Why You Should Forgive Blacks Who Raped Your Mom

By Phillip Marlowe

Dana DeMarco, 39, was another McFadden crime victim. Her badly decomposed body was found on the side of the road in New Jersey. The black bastard raped and murdered at least 2 other Whites — including a 78 year-old grandmother.

Please watch the Colin Flaherty video below. These filthy blacks rape, rob and murder Whites all the time — including our elderly mothers. You just can’t believe all the evils our race has experienced at the hands of evil, criminal blacks.

Idiot liberals literally want you to forgive such animals. Listen to the daughter of a rape victim in the video below. Clearly, these liberals suffer from some kind of mass media-induced “Stockholm Syndrome” when it comes to the black race. Us Whites have been way, way too nice for our own sakes.

How much more BULL CACA are we going to take, White people?

It’s time we round up these animals at the point of the bayonet. It’s now absolutely certain this “diversity” experiment has failed completely. Blacks cannot and do not belong in a civilized White society. Never have. Hell, we got prisons full of these violent animals simply because of the race’s true criminal nature — even the women are crazy. You think it’s “White privilege” responsible for the disparity of races incarcerated?

Then you must be a total brainwashed JACKASS.

Please make note the 55 year-old rape victim was a SOCIAL WORKER. I can’t tell you all the stories I’ve read of White do-gooders victimized by these animals. How about the moronic White woman who went down to Haiti to help earthquake victims, who wrote about her experience of being raped by a black Haitian — who cared nothing about her idiotic liberal pleadings:

“I begged him to stop. Afraid he would kill me, I pleaded with him to honor my commitment to Haiti, to him as a brother in the mutual struggle for an end to our common oppression, but to no avail. He didn’t care that I was a Malcolm X scholar. He told me to shut up, and then slapped me in the face.

We need to HANG these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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30 Responses to Why You Should Forgive Blacks Who Raped Your Mom

  1. Nationalist says:

    Whites especially liberals often times make the mistake that Biblical scriptures are to be applied to a multicultural society. This is not the case, the Bible needs to be understood in the proper context not the false interpretations liberals like to make of it. God did not intend for any race to be subjected to living among people of different races and that includes Whites who lived in a monolithic society at the time the Bible was written. The demographic changes of the last 200 years go against the teachings of the Bible and are largely the result of people who are not the least bit interested in Christianity. The Republican Party is not the party of God either for those Whites who think it is. This is why we need to start viewing National Socialism as being a sensible mainstream way of looking at things rather than the common belief as fueled by the Jewish controlled news media that there is something evil about it.

  2. Red Pill says:

    Why You Should Forgive Blacks Who Raped Your Mom
    just like i would if my 81 yr old wife were raped.
    that’s why i don’t live any where there are blacks.

    ho, hoe, whore of babylon, merry Xmas.
    Smitherines, Frederick, John Taurus.& others
    The Illuminati’s BIGGEST Deception Exposed

  3. Frederick says:

    RP, I mentioned this xmas thing last year here.

    But good vid. ‘Round SaturnsEye’ is good on most things, exemption with Donald Trump.

    Just to confirm, I and my wife don’t celebrate xmas . Christmas, as we know its just another Vatican or pagan holiday, no time to go into history.

    If anyone one worships any pagan god or gods they are quite comfortable with it as x mas is just another god and distraction.

    But we do give blessings out for seasons greeting and happy holidays that we celebrate the birth of the Christ child our saviour, but we do this multiple time a year! But if some one wants to wish us Merry Christmas, I’m not against it.
    This can be an excellent opportunity for the Gospel to ask, ‘why Christmas?” You’d be surprized how many people are ignorant of the virgin birth of the Saviour!

    With the rise of communism and Hanukkah BS I can go along with the Christmas thing, there is no harm done, even though I reject it!

    We are influenced, poisoned daily by the commies and judaism, some more then others and yet we find ways to survive this onslaught.

    “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction”. – Holy Bible


    Banjo Billy and Rabbi Shlomo Podesta told the truth about Jesus, we killed Christ and will do it again! The real Ones!

  4. brian boru says:

    The problem isn’t actually the niggers; it’s us and the power over us that we have given to the kikes. Niggers are a dead end hominid species who wouldn’t be a threat to us or any civilised people if we behaved rationally. If the white race decided tomorrow to act in its own interest without regard to what the kikes or anyone else said the black problem world wide would be solved in a few months forever. There wouldn’t be a nigger to be seen anywhere in North America, Europe or anywhere else that our race lived. They would either be all dead or back in Africa starving down to numbers that the environment could handle, ie small, widely dispersed primitive tribes with no more impact on the landscape than any of the other fauna that live there. The jews would be in pits or corralled somewhere so that they couldn’t do any damage. Unfortunately, we do not think or behave rationally. We are paralysed by religion and liberal jew mind poison. We don’t need any more evidence that our race, societies and civilisation are being attacked and destroyed. To a rational person it is obvious. The niggers are only a symptom, not the cause. Our worst enemies are not even the kikes but our own people who behave irrationally, who support our slow creeping death with an almost religious fervour. Our best warriors support this system as mercenaries for the it while our women have been driven crazy by feminism and misplaced altruism because their men no longer lead them. Unless white men can overcome their cowardice and weakness and begin to behave like men again, and only act themselves and demand that their leaders only act in support of the interests of their people alone. Unless we do then the outrages depicted here and elsewhere will continue and increase until everywhere eventually represents the condition of whites in South Africa where they wait in terror in their homes for the savages to break in and finish them off. Ask yourself, why are the niggers allowed to behave like they do? They act this way because we allow them to and the traitors in power deliberately want them to. We are constantly being portrayed as a vicious, racist people by our enemies when the opposite is actually the case. We need to become truly racist in the extreme as individuals and as a group and only ever act in favour of our own people. If we don’t put ourselves first no one else will.

  5. Hoff says:

    The UN Says the Future of Humanity is African. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    United Nations data showing that the African population is rising from 200 million in 1950 to a projected 4.2 billion in 2100, an increase of 2000%.

    These projections foresee 40% of the world’s population and about half its children being African by the end of this century, which naturally would lead to an African majority for the world early in the 22nd Century.

    It would also wipe out the habitats of the world most iconic wildlife, eliminate its second largest rain forest, and no doubt wreak havoc on the climate that progressives love to fret about.


    Think about it, half the world’s population will soon be negros. What could possibly go wrong?

    Africa is a true success story today, right? The influx into EU, Australia and America today, isn’t even the beginning of the end to the white man’s world.

    Double the negroe population in America and what could possibly go wrong? Negros in America is also a true success story. Right?

  6. Red Pill says:

    what you think or what you know?

    what i thought i knew, i did not know because it wasn’t so.
    when i knew what i did not know it was a different show.
    the purpose of his ditty is when life gets shitty.
    and the whole world turns the screw.
    there is more to this life than you will ever know or do.
    the world always suppresses that instinct in you.
    truth is a light you must be taught to hold.
    for it is far more valuable that all the worlds gold.
    and it doesn’t cost your soul.

  7. Red Pill says:

    a perfect world would have no niggers or kikes.
    no faggots and lesbians riding motor bikes
    no pedo’s raping tykes or molesters types.

    an imperfect world must be destroyed.
    every last piece will come down.
    it will not be repaired or rebuilt.

    this age must end for a new to begun.
    the old goes out for the new.
    flesh becomes spirit.

    dead meat stinks.
    all men die.
    can you tell me why?

    all flesh is corrupt.
    man was born that way.
    from that very first day.

  8. John Taurus says:

    Blacks are tools in the hands of the Devil’s children, the Zionist Jews. Whites must now curl up in the fetal position and beg for mercy when attacked by Black demons. If a White person fights back, the Media is all over the story, turning the victim into an “EVIL WHITE MAN” who shot a poor defenseless Black who was minding his own business. The Feds come in and then file hate crime charges against the victim. In Aiken, S.C. 6 Blacks walked into the home of a 15 year old White boy, shot him to death and stole his game console. Nothing on the major media outside the area in which the murder occured. No hate crime charges. Not even first degree murder charges!!! The Jews use their tools, the Negro, and the media, to stir up racial turmoil. Us “EVIL WHITE MEN” must get permits to carry our weapons and use them to defend ourselves and our families from these Demon Jew tools. When on a jury, refuse to convict any White person defending himself from a Black attacker. We would not be having these problems to start with if not for the evil Jew Devils that stir up this racial trouble and who brought these Black demons to White countries. Arm yourselves, White folks.

  9. Antony Holtz says:

    “At first, by controlling the banking system we were able to control corporation capital. Through this, we acquired total monopoly of the movie industry, the radio networks and the newly developing television media. The printing industry, newspapers, periodicals and technical journals had already fallen into our hands. The richest plum was later to come when we took over the publication of all school materials. Through these vehicles we could mold public opinion to suit our own purposes. The people are only stupid pigs that grunt and squeal the chants we give them, whether they be truth or lies.” – Harold Wallace Rosenthal 1976. Aid to US Senator Jacob K. Javitz of NY.

    “And I will stir up Egyptians against the Egyptians – brother will fight against brother, neighbour against neighbour, city against city, kingdom against kingdom.” 
    (Isaiah, 19; 2, The Torah)
    Got the picture yet?

  10. Smitherines says:

    New post on The Occidental Observer:

    Planting America: State-Sponsored Demographic Change and the Precedent of Ulster:

    Author’s note: 90% of this was written before the election. Yes, I know you all think President Trump is going to make everything bad go away. I have something on how he can start to do that here. If he does permanently move the United States towards White nationalism, this article describes 1965-2016. If he doesn’t, we shall have to struggle through the ongoing consequences of that period all the more.

    See Image http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/immigration-2010.png

    This is the whig mindset that leads many otherwise smart people to reject concepts like occupation government or the White genocide meme at face value. Detractors frame these as conspiracy theories, which mentally associates them with all sorts of crankery. Admittedly, the Alt-Right takes a bit of poetic license in describing these phenomena at times, but rhetoric aside, they express important truths

    Posted at Atlantic Centurion, December 18, 2016: Planting America: State-Sponsored Demographic Change and the Precedent of Ulster


  11. Smitherines says:

    Vladimir Putin morally and intellectually humiliates Satanist Masha Gessen again

    By Jonas E. Alexis on December 17, 2016

    New World Order agents and Satanists are doing Putin a big favor by upholding patently incoherent ideas. This was one reason why Putin told BBC journalist John Simpson, “Have you any common sense at all?”

    @ URL below:

    Masha Gessen (Karen Maybe?)

  12. Israhell on Earth says:

    NPR is totally kiked, these people are not just misguided libtards, they have an agenda.

    (((Ira Glass))) is the host and producer of “This American Life”.


    (((Terry Gross))) hosts “Fresh Air”


  13. Israhell on Earth says:

    (((Alix Spiegel))) worked for NPR as well.


    This short Rense article is from 2004, at that time NPR had only a few token gentiles hosting radio programs, the rest were jews.

    Is There A Jewish Bias At NPR?


  14. The opinion you trust says:

    Egyptians fighting Egyptians is good.

    What is not good is that the Rich make white people to constantly be attacked by black Jews and Niggers. People what no Niggers in America, but Jew in the Government do exact opposite. Obama reticently brought 1 million of first grade Niggers in Minnesota.

  15. The opinion you trust says:

    Niggers and Jews are not going to help you. They will you life hell in the long run.

  16. The opinion you trust says:

    As it was heard on the 820AM Radio, at about 17:34, at the Nigger Hours. During the Jew sponsored Nigger Hours on 820 AM by Chimpcago one can hear a lot of abnormal and outrageous Niggers’ talk. According to that Radio, the Niggers ideas are so strange like if a fucking cactus in the dessert would suddenly become alive and started talking. S

    The Niggers were saying: “Do not go to Army, let their kids to get enlisted, let them enact mandatory draft”. Even though, it would be better for prohibiting Niggers and Jews in military, it is still interesting, how the Niggers thinking is working.

    Niggers should not be let in Army, they should do all the work to feed the military.

    I do not understand why American People permit Dangerous Niggers and Jews to coexist with people, and not only coexist, but much worth to hire Niggers, let them in governments, let them everywhere.

    Niggers must be in Niggeria, and Jews must be in Israel!

  17. The opinion you trust says:

    Picture the retirees, the hourly workers, the innocent timecard-punching factory employees humping-it out of bed every day for their families. All those people put their face in the American promise: Work hard, get paid what you deserve”, invest your nest egg, grow it. Retire with enough to live on. But the bloodsucking Jews intermingled themselves into this scheme. Each worker in America who wants to feed his family must also feed the Jews automatically, as if it supposed to be that way.

    It is important to cut of the Jewish Intermediaries who such the blood of American Workers.

    We were sold the idea that the playing field is level. But we know the playing field is tilted like a craps table in Tombstone, Arizona. Every dollar that Jews take through financial fraud, banking fraud, inside trading, market manipulation, pharmaceutical, Insurance field, Research and Development, is a dollar taken away from one of those who earned it – from the White American Workers And Jews will do everything imaginable, including murder, bribe, lobbying, enacting anti-American set of laws, disinformation, to keep it all going.

    And that is why White People need each other, and need to be acting together to stare into the Judeo – Niggerian abyss the U.S. is it, beyond conventional morality and do what needs to be done to even that fucking table back out. The only thing you need to ask yourself is can you do a better job standing up for those poor American workers, the White Folks, with Incog Man, and all White Movements in your corner.

  18. The opinion you trust says:

    What brian boru says on December 19, 2016 at 4:43 am hits the home, and is right on the spot. That is very good formlation of the problem

    The niggers are only a symptom, not the cause. Our worst enemies are not even the kikes but our own people (white mumbo snakes) who behave irrationally, who support our slow creeping death with an almost religious fervour. Our best warriors support this system as mercenaries for the it while our women have been driven crazy by feminism and misplaced altruism because their men no longer lead them. Unless white men can overcome their cowardice and weakness and begin to behave like men again, and only act themselves and demand that their leaders only act in support of the interests of their people alone. Unless we do then the outrages depicted here and elsewhere will continue!

  19. The opinion you trust says:

    President Trump’s new message: Buy American, Hire Whites, Sell to China!

  20. Smitherines says:

    Again, They’re Blaming the Russians!

    By VNN on December 18, 2016

    If our intelligence “services” really have evidence that the Russians hacked our 2016 presidential election, why is that evidence not produced

    “The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming” screamed Barry Revere!

    The international banking oligarchs felt they had Hillary Clinton elected as our forty-fifth American president with their undisclosed ownership and manipulation of electronic voting machines throughout at least sixteen states. But what the oh-so-clever foreign bankers did not come close to accurately anticipating was the huge voting groundswell of support Donald Trump would receive from an awakening American public.

    Mr. Trump actually won both the general population vote and the Electoral College.

    More @ URL below:

  21. Smitherines says:

    TCK RADIO: Scottie Spencer “The Jewish Problem”

    By Eric Gajewski on December 19, 2016

    People think Islam is the major problem and they are dead wrong….

    Broadcast at URL below:

  22. Smitherines says:

    The Striking Audacity of the Coup-in-Process – Paul Craig Roberts

    By Paul Craig Roberts on December 19, 2016

    As a result of the prestitutes’ lies, millions of peoples have been killed and dislocated.

    See JPG

    As a result of the prestitutes’ lies, millions of peoples have been killed and dislocated.

    Paul Craig Roberts

    Unsubstantiated stories have been planted throughout the presstitute media by anonymous CIA officials that Donald Trump’s electoral victory was the result of Russian intervention.

    This absurd claim has now been elevated to the even more absurd claim that Putin himself oversaw and even conducted the manipulation of the US presidential election.

    No evidence has been provided for these amazing claims. The presstitutes are reporting unsubstantiated wild accusations that portend both a constitutional crisis in the US and a crisis with Russia. We know that the presstitutes lie.
    Iraq Propaganda

    The presstitutes lied when they reported contrary to the weapons inspectors in Iraq that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

    They lied about fake evidence of yellowcake and alumninum tubes.

    They lied about Saddam Hussein’s al-Qaeda connections.

    More @ http://www.veteransnewsnow.com/2016/12/19/the-striking-audacity-of-the-coup-in-process-paul-craig-roberts/

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    BB@JTs comments very good. But remember. The blacks that raped and killed your mother-your wife-your daughter….. You paid for their very existence from cradle to grave. Multi generational. The unmarried uneducated unemployed and unable to take care of her own damn self welfare nigger bitch that shits out 12 niglets. Each one of them born on welfare and forever on welfare and Medicaid and food stamps and ebt cards and free public housing and section 8s and free gas electric and even free sailfones. Guess who pays for the people that raped and killed your mother? You did working white taxpayers. YOU are paying for your own destruction. The people that laugh at you when you scrape your car windows and shovel the snow from under your car so you can get to work. So you can pay have withheld taxes from your legally EARNED income to be redistributed to them before you even get some of your own money. So you can pay gas taxes and sit in traffic jams on your time while their time is measured in how many 40 ouncers did I drink today and how much weed did I smoke and video games did I play. They get free bus passes that you pay for also just in the rare occasion that they were going to look for a job. Which they weren’t. He was a good boy didndu nuffin was going to look for a job tomorrow or apply for da college I swears he dindu rape and kill dat white lady. Well we don’t see any help wanted signs posted on this 85 year old womans front porch so why do we find your dindus dna all over the blood stains and the knife maam? And in her vagina gees louise let the woman finish her life in peace. So the dindu gets some of the womans social security money and some prescription drugs that the nigger cant even read what they are. Yep white working taxpayers… YOU are the ones paying to raise these thug nigger criminals drug dealers and gang bangers homegrown domestic terrorists jews biological weapons of mass destruction animals destroying civilized human society. And they are born and raised and taught to hate you and want you dead anyway because you were born with white skin so why keep paying for your own destruction and the destruction of your country and bringing America down to the third world shithole??? It makes no sense.

  24. Johnny Draco says:

    @ protocolsRtrue says:
    December 19, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    And your solution to the problem is WHAT?????
    I hope you’re not going to suggest the “lone wolf” bullshit.

  25. protocolsRtrue says:

    I think one solution I have been suggesting is to first recognize the problem and stop letting it get worse. Stop paying for your own destruction. Stop making it profitable to nigger bitches on welfare totally dependent on government for every single thing in their lives every minute of every day to have babies that we KNOW aren’t going to be raised right and the niglets will grow up to be future welfare dependents or thug nigger criminal gang bangers destroying safe civilized societies. For example… I live in a state that has no state income tax and requires a balanced budget by the state Constitution. So every program for niggers that they come up with has to be paid for somehow based on the revenue we take in from sales taxes. Limiting government money limits government growth, power, and control. So they just cant make up the next free shit government handout to secure the votes of parasite government taxpayer money dependents. Also a state that resisted the obamacare expansion of Medicaid to able bodied freeloading niggers that don’t work and wont work and never plan on working . Because we knew that the federal fake jew printed money would run out and then we would be stuck with million more worthless fucking niggers and wiggers and spiggers demanding we keep paying them switch the money from police and fire and roads and bridges but you better keep paying us niggers or else we will burn this shit down. Remember once a state imposes an income tax it is just like the federal income tax it only goes up (hopefully not anymore) as the politicians keep taxing the working people with legally earned income so they can promise and redistribute the money and give more free shit to the people that don’t work and wont work and never plan on working but inexplicably have the right to vote on how to spend OTHER peoples money. So there is another solution right there. Welfare reform stop paying nigger bitches baby mommas and baby daddies to have babies and taxpayer dependents everafter. The ones that don’t grow up thug nigger criminal gangbangers eventually ending up in the cages where they belong and we pay for that system too they forfeited their rights to vote but another Obama initiative is to restore voting rights to hardcore criminals also. That goes for everyone. If you cant afford kids and aren’t going to at least TRY to raise them properly DONT HAVE THEM! WE are not going to pay for YOUR kids! We are struggling to pay for our own. Our current system incentivizes out of wedlock birth and parental IRRESPONSIBILITY. More welfare money, larger free apeartment or section 8 voucher. Bigger check and more free food ebt. All the obamacare Medicaid is free including dental while the working peoples costs are skyrocketing and the fraud waste and abuse from the jew middlemen and providers and government management accounts for billions every year. Nothing restrains these people from having 12 niglets that they cannot afford to raise properly. Schools are free even though they do not pay taxes. Daycare head start and pre-k and early head start and early pre k is free. Nothing is actually free somebody pays. Unless you are the federal government printing federal reserve 20 trillion debt notes. While the law abiding responsible working taxpayers consider the costs of having more children. Keep sensible government limited and stop paying and subsidizing the people that hate you and want you dead anyway and fundamentally change America and burn this mofo down. No matter how much free shit you give them it will never be enough. Make welfare for the truly needy TEMPORARY again until they can pick themselves up and get back on their feet and not multi- generational cradle to grave “entitlement” and throw in some public work requirements for that public money. Give them some incentive to clean up their act and get a fucking job and be a responsible law abiding citizen instead of just marching up and down the streets blocking the roads for working people demanding this and demanding that give me more free shit more more more give me more you owes me. Fuck you niggers I don’t OWE you anything get a fucking job and work for a living like we did work will set you free.

  26. SnowyWhite1950 says:

    I listened to this when colin put it out and i havent been able to get it out of my head since. Especially where she wants to do away with the crime bill. I have thought about trying to email her some stories of horrendous crimes committed by criminals who had been given second and third chances. Like that recent kidnapping of the disabled white man who would have met a worst end had they not been interrupt. That story reminds me of the group who tortued, raped and killed the young beautiful knoxville couple. Two of those criminals were prevously in prison. Oh, at least one in the earlier mentioned kidnapping had a previous felony. Not as bad as most but neither was the crime he is now getting famous for committing. Correlation maybe. But no apparently, forgive and forget until it happens to someone elses mother, or somethings elses son and daughter. Thats the problem here. People are so worried about the criminals they dont stop and think whose life will this person destroy next if we argue for a second or third chance. Let mcfatten out, he still has enough swing in his step to rape a few more womaen, kill a few in a going out party since he has stated he hates women. Im not saying petty ofenses, but neither did that crime bill mention petty offenses. You have to do something violent, destroy a life to even get it. Again look to the knoxville murders. The black female in that crew she got her time dropped by a third and now bc of good behavior she has reduced months so every 16 days she serves is considered a month. Cut the third in half. Any one involved in that crime should be locked away, well really should be given the death penalty.

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