Lying Media Attacks Trump Over Sweden Comment

Swedish politician Ylva Johansson has worked hard over the years to import Third Worlders, like Somalis and Muzzies, into Sweden. Amazingly hypocritical, considering she’s a hardcore feminist and they treat women like dirt. Although probably a big fat Jew herself, she is definitely married to a Jewish former politician now working for Goldman Sachs international. No big surprise there, huh?

By Phillip Marlowe

Can you believe the lying media these days? It’s astounding the levels of BS these creeps are stooping to. If you understood the real situation and how low these bastards are going, then you, too, would be as furious as myself.

In 2013, African immigrant and career criminal, Doudou Yembadjunga Ahoka, beat to death a White 15 year-old boy and a 57 year-old White woman with an iron pipe in Ljungsbro, Sweden. Swedish media blurred face and lightened image of the perp — if they even showed it at all. Photo above is from pro-White Swedes who exposed the lefty scam using the original Facebook photo.

I was watching that stinking little punk anchor, Tom Llamas, on ABC’s Sunday night dinner time news show, doing a report on Trump saying something fairly minor in his Melbourne, Florida speech about terror attacks in Europe, of which there’s has been a multitude.

Trump merely said something happened in Sweden the night before. Well, maybe not a terror attack happened exactly, but certainly some native Swedes were beaten, robbed, raped. Swedish girls get gang-raped all the time by dirty Muzzies. Like France, city-wide arson storms happen all the time, too. Migrant street crime is constantly censored by leftist media.

To help fellow anti-Trump leftists in the US, the Swedish Embassy in Washington pretended not to know what Trump was talking about. The lying US media latched onto that like a pit bull on a bone — all to paint Trump as a nut job. Llamas was his usual media self — his TV face jerks every which way as he spouts his ABC reporting (he’s completely over the top trying to inject emotion into his onscreen delivery). The guy is such a phony! We got ourselves a media blatantly brainwashing the country.

Here’s another “Swedish” Jew politician working to flood Sweden with Turd Worlders. Mona Sahlin is a Jewish feminist lezbo.

Everyone in Sweden knows immigrants commit violent crime every day of the week. Your leftist Swedes won’t say anything, of course, trying to make everyone think blacks and Muzzies are so sweet.

People, people, this is not some kind of wild and wacky “conspiracy theory.” These lefty media Jews are quite obviously trying to screw Trump over no matter how. Just watch CNN for five lousy minutes — that is if you can stomach the lefty bile.

Have you noticed how they are trying to make it out like Trump’s new administration is failing all over the place? Simply because the lefty judges in the Ninth district court upheld some judge’s rip-off ban against Trump’s well-justified efforts to stop Muzzie immigration from terrorist nations?

Most White nations have been hijacked by dirty Jews in the media — long brainwashing us into becoming liberals, as they continue the Jewish NWO agenda of turning our lands into Third World crap holes so they don’t have to fear Whites having enough demographic power to all Nazi on their asses.

We really need to take back our lands and start incarcerating these filthy GD Jews in concentration camps or deporting them right into the jungles of Africa. You think I’m being all hateful? These creeps are clearly destroying our lands from within. They are truly enemies within the gate.

Swedish Jews and fooled liberals:

These dirty Jews have unleashed all this immigration crap in our lands. The real question is: When will Whites finally get it?


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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46 Responses to Lying Media Attacks Trump Over Sweden Comment

  1. Eggamuffiin says:

    Maybe I’ve just been paying a little too much attention, but that was my initial impression. It was a slightly rambling and imprecise sentence, and since I hadn’t heard of any such incident, I thought he had probably internalized what a horribly nefarious situation it is that these subhumans can perpetrate this shit on such a massive scale with so little consequence or publicity and it just popped out. Anyone paying any attention can see what a cheap and massively conspiratorial trick it is to make an issue of it, and maybe it will be illustrative to some, but (((they))) are cynical enough to bet that enough won’t. Sure makes them look desperate as hell.

  2. Recon Ranger says:

    Incog.. I have been watching and hearing the BS about our Donald being set up as a nut job as you mentioned above… I cannot fathom that these idiots, so called humans are reacting the way we hear every single day… it is beyond imagination that so many not just here in the US but all around the ” white World ” have such a mind set of ” group think ” that is out of the realm of any semblance of sanity… it is really overwhelming to me…. If it isn’t Swedish idiots then it be German and then Canadian… where does it stop?… I still maintain it will take a civil war in the form of ” ethnic cleansing ” , class cleansing, and most of all Conservatism verses Liberal commie cleansing, which I believe is the real battle of good vs evil… I do believe we will win but as any battle it will cost… Concentration camps, internment camps, whatever we want to call them needs to be put into place and committed to action now more than ever… I cannot believe, looking back at my fantastic America as a boy growing up in a fear free environment of the north woods and mountains of the Adirondack Mts. that I would see this war of mankind coming to my land… I say let it be, let it start and let’s get it done and over so we may return to the America we grew up in….Niggers, Jews and all other Idiots beware, the white man has had enough. Shoot, Move and Communicate…RR

  3. VidereLicet says:

    The media gets very angry with Trump. The media NEVER gets angry with Hillary Clinton. Yet, Hillary and Bill Clinton are deeply connected to Islamic Jihad and fomenting war all over the Middle East, North Africa, Sub Sahara Africa, AND EUROPE ALSO. The Clintons also want Islamic Jihad and War in the United States
    [ Obama wanted/wants same ]. And the MSM I guess wants the same thing as the Clintons, Islamic Jihad/War in the United States, because the MSM NEVER gets angry that the Clintons brought into the United States a MAJOR Islamic Jihadist LEADER in the world. He lives in the United States, Fetullah Gulen. The MSM media NEVER even mentions it, let alone gets angry and appalled about it. Those filthy liars. The MSM is disgusting to-the-core :

    Lots of Sibel Edmonds videos at YouTube. A very honest woman and very brave woman.

  4. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    February 19, 2017 at 10:41 am

    Smitherines, YOUR AS CRAZY as the guy in the video in my post above.
    no one can hear you and further, no one cares.
    get your self a tin foil hat, i got mine in the disposal kitchen ware isle
    at the local super market. ha ha

    Red Pill you sound like one these Jewified Kwan sheep can’t except anything doesn’t
    fit “your belief system” I could say the same to you with half the shit you POST HERE??????????

  5. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    February 19, 2017 at 10:41 am

    Smitherines, YOUR AS CRAZY as the guy in the video in my post above.
    no one can hear you and further, no one cares.
    get your self a tin foil hat, i got mine in the disposal kitchen ware isle
    at the local super market. ha ha

    Thre or four on here LAUGHED at your “Book of Enoch” shit and GIANTS
    does it make you a kook, that’s what you believe asshole!

  6. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    February 19, 2017 at 10:41 am

    You been getting real uppitty like you own this
    site GO FUCK YOURSLF Daygo fuck!

  7. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    February 19, 2017 at 10:41 am

    You don’t even use a” White Man’s name” get the fuck off!
    For WHITE Europeans!

  8. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    February 19, 2017 at 10:41 am

    And was their answer JERK OFF for 3 of the worst catastrophes to hit
    mankind with a few years of themselves :Katrina, Sea of Bengal QUAKE
    and subsequent tsunami wiping out 1/4 million people in a day or two,
    and the Japanese tsunami and Fukushima meltdown and to say
    NOTHING about an earthquake here on the EAST coast to register
    almost 7.0 in some places felt from Georgia to Canada, what’s
    that JERKOFF HAARP?????Are they all “just a coincidence” like
    85% of our billionaires are Jewish, what they work harder or
    are they just smarter or the FUCKING FIX IS INas Trump
    has finally implied!!!!!

    Or Jewish media’s global warming????????

    Here Jerkoff over 1000s photograph’s two year period but it’s all in their
    heads hats why Nasser President Egypt 69, and atheist, socialist, saw it too,
    right “mass hysteria illusions” where is the SCIENCE evidene of your
    Ginny Cool-aid??

  9. B-E Devil says:

    Someone who claims to follow the teachings of Christ would see that
    Red Pill was joking.

  10. Smitherines says:

    B-E Devil says:
    February 20, 2017 at 9:55 am

    Someone who claims to follow the teachings of Christ would see that
    Red Pill was joking.

    He’s a piece of shit backstabbing Ginnie!

  11. Smitherines says:

    New post on The Occidental Observer

    The Dark Side of the Civil Rights Movement
    by Luke Wolfe

    The dominant narrative of the civil rights movement is a story about selfless Whites fighting Southern injustice. Usually the movement is presented as made up of devout Christians and freedom fighters, struggling against the prejudices of ignorant Southern Whites. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is the civil rights movement was plagued by the same forces that plague any setting where Whites and Blacks intermingle: violence, theft, criminality, resentment, and sexual dominance.

    White civil rights workers who left the North to organize resistance to Southern segregation approached their jobs with religious fervor. One White woman captures this spirit: “There is no doubt in my mind this is worth dying for. … This love is growing every day and will continue to expand and expand until it defeats all hate all over the world” (Rothschild, 1982, p. 133). Please note the woman’s messianic mentality: she wants to defeat hate “all over the world.”

    White civil rights workers were shocked to discover that local Blacks in Mississippi resented and resisted White domination of the civil rights movement. Grassroots Blacks wanted local, Black control of civil right organizations and sought to ensure White men and women were in a subordinated, powerless position (Rothschild, 1982, p. 132). Blacks believed Whites were smug and acted superior to Blacks (Watson, 2010, p. 267). On the other hand, White civil rights workers came to view Blacks as essentially lazy and stupid (Watson, 2010, p. 267). White volunteers were greeted with suspicion and mistrust. Read more of this URL below:

  12. Smitherines says:

    “Perhaps the most troubling aspect of the civil rights movement for White women volunteers was “the sexual test” (Rothschild, 1982, p. 137). Black male staffers used their position of power to force White women to have intercourse with them (Rothschild, 1982, p. 137). This was very common. Two volunteers described it as a “rite of passage before women could be considered serious workers” (Rothschild, 1982, p. 137). As one author reports “Every Black SNCC worker with perhaps a few exceptions counted it a notch on his gun to have slept with a White woman — as many as possible” (Watson, 2010, p. 230). What was the result of this racial fraternization? Venereal disease spread throughout the ranks of the SNCC and the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO) (Watson, 2010, p. 230).” Extracted from above

  13. Smitherines says:

    Smitherines says:
    February 20, 2017 at 11:49 am

    B-E Devil says:
    February 20, 2017 at 9:55 am

    Someone who claims to follow the teachings of Christ would see that
    Red Pill was joking.

    And by the way these 1/2 NIGGER whops are SNEAKY just like the Japs in WWIi
    what did Italy do they went with whomever was winning first Axis Power
    then the Allies, like our friend here Red Pill!

    Sicilians descendants of:

  14. Smitherines says:

    “Black civil rights workers did more than sexually and physically abuse White workers. Sometimes they actually tried to kill them. One White worker complained about a Black predator who attacked numerous White women. The Black attacked her with a hatchet. The woman describes the attack in her own words: “He was holding a hatchet, and he said, ‘I’m going to whup you good.’ And I said, ‘Go right ahead.’ So he started hitting me over the head with the hatchet, and I put my hand up. And the hatchet had a case around it, but the case didn’t cover the blade part, and the blade hit my hand, and my hand got cut open. That’s really what happened” (Rothschild, 1982, p. 140). What was the White woman’s response to this abuse? She blamed White people for the Black’s behavior: “His emotional disturbance is a result of what the White people have done to him” (Rothschild, 1982, p. 141). Most White women didn’t complain about violence or rape in order to help the movement succeed (Rothschild, 1982, p. 142). One has to ask the question: if Blacks will do these things to White people that travel across the country to help them, what will they do to those of us who just want to be left alone?”Another good extract from that “Civil Rights” piece!

  15. Smitherines says:

    Latest post Occidental Observer:

    Überlegungen zur Einheirat von Juden in die alteingesessene Elite
    Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. on February 20, 2017 — Leave a Comment
    „Ich möchte meiner jüdischen Tochter danken. Ich habe eine jüdische Tochter. Das war nicht geplant, aber ich bin sehr froh, daß dies geschah.
    Donald Trump, im Februar 2015.

    Reflections on the marriage of Jews into the old-established elite
    Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. On February 20, 2017 – Leave a Comment
    “I want to thank my Jewish daughter. I have a Jewish daughter. This was not planned, but I am very glad this happened.
    Donald Trump, in February 2015.

    In the debate about the candidacy of Donald Trump, I have not escaped the fact that the administrators of the Whites’ interests, as the most frequent criticism of Trumps, are closely connected with the Jews, especially his family ties. This is done with good reason.

    Trumps daughter Ivanka has accepted the Jewish religion and since 2009 has been married to a Jewish real estate speculator, Jared Kushner. Both grandchildren of Donald Trump are Jews. As I approached the matter more closely, the discovery struck me that Ivanka had earlier two long-lasting relations with Jews, namely, Greg Hirsch and James Gubelmann. In addition, Ivanka’s very close friendship with Chelsea Clinton is remarkable, another offshoot of the American Machtelite, who married the Jewish financier Marc Mezvinsky in 2010. The situation of the Trumps and the Clintons is an excellent example of the centuries-old application of the Jewish strategy to marry the old-established elite. This phenomenon deserves a closer examination.

    Jewish marriages in non-Jewish Machellites is an important but under-examined aspect of the Jewish strategies for maintaining and expanding their influence. At first sight this seems paradoxical. An essential feature of the evolutionary strategy of the Jews as a group is to separate their gene pool and prevent a larger admixture from the surrounding groups. In its history, Judaism shows an abundance of social and cultural control mechanisms to minimize contact with non-Jews and thus largely prevents gene influx. Moreover, in Judaism, converts are frightened and despised in a manner for which there is no parallel in any other religion. Nevertheless, a conversion and an influx is permissible and is even eagerly pursued if, as Kevin MacDonald in “Der jüdische Sonderweg. Judaism as an Evolutionary Group Strategy “(PTSDA) states that such a gene inflow has remained small and has provided a significant net benefit to the group. In the same way, the opposite pole of the Jewish ghetto strategy reveals that the control was anything but impermeable: those Jewish apostates who most sincerely accepted Christianity were mostly poor and insignificant, and their congregation was hardly mourning . The eugenic utility of pursuing such a strategy is obvious.

    More at the link below:

  16. DJ says:

    35 No GO Zones for years now in Sweden that the Media will never report.
    No Go Zones, as in unsafe for white women to go as they will likely be attacked and raped. It’s AMAZING how infiltrated these Jew criminals have become in Govt.

  17. Red Pill says:


    it’s hard to look at your self .
    back in the 60’s we called each other ‘FREEKS’ because we
    were portrayed as such, and no offense was ever taken.
    unless you were not “HIP” and got your feelings hurt.

    small disposal tin foil rosters make excellent tin foil hats.
    i will look for some at Walmart the next time i go to town.

  18. Karen says:

    A one world government, its center Israel, the worlds’ people a black, brown, white, yellow hodgepodge of hoi poloi, scrounging for subsistence, dispersed throughout a borderless world. Beethoven, Da Vinci, Goethe, etc. thrown into the dustbin of history and replaced with perversity, pop culture and general beastly behaviors as befitting the goy/beast (according to them). Better that the entire edifice crumble than that White Europeans be subjected to this scenario.

  19. squarepegroundhole says:

    Apes everywhere ….

  20. Johnny Draco says:

    Hands of the Illuminuti.

  21. carnac123 says:

    Most European nations are ruled by extra-liberal (leftist) governments who kneel before the E.U. leadership (millionaires). These leaderships are coordinating their politics and propaganda. If these traitors (European leaders) admit their is terrible trouble in Europe caused by their mandates of allowing Muslims and Africans into the countries, then they are showing how stupid and vapid their leadership is. In spite of reports from their own leftist papers they try to put on a false happy-face to the world. Donald Trump was correct. Sweden is slowly becoming a land where everyone is at risk of being raped, killed, or robbed by brown invaders. Swedish leaders are trying to hide this fact. If they admit it then they admit that they were wrong in allowing these people in and they are admitting that they are idiots.

  22. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    February 20, 2017 at 4:13 pm


    Don’t address me on here again, greasy Whop Sicilian: is barely above Ricans
    or Mexcrement to me, why 1/2 of their women in high school went with Spics!

    Birds of a feather!

  23. Smitherines says:

    Is a Trump-Putin Detente Dead?
    By Patrick J. Buchanan×245.jpg

    Tuesday – February 21, 2017

    Among the reasons Donald Trump is president is that he read the nation and the world better than his rivals.

    He saw the surging power of American nationalism at home, and of ethnonationalism in Europe. And he embraced Brexit.

    While our bipartisan establishment worships diversity, Trump saw Middle America recoiling from the demographic change brought about by Third World invasions. And he promised to curb them.

    While our corporatists burn incense at the shrine of the global economy, Trump went to visit the working-class casualties. And those forgotten Americans in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, responded.

    And while Bush II and President Obama plunged us into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Trump saw that his countrymen wanted to be rid of the endless wars, and start putting America first.

    He offered a new foreign policy. Mitt Romney notwithstanding, said Trump, Putin’s Russia is not “our number one geopolitical foe.”

    Moreover, that 67-year-old NATO alliance that commits us to go to war to defend two dozen nations, not one of whom contributes the same share of GDP as do we to national defense, is “obsolete.”

    Many of these folks are freeloaders, said Trump. He hopes to work with Russia against our real enemies, al-Qaida and ISIS.

    This was the agenda Americans voted for. But what raises doubt about whether Trump can follow through on his commitments is the size and virulence of the anti-Trump forces in this city.

    Consider his plan to pursue a rapprochement with Russia such as Ike, JFK at American University, Nixon and Reagan all pursued in a Cold War with a far more menacing Soviet Empire.

    America’s elites still praise FDR for partnering with one of the great mass murderers of human history, Stalin, to defeat Hitler. They still applaud Nixon for going to China to achieve a rapprochement with the greatest mass murderer of the 20th century, Mao Zedong.

    Yet Trump is not to be allowed to achieve a partnership with Putin, whose great crime was a bloodless retrieval of a Crimea that had belonged to Russia since the 18th century.

    The anti-Putin paranoia here is astonishing.

    That he is a killer, a KGB thug, a murderer, is part of the daily rant of John McCain. At the Munich Security Conference this last weekend, Sen. Lindsey Graham promised, “2017 is going to be a year of kicking Russia in the ass in Congress.” How’s that for statesmanship.

    But how does a president negotiate a modus vivendi with a rival great power when the leaders of his own party are sabotaging him and his efforts?

    Read More At:

  24. Smitherines says:

    A ICM, funny:

    David Muir comes on ABC News and did a story on this: how all these Sweden
    officials DENIED “any incident” and then later goes on to address “hate
    threats” to Jewish Synagogues throughout America (which this is the
    START of Zionist Controlled Internet II: where like state controlled
    China, THEY WILL control where people can go.

    The Jews will SOON have Trump (who’s looking more & more like he’s playing
    a SCRIPTED role OF THE buffoon IN OVER OVER HIS HEAD, like the SNL
    Baldwin Character, more of their non stop controlled opposition) pass laws to
    GUARD our Internet against “hate speech” aka anything negative to
    Jews, Blacks, Muslims and Gays!

  25. Smitherines says:

    New post on The Occidental Observer:

    English Translation of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Together”;
    by Kevin MacDonald

    There is a project to publish (long-overdue) translations of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together. So far, they have posted Chapters 2, 3, 6, and 7, with more on the way. The website is: The translation reads very smoothly and seem quite professional.

  26. Smitherines says:

    Tell the Pussy Hawks to back off of Russia: #NotMyEnemy
    Not my ENEMY:×260.jpg

    Tell the Pussy Hawks to back off of Russia: #NotMyEnemy
    February 21, 2017 93 Views

    By Dr. Patrick Slattery — The Lying Jewish Media has the knives out against our noble President. They are trying to prevent him from carrying out all his promises to us. In fact, they would love nothing more than to see his impeachment. Well, actually they would prefer to see his assassination, but short of that would be happy to settle for his impeachment.

    We need to protect President Trump, and this is how we can do it. Right now, the media’s line of attack is the fake narrative that evil Russian dictator Putin hacked our election and illegitimately installed Donald Trump as a Manchurian candidate president. This whole narrative is based on the premise that Russia is an enemy that wants to invade and subjugate other countries in order to impose their family-friendly, anti-pornography tyranny. It contends that we must be prepared to confront Russia militarily, even with nuclear weapons, otherwise we will lose our freedom to gay marry each other.

    And on this President’s day when countless thousands of brainwashed liberals in their pink pussy hats came out into the streets carrying obnoxious placards of President Trump and hysterically chanting “Not my president,” an idea came to me. We need to utilize our meme magic and once and for all do away with this notion about war with Russia by promoting the hashtag #NotMyEnemy.

    Now I admit, I do not know much about this whole TwitterFace business. But I do know that hashtags can have a huge impact on our collective public psyche, for better or worse. After all, Black Lives Matter started off as a hashtag, and it is having an enormous, although entirely negative, impact.

    Think of all the nonsense that Trump is being subjected to because of the widely held premise that Russia is an enemy and Putin is a thug. From the election recount to General Flynn’s being turned into a lampshade, it all is only possible if one concedes that Russia is the enemy. Thomas Friedman, the despicable Jewish columnist at the New York Times has even equated “Russian hacking” with Pearl Harbor. Talk about war mongering. We nuked Japan over Pearl Harbor.

    A nuclear Holocaust would be real!

    I don’t actually expect the pink-hatted Pussy Hawks® to snap out of war mongering mode anytime soon. This is really aimed at our people. I don’t want to hear any more of “Well, it was Hillary who gave Russia all that plutonium.” I don’t want our people to vilify Russia or Putin any longer. President Trump has spent the past 18 months being the lone voice of sanity in the political establishment saying “wouldn’t it be great if we could get along with Russia.”

    At his press conference last week, he acknowledged that the media-created public opinion climate has made it politically almost impossible to forge a constructive relationship with Russia. He even rhetorically asked “Does anyone really think Hillary would be tougher on Putin than me?” We don’t want him to start talking tough against Russia. We need to change the political climate so that our Glorious Leader in Washington can join with the Fearless Leader in Moscow and defeat our real common enemy: the Jewish Oligarchy.

    So let’s get to it. Start cranking out those memes and tweeting out that hashtag. #NotMyEnemy.

  27. Smitherines says:

    Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery: Is Prez Trump an “Anti-Semite?” Yes, Says the Jewish Establishment as They Pull Out Their Knives!
    February 20, 2017×260.png

    Radio Show
    Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery: Is Prez Trump an “Anti-Semite?” Yes, Says the Jewish Establishment as They Pull Out Their Knives!

    Dr. Duke and Dr. Slattery: Is Prez Trump an “Anti-Semite?” Yes, Says the Jewish Establishment as They Pull Out Their Knives!
    February 20, 2017 394 Views

    Dr. Duke talked about the accusations leveled by Jews in the media that President Trump is anti-Semitic. This in spite of the fact that two of Donald Trump’s children married Jews and he has Jewish grandchildren. Of course, their working definition anti-Semitic is not “people who hate Jews,” but “people who Jews hate.”

    Then he brought on Dr. Slattery for a discussion of the latest outrage that President Trump made groundless references to the horrible situation in Sweden. In fact, crime, and in particular rape, have skyrocketed in the small northern European country as Middle Eastern and African migrants flood Sweden. Yet no one is allowed to speak ill of this “cultural enrichment” without being called a racist. And no one can mention the massive double-standard whereby Israel can exclude non-Jews, develop a massive nuclear arsenal with international assistance, and threaten, spy on, and attack its so-called allies with impunity.


  28. Smitherines says:

    “Their Propaganda ” to control Internet SPEECH:
    Bomb Threats Target Jewish Centers Across U.S.

    Federal authorities were investigating a wave of bomb threats at 10 Jewish community centers across the country on Monday, the FBI said.

    In a statement, the bureau said it was helping investigate the threats as possible civil rights violations. The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division was also investigating.

    Centers in Alabama, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas and New York reported phoned-in threats, the Jewish Community Center Association of North America told NBC News.

    No one was injured, and the threats appeared to be hoaxes, the association said.

    In Missouri, more than 100 headstones were found toppled over or damaged at a historic Jewish cemetery over the weekend, NBC station KDSK of St. Louis reported — an apparent crime that quickly drew the fury of Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri.

  29. Red Pill says:

    Don’t address me on here again, greasy Whop Sicilian: is barely above Ricans
    or Mexcrement to me, why 1/2 of their women in high school went with Spics!
    Smitherines says he is but a parrot and is only a repeater of what he has heard.
    the fact that he could not understand what i told him shows his shallow mind set.
    what i told him was that people would see him as having a tinfoil hat
    for having views that the masses don’t comprehend.
    not that he is a kook job, but alas he has proven me wrong.

    i could give a flying “F” for what others think of me and i would/would wear
    a tinfoil hat proudly and laugh at there lack of knowledge.

    looks like judgment has been passed on me, and it should be noted that
    one also passes judgment on them self in the same act.

    i take no offense to Smitherines comments about me.
    and had no intent to demean the fellow,but he did a good job on himself.

    Red Pill knows his racial heritage
    it goes like this
    Italian, Lombardi province, paternal side 1/4
    Scottish 1/4
    German, maternal side 1/4
    Spanish 1/8, Welsh 1/8.

    Sicily is a long ways from Lombardy

    P S. i quit drinking a long time ago.

  30. Smitherines says:

    Red Pill says:
    February 21, 2017 at 12:07 pm

    Fuck off 1/2 nigger! Enjoy your “30 pieces Ginnie SILVER” you people
    pretend to be WHITE(like Jews) when it fits you, then “Olive tan” like your
    Rican cousins when it fits you!

    Scroll to the end see who your ancestors were 🙂
    Sicilians descendants of:

  31. Smitherines says:

    Italian, Lombardi province, paternal side 1/4
    Scottish 1/4
    German, maternal side 1/4
    Spanish 1/8, Welsh 1/8.


  32. INCOG MAN says:

    You attack Italians. You attack Karen. Maybe I should SPAMblinka Red Pill while I’m at it.

  33. Karen says:

    None of my business, but the Italians are responsible for much greatness in Western culture, simply google Italian architecture, art, philosophy, etc. and besides, every real woman agrees that Italians are sexy.

  34. Red Pill says:

    no my fuehrer, not spamblinka, no. no.
    i will send a donation forthright.
    i pray for probation, absolve me of my indiscretion.
    and will never never piss on someones parade ever again.
    you can take that to the bank (federal reserve that is).

  35. Red Pill says:

    NEW NEWS THAT’S GOOD NEWS, hot off the press

    Implementing the President’s Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements Policies .

  36. S O G says:

    more ugly fuckin fanatic brooding muslims shit asshole army …only reason they are there is the jews to raPE and take over sweden …the shit heel muzzies even rape children and men and 1/3 of swedish women have been raped ..THEY SHOULD EXTERMINATE THE MUSLIM COCKROACHES WITH OUT MERCY ….EVERY LAST ONE …
    THEY should all be driven by the sword back to their sewer where they came from .
    dollars to donuts 10% of these muslim scum bags are jews in disguise ..
    when will the sick jew era end …it wont without a huge kike body count ..
    anyway i wanted to ad a link here …
    the refugee phenomena is purely jewish cunning ..rat like predatorial scumbag agenda.
    fuck them and their nigers to …the muzzie body of cockroaches is owned and operated by jewish high council …no effin doubt ..

    nigger morons learned a new word n sheeeet …systemic racism …niggers are the racist devils and their demonic actions show this fact ..
    the jews love the word existential racism
    or reason is a white construct ,like its a bad thing

  37. Bruce Onstraat says:


    We understand far too little about Muslims leaving their homes. What is Hijrah? Obama is well educated in the Muslim religion since he studied it while living in Indonesia. He does not want this email to be spread all over the US because he wants us to be totally ignorant of what is really going on with the ISIL movement. All this turmoil now makes sense. Sad, and doesn’t bode well for us at all.

    So what is a Hijrah? Hijrah is when large scale mass migrations become invasions. What is happening in parts of Europe right now, actually appears to be a hijrah as the Quran describes it. This is NOT going to end well. Because it appears the policies of the liberal socialist leaders in Europe and the US do not want to keep their lands from being overrun

    Why? I couldn’t figure out why other Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, etc.) weren’t taking in refugees, so I started digging. Hijrah is jihad by emigration. It means moving to a new land in order to bring Islam there and is considered in Islam to be a holy and revered action. “And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance, and whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah.” Surah 4:100. So, if a Muslim dies in the process of immigrating to another country, that’s essentially the same as being a suicide bomber, his reward is automatic.

    This explains the great eagerness to undertake such a perilous journey. Muhammad and his followers emigrated from Mecca to Yathrib/Medina in 622 CE. It was there that he became a military leader though still uneducated. This is where all the commands to commit violence against unbelievers originated. It’s important to note that the Islamic calendar marks this as the beginning of Islam.

    This current massive hijrah was announced last January, although few Muslim countries paid the announcement much attention. A supporter (or member) of ISIS uploaded a document in Arabic that urged Muslims to get to Libya because of its proximity to southern Europe and for the important tactical value of its illegal immigration circuits to facilitate infiltration of European cities. Libya has a long coast and looks upon the southernmost countries of western European, which can be reached with ease by even a rudimentary boat.

    In February, transcripts of telephone intercepts published in Italy said ISIS was threatening to send 500,000 migrants as a “psychological weapon” against Europe. The Italian Minister for the Interior, Angelino Alfano, said at the time, “If the militias of the Caliphate advance faster than the decisions of the international community how can we put out the fire in Libya and stem the migration flows? We are at risk of an exodus without precedent.” Also in February, the Turkish intelligence service warned police that up to 3,000 trained jihadists were seeking to cross into Turkey from Syria and Iraq and then travel through Bulgaria and Hungary into western Europe and then into the rest of Europe. Sound familiar? In May, a Libyan government adviser warned that Islamic State operatives were being “smuggled to Europe in migrant boats.” ISIS is profiting from the human trafficking trade, forcing boat owners to hand over their profits or be killed. Some ISIS operatives are already sheltered in safe houses in the south of the Europe. Groups of men, 17 to 25, from Palestine and Syria, cross into Bulgaria and from there move into the rest of the EU. A former Al Qaeda double agent told the BBC that he knew of two Egyptian brothers who reached Italy from Libya, accompanied by men who were deeply religious and fluent in Italian and French.

    Go watch the videos of those “refugees” again. How many of the “refugees” are 17-25 year old men and of military age? If that doesn’t convince you, we already know terrorists are coming through with the waves of refugees: a week ago five men were arrested attempting to cross the Bulgarian-Macedonian border with Islamic State propaganda, specific Jihadists prayers, and decapitation videos on their phones. They had been posing as refugees. UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage warned: “I fear we face a direct threat to our civilization if we allow large numbers of people from that war torn region into Europe.

    Other Muslim countries are not “taking in” these “refugees” because this is a hijrah into Europe. This is no humanitarian crisis. It is an invasion. Its goal is to transform Europe: over tax its economies, tear down its wealthiest nations, re-draw the demographics and, of course, the culture. And our government wants to start letting them into our Country?
    Obama, having already announced over 100,000 are going to arrive in the USA in 2017.

    Are we all Forest Gumps?

  38. John Taurus says:

    The media heads need to be arrested for TREASON. The slaves/sheeple/citizens must know what is going on if they are to vote in the country’s best interests. Propaganda and lies amount to treason and the perpetrators of these lies need to be held accountable…..arrested…..tried for treason….and EXECUTED. Herding the slaves into the pens of slaughter…..causing the sheeple to cut their own throats using misinformation. The media is a powerful weapon and it has been used by the Jew devils for hundreds of years to steer the sheeple. It is time this hold over the citizens ended.

  39. Hoff says:

    By Jimmie Åkesson and Mattias Karlsson

    When President Trump last week raised Sweden’s problematic experience with open-door immigration, skeptics were quick to dismiss his claims. Two days later an immigrant suburb of Stockholm was racked by another riot. No one was seriously injured, though the crowd burned cars and hurled stones at police officers.

    Mr. Trump did not exaggerate Sweden’s current problems. If anything, he understated them. Sweden took in about 275,000 asylum-seekers from 2014-16—more per capita than any other European country. Eighty percent of those who came in 2015 lacked passports and identification, but a majority come from Muslim nations. Islam has become Sweden’s second-largest religion. In Malmö, our third-largest city, Mohamed is the most common name for baby boys.

    The effects are palpable, starting with national security. An estimated 300 Swedish citizens with immigrant backgrounds have traveled to the Middle East to fight for Islamic State. Many are now returning to Sweden and are being welcomed back with open arms by our socialist government.

    In December 2010 we had our first suicide attack on Swedish soil, when an Islamic terrorist tried to blow up hundreds of civilians in central Stockholm while they were shopping for Christmas presents. Thankfully the bomber killed only himself.

    Riots and social unrest have become a part of everyday life. Police officers, firefighters and ambulance personnel are regularly attacked. Serious riots in 2013, involving many suburbs with large immigrant populations, lasted for almost a week. Gang violence is booming. Despite very strict firearm laws, gun violence is five times as common in Sweden, in total, as in the capital cities of our three Nordic neighbors combined.

    Anti-Semitism has risen. Jews in Malmö are threatened, harassed and assaulted in the streets. Many have left the city, becoming internal refugees in their country of birth.

    The number of sex crimes nearly doubled from 2014-15, according to surveys by the Swedish government body for crime statistics. One-third of Swedish women report that they no longer feel secure in their own neighborhoods, and 12% say they don’t feel safe going out alone after dark.

    A 1996 report from the same government body found that immigrant men were far likelier to commit rape than Swedish men. Last year our party asked the minister of justice to conduct a new report on crime and immigration, and he replied: “In light of previous studies, I do not see that a further report on recorded crime and individuals’ origins would add knowledge with the potential to improve the Swedish society.”

    Our nation’s culture hasn’t been spared either. Artists accused of insulting Islam live under death threats. Dance performances and art exhibitions have been called off for fear of angering Islamists. Schools have prohibited the singing of traditional Christian hymns because they don’t want to “insult” non-Christian immigrants. Yet reports made with hidden cameras by journalists from Swedish public media show mosques teaching fundamentalist interpretations of Islam.

    Sweden’s government now spends an incredible amount of money caring for newly arrived immigrants each year. The unemployment rate among immigrants is five times as high as that of native Swedes. Among some groups, such as Somalis, in places like Malmö unemployment reaches 80%.

    Our party, the Sweden Democrats, wants to put the security and welfare of Swedish citizens first. We are surging in the opinion polls and seem to have a good chance of becoming the country’s largest party during the elections next year. We will not rest until we have made Sweden safe again.

    For the sake of the American people, with whom we share so many strong historical and cultural ties, we can only hope that the leaders in Washington won’t make the same mistakes that our socialist and liberal politicians did.

    Mr. Åkesson is party chairman of the Sweden Democrats. Mr. Karlsson is the party’s group leader in Parliament.

    Article in Wall Street Journal Feb 23, 2017

  40. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m not sure which circular file container to shred this one into. A Swede figures out how to combat the muslim/nigger invasion? A Swede figures out a sure fire way to get re-elected? Too late it’s been done before. Modeled after the American democrap Marxist communist Bolshevik jew party nigger welfare system to create more voters for yourself. Throw in the free food and housing and medical care and sailfones and he’s guaranteed himself a government job for life.
    Swedish politician proposes to give employees paid time off to have sex
    February 23, 2017

    Now this is what you call workplace innovation.

    A Swedish politician is pushing to give employees an hour-long paid break to go home and have sex.

    Per Erik Muskos, a member of the Swedish Social Democrat party, made the proposal during a council meeting in the northern city of Overtornea.

    Mr Muskos said he’s backing the measure because he believes midweek sex breaks will improve wellness and boost childbirth in the northern region he represents.

    “Childbirth should be encouraged,” he told the Stockholm-based newspaper Aftonbladet.

    “When sex is also an excellent form of exercise with documented positive effects on wellbeing, the municipality should kill two birds with one stone and encourage employees to use their fitness hour to go home and have sex with their partner.”

    He said everyday stresses in life can put a strain on relationships, arguing Swedish couples don’t get enough quality together, which makes it difficult for them to express their love.

    “I believe that sex is a scarce commodity in many long relationships. Everyday life is stressful and the children are at home. This could be an opportunity to have their own time.”
    A Swedish politician is pushing to give employees an hour-long paid break to go home and have sex.

    Now my round trip is 45 minutes. Taking my work clothes and boots off and putting them back on takes 10 minutes. That leaves us 5 minutes. So what do I do with the extra 3?

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  42. The Predictor says:

    This site is truth and sanity in a sea of insanity that’s taken over America! The liberal media scum are responsible for most of it! But so are the Dems and their lunatic liberal supporters. I voted for Trump and still stand behind him 100%!!! This country is spiraling out of control and the only way back I fear is a new civil war where the nation will be cleansed of the Libs, Nigs, and illegal 3rd world Scum! Hell, Trump (with help from the military of course) should just declare Martial Law, arrest all the lying, Dem traitors around the country along with all the vermin I just mentioned and put them all in camps for deportation or prison!
    I believe this is the only real way to ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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