Yes, Virginia: There’s Plenty of Sick Pervs Out There

Social Commentary by Phillip Marlowe

When freaky Jew US ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, was discovered engaging in pedophilia with under-aged prostitutes, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton quietly covered up the story. The MSM also reported nothing to help her upcoming bid for president.

Sometimes I just have to scratch my head in total amazement on how stupid White people can be. I know that sounds hard to believe me saying that, considering what an evil White supremacist I supposedly am, but it’s a fact of life that far too many Whites have been turned into gibbering fools who blindly go along with the latest moral degradations and never-ending social change because we’re told “diversity is good.”

Morally confused America is turning into a field day for all kinds of sick pervs — Jewish or not. And it’s only going to get worse — Dirtbags lick their filthy chops in anticipation!

Upwards of 5,000 children under the age of 18 now go missing each year — with around 115 to 150 suspected of falling victim to random abduction by pervert serial killers at large. These are not children from broken homes where one parent runs off with the child because of some judge’s decision, or the mother is a drug-addled mudshark living in an abandoned house in Detroit — soon to be burned alive along with her cute little White daughter by the mother’s totally evil black buck (this horrible crime actually happened).

The fate of these yearly 115 plus missing children are out-and-out mysteries; either the kids stepped through a inter-dimensional portal, were abducted by aliens from another star system, or were snatched up by a murderous pervert pedophile who just happened to be cruising by. See, that’s the thing: No one really knows what happened, except the guilty, of course. And since most of us don’t believe the first two explanations are plausible, it’s reasonable to assume the latter.

Here’s the really, really bad news: As America gets turned into a complete Third World piss pot — swarming with all kinds of criminal non-Whites and even less taxpayers — our police and everything else will become overwhelmed and corrupted. We can easily see how it will be like: In Mexico, mass murders by drug cartels are uncovered practically daily. Black-ruled Africa has always been a nightmare, no matter how much money and infrastructure we give them. In South America, body guards, gated communities and roving death squads are a fact of life.

It’s little wonder why these people try so hard to get here, but eventually things will be just like where they left.

With Jew-promoted immigration of the Third Worlder non-Whites into our lands, America is projected to pass 600 million in a couple of decades. By itself, that means twice as many perverts roaming the streets, but it will actually mean many more times over with how immoral and disgusting Jewish media has become (have you seen “Walking Dead” this season?). And just think about the perversity promoted in schools nowadays — all sorts of bizarre, sick-in-the-head nutcases will be out there, running free, killing and getting killed.

Unless we put a stop to these lousy Jews soon, things will become exactly like what sick Hollywood Jew directors imagine in their twisted little Jew boy heads.

Just how deep does “PizzaGate” go?

Although it sounds crazy, this might be the real reason the media is doing everything it can to suppress PizzaGate. Apparently, there’s a giant International pervert ring involving all sorts of rich and powerful personages locked into the Jewish NWO.

In 2008, CNN’s Richard Quest was busted in NY’s Central Park propositoning a policeman posing as an under-aged teen boy. The creepy old bastard was found with a sex toy and crystal meth in his pockets. You can still see him on CNN today — since he’s a precious Jew, of course.

The other day I watched this revealing Mark Dice video where he was asking strangers on the street whether or not they had any problems with people engaging in incest, because society now allowed homo marriage, so why can’t brothers and sisters also get married, too, he asked. The video really exposes liberal idiocy.

The excuse these moronic libtards used? “WHO AM I TO JUDGE?” they tell Dice. This is exactly what the lousy brainwashing Jew media has created in our race’s head: Let it all hang out — everything’s cool — and if we don’t like something then the problem must be in our heads. Such judgemental thinking would make them “haters.” Watch the video at the embedded link to see how these fools think.

This is the culmination of years of mental conditioning created by the Jews or Satan — take your pick — for turning us decent White people into a perverted mud race.

On a personal note, I picked up on this “let it all hang out coolness” brainwashing tactic last century. Realizing this was the scam they were running on our heads, I paid close attention to who the creeps were behind pushing this kind of thing — yep, it was the “Chosen Ones,” alright. Whether they were working for Satan or not, I couldn’t say positively.

And I dig the ladies just as much as the next red-blooded normal guy. But I was raised to keep it zipped — as in don’t go too crazy on the babes, be a gentleman, etc., etc. I believe women will understand exactly what I’m talking about here, most likely having an experience or two in this department.

Let me just point something out to women right now since I got their attention — the creeps behind turning our lands upside down don’t really care anything about you. Look at the porno industry, for crying out loud. Oh, they might give lip service to it all (especially if it’s White guys misbehaving), but the reality is — you’re on your own, honey.

The biggest reason why the Jonbenét Ramsey case immediately became a media circus is because they thought it was a White perp, possibly even the Christian mother. The media is STILL milking the story to this day!

Let me also tell you another thing: Black men rape or sexually assault White women over 130 times a day in the US. This fact was gleaned from data found in the yearly DOJ 2005 report on crime in the US — they certainly didn’t state that outright, natch, since the government is trying to keep us White people stupid — like the media.

Blacks are HUGE raping dirtbags. I read every day of blacks raping little kids — even babies. I read one recent story of a Texas black passing on HIV and STDs to a 14 year-old and a 2 year-old little baby. Black sexual crimes happens all the time, but the media wants you to think Whites are the big pervs to balance out with black street crime.

The Jewish/Liberal media does whatever they can to hide the true nature of blacks from us White people. This has been going on for decades, actually.

Just go to NEW NATION NEWS to read this week’s crop of black sickos. You will not believe how truly vile this race is!

Taking into account real crime numbers, I probably should have used a black face in my artwork above, but the expression on that dirty pervert’s face says it all. That’s Gary Glitter, a British 1980’s “glam rocker” who was exposed during a big British pedo ring investigation called Operation Yewtree. He fled to Vietnam, where authorities almost executed him for diddling little Vietnamese girls, but instead deported him back to Britain after he paid off the girl’s families some ridiculously small amount. He’s now in jail, getting fed fairly decently on the taxpayer’s dole, when they should have just told Vietnam to forget it and let the gooks put an AK round in his noggin.

Norwegian police announced late last month the bust of 51 people involved in a big pedo ring, including powerful politicians. Various US mainstream media deleted the entire story from their web sites last week.

And there’s been plenty of plenty of pedophile rings exposed over the years (one in Norway just recently). But the US media is desperate to keep the lid on these stories now since they are so pro-homo and pro-tranny.

“PizzaGate” has the corporate media scared half to death and making up new terms like “FAKE NEWS” to confuse the masses. Media liberals understand how sick and perverted homos and trannys can be and can’t let us “breeders” realize how immoral America is becoming.

This is all because of our lands being turned completely upside down by the filthy Jews in the effort of re-engineering us into a Jewish-controlled Globalist empire (the NWO).

Jews couldn’t get away with doing this to Asian countries or Africa, since they would be much too noticeable racially and they also didn’t like the idea of leaving the cushy lifestyle Jewry has in our lands. Hell, few of them got the guts to even move to Israel — the “Jewish State.” These same subversive Jew rats have been using blacks against us White people for decades now. Jews are like the biggest backstabbers in all history.

Now the traitorous media is going completely off the rails pushing this “Russian hackers” stuff, in the effort to waylay our brains because of Trump and this “PizzaGate” story going viral on the Internet. People who know computer stuff say it could be ANYBODY ANYWHERE who hacked John Podesta’s emails and dumped the files into the Wikileaks site, probably on a whim.

Besides all this, American intel communities have long known Israeli intelligence and hacking are a much bigger threat than anyone else on the planet, including the Russians and Chinese. This was revealed by Edward Snowden’s stolen files but went unreported, as usual. Jews really do jerk our chains.

We’re being brainwashed on a massive scale by a Jewish/Liberal media now going haywire right before our eyes. No one believes them anymore. They are pushing outright multicult brainwashing everywhere across the media, including all the TV commercials (you’ve seen it). Our young are being turned into little faggot pussies and our women promoted to mate with blacks. It’s unbelievable how obvious all this is.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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102 Responses to Yes, Virginia: There’s Plenty of Sick Pervs Out There

  1. anon says:

    Banjo- I’ve spent a lot of time reading your works and they have led me much farther on the path that leads to the truth than I would have otherwise known. Thank you.

    BillsRopeSupply used to be until some chinese billionaires talked me out of it!
    It started out as my “homepage” back around 1992 and has become a running log of jew criminality, PLUS powerful and useful information about protecting your health and your spirit from jew evil. If a piece of the puzzle fits with ALL the other Truth and Evidence it gets linked so others can see it. Very little of the actual content is my own and I don’t have a lot of time to organize it. It is what it is. I have information listed in a number of places, of course.

  2. Smitherines says:

    Lessons of Aleppo — for Trump
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Lessons of Aleppo — for Trump

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    Friday – December 15, 2016

    In this world, it is often dangerous to be an enemy of the United States, said Henry Kissinger in 1968, but to be a friend is fatal.

    The South Vietnamese would come to appreciate the insight.

    So it is today with Aleppo, where savage reprisals against U.S.-backed rebels are taking place in that hellhole of human rights.

    Yet, again, the wrong lessons are being drawn from the disaster.

    According to The Washington Post, the bloodbath is a result of a U.S. failure to intervene more decisively in Syria’s civil war: “Aleppo represents a meltdown of the West’s moral and political will — and … a collapse of U.S. leadership.

    “By refusing to intervene against the Assad regime’s atrocities, or even to enforce the ‘red line’ he declared on the use of chemical weapons, President Obama created a vacuum that was filled by Vladimir Putin and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.”

    But the blunder was not in staying out of Syria’s civil war, but in going in. Aleppo is a bloodbath born of interventionism.

    On Aug. 18, 2011, President Obama said, “For the sake of the Syrian people the time has come for President Assad to step aside.” Western leaders echoed the Obama — “Assad must go!”

    Assad, however, declined to go, and crushed an Arab Spring uprising of the kind that had ousted Hosni Mubarak in Cairo. When the U.S. began to fund and train rebels to overthrow him, Assad rallied his troops and began bringing in allies — Hezbollah, Iran and Russia.

    It was with their indispensable assistance that he recaptured Aleppo in the decisive battle of the war. And now America has lost credibility all over the Arab and Muslim world.

    “code in into an acceptable narrative” or risk being fired yet once again!

    Read More At:

  3. anon says:

    “Once—in the year of grace number one, I think—The Sibyl said, drunken without any drink, ‘Now everything goes wrong! Oh, woe! Decay! The world has never sunk so low! Rome sank to whoredom and became a stew, The Caesars become beasts, and God—a jew!’ ”
    -Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

    RP- read Neitzsche’s work The Antichrist, if you think you can. The ONLY way to understand Neitzsche is if you understand the nature of the evil that exists in the jews tiny black heart. I studied Neitzsche for years as a university philosophy student and never really made sense of it UNTIL I WOKE UP TO THE jew. Then the lights came on! WOW. Neitzsche was truly brilliant. I doubt one in a million has a clue what he was saying. The quote at the top really speaks to me.

  4. anon says:

    One more. These are some of my favorites for you Banjo Billy-




  5. Smitherines says:

    anon says:
    December 16, 2016 at 11:23 am

    I didn’t need Neizsche, when I was like 8, I just looked at the end of
    movies,scripts, radio programs, and the names read like a “Bar Mitzvah
    invitation list” then “I WOKE UP TO THE jew.”

  6. Smitherines says:

    The “credits” at the end of those movies, scripts,TV shows, writers, producers,
    like 85% Jewish and they’re less 2 % of population I knew “the fix” was in
    at 8!

  7. Smitherines says:

    The Occidental Observer

    The Myth of the Right-Wing Extremist
    by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

    Neither man nor angel can discern
    Hypocrisy, the only evil that walks
    John Milton, Paradise Lost

    The Anglosphere stands transfixed by an elusive bogeyman: ‘right-wing extremism.’ And more than any other nation at the present time, the United Kingdom seems to be in the grip of a media-engineered moral panic bordering on paranoid hysteria.

    More at URL below:

  8. Karen says:

    Thank you Phillip Marlowe for bringing the Podesta brothers’ ‘Portugal Vacation’ back into the limelight, mostly forgotten in the Comet Ping Pong foray. ..grandson of the old Marxist jew Sigmund…I’d giggle if it wasn’t so kikishly ugly. This may have nothing to do with pedophilia but is creepy all the same, whether sexually desensitizing children so as to render them more amiable towards groping, to remove at an impressionable any semblance of maleness in white boys so that they grow up to become confused neuters incapable of fighting for their race and countries, or to indoctrinate an entire generation into becoming nonentities with no personal or cultural or historical identities, sexless drones, willing slaves in a brave new world.

  9. anon says:

    Yes Smithers, waking up was one thing, but trying to Understand Neitzsche without knowing about the jew will cause you to wander around in circles and never understand him.
    Neitzsche is not easy to read to begin with and especially if you don’t realize when he is mocking, taunting, and exposing the jew by ridiculing them and their mideastern fairy tales.
    Reading The Antichrist can be physically dangerous so I wouldn’t normally recommend it (but it is pure brilliance and light coming through a most powerful mind).
    Thus Spoke Zarathustra is also quite brilliant.

  10. Frederick says:

    To Banjo Billy,

    The Lord Jesus is the Holy God, and your personal Hitler is your god.
    To bring a Holy God to your narrative is so much as ANY another other damn religions.
    It proven that hitler had many good white folk killed, and living proof that George Soros parents were wealthy jews and turned in many low / med. jews for profit from the Nazis. Hitler nor the Nazis didn’t lay a had on any wealthy jews including Soros.

    Yeah its true that Hitler did put Germany back to work and gave the people hope, but all his plans ruined/ failed in the end, NOT ONE LASTING TRUTH! Unlike my Lord was risen from the grave in Victory!! (which you deny as the rabbis)

    Your committing out right blasphemy and you will share your eternal destiny in hell with the pharisees / rabbis that also blasphemy. Change your ways this a likely a last warning! Or you can wait for your zio Extraterrestrials to save your ass.

    “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.”


  11. Red Pill says:


    members of the true body of Christ (the elect) withdraw in spirit and
    enter the wilderness (a spiritual desert). and keep his word.

    this is that time, just before the great tribulation where the spirit of Christ
    withdraws from public access.

    Revelation 12:14
    And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

    mock, laugh, and ridicule word of the GOD.
    you are just here to be cannon fodder.
    there are no answers or solutions here in INCOGLAND
    if there were this site would disappear overnight.

  12. Frederick says:

    Amen bro!

  13. Banjo_Billy says:

    Frederick and Red Pill,

    I fully explain Jesus and his miracles in Volume 2, “The Monsters of Babylon,” as well as the lies told by the Pharisee Rabbi Saul of Tarsus as a means of hijacking Christianity. Therein, all archaeological proofs are offered to show that the Old Testament is a Jewish hoax. I explain the Book of Revelation, too — it is impossible that it was written by whom most Christians believe to be John the Apostle.

    Read my books and educate yourselves. Continuing to believe the lies and hoaxes of the ancient religions, does not make an Enlightened Modern Man. Jesus told the truth, but no one seems to have understood what he was saying.

    Be at peace but don’t be a wimp. Jesus taught men how to be shepherds, not how to be sheep. It is the Jews who wish you to be supine and to open your hearts and your safe gates to the Demon. That’s why I am here, to prevent that.

    But only Modern Men who seek the Truth and are not deluded by the ancient lies of the ancient religions, can achieve Victory.

  14. Banjo_Billy says:

    If God created the world, then it is all holy, every atom of it — not merely some desolate piece of waste land in Palestine, named by rabbinical frauds as “The holy land” separate and superior to all others and over which Mankind must suffer and die for the sake of the Jewish hoax.

    If God is real, then He is evident to any who seek Him, not merely to a criminal cult of hook-nosed, lice-covered, masturbating kikenvermin, reeking of garlic and gefilta fish, who claim that God hates everybody except for themselves.

    If Jesus claimed that he was the “Son of Man,” then why not take him at his word rather than accept the lies of the Pharisee Rabbi Saul of Tarsus, who never met Him other than in a deluded frenzy of self abuse and who called Jesus a god? Christians today believe the lies of the Jews but do not believe the words of Jesus. Whose side are they on, Mankind’s or the lying Demon Jews?

    If the ancient religions arose in an era when Mankind believed the world to be flat and a mere 6,000 years old, created in six days (including all of the million-year-old fossils), then Mankind is not obligated to believe such lies.

    Religion is a true discovery of Mankind, but some religions are false. Judaism and Islam are false religions based entirely on lies.

  15. Luke says:

    Here is some very worthwhile criticism of Trump’s pick for Secretary of State , Rex Tillerson. This is the guy who shoved fudge packing down the throats of the Boy Scouts of America, folks. Cleared the way for male homos who have a ‘taste’ for your young sons to worm their way into the BSA, become adult troop leaders and then have all sorts of opportunities to bust your young son’s sphincter muscle while taking those camping trips to the wilderness.

    Brother Kapner spills the beans on Tillerson, as well.

    How Rex Tillerson Corrupted The Boy Scouts

    I wonder if Andrew Anglin is going to turn a blind eye to this unbelievably horrible decision by Trump to nominate this sick & perverted bastard? In Anglin’s world,
    Trump can do no wrong.

  16. Red Pill says:

    i have noticed that Messianic jews always hate Rabbi Saul of Tarsus.
    and that is because JEWS do not like traitors amongst them.
    Paul wrote most of the new testament.
    one can pick and choose what they want to believe in the bible.
    but that won’t be the word of God.
    if you don’t have the holy spirit, then you have an evil spirit.
    no one can find the truer meanings with out spiritual help.
    that’s how you get locked out and left with out understanding.

    Banjo_Billy says a lot,
    and he is smarter that me and much more articulate than I.
    but that is not a prerequisite for wisdom.
    i subscribe to Billy’s site and have downloaded all of it.
    and have gleaned much.
    even a stopped clock is correct twice a day.
    and that’s what i look for.

  17. Banjo_Billy says:

    Red Pill,

    Actually, all Jews are Messianic Jews. They await their Messiah who will bring suffering, death and destruction to Mankind. Their Messiah is a great monster who destroys and enslaves Mankind, takes all of the gold and silver on earth and gives it to the Jews. I can quote Jewish sources which make this claim, if you do not already know of them.

    Jesus and Hitler told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!

  18. Frederick says:

    you got virtually no respect for the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God in the flesh. There is nothing Holy in this world, (its all be corrupted) unlike your gurus say in the new age say. Just don’t step on a holy beetle (maybe John Lennon now, LOL) or be reincarnated into a rabbi from the shit hole India!

    Lefties and commies (little cup cakes) the religion of the new age, you couldn’t pay me enough to read you jew commie books.
    RP was saying and you didn’t get it, “but that is not a prerequisite for wisdom.”
    Meaning you are spiritual devoid, “jack of all trades master of none,” you have no understanding of ‘HOLY’ and VIOD OF WISDOM.

    “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding”.- Holy Bible

    “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” Holy Bible

    Your not worth having any conversation with so just return to your vomit, holy dog.

    You feel so self righteous and justified, you blasphemy, insult my Lord Jesus I’ll do likewise!! bye!!!


  19. Banjo_Billy says:


    You are a funny fellow. But again, I commend your faith, if it gives you solace. Every atom is holy because God made it. Can you dispute a simple truth like that? I am not self-righteous, merely truthful. Since when are the truthful any more than just that?

    Did you know that the name “Jesus” was coined by the lying Pharisee rabbi, Saul of Tarsus, when he was preaching his lies to the pagans? The top pagan god was Zeus. And the top Jewish god was Yahweh, or Yah. So, the Jews wanted the Greeks and Romans to believe that their Jewish demon-god, Yah, was the same as the pagan god, Zeus. So, Rabbi Saul combined the two names for a god as Yah-Zeus or Yeh-Zeus or Jahzeus or Jesus.

    So, a Son of Man became not just a Son of God but God, Himself. It’s funny how such little changes in a name can create such giant confusions in the mind of Man. Just think of the millions of people who have fought and died over yet another Jewish lie — that Jesus was God even though he insisted that he was a Son of Man. Or how about the Jewish lie that these hook-nosed, scummy devils are the very Chosen Ones of God? Now that’s a real miracle!

    There will never be an end of Jewish lies until the last lying Jew is put an end to.

  20. Johnny Draco says:

    Did you know????
    Latter-Day Sanhedrin

    We’ve all heard about the Bilderbergers
    and the Trilateral Commission, but only
    recently are we learning about a much
    more cloutful clique, the Mega Group.
    The membership consists of America’s 20
    richest jewish multimillionaires and billionaires,
    each of whom contributes $130,000
    a year towards the operating expenses
    needed to carry on the Mega Group’s
    business, which is to advance the cause
    of Jews everywhere. Charles Bronfman,
    co-chair of Seagram, artfully comments:
    “We don’t want to be seen as a Sanhedrin.
    We want to make it cool to be Jewish.”
    The group convenes twice a year.
    Each meeting lasts two days.

  21. Johnny Draco says:

    How can Holocaust survivors recall
    gas chambers from 75+ years ago?? How can Jews remember
    pogroms in Poland and Russia nearly 260 years ago? Why
    can’t they remember that they lost Jerusalem over 2,300 years
    ago, while still pretending it’s theirs? The Brits had it, the Turks
    had it, the Arabs had it, the Romans had it, the Greeks had it, the
    Egyptians had it, the Persians had it, the Syrians had it, the Assyrians
    had it, the Hittites had it, and the Canaanites had it. To top it
    all off, Jerusalem itself was founded by Jebusites!
    What a funny thing a jew memory is!

  22. Red Pill says:

    we know there was a holocaust
    because 6 million survivors have told us so.
    how dare any body to deny what is real.
    never again, never again.

  23. anon says:

    It’s hillarious watching Frederick get bitch slapped so hard and then crawl back into his bible. That’s what we are dealing with when you let ‘believers’ near the Truth. Do we really expect that type of weak and scared simple-minded thinking that is based on the FEAR created by jew lies and fairy tales to accept Truth and Logic?

    Banjo Billy deals in Truth. It’s not Banjo these two are scared of–it’s having to face the Truth. He just presents it for consideration, and to help you out of your bible hidey-holes, and you respond with bible attacks. bwahhahahaha Funny, but sad also.

    Hey Banjo- I have something for your consideration. It concerns the thousands of pyramids, mounds, and the massive amount of megalithic architecture that covers our whole Earth. It can no longer be denied or dismissed and must be accounted for in history. The woman running this site has produced a large collection of the most fantastic videos I’ve ever seen. You seem to have extensive knowledge regarding ancient history. How does this fit in exactly- or possibly?

    There is a vast amount of related and supporting work – like Carl Munck’s “The Code”

    It seems to correspond with the time frames of some of your work like the Sumerian Swindle and the Monsters of Babylon so it would be quite meaningful to hear what you have to say about THE GIANTS AND THE ANCIENT MEGALITHS AND PYRAMIDS AND MOUNDS THAT COVER THE WORLD. Thanks,

  24. Banjo_Billy says:


    I appreciate your enthusiasm. But please understand that all Men are mortal. We are born, we live, we die someday. It is what came before we were born and what comes after we die, that concerns those who are of a religious state of mind. Science cannot answer the questions of religion because science depends solely upon the support of mechanical and electronic instruments to see what the human eye cannot see in the material world. Science fails to understand God or Creation or the Infinite simply because of a reliance upon material instruments that cannot pick up the subtle energies of the spiritual universe. And yet, the one instrument that is actually able to perceive God and the Infinite, is Man and Woman, themselves, using the fantastic abilities innate to the Human Being.

    It is for this reason that ancient Man was able to tune into God at an early time because that’s all that he had, his own Mind and Soul and Spirit. And guess what? That’s all that it takes, one’s own Self, seeking the Divine. Jesus taught this: through prayer and meditation, one can find God. Many ancient peoples discovered this and built huge temples and mounds as an expression of their discovery and yearning.

    So, I really feel a bit apologetic if I have given the impression of “bitch slapping” anyone. We are all mortal men, seeking fulfillment in this life. Bible-believers have simply been deceived and lied to by the Jews. That is no reason to demean what they are saying because what is actually required is correction of errors and not rejection.

    Understand: the Jews intend to impoverish, enslave and destroy all of Mankind whether believers or non-believers, pagans, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, etc., etc. Everyone who is not a Jew is scheduled for extinction by these demonic creatures with nasty cocks sticking to their hands and evil thoughts in their sick minds.

    No, I do not take joy is “bitch-slapping” Bible-believers simply because they are Seekers of God. “Seek and ye shall find,” is good advice to anyone. My goal is to relieve Bible-believers of the parasitic Jew-devils trying to pull them down into Hell as they follow the teachings of the Jews and ignore the teachings of Jesus. They can find God on their own. I wish them well. But the Truth will make what they Seek much easier to find. And there is no Truth among the Jews, they are all a pack of liars and deceivers, hypocrites, thieves and murderers.

    As for all of the pyramids and mounds and stone wheels, etc., Mankind can find the secret of those riddles within himself. He doesn’t need to look for aliens from outer space coming down to save him. We are all already saved, if we just look at the treasure-filled kingdom within us. But the latest baseball scores and fashions, presented by Jew-know-who, seems to distract us from the Eternal Questions and to prevent us from reaching the Eternal Goal. Yes, Virginia, there really are devils on this earth and they are called Jews.

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are devils — Real Ones!

  25. Banjo_Billy says:

    Those of you who reject anything about religion, that is not a problem. The people of National Socialist Germany re-discovered the psychic and para-normal abilities of the Norse-Germanic-Celtic cultures of ancient Europe. They re-discovered that European Man had skills in telepathy and per-cognition among other abilities. Once the parasitic, national, energy-siphoning of the Jews was removed, these innate abilities once again began to blossom. They discovered that European Man (as well as all colonies of European Man throughout the world) was naturally the highest level of Mankind. But it was the demonic and parasitic Jews who kept European Man in a stunted state of Mind and Culture (not to mention impoverished Finance). Remove the microbe and the disease disappears.

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!

  26. anon says:

    “As for all of the pyramids and mounds and stone wheels, etc., Mankind can find the secret of those riddles within himself. He doesn’t need to look for aliens from outer space coming down to save him.”

    Why did you bother to write the Sumerian Swindle and the Monsters of Babylon if all the answers are within your self? The megalithic architecture and massive pyramids covering the Earth demand explanation–not terse accolaydes. The evidence is being thoroughly examined and incorporated into our historical knowledge to replace the utterly false paradigms we have been programmed with. Now about ‘aliens from outer space’ coming down to save you kind of begs the question rather than addressing it. If you have all the answers within yourself and are content with that then say ‘amen’ and be done with the search for Truth. Me–I never give up.

  27. Red Pill says:

    the jews never wrote the bible, they mistranslated it.
    i can separate the jew from the Israelite
    they were never the people of Israel.
    but i got my insight from the holy spirit.
    i was unable to comprehend the bible all on my own.
    so i am a bible believer because my understanding has increased

    i am not so smart that i can tell God what his plan is for me.
    but i listen to him, that small quiet voice instructs me.

    Norse-Germanic-Celtic cultures of ancient Europe were pagan cult worshipers.
    just another worthless religion.
    in the mainstream distractions of life, his voice is muted.
    in the rat race for security and wealth, separation from God occurs.
    then man stands alone against the world. fast forward to face plant

    but then again the most high God is not a choice many make as
    compared to those that say they do and don’t in name only.

    all religions are false religions, every last one of them.
    religions do not deal in truth,
    if they did they would all have the same conclusions.
    religion is a cluster fuck.

  28. Banjo_Billy says:

    Anon, you ask: “Why did you bother to write the Sumerian Swindle and the Monsters of Babylon if all the answers are within your self? The megalithic architecture and massive pyramids covering the Earth demand explanation–not terse accolades.”

    It seems to be a characteristic of Modern Man, to not be satisfied with a simple answer to his questions because he thinks that something that he does not understand can only be explained with a complicated answer since — in his complicated confusion — what else can explain the complicated and the confused other than something even more complicated?

    As I have tried to point out in the first two Volumes as well as my comments above in this thread, Man, Himself, is the ultimate instrument for solving the Mysteries of the spiritual cosmos. No other instruments are required other than a calm and concentrated Mind and a sincere desire to find the Secrets. Those who seek, find. It’s as simple as that. Those who do not take the time or make the effort to achieve this mental and spiritual power, cannot discover the simple Truth of God or Creation or Infinite bliss because they don’t try.

    As explained in my books, ancient Man did not consider anything else in Life to be more important than finding God, or at least pleasing Him through uprightness. All of the world’s religions were based upon this simple desire. Even the filthy Jews and the Muslim werewolves in all of their insane shriekings and murders, were originally interested in pleasing their demon gods, failed though they are in their disgusting perversions.

    Except for the Jews and Muslims, the ancient peoples built huge temples and pyramids and other wonders as a reflection not of what they wished for but of what they had already discovered. And what they had discovered was something found within each of them, from the men and women from the very lowest to the Pharaoh or Buddha or Christ.

    Man is a radiant Being endowed with spiritual light. Only the Jews and Communists insist that Man is a mere animal whose only reason for existence is to serve his Jew-Commie masters.

    You may claim that the pyramids and mounds “demand explanation” but, in fact, they demand nothing. They are great piles of stone that only came into existence as an expression of Man’s respect and yearning and deep humility before a Universe much greater than himself. They are an exercise in spiritual faith and an achievement of great spiritual power. Those piles of rock are absolutely nothing compared to the insight and power of the Men and Women who built them. Those people’s power was increased from the building of them. That is the part that Modern Man fails to see, the actual building of them. Modern Man only sees the completed structures and thinks that that was the only goal. It was the Builders who achieved greatness. The great megoliths are an expression of the Power of Man in the physical world, but it is a power that comes from the spiritual world.

    Perhaps I have complicated this too much and have explained nothing.

  29. Banjo_Billy says:

    Red Pill,

    You have wisdom, but it is tainted and twisted by the Jewish mind-f*ck of the Biggest Lie Ever Told — the Old Testament and the deceits of Paul.

    Read Volumes 1 & 2 of “How the Jews Betrayed Mankind” and you will understand what I am saying.

    If the ancient European religions were so worthless, what is your explanation of the auras, halos and rays of light emanating from the European peoples in those rock carvings shown in Volume 2, The Monsters of Babylon? How do you explain something like that which modern Christians, themselves, neither understand nor can reproduce? God did not make the world for the sake of the devil Jews, as those liars claim, but for the sake of Mankind, the real sons of God. And with radiance, we rule, white people reflecting our inner Selves.

  30. Banjo_Billy says:

    Those who think that spiritual power is for wimps, should understand that the Vikings were top warriors because of their spiritual skills. I explain the Norse and Viking warrior skills in Volume 2 of “How the Jews Betrayed Mankind.” But there is much more. And our ancestors left us records of their powers written in stone. Even though those ancient skills and powers are before their very eyes to see, and yet modern scientists cannot see it. So, one must not rely upon modern science, but rather upon one’s self, upon one’s own innate power and insight.

    Anon asked, “Why did you bother to write the Sumerian Swindle and the Monsters of Babylon if all the answers are within your self?” But perhaps I didn’t answer that question.

    To answer: Because when one finds the answers, it is only human to share those answers with one’s brothers and sisters, one’s kith and kin, so that their own path is free of obstruction and easy of attainment. I wrote those books not for me, but for you.

  31. anon says:

    I appreciate what you’re trying to say Banjo Billy, and by adopting a form of dualism you choose to disregard half of it. Problem is that ALL is just different frequencies of ‘energy’ received through our senses and processed by the brain. You, me, other soulful creatures, are what is left after everything else is removed–the Silent Witness or Awareness or Consciousness. I’m not a ‘believer’ and don’t use ‘beliefs’ so I just follow the Truth.
    Just like the Earth is covered with powerful ancient megalithic monuments of a race of giants or advanced people that likely engineered our human races and demands explanation, you presumably have a human body that needs proper nutrition, etc., like you discuss at length on, and if you neglect it you will suffer.

    I am surprised that you are not interested in the fantastic ancient history of the earth and the nature of the universe. I’m blown away and awed by it second by second…
    Thanks for your comment and explanation Billy.

  32. anon says:

    “To answer: Because when one finds the answers, it is only human to share those answers with one’s brothers and sisters, one’s kith and kin, so that their own path is free of obstruction and easy of attainment. I wrote those books not for me, but for you.”

    Exactly. I’ve read practically everything you’ve written on bamboo-delight. The same principle works with ALL the information we now have that we didn’t before the internet. Over twenty years ago I started collecting information and putting it up on for the same reasons. People needed to know things for their own good. For the last five years I had the site up it got over 2,000 visitors a day from 140 or more countries. It was ‘uncharted territory’ for quite a while when it comes to talking about and exposing jew criminality and jew atrocities. Incogman knows and I’m sure you do since you are obviously not afraid to call a jew a jew. haw haw

  33. Banjo_Billy says:

    As Anon says: ” I’m not a ‘believer’ and don’t use ‘beliefs’ so I just follow the Truth.”

    Belief is a half-way stepping stone between Ignorance and Knowledge. Belief is good and commendable and necessary. It bridges the gap (Gunnungagap). But for a seeker of truth, belief is not the goal — Knowledge is.

  34. Hoff says:

    Oh Vey oh Vey Why us?

    Operation Reinhard – Twitter Gave Kurt Eichenwald a Seizure

  35. anon says:

    The Anatomy of Belief and Evil – Are you a ‘believer’?

    Sorry Banjo, but ‘be-lie-f is a mental fiction, an academic propaganda tool, and once you let it take hold of you there is no way to ever find and have the Truth–YOU WILL ONLY HAVE A BELIEF IN IT. If you are going to use that word it must be defined. Calling it a “stepping stone” does not cover it. Just saying you have beliefs does not explain what corner of the universe you conjur them up from. 2+2 will always be 4 whether you ‘believe’ it or not.

    I do appreciate your level of intelligence so let me make a simple proposition for you to apply your ‘beliefs’ to:

    The ‘Universe’ or something in some form HAS ALWAYS EXISTED FOREVER. You cannot propose this statement away with ‘beliefs’ without confirming it. Try.
    What are you ‘beliefs’ about INFINITY? YOU CAN’T HAVE ANY. period
    Words are Spells that we cast with our Thought Machines. We can Think without words. A so-called ‘belief’ is nothing more than an academic propaganda tool and I have spent the past thirty years unable to define it. Belief is not knowledge. A “stepping stone” that takes you down a dead-end path while giving it a self-proclaimed status as legitimate just for that reason (of being a stepping stone) is not valid reasoning. I eliminated that word from my vocabulary many years ago, except to refute it of course, and it was a valuable step forward in knowing and learning the Truth. You can Know the Truth or you can ‘believe’ in it, whatever that means. Do you ‘believe’ in jew Expulsion? hehe Thanks for all your good work Banjo man. I wish there were a few million more like you.

  36. Banjo_Billy says:

    Anon theorizes: “Belief is not knowledge. A “stepping stone” that takes you down a dead-end path while giving it a self-proclaimed status as legitimate just for that reason (of being a stepping stone) is not valid reasoning.”

    It is true that “belief” is not knowledge. And because it is not knowledge, how can you claim that the path it takes you down is “a dead-end”? After all, one cannot have knowledge that a path is a dead-end unless one travels to the end of it, right? And how can you claim to understand the actual meaning of the word, “belief”, by beginning your monogram with a false assertion that “belief” is actually “be-lie-f” as if there is a lie within the word? Be careful here, you are prejudicing your knowledge with your beliefs, I am sorry to say.

    You seem to confuse “belief” with “reasoning.” It is a trap that Western people fall into quite often in thinking that only “reason” and only “logic” can explain the world. “Belief” goes beyond reasoning and at the same time, remains in the shadow of reasoning. You seem to equate “belief” with some sort of stunted form of “reasoning” when, in fact, it is one of Man’s innate powers of perception, although such a perception can be wrong in fact or twisted in vision in the same way that perception of the mountains can be blurred by fog or rain clouds.

    Belief is not knowledge, true. However, it is one of Man’s innate4 powers of perception. In Norse myths, Odin had two ravens named “Thought” and “Memory” who flew out over the world and told him of events. “Belief” is similar in that respect because it is a lens to see possibilities based on incomplete data or incomplete knowledge. Thus, it is a stepping stone from ignorance to knowledge. Of course,m it is not infallible because it is not knowledge. But it is useful for seeing the difference between what is and what could be, or what might be. “Belief” can carry a person onward without any other sustenance. It is one of the factors that makes Mankind so powerful … and yet, it is not knowledge.

  37. Banjo_Billy says:

    Anon and Red Pill,

    These kinds of discussions are better suited for a chat board. Do you know of any right wing, conservative chat boards that are not infested with limp-wristed librals, Jews or hasbarRat a-holes? Forget Stormfraud or the Jew-run VNN.

  38. carnac123 says:

    The democrats and their lackey news media (the msm) have decided on two parallel paths. They have decided that they can destroy white people (especially white males) with propaganda and lies. They continue to do so. They are almost as blatantly anti-white as the Nazi press was anti-Jewish in days gone by. They want to break white morale and prowess with their words and pictures. Magazines, professors in liberal colleges, and the media all preach on the evils of white males. They talk about whites needing to ask forgiveness. They speak of Whites as if slavery is still the order of the day. They recommend things whites should do to make amends. They blame us for everything. I have had enough. We all know that the only thing wrong with America is colored people and white communists. White people are the light of America and when we leave or are outnumbered….America will die. That has been the plan all along. The leftist and the leftist media cannot show a white woman without some black thing standing next to her. Television pushes race mixing constantly and we should boycott the shows and commercials that do so. This practice of race mixing undermines the nation. We will not put up with it too much longer.
    The second path for the Democrats is to waste American material, money, and personnel on endless wars. They also want to have some kind of limited war with Russia. THis is the only way Democrats know to get a country out of its slump is to make war. They are mad. They blame Russia for everything. If a dog craps on the floor of his house,….the Russians must be behind it. Why would democrats, leftist, and some Jews want a war with Russia???? To weaken and destroy the two mainly white nations left in the world…..the US and Russia.

  39. Banjo_Billy says:

    carnac123, you ask: ” Why would democrats, leftist, and some Jews want a war with Russia???? ”

    Understand that the Jews have always promoted wars among Mankind because they lend money to both sides while avoiding combat, themselves. This is the main reason for their “Sabbath scam.” The rabbis would kill any Jew who did work on the Sabbath. Why? Because it’s “holy day”? No, because by enforcing a cult where all Jews sit on their asses for a whole day and refusing to do any work, means that they cannot be drafted into any military. No army can afford to have soldiers who hold a sit down strike once a week.

    The Jews are malingerers, always seeking jobs as clerks where they can practice black market finance and avoid combat. The god of the Jews is the God of Armies and Genocide. The Jew-devils want the world always at war so Mankind is killed off, leaving the world in the hands of the cowardly Jews.

  40. Johnny Draco says:

    Must see….

  41. Cindy says:

    One thing you brought to my attention is the fact that the media makes a circus of any white crime against children like with Casey Anthony and JonBennet( still years later) but these child murders happen daily with blacks.
    My husband used to do social work( before he wised up and realized, you can’t help these people) and saw all kinds of horrible parents and victim kids. One small boy was sodomized and thrown down stairs and later died…it was the moms non white pervert boyfriend. Another black baby daddy bit his own child’s throat trying to kill it. He later ” hanged himself” in his cell. Yeah right…good riddance.
    Anyway there is a reason why black babies have the highest mortality rate. Shitty parents.

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