and when the Japanese attacked, they actually indirectly helped the US navy by forcing the rapid construction of more modern Aircraft Carriers of the Essex class (CV9 and up…) that were already in development as well at their modern support vessels….

    The Japanese navy actually blew up and destroyed so much useless scrap metal at Pearl Harbor… BUT of course the criminal US government had to make sure they were still fully manned and therefore were indeed purposely murdered by the US government itself…

  35. Karen says:

    Not only “don’t they care if any of us Goyims’ get killed” they want us dead one way or another. Churchill, sell-out drunk though he was, had their number. He wrote a piece called Bolshevism or Zionism, worth reading. The Jewish Utopia is an impossibility so long as high I.Q. proud Whites exist as they will not succumb to a dystopian NWO existence as serfs……

  36. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    December 8, 2016 at 11:45 am

    Not only “don’t they care if any of us Goyims’ get killed” they want us dead one way or another. Churchill, sell-out drunk though he was, had their number. He wrote a piece called Bolshevism or Zionism, worth reading. The Jewish Utopia is an impossibility so long as high I.Q. proud Whites exist as they will not succumb to a dystopian NWO existence as serfs……

    They all have their number Karen, read Truman’s diary on the bastards: he
    LOATHED them, but then turned around and LEGITIMIZED their fucking
    shithole Zionist criminal cabal state over there though, didn’t he!

    Joe Kennedy HATED them, and had their number, even after them killing his
    two sons, didn’t change old Teddy, he couldn’t shove enough Zio- prick down,
    he’s one of the ones they used to PUSH this Third World Immigration
    shit down our throats in the 1960s , early 1970s.

    Nixon hated them: read his conversations with Billy Benedict Arnold Graham
    and how they had a “STRANGLEHOLD on Hollywood” and “They are
    destroying the USA’s family values.”

    Nixon, then helped them in that I think “7 Day War?” Anyway they had
    the PUPPET STRINGS on him too!

    These people knew what Jews have been doing to us right along, when
    confronted later, Graham’s retort”The Devil made me say those things.”

    Yet, Karen, it’s only” the Catholic church that is PHONY,” not Protestant,
    Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, try to go in any Russian Orthodox
    church here, Canada, Europe or Russia, and see if you aren’t arrested when
    telling them how Jews are corrupting them, see who their “real god is”
    it ain’t Jesus anymore it’s Zionist POWER and Money (The Beast!).

  37. Smitherines says:

    The Occidental Observer:
    See JPG:
    “I’m caught in a whirlwind
    I’m going to heaven
    I’m standing on trial and it’s painted on canvas
    An eternal testament to how we are so animalistic ”
    – Ashamed, by Deertick

    Oliver Stone has quite the track record when it comes to biopics. With three films based on former United States Presidents (JFK, Nixon and W.), and an additional feature about the man who is arguably the most influential leader in the history of Western Civilization (Alexander) he is no stranger to the complexity of the human spirit caught in flight between the firmament of absolute truth and the gravity of the world as it is, with mankind’s’ jealousy and corruption dragging down the state. These men all stood on the precipice of a great decline — a potential implosion of their societies — and in their own respective ways tried to arrest the social decay and abuses they saw eating at their population.

    So too, Snowden. The character studies his previous films became have been criticized by some for being sympathetic. But for his own part, Stone has insisted sympathy was never his goal. In an industry that has relied on the formula of the Hero’s Journey, Oliver

    More below:

  38. Smitherines says:

    Sorry second to last post Nixon was involved in Yom Kippur War
    The Yom Kippur War, Ramadan War, or October War, also known as the 1973 Arab–Israeli War, not the 6 Day War, that was 1967

  39. The opinion you trust says:

    A lone Hero.

    This is a good story about the lone hero. Sadly the white hero was all alone. For some reason it is difficult for white people to consolidate, where Jews are organized and united like a well functioning mafia clan from the tiny Italy, they do not hesitate to channel money to each other to start businesses in order to intangle our society in the dense layer of spider cobweb. Even black African Niggers and black African – Americans Negros learned to stick together and created well organized Black Life Matter. But not white people.

    Yes, white people will help each with a plate of sup, or to die a quick death, but that is about it. White people pathologically incapable to live, to act, to lobby, to elect, to advance themselves as a group, and to function as one organize infantry brigade. They are incapable to cooperate with each to achieve the goal to achieve what is right. Every white person have prepared a good excuse for not to being there with the lone hero.

    There are a lot of people among white people who should become better people, white people are not ideal. But they are by far better then Jews and Niggers.

    Therefore the white people should all get together to face the growing threat of Aggressive Jews and Hateful African – Americans Niggers.

    Here is a brief survey to check the purity of thinking.

    Answer yes or no.

    White people the first people in all of human history to voluntarily collaborate in transforming themselves into a future disempowered demographic minority.

    Driven by corporate Jewry legislature created absolute human right for third world peoples to become the future dominant majority in all White countries.

    All White countries have this problem, and this problem is too many colored people.

    White race is a major road block to further human progress and social justice.

    Artificially engineered multi-ancestral, multi-historical, multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic / racial society is ill-antagonistic, lack of trust, prone to conflict prone.

    Organically evolved mono-ancestral settlements that is how it supposed to be.

    Jews and Black Obamanations has committed acts of war, cruelty, slavery, oppression and genocide that Whites have never committed or are incapable of committing, or will never commit.

    Whites are intrinsically more virtuous compare to Colored.

    Of 8.5 billion total global population of 1 billion whites can also be guilt tripped into allowing replacement level mass migration into their lands.

    That if European man does not collaborate in his own demographic dilution and dispossession and leave himself vulnerable to the whims of non-Whites and his own genocide, that this could lead to the extermination of tens of millions of jews and non-Whites.

    That being European is nothing more significant or meaningful than a skin color, and that Western civilization came about by shear dumb luck and has no connection with the people who made it possible in the first place.

    Any display of racial identity and solidarity amongst White people, is a sign of a mental disorder that afflicts only stupid. uneducated, mentally unhinged hate mongering Whites who should be purged from polite society.

  40. Smitherines says:

    The opinion you trust says:
    December 8, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    A lone Hero.

    It’s called being brainwashed from Womb to Tomb for the last 100 years or
    so from the minute they are slapped, by Jew doctor, or laid to rest, by Jewish
    pathologist doctor, at the morgue (their spirit is viewing a Jew face) they
    associate Jews with wisdom,knowledge, authority.

    Then there is the Jewish media STRANGLEHOLD: who does a state induced
    Stockholm syndrome on them birth to death (Patty Hearst most notable, but they
    are all in her boat, only she woke up from her nightmare).

    Then to put the cherry on the top: they are BRAINWASHED by their clergy
    from the minute they can understand their preacher telling them”Jews
    are God’s HOLY children in Israel, blessed amongst all, not Mary, Jesus’s
    Mother, but Saul Finkbaum who sold me my first porno flick.” “Jesus, Mary
    and Joseph were all JOOOOish!” (even thought the word “Jew” wouldn’t exist
    until 15 or 16 centuries after Christ?).

    Does that maybe tell you why Y-T, Western White Kwans are in this HOPELESS

  41. Smitherines says:

    even thought, typo should read “even though”

  42. Smitherines says:

    Smitherines says:
    December 8, 2016 at 4:21 pm

    The opinion you trust says:
    December 8, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    And because “Jewish Authority ” told them “Whites organizing and having EQUAL
    rights to everyone else is RACIST and you’re and EVIL White supremacist TO EVEN
    think that way” they’ve bought and will continue to buy it no matter how many
    of Zionist crimes from the past are exposed!

  43. The opinion you trust says: is the best information hub. It provides highly ethical guidance on the issues of race, multiculturalism, criminalization tolerance, and the polarization, where educational, business, and government leaders can turn for advise on identifying a peaceful solutions to difficult problems.

    The society continue to react to Black and Jewish events that keep popping up on the timeline. This results in patterns of behavior or, patterns of interaction that evolve and lead us further and further from our original intentions and the most fundamental nature of the things. Because of the time lag between re-actions (solutions or temporary fixes to Black Problem) and their results “ongoing problems” become entangled with new problems that emerge as a result of the consequences of inappropriate thinking and actions.

    The offers a quality advise for governmental, civic, judicial, military, and religious organization on pro bono basis.

  44. Hoff says:

    Pearl Harbor was all about the Japs trying to take out US carriers.

    Who rule the sea rule the world. Look at a globe, a physical one. The Pacific Ocean is almost half the world.

    Location. Location. Location. The stepping-stones of Hawaii, Spanish Guam & Spanish Philippines would enable the U.S. to project a presence in Japan’s backyard, with proximity to China and far eastern Tsarist Russia as well.

    Take any battle during ww2 in the Pacific Ocean and what do you have at the center all the time? Carriers.

    What the Japs wanted to do at Pearl Harbor was all about taking out all the carriers.

  45. Johnny Draco says:

    White people wake up………………………….

  46. S O G says:

    im thinking “no limit” free of charge cockroach cleansing …free lead sammitches for all cockroaches ..think they could all live together after we are “gone” …lol…so right now the ignorant feculent underbelly of the world is in sanctimonius harmony in attacking whites AND might i say without any good reason …time toi fight back …a nigger lawyer wants all blacks to let nigger killers and rapists free if they done it to a white man….jury nullification ..mull that one over folks …..but ..wait aminute ..heh heh its the niggers attacking us and us taking it up the kazoo ..and they want political and legal asylim fotr this …yes america is truly an asylum …time to do the eye foir an eye shit but hey i aont rapin no nigger turd sack ..besides i am no raper so innocent niggers must be targeted …is this any differenyt a speech than the morons over at nation of bastrads in islam and the runnerup losers in black panther white hating party ….fuck all of wem and their smilin fake ass freindly golden grills …all niggers should e targets for whitye justice and retribution ….oh but wait if i wait for it to be politically acceptable to say thei we wont be alive anymore …the jews the muslinms the aztlan fanatics who are part mextizo spanish and jewish ….mexico was veritably one of the jews many multi cultural experements in the old days ….truly an invented mongrel race tribe cult etc ….just look at the freekin crazy cartels that nigger obama and nutless nigger jew holder confiscated weapons from southern gun shops to supply the hyena cartels …..what not in jail yet …thtas what they told the gun shop owners they would do to them for demanding payment for the wepons the guv stole from them in fast and furious pretty sure the name came from how holder blows obama in the outhouse ….sadly true i would bet …….
    the nigger lawyer is

    Low Impulse Control + Poor Future Time-Orientation…
    One of the Five Blacks Who Tortured/Murdered White…
    His Name is John Doe: 73-Year-Old White Man Execut…
    White Blues Musician Tom Hall Attacked by Five Bla…
    Black Male Arrested for Racist, Pro-Trump Graffiti…
    White Man Hospitalized After Being Attacked by Gro…
    White Navy Veterans Home Set on Fire, Vandalized w…

  47. S O G says:

    yeah also toyt the elbeejay critter jew prez was highly instriumental not only in deseg but also bringing neaderthalmudic ashknnos sephs and kikes from russia …what is signif is they all got ssi and financial packages and sec 8 like kiryat joel where all the scum bag ho kikes live on snap, sec 8 and ssi because it is below them to have to work ..
    threy got the shekels asap ..kiryat joel in america is a cloisytured community of shitkikes who stu=dy the talmud and hebrew etc ..hebrew is not hebrew but a new hybriud langiuage with new rules using yiddish alfabet to giuve it new life ….real hebrew was a pain in the ass and went out of circulation 700bc …
    no outsiders are welcome in kiryat beecause of the holacaust man …and they be spexschhuul ..a group of worthless turd factories who found a religiously protected way to live for free …i dont need to tell ypou that white people get shit in one hand and hope in the other …guess whoich fills faster …a nigger can get ssi in 2-3 weeks if it can demonstrate it is at risk for criblessness …
    hey barney ..thoiught you should try debian 8 or the robolinux dist based on debian ..
    black lab linux and and ubuntu are attatched to canonical servers …ubuntoo is up to 16 . somethin …seems the linux foundation le4aders had ian murdoch smoked for keeping the code to debian close to his vest ..they want all linux distros to have back door portal accsess ….what else is new …linux now has a hierarchy like royalty and it is international …its the way of things in this world ….

  48. Arch Stanton says:

    They fully realize that if we start to believe Pearl Harbor was a “Let It Happen On Purpose” (LIHOP)false flag designed to jack us into war with Hitler, then we might start questioning a lot of other stuff about WWII.

    It was not a “let happen” situation. Early on the Japanese were pushed into war by an American embargo preventing the shipping vital resources to Japan and to keep them from receiving resources from other foreign sources as well.

    “Japan was almost totally dependent on imported oil. Japan imported about 90 percent of its oil. To make matters worse for Japan, the United States was the major world producer of oil. America was also Japan’s principal supplier–the same country the United States would have to fight if it was to seize an empire in the resource-rich South Pacific.

    “Japan imported 1.0 million barrels from Soviet Sakhalin. Japan also imported oil from the DEI and Mexico, but the United States was the primary source. Japan’s major source of oil was the United States. Before the invasion of China, Japan had been purchasing 80 percent of its oil in the United States (1937). The United States through its moral persuasion policy had succeeded in convincing American ship owners to reduce shipments to Japan without any formal action. Thus on the brink of war the Japanese were only obtaining 60 percent of their oil in America (1941).

    “American Oil Embargo (July 1941)

    “With the Japanese occupation of northern Indochina and the revealing Purple intercepts indicating that the Japanese were intent on seizing the Southern Resource Zone, the Roosevelt Administration began debating how to respond. The Cabinet was divided. Secretaries Morgenthau, Stimson, and Ickes argued for a real embargo that would really affect Japan–namely an oil embargo.

    “The British were pushing for such an embargo. State Secretary Hull argued against an oil embargo. He was supported by the Navy Department which would have to fight a war in the Pacific. They argued that an oil embargo were tantamount to declaring war. They were right, but did not understand that the Japanese had were moving toward war even without such an embargo.

    “President Roosevelt, understanding that an oil embargo meant war, vacillated, not yet ready to make such a momentous decision. Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Harold Stark dispatched a formal memorandum to President Roosevelt clearly stating that an oil embargo meant war (July 24). That same day in the afternoon, Ambssador Nomura, President Roosevelt, Admiral Stark, and Under-Secretary of State Welles met in the White House.

    “Roosevelt, not yet aware that the Japanese had forced Vichy to consent to the occupation of southern Indochina, suggested to Nomura that an a diplomatic accommodation could be found on the basis of the neutralization of Indochina. He emphasized the key was that no Japanese occupation must take place. Roosevelt spoke openly to Nomura who he respected.

    “He explained that the United States had abstained from imposing an oil embargo because he had no desire to give Japan an excuse for seizing the oil fields of the oil-rich Dutch East Indies. He also explained that he could not justify continued oil deliveries to Japan if Japan was to continue aggression. He said American public opinion would not accept this, especially with gasoline rationing.

    “When Ambassador Nomura returned to the Japanese Embassy, he cabled Tokyo expressing his opinion that American embargoes were eminent if the Japanese didn’t accept the President’s proposal on the neutralization of Indochina. The Japanese Government never responded.

    “The Japanese move into southern Indochina finally convinced America that stronger action was needed. Southern Indochina brought the Japanese within striking range of the American Philippine Islands, British Malaya and Singapore, and the DEI.

    “The final American action was President Roosevelt issuing Executive Order 8832 (July 26, 1941). This froze Japanese funds in America. [Anderson] Britain and the Dutch Government in Exile followed suit. This essentially meant a total trade embargo. Not only could Japan not by oil and petroleum products (aviation fuel) in the United States, but it now did not have the foreign exchange reserves to buy oil from other sources, even the DEI.

    “To make the the American position crystal clear, President Roosevelt issued another Executive Order on August 1 specifically banning the export of petroleum products to Japan. “Britain, the Dutch, New Zealand, and the Philippines followed suit.”


    FDR tried to intentionally antagonize Japan into the war by sending several US “warships” to seek out the Japanese fleet in the pacific. Read Admiral Kemp Tolly’s book Cruise of the Lanikai.

    “In early December 1941 in the Philippines, a young Navy ensign named Kemp Tolley was given his first ship command, an old 76-foot schooner that had once served as a movie prop in John Ford’s “The Hurricane.”

    “Crewed mostly by Filipinos who did not speak English and armed with a cannon that had last seen service in the Spanish-American War, the Lanikai was under top-secret presidential orders to sail south into waters where the Japanese fleet was thought to be.

    “Ostensibly the crew was to spy on Japanese naval movements, but to Tolley it was clear that their mission was to create an incident that would provoke war. Events overtook the plan, however, when Pearl Harbor was bombed before the Lanikaicould get underway. When Bataan and Corregidor fell, she was ordered to set sail for Australia and became one of the few U.S. naval vessels to escape the Philippines.

    “In this book Tolley tells the saga of her great adventure during these grim, early days of the war and makes history come alive as he regales the reader with details of the operation and an explanation of President Roosevelt’s order.

    “Tolley’s description of their escape in Japanese warship-infested waters ranks with the best of sea tales, and few will be able to forget the Lanikai’s 4,000-mile, three-month odyssey.”

  49. Salvatore says:

    Does anybody know why FirstLightForum was shut-down? Anybody? Does anybody care? And, how come no body cares but me? Even sog who was a contributing author to FirstLightForum doesn’t care FirstLightForum was shut-down and won’t tell us why it was shut-down, wtf? I guess we’re all expected to pretend FirstLightForum never existed for some odd reason let us all pretend FirstLightForum never existed so it wasn’t shut-down because it never existed in the first place. real patzo, but okay, that’s the way it is, crazy.

  50. S O G says:

    a not on “COVENTRY” england ww2 blitzkrieg …
    in general the germans and english are with the french pretty much the same dna …
    \hitler struggled to keep peace with britain knowing the kikes were trying to set germany up for mass destruction …
    when thre jew commy snouts in england repaqled chamberlain with ass pirate churchull it was a no brainer ….england wanteds to bomb germany and commenced operations mass murder civilian bombing march 13 1940 …for 3 solid nmonths the brits dropped endless bombs on innocent non combatants women children men kids etc …
    the squaer footage of coventry like 600 square acres is nothing compARED TO THE RELENTLESS NON PROVOKED GENOCIDAL BOMBING OF GERMAN GENTILITY .. after 3 months hitler said enuff and realized england was in no position to be fair under jew rule …
    there are speeches he made still on youtub about the despicable behaviour of england … concd
    concerning specifically coventry ,chhiurchil knew the bombs were coming and did not alert the civilian populace because england secret squirrle agencies did not want german to know that brits had cracked commo codes …so churchill allowed english civilians to be bombed in the name of secrecy and this would have ner happened if england had not relentlessly savagely continued to bomb england for those 3 months without provocAtion …..the whole time other nations were screaming about tryiong to get hitler into a war …jews wanted war ..they always do …
    so coventry happened because of the british for one and for another it happened cus they dint want germans to know brits had cracked the codes by evacuating coventry …
    i wonder if all the dead brits would give it a tooodle pip and a stiff upper lip righto ..

  51. S O G says:

    they closed down cus they wernt intrested in staying up …worrying about it now is like worrying about the henhouse after the hens are dogmeat …
    i was not a contribvuting author there …english must be your 2nd or 3rd language ..
    he came here to i-man and took my fast and loose comments and spell checked them and posted them on his site …i only discovered this when i went on flf months later …it doesnt matter if people borrow words or sentences from other people and use them in this war …i never knew he did it and didnt care that he did ..more exposure the better ..
    if you want to see first lite go to wayback machine …other wise any other irrellevant quacking on about first lite and sog will get you tossed into spamblinka ( i hope)
    till you learn to use the dirt clod on your shoulders for other than a hat rack ..

  52. Salvatore says:

    my grasp of The English language is not the best
    Oh, how I wish, if only I had understood beforehand!
    my inquiry into First Light Forum
    was something brazenly insolent and rude and insolent!
    Forgive me my impertinence
    it was not my purpose, it really wasn’t, you must believe me!
    to perturb The King who rules us so benevolently
    now I see how low He had to condescend to reply to me
    Gee, I feel awfully guilty for annoying SOG
    How inconsiderate of me to fray His nerves so thoroughly!
    Oh mea culpa how methodical of me!
    Gosh, I thought I was just asking a simple question about FLForum
    I didn’t realize I was actually being Irrevelant
    Irrevelance is always inappropriate
    contrary and subversive
    Irrevelance is always suspicious, don’t you think?
    and perhaps even blasphemous!
    when at The Throne of SOG His Majesty!

  53. Red Pill says:

    Salvatore says:
    December 14, 2016 at 9:11 am
    shame on you, you should be beat to death with a wet noodle.

  54. protocolsRtrue says:

    I am going to start again. Roosevelt 33rd degree high ranking and other higher degree freemason generals knew the attack was coming. Notified every navy base but the ones at pearl harbor. Stepdad Jim DID serve on the wasp and hornet and he DID have both ships sunk out from under him by the slant eyed japs. They sunk or severely damaged one or sunk both. Maybe damaged one and sunk to the bottom while being towed back for repairs. And I never said those ships were at pearl harbor and sunk there. Even the dumbest nigger knows that aint true. Maybe not. After the slant eyed japs sunk the first one he was like does this mean I can go back home to west byGod Virginia? And the answer was NO we pick you up out of the south pacific ocean and put you on this other one. And you serve there. So the motherfckin slant eyed japs sink that fucking aircraft carrier too! No wonder stepdad Jim was so pissed off all the time and a mean son of a b. But still paid the bills and went to work at the Cleveland good Lord and MR. Ford engine plant. I am a little bit of a woodwork craftsman I built a shadow box for stepdad Jim for his veteran flag after he died. All Mom had was 1 picture of him from his Navy days. I guess that’s what happens when your ships get sunk to the bottom of the ocean. You lose a lot of your most precious things. Some even lose their lives.

  55. The opinion you trust says:

    Even to come here to talk to other people it is a lot for some people, who see people for what they are, as a scum, shit, week, perverted, dangerous, useless, lazy, uninspired, and endlessly stupid.

    I know some people who prefer to avoid contacting other people. But if these people who do not like talking to other people too much, come here to contribute to the cause why would one annoy to such introvert with questions, instead of leaving him alone?

    For such people who do not much like other people, everyone is a piece of shit, but we are here a lesser shit then niggers and jews. So the person comes here to talk to us, despite the inconvenience, and try to help. The question is then why somebody would attack someone with questions who is trying to help?

    We are here for the very specific purpose and any deviations take the valuable time and attention away.

  56. The opinion you trust says:

    When the lives are lost for ideals people believe in that is great grief. But if people have to die in the multiple wars provoked by Jews for their strategic goals to weaken one or another nation, or race, or undermine our trust in the government than ….that is even greater grief.

    People should be able to choose a war for themselves. Now, however, people want to start a war with Niggers and Jews but they cannot because they are circumvented and circumcised by those same Jews and Niggers.

  57. The opinion you trust says:

    It is a lot of bad people out there. But when those people have power, money, and dominant presence in governments, academy, and industry, and are all tightly interconnected with each other through the religious sects which are legally protected, these bad Jewish people become a real threat.

    They hate white people so much that since 1950s they use hoards of wild, bizarre Niggers to harass the poor white people, replace them at their workplaces, physically attack and rob white families. This is possible because Jews writes laws. Jews write laws for whites and against whites. For example, Jews created a legal privilege for a criminals African Niggerians. Normally prone to violence African Niggerians, now when their deviant qualities are amplified by the Jewish funding became unbearable and well organized. Jews touhght them well, Niggerian-Americans are now much better organized than white people.

    The country, as we new it, is fading and not as slowly. The hordes are now celebrating by dancing around the bush Kwanassa. Every where you look it is a damn Black Nigger.

  58. The opinioin you trust says:

    How does it look like “Bad People”. Here you go

    A video courtesy to Karen shows how bad Turkish Niggerians from the damn Mars look like and how they all want us dead.

    What can be done about it so they can only dance their dances only in African Israel and nowhere else? We need a law which says: “No more dancing”.

  59. The opinion you trust says:

    Now, Jews made it illegal to start a good war even if all people already say it is the time for it.

    Very resourceful rich Jews, who have a lot of time on their hands because they do not need to work, sit comfortably in the offices and analyze and create a mental structures how White People can overthought them. Then Jews pay to lobbyists, so Congress can enact any Law Jews need to advance themselves, and to criminalize any attempts to dismantle them .

  60. Blitzz says:

    This comment interconnects the following in a still-existing Grand Jewish Conspiracy to subvert and destroy true Native-born American Individuals. It connects:

    – The Jew
    – WWII (as in Pearl Harbor)
    – Jewish Immigrants/Aliens
    – Henry Kissinger (Jew)
    – US Federal Judge Harold Greene (a Jew secretly born Heinz Grunhaus from Germany)
    – The Civil Rights Act of 1964
    – The Voting Rights Act of 1965
    – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
    – Bell Local/Long Distance Telephone Companies ( since absorbed by AT&T )
    – AT&T
    – The Jew-created Pornography Industry
    – The Jew-created Homo-Sexual Movement
    – The Jew-created Planned Parenthood
    – The Early Internet “Backbone” Infrastructure
    – The Works . . .

    *  *  *  *  *  *
    Note: The US Federal Judge, Harold Greene, that is noted up above (a secretive Jew originally hailing from Germany, born Heinz Grunhaus) was the same exact judge that denied Eustace Mullins due process of Law back in the early 1990s when Eustace sued the ADL in a US Federal District Court, personally- that is pro se (Latin), without hiring a lawyer, for $100 Million Dollars! He alluded to that case in several radio interviews with Jew-wise interviewers.
    *  *  *  *  *  *

    Most of the folks here already know that AT&T is nothing more than a Jewish domestic spy network operating within the boarders of the united States of America (working on behalf of a domestic and foreign attacker/power Jews/Israel), similar to the Jew-created Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), as well as many other Jewish domestic surveillance “front companies/organizations”…

    Just search/look into AT&T alongside: Room 641A, Narus, and Project Hemisphere for starters.

    Trump claims that he is not going to allow AT&T to merge with Time Warner Cable- we’ll all have to just wait and see. What Trump should though be saying, is that he’s going to “bust up” not only AT&T, but also Time Warner Cable! In fact, he should shatter them to pieces!

    Trump will have to rip it ALL OUT – if America is ever going to be made “Great Again.” These Jewish termites have eaten the foundation to such an extent, that they’re past/previous jew-influenced/created laws, programs, acts, treaties, etc, you name it- will all have to be discarded in order to get America back to being True America (Great Again). Here’s just a taste of what I’m trying to get at . . .


    October 1994
    Criminal Politics magazine

    Judge Harold Greene…
    or Heinz Grunhaus?


    Who is this alien who has GAINED CONTROL of the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY?

    The financial press is filled with daily stories of exciting speculation about the development of [the] Information Superhighway [later to be known as “The Internet”]. The editors of Forbes, Businessweek, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal are well aware of the facts you will read here for the first time.

    None the less, only Criminal Politics magazine, would dare bring you the incredible — almost unbelievable story behind the alien who carries a false I.D. — who has seized control of our entire telecommunications industry. Meanwhile Congress cowers in fear — not daring to criticize him because of the enormous sinister power behind him. The power of World Zionism which will soon [so they think] rule the world.

    Who is this alien? Who is this monster from the darkest cabalistic mythology of Zionist history? Who has such Power that he wields an absolute dictatorship over our communications industry? Who dominates this most important aspect of American life for the satraps of an invisible empire? No one knows! He goes by the name of Judge Harold Greene and wears the black robes of a powerful federal judge.

    Harold H. Greene is the Federal judge for the United States District Court in Washington D.C., the most POWERFUL JUDICIAL OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES. [AN OFFICE HELD WITH] NO CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT! Two of the most powerful men in Washington, Senate Minority Leader Robert Dole, a frequent candidate of the Republican party for President, and Congressman John Dingell, a man of such power that no one in Washington dares to criticize him, introduced bills to curb and revoke the unconstitutional powers of Judge Harold Greene.

    In recent years both of their bills died without a trace in Congress. No one on Capitol Hill dared to support these bills which merely required that Judge Greene return his illegally usurped power to the Federal Communication Commission [FCC]-where they rightfully belong. Why could no Congressman support a bill to curb this unaccountable authority? Because they fear the World Power, which he represents — the feared power of World Zionism. The most powerful lobbying group on Capitol Hill happens to be the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC). They [the Congressmen] also fear the [all-Jewish] national media controlled by an enforcement arm of World Zionism, the World Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League, B’nai B’rith.


    A brief review: The Carter Justice Department sued AT&T under the Sherman Anti-trust Act (an act seldom used by most administrations and completely ignored by both Reagan and Bush). The settlement was reached by AT&T and the Justice Department, and a routine approval was expected from the Federal Courts, which would never dare delve into such complicated matters. After years of negotiation between the parties, after years to gain public, Congressional and industry input, you would think it would be a final settlement.

    [Jewish Judge] Greene, however, refused to accept the settlement. He made the unprecedented demand that he RETAIN permanent authority over the implementation of the agreement AND telecommunications business.


    This was clearly a COUP d’etat, never before seen in American business. No Federal judge has the right to demand permanent control of any single company — none-the-less an entire industry. In spite of this amazing and unchallenged usurpation of the power of the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the rights of stockholders involved, no one challenged this single judge. How can this be explained? We think the explanation is in the previous paragraphs. People in the beltway were very much aware of the history of this judge and WHO he is.


    Greene demanded and received the right to review most new AT&T ventures and ANY acquisitions are under his exclusive domain. Expansion into mobile telephone business, for example, could not be accomplished unless he decided to allow it (so far refused).

    Under the breakup agreement, which he imposed by his own power and authority on the telecommunications industry, he personally, in his own independent decision, without consulting anyone, must approve the entry of all Baby Bell Companies into new businesses!


    No other single person in America has any power remotely reaching that of Judge Greene, over such a major industry. None-the-less, on January 1st, 1984, the divestiture of the Baby Bells by AT&T took affect.

    Greene however, could not wait for 1-1-1984, and began issuing tough rulings which had a huge impact on the stockholders of AT&T, as well as the customers. AT&T has 2.4 million shareholders and many millions more customers. That this single person should impact with unprecedented and illegal authority, must finally be disclosed to the American public. After all, AT&T is the most widely held stock in the United States, and is considered the ideal in classic investment for widows and orphans. Here we have an alien who has usurped authority and control of the dividends which blank (sic) Americans receive each year.


    After demanding ten modifications to the split-up agreement Greene issued rules of operations for the entire Telecommunications Industry. His court “waivers” must be obtained for the regional bell companies to enter new businesses. The permissions must be granted before the act, thus negotiations by a Bell Company to acquire any other firm were public knowledge before the negotiations were even beginning. Only one Bell Company, U.S. West, went to court in the U.S. Court of Appeals, challenging Greene’s authority.

    U.S. West said that Greene had no right to set conditions on regional Bells because they were not parties to the split up agreement and were not even in existence at the time of the entry of the decree. Naturally, the U.S. Appeals court bowed to this alien judge, who has been utilizing a false identity since the mid-1940s.


    The Federal Communications Commission is supposed to regulate the telecommunications industry. Judge Greene has been able to overstep the Executive branch of government and declare VOID the regulatory authority of the FCC without a whimper from Congress, and without any whiplash from the industry, the shareholders or the Congress of the United States.

    There isn’t a SHRED of judicial precedent for any federal judge being able to overstep his authority in an uncontrollable way. [German-born Jew Judge] Greene has stated that he considers the FCC totally incapable of regulating the world of telecommunications.

    This opinion is very interesting, but what weight should it have?? In reality it has no weight what-so-ever. The FCC has never relinquished control of the industry, and has complete legal authority to order that Greene step down immediately and that it begin its proper, congressionally mandated regulation of the telecommunications business.

    [Judge] Greene’s rulings since 1985, are all illegal, and we challenge anyone to contradict Criminal Politics magazine’s opinion on this point (A copy of this report will be sent directly to Judge Greene’s office for his commentary or response).


    Congressman John Dingell, the powerful chairman of the house Energy and Commerce Committee, once whimpered quietly (although he was quoted) that he was “offended by the anti-democratic process whereby a SINGLE, UNELECTED AND UNACCOUNTABLE FEDERAL JUDGE has been able to transform himself into a regulatory department without portfolio.”

    An example of a Greene decision: BABY BELLS CAN’T ENTER RETAILING — AN ANTI-DEMOCRATIC PROCESS Whether right or wrong we render no opinion, but for a SINGLE individual to control who may enter retailing in the United States is simply absurd. Greene had issued a decision in 1987, that blocks the regional Bells from moving into telephone equipment manufacturing and television shopping programs and services!

    As a result, we now have the Home Shopping Network (HSN), and several billions of dollars of merchandise are now sold by this company and revenue has been denied to the shareholders of the regional Bells. Should ONE MAN make such a decision?? Obviously not! At the very least, he should be willing to serve as an advisor or consultant to the FCC rather than the “god” of the telecommunications industry.


    In 1939, on the eve of WWII, a young man and his family were allowed to leave Germany. No one seems to know WHY. This young man, one Heinz Grunhaus [now known as Harold Green], and his relatives went to Belgium for a few months, and then on to Spain. This was the traditional point of embarkation for persons wishing to travel to the United States. During the height of the Second World War, they somehow made their way from Spain to the U.S. in 1943.

    However, a black shroud of secrecy has been drawn over the entire history of the Grunhaus family by none other than Judge Grunhaus (Greene) himself. There is not a single investigative journalist among the 35,000 well paid reporters in Washington, who would DARE to begin an investigation into his strange background. The retribution would be swift. That reporter would never write another story in Washington.


    Of the hundreds of meager stories checked out by this writer over a period of months of painstaking investigation, I have found only one — (ONE) — brief story in Time magazine January 2nd, 1984, page 53, which gave his proper birth name of Heinz Grunhaus.

    He [Judge Grunhaus/Greene] has the shortest listing in Who’s Who In America of any major figure. A few brief lines identify him as a Federal Judge in D.C.; there is no place of birth, no parents’ names, no date of entry into the U.S., no wife’s name, no children’s names, or any of the standard biographical material which Marquis Who’s Who requires for listing in the books of record.

    Marquis Who’s Who usually refuses to list anyone who does not provide such information. Typically entries in Who’s Who, one of this writer’s most valuable sources, gives several paragraphs of information. Some of them take more than a half a page of accomplishments, memberships, religious affiliations and other routine information that it is necessary to understand what one’s background is and what they might think or do in a position of power. No one is allowed this information about Grunhaus.


    After uncovering this lack of early history, I contacted some of the most knowledgeable persons in Washington about my findings. One of them actually maintained a file on Grunhaus for a number of years. I asked him, “Do you know his birth name?” “Of course,” he said, “It’s Harold Greene.” I then informed him that Greene was born Heinz Grunhaus. He was astonished when I informed him that Grunhaus had actually been born in Germany and that he had immigrated to the U.S. during the most crucial months of WW II. I have yet to find anyone in Washington who is aware of his [German-Jewish] background.


    Arriving in the U.S. at the age of 22, Grunhaus (now Greene) immediately went into the U.S. Army. In 1945, he turned up in his native country — Germany — as a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army INTELLIGENCE working with A COMPATRIOT — NONE OTHER THAN A REFUGEE WHO FOLLOWED THE SAME PATHWAY BY THE NAME OF HENRY (HEINZ) KISSINGER!!

    With apparent ease, these two German Zionist refugees went into the most sensitive area of the entire U.S. military forces — our intelligence service.

    Prior to 1940, only soldiers with well established credentials as loyal NATIVE BORN AMERICANS were allowed to serve in the Intelligence Service of our military forces. Somehow that was all changed. A defeated Germany was now inundated by a hoard of former Jewish citizens (Grunhaus and Kissinger among them) who had total authority granted them by the armed forces, and sought to wreak Zionist revenge upon a prostrate German nation.

    They were not there as peaceful occupiers, they went on a mission of hate vengeance and they exercised total and unanswerable authority over their victims.


    It is well known that Henry Kissinger, while serving as a sergeant in the U.S. Army intelligence in captive Germany, was recruited by the KGB as a secret agent who used the code name “BOR” (see HENRY KISSINGER SOVIET AGENT published by Criminal Politics book Club for $10.00 plus $1.50 postage and handling).

    Was his [Kissinger’s] compatriot in Army Intelligence (Heinz Grunhaus) also recruited by the KGB? This is a question of crucial importance to every American. It has special relevance in light of the ascension to the position of communication CZAR by Grunhaus.


    Quite amazingly, after returning from Germany, where he married a girl from the Saar, Grunhaus changed his name to Greene and was somehow hired by the Department of Justice as a translator. He attended night school at George Washington University, as had so many bureaucrats before him, including J. Edgar Hoover.

    In 1949, he received his degree and a law degree in 1952. Throughout the period he continued to work at the Department of Justice. In 1957, a new division of the Justice was created — THE CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION. Greene was immediately named Chief of the Research and Appeals division, with total authority of all appeals in the Civil Rights cases. An unnamed Justice Department official contributed to the CURRENT BIOGRAPHY as follows: “Harold [Greene] either wrote, reviewed, argued or participated in every significant Civil Rights case heard in the most crucial era of Civil Rights litigation. He had more to do with the writing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, than any other person.


    What does this mean? It means that Grunhaus [now Greene] was responsible (as an alien) for creating the most brutal and oppressive legislation masquerading as “Civil Rights Laws” than anyone else in our history.

    Federal agents were given total authority over the most private aspects of the personal and business lives of NATIVE BORN Americans under this group of laws. They were told who they could hire…who they could rent or sell their homes to…affecting every vestige of the daily lives of free-born Americans. All of this under the supervision of the fertile brain of the recent [Jewish] arrival from Germany, Heinz Grunhaus — all accidental [just by sheer chance/fate would have it] of course!

    As an additional payoff for his Civil Rights work, [crypto-Jew] Lyndon B. Johnson named Grunhaus [now known as Greene] to the bench in the District of Columbia in 1965. The following year, Johnson again promoted him to Chief Judge of the Superior Court.

    On May 17th, 1978, President Jimmy Carter named Grunhaus [aka Greene] Federal Judge for the U.S. Court in Washington. Grunhaus is one of 300 judges named to the Federal bench by the peanut dealer, Carter.

    None have power over American life even approaching that of [Judge] Grunhaus [Greene].


    The Current Biography states that “within days Greene inherited the AT&T case.” This is not accurate. For four years, the AT&T case had been presided over by a highly respected black judge — Joseph C. Waddy. Someone — somewhere — decided that Judge Waddy was inadequate for this job, and immediately upon Grunhaus’ taking his place as a Federal judge in Washington D.C., he was assigned the case.

    It is unprecedented for a transfer of a case to take place without illness or some other special situation intervening, such as illness or scandal. At that time AT&T was the largest corporation in the world with revenues of $59.2 billion, a sum larger than the entire income of most countries.

    A settlement was reached early on in the case, but as stated earlier, there was no final approval until August 11th, 1982. How Greene’s extensive background in Civil Rights legislation and cases qualified him to become the sole arbiter of our communications services has never been explained or properly discussed by ANY MEDIA.


    This writer has actually been in the office of Judge Harold Greene in the U.S. Court Building on Constitution Avenue in Washington. It is an ordinary three room office. But how does Grunhaus [Greene] operate a vast empire from this small office?? With two clerks and a secretary? There obviously has to be more to this situation than meets the eye.

    I had gone into the office to request his financial statement. All U.S. Attorneys and Federal Judges are required by law to furnish financial statements to any citizen on request. I did NOT get this financial statement! I was referred to several other offices which also failed to produce it. Apparently not everyone has to comply with the law.


    There are several aspects of illegal activity that could result from Grunhaus’ control of this industry: First of all his decisions could be known in advance to those he favors. [Jewish Insider Trading Anyone?]

    Common sense would dictate that a requirement would be in place that he be investigated, and that his compatriots and friendships be investigated for checking into possible violations of the insider trading laws and other ethical violations. After all, it has been determined by the Congress that insider trading is illegal, and that the Justice Department should RIGOROUSLY enforce unfair profiteering made by insiders and friends of insiders.

    Even common laborers, who operate printing presses for prospectus’ on new issues and mergers and acquisitions have been prosecuted and jailed for making a few thousand dollars from an “insider” stock trade. How many tens of millions of dollars have been made by [Jewish] friends of Heinz Grunhaus, who somehow became aware of his decisions in advance? This man has made decisions which have created tens of billions of dollars in new common stock evaluation over the 12 years since he gained control of the telecommunications industry.


    There is another interesting fact and that is the extreme leftward shift [towards Judeo-Communism] of AT&T management since the Grunhaus control. Other long distance carriers seem to have the same ultra liberal [Jewish] leftward bent.

    AT&T for example, has never sufficiently shown that it’s no longer profiting from the dial-a-porn business to teenagers on AT&T 1-900 numbers.


    What’s more, AT&T had financially supported the [Judeo-Masonic] homosexual lifestyle through its “diversity recognition program”. This program equates gay [a Jew-stolen word from the beautiful White language of English that the Jews are trying, as usual, to pervert and change the meaning of- they are attempting to change its meaning to mean the already existing (thereby proper) word of homosexual] pride week with Martin Luther King’s birthday, black history month, etc., etc.

    According to our sources, AT&T has approved the use of the AT&T name by the “AT&T League of Gay and Lesbian Employees”!!! Naturally no group of AT&T employees could get away with starting an organization called “AT&T League for Christian Employees”.

    AT&T requires all management to go through “affirmative action” training, which means that NO DISCRIMINATION of queers may be permitted in AT&T operations. AT&T provides support for the Sodomite lifestyle by providing videotapes, such as ON BEING GAY, PARENTS AND FRIENDS OF LESBIANS AND GAYS, and finally GAYS AND LESBIANS IN THE WORKPLACE. AT&T is a major corporate sponsor for the so-called “Gay Olympics” in New York City and makes tax deductible contributions to dozens of other ultra left wing organizations.

    Are they [a giant Monopoly] worried about customer backlash? If so, there is no sign of it.


    What about the other long distance carriers? Sprint is a carrier for a service called “Working Assets”. This group boasts of subsidizing groups like the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU with total contributions of more than $2,000,000.

    MCI has joined Sprint and AT&T in supporting, with their advertising dollars, anti-Christian and homosexual propaganda that overflows into America’s homes every day.

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