Pearl Harbor: Another Big Day of Joo Infamy

david-sarnoff-rca-headI suspect the rich Jew owner of RCA communications at the time, David Sarnoff, had embedded peeps purposefully delay the teletype message warning of a Jap attack on Pearl until long after the big air assault was over. For some reason, Sarnoff was soon made a general and got himself a real nice fancy uniform to wear, didn’t he?

By Phillip Marlowe

All kinds of secret Globalist Jews were hard at work screwing America at the time, like Harry Dexter White, who's real Jew name was Weiss.

Just like today, all kinds of secret Globalist Jews were hard at work screwing America at the time, like Harry Dexter White, who’s real Jew name was Weit (clever, huh?). The punk was also a big spy for the commies.

I told my brother once it was obvious that FDR wanted the Nips to attack Pearl Harbor, so as to backdoor the USA into war with Hitler — arch enemy of Jewry to this day. The evidence is all over the frickin’ damn place. That’s exactly what FDR did, right out of the gate.

The International (globalist) Jews wanted to get at Der Fuehrer man something bad, once Hitler turned Germany into an economic powerhouse and threatened the banking Jew’s cut in the action. They couldn’t let that go on for long.

Folks, what we got here is a bunch of backstabbing bastards jacking this country left and right. They don’t care one bit if any of us “Goyims” get killed — never do when it comes to NWO Globalist Jew designs upon America. They only thing they ever really care about is when other Jews get waxed and sometimes not even then.

So, I’m watching the Hitlery Channel the other night, and all the media rats are still claiming such talk about Pearl Harbor is nothing but “conspiracy theory” when the evidence is now obvious. They’ve been using this line of bull for decades. Now they are introducing a big, brand new term to snooker us with: FAKE NEWS. This is nothing but another kind of head games to keep White Americans in the dark — while they continue destroying our race from within.

Just read this book and you'll see FDR really did irk the Japs into attacking -- to get us into war for the Jews!

Read this book and you will see that FDR really did secretly work to get the Japs to bomb Pearl Harbor and inflame America. But the publisher made the writer add at the end that it was all just to save the Jews from a future gassing. Right.

If you really know much about the secrets behind Pearl Harbor, you will notice things they never say a word about. Why? Because they don’t want us “hoi polloi” to suspect anything might be wrong in today’s “narrative.” We might understand it’s been part and parcel of the brainwashing designed to keep Whites from going “Fascist.”

They fully realize that if we start to believe Pearl Harbor was a “Let It Happen On Purpose” (LIHOP)false flag designed to jack us into war with Hitler, then we might start questioning a lot of other stuff about WWII — especially the Holohoax fake gassing BS — the biggest JEW PSYOP against the White Western world until 9/11.

A “Let It Happen On Purpose” false flag is when you know they are going to attack, but do nothing because you can use the event towards your own benefit. For over a year, FDR purposefully goaded the militaristic Japs into attacking us, since he knew full well Americans like you and me would go bat crap furious. Which we all did of course.

spotblitzerToday’s Jew media rats are getting quite obvious in their brainwashing efforts of America. Because of Trump getting elected,  the hysterical Jews have been ramping up liberal bull like crazy. It’s so bad that even the braindead are noticing and talking about it.

You can see it just by watching CNN. That channel has become so totally Jewed-up, it’s ridiculous.

Can you believe they are still going on and on AND ON, about Hillary winning “the popular vote” and that it’s crazy talk that any illegal aliens voted November 8th?

Look, we all know illegals voted in New York and Commiefornia. Hell, they have Obongo himself on video telling a LAH-TEEN-O Youtuber, that illegals should just get up and go vote — they needn’t worry about having any problems with the law. Imagine the president saying that? Imagine a news media not reporting on it.

Probably upwards of 3 million illegal Mestizos in these states and in other states like Colorado, voted in the last election. Trump won only by strategic campaigning– outfoxing Hillary’s chief strategist, Robbie Mook (the little faggot is now blaming FBI director James Comey). Might not be possible to happen next time, unless we can put a stop to the invasion of Third Worlders, long promoted by Jewry to destroy our racial demographics.

This “FAKE NEWS” is now being touted to explain away the “PizzaGate” story — something the media has been ignoring for weeks. The other night, some insistent guy from NC strolled into Comet Ping Pong to look for imprisoned kids and fired an AR-15 round to break a lock off a door. Sounds like the guy was pretty well pissed about little kids getting molested, as everyone should be.

This is what happens when we have a traitorous media refusing to investigate democrats and liberals!


There’s plenty of totally convincing evidence supporting serious investigations into this “PizzaGate.” I’m not saying Shillary Clinton is part of it, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit that John Podesta and his brother are part of a big DC pervert pedophile ring. Andrew Breitbart of Breitbart media is on video implying John Podesta and George Soros had bad skeletons in the closet. Breitbart may have been murdered in advance of the 2016 elections for what he might say publicly.

John Podesta’s brother, swamp rat mega lobbyist Tony, has all sorts of bizarre kiddie artwork (called “modern,” see above right) hanging on the walls of his various palatial mansions around the world (DC/Italy/Australia). James Alefantis, gay “partner” of influential “MEDIA MATTERS” democrap David Brock, runs Comet Ping Pong.

Homos are often big kiddie diddlers — everyone knows that.

The traitorous media is obviously scared half to death that more of us will learn such details behind the story and come to suspect something is going on. Practically every normal person out here can’t stand the thought of innocent little kids getting molested by dirtbag homos, or little girls getting raped by dirtbag straights.

Meanwhile, the media rats are trying to get the homies worked up on a daily basis with whatever White-on-black crime they can dig up or make up, like that cop who shot the black fleeing (they say nothing about the tazer wire you can see for a second). They tell us that a White on the jury is responsible for getting it declared a mistrial — then cut to the black’s family having fits over “justice denied” once again for the innocent black man.

Hell, my opinion is that black guy deserved it for fleeing from the cop in the first damn place. Blacks always try to run away from POLEECE MENS, after they did just about anything. Hell, unpaid parking tickets gets them a-running! The race is totally off the rails.

Another innocent black man victimized by a racist White, of course.

What we see here is another evil racist White slaver, after victimizing another ever-so-innocent black man.

Or that guy who shot the black ex NFL player in a “road rage” incident. National news keeps showing a shot (right) of the guy involved, handcuffed on the ground sitting next to his car so you just have to notice that he’s another evil racist White guy.

Funny how the national media never reports any stories about blacks committing road rage murders on Whites — which they do all the damn time — right along with all the other crime and murders the out-of-control race does.

Blacks constantly murder White people. Astoundingly horrific stories are totally ignored. The traitorous media is keeping Whites in the dark on just how bad it’s becoming.

Big rich Jew operations like the SPLC do everything they can to make it look like us Whites are so terrible, like a recent report they just released on Trump’s election saying Whites in schools are now committing hate crimes against peeps of color. Not a single word was said in the report about blacks attacking Whites over Trump. Jews never say a thing on Whites getting victimized.

We’re totally being brainwashed by these lousy Globalist Jews — as they gradually destroy us in a wide variety ways.

Just think about all the White Gentile guys who died in WWII. 418,000 Americans died (virtually all were White Christian Gentiles and White Spanish descended men). And today the devious lefty creeps in the media trash us Whites all the time, don’t they? It’s a never-ending assault on our race. They don’t care one bit what we think, have you noticed?

Are you not sick of the BS by now?


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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64 Responses to Pearl Harbor: Another Big Day of Joo Infamy

  1. The opinion you trust says:

    It is a lot of bad people out there. But when those people have power, money, and dominant presence in governments, academy, and industry, and are all tightly interconnected with each other through the religious sects which are legally protected, these bad Jewish people become a real threat.

    They hate white people so much that since 1950s they use hoards of wild, bizarre Niggers to harass the poor white people, replace them at their workplaces, physically attack and rob white families. This is possible because Jews writes laws. Jews write laws for whites and against whites. For example, Jews created a legal privilege for a criminals African Niggerians. Normally prone to violence African Niggerians, now when their deviant qualities are amplified by the Jewish funding became unbearable and well organized. Jews touhght them well, Niggerian-Americans are now much better organized than white people.

    The country, as we new it, is fading and not as slowly. The hordes are now celebrating by dancing around the bush Kwanassa. Every where you look it is a damn Black Nigger.

  2. The opinioin you trust says:

    How does it look like “Bad People”. Here you go

    A video courtesy to Karen shows how bad Turkish Niggerians from the damn Mars look like and how they all want us dead.

    What can be done about it so they can only dance their dances only in African Israel and nowhere else? We need a law which says: “No more dancing”.

  3. The opinion you trust says:

    Now, Jews made it illegal to start a good war even if all people already say it is the time for it.

    Very resourceful rich Jews, who have a lot of time on their hands because they do not need to work, sit comfortably in the offices and analyze and create a mental structures how White People can overthought them. Then Jews pay to lobbyists, so Congress can enact any Law Jews need to advance themselves, and to criminalize any attempts to dismantle them .

  4. Blitzz says:

    This comment interconnects the following in a still-existing Grand Jewish Conspiracy to subvert and destroy true Native-born American Individuals. It connects:

    – The Jew
    – WWII (as in Pearl Harbor)
    – Jewish Immigrants/Aliens
    – Henry Kissinger (Jew)
    – US Federal Judge Harold Greene (a Jew secretly born Heinz Grunhaus from Germany)
    – The Civil Rights Act of 1964
    – The Voting Rights Act of 1965
    – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
    – Bell Local/Long Distance Telephone Companies ( since absorbed by AT&T )
    – AT&T
    – The Jew-created Pornography Industry
    – The Jew-created Homo-Sexual Movement
    – The Jew-created Planned Parenthood
    – The Early Internet “Backbone” Infrastructure
    – The Works . . .

    *  *  *  *  *  *
    Note: The US Federal Judge, Harold Greene, that is noted up above (a secretive Jew originally hailing from Germany, born Heinz Grunhaus) was the same exact judge that denied Eustace Mullins due process of Law back in the early 1990s when Eustace sued the ADL in a US Federal District Court, personally- that is pro se (Latin), without hiring a lawyer, for $100 Million Dollars! He alluded to that case in several radio interviews with Jew-wise interviewers.
    *  *  *  *  *  *

    Most of the folks here already know that AT&T is nothing more than a Jewish domestic spy network operating within the boarders of the united States of America (working on behalf of a domestic and foreign attacker/power Jews/Israel), similar to the Jew-created Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), as well as many other Jewish domestic surveillance “front companies/organizations”…

    Just search/look into AT&T alongside: Room 641A, Narus, and Project Hemisphere for starters.

    Trump claims that he is not going to allow AT&T to merge with Time Warner Cable- we’ll all have to just wait and see. What Trump should though be saying, is that he’s going to “bust up” not only AT&T, but also Time Warner Cable! In fact, he should shatter them to pieces!

    Trump will have to rip it ALL OUT – if America is ever going to be made “Great Again.” These Jewish termites have eaten the foundation to such an extent, that they’re past/previous jew-influenced/created laws, programs, acts, treaties, etc, you name it- will all have to be discarded in order to get America back to being True America (Great Again). Here’s just a taste of what I’m trying to get at . . .


    October 1994
    Criminal Politics magazine

    Judge Harold Greene…
    or Heinz Grunhaus?


    Who is this alien who has GAINED CONTROL of the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY?

    The financial press is filled with daily stories of exciting speculation about the development of [the] Information Superhighway [later to be known as “The Internet”]. The editors of Forbes, Businessweek, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal are well aware of the facts you will read here for the first time.

    None the less, only Criminal Politics magazine, would dare bring you the incredible — almost unbelievable story behind the alien who carries a false I.D. — who has seized control of our entire telecommunications industry. Meanwhile Congress cowers in fear — not daring to criticize him because of the enormous sinister power behind him. The power of World Zionism which will soon [so they think] rule the world.

    Who is this alien? Who is this monster from the darkest cabalistic mythology of Zionist history? Who has such Power that he wields an absolute dictatorship over our communications industry? Who dominates this most important aspect of American life for the satraps of an invisible empire? No one knows! He goes by the name of Judge Harold Greene and wears the black robes of a powerful federal judge.

    Harold H. Greene is the Federal judge for the United States District Court in Washington D.C., the most POWERFUL JUDICIAL OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES. [AN OFFICE HELD WITH] NO CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT! Two of the most powerful men in Washington, Senate Minority Leader Robert Dole, a frequent candidate of the Republican party for President, and Congressman John Dingell, a man of such power that no one in Washington dares to criticize him, introduced bills to curb and revoke the unconstitutional powers of Judge Harold Greene.

    In recent years both of their bills died without a trace in Congress. No one on Capitol Hill dared to support these bills which merely required that Judge Greene return his illegally usurped power to the Federal Communication Commission [FCC]-where they rightfully belong. Why could no Congressman support a bill to curb this unaccountable authority? Because they fear the World Power, which he represents — the feared power of World Zionism. The most powerful lobbying group on Capitol Hill happens to be the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC). They [the Congressmen] also fear the [all-Jewish] national media controlled by an enforcement arm of World Zionism, the World Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League, B’nai B’rith.


    A brief review: The Carter Justice Department sued AT&T under the Sherman Anti-trust Act (an act seldom used by most administrations and completely ignored by both Reagan and Bush). The settlement was reached by AT&T and the Justice Department, and a routine approval was expected from the Federal Courts, which would never dare delve into such complicated matters. After years of negotiation between the parties, after years to gain public, Congressional and industry input, you would think it would be a final settlement.

    [Jewish Judge] Greene, however, refused to accept the settlement. He made the unprecedented demand that he RETAIN permanent authority over the implementation of the agreement AND telecommunications business.


    This was clearly a COUP d’etat, never before seen in American business. No Federal judge has the right to demand permanent control of any single company — none-the-less an entire industry. In spite of this amazing and unchallenged usurpation of the power of the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the rights of stockholders involved, no one challenged this single judge. How can this be explained? We think the explanation is in the previous paragraphs. People in the beltway were very much aware of the history of this judge and WHO he is.


    Greene demanded and received the right to review most new AT&T ventures and ANY acquisitions are under his exclusive domain. Expansion into mobile telephone business, for example, could not be accomplished unless he decided to allow it (so far refused).

    Under the breakup agreement, which he imposed by his own power and authority on the telecommunications industry, he personally, in his own independent decision, without consulting anyone, must approve the entry of all Baby Bell Companies into new businesses!


    No other single person in America has any power remotely reaching that of Judge Greene, over such a major industry. None-the-less, on January 1st, 1984, the divestiture of the Baby Bells by AT&T took affect.

    Greene however, could not wait for 1-1-1984, and began issuing tough rulings which had a huge impact on the stockholders of AT&T, as well as the customers. AT&T has 2.4 million shareholders and many millions more customers. That this single person should impact with unprecedented and illegal authority, must finally be disclosed to the American public. After all, AT&T is the most widely held stock in the United States, and is considered the ideal in classic investment for widows and orphans. Here we have an alien who has usurped authority and control of the dividends which blank (sic) Americans receive each year.


    After demanding ten modifications to the split-up agreement Greene issued rules of operations for the entire Telecommunications Industry. His court “waivers” must be obtained for the regional bell companies to enter new businesses. The permissions must be granted before the act, thus negotiations by a Bell Company to acquire any other firm were public knowledge before the negotiations were even beginning. Only one Bell Company, U.S. West, went to court in the U.S. Court of Appeals, challenging Greene’s authority.

    U.S. West said that Greene had no right to set conditions on regional Bells because they were not parties to the split up agreement and were not even in existence at the time of the entry of the decree. Naturally, the U.S. Appeals court bowed to this alien judge, who has been utilizing a false identity since the mid-1940s.


    The Federal Communications Commission is supposed to regulate the telecommunications industry. Judge Greene has been able to overstep the Executive branch of government and declare VOID the regulatory authority of the FCC without a whimper from Congress, and without any whiplash from the industry, the shareholders or the Congress of the United States.

    There isn’t a SHRED of judicial precedent for any federal judge being able to overstep his authority in an uncontrollable way. [German-born Jew Judge] Greene has stated that he considers the FCC totally incapable of regulating the world of telecommunications.

    This opinion is very interesting, but what weight should it have?? In reality it has no weight what-so-ever. The FCC has never relinquished control of the industry, and has complete legal authority to order that Greene step down immediately and that it begin its proper, congressionally mandated regulation of the telecommunications business.

    [Judge] Greene’s rulings since 1985, are all illegal, and we challenge anyone to contradict Criminal Politics magazine’s opinion on this point (A copy of this report will be sent directly to Judge Greene’s office for his commentary or response).


    Congressman John Dingell, the powerful chairman of the house Energy and Commerce Committee, once whimpered quietly (although he was quoted) that he was “offended by the anti-democratic process whereby a SINGLE, UNELECTED AND UNACCOUNTABLE FEDERAL JUDGE has been able to transform himself into a regulatory department without portfolio.”

    An example of a Greene decision: BABY BELLS CAN’T ENTER RETAILING — AN ANTI-DEMOCRATIC PROCESS Whether right or wrong we render no opinion, but for a SINGLE individual to control who may enter retailing in the United States is simply absurd. Greene had issued a decision in 1987, that blocks the regional Bells from moving into telephone equipment manufacturing and television shopping programs and services!

    As a result, we now have the Home Shopping Network (HSN), and several billions of dollars of merchandise are now sold by this company and revenue has been denied to the shareholders of the regional Bells. Should ONE MAN make such a decision?? Obviously not! At the very least, he should be willing to serve as an advisor or consultant to the FCC rather than the “god” of the telecommunications industry.


    In 1939, on the eve of WWII, a young man and his family were allowed to leave Germany. No one seems to know WHY. This young man, one Heinz Grunhaus [now known as Harold Green], and his relatives went to Belgium for a few months, and then on to Spain. This was the traditional point of embarkation for persons wishing to travel to the United States. During the height of the Second World War, they somehow made their way from Spain to the U.S. in 1943.

    However, a black shroud of secrecy has been drawn over the entire history of the Grunhaus family by none other than Judge Grunhaus (Greene) himself. There is not a single investigative journalist among the 35,000 well paid reporters in Washington, who would DARE to begin an investigation into his strange background. The retribution would be swift. That reporter would never write another story in Washington.


    Of the hundreds of meager stories checked out by this writer over a period of months of painstaking investigation, I have found only one — (ONE) — brief story in Time magazine January 2nd, 1984, page 53, which gave his proper birth name of Heinz Grunhaus.

    He [Judge Grunhaus/Greene] has the shortest listing in Who’s Who In America of any major figure. A few brief lines identify him as a Federal Judge in D.C.; there is no place of birth, no parents’ names, no date of entry into the U.S., no wife’s name, no children’s names, or any of the standard biographical material which Marquis Who’s Who requires for listing in the books of record.

    Marquis Who’s Who usually refuses to list anyone who does not provide such information. Typically entries in Who’s Who, one of this writer’s most valuable sources, gives several paragraphs of information. Some of them take more than a half a page of accomplishments, memberships, religious affiliations and other routine information that it is necessary to understand what one’s background is and what they might think or do in a position of power. No one is allowed this information about Grunhaus.


    After uncovering this lack of early history, I contacted some of the most knowledgeable persons in Washington about my findings. One of them actually maintained a file on Grunhaus for a number of years. I asked him, “Do you know his birth name?” “Of course,” he said, “It’s Harold Greene.” I then informed him that Greene was born Heinz Grunhaus. He was astonished when I informed him that Grunhaus had actually been born in Germany and that he had immigrated to the U.S. during the most crucial months of WW II. I have yet to find anyone in Washington who is aware of his [German-Jewish] background.


    Arriving in the U.S. at the age of 22, Grunhaus (now Greene) immediately went into the U.S. Army. In 1945, he turned up in his native country — Germany — as a staff sergeant in the U.S. Army INTELLIGENCE working with A COMPATRIOT — NONE OTHER THAN A REFUGEE WHO FOLLOWED THE SAME PATHWAY BY THE NAME OF HENRY (HEINZ) KISSINGER!!

    With apparent ease, these two German Zionist refugees went into the most sensitive area of the entire U.S. military forces — our intelligence service.

    Prior to 1940, only soldiers with well established credentials as loyal NATIVE BORN AMERICANS were allowed to serve in the Intelligence Service of our military forces. Somehow that was all changed. A defeated Germany was now inundated by a hoard of former Jewish citizens (Grunhaus and Kissinger among them) who had total authority granted them by the armed forces, and sought to wreak Zionist revenge upon a prostrate German nation.

    They were not there as peaceful occupiers, they went on a mission of hate vengeance and they exercised total and unanswerable authority over their victims.


    It is well known that Henry Kissinger, while serving as a sergeant in the U.S. Army intelligence in captive Germany, was recruited by the KGB as a secret agent who used the code name “BOR” (see HENRY KISSINGER SOVIET AGENT published by Criminal Politics book Club for $10.00 plus $1.50 postage and handling).

    Was his [Kissinger’s] compatriot in Army Intelligence (Heinz Grunhaus) also recruited by the KGB? This is a question of crucial importance to every American. It has special relevance in light of the ascension to the position of communication CZAR by Grunhaus.


    Quite amazingly, after returning from Germany, where he married a girl from the Saar, Grunhaus changed his name to Greene and was somehow hired by the Department of Justice as a translator. He attended night school at George Washington University, as had so many bureaucrats before him, including J. Edgar Hoover.

    In 1949, he received his degree and a law degree in 1952. Throughout the period he continued to work at the Department of Justice. In 1957, a new division of the Justice was created — THE CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISION. Greene was immediately named Chief of the Research and Appeals division, with total authority of all appeals in the Civil Rights cases. An unnamed Justice Department official contributed to the CURRENT BIOGRAPHY as follows: “Harold [Greene] either wrote, reviewed, argued or participated in every significant Civil Rights case heard in the most crucial era of Civil Rights litigation. He had more to do with the writing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, than any other person.


    What does this mean? It means that Grunhaus [now Greene] was responsible (as an alien) for creating the most brutal and oppressive legislation masquerading as “Civil Rights Laws” than anyone else in our history.

    Federal agents were given total authority over the most private aspects of the personal and business lives of NATIVE BORN Americans under this group of laws. They were told who they could hire…who they could rent or sell their homes to…affecting every vestige of the daily lives of free-born Americans. All of this under the supervision of the fertile brain of the recent [Jewish] arrival from Germany, Heinz Grunhaus — all accidental [just by sheer chance/fate would have it] of course!

    As an additional payoff for his Civil Rights work, [crypto-Jew] Lyndon B. Johnson named Grunhaus [now known as Greene] to the bench in the District of Columbia in 1965. The following year, Johnson again promoted him to Chief Judge of the Superior Court.

    On May 17th, 1978, President Jimmy Carter named Grunhaus [aka Greene] Federal Judge for the U.S. Court in Washington. Grunhaus is one of 300 judges named to the Federal bench by the peanut dealer, Carter.

    None have power over American life even approaching that of [Judge] Grunhaus [Greene].


    The Current Biography states that “within days Greene inherited the AT&T case.” This is not accurate. For four years, the AT&T case had been presided over by a highly respected black judge — Joseph C. Waddy. Someone — somewhere — decided that Judge Waddy was inadequate for this job, and immediately upon Grunhaus’ taking his place as a Federal judge in Washington D.C., he was assigned the case.

    It is unprecedented for a transfer of a case to take place without illness or some other special situation intervening, such as illness or scandal. At that time AT&T was the largest corporation in the world with revenues of $59.2 billion, a sum larger than the entire income of most countries.

    A settlement was reached early on in the case, but as stated earlier, there was no final approval until August 11th, 1982. How Greene’s extensive background in Civil Rights legislation and cases qualified him to become the sole arbiter of our communications services has never been explained or properly discussed by ANY MEDIA.


    This writer has actually been in the office of Judge Harold Greene in the U.S. Court Building on Constitution Avenue in Washington. It is an ordinary three room office. But how does Grunhaus [Greene] operate a vast empire from this small office?? With two clerks and a secretary? There obviously has to be more to this situation than meets the eye.

    I had gone into the office to request his financial statement. All U.S. Attorneys and Federal Judges are required by law to furnish financial statements to any citizen on request. I did NOT get this financial statement! I was referred to several other offices which also failed to produce it. Apparently not everyone has to comply with the law.


    There are several aspects of illegal activity that could result from Grunhaus’ control of this industry: First of all his decisions could be known in advance to those he favors. [Jewish Insider Trading Anyone?]

    Common sense would dictate that a requirement would be in place that he be investigated, and that his compatriots and friendships be investigated for checking into possible violations of the insider trading laws and other ethical violations. After all, it has been determined by the Congress that insider trading is illegal, and that the Justice Department should RIGOROUSLY enforce unfair profiteering made by insiders and friends of insiders.

    Even common laborers, who operate printing presses for prospectus’ on new issues and mergers and acquisitions have been prosecuted and jailed for making a few thousand dollars from an “insider” stock trade. How many tens of millions of dollars have been made by [Jewish] friends of Heinz Grunhaus, who somehow became aware of his decisions in advance? This man has made decisions which have created tens of billions of dollars in new common stock evaluation over the 12 years since he gained control of the telecommunications industry.


    There is another interesting fact and that is the extreme leftward shift [towards Judeo-Communism] of AT&T management since the Grunhaus control. Other long distance carriers seem to have the same ultra liberal [Jewish] leftward bent.

    AT&T for example, has never sufficiently shown that it’s no longer profiting from the dial-a-porn business to teenagers on AT&T 1-900 numbers.


    What’s more, AT&T had financially supported the [Judeo-Masonic] homosexual lifestyle through its “diversity recognition program”. This program equates gay [a Jew-stolen word from the beautiful White language of English that the Jews are trying, as usual, to pervert and change the meaning of- they are attempting to change its meaning to mean the already existing (thereby proper) word of homosexual] pride week with Martin Luther King’s birthday, black history month, etc., etc.

    According to our sources, AT&T has approved the use of the AT&T name by the “AT&T League of Gay and Lesbian Employees”!!! Naturally no group of AT&T employees could get away with starting an organization called “AT&T League for Christian Employees”.

    AT&T requires all management to go through “affirmative action” training, which means that NO DISCRIMINATION of queers may be permitted in AT&T operations. AT&T provides support for the Sodomite lifestyle by providing videotapes, such as ON BEING GAY, PARENTS AND FRIENDS OF LESBIANS AND GAYS, and finally GAYS AND LESBIANS IN THE WORKPLACE. AT&T is a major corporate sponsor for the so-called “Gay Olympics” in New York City and makes tax deductible contributions to dozens of other ultra left wing organizations.

    Are they [a giant Monopoly] worried about customer backlash? If so, there is no sign of it.


    What about the other long distance carriers? Sprint is a carrier for a service called “Working Assets”. This group boasts of subsidizing groups like the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU with total contributions of more than $2,000,000.

    MCI has joined Sprint and AT&T in supporting, with their advertising dollars, anti-Christian and homosexual propaganda that overflows into America’s homes every day.

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