Disrespectful Anti-Whites Dissing The Donald

Look at this butt ugly ape-faced bastard! I am so sick and tired of this civil rights bull crap.* Just because this John Lewis “marched” in Selma on “Bloody Sunday” (what an overblown name) or alongside that plagiarizing, whore-mongering Martin Luther COON, means we got to respect his black ass after he publicly dissed our lawfully-elected president? A president who obviously wishes to do his best for America?

By Phillip Marlowe

Now we got Rep. John Lewis, a so-called “Civil Rights Icon,” insulting Trump by calling him an illegitimate president and not going to the inauguration. Stinking GD blacks and liberals act like this is such a brave act. I say: What an ASS. Sorry for being rude, but I’m sick and tired of these spoiled brat bastards and their hypocrite White liberal enablers.

Then we have “Senator” Cory Booker, a light-skinned, fast-talking mulatto who testified against the nomination of Jeff BEAUREGARD Sessions. I capitalize “Beauregard” since that ugly black bitch, Joy Ann Reid on MSNBC’s “AM JOY” on TV emphasized that today trying to make him sound like a confederate general at the battle of Manassas. That’s so rich since blacks and libtards had big hissy fits when people said “HUSSEIN” about Obongo boy (his middle name).

Here’s the problem with Jeff Sessions: He’s a non-Jewish White dude. That’s really all there is to it. The guy has a spotless record as being fair, not “racist,” etc., etc. Hell, just because the guy is from Alabama is enough for the creeps to portray him as an evil racist. This anti-White crap is getting totally ridiculous!

They make up a bunch of crap to camouflage their own anti-White racism, like stuff about Sessions supposedly behind “voter right’s suppression.” This is total hokum since the mere act of wanting legitimate identification (easy to get) at the voting booth has these nutcases raving. It’s simply because they want easy ways of scamming the democratic system to put their Commie elements in office.

Hell, if you watched Obongo’s “farewell speech” in CHIMPchago the other night, you could see proven election scam artist for the dems (seen in “Project Veritas Action” videos), Robert Creamer right in the front row, along with his ugly-as-sin Commie Jew wife, Rep. Jan Schakowsky. See my “Subversive Marxist Agitators Caught on Video” for these vids. The guy got away with it completely simply by taking a little vacation for a few months. The democraps are total lying hypocrites.

Yeah, yeah, Cory Booker is grand standing a bit trying to set the stage for running in 2020. That little punk Marco Rubio did a little retardican grand standing himself when questioning Trump’s brilliant selection for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. Cory Booker believes he’s going to be the reincarnation of mulatto Obongo boy. These fast-talking half breeds always have to identify being black don’t they? That’s all due to Jewish brainwashing of America for us to worship Negroes.

Notice how the lefty media keeps going on and on about “the legacy” of Barack Obama and “the legacy” of Michelle Obama. The libtard sycophancy over these two is simply disgusting. Anything bad is always completely ignored.

Mark my words: Obongo boy will go down as the worst president EVER in history. Absolutely.

David Corn, Mother Jones bureau chief and MSNBC talking head. Apparently, this smiling Jew creep served as the original media conduit for the FAKE NEWS Zionist Intel Ops prostitute piss story on Trump.

There’s so much Jew crap going down, it’s crazy. You know the business with CNN’s revelation about the “secret dossier” that FBI director James Comey briefed Trump about last Friday? The one that supposedly says Trump took golden showers from prostitutes in Moscow? Well, MSNBC is still alluding that it’s all true!

Yep, last night that big bull dyke bitch, Rachel Maddow, went on about this Jew boy writer from Mother Jones, David Corn, having inside information from a supposed MI6 spy and went to the FBI about it. But according to Maddow, the FBI didn’t investigate like they “unfairly did” over Hillary’s mail server. And Joy Reid had Cornhole man on TV this morning to allude more on the piss business, right along with pushing other Jewy liberal bull.

The creeps are still going wacked over Hillary losing to Trump!

All this Vladimir Putin business is nothing but liberal hysteria over Hillary losing. They are not any kind of big patriot “cold warriors.” What a laugh. Total lefty hypocrisy run amok.

I say it’s time we start building concentration camps and rounding up these idiot creeps. I’ve plain had it with the whole Jew-Negro bull crap.

*The whole business of this worthless, criminal race in the America has been a total failure. Blacks need to be forcibly repatriated back to AFREAKA ASAP. Let’s see them create a nation worth a flying flock! Hell, there’s never been a black nation on Earth that can’t make it without White Western Nation money. In short: They SUCK.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  4. The opinion you trust says:

    We all are children of our God Christ!

    Hello kids, today we going to learn about how to conduct discussion properly.

    1) post you post and ask for opinion of others, accept feedback, and correct or reinforce your original post.

    2) read other people posts, express you opinion in an unobtrusive way.

    3) each post here is not a dogma but an opinion, each poster here is to participate in a discussion and not to be dictator.

    Remember the mission to make life of all people better without Nigger, Jews, queers, twats, stupid, and rich fucking scum!

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  5. S O G says:

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    what i got to lose …i just ell the truth but dont spell it well …
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  6. Ray says:

    John Lewis claimed he was almost beaten to death at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. All he suffered was a fractured skull. In his own words, he said after the beating, he walked back over the bridge. No operations, no casts nor broken bones. He is nothing but a liar.

  7. putnamvt says:

    “Writing should be smooth, clear, and short” .(B.Franklin)

  8. carnac123 says:

    The leftist blacks, the communist whites, the anti-white racists, the homosexuals, the anarchists, the criminals, and the general trash of humanity thought that they had things tied up. They figured that they had the normal Americans on the ropes and had them thinking they were outnumbered. They just knew that when Hillary was elected they could finish their coup and turn this nation into a leftist hell hole like Europe. Then Mr. Trump threw a monkey-wrench in their plans. The American people elected him because they knew he was a fighter. Now that he is in office the libs are throwing complete maniacal tantrums. They want him out before he begins to straighten up the nation. We regular people must stand behind him with everything we have.

  9. S O G says:

    back at you redpill ..what the fuck are you doing to rid the world of parasites …
    in my case i know in reality i dont want an answer because it may be you hAVE A LOT GOING ON AND i doint belive anywone should go on record in such matters …
    take care of your corner …think loacally act loco-ly ..etc ..
    naaah yer all tight pill ..toomuch bible babble tho …with all due respect ..

  10. Red Pill says:

    S O G says:
    January 26, 2017 at 3:52 am
    back at you redpill ..what the fuck are you doing to rid the world of parasites …
    FIRST, is that you don’t let them into your life.
    i am by not patronizing them. grid elect was pulled on 01/25/2017 @ 8am
    next month goes water/garbage and sewer, and after that phone and internet.
    i don’t participate in Americana, no TV in 14 years, + a lot more

    i figure it’s best not to feed the parasites, i grow 50% of what i eat and
    buy as little as possible, i don’t vote for the lesser of two jews.
    and don’t live near population centers of control.

    AND WHEN THE DAY COMES, i will do what it takes,……….survive.

    i suppose EVERYONE IS AS PREPARED as i am and will survive the “EVENT”.

    so SOGGY old boy, what should a 73 year old man do to fight the jews?
    my 81 yr old wife is also the front lines.
    we both are knowledgeable and don’t hesitate to set someone straight.
    what more “weapons” can i add to my arsenal.
    please advise.

  11. OG- original gangster says:

    Black Jesus heart attack and seizure… too many cheeseburgers McDonalds and mad greases (the shit they use to make their hair Straight like the white man It reeks . that they use it to straighten out the ni$g^er Jerry curl.) … white devil washed up honkey mixed up cracker that Crossed over the country.

    Answering thethe black question-
    1. send them to an Island like Britain did with their criminals sending them to Australia, (not sure the island, Madagascar? Just wouldn’t want to ruin the natural wildlife their… 2. create legislation for either an internment camp in the high desert.
    3. Have legislation for an apartheid state and separate the civilized people (white people) from the blacks that want their 40 acres and a mule.

    Make our race great again, we can create an America with no issues on the south side of Chicago since there are no Black trash that will shoot you for being on “their “…. lets be the greatest generation.. Donald Trump make America great again!!!

  12. OG- original gangster says:

    We need to support our country our president and our place in our country…. make America great again… let’s ask the nigger question and answer it. This would make us the greatest generation. We could have a country that’s not decided. Education for our white children using the scholarships that are wasted every year to the point that they have black trash on tv saying going to classs is a waste of time, meanwhile a struggling white student is working full time and going to school full time because the education is why they go to college. Not because they are in a circus and can bounce/catch a ball… the audacity to put on tv that going to class is a waste frustrates me and anyone with student loans… we need a level of collegiate schools for the losers to bounce and catch balls and use the tenured professors for white people who want school and be the greatest country in the world on any level.

    Answering the black question….
    Move them back to Africa like they bitch bitch bitch about.

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