Black Demon Did Kill Beautiful White NYC Jogger

Now watch the media paint the black perp as having mental issues — so you feel sorry and excuse him. I feel sorry for the White race having to put up with these feral beasts!

By Phillip Marlowe

While everyone was busy gearing up to watch the Negro Felon League Superbowl today, word came out cops busted the black SOB who killed that super hot Italian babe, Karina Vetrano, jogging in NYC back in August of last year.

I turned on the pregame show for just a moment and saw this big celebration of past black players and turned it off in disgust. Supposedly, the commercials are now chockfull of lefty political BS and black worship, as usual. Even the action hero in the after game drama show “24 Legacy” has been turned black. Typical. The entire lefty media spectrum loves brainwashing Whites into thinking blacks as heroic.

In the end, a truly heroic White man won the day. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick led the team to the greatest comeback victory in NFL history with a 34-28 overtime win. The White haters won’t like that! And President Trump was remarkably close when he predicted to Bill O’Reilly an 8 point win for New England during his prerecorded game day interview — the same one where Trump haters faked outrage over his fairly innocuous Putin comments — like Trump is a big suck-up to the evil Russians (who stole the election from Hillary).

The black punk killer, Chanel Lewis (where do these idiot Negroids get such dumbass names?), “sexually assaulted” Karina in some way — which usually means rape. After whatever sick crap he did to the young lady, he strangled the life out of her and dragged her dead body off into the weeds caveman style to hide his evil deeds. Suffice to say, blacks are truly God-awful demons who might strike at any moment — even where you live in this “diversity enriched” America.

Her dad discovered her dead corpse off a jogging path in Howard Beach. Can you imagine? The girl must have fought him like a panther, as she was badly beaten. Cops located skin samples under her fingernails and “touch DNA” on her clothing. They probably also recovered semen DNA but didn’t say so, probably to spare the poor girl’s parents any more disgust. As it is, mother and father told reporters “the demon must get his justice.”

Right you are, mom and dad.

I say these filthy black demons need to be hung by the neck until dead. Maybe even publicly to dissuade other Negroes that we’re not going to take this criminal black behavior forever.

We need to start HANGING these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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72 Responses to Black Demon Did Kill Beautiful White NYC Jogger

  1. inthewoods says:

    Nice “logic.” I hate these types.

    RedPill: Exactly right! The beady eyed, always calculating, distractive and divisive little kike-mindset. Their psychology and neurosis affect many whites steeped too long in kike culture.

    Franklysickofjews says:
    February 7, 2017 at 11:18 pm
    I doubt there are many N Europeans hanging on this site. To defend the “whiteness” of this slutty brown chick either makes you brown yourselves, or lusters after brown meat.

  2. jovina74 says:

    Excrement, why should we have to animate the ugly hapless chimps, enough with the necromancy, send the evil Negro back to hell.

  3. Karen says:

    @Arch Stanton….I’m all for White, being an rh negative redhead from German and non-peasant pro- tsarist Russian stalk, but White like a great many beautiful purebred dogs have in recent years suffered a fall in quality, an inversion. Too many Whites are basing their “superiority” on their skin color, but have no sense of WHAT IT MEANS. They’re niggers in white face. Race is Spiritual.

  4. Big Barry says:

    Regarding the killing of the Howard beach woman by orangutan face, l didn’t see that guy on CNBC Rachel Maddow or the rest of the justice warriors at CNN get outraged at this brutality. When that fat-assed marsupial Brown died, they droned on for months. Shit, l thought Wolf Blitzer was gonna have a massive stroke because of it. Man, do l miss the days when Jimmy the Gent, Charley Wagons and the Vario crew operated nearby. They’d have turned that brillo-covered bastard into hamburger helper and what was left of his black ass would been found in the trunk of a car. Guaranteed.

  5. Israhell on Earth says:

    @Big Barry

    I don’t know if you read all the NewYorkDailyNews articles covering that heinous crime; the poor woman’s father actually wanted to go to the police precinct where the killer was held at the time to beat him to death with a wooden baseball bat.
    The cops can’t allow that and so-called “humanists” all over the world would cry bloody murder.
    Some posters here have suggested that the state should create revenue by executing violent criminals in public and that a pay-TV station could broadcast the lynchings for people willing to pay for that spectacle.
    That idea goes to far and will create a bloodthirsty and backwards society.

    A swift and painful execution within the confines of a regular prison though would be a real deterrant for these thugs. Some say they have no conscience or empathy anyways, but they fear and sense a painful death like other animals.
    Niggers also loathe private prisons, because unlike federal prisons, these prisons create billions of dollars because the inmates have to work.
    The only problem is that non-violent criminals like petty thieves/shoplifters/weed-pushers etc. have to share these prisons with murderers and rapists. That’s bad for the non-violent inmates and the correction officers who have to deal with these dregs of society on a daily basis.

    I won’t copy&paste the entire NYDN story, just some excerpts:

    The outraged mother of Karina Vetrano, who was raped and killed last year on a Queens jogging trail, had harsh words for her daughter’s suspected killer.

    “A savage murderer,” Cathy Vetrano said of Chanel Lewis, who was charged Sunday with second-degree murder.

    “He f—ing murdered my daughter, my beautiful innocent daughter,” Vetrano fumed before addressing Lewis directly in court. “Now your nightmare begins.”

    “He’s a demon,” Cathy Vetrano said. “He should be in hell and burned in hell.”

    Earlier, cops made Philip Vetrano return home after he left his house with a wooden bat.

    They said they plan to keep advocating for familial DNA to help other families of murder victims.

  6. Bob says:

    I am disgusted that Incogman and Infostormer continue to advocate and glorify niggerball. They always seem to have the scores and the statistics at the tip of their fingers of all the latest games. What does it take to ween you off of niggerball? Having niggerball on your TV or computer is no different than that Dyson nigger that had white chick porn on his laptop. Who won, black or white (quarterback), doesn’t matter. It’s still jew niggerball!!! I don’t get it. You guys talk the talk but you don’t walk the walk. You still love to watch niggers chase a leather ball. You goons don’t get it.

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