Rascals, Rogues and Patriotards

die-jew-hatersThe State of the BS

by Phillip Marlowe

I remember that day when I met Oliver North. At the time, I was a much younger man working for this big organization that will go unnamed. North was running for Senator of Virginia and going around the state glad-handing away (he lost mostly because of the lefty media and a backstabbing republican third candidacy).

At the time, I was in our big storage area retrieving something or maybe working on the technical systems we kept back there out of the way; when in walks the top honcho for the entire organization alongside the department heads. With them was Ollie North, himself. They introduced me and I shook his hand. He stopped and talked to me for quite awhile, probably because I looked him straight in the eye and didn’t fawn over his celebrity status like others did on my department floor.

This was after all the brouhaha over the “Iran-Contra affair.” I was smart enough not to bring all that up, of course. I’m also fairly sure I knew more about the matter than most of my coworkers. That doesn’t mean I was “against” North. Not at all. I knew North was in fact a big American patriot, but by then I already had some inkling of the dichotomies (big word for bull crap) ensnaring America. I did vote for him, naturally.

Here’s the problem: How could one be a tough guy patriot for America and still be against Israel — our bestest little buddies in the Mideast? Does that mean you got to love stinking Goat Herders and Muzzy terrorist bastards?

I get the issue. Believe you me. I’ve philosophized on the matter for years. I finally, finally came to the conclusion that it wasn’t really a BINARY thing. I say “binary” as a nerdy description, as in “is it on, or is it off?” Don’t the leftys hate the MAN-WOMAN binary keeping us from lovingly accepting faggy transgenderism?GODFATHER ISRAEL LOGO 2

What I mean is: We don’t have to be Israel lovers to still be American patriots. Somehow, these tricky, clever little bastards have made Americans believe patriotism means supporting Israel absolutely, no matter what the creeps ever do — even to us. Ef all that crap. Once you really get down to brass tacks, you will soon realize Israel and Jews are about the biggest GD manipulators in world history!

Let me tell you a little Ollie North story I eventually learned about.

Back during the “Iran-Contra Affair” North was delivering weapons to Iran to get secret money to support the anti-Communists in El Salvador (the Contras). Reagan wanted to put a stop to the Commies who took over the country, but elected officials on “The Hill” didn’t want to get all involved in some pissant Central American idiocy. It was part of the nervousness engendered because of Vietnam.

One of the things North delivered to the Iranians were Katyusha rockets, provided by both Egypt and a MOSSAD agent/Israeli arms dealer named Yaakov Nimrodi — who was certainly working with the blessings of the Israel government (Ariel Sharon — a big war criminal from the get-go). These were surplus rockets the Soviets sold to Israel in a deal brokered by a big Israel lover and “American” Jew named Teddy Kollek, who was also a pal of Frank Sinatra, believe it or not. The money came from rich Jews in the US wanting to “do their part” for the nascent Jew state.

Back in WWII, the Soviets fired tens of thousands of these fairly inaccurate rockets, arrayed in banks of about 15-30 from the backs of US Studebaker trucks against the Nazis, killing many more fleeing German civilians, than “evil” Nazi soldiers. Occasionally, civilians were speared by rockets that failed to explode.

Egged on by Jewish NKVD political commissars in the rear with the gear, the filthy Commies raped and murdered innocent Christian White people all over Eastern Europe. We never heard much about all that, did we? Oh, of course, we shouldn’t care anything about them since some voted for evil Hitler, right? Funny, how everything to this day revolves around Jewry, doesn’t it?

In fact, by the time of this so-called “Iran-Contra Affair,” the greedy Israeli Jews were already blatantly violating the arms embargo on Iran put in place by Reagan (so beloved by patriotards). Our elected officials quietly, but insistently demanded Israel stop arm shipments to Iran but all we ever got was lip service from the creeps. Iran even shipped oil in tankers to the Israel port of Eilat, likely paid for by money the US gives them every year. As usual, the backstabbing media never reported one lousy thing about any of this to America. Still doesn’t.

The media whores don't care when non-Jews get killed, like this little girl in Gaza when the stinking Israelis bombed civilians with block busters.

Media whores don’t care when Palestinians die, like this little girl in Gaza the Israelis killed. Yet they only show dead kiddies like that little Muzzie “refugee” boy drowned on the beach, because they constantly push for immigration into White lands.

Israel might really be the “Whore of Babylon” talked about in the Bible.

The Iranians later gave the primitive old rockets to HEZBOLLAH, a militia group in southern Syria and Lebanon, who fired them back in ones and twos into northern Israel, killing a handful of Jew Zionists over the years.

Talk about what goes around, comes around!

What we’re dealing with is a bunch of crazy bastards on both sides of the fence. We’re not getting anything out of the deal, but the bodies of our boys back at Andrew Airforce base, 6 trillion more in debt and a never-ending stream of lousy Rambo movies Hollywood Jews churn out yearly to jack us up.

America is Israel’s big MacDaddy and practically all the little Jews in the US are bound and determined to keep it that way. In essence, your “American” Jews work as part time little Public Relation f**kers for the state of Israel. They are traitors and fifth columnists for a foreign power, no doubt about it.

Israel is basically a HUGE Jewish criminal operation. Hitler himself predicted Israel would be “a refuge for convicted rascals and a high school for future rogues.”

These filthy Jews all know they control our heads and feel quite free to do what the hell they want, whenever the hell they want. Israel is big buds with China, even selling our secrets and weaponry — including our most advanced high tech Patriot missile system (seems they didn’t need so many against Palestinian bottle rockets).

Ever since it’s beginnings, Israel has caused all sorts of bloody mayhem in the Middle East, which eventually turned into big time “blow-back” for our country and our boys to deal with. It’s little wonder so many Goat Herders now hate our ass!

As I write this, FOX TV talking head, Leland Vittert, is droning away on the TV set. As usual, they don’t tell us Vittert is a big Jewboy, trained in sacred Israel for Zionist brainwashing work in the US (he was recently transferred back from Jerusalem for weekend FOX anchor duties).

Vittert is talking about Rep. Keith Elliot, a black Muslim who some of the multicult crazed dems want to see as head of the DNC. ADL Jews are a tad upset because Elliot was audiotaped at some event asking why “a region of 350 million [Mideast] all turns on a country of 7 million [Israel — brackets mine]. Does that make sense? Is that logic? Right?” He rightfully concludes.

OMG, apparently black guy Elliot must be an evil Nazi! Also, the Senate just passed a bill called “anti-Semitism awareness act” to investigate anti-Zionist kids on college campuses. The act passed without one single, solitary NO vote. Any of this tell you the least little thing? Hel-looooh!

Charles Krauthammer is another FOX news Jew rat who came out against Trump.

Just turn on your TV to see the answer in real time, MOFOS.

Notice how all these phony Jew “patriots” they have on FOX were subtly against Trump — least-wise until Trump won. How about that turtle-faced Jew creep, Charles Krauthammer, that FOX acts like he’s so great? Krauthammer was cleverly and sometimes even openly anti-Trump.

These Jews are GIANT, two-faced rats!

If you’re a White American “patriot” you need to think about this: Manipulative Jews have also been in a silent guerilla war against our race from the start. Why do you think the homies get all stoked up against evil Whitey all the time? Just who do you think is always pushing for immigration of Third Worlders (including Muzzies) into White countries? Who’s always yapping away about America being a “pluralistic” society? “Pluralistic” is Jew intellectual gibberish meaning turning us Whites into a minority in our own lands.

All you patriots need to wake the ef up and join with the real “Alt-Right,” not the pussified “Alt-light” phony patriots who don’t say JACK about the filthy Jews, because they all know deep down they are too chickensh*t to buck the REAL DEAL going down in ‘Murica.

Don’t worry — you can still keep your guns. Hell, we want you to keep them. Capiche?



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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81 Responses to Rascals, Rogues and Patriotards

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    Yeah I’ve researched the origins and history of the communist party in America also. The jews went after the niggers from the start because jews know that most niggers are stupid. They still do. It don’t matter how many years of free college niggers get they still cant match the intelligence of an average white 7th grader. Assfirmative action minority set aside mandatory diversity in admissions jew college just makes the niggers even worse because when they get a degree from a libtarded arts college Marxist commie Bolshevik jew indoctrination center the niggers come out all uppity with a piece of paper that jews hand them that makes them think they actually know something. And then they get their assfirmative action diversity hire and promote minority set aside contracts and government jobs that turns every enterprise with a large percentage of niggers a total disaster incompetent and dysfunctional government bankrupt needs subsidies and bailouts and oversight by other people with more than two brain cells to rub together. Continuing to send this country spiraling downward to uncivilized animal third world shithole status. Why do you think the jews are always pushing for more free and “deb-free” college? It aint free mfer somebody always has to pay and us non college educated white people are about done paying for jews and their stupid-ass pet niggers and our own destruction and demise and jewish subversion from within of ourselves and our country anymore.

  2. Red Pill says:

    talk, discussions, and debate will not stop the jew.
    when will we learn that the jew is a masterdebateor
    language and the subversion of it is his domain .

    how much longer will it take to learn this?
    always learning but never coming to the truth.
    and if we do learn the truth do we just sit on it?

    please, somebody kick my ass.
    yada, yada, yada

  3. Red Pill says:

    there are no jews or niggers.

    “Matter does not exist”

    these entities exist within our own minds.

    Scientists discover the universe grows like a Giant Brain : WOW WE LIVE INSIDE THE MIND OF GOD.

    ”Like, duh, i already know that”.

    It is often said that we are connected with the universe in such a way that we cannot even comprehend. It is said that the universe is the exact reflection of ourselves and that the universe is alive.

    no compendium? no problem, keep up that negative energy.
    the jews and their god depend on it for there existence.



    the reason the jew has not been defeated is because we feed them

    people need to flush there mind set
    why don’t we just remove there energy source?.

    because it would be the end of the world as we know it.
    and your not ready for that. and that makes perfect sense..

    and for all the Christians fools that are waiting for Jesus to save you.
    he is waiting for you to get your shit together.
    take the straight and narrow road .

    open that gate.

  4. Matt says:


    I agree that it can’t get any worse than Jew’s whore Bolton.

    I’m hoping Trump is just playing some of these potential nominees, once they think they might get the position, they’ll be on the Jew tube saying good about Trump and his plans. Trump will keep track of every comment to later use against them and show what two faced back stabbers these kike’s shills are.

  5. Hoff says:

    jews who penetrated into all European governments and law enforcement, making themselves UNPROSECUTABLE.</b?

    In 19th and 20th century Pogroms of Jews in the Russian Empire and Europe were becoming more and more common as only adequate response of population to growing Jewish crimes.


    That's the work I have been looking for.

    Ashkenazi jews are the ruling jew mafia. Sovjet jew mafia that ruled Soviet Union was all Ashkenazi.

    The jews who today rule Palestine (israel) are all Ashkenazi jews. Nuthanyahooooo is Ashkenazi.

    All big bankers in the west are all Ashkenazi jews.

    The difference is west and east Ashkenazi jews. East is Poland and Russia. The west Ashkenazi jews, Rothschild, Jacob Schiff, looks down on the east Ashkenazi jews as ghetto riff-raff.

    The western ashkenazi-jews concider themself as royal court jews, Hof juden. Hof means royal, a Hof is a castle.

    The ashkenazi jews despise the sefard and Marrano jews.


    Here is the very reason why the communist jews who ruled Soviet gave up Moscow. 4:30 and one minute. Early 1960s the jet fighter carrier had proven it’s worth, operational.

    This is the very reason America is the jews whore. The jew ruled Soviet couldn’t build an armada of carriers, nor did Soviet have the ice free ports.

    If you in America scrap the 12, twelve full size carrier fleet, the jews power over America is gone. The WHOLE military might of America depends on the carrier fleet. Scrap it and the jew is gone. At 4:30 and a minute. Mandatory!!!

    World’s Biggest War-ship Ever Built – Full Documentary —- 45 min


    Just tell the jew: -No, you can’t have any carrier, and the jew vanish.

  6. Hoff says:

    The word, not the work:


    Above the law. That is the jew game.

  7. Red Pill says:

    World’s Biggest War-ship

    Do the Russians and Chinese have superior missiles to take them out?
    i would think it would be a high priority for WWIII.
    it’s there only option survive in that event.
    they must sink the twelve full size carrier fleet or be defeated.
    thanks again jews for the coming conflict.

    the vultures devour civilizations thru salvage and with recycling
    they sell it back to us so we can build again.

    with discount financing and easy monthly payments.
    we will learn to love the jew.

  8. Karen says:

    If anyone reading here is a gardener they must have noticced that all seed catalgues feature on their covers and pages only healthy Whites. Never in all the years that I’ve been receiving them have I seen a ‘person of color’. Could be that it’s because unlike we Shire folks the Jews and SJWs’ are residents of untillable Mordor. Surprising that that [[[they]]] haven’t declared seed catalogues hate.

  9. Bailey says:

    Putting a niggers face on the cover of a seed catalog would be racist , suggesting slavery ?

  10. Red Pill says:

    deport them or dispatch them, give them a choice.
    America is the land of choices.

  11. The opinion you trust says:

    The discussion started at IncogMan.net about cheap and reusable rope versus effective lead sparkled great debate around the world.

    According to a recent survey by Pew.org majority of Blacks would prefer a rope, and Jews are overwhelmingly in favor of the lead. Mexicans however took a neutral positon backing long swim across the lake Michigan.

    However no one won the IncogMan prize because the correct solution, is to use agricultural instruments, such as a sharp sickle, long pitchforks, heavy hammers, and flails for threshing wheat. Both pitchforks and flails are very effective and cheap, they were generously and successfully used throughout history by the great leaders of China Mao Zedong and Cambodia to liberate themselves from bloodsuckers.

    Flails, for those who unaware, is an agricultural tool consisting of two parts, one longer then the other, and tightened to each other with a very short rope. The shorter piece also made from a rock or something heavy. Her is a picture of a flail.

  12. The opinion you trust says:

    Many believe that the trillions of dollars spend on funding NASA program are spend to satisfy the power holders’ scientific curiosity by making everybody working for that. The opinions of Americans are split 50 : 50. Some say that we need resources here now and some say that the let the abnormal drain of resources continue.

    There are many websites dedicated to collect the pros and cons on many important issues including should be expulse the Jews and Niggers back to Africa, or should we continue funding NASA when IncogMan.net is still underfunded?

    Here is one such website called procon.org.

  13. The opinion you trust says:

    Americans are no longer inspired as they once were abot expensive NASA says Obama. There are two issues of great concern regarding NASA. The first is the role of NASA in furthering the arms race in space. The second is the use of nuclear fuels to power NASA spacecraft. Americans are against both and therefore do not support funding for NASA for these purposes

    Ralph Nader, attorney, author, and political activist, stated in an Aug. 21, 2008 Q&A teleconference: NASA costs far, far too much and is used for PR purposes rather than scientific purposes.

    The truth however is that NASA is good!

    NASA is good, but not for people, it is good for Jews and Niggers because they get all the jobs and funding, and supplementary contracts. While White people ain’t got a shit.

    Put the on space ship and send them to Mars.

  14. Smitherines says:

    Occidental Observer:

    The Murder of Maria Ladenburger: A Fatal Lack of Vitamin “R”
    Colin Liddell on December 5, 2016 — 14 Comments

    I don’t know the exact nature of the death of Maria Ladenberger, the daughter of an EU official who was recently raped and drowned by an Afghan migrant, who had been let into Germany by Angela Merkel, but I suspect that the real cause of death wasn’t an excess of water in the lungs but rather a deficiency of Vitamin-“R”.

    Vitamin R, in case you haven’t guessed it, is Vitamin “Racism,” yes, that word again, a word that is applied to everything from Nazi death camps to so-called “microaggressions,” and since we don’t have actual Nazi death camps anymore, or even KKK lynch mobs, it generally refers to people feeling slightly uncomfortable or suspicious of people of other races and cultures whose ways they don’t particularly understand or like.

    It is glaringly obvious that Maria was a person completely lacking in this vital mental vitamin, the age-old antidote to the naive acceptance of dangers we don’t understand.

    Maybe she had no warning of the actual attack, if her assailant leaped from his hiding place, or maybe she actually stopped for him. But she at least knew the situation, i.e., that her town was full of young male strangers.

    More @ the URL below:

  15. Smitherines says:

    This is really good extracted from above piece:

    “This is another example of who Christopher Donovan has called the Amy Biehl Syndrome in which altruistic Whites are murdered by the people they are trying to help, followed by parents who forgive and commiserate with the murderers. White pathology indeed.

  16. Smitherines says:


    Hussein K. (above), 17, has been linked by his DNA to the murder of Maria Ladenburger (below), 19, a medical student whose father is a legal adviser to the European Commission in Brussels


    Family of EU official’s teenage daughter who was raped and killed ‘by Afghan migrant’ ask for well-wishers to donate money to refugee charity as teenage ‘killer’ is revealed

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4004480/Pictured-Afghan-migrant-17-modelled-gangsta-rappers-raped-murdered-EU-official-s-daughter-met-work-refugees.html#ixzz4S6fY6H8c

  17. Smitherines says:

    Philip Giraldi on the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act
    by Kevin MacDonald

    From Philip Giraldi, “Fake News Versus No News” on Unz.com:

    The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act is intended to give the Department of Education investigatory authority over “anti-Jewish incidents” on America’s college campuses. Such “incidents” are not limited to religious bigotry, with the examples cited in the bill’s text including criticism of Israel and claiming that the holocaust was “exaggerated.” It is a thinly disguised assault on the Boycott Divest and Sanction (BDS) movement, which is non-violent, does not criticize Jews as a religion or ethnicity, and is actually supported by many Jewish American who are concerned about Israel’s apartheid regime.

    More @ the URL below:

  18. The opinion you trust says:

    How people who are people who are Anti-Semites, do not believe in any Holocausts, and criticizing Israel and Jews suppose to countermeasure such a harmful act as the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.

    It is interesting how it works. People do not want any such acts as the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act but they still enact the acts that people do not wont. The history repeats itself with that outrageous act, because in Germany the criminalizing the Anti-Semites. Everyone says that the Jews and Niggers must be criminalized and outlawed, instead the Jew bribing their way somehow to enact the Act against us honest people. Therefore, the criminals Jews somehow have the power, abilities, intelligence, and legally destroy Anti-Semites instead of being destroyed by the honest Anti-Smites.

    It is like the whole world is up-side down. That is exactly what many people were saying we need to organized, create en mass powerfull lobbying White Workgroups, and used that voting and number power to force them to enact Jews and Africans Awareness Act aimed to formalized segregation and arrest of all Jewish assets everywhere and peaceful relocation to Africa.

    That the Act we need to Enact. Sometimes however some elements enact the acts which we do not need. Those Acts are designed to harm common simple white people. Why would people in the world would tolerate the acts like this Anti-Semites Awareness Acts. Why would not people react for once calling those who enacted it responsible and put them to jail because they by enacting the acts like this bad act endangering us? Can somebody who has brains explain?

  19. Jack says:

    Calling North a patriot is wrong. It does appear he was in on flooding the usa with cocaine and the inner cities with crack cocaine. He should have been hung.

  20. Gator says:

    Hey Incogman,
    What are we going to do about Trump’s own daughter being a jew and his really jewish son-in-law? And seems like a lot of really pro-Israel people in his cabinet. And lots of Jew banker types still seem to be in play.

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