Super Smart Science Guy Explains The Situation

How The Holocaust™ Is Used To Prevent Whites From Organizing & Expressing Their Group Interests As White People

By James Miller, PHD

SYNOPSIS: In each Western nation, non-Whites are encouraged to organize around their racial identity. But Whites are, for all intents and purposes, not ‘allowed’ to do the same because the Jewish establishment claims, “that would lead to Nazism and another Holocaust.” This is absurd… of course.

Every non-White racial group throughout the Western World is free to create organizations based on their racial identity with absolutely no social repercussions. In the United States we have black organizations, hispanic organizations, & Asian organizations… all socially acceptable. But try to create a White-based organization and watch the gates of Hell swing open! Any attempt at creating such a group brings about the following labels: “racist,” “bigot,” “hater,” and “Nazi.”

Beginning at the conclusion of World War II (1945), the White gentile world (i.e., the Western world) began undergoing a process of radical transformation due to a Jewish ‘Sphere-of-influence’ being imposed on the West. This was a consequence of International Jewry winning  World War II (the Allied nations’ leaders were puppets of International  Jewry: FDR, Churchill, et al). In short, the West was usurped by International/organized Jewry (more on this here). More specifically, in the aftermath of WWII, Jews gradually took full control of all Western media, all major political parties, banking & finance, the bulk of foreign policy (especially Middle East policy), social agenda, & culture (through Jewish  domination of Hollywood).

The long-term goal of International/organized Jewry is global government, which Jews plan to control (of course). By “long term” I mean perhaps 100 – 150 years (or more) in the future.  International/organized Jewry envisions a global government and global system with: one global bank, one global currency, one universalist “religion,” one consumerist/corporate-based economy, and one global Judaic flavored culture/ethos (related to this topic, please see this article). As political analyst Patrick Buchanan once pointed out1, the main obstacle standing in the way of the (eventual) goal of a (Jewish-run) global government is, collectively, all White gentile nations. Post World War II, this has been the impetus for why International Jewry has been actively working to reduce Whites to a minority in the Western World — mostly through massive third world immigration into Western nations.

With respect to the demographic certainty that Whites will soon (by around 2045) be a minority in the Western World (due to immigration), White people will naturally revolt, start organizing, and begin working for their group interests AS WHITE PEOPLE. Organized Jewry essentially suppresses White resistance to demographic trends by defacto saying that any attempt by Whites to express their group interests (as White people) is akin to “Nazism” and another potential “Holocaust.” For example, suppose a handful of White students at some American university simply proposed creating a White Student Union on campus. What would happen? The White students would be tarred and feathered with every imaginable pejorative: “racist,” “bigot,” etc.

Now then… and in light of the above, we in the Western World are endlessly told that the “Holocaust” is the supposed “greatest evil in human history” (Side Note: Nonsense – there were far greater “evils” and, further, the six million number is an absurd exaggeration – see my article here). Nevertheless, the Western World has been thoroughly indoctrinated (brainwashed) with “Holocaust” propaganda for the purpose of psychologically sensitizing Whites to shy away from thinking about and feeling any pride in their White/European ancestry. Such indoctrination works in two ways, 1) it causes individual Whites to feel shame if they entertain the idea of organizing around their group interest as White people and, 2) it sensitizes society-at-large to shame & berate any White people who do attempt to organize around their White social/cultural/political interests. So #1 causes Whites to self-sensor themselves and, #2 acts as the enforcement mechanism against any Whites who act in defiance of #1.

In summary, by endlessly browbeating Whites with “Holocaust” indoctrination and “education,” Jews psychologically intimidate and thus prevent most Whites from organizing around their group interests as White people.

James L. Miller, PHD

I am very concerned about globalization and immigration and their negative effects on White Western civilization. Multiculturalism/multiracialism within a country leads to internal tension and violent conflict… 6,000 years of human warfare proves this (roughly 85% of all wars and conflicts throughout recorded history are entirely based on racial/ethnic/religious conflict; the other 15% are purely ideologically-based). All races and ethnic groups are “tribal” & separatist in nature – these innate characteristics of human nature must be accepted and public policy should be developed with such characteristics in mind. Hence, racial/ethnic homogeneity should be encouraged by policy makers. Pursuing racial/ethnic homogeneity in each country is the most humane way to organize the world’s people.

Influential people in the ALT-RIGHT movement include: Ann Coulter, Andrew Anglin, Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, and thousands more.

Regarding my professional life, I have a PhD in Physics from Brown University. I also have a BS and MS, both in Math, from UC Berkeley. I work in R & D (research & development) in High Energy Physics.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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77 Responses to Super Smart Science Guy Explains The Situation

  1. Karen says:

    SMITHERINES…jewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjewjew….proving my earlier, 5 or 6 comments up. that the DNA really hit a nerve with this KIKE

  2. The opinion you trust says:

    Courtesy to Anon

    Anti-antisemitism, Thought-control Bill moves through Congress

    Eight years of legislative constipation suddenly ends when it comes to Congress’ preferred constituency

    To provide for the consideration of a definition of anti-Semitism for the enforcement of Federal antidiscrimination laws concerning education programs or activities

    Apparently American Jews, although they comprise only about 20% of the American population, send so many dollars to Congress. Thus, when a bill benefiting them comes up, Congress drops everything else to pass the bill immediately. The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act was introduced into the Senate last Thursday, December 01, and passed the very same day. Unanimously, without amendment.

    Bloodthirsty American Jews pushing this bill — we’re talking the usual suspects: AIPAC, Anti-Defamation League, Jewish Federations of North America, Simon Wiesenthal Center.

    This “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” is an example of the many reasons Jews becoming such a problem in America, and it is an example of why Americans mistrust of Congress is more justified now than at any time in history.

    One really have to wade through the wording carefully to see that, what makes it so pernicious. The Act actually promotes the very perception of Jews that it punishes.

    So let me unpack this IED very carefully because, first, it is contorted, and, second, it presages the fetid dystopia that America is fast becoming.

    “Antisemitism” is not defined! The definition of antisemitism missing, thus, leaving the door open for the Jewish judge to define the “Antisemitism” at his will. Therefore, congress making the “Antisimetism” a punishable offence without defining what constitutes the act of Antismitism, let any drunk of money, power, perversions, power, inexpensive young juicy Spanish girlfriends, and multiple properties piece of Jewish shit judge to randomly arrest for example SOG for being a good citizen and merely participating in a summit as an Antisemite.

    The act doesn’t give a definition at all, but, rather, provides two paragraphs that say what the definition of anti-Semitism “includes.” You don’t have to be the brightest bird on the branch to see that defining a word is a different process from articulating a couple of concepts that a definition includes. And, as a result, there is no actual definition in this law for “antisemitism,” only an opinion of what the definition of “antisemitism” includes.

    In conclusion, Antisemitism is good, and next year Congress should enact law to arrest all jews and nigger lovers.

    “Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which they may perceive as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of anti-Semitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.” — Working Definition of Anti-Semitism by the European Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia

    The definition of antisemitism also “includes” criticisms directed at Israel.

    The legal/constitutional problem is that by this sleight of hand the Act defines antisemitism to include “a certain perception of Jews.” And so what is being made illegal is a mental process or thought process. (Experts may disagree on the semantics of whether perception itself is a “thought process,” but not on whether it is a “mental process.” In my view it is safest to consider perception to be a mental process that includes thought. Not all thought includes perception, but all perception includes some degree of thought.)

    And note that the prohibited mental process is described not by any harm it does and not by the way the mental process is expressed, but by the way in which the mental process MAY BE EXPRESSED. In other words, according to this Act, merely having a certain perception about Jews is prohibited or punished so long as it is possible to express that perception as hatred toward the Jews — and, “Jews” includes Israel, pursuant to Paragraph (2).

    More specifically, according to this Act, if one engages in the mental activity of perceiving Jews and/or Israel in any way that could be expressed as hatred, then that mere perception, regardless of whether or not it is actually expressed as hatred, gives rise to a complaint under Title VI.

    The Act, in other words, is an example of the government making a certain class or category of purely mental activity illegal and punishable under (here comes the irony) the Civil Rights Act. This is an attempt at governmental thought-control, or, more precisely, perception-control under the rubric of “civil rights.” But then a lot of political correctness is really a warped manifestation of “civil rights.”

    As a society we need to think and talk about the way politically-privileged Jews in America and Israel are given special consideration by, and access to, Congress. More importantly, we need to think and talk about the way politically-privileged Jews are using their special access to Congress to turn the country into a mind-control police state, as is clearly indicated by the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.

  3. Karen says:

    Blahblahblahblahblah…you still don’t get it?

  4. The opinion you trust says:

    The hate crime laws based on “group slander and defamation”, put the so-called Holocaust on pedestal. Entirely made-up story about Holocaust, which, cannot be critiqued without committing a felony in Europe and Canada. Millions of German people were. This is the beginning of the end for the First Amendment, and Americans should be ready to fight this garbage.

    That is very uncomfortable that the Jews and Niggers are so comfortable.

  5. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Obama Urges Soldiers To Question Trump’s Authority, ‘Criticize Our President’

    In other words he is encouraging them to mutiny.

  6. Smitherines says:

    This cartoon by Robert Minor appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1911.

    This cartoon by Robert Minor appeared in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1911. It shows Karl Marx surrounded by enthusiastic Wall Street financiers: Morgan partner George Perkins, J.P. Morgan, John Ryan of National City Bank, John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. Immediately behind Marx is Teddy Roosevelt, leader of the Progressive Party.

    Picture says a 1000 words, what better illustration than this 1911 cartoon showing Wall Street Tycoons, and Elites shaking hands with Mr. “Death Capitalis” (Death to Capitalism) Karl Marx, himself. Communism , socialism have always been charades perpetrated to fund revolutions for super wealthy (demigods) to steal from country’s for various reasons, through manufactured conflicts, wars, always hear”war is good business” today this is deemed “CONSPIRACY THEORY” and anti-patriotic.

    Or the most dreaded by Kwans “Anti-Semitic!”

  7. The opinion you trust says:

    Capitalism is no good, socialism is no good, communism is no good.

    I always thought that socialism is good before I came to the United States, and see that Zoo horror. Nowhere in Europe they the horrors of Niggers and Jews the American people suffering here, only then I realized that it can not and should not be good for everyone. That was the moment when I realized that the socialism is not a solution, but the white national-socialism is the solution and the way to go.

    Somebody mentioned yesterday that it was tough under grandpa Hitler, because discipline and subordination were required. Today it can be firmly concluded that the dictatorship, discipline, and subordination is much better than to look every day on the Jews, Faggots, Niggers, Obamanation, and Zoo.

  8. First, I am still perturbed by those who do not understand what Buelahman is trying to say….

    He is stating fact.. Drumpf cannot be trusted as he may in fact be very much in the Jew’s back pocket and therefore his Presidency will be much the same as the other ones where they answered only to their Jewish bastard masters….

    I see no fault in his comments in here, as he is indeed warning all of us to not trust or put our faith in President Drumpf at this moment, and we should not be surprised at all if he does finally expose himself as just another Jew controlled lackey…

  9. And about the HOLY HOAX…. Get with the program here.. The Jews have used that lie of history to turn our nations into pussies…

    The facts are that the Jews are indeed pure evil and their thinking is pure evil…. We should therefore look at this Holy Hoax fraud of history as just another of their tools to try to keep us all subverted and scared to fight them….

  10. Red Pill says:

    Trump won’t save us.
    Trump can’t save us

    Trump is better that a shit sandwich.
    Hillary is a shit sandwich.

    there is only one menu
    you pick from one side or the other.

    the results are always the same.
    when will we ever learn?

    we don’t have to fight the jews.
    we just need to stop drinking there koolaid.

  11. anon says:

    The best defense is a good offense. Do you see how the D.C. jew pedophile exposure put them all on the defense. IT’S TIME TO TURN UP THE HEAT. A lot of otherwise smart people are at the tipping point and it’s the perfect example of jew behavior and disgusting deviant demonic behavior that NO normal people of any kind would EVER tolerate in any way. People need help making the connection. Why oh fucking why is OUR supposed federal government FULL OF jews? If it was full of dual-citizen Chinee (if there is such a thing) it would be an outrageous sight, no? Why in the fuck can’t people see the HOOK NOSES and the huge reptilian mouths of these creatures ALL OVER THE TV AND TOTALLY INFESTING WASHINGTON DC LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF? THEY ARE LAUGHING AT US.


    The Great Adolf Hitler kind of secretly displayed his knowledge and brilliance in choosing the swastika for the symbol of his movement to save humanity from the jew.
    It’s time to take this symbol back-
    The History of an Ancient Human Symbol

  12. anon says:


  13. Red Pill says:


    The best defense is, no manufactured enemies.
    the enemies are created to bring schism.
    schism creates division.
    division begets change
    change is compromise.
    compromise is defeat.

    our enemies are the best the world can offer
    and that money can buy.
    they bought our country for pennies on the dollar.
    and all the people do is holler.

    i love the times we live in.
    chaos has been created,
    and it’s a best seller.
    get some today.

  14. anon says:

    “The jew cries out in pain as it stabs you in the back.” -ancient wisdom

  15. The opinion you trust says:

    Look at that disgusting garbage one more time Karen posted. That is exactly the Zoo US, GB, and Europe is turned into. Bad colored shit is aggressive.

  16. S O G says:

    heh heh siberia is on my buckit list as is chernobyl the parting gift of jews to ukraine just before it regaiuned some semblance of self rile …
    imagiune the mass graves of white victimes of jews monsertrs bolshies talmic zio crap commie shitkikes …they are there …like ireland mass graves of british fuckwads and the 300,800 bodies of abused children buried in mass graves around the euro theatre..
    the kike asshoiles killed 7-80 millions of russians undder red commee jew terror machine …un fucking deniable ..and as much as shit kikery trieds to back peddle on this forum that their grandparents committed it is not possible due to facts like comintern ..the very phrase is researchable exhaustively …central central kikecommittes was 388 shitstains like the english PM’s or is it pms ..englads is full of fucked up human vzariations of butt likker4s et al ….communism is undeniable and is jews own weapon like the atom bomb weapon as bad as the other and we see jews did fukashima to nice …
    the jew controlled media tried to sell us bullshit a mile high when the serbs got fed up with muslims and struck back …killing some but not nearly enuff ….all the supposed mass graves were in fact blamed on serbs but were old german pow ww2 executes and if we were blaming they could havew been serb graves …serbs suffered under the ustache ..was a goof by 3rd R …anyway wasnt it neighboirly of madame albright to send jew attack dog nato to bomb serb churches on sunday mass …
    she is anti christian and the fuclking miasma became all About pooor fuckin shitmuslims …i say exterminate all of them anyway …milosevic was poisoned at the hague and besides that how were the accomodations …
    really the jews are not done yet or ever ..”caution jews at work”
    oyyy vaaay suuuuuuuuuccchhhhh uhhhhh deeeeeeell.
    gulags and guillines in america coming …not if we bust a cap and biust a move ..sorry niggers i had to steal some ebonoix phrases .
    the muslims are coming to florida and will own that jew poaradise soon …nigger pets from apefrica are coming dressep as refugeees ,gee wizz …have they had all their shots yet ..they need shots …i tell ya …and ledd sammitches …
    lord ahve mercy …on whites ..fuck the rest …
    not making lite of serbs …have a great respect for them ..
    and yes siberia is the scene of the most massive crime of murder on earth unles you count the jewish chinese dynasty of murder by mau tse tung who likely killed 2-300 million chinks …ahhh fookin soo ….
    what the hey its saturday nite saturn day nite night …ok
    turn it off more mister and mrs nice guys …whites need to live up to the level of racism they claim we are ..but in reality its retribution ism …we have been slaves to the nigger pathology for 300 years ….go to injusticefile …
    the only thing a nigger gives white people is misery and stink eye …what is pathetic is that they believe they are right and innocent ….

  17. antuerius says:

    Are there mathematical algorithms, or other methods, that could describe population degradation, and maybe locate ‘tipping points’ of concentration that lead to the various gradients of ethnic violence? Is is possible to use a database of known historical data from previous race wars to get a better quantitative assessment of the realities in white nations? Perhaps to reinforce, or supersede, the ignored arguments from egalitarian qualitative’s and globalist opinion.

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