Proud Black Mamas Save America’s Space Program!

The True Story Of How Nubian Queenz Invented Rockets And Took America Into The Cosmos

From Marcus Cicero @INFO STORMER

We should thank the Jews for bringing a carefully-hidden secret of American history back into the forefront of cultural discourse, namely the fact that our Space Program was entirely the work of brave Black women who were robbed of their glory by evil and unrepentant White Nazis.

Without these enlightened bright-skinned geniuses, the United States stood no chance of catching up to the Soviet Union in the Space Race, but instead of bowing down to the pure brilliance of the Colored folks, racists stole the discoveries and inventions for themselves.

This dastardly act followed the same process that saw Whites take credit for Black accomplishments such as the Egyptian Pyramids, the creation of writing, oceanic exploration, the Library of Alexandria, and classical music.

So the next time you go to get your drivers license renewed or something, please look the biggest Black woman in the eye, and apologize for the wrongs of your ancestors.

It’s the least you could do.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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132 Responses to Proud Black Mamas Save America’s Space Program!

  1. The opinion you trust says:

    What are the best Jewish Fake News around?

    Here we start a new section: “The best Jewish Fake News websites” list.

  2. Arch Stanton says:

    It gets tiresome watching people trying to exonerate the Jews as just one more victim.

    If you believe that “Jews are just a tool manipulated by the larger and stronger enemies – the oligarchs.” Then you need to go read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and ask yourself, are these Jews or “oligarchs?”

    And who are these malevolent “oligarchs” manipulating their “concentrated capital?” – (((JEWS!))) The ruling structure is pyramidal as it was in the days of the second Temple. There is one at the head and all others are subservient. As with the original Temple, there is even a religious aspect to their administrative structure as they practice human sacrifice to their god. (YHVH, Lucifer or whatever it might be at the moment.)

    The house of Rothschild is estimated to be worth some 700 trillion dollars, by far the largest accumulation of wealth on the planet. All are subservient to the high priest or kohein gadol of the house of Rothschild.

    Of course one might classify the ruling house of Rothschild and its administrators as “oligarchs” but this is just a game the wordsmiths pay to fool the gullible goyim, a word game that in no way lessens the glaring fact that they are ALL (((JEWS!)))


    These wicked witches and wizards of Wordsmithy mutter foul incantations while crouching over their bubbling cauldrons of verbiage. Their teeth drip red with the blood of Palestinian children as they stir in nasty expletives while croaking, “we think it’s worth it!” Demon Shabbat goy and zombie social warriors grovel at their feet, supplying ever more ingredients that feed a vicious vichyssoise of verbosity.

    Eye of guilt, heart of hate, white genocide will be your fate!

    Lump of lies, sweet words and myths, error from tongue of vulture, a flask of horror with shot of terror, will wreck the white man’s culture. Small twist of humor to top it off, so they won’t know we kill them soft.

    We spit in their face, we lie in their ear,
    We smother their world with blankets of fear.

    Holocausts and trade towers to make them flinch,
    We’ve stolen their Christmas with our Grinch.

    Monsanto brings fruit from our vines,
    With genes we’ve spliced like Frankenstein,
    This horror food we sell to you,
    Is gobbled down without a clue.

    Promised health, medical incantation,
    It’s a death of stealth by vaccination,
    Laced with mercury that is so hot,
    These kill and maim like bullets shot,
    They cannot see with their own eye,
    Clear evidence that we deny,
    Those trails of death that cross the sky.

    We drive the Goyim to despair,
    For this, a lie we quote,
    “You have a voice in de-moc-rac-y”,
    “You have the right to vote!”

    Stolen houses from widows, Wall Street deals from hell,
    We fatten our coffers with these sweet words: buy! Buy! BUY! No – sell!

    Stealing from the goyim is like taking a grizzly bear’s honey,
    Be careful, make sure they’re fast asleep, before you debase their money.

    These things from our bag of tricks we play,
    So to the goyim this we say,
    A stake to the heart is our only fear,
    But we’ve stolen your soul so killing us will cost you dear!

  3. Red Pill says:

    Arch Stanton says:
    January 15, 2017 at 11:02 am

  4. It’s depressing to see this chaos of mixed shoutings, links, not very well informed assertions, and all the rest. One of the triumphs of Jews is to ruin debate (when it isn’t their own junk, as per ‘habarats’ or whatever they call themselves).
    May I just make a plea to Americans influenced by the ‘Bible belt’ mentality to finally recognize the ‘Bible’ is just Jew rantings, designed to infiltrate the ‘West’? The ‘Jesus’ figure is just a Jewish piece of scriptwriting and casting – right down to the casting of the superhero as a good looking white, not the consistent image of a hook-nosed swarthy type. When books and transport were expensive, it’s not surprising that millions of people only had biblical junk to read. Now, maybe Internet will have the useful effect of casting searchlights onto the faded and ridiculous tales still haunting the US.
    This is just so unimportant. Sigh.

  5. Red Pill says:

    Rerevisionist says:
    May I just make a plea to Americans influenced by the ‘Bible belt’ mentality to finally recognize the ‘Bible’ is just Jew rantings,

    there are anti christian statement made like this and then they expect you not to defend the truth but accept there lies as facts.

    “It’s depressing to see this chaos of mixed shoutings, links, not very well informed assertions, and all the rest.”

    well you should know, your the one doing it and with out any proof but your own assertions,

  6. Red Pill says:

    the only proof i request is for some one to show me in the bible
    where the jews are Israel and Jesus is a jew.
    i only accept the bible’s account of claims against it.

    so show me where that is found.
    every thing else is a crock of crap conspiring against the written word.
    the claims of the anti Christ crowd of clowns of Satan are null and void.

    the claims of the so called religionist christians must also be brought to light.
    there false claims are no where rooted in the bible ,
    but in tradition, (oral traditions) that have no relationship with scripture.

    all religions are false religions. (every damm one of them)
    i offer no excuses for there beliefs, and that’s all they are.

    if it’s not in the “BOOK” it’s not there.
    if you want to beat the bible, show me where it says it.
    or fuck off.

  7. Bob says:

    I can’t understand why the story of Capt. Ed Dwight hasn’t been made into a movie starring Denzel Washington, with Spike Lee directing.

    It could chronicle how Capt. Dwight was the true genius behind the space program, who personally shepherded the ignorant white astronauts through the training process. Then, the ungrateful, racist white astronauts turned on Capt. Dwight because they were jealous of his genius. Led by Chuck Yeager, they set out to destroy Capt. Dwight.

    When Capt. Dwight’s genius proved too much for the ignorant whites to overcome, they had Kennedy assassinated.

    After Capt. Dwight was kicked out of the astronaut program, he was vacationing in Hawaii during the moon landing in 1969. There, he was recognized by a young black boy who asked him why he wasn’t up there landing on the moon instead of Neil Armstrong. Capt. Dwight tells the little boy, it was racism, son, but hopefully one day because of the work of Dr. King, we’ll live in a world where blacks can do anything they set their mind to.

    Then, a woman walks over to the little boy, “Barack, come on, we’ve got to go home.” “Yes, mother”, the boy replies. The boy turns to Capt. Dwight before he leaves, and says with a smile, “I’ll be President some day.”

    Then roll the credits with heartfelt music.

    A Hollywood shit sandwich masterpiece!
    [shared from another site]

  8. Harri Karri says:

    Jewish Paul Gottfried invented the term Alternative Right

    He’s also a pal of Richard Spencer of Whitefish fame. Gottfried is known as Spencer’s mentor.

    Spencer comes up as a Jewish surname when searched using brackets [spencer].

    Will you people please wake up?

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  10. Johnny Draco says:

    @ Red Pill says:
    January 16, 2017 at 8:18 am

    The verbal flatus of a caitiff.

  11. Red Pill says:

    Johnny Draco says:
    January 31, 2017 at 4:43 pm
    @ Red Pill says:
    January 16, 2017 at 8:18 am
    The verbal flatus of a caitiff.
    i understand that you must call me what you are.

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