Restore America’s Sanity: Arrest George Soros!


You can bet his lefty son Alex would make his escape to Israel where they don’t have any serious extradition treaties with the US — but love taking our taxpayer’s money. You need to publicly fix that situation pronto.

Dear President Trump, Sir!

Us decent White Americans simply love the stuff you’re doing to shake up all those swamp critters and elites in Washington, DC. But can I be nervy enough to suggest a quick and easy way to put out a serious message to a whole host of lefty creeps now giving you hell? A “shot across the bow” kind of thing?

Publicly arrest George Soros. Yep, you should do it. I’m certain the US Justice department and the Security Exchange Commission already has enough on the Globalist trouble-maker to put together some kind of insider trader charges and issue a warrant. Dispatch a SWAT team to nab his bony old ass when he’s in Manhattan. SWAT team, you might ask? Absolutely: What better way to garner great visuals for media people who just happened to get a phone call from “persons unknown” right before the arrest. You know how the little bastards operate.

It’s a no-brainer: Lefty idiots will merely consider Soros only another evil WHITE male. This fairly simple act will also show you’re not beholden to the Wall Street billionaire class, too. The PC-twisted media won’t say all that much about Soros’ Jewishness, if at all. Should anyone dare say a word, just tell them “what’s that got to do with anything? I’ve got a Jew son-in-law, for chrissakes.” Apparently, that means little to these psychos.

Busting Soros would put a stop to his subversive, lefty Jew activities against the Western World. He’s been up to this for decades. Putin and Russia smartly kicked his ops out of their country last year (RT video below). Of course, there’s plenty more Jews just like him long busy driving America insane, but maybe the example of Soros getting arrested by SWAT would give them pause long enough for your administration to fix a few things and gain even more endearment among “the masses.”

Oh, yeah, and I know you can’t mention “the J-word” in the matter. We all know these creeps will declare WAR should any Whites dare point out any crimes committed by the sacred Jew. It’s all part of the giant Jew “PC” head job they’ve been up to for decades and what’s really behind the efforts against you.

Yes, arresting Soros would appeal to the Bernie Sanders crowd “big league.” Tell them you’re sick and tired of privileged Wall Street milking Main Street America. Let’s say you have evidence of Soros playing games with our dollar (everyone will believe it since he’s already done it). Tell people you’ve had it with such selfish “globalist oligarchs” jacking up America’s grocery bill, while they jet-set around like self-elected “effendi” (Turkish boss man).

Hell, call Soros a “rootless cosmopolitan” and stand back to really hear Jews howl!

Don’t worry if Soros gets high priced lawyers to fight the charges or if fellow lefty Jews in the media call it “TRUMPed up” charges (get it?). The whole point is to ARREST HIM PUBLICLY. Might be nice to work it out so a magistrate immediately declares him a flight risk and denies bail. With his kind of dough and criminal Jew cohorts overseas, he would definitely fly the coop.

Arrange for Soros to get transported to an actual prison like Riker’s Island for awhile, so he can personally bond with real street homies and tranny sodomites. Let’s see if he makes any more big donations to radical anti-White left wing causes like “black lives matter” after that wonderful diversity experience!

You can do the same thing for that big-mouthed Jew clown, “Senator” Al Franken (left), who gave your cabinet picks a ration of crap for no good reason other than pandering to lefty psychos. Let’s open a full Federal investigation on the absentee ballots using names and addresses of ineligible felons that put him in office. You can bet his election cronies did a little name gathering down in the ‘hood for “insurance” during the 2008 Minnesota campaign efforts. Well-paid insiders (who should easily be ID’d) conveniently found just enough extra votes to give him the seat. Ask his Jew opponent Norm Coleman all about it and broadcast the interview.

Just think about all the criminal Somalis these backstabbing lefty Jews brought into White German and Swedish Minnesota over the years. I’m also quite certain a little digging around would reveal all kinds of sick sexual revelations on Al Franken. How the hell this former Saturday Night Comedian (he was a boring idiot) thought he was senator material is frankly amazing. But that’s Jew hubris for you.

And how about that husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary’s top advisor, Anthony Weiner (right). This guy is such a total sleazeball punk it’s not funny. For awhile there, he was always getting caught sending dirty notes and shots of his chubby to little girls on the Internet. But I guess that’s a change, since most Jews usually have a thing for little boys. He definitely needs to get his squirrely butt locked up, like yesterday.

Or how about Robert Creamer and his voting scam operations uncovered by Project Veritas? Light blast and re-edit the secret video clips for a big “60 Minutes” story, you insist CBS run. Arrest the lefty punk and a few of his democrap cronies for election tampering, if you want to stay non-Jew controversial (he is married to a big time liberal Jew congresswoman) for that first shot across the bow. Plenty of conservatives would be ecstatic to see this guy arrested.

Of course, you always have Madame Hillary to fall back on.

Let us not worry unduly if Soros is acquitted down the road and flees to Monaco or Israel. The point will be made merely by his embarrassing public street arrest. Besides, he doesn’t have all that long to live since he’s so old. Confiscate whatever financial assets you can get your hands on and declare it a contribution to the restoration of America. Damn greedy little Jew will probably croak right then and there.

The message to subversive left-winger Globalists in the US will be you had better shut your foul traps and get with the program. This will give you enough needed breathing room to set our ship right.

Respectfully, Phillip Marlowe

Looks like the Rooskies got this punk’s number!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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41 Responses to Restore America’s Sanity: Arrest George Soros!

  1. Red Pill says:

    Restore America’s Sanity: Arrest George Soros!
    you have to wounder why this hasn’t happened yet.

    it’s because it’s written into the scrip that the actors are hired to play.
    nothing is left to chance, the directors are the Vatican/Rothschild connection.
    every thing is the globalist agenda..
    there is only one side, everything else is controlled opposition.
    life is an illusion.

  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Trump Warns Israel Against New Settlement Announcements

    I hope this report is true. Israeli news is the ones reporting it.

  3. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Seditious Skank From Obama Regime Calls For Military Coup Against President Trump

  4. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jewish Terrorist Pig Sarah Silverman Calls For Armed Uprising Against President Trump

  5. S O G says:

    one of georgy schwartz “soros” accolites a certian beserkely mayor may be charged …they should charge admittance to the dog and pony bolshevik games in berkely …this mayor just might be tim wise in drag ..they think alot alike ..komrades in the american busting appartchik ….trump supporters attacked by “peaceful inteeligent “” violent idiots working for soros swartz …anyway you can read this shit ..
    isnt it about high fucking time to re-install sanity and proper govt in america ..its time for the fbi and the cia to be put back on a non jewish agenda path ..
    its time for american police to stop killing whites ..and kill more blacks for all we should care after we have seen the century of black african madness in america ..fuck all the nigger cockroaches shit humangatans …all niggers hate whites cus they were told to fuckin mind of ther own whatsoever …
    and in return we need to disassociate from all african terrorists …all the worthlees trash at nation of islam and new black nigger panthers …these sub humans need to be targeted for extinction n..101 %
    its what they want to do to us and are doing to south africans every day just as the endemic virus jews do in palestine when they have killed their millions of pallys and continue to aggressively sieze swaths of west bank ..jews are pathetic groveling roving bands of parasites who make laws to silence truth tellers from revealing to the world how fucked up jews have treated their fellow man …its voluminous ..the history of the genocides and thefts of nations that jews have engineered ..
    peaceful trump supporters never once went to a stupid niggers lives \matter or a tim wise event and started any trouble but they were always on the reciveing end of violence from “anti racists ” lol who proclaim that everyone should hate white people …
    some real dumb shit …its going to take spilling of a lot of blood to restore real sanity and justice in america and to set acounts of violence against whites back in the balance ..
    we seek no more than justice and fairness end to black on white genocide …

  6. Colonel Sanders says:

    Excellent article,Soros should be arrested for sedition and financial crimes.Hopefully he will serve his term at hotel hill in Chemung county with the GP.Next,seize all US assets and have them donated to the Negro college Fund.Everyone is a winner,especially Bernie Sanders.

  7. John Taurus says:

    Yes indeed, arrest George Soros. He is one of the Devil’s right hand demons. He stirs up death and destruction wherever he goes. Russia/Putin has an arrest warrant out for him for treason. America and Europe should do the same. Soros has “BLESSED” America and Europe with the Muslim invasions. Soros finances groups like Black Lives Matter where their speakers call for murdering White people. Most of the anti-Trump demonstrations are also financed by this Devil Demon Jew. Wherever the Jew goes, death and destruction follows. When he is arrested and charged with treason, he should be given a speedy trial and an even more speedy public execution to serve as an example to other Jews like him.

  8. Barney says:

    Soros, Rothschild (wrath-child), Rockefeller and the entire “Windsor” (Saxe-Coburg Gotha) tribe don’t need a trial. Their crimes are well-known, so why waste time and money? Hang the lot of them, and then go after their accomplices.

    Unfortunately any jew slime will be offered “sanctuary” here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again when we depose the judenvermin). What passes for “our government” is still 100% jew and jew-friendly, with no peaceful way for us to change that, leaving just one option.

    I’ll have to leave it at that for now. My computer’s not very well (nothing too serious yet), so in an hour or two the repair man will be taking it away for a week.

  9. American born says:

    Soros is like a bad weed, they never die.

  10. Smitherines says:

    @ Barney
    Excuse full post Barney said he couldn’t access Google translate page
    from German to English

    Jews and money borrowing: a contemporary case study, part II
    Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. On February 1, 2017 – Leave a Comment

    A remarkable career in the online lending business was made by Al Goldstein, a Jew from Uzbekistan who came to America with his family in 1988. Goldstein is co-founder and chairman of . The company is one of the fastest growing providers of installment loans. After the company had raised more than $ 1 billion in capital, was the most cash-paying company in Chicago in 2014. She has lent more than 100,000 loans and operates in 46 US federal states as well as in the UK, where she is active under the company name . But these are not the only threads in Goldstein’s net. For these Jewish money-borrowing activities in the Megabereich, it is characteristic that they start with a single company, and then create countless new branch and subsidiary companies over time. In this way, the property relations, the links and the liabilities of the individual companies are quickly concealed. For example, Goldstein was co-founder, President and CEO of CashNetUSA, whose name was then changed from 2004 to 2008 in Enova International . Enova is also active in several different business names in Canada ( Dollars Direct ), Australia ( Dollars Direct Australia ) and the UK, where the company operates under QuickQuid , Pounds to Pocket and On Stride Financial . If you ask yourself where Goldstein is a part of his “harvest without rain”, I find that Goldstein is an “active member” of the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

    Contrary to most white Americans, who experience with consternation how the fortunes of the American middle class are increasingly decaying, Goldstein sees this opportunity as an opportunity. In 2009, he founded Pangea Properties, with the aim of buying up thousands of properties whose mortgages were forfeited. This Jew from Uzbekistan now owns more than 10,000 homes that were previously owned by indebted Americans. According to reports, Enova has boasted: “The demand we cover in the consumer sector has been affected by several demographic and socioeconomic developments, including a general increase in the population and stagnating to declining growth in household income in this sector.” Enova refers A survey conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which reported that almost half of US consumers are reporting a $ 2000 reserve within one month. Enova predicts that more and more citizens will turn to the company for financial “help,” and Goldstein’s activity has been described as “ideal” by Dan and Bob Wolfberg, the co-founders of another Chicago based company, PLS Financial Services , designated. Another fortuneteller, who is increasingly gaining influence in the hunting fields of the American Internet credit, is the company LendUp , which was founded in 2011 by Sasha Orloff and Jacob Rosenberg in San Francisco.
    Advertisement – Time to SUBSCRIBE now!

    Not only in the area of ??small loans, Jews have paved the way for Internet credit. One of the main factors for the economic crisis was the advent of convenient Internet mortgage-
    Loans in 2000. One of the largest companies in this credit segment is Quicken Loans . Quicken is Daniel Gilbert , who, according to Wikipedia, “descended from a Jewish family from Detroit”. Quicken Loans was originally called Rock Financial Mortgage when the company was founded in 1985 by Gilbert and his younger brother Gary, along with his comrades Ron Berman and Lindsay Gross, all of whom have the same nationality. Gilbert’s company well survived the economic woes that Detroit has degenerated, and it remained America’s second-largest mortgage lender until last year. Although Gilbert was careful to secure a good reputation for his company, Quicken has made several lawsuits by the state. According to CBS, according to information provided by employees, the company was very much involved in the ruthless and illegal credit practices that prevailed before the bursting of the real estate bubble, which was so characteristic of lending. Employees questioned by the federal authorities accused the company of aggressively using older and frail housekeepers as a means of raising loans, of depriving the borrowers of their credit conditions, and of valuing land and other information Mortgages for inferior property. A group of former employees has now turned to the federal court and accused Quicken of having bribed employees and customers alike. Former credit sellers, in their writings submitted to the court, claim that they have been intimidated and urged by Quicken’s executives to distort credit claims on credit claims, and to impose excessive debts on desperate and careless homeowners.

    A former credit salesman at Quicken reported that high-ranking employees of the company were putting pressure on employees to “give customers a higher rate of interest, even if they actually had a lower rate, and they put hidden fees into the loan.” In West Virginia Quicken the fraud for guilty because a woman who had taken a mortgage demanded excessive fees and the value of her house had been mistakenly set too high. The judge who handled the case described the company’s approach as “unacceptable” in this case. Quicken was appealed, but the company only condemned to a $ 3.5 million penalty because the company had not treated his client fair.

    Just like Al Goldstein, however, Gilbert proves to be a great gift to his Jewish people. If he is not engaged in immoral lending, he is eager to join the US Friends of the Israeli Defense Force and is a member of the Israeli and Overseas Committee of the Jewish Union of Greater Detroit .

    At the same time, Quicken was not the worst of all the traders who lent inferior mortgages. According to a general opinion, one of America’s most savvy companies was founded in 1979 by Roland Arnall in California. Wikipedia argues that Arnall was born in Paris in 1939 as the son of “Eastern European Jews”. Ameriquest was not the first company founded by Arnall. Like Goldstein and Gilbert, Arnall was a support to the Jewish community. Two years before he founded Ameriquest , Arnall – a “long-time supporter of Israel” – founded the Simon-Wiesenthal Center and the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. If non-Jews used his company to buy a house, Arnall was not so mild or honest. Arnalls entry at Wikipedia states that at the end of 2005, two of his companies, Ameriquest and Argent , had financed subprime loans for nearly 75 billion dollars. A decisive factor in the growth and expansion of its societies was another Jewish “innovation” in the field of credit: the invention of lending on the basis of only self-rated income is generally attributed to Arnall. These loans are also referred to as “liar credits” because they are awarded without the need for supporting documents or an examination of the actual income situation.

    These mortgages were then bundled by the large investment firms of the Wallstreet, “enhanced” by credit insurance and securitized by rating companies such as Standard and Poor’s as high-quality bonds. Afterwards, they were sold to investors who lost billions, which has led to the worst financial crisis since the world economic crisis in 1929.

    Standard and Poor’s recently accepted a $ 1.37 billion fine because the rating company paid for companies whose collateral they assessed at the same time. With this penalty, the US financial institutions have bought out the entire sum of $ 40 billion from their disregard for the business rules that led to the financial crisis. This penalty can only be considered as a slap on the fingers, considering the profits made and the sustained damage done, as well as the fact that “not one of the top employees at S & P, One of the well-known Wall Street companies was prosecuted for their crimes during this period. “You can not trust our financial assets. As Matt Taibi observed (see here ): “The problem is that the existing regulations are quite insignificant when the leading people are the master of the economy. Our system assumes a minimum of morality and common sense, which can not be limited to the wording of the provisions adopted. If such moral principles are lacking-well, then the thing can not run, just what we do. ”

    In Chain of Blame: How Wall Street Caused the Mortgage and Credit Crisis , Paul Muolo and Matthew Padilla state that Arnalls business was based at least thirty percent on mortgages , Where income was poorly documented or only on the debtor’s own statement [1]. The authors report that another financial shark said: “[Arnall] is acting according to his own rules. He is the guy who introduced the loans on the basis of self-declared income, the guy who introduced loans without income receipts “[2]

    In 2005, Ameriquest was accused of specifying the credit conditions incorrectly and incompletely, asking for high fees for granting a loan, and puffing up valuations to credit debtors. Although this has cost the American state billions of dollars and has decisively contributed to forcing the nation to its knees and plunging innumerable hard-working American families into deepest despair – despite all these consequences, the company was able to meet with the prosecutor’s offices, Financial supervision authorities of 49 federal states and the District of Columbia reached an agreement that they should pay only 325 million dollars in penal money. This criminals, who has inflicted so much damage to America, was then inexplicably appointed US ambassador to the Netherlands, an office he held from 2006 until his death in 2008.

    But perhaps it is easier to explain this than to believe that Arnall was one of the largest donors to the pro-Israeli neo-conservative Republicans, and especially generously supported George W. Bush and the Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The great gulf between the rulers and the people is exemplified by a statement by Schwarzenegger. When he was critical of Arnold’s financial support, Schwarzenegger stated that the origin of the profits of unlawfully obtained profits was “not our concern”. That would be best translated as “the ordinary Americans do not concern us.”

    Just like his Jewish profit-making companions, Arnall was also not afraid to pay for Jewish interests by “harvesting without rain” (see also the book ” The Sandlers and the Arnalls: The sub-prime meltdown funds Jewish political activism . “(The Sandlers and the Arnalls: The subprime collapse finances Jewish political objectives – and the discussion by Prof. MacDonald ). According to Rabbi Aaron Parry, a Judaism teacher, Arnall gave tens of millions of dollars to non-profit organizations every year, “including all Jewish educational institutions [in Los Angeles], regardless of their specific orientation [whether they belonged to Orthodox Judaism or Reform Judaism].” Was also helping to buy land and apartments of Arabs in Jerusalem in the vicinity of the western wall to sell them cheaply to Jews who wanted to live there. In the end, it was a very simple formula: take homes of Americans in the US and give them Jews in Israel.

    Back to the thriving business of high-netted internet small loans. In the first place is the multimillionaire Jeffrey Weiss. Weiss, 71, is the Director General of Dollar Financial or DFC Global Corp. , a company providing “payday loans”. The company is based in the US, but its field of activity is increasingly expanding to Canada (where it operates under the name of MoneyMart), as well as To England, where the company operates under several company names. Britain has attracted these international Jewish money-launderers because a growing number of American states have imposed a ceiling on the interest that may be required, whereas in England this has not been the case for a long time. If you look at some reports from England, you quickly find out that The Money Shop , with 370 stores throughout the country, is owned by Dollar Financial . The company calculates an annual interest rate of 1311% on 30-day loans and made last year £ 33 million ($ 51 million) profit, which is 21% more than last year. The online credit companies Payday UK and Payday Express also include Dollar Financial. They charge an interest rate of 1297% interest per year on loans up to £ 800 ($ 1200). Payday Express’s earnings tripled last year to £ 4.9 million ($ 7.5 million).

    As more and more US states took action against the interest rates charged by Dollar Financial and its subsidiaries, Weiss focused his attention on overseas: ” We have been very different from the US, diversified in regions where the control mechanisms … are at best unclear . We have expanded into regions like Canada and the UK, where there is relatively little competition and we can build a dominant position. ”

    Weiss describes its customers as “Alice” (“asset-limited, income-constrained, employed”). “Because they have little expertise and a low level of education, their chance to get into a higher income group is very low.” So he lures them with easily available but ruinously expensive cash.

    In contrast, Weiss himself comes with much less effort to his money. In addition to his basic $ 1 million annually, Dollar Financial pays him his membership in the Country Club, which hit $ 34,000 last year and his $ 17,000 tax and legal expenses. He also does not need to worry about the amount of interest of his credit with his company. In 2005, he gave him $ 2.3 million in interest on a loan he had received from the company, estimated at more than 15 million. All this he receives in addition to other achievements, which are too comprehensive, that they can be listed here. Whoever is curious, however, can find them here .

    While America is a net importer of goods and services, the payday credit industry is one of the country’s fastest-growing exports. The payday loans pioneered by Jewish financiers have spread like weeds in most Western economies of the industrialized countries. [In Germany online payday loans are offered for the first time since 2010 – note by the translator.] Weiss and DFC are the pioneers, with subsidiaries in the USA, UK, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Scandinavia and Canada. Your competitor EZCorp is hard to beat with branches in almost thirty countries. The shareholder in the management board of EZCorp, which is the key, is Phillip Cohen. According to Wikipedia , Cohen is an Australian financier who invests in non-listed private equity. His financial experience is based on his work at the bank Kuhn Loeb and Oppenheimer & Co. back.

    After Cohen was advised by his people, Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky , both fraudsters, he founded the company Morgan Schiff & Co. Cohen first owned the majority of the shares, then became the sole shareholder of the voting shares of EZCorp .

    Cohens’ portfolio includes a portfolio of EZ Paorp, Pawn, Pawn Plus, Value Pawn and Jewelry, Premier Pawn and Jewelry, US Pawn and Jewelry Company, Easy Cash Solutions, Jerry’s Pawn Shop and CashMax Payday Loans . On an international level, Cash Amigo in Mexico, as well as the company Cash Converters International. EZ Corp. has joined the purchasing noise and offers the short-term Internet payday credit “service” cash genius . The company was not only criticized for its annual interest rate of 2986% on loans. They were even forced to repay money to their customers after the Supervisor’s Financial Conduct Authority had determined that the company was charging unacceptable fees and allowed the customers to be in debt.

    But the problems facing Cohen’s British customers are only the tip of the iceberg. Media reports indicate that three and a half million British adults are considering taking a usurious payday loan over the next six months, as almost half of the population is struggling with the aftermath of the financial crisis caused by Arnall and Gilbert and their peers . The number of people who have no more money before the end of the month has increased by 7 percent over the last year. Companies that pay payday loans have a turnover of more than $ 3 billion a year, and some lenders demand rates of interest of more than 4,000%, thereby overthrowing borrowers in debt.

    On the British credit market, not only American Jews have been found. The country also has a number of “local” internet lenders. They have all the nice, homely names like Wonga, Mr. Lender (“Mr. Lender”) and Uncle Buck (“Dollar-Uncle”). Mr Lender presents himself as “your friend until payday.” But who is that Mr. Lender ? Founder and owner of the company is Adam Freeman, a member of the Reform Synagogue of Southwest Essex (Southwest Essex and Settlement Reform Synagogue). He was also selected as a performer for the British version of The Apprentice’s BBC “Reality TV Show”. Despite new laws and restrictions, Mr. Lender continues to demand an annual rate of interest (APR) of 1269.6% on his loans. So I’m pretty sure that once the payday has come, he will no longer be your friend.

    The most infamous in England rooted internet lender is Wonga . As a result of Wong’s inconceivable annual rate of interest of 5853% , the British Government was encouraged to begin culling the loopholes, which allowed the lenders to extract the British. Wonga still requires annual interest rates of 1509% and was founded by two Jews from South Africa, Errol Damelin and Jonty Hurwitz. According to his entry at Wikipedia “Damelin grew up in a Jewish family and visited the University of Cape Town. After his graduation in 1992 he emigrated to Israel. He started his career as a banker for an interest in an Israeli bank that later merged with the Israel Discount Bank . “In 2007, he founded Wonga, and the company quickly withdrew criticism for” fraud and exploitation of the most vulnerable people in society. ” The company’s business practice involved the sending of false collections letters, [the companies indicated as sender did not exist at all-to terrorize the customers, so they paid even higher fees. Since such an approach is completely unlawful, criminal investigations were finally launched against the company.

    Like a rat leaving the sinking ship, Damelin stepped back from his leadership position at Wonga (but kept his company shares) – exactly two weeks before the company filed a new regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority and a compensation claim of over $ 4 million Was confronted. In November 2014, thousands of Wonga’s customers were waiting for their compensation.

    Damelin, however, is not defaulted to promote Jewish interests. He is an active supporter of Jewish charitable organizations such as World Jewish Relief and Jewish Care . But when he is asked by the press to comment on how his company treats British customers, he says “that Wonga’s strongly criticized business morals had nothing to do with his own morality.”

    Anyone who sees the stranglehold of the online money-lender is often forced to turn to another, related business, which is growing rapidly: debt collection companies offering debt relief and financial consolidation to the consumer. For example, you can contact Consolidated Credit Counseling Services Inc. One of the largest credit advisory firms in America. In 2013, the company generated revenue of $ 31 million. It is not uninteresting to learn that Consolidated is operated by David Dvorkin, who is both the owner of the company, and also holds interests in the same payday credit companies, who are especially staring at their customers. It thus benefits from both sides of the financial trap. For Dvorkin, this is by no means a big thing, he parries his press inquiries with his father’s stories, which had died one week before his Bar Mitzvah celebration. My heart bleeds.

    Part of the money that is used to finance the spread of the Jewish payday credit companies comes from quite surprising sources. Bloomberg, for example, reports that funds from Harvard University were involved in a series of dubious risk transactions (” Secret Network Connects Harvard Money to Payday Loans “). In 2007, Vector Capital , a fund of Jewish financier Alex Slusky in San Francisco, was hired by Havard and other investors to raise $ 1.2 billion to buy software companies that were in a state of crisis and to restructure them for a resale. Instead, Slusky worked with his fellow-citizens and gamblers Robert and Daniel Ziff on building a network of Internet sites for payday loans. Companies that were headquartered in Belize and the Virgin Islands were disguised and the US laws against usury were circumvented. “Employees involved in the fraud claimed that Slusky was behind ,, and at least Four other internet sites for payday loans. Even if Slusky refused to respond to email requests from the media and hung up the phone as soon as he was called and asked for a comment, I found that the companies soon disappeared after Bloomberg’s revelations.

    Apart from mortgage loans and small loans on the Internet, with which the needy are sacked, Jews are also harvesting the “harvest without rain” via internet gambling.

    One of the pioneers and one of the largest players in the Internet poker scene was Isai Scheinberg, an Israeli-Canadian former programmer for IBM. Scheinberg is co-founder and former co-owner (with his son Mark Scheinberg) of PokerStars , “the world’s largest poker game provider on the Internet”. In the case of the United States against Isai Scheinberg et al. , Scheinberg and his associates Howard Lederer and Rafael Furst were accused by federal authorities of having committed fraud and money laundering on a large scale. The case concerned the fate of assets of approximately 3 billion dollars. The authorities demanded a prison sentence not only for Scheinberg, but also for all the executives involved in the company. One of the senior staff, Ira Rubin, tried to flee to Guatemala but was arrested on 25 April 2011. Rubin was subsequently sentenced to three years in prison, and the judge remarked, “You are an incorrigible crook and deceiver.” Isai Scheinberg is still charged in the US, but has his residence and the seat of PokerStars on the Isle of One moves, a British Crown property with a self-government located in the Irish Sea [also known as tax oasis]. He recently became a billionaire when he sold his company to the Amaya Group in Canada. But some things never change: the president and chairman of the board of gambling conglomerate Amaya is once again a folk of Scheinberg: David Baazov. Baazov was designated by the Jewish Business Week as “the new king of Internet gambling”.

    Internet gambling is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world, as is the market for internet lending. In view of the above, it is not surprising that Israel emerges as the world’s center for online gambling. In fact, some commentators have attributed “the advent of the entire online gambling industry in the 1990s” to essentially Israel. Although it is forbidden for the Israelis to take their own countrymen with these web pages, it has not hindered the “supply” of players abroad. Some of the most famous names in the field of online gambling include Israeli companies, such as Playtech, one of the largest software providers for internet gambling. Other well-known gambling companies that show a considerable presence in the Jewish state are 888, Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, William Hill Online, Ladbrokes Digital, and Caesars Interactive Entertainment.

    To the extent that online banking and gambling are growing on the Internet and increasing consumer spending on money, more and more Americans, Europeans, Canadians, and Australians are falling into the hands of the Jewish executives and businesses I am talking about. These citizens are drawn into an inevitable debt spiral. Domestic debt is growing at an alarming rate throughout the US. They are now approaching $ 12 trillion. Both in Canada and in Australia, private household debt is even greater than in the US: for the UK, it is predicted that household debt will rise three times faster than wages over the next four years.

    The flies are fidgeting to free themselves from the net, but they are all the more tightly entangled in it. I therefore believe that the above-mentioned Jewish chiefs and companies, in connection with their “innovations”, fraudulent procedures, and practiced double mourning, constitute a clear threat to the wealth, interests and well-being of our society.

  11. Smitherines says:

    Barney says:
    February 3, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Soros, Rothschild (wrath-child), Rockefeller and the entire “Windsor” (Saxe-Coburg Gotha) tribe don’t need a trial. Their crimes are well-known, so why waste time and money? Hang the lot of them, and then go after their accomplices.

    @ Barney
    The England loan scamming is about halfway down that post, what would interest
    you the most about that brilliant piece!

  12. Smitherines says:

    New post on The Occidental Observer

    How the Media Preys upon our Values
    by M. Jaggers

    The Cultural Marxist media adorns their arguments with “holy relics” which cannot be criticized. This diabolical strategy is deployed to persuade normal Americans to act contrary to their own self-interest. It entails playing upon our inherent respect for certain institutions and principles, which are held in uniquely high esteem by Western/Anglo-Saxon peoples. This unique foible of ours is actually a good thing while it stays within a basically White society—but it becomes a huge liability when it is exploited by those who hate us. Unfortunately for them, they have tried to tap this emotional reservoir too many times, and so their strategy is currently yielding diminishing returns.

  13. Littleberry says:

    Smitherines mentions about trying “…to tap this emotional reservoir too many times…”
    and that brought to mind Rudyard Kipling’s poem about “when the Saxon begins to hate…”,

    Are we at a monumental and historical turning point? Is western man finally, at long last, waking up?

  14. inthewoods says:

    Great points in that post on The Occidental Observer. Thanks @Smitherines

    Yes, as the poem by Kipling suggests, I believe the white man, once woken, will unleash a fury on his captors and oppressors that will be a powerful and awesome thing! Instinctively, the rats/parasites know it, and this is why they work so hard to control us; to downbreed our intelligence; and to wipe us out into virtual non-existence.

  15. Red Pill says:

    inthewoods says:
    February 3, 2017 at 1:39 pm
    my study of Biblical history and prophesy confirms Kipling prognosis.

  16. Smitherines says:

    inthewoods says:
    February 3, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Great points in that post on The Occidental Observer. Thanks @Smitherines

    Thx Vox! 🙂

  17. Karen says:

    Like Ronald McDonald is to McDonalds and Cnl Sanders is to KFC George Soros is the face of organized Jewry.

  18. Karen says:

    Sorry to piss on your cereal but the Anglo Saxon was the first to sell out to Jewry and is still kissing their butts. They are effete sell outs and beyond redemption.

  19. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    February 3, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    Sorry to piss on your cereal but the Anglo Saxon was the first to sell out to Jewry and is still kissing their butts. They are effete sell outs and beyond redemption.

    So did Canadians and the Russians and kill their own during Bolshevik Revolutions!!

    They all kiss their ass, so do Buddhists, Hindus, some Muslims and all atheists
    and Zionist Christians are the worst FAKE they are!

  20. Matt says:


    I would say the vast majority of Anglo Saxons and white people in general have been deceived by Jew lies, such as the holohoax. Some are waking up.

    If Anglo Saxons weren’t deceived, they would never have fought their own people in the Jew’s war against Germany. Today, the Jews would be in some controlled environment to keep them from lying, stealing and murdering, and the world would be a much better place.

    I have hope, because God promises that in the not to distant future, the Jews will be destroyed, and that the world will be a much better place.

    How many Anglo Saxons sell out as opposed to how many are simply deceived? I don’t know.

    Do you have any facts to support what you assert?

  21. Johnny Draco says:


  22. Johnny Draco says:

    Melania Knavs is the wife of Donald Trump.

    Melania Knavs’ father, Viktor Knavs, is a Communist.

    Melania’s mother, Amalija Ulcnik, has a Jewish name.

    The bolsheviks are in the house.

  23. Johnny Draco says:

    In Jewish gematria, the value of the letters in Don Drumpf is 666.

  24. Johnny Draco says:

    Breitbart’s President and CEO Larry Solov has written that Breitbart’s transformation into a media empire began in Israel in 2015.

    Michel Chossudovsky, boss of, is the son of a Russian Jew.

    The paternal ancestors of Michael Rivero, boss of What Really Happened, are Jews.

    Stefan Molyneux, of Freedomain Radio, has a Jewish mother.

    Alex Jones had a Jewish wife.

    Steve Pieczenik has Russian-Jewish parents.

    Larry Solov, who runs Breitbart, is Jewish.

    Henry Makow, of Henry Makow, is Jewish.

    Gordon Duff (aka Bob Foote) has an Ashkenazi Jewish grandmother from Poland.

    Michael Savage, aka Michael Weiner, is a Jew.

    Matt Drudge is Jewish.

    Dan Ivandjiiski, the founder of Zero Hedge, is Bulgarian-Jewish in origin.

    Noam Chomsky is Jewish.

    Israel Shamir is Jewish.

    Barry Chamish was Jewish.

    ‘Brother’ Nathaniel Kapner is Jewish.

    Glenn Greenwald is Jewish.

    Gilad Atzmon is Jewish.

    Ron Keeva Unz is Jewish.

    Mike Enoch, of The Right Stuff, has a Jewish wife.

  25. Smitherines says:×245.jpg
    IS Drumpf another “Israel FIRST Puppet?”

    The Coming Clash With Iran
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    The Coming Clash With Iran

    Friday – February 3, 2017

    When Gen. Michael Flynn marched into the White House Briefing Room to declare that “we are officially putting Iran on notice,” he drew a red line for President Trump. In tweeting the threat, Trump agreed.

    His credibility is now on the line.

    And what triggered this virtual ultimatum?

    Iran-backed Houthi rebels, said Flynn, attacked a Saudi warship and Tehran tested a missile, undermining “security, prosperity, and stability throughout the Middle East,” placing “American lives at risk.”

    But how so?

    The Saudis have been bombing the Houthi rebels and ravaging their country, Yemen, for two years. Are the Saudis entitled to immunity from retaliation in wars that they start?

    Where is the evidence Iran had a role in the Red Sea attack on the Saudi ship? And why would President Trump make this war his war?

    As for the Iranian missile test, a 2015 U.N. resolution “called upon” Iran not to test nuclear-capable missiles. It did not forbid Iran from testing conventional missiles, which Tehran insists this was.

    Is the United States making new demands on Iran not written into the nuclear treaty or international law — to provoke a confrontation?

    Did Flynn coordinate with our allies about this warning of possible military action against Iran? Is NATO obligated to join any action we might take?

    Or are we going to carry out any retaliation alone, as our NATO allies observe, while the Israelis, Gulf Arabs, Saudis and the Beltway War Party, which wishes to be rid of Trump, cheer him on?

    Bibi Netanyahu hailed Flynn’s statement, calling Iran’s missile test a flagrant violation of the U.N. resolution and declaring, “Iranian aggression must not go unanswered.” By whom, besides us?

    The Saudi king spoke with Trump Sunday. Did he persuade the president to get America more engaged against Iran?

    Read More At:

  26. Smitherines says:

    @ ICM
    Possible next thread????*800/Emily-Guendelsberger-1200.jpg
    Philadelphia journalist” Emily Guendelsberger” has been identified as the woman who infiltrated and might have secretly recorded a closed-door discussion of congressional
    Republicans at their Center City retreat last week.

    You know they’ll give this JEWESS a slap on the wrist, while Nixon was forced
    to resign in SHAME!

    ARE THEY BORN TRAITORS or what????

    Federal authorities have identified a Philadelphia journalist as the woman who infiltrated and might have secretly recorded a closed-door discussion of congressional Republicans at their Center City retreat last week, according to law enforcement sources familiar with the matter.

    After a probe involving multiple agencies, they said Emily Guendelsberger is unlikely to face federal charges in Philadelphia, despite getting past security and into a room in the Loews hotel where Vice President Pence met privately with senators and representatives.

    But it is unclear whether she could face local prosecution for covertly recording the conversations, a possible violation of state law. That decision falls to the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, according to the sources, who were not authorized to speak publicly about the case.

    Cameron Kline, spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office, declined to say Friday whether the office was involved in any such investigation. The Capitol Police, who are responsible for security at congressional events, would not discuss the ongoing investigation.

    Guendelsberger and her lawyer, Lloyd Long, also declined to comment. Law enforcement officials said both were contacted this week by Capitol Police, who are leading the investigation with aid from the U.S. Secret Service and the Philadelphia Police Department.

    Guendelsberger, 33, is a freelance journalist who formerly worked as a copy editor at the Daily News, at Philadelphia City Paper, and as an editor for the Onion, the satirical newspaper and website.

    The secret recordings she is suspected of making were later released anonymously to a half-dozen media outlets, including the Inquirer. The stories they fueled also stirred calls from congressional Republicans to determine how an intruder managed to bypass security and record their private gathering.

    One recording revealed lawmakers airing concerns about the practical difficulties of repealing and replacing former President Barack Obama’s health-care law and discussing other hot-button political issues. Another included audio from a session with Pence, suggesting the intruder was in the same room.

    The sources familiar with the investigation said Friday that Guendelsberger gained access by saying she was the wife of a legislator. Investigators believe she made the recordings but have not yet confirmed it, the sources said.

    The Congressional Institute, the nonprofit that organized the retreat, said in an email to lawmakers last week that the intruder “misrepresented herself” several times and used counterfeit credentials.

    However, she went through the same security checkpoints as every other attendee at the conference, said the letter, obtained last Saturday by the Associated Press.

    Secret Service spokesman Martin Mulholland said Friday that Trump and Pence were never in any danger.

    “We’re very confident with our Secret Service operations, how they went down in this instance and how it happens in every instance as far as protecting the president and vice president,” he said.

    Guendelsberger, who has also previously written for the Inquirer and the Daily News, gained notice in 2015 with a City Paper story in which she went undercover as an Uber driver for a month to report on how much the ride-hailing app service paid its drivers.

    She also made headlines after suffering a broken leg in a 2011 flash mob attack at Broad and Spring Garden Streets.
    Note below:
    She was probably there to support Blacks then beat her up in the flashmob
    talk about poetic justice or Karma!

    FULL story below:

  27. Smitherines says:

    PS that’s code below: for this will QUICKLY go down “Zionist rabbit hole”
    like the ChiCongo retarded kid being tortured by DINDUs!

    “Cameron Kline, spokesman for the District Attorney’s Office, declined to say Friday whether the office was involved in any such investigation. ” Extracted from above URL.

  28. Smitherines says:

    New post on The Occidental Observer

    Dealing with Dysfunction: A Review of “What It Is Like to Teach in Failing Schools,” Part 1
    by Nelson Rosit

    “What It is Like To Teach I Failing Schools, A. Teacher”×300.jpg

    Even without the students present, a visitor familiar with middle-class White schools would notice that Atlanta’s “Fairfield Junior Academy” is different. Walking the halls he would observe that there were no lockers. “[W} e moved all the lockers into the classrooms because most of the fights and drug deals took place during transition time when students went to their lockers” (76). If the visitor was unfortunate enough to need the restroom, he might see “dried diarrhea on the walls and toilet in the bathroom stalls” (111). Venturing into a classroom he might encounter vandalized computers and locked file cabinets that had been broken into.

    As the subtitle indicates, this book is part a memoir, part a scathing critique of the educational establishment that some call Big Ed. This reviewer has twenty years’ experience in secondary and tertiary education. Fortunately, I have not experienced many of the problems the author relates, at least not to the same degree. Thus some of the dysfunction A. Teacher (AT) describes is particular to his type of school — a failing junior high — while other problems are systemic and likely to be experienced by most public school teachers in America.

    The reader might conclude from the opening paragraph that Fairfield in one of those neglected, underfunded minority schools one hears about. While it is a non-White school (70 percent Black, 27 percent Hispanic), it is not underfunded. “Our school was flushed with money” (12). There was plenty of technology — computers, iPads, smartboards, and printers in every room. There was also widespread theft and vandalism, plus poor maintenance of the facility.

    More at the URL below:

  29. Smitherines says:

    This is great, extracted from the URL above young DINDU teens, YOUTHS, left
    to their own device (11 and 12 yrs old??):

    “Out on the dance floor the students formed a knot with the girls grinding in the middle and the boys in a circle around them. “And what Atlanta’s budding scholars are doing is fingering girls’ vaginas, massaging their butts under their skirts and over their skirts, and cupping the girls’ breasts.” Remember, this is middle school. “There were twelve-year-old students at this dance.” AT tells one of the nearest boys “to knock it off.” The response: “Man, f*ck you. Leave me alone before I bust yo’ dumbo-looking head!” (72). The cops finally broke up the dance.”

  30. Red Pill says:

    Johnny Draco says:
    February 4, 2017 at 9:37 am
    the tares (jews) were planted with the wheat (gentiles).
    one can not survive with out the other.
    dealing with it is the problem we all must overcome.
    the wheat and the tares grow together to maturity.
    the fully grown wheat bows it head in fullness.
    and the tares tower now over the wheat.

    this is where we are to day.
    guess what? here comes the reaper.

    The servants said unto him, Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? 29 But he said, Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

    understanding the plot gives “light” to the sequences of history
    and to the future.
    there is nothing new under the sun.
    it’s same old shit repackaged and re marketed .

    you might read Matthew 13
    and do it with out prejudice.
    (regardless of what you think of the bible, Jesus, jews, and salvation.)
    catch the meanings in this parable.

    i am not trying to convert any one.
    you can go to hell without any help from me.
    and it’s done by default, for failure to come to the “LIGHT”.
    the light is the truth, and the truth is Jesus Christ.
    nothing more, nothing less.

    we all can overcome the “jew”.
    skip the dogma, believe no man.
    the answers come from a small inaudible voice from within you.
    FIRST one must “set the table” and give the “invite”.

    if you want release from the jew world.
    find the “KINGDOM” (alternate reality).

    skip the bull shit of religion, the jews invented it,
    control it, and market it.
    religion is the gateway drug to hell.

  31. Smitherines says:

    Judaism: Satanism, Sorcery and Black Magic×1025.jpg
    By Jonas E. Alexis on February 3, 2017

    Various forms of black magic (what Moshe Idel is pleased to call “the ancient Jewish mystical ascent as performed by the ‘descenders to the Merkavah”), superstition, goddess-worship, reincarnation and idolatry incontrovertibly comprise the under-publicized, formative core of Judaism’s oral traditions.
    …by Jonas E. Alexis, Eric Gajewski, and Michael Hoffman

    Jonas E. Alexis: You have just published an article by Michael Hoffman, author of Judaism Discovered, and it almost certainly will ruffle people’s feathers because it goes into the dark world of Judaism, Cabbala and Freemasonry. E. Michael Jones has an entire chapter of this topic in his study The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History.[1]

    According to Jones, Jewish revolutionaries were using secret societies such as Freemasonry and the Rosicrucian to bring down Western Civilization during the French Revolution. Voltaire himself was a Freemason and was indirectly aiding Judaism when he said: “Let the real Philosophers unite in a brotherhood like the Freemasons; let them assemble together and support each other, and let them be faithful to the association.”[2] Jones writes,

    “The theological foundation of the French Revolution becomes clear when Barruel’s exposition of Masonic ritual. The philosophes began their assault on the ancient regime by subverting morals, but the goal was always theological. Freemasonry’s attack on Christ was inspired by the Talmudic literature in the Cabala…Freemasonry is ultimately Judaizing.”[3]

    Is there a lot of Judaizing going on today?

    More at link below:

  32. Sen10L says:

    May as well take out that seditious sack o’crap Kissinger as well.

  33. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Satan Lives And His Spawn Stalk The Land

  34. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Hatred Of Trump = Jewish Hatred Of The Goyim

    “More of us (Americans) are waking up to the fact that Trump is merely a proxy: The insane, deranged hatred directed at him is really meant for us

    Christian, traditional, predominantly white Americans.” – Reader’s Comment

    This comment, left on the Irish Savant site, struck me with the force of an epiphany. It is not new but it has the simplicity and clarity to cast everything into stark perspective. It really is the Jews against the goyim. It always was.

  35. American says:

    I’m surprised a petition to arrest George Schwartz hasn’t already circulated, excellent idea Incogman. This approach also worked better for Putin and Russia than we have been led to believe, when he rounded up all the oligarchs and told him of the new changes to expect, just after he let them use their media clout to put him in office. So, we know it works, and have a blueprint. It can only be easier this time around!

    One of Putin’s foes (Berezovsky) even “committed suicide by hanging himself with his own belt lying down, after getting all uppity in the face of his agreement to shut the fuck up and move to London and never get involved in Russian politics again. Awesome! The strange death was a signal to other jew criminal oligarchs like Khordokovsky, who spent a lengthy time in prison for resisting Putin’s orders, then was exiled to Germany where he was supposedly going to try again to influence Russian politics. He changed his tune!

    No doubt the JWO would have a very hard time trying to defend Soros, EVERYBODY ON ALL SIDES hates him except the JWO. It would also make it easier to see who is a traitor to America, as in anybody at all that said anything positive or defended him.

  36. Blitzz says:


    Thanks for posting a copy of that article (translated) up above:

    Jews and Money Borrowing:
    A Contemporary Case Study
    Part II
    by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.
    February 1st, 2017

    Great Article!

    Do you have a link to the original article by any chance?

    If so, could you please reply below with it- as myself (and I’m sure many others here) would like to also read Part I, as well as review some of the “linked text” that was hyper-linked in the original article but never made it through the “copy and paste” procedure.


  37. Johnny Draco says:

    See this.

  38. Pingback: Miscellaneous Info on White Genocide 5 Case For Christ. | Economic & Multicultural Terrorism

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