Wilding Black Teens “Mall Brawl” Across America

By Phillip Marlowe, THE INCOG MAN

On Monday, black “teens” went ape all across the US in malls, egged on by other blacks on social media. Apparently, these primitive apes have somehow mastered keyboards and cellphones to the point they regularly organize giant criminal mobs that ruin civilizations. Let me tell you, it doesn’t take much for this ugly race to lose it. And it’s not just America, mind you, but everywhere this animal race lives on the planet.

Notice how the media says nothing about race. It’s funny listening to these talking heads tip-toe around the obvious fact blacks were responsible. One so-called FOX expert asks “what’s the common denominator?” At this point I scream at the TV “it’s niggers!” since you can easily see it in the videos running on screen. Yet the commentator only goes on to blame “social media.” Yeah, sure. These TV people know well to keep quiet when it comes to black behavior. But you can see it in their eyes they know the real score.

Look, we all know blacks are pretty much animals. Call me “racist” or whatever the flock you’ve been brainwashed by Jewish media to say, but it’s readily apparent blacks are totally worthless, totally criminal, totally SUCK-ASS.

But INCOG, that’s so terrible of you to say such a thing! Yep, I’m angry as hell about seeing the beautiful America of my Forefathers turned into a stinking Third World piss-pot and having to watch these filthy ape-like primates going haywire at the drop of a chicken bone. Call me whatever for simply stating facts!

Over the holidays, blacks went totally criminal; 51 were shot in CHIMPcago alone, with 11 dying. For God’s sake, this is Christmas and they are still shooting each other in the street like dogs. The holy birthday of baby Jesus makes no difference to these crazy jungle beasts.

Hell, I drive carefully on the road Christmas Day just so I don’t accidentally run over some little baby chimp out riding on his brand new bicycle present. But that’s just me being a decent White guy, yet not getting one dime’s worth of credit for being a decent White guy.

Tricia McCauley was a popular and good-looking Washington DC yoga instructor, nutritionist and “Step-Up” actress who went missing on Christmas Day, after she was expected at a friend’s Christmas dinner. A black with an extensive criminal background had removed his ankle monitor before somehow abducting the woman; he then brutally killed her with blunt force trauma and strangling with a ligature. He was busted the next day after robbing a CVS drugstore and assaulting the employees. Seems these animals never take a day off from their criminal hijinks, huh?

Blacks are going criminally crazy all over America these days. Just yesterday a crime gang busted through the windows of some ritzy fur store in Jew York City and made off with millions in furs (goes great with gangsta bling). Black gangs are always doing smash and grabs at jewelry and Apple stores — even in broad daylight — while nerdskies and old rich Jew women customers cower in fear. The other day blacks broke into a gun store, gleefully grabbing up all kinds of dangerous weapons off the racks — soon used to murder other homies and us innocent Whites.

We can’t even go GD shopping at the mall anymore without risking life and limb!

Blacks truly are the bane of America. We need to ship this lousy race EN MASSE back to the dark continent and forever wash our hands of them. Wouldn’t take all that much to convert a few super tankers over to animal transports.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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128 Responses to Wilding Black Teens “Mall Brawl” Across America

  1. Arch Stanton says:

    “Wherever that Lyndon Johnson is at somebody should go dig his body up and beat it with a baseball bat and then give it the proper nigger burial by stealing a car and putting it in the trunk and setting the car on fire.”

    Like this?

    Oliver Cromwell was bought off to let Jews back into England after three hundred years of the British Isles enjoying the bliss of their absence.

    30 January 1661 – Oliver Cromwell (posthumously)

    Oliver Cromwell. In the ultimate act of vengeance, the dead corpse of Oliver Cromwell was dug up from Westminster Abbey, then hanged, drawn and quartered in 1661.

    Cromwell’s body was exhumed so he could be posthumously executed for treason.

    Corpse killer

    His decayed remains were strung up in chains a year after the son of the executed monarch was restored to the throne in 1660. Charles II ordered the execution at Tyburn on the anniversary of his father’s death to avenge the Roundhead uprising.

    Collector’s item

    Cromwell’s skull was then stuck on a spike and exhibited outside Westminster Abbey for the next 24 years. But it didn’t stop there. Cromwell’s head then did the rounds, and, at one point, it was sold to a man in 1814. His head was finally laid to rest in Cambridge as recently as 1960.

    Ahhhh, those were the days of real performance art.

  2. The opinion you trust says:

    The first Jewish president of the U.S. Lyndon Johnson was the beginning of the end of the United States. Lyndon Johnson secretly prepared the favorable legal environment, and opened the door for millions of Jews to come to safe harbor – the United States. The U.S. government though of themselves as capable of controlling the herds of Jews, with the strategic intend to farm the Jewish pigs. But the smart Jews looked at the U.S. as momma pig. All at of the sudden instead of farming the Jews the Jews started to farm the U.S. and milk the American people together with it. Very uncomfortable experience for the American People, but very comfortable for the Jews, how consolidated their position further by following with the series of minorities niggers civil rights laws. Not many people understand that the civil rights laws are designed for primarally reason to protect the Jews, but those laws look like they are designed to protect Niggers. Well they protect both niggers and jews, but the intend was to protect jews.

    Jews understand that Niggers are incompatible with the white culture. The jews also understood that they are incompatible with any other nation on earth, except Niggers. The only reason why the Jews and niggers are compatible is that the niggers are easeally controllable. (Yes, it is true the nigges are easeally controllable. If only it would not by the set of terrifying laws the Jews dragged through the Congress, whose members acted like Oliver Cromwell) and decided to support niggers, and in time replace all annoying white pieces of shit with the strong Niggers.

    What a perspective, what a perspective for us – for the white people!

    Let us hope that somebody with adequate resources will come and give them the proper nigger burial.

  3. The opinion you trust says:

    The Jews are everywhere they are even run KKK. The jews are on the both sides of the barricades. The Jews are buyers and sellers, the Jews are in every country, the Jews are on this side and on the other side, the Jews are leaders and followers, the Jews are everywhere like some kind nonstop demonism. The Jews are everywhere, and it only gets worse. But for the Jews it gets better and better.

    On the good side is that Hitler knew how to approach the Jewish problem, not without reason Jews hate him so much. Jews afraid two things: 1) Grandpa Hitler, and 2) Dollars.

    If the monetary system is destabilized in the world the Jews are so gone. They are the first one to go. As soon there are the signs of the world financial crisis the public order defense will be down. The powerful forces will step out of the shades. That is exactly the moment where many mistakenly think that the common criminals like Niggers, Latinos, and Jews will take over. This is the mistake. The power forces stepping out of the dark will be the White People who were enchained by the thefts-governments for so long. The gangs of the Niggers, Jews, Latinos unsupported by the Police-gangs and the all mighty Dollars will be all smashed in the first 20 minutes of the financial crisis. This will be the only time when it is possible to start the War and win it.

  4. Red Pill says:


    ever one here knows what kind of liars the jews are.
    no body here believes 6 million died in a holocaust..
    we all do agree the jew are the foremost liars the world has ever seen.
    a jew is unable to open his mouth with out setting you up for another
    lie bigger that the one he spoke previously.

    what i can’t understand is why anyone would give there claim that they
    are the people (Israelite’s) of the bible any credence just because they say so.

    by substantiating this claim is akin helping the jew spread
    his propaganda.
    remember that if a lie is told repeatedly people will accept
    it as common knowledge at some point.
    and that’s the point i make.
    some folks believe the lies of the jews
    because that’s whom they accept as authoritative on such matters.


    please don’t believe me, i am not that smart.

  5. PicturedLady says:


    And look at this crap – what’s being done to Whites is APPALLING AND IT MUST STOP.




    We need to create an ALL-WHITE business list to cater to WHITES and OUR TASTES.

  6. carnac123 says:

    The only act that will cure the US is some future revolution by white people. We will have to rebel sometime in the future and then never stop fighting until our goals are accomplished;……a completely white, conservative country. Nothing else will do.

  7. Israhell on Earth says:

    What a shame, such a beautiful and nice woman murdered by a savage negro. Those liberals mourning her death should put the candles down and march towards the ghetto where the thug was “raised”.
    For every White killed by a negro 10 criminal blacks should die. I don’t care one bit about their (((human rights))), if the justice system can’t protect the citizens from these monsters, others must act.

    Incogman says:

    “Just yesterday a crime gang busted through the windows of some ritzy fur store in Jew York City and made off with millions in furs (goes great with gangsta bling). Black gangs are always doing smash and grabs at jewelry and Apple stores — even in broad daylight — while nerdskies and old rich Jew women customers cower in fear.”

    And these effing thieves wonder why some companies start to profile them.

    Suit: Versace used secret ‘code’ for black customers

    (CNN)A former Versace employee is suing the company for unfair business practices, and one of the allegations in his lawsuit is that the luxury fashion label uses a secret “code” to alert employees when a black customer enters the store.
    Christopher Sampiro, 23, says he was fired for being of mixed race, after working two weeks at the Versace outlet store in Pleasanton, California.

    Sampiro alleges that during the new-employee training, a manager asked him if he knew about the “D410 Code” — the same code used for black clothing. The manager’s name is not mentioned in the lawsuit, which was filed in November, six weeks after the alleged exchange.
    The manager instructed Sampiro “to say ‘D410’ in a casual manner when a black person entered the store,” according to the lawsuit. The manager explained the “code is used to alert co-workers that ‘a black person is in the store,'” the lawsuit said.
    Sampiro responded by asking the manager, “You know that I’m African American?” In the lawsuit, Sampiro self-identifies as one-quarter African American.
    After this response, Sampiro claimed the store’s management treated him differently and did not give him “legitimate” training.
    Sampiro was fired after working two weeks in September because he didn’t “understand luxury” and didn’t “know the luxury life,” according to the lawsuit.
    The lawsuit also alleges Sampiro was not paid for time worked, did not receive rest periods and was wrongfully terminated.
    In court documents filed with Alameda County Superior Court, Versace denied Sampiro’s allegations and asked a judge to dismiss the case.
    CNN received a statement from the company affirming their commitment to equality.
    “Versace believes strongly in equal opportunity, as an employer and a retailer. We do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of race, national origin or any other characteristic protected by our civil rights laws. We have denied the allegations in this suit, and we will not comment further concerning pending litigation,” said the statement.
    A case status conference is scheduled for March 21.


  8. Johnny Draco says:

    We need to circle the wagons.


  9. Red Pill says:

    California Democrats legalize child prostitution

    Beginning on Jan. 1, prostitution by minors will be legal in California. Yes, you read that right.

    SB 1322 bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with the intent to do so. So teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution.


  10. Ritchard says:

    It is just more monkey shines. Happens all the time.

  11. Smitherines says:

    Karen’s Trolls are on a roll Red Pill 🙂

  12. Smitherines says:

    Hey Drumpf “America First” like you campaigned and won with, or “Israel First?”

    Israel First or America First
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Israel First or America First

    Share Pat’s Columns:
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    Friday – December 30, 2016

    Donald Trump has a new best friend.

    “President-elect Trump, thank you for your warm friendship and your clear-cut support of Israel,” gushed Bibi Netanyahu, after he berated John Kerry in a fashion that would once have resulted in a rupture of diplomatic relations.

    Netanyahu accused Kerry of “colluding” in and “orchestrating” an anti-Israel, stab-in-the-back resolution in the Security Council, then lying about it. He offered to provide evidence of Kerry’s complicity and mendacity to President Trump.

    Bibi then called in the U.S. ambassador and read him the riot act for 40 minutes. Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer charged that not only did the U.S. not “stand up to and oppose the gang-up” at the U.N., “the United States was actually behind that gang-up.”

    When Ben Rhodes of the National Security Council called the charges false, Dermer dismissed President Obama’s man as a “master of fiction.”

    Query: Why is Dermer not on a plane back to Tel Aviv?

    Some of us can recall how Eisenhower ordered David Ben-Gurion to get his army out of Sinai in 1957, or face sanctions.

    Ben-Gurion did as told. Had he and his ambassador castigated Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, as the Israelis dissed John Kerry, Ike would have called the U.S. ambassador home.

    Indeed, Ike’s threat of sanctions against Prime Minister Anthony Eden’s government, which had also invaded Egypt, brought Eden down.

    Read More At: http://buchanan.org/blog/israel-first-america-first-126338

  13. Red Pill says:

    found this video of Karen help an African
    some thing she is good at.

  14. Smitherines says:

    “How will all this impact the new Trump administration?

    Having tweeted, “Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching,” and having named a militant Zionist as his ambassador, Trump is certain to tilt U.S. policy heavily toward Israel.

    Politically, this will bring rewards in the U.S. Jewish community.

    The Republican Party will become the “pro-Israel” party, while the Democrats can be portrayed as divided and conflicted, with a left wing that is pro-Palestine and sympathetic to sanctions on Israel.”

    Extracted from Pat’s Piece, Drumpf’s America:
    Meet the New boss, same as the old Bosses!

  15. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    December 30, 2016 at 9:38 am

    found this video of Karen help an African
    some thing she is good at.

    All those ” MONIKERS” spewing the anti-Christian, anti-Jesus stuff are her
    fakes, like Legions in the bible. She’d have you think, all these other people
    bevel her crazy shit! Has to be Canadian Jewess, no one says those kinds of
    things, except a Jewess or Black witch or Satanist heretic!!!

    Thy thing doesn’t DONATE, I don’t why he allows “it” on here!

  16. Smitherines says:

    bevel, typo should read believe her crazy shit!

  17. Red Pill says:

    carnac123 says:
    December 30, 2016 at 12:25 am

    The only act that will cure the US is some We will have to rebel sometime in the future and then never stop fighting until our goals are accomplished;……a completely white, conservative country. Nothing else will do.
    the negro, Islamist,and the jews are only the proxy army, the NWO and the world will be against us.
    the battle will be for survival, not conquest.
    you are 100% correct on a future revolution by white people.
    we are left no other choice.
    it starts now, first in your mind with a plan.

  18. Smitherines says:

    Obama orders sanctions on Russia over alleged election interference

    By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on December 29, 2016

    This is about what we have been expecting, a fanny covering move by Obama so it could not be said he did nothing. Expect to see 35 US diplomats in Russia ordered to leave soon, as the Russians had already indicated their response would be an equivalent one.

    The backdrop on this has been Trump’s dissing the hacking claims, and the Obama security people did not put their proof on the table with the Obama announcement. So Trump will still have his reset button on the oval office desk to push when he wants.

    And with new security people coming into the top slots, I have a funny feeling that Trump is going to ask to see the evidence quickly, and then we might hear more about it.

    What Obama did not say is that his administration would stop all covert foreign election manipulation, color revolution and unconstitutional regime change activities in January, in an attempt to finally validate his Nobel Peace Prize.


  19. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    December 30, 2016 at 9:38 am

    found this video of Karen help an African
    some thing she is good at.

    Yeah “elephant poop” these types witches- Satanists like Karen love “shit”
    it’s like their”unholy sacrament” I’m sure her an “hubby” smear on each other
    before they pray to Satan, the queers to it in sexual rituals, hell hubby may
    just be another women, I’m betting! 🙂

  20. Red Pill says:

    The thing doesn’t DONATE, I don’t why he allows “it” on here!
    because it causes discontent.
    discontent causes the arising of emotion.
    emotion gives rise to response.
    response is viewers at this site

    controversy is money in the pocket of agitators.
    either they are with us or against us.
    draw your own conclusions, i have.

  21. Smitherines says:

    New post on The Occidental Observer
    Richard Spencer’s Mom-gate
    by Marcus Alethia, Ph.D.

    Now Libtard and Jews attacking people’s moms!

    Current events oddly compel me to once again broach the subject of the newly most hated man in America: Richard Spencer. But this time the topic isn’t the man, but his mother. America is currently in the throes of a gripping drama known (by me) as “Richard Spencer’s Mom-gate.”

    Most readers probably know the story. Richard Spencer’s mother lives in a small town in Montana. As Richard manages to get himself in the news quite a bit, his mother is increasingly being harassed by a predominantly Jewish local group. This consists of a shrewish Jewish real estate agent and a puzzlingly too-much-time-on-his-hands reform Rabbi, as well as others in a group ironically titled “Love Lives Here” that are determined to protest the fact that Richard Spencer has a Mom he loves who dares to live there.

    More @ URL below:

  22. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    December 30, 2016 at 10:09 am

    The thing doesn’t DONATE, I don’t why he allows “it” on here!

    Some of that is TRUE, but I will not be allowed 2 or 3 posts of arguing or
    causing chaos, he/she starts moderating my posts that that THING post has
    nothing to do with a site SUPPOSEDLY to warn neophytes around the world
    what these NWO Satanic Jews are doing globally!

    Not sit here and listen to her crazy “aliens brought life here” shit, which by
    the way in new age heretic scam they are selling people, these aliens, or what they
    think is aliens is a DEMONIC hoax!!!

    And it’s put posting this shit for years here, and he NEVER warns it to stop!

  23. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill

    Most of posts, like 85% are aimed at NWO Satanic Jews! Id say 1/2 her posts, then
    fake monikers is always at Christianity on here, and how it a Jewish Hoax, the
    thing so fuckin STUPID, if that’s true: why do they spend some time, money and
    effort denying Christ and making a mockery of him in film, TV, culture, it’s
    why I suspect she is one. She has to be!

  24. Smitherines says:

    85% of my post are relevant to what his mission statement is on here is to
    wake Kwan up to Jew scams! Her shit is all “decisive and meant to
    polarize White Wesern males” why I think it’s a JEWESS or Canadian Lezbo!

  25. Karen says:

    I disagree. Jews, not blacks, are the bane of America. If not for Jews egging them on, blacks could have been domesticated by being kept on a tight leash as in South Africa before the fall. Jews have been the bane of every country they have infiltrated for the past two thousand years. All Jews are satanic whether playing the ‘right’ or the ‘left’ and to bring in the Jew World Order.

  26. Karen says:

    Hey Shlomo Smitherines, shouldn’t you be in the basement of a synagogue carving up goy babies to make into matzo balls.

  27. Karen says:

    Hey Schlomo Smitherines, you spend a lot of time on this site, does the JIDF pay you or are you a volunteer?

  28. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    December 30, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Hey Shlomo Smitherines, shouldn’t you be in the basement of a synagogue carving up goy babies to make into matzo balls.

    And she “just happens to be on” right when “Arch Stanton” who seems to share
    many of her views , especially Christianity, like you can’t tell it’s her or anon or
    Cartier McCloud although that one has been absent for some time, other FAKES
    she uses, it obvious, it’s LAUGHABLE!

  29. Karen says:

    I enjoy sending you into a dither, it’ so simple because you’re simple. The so-called high Jewish IQ is another Jewish myth, among so many others…..Gods Chosen, Light Unto The Nations, the entire Old Testament, inclusiveness. Hypocrites and liars are all you people amount to.

  30. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    December 30, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    I enjoy sending you into a dither, it’ so simple because you’re simple. The so-called high Jewish IQ is another Jewish myth, among so many others…..Gods Chosen, Light Unto The Nations, the entire Old Testament, inclusiveness. Hypocrites and liars are all you people amount to.

    Go on you sick fuck, get out of here go away!

  31. Smitherines says:

    SheBoons on a mission!!!!!


    Woman throws hot coffee in Wawa workers’ faces, laughs, then flees
    Updated: December 30, 2016 — 12:30 PM EST

    Police are looking for a woman and her two companions who entered an Upper Darby Wawa, filled 24 oz. cup of hot coffee, and then threw it in the faces of three employees.

    The incident occurred about 11:30 p.m. Thursday night in the Wawa at 460 South 69th St., said Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael J. Chitwood.

    “She takes the coffee and heaves it at them,” he said. After the woman, who was wearing a gray hoodie, threw the coffee, the three laughed and then ran from the store into the Patterson Avenue area, he said.

    The three employees – two women and a man – were treated by medics at the scene. The employees were behind the deli counter when the hot liquid hit them in the face, neck and upper body. They declined to go to a hospital, he said.

    Police have released photos of two of the suspects. The third woman was not captured on surveillance video, he said.

    The trio has been at the store before, throwing food and harassing customers, he said.

    “What would cause somebody to do something so mean, so hateful and evil is beyond me,” said Chitwood. “It was pure, pure evil.”

    No it’s PURE NEGRO!


  32. Karen says:

    You’ve outed yourself Shlomo ‘Smitherines’. It’s so easy to provoke you people into dropping the fake persona that I can’t figure how you’ve managed to pull the wool over Gentile eyes.

  33. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    December 30, 2016 at 3:18 pm

    You’ve outed yourself Shlomo ‘Smitherines’. It’s so easy to provoke you people into dropping the fake persona that I can’t figure how you’ve managed to pull the wool over Gentile eyes.

    80% of your posts or your FAKE monikers are always on Christianity leave here go to
    a religion site, or better yet, a room at the London Ontario funny house!

  34. The opinion you trust says:


    Right on the target, Karen. You nailed them right in the forehead, where it supposed to be. Karen says December 30, 2016 at 1:49 pm. Jews, not blacks, are the bane of America. If not for Jews instigate them on, blacks could have been domesticated by being kept on a tight leash as in South Africa before the fall. Jews have been the curse of every country they have infiltrated for the past two thousand years. All Jews are satanic whether playing the “right” or the “left” and to bring in the Jew World Order.

    Jews, not blacks are the bane of America. The sordid African – American Niggers, without the financial and legislative support of almighty Jews, would have already long be under control, or back home in Africa. Subversive Jews, and in particular, President Jew Lynden in 1955, and later Secretary of State Jew Kissinger in 1970s organized that act of sabotage – the concealed Jewish invasion of the United States. Which was covered by the enacting several subversive Uncivil Rights Laws. These laws, since, proved to be effective antiwhite instruments. These laws which put white population in significant disadvantage, and must be targeted for abolishing. The should be a clear law stating that every body is equal in their respective geographies – Jews and Niggers should go home to Africa.

    On the good side, instead of looking on the Jewish Problem and Niggerian Problem as a curse, it should be looked upon as a blessing. Because it has a potential to integrate White People around real problem, not the imaginary problem.

    The Jew-Media forces some set of imaginary problems upon us, which successfully takes our focus from the real problems.
    The real problem is Judeo-Niggerian infestation of the United States and European governments. To illustrate the majority of the Department of State employees are Jews. And you do not be mistaken, those Jews very much work to develop National Security Strategy, and set of other vital Policies. That deep is the Jewish bane. Because of that, the deep reform of governance must performed. The existing fecal matter in the governments wont let their positions of power to slide away from them. The power is not given. The power is taken. Thus, the power must be taken from Jews, or they will destroy not only this country, but using this country military potential, the rest of the world too.

    The good side, the benefit of the Jewish infestation is that all White People have a good chance to consolidate now, and unite around the common Judeo-Niggerian enemy. When all White People are united, we will become unstoppable cleaning all kind infection out of my planet – the Jews, the Niggers, the Shit, the Stupid, the Lazy, the Ass kissers, the Rich Billionaires, the Corrupt Legal Structure, etc.

  35. Red Pill says:

    for all of you that have hindsight
    you hat is not backwards, it’s your head that’s on backwards.
    you haven’t lived long enough to have been there,
    and you quote those that lived before you
    as you look over your shoulder at a past you were not present in.

    what you think you know is only what you want to believe.
    hindsight is 20/20 when your eyes are in the back of your head,
    you can’t see forward.
    blind guides offering to take a splinter out of your fellow man’s eye,
    while along having a 2×4 stuck in yours.

    did you read a book or go to school to learn what you believe?
    did social engineering create your beliefs?
    found them on the internet?

    have you asked people born in the late 1800’s what life was like?
    before airplanes, automobiles, electricity, schools, and socialism?
    all these question i asked of dozens folks and many more questions besides.

    i asked (in innocence) (1946) grieving world war 2 widows about losing there husbands. and went to school with there children.
    then i served in the military out of tradition..

    i rejected education beyond the 3 r’s and the establishment mind set.
    lived a free style life until the age of 60 when i begun self education.

    inane juvenile responses to the problem we face to day can be traced
    to the lack of the love of the truth.
    the abridged addition is on sale by those that wish to destroy everything.
    by saying what they think the believe.

    life must be lived to be known and any one under 30 yrs of age
    haven’t been here and experienced life long enough to give advice to others.
    it’s called trash talk.

  36. Matt says:

    Revelations 19:2 says the Jews are the corruptors of the earth. The Jews work totally against God’s order, and without the Jews, the black would be under control and in their place. The roots of this filthy religion Islam even comes from the Jews and their Jewish Talmud.

    Just by getting rid of the Jews, the world will be 10 time better. This is why the bible say all the heavens will rejoice over the Jews destruction. What a rotten evil people the Jews are.

  37. The opinion you trust says:


    Individuals are not the same, and according to Plato, providence gives each of us different talents and abilities. Plato writes: “No two people are born exactly alike as there are innate differences which fit them for different occupations” (Cawthon, 2002). Plato teaches that individuals are not the same and there are 3 types of individuals:

    1st type of individuals: called appetitive component:

    Appetite component includes those who have souls coded toward the realm of the appetite. Driven by their physical appetites, they base their lives on the pursuit of physical pleasure. They seek passion; they seek luxury; they measure success in terms of the accumulation of wealth.

    Appetitive component would consist of craftsmen and artisans, those who seek the material rewards of life, those who seek pleasure, those whose lives are driven by:
    –passion, rather than

    2nd type of individuals: called spirited component:

    Spirited component includes those the more spirited souls who are among us are warriors. They seek power, striving for victory, regardless of the battlefield.

    Spirited component would be the defenders of our society, soldiers and warriors, the physically strong, those who would courageously protect us from our enemies.

    3rd type of individuals: called rational component:

    Rational component includes those with more rational souls, who find delight in the acquisition of knowledge. They are not victims of lust and physical pleasure, and are apart from those who are self-serving, for they seek only wisdom, goodness, and understanding. Theirs is the life of the mind, not encumbered by the impoverishment of material gain and power as they seek union with that which is eternal.

    Rational component includes those committed to understanding and knowledge, those with vision of the higher good, those able to distinguish between shadow and light. Plato calls them the guardians of society.

    These should be our corporate managers, political leaders, religious prelates, military generals, and finally the most important, philosopher kings, leadership is their talent, which is deeply embedded within the code of their souls.

    Cawthon, D. (2002). Philosophical Foundation of Leadership. doi:ISBN: 978-0765801258

  38. Red Pill says:

    ………………………BEST CHRISTMAS STORY OF 2016………………………….
    ……………………………but you know how the jews lie

    Vandals turned a Jewish family’s menorah into a swastika
    shocking pictures from THE WASHINGTON COMPOST PILE


  39. The opinion you trust says:

    For all the people who seek the truth, and say the truth, Jews have came up with a new name: “Truth Terrorists”. The bad Jews labeled all good people – truth terrorists.
    It is not nice thing to say, considering that Jews themselves terrorize globe for thousands of years. That is an example of war of ideologies in action.

    The second example is the darkies say: “White genocide” to make it sound like “white commit genocide against darkies”. In reality the term “White genocide refers to the organized genocide of white people in the United States and Europe by darkies.

    Reference: “The Underground Resistance Leader” (2016).

  40. S O G says:

    arch what is funny is that they found crumwell guilty 2wice ..hung him twice ..lol ..hows that for ceremony and since he was already dead it is amusing then they i thoot they beheaded him …cant do that twice …right …regicide ..a couple dozen jew conspirator hasszbaras were also executed …good riddance ….
    smithereens and karen get a private room already …lol…
    2017 is on the threshold …unless we are as relentless against jews and niggers and mozlims as they are against us we are going to need a big fuckin miracle ….
    time for operation get off our asses …as painful as it is we need to start paying attn to our survival rate %’s in black jew mozzy run america ….
    i personally dont like the odds right now ….nothing changes if nothing changes ….ayyyhe ….happy fuckin new year …stuff a jew ,cripple a muzzie ,isolate niggeroid vuireses …

  41. The opinion you trust says:

    Instinctively, American people attempt to make an attempt to liberate themselves from Jewish control by trying to account for number of Jews in government.

    The website, I have just discovered is proves that: http://www.subvertednation.net/jew-lists/jews-in-government/

  42. Israhell on Earth says:


    The Bernie Sanders-loving folks over at The Young Turks have hired the race-hustling senior “Justice” writer for the New York Daily News and Black Lives Matter activist, Shaun King, as a news commentator.

    King took to Facebook to announce the news.

    King, who presents himself as a spokesman for the black community, has himself declared he writes “more than 500 articles a year and nearly all of them are a riff on white privilege in America.”

    Never in these articles does he mention that he lies about his bi-racial heritage.

    “A family member tells CNN that both of King’s parents are white,” CNN’s Don Lemon reported back in August of 2015. In addition to lying about his racial makeup, King has also been accused of faking the story of a supposed hate crime committed against him in high school and of setting up fake charities.

    So it appears The Young Turks needed to hire a fraud, as if the ludicrous leftist arguments that host Cenk Uygur regularly makes on his program weren’t enough to undermine the YouTube channel’s credibility.

    The notion that King, a charlatan and racial agitator, has anything important to say about “justice” is kind of a joke. But then, as Steven Crowder points out, so are The Young Turks:
    – See more at: https://www.conservativereview.com/commentary/2016/12/a-match-made-in-progressive-hell-race-huckster-shaun-king-joins-the-young-turks#sthash.ZTkZ18Kl.dpuf

  43. Israhell on Earth says:

    Why is HipHop music so fucking degenerate and violent? Because Jews pull the strings in the background and want it that way.
    Many of you folks probably know Jerry Heller, the former NWA(Niggers with an Attitude) manager. That LA combo actually invented “Gangsta Rap” and promoted extreme violence in the 1980’s, when the crack-epidemic hit America.
    Oliver North was just a fall guy, there is actual proof that the mossad(together with the CIA) was responsible for Iran-Contra affair.


    Another jew active in the Hip Hop industry is Lyor Cohen, dubbed “The tall Israeli”.
    Here is a short video(17 min.) exposing that scumbag.



  44. Israhell on Earth says:

    Sorry, i wanted to add/emphasize that “Gangsta-Rap” has reached Europe approx. 15 years ago. You could literally see an increase of violence and drug abuse among young people in Germany when that filth hit the airwaves.

    The”Bertelsman Group”, a multi-billion Euro book publishing company and major German think tank with ties to jewish-owned businesses was a major culprit.


    Some posters here will probably ridicule and mock me, but i don’t give a damn. I’ve always been huge music fan and i like many genres – that includes HipHop, at least many 90’s combos.
    Not every black rapper is obsessed with race, violence, guns, bitches, crime, and drugs.
    The real good ones actually try to avoid the race issue and/or openly shame the thug-culture plaguing America and the black community itself.

    Without the negative jewish influence HipHop can be great music, but major record label CEO’s want divisive crap to keep whites and blacks at each others throats.
    The jews stole the old “divide and conquer” tactic from the romans…

  45. Red Pill says:

    want to get pissed off? watch this
    mudshark gives white “boys” advice
    MTV whore narrates MTV’s “Hey, White Guys” Parody .
    (1.38) i could only handle .35 sec.

  46. Matt says:


    Jesus said he came to bring a sword and separate. I wouldn’t have anything to do with blacks socially. Blacks are cursed by God to be the lowest of slave and that’s exactly what they should be, in slavery and separate

    To like hip hop/rap you have to be somewhat slow in the brain, it’s made by and for sub Saharan niggers with IQ’s of 57 to 66. Blacks make such noise because they’re constrained by their limited brain power to simple beating a drum and rambling on like a drunkard.

    To any man with an IQ above 99 hip hop/rap is irritating and becomes the more so, the higher the IQ goes. Nothing retarded blacks would know anything about.

    Albert Schweitzer made some very astute observations in his African Notebook.

    “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There
    is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and
    know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the
    intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally
    with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life
    to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but
    I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and
    they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as
    their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will
    destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who
    would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this
    status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would
    help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as
    your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

    Albert Schweitzer was simple recognizing God’s order and the black man’s rightful place at the bottom.

    You might also read Gedeliah Braun’s article “Abstract Thinking and Morality”. You can see how the grown black has the brain of a child, and how his overall demeanor and mentality lends itself to being a slave.

    Ecclesiastes 10:5-7

    “There is an evil I have seen under the sun. . . , Fools are put in many high positions, while the rich occupy the low ones. I have seen slaves on horseback, while princes go on foot like slaves.”

    Putting the house nigger in charge of a major country is an abomination. Wrong before God and a shame on every America who voted for this cursed, should be slave, perverted, fool nigger.

  47. The opinion you trust says:


  48. Johnny Draco says:

    For elites, power is measured by what they can get away with. Presumably, because elites know there is no hell and things reincarnate, they have no fear of punishment for terror, torture, and murder. Joe Biden was molesting children right on camera. No umbrage came from the public or the parents. Elites give in your face hints to their crimes, but the public can, barely, care to establish justice and destroy them. They are genetically-selected to obey. Real leaders get cut down or absorbed by the elite. The elites don’t care if we destroy them; they know they deserve it. They just laugh at the people because we don’t. This reinforces their conviction of being elites who deserve to rule.


  49. Red Pill says:

    the jews are at it again,
    Carrie Fisher’s death will trigger largest ever personal insurance claim for $50 million
    Disney is set to receive €47 million over Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher’s shocking death last week.

    to bad they all don’t die.

  50. Malie Mapour says:

    For those of you “TRUTH-SEEKERS”, on the “Incogman-website”, especially. “Red Pill”, check out this website at http://www.SherryShrinetalkradio.com/Transcribes/2016
    You will find great, outstanding, shocking, surprising…and more—-information for your 2017 and upwards SURVIVAL KITS… And will be a “BIG MISTAKE” on your part if you don’t check out this website and read all these remarkable articles, and transcripts; informations —–which are for your own good and that of others you care about.


  51. Malie Mapour says:

    Also, check Her other websites at SherryShriner.com, and SherryShriner.blogspot.com She has many other websites and these mentioning here will lead you to them all. Check THEM now! Message for “Red-Pill”.

  52. Red Pill says:

    Malie Mapour says:
    January 2, 2017 at 2:29 pm
    i first heard sherry on 8/30/2010, haven’t tuned in lately
    but thanks to your suggestion i am now downloading the entire site.

    and will take it down the rabbit hole with me Feb, 1.
    as i intend to divorce the utility system.
    and the world in general.
    spent the last 13 years preparing to do just that.
    i am 73 and the wife 81, we are going back to our roots.
    fuck the jew system of servitude.
    no man is my master.
    no president is my leader.
    the mark of the beast is government compliance.
    a mark is the signature of bondage.
    bondage is slavery.

    Malie Mapour……… CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO

    The Cult Almost Everyone is a Part Of

  53. Bailey says:

    Happy New Year , White People !
    Everyone else can go eff’ themselves.

    Here’s something interesting , the all inclusive jews have their very own networking site like us goyim have craigslist.


    What i see here is hours of trolling fun for us nazis.

  54. The opinion you trust says:

    Trolling is too much for them! Tearing to shreds would be just enough?

  55. Israhell on Earth says:

    Matt says December 31, 2016 at 12:52 pm:


    Jesus said he came to bring a sword and separate. I wouldn’t have anything to do with blacks socially. Blacks are cursed by God to be the lowest of slave and that’s exactly what they should be, in slavery and separate

    To like hip hop/rap you have to be somewhat slow in the brain, it’s made by and for sub Saharan niggers with IQ’s of 57 to 66. Blacks make such noise because they’re constrained by their limited brain power to simple beating a drum and rambling on like a drunkard.

    To any man with an IQ above 99 hip hop/rap is irritating and becomes the more so, the higher the IQ goes. Nothing retarded blacks would know anything about.


    1. I don’t associate with blacks. In the town where i live are only 30-40 schwoogies, and most are tame ie not “americanized”. They don’t have access to guns either, especially the newly arrived migrants because guns are hard to get in Austria. Gun crime is very rare like in most European countries.

    2. I’m no Christian and i really don’t know what’s stupider – listening to HipHip or taking the bible literally. Do you believe in the pseudoscientific “Intelligent Design” theory or in Darwin’s evolution theory? I prefer the latter. Just because scientists cant’t explain every single detail of the evolutionary process doesn’t mean it’s nonsense.
    I believe there is a “God”, but finding the proper religion is not easy. They all suck in one way or another.
    Christianity used to be good to keep the jews in their place, but nowadays most Christians are moronic Jewlovers and Israelworshippers. Without them fighting jews would be much easier, this is a fact.

    3. Not only dumb people like HipHop – when i was younger i’ve met many people with a university degree who owned hundrets of Rap-LP’s. Most were hipsters though.
    If you condemn that kind of music, you have to condemn electronic music as a whole.
    Every groundbreakig release was/is usually re-released as an instrumental LP, so you don’t hear any rapping.

    Some blacks made great music, you can’t deny that. Rock n Roll was heavily influenced by blacks, Miles Davis recorded some of the best Jazz LP’s you can buy, and Jimmy Hendrix was a fabulous guitarist.


  56. Red Pill says:

    I believe there is a “God”, but finding the proper religion is not easy. They all suck in one way or another.

    there is no proper religion
    there is only faith in God
    there is only the relationship between you and your creator.
    all religions are false religions.
    either one has the relationship or not.

    the literal translation of the bible is not the full truth.
    the truth lies hidden behind the meanings of the stories read.
    this is the door so many won’t open.
    because it’s not for public consumption.

    no one really knows what’s at the end of the trail until they arrive there.
    most won’t take that trip.
    they rely on what they have heard from others or,
    they believe what makes them feel warm and fuzzy.

    most Christians ask others to take that trip
    a trip they them self have not walked .
    the luke warm Christians of today compose the vast majority.
    the very ones that the Lord said to them;

    “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
    So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

  57. Pingback: Criminal Blacks Murder White Women ALL THE TIME – murderbymedia3

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