Trump Won’t Say What Obama Warned Him About

By Phillip Marlowe

I watched it in real time: Maxine Waters was in front of a bunch of reporters calling for the impeachment of Trump, telling them he was buds with evil Putin, who just invaded Korea. What a dumbass, I chuckled, she means the Ukraine or Crimea, of course. I really need to write about that dumb black bitch on my hate site I mentally noted.

Well, like a lot of things going down today, I can’t write all the time. These Negroes are indeed idiots. I could literally write 24/7 about this dumbass race and their never-ending street crime. Fortunately, the folks over at Daily Stormer also saw Waters say that and did a page on it so now I can concentrate my pontificating on something else much more important to the US (so much Jew crap, so little time).

Blacks really are moronic. I can’t begin to tell you all the stupid crap I’ve read them doing or seen with my own two eyes in real life. Sure, you might have a few smart ones with stolen White genes (like Obama) trotted out on TV so we think blacks are so smart and heroic. This not only brainwashes Whites and steal jobs and money from us, it also makes blacks arrogant and all the more wacked in the head. Do a little non-PC mental extrapolation to see the bigger picture.

But something very interesting was said during the second part of O’Reilly/Trump interview that should have everyone talking. No, not the bit in the first part where the phony patriots in the media are yapping non-stop about Trump saying he wants to get along with Putin and America has done bad things, too (we have). No, it was what Obama said to him on the way to the inauguration ceremony that Trump would not repeat. In the limo, Obama told him to watch out for one specific country. O’Reilly goes “China?” Trump says “not China,” but won’t repeat exactly what Obama said.

As that Commie Jew Bernie Sanders says “This is HUUUUGE.” Or should be, if we had a media that was truly free. This is indeed something they should be yapping non-stop about. Methinks they know it’s best to ignore.

Right after the second part of O’Reilly’s interview was broadcast on his FOX show Tuesday night, he brought up some presidential historian (can’t remember the name, it was something something Meacham) who smartly did point out this line of questioning in the interview and suggests North Korea as the country Obama warns Trump about. O’Reilly then suggests Pakistan (or vice versa, I can’t remember) as the one Obama warned Trump to watch.

How about Israel, might I suggest? I thought that immediately when Trump related his story. Israel makes more sense on so many levels; plus I’ve personally had fairly knowledgeable DC swamp critters tell me the same thing, albeit in hushed whispers.

One, Trump can freely talk good or bad about any country on the planet — any but Israel. All the politicians and media is clearly muzzled when it comes to Jews and Israel. And Trump is always sucking up to Israel. Putin ass kissing? Hell, his and everyone else’s Israel ass kissing is far, far more obvious.

Another good possibility is that Obama warned him about the CIA. The dark forces of Langley or the “Deep State CIA.” Trump immediately went to CIA headquarters on the very first full day of becoming president, interestingly enough.

Oh, I know that sounds all conspiratorial, but it’s true. It’s certain the CIA harbors Zionists behind so much crap going on in the world. This traitorous faction’s activities are plainly obvious: Protect Israel at all costs and further the Jewish State’s Mideast Agenda regardless of what it costs the USA or innocent lives anywhere — including us American citizens.

What we got going in America is a perfect storm of militant black idiots, Zionist traitors and a media who thinks we’re all a bunch of dumbass niggas like Maxine Waters — even us White people.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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31 Responses to Trump Won’t Say What Obama Warned Him About

  1. carnac123 says:

    Destroy television and the white people will come out of their sleep and become a juggernaut again.

  2. hens are liars says:

    `Trump says: “Do walls work? Lets ask Israel.”

    I snorted and blew beer out my nostrals as I almost fell off my chair when Trump belted that one out from the Whitehouse podium.

  3. John Taurus says:

    Mass media controlled by Jews means mass mind control of the goy whom the Jews consider to be animals given the gift of speech so as to better serve their masters, the Jews.

  4. Smitherines says:


  5. Smitherines says:

    David Bowie: “My overriding interest was in Kabbalah and Crowleyism. That whole dark and rather fearsome never-world of the wrong side of the brain.”×318.jpg
    David Bowie–from Blackstar
    …by Jonas E. Alexis

    When David Bowie passed away more than a year ago, the New York Times quickly wrote a piece eulogizing him, saying that Bowie “was his generation’s standard-bearer for rock as theater.”[1] He was “a star who transcended music, art and fashion.” Piers Morgan followed suit.

    “I don’t know where Starman Bowie is going from here but as this genius chameleon always said, it won’t be boring,” said Morgan.[2] Madonna, Kanye West, Billy Idol, Iggy Pop, Pharrell Williams, Courtney Love, J. K. Rowling, and even David Cameron have all released statements praising the man.[3]

    Kanye West twitted: “David Bowie was one of my most important inspirations, so fearless, so creative, he gave us magic for a lifetime.”[4] Actress Jennifer Connelly added that Bowie was “a genius who had the time to be kind.”[5]

    Death, indeed, is a frightening thing and always brings pain and emotion. It sometimes brings people together. It allows people to sympathize for loved ones, friends, and sometimes even enemies. But when it comes to truth, emotion and pain ought to take a back seat. So, who really was David Bowie?

    More below:

  6. Smitherines says:

    Another “campaign lie of Drumpf?”

    David Shulkin, Trump’s pick to head the VA, rejects radical change to fix agency

    By VNN on February 8, 2017

    Trump wants to fire and discipline VA employees, have a commission investigate wrongdoing and create a 24-hour White House hotline to register complaints about the agency.

  7. Miles Mathis has an unflattering piece on ‘Bowie’ (and thinks his death was faked, plausibly enough).

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    That’s our democratic (communist) party of America. jews and their stupid ass pet fucking niggers. That’s why jews pretend to like niggers so much. Because jews know that niggers are stupid too and will gladly help destroy the white race and America for jews. Speaking of jews in politics like the chucky jewmers and frankens and fienstiens- how about this other jew york jew blumenthal typical jew war hero:
    Blumenthal had for years boasted of having “served in Vietnam,” but had in actuality received five deferments, from 1965-1970, before he joined the Marine Reserve, The New York Times reported in 2010 when Blumenthal first ran for Senate. Blumenthal’s position in the Marine Reserve sent him to Washington state – thousands of miles from Asia – where he focused on local tasks, such as organizing a Toys for Tots drive.

    “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam,” Blumenthal told a group of veterans in 2008, according to The Times.
    Gets deferments during the main war years… then heroically joins the reserves. Yep that’s your typical jew war hero right there. Kind of like that rush limbaugh fucking punk bitch coward piece of shit had the nerve to start a phony soldier campaign when he received special deferments for a boo boo on his knee or bad back bullshit. Of course his daddy may have helped with that.

  9. Smitherines says:

    @Red Pill

    Elijah and Enoch (bodily form, never suffered death) will return soon?

    See scripture the two prophets who NEVER physically died
    AND ARE TO RETURN SOON, during great earthquake where up to 7,000
    will die.
    The two Tribulation witnesses:
    These two tribulation witnesses are literal 2 personalities who are going to appear in the 70th week of Daniel! They are ancient (2) Prophets from historical OT Israel! They are preparing the way of the second coming of the Messiah, Who will come as King of kings and as Lord of lords! In Scriptural history (records) only two mortal men escaped death and were translated into Heaven.

    & They are wearing a sackcloth
    & They will perform miracles!
    & They will perform their Ministry of prophesying for G-D for 1260 days!
    & They will be killed; and die; their dead bodies will have to lie in the street for 3½ days!
    & But…after 3½ days they will rise again!
    & Before the very eyes of their enemies they ascended into Heaven in a cloud!

    More below:

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    Early life and education[edit]

    Blumenthal was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Jane (née Rosenstock) and Martin Blumenthal, who was the president of a commodities trading firm.[1][2][3] His mother was born in Omaha, Nebraska, to a Jewish family that originated in Prussia and Baden.[citation needed] His grandfather, Fred “Fritz” Rosenstock, raised cattle on his farm, where Blumenthal visited often in his youth. Blumenthal’s father was a German Jew who emigrated alone at age 17 from Frankfurt in 1935.[4] Blumenthal attended Riverdale Country School in the Bronx before graduating from Harvard College with a A.B. magna cum laude as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. As an undergraduate, he was editorial chairman of The Harvard Crimson.[5] Blumenthal was a summer intern reporter for The Washington Post in the London Bureau.[6] Blumenthal was also selected for a Fiske Fellowship that allowed him to study at the University of Cambridge in England for one year after graduation from Harvard College.

    He received his J.D. from Yale Law School, where he was editor-in-chief of the Yale Law Journal.[7] While at Yale, he was classmates with future President Bill Clinton and future Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.[8] One of his co-editors on the Yale Law Journal was future United States Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. His brother, David Blumenthal, is the President of the Commonwealth Fund.[9]

    Military service[edit]

    Blumenthal received several draft deferments during the Vietnam War before enlisting.[10] He served in United States Marine Corps Reserve units in Washington, D.C. and Connecticut from 1970 to 1976.[11][12] He attained the rank of sergeant and received an honorable discharge at the end of his enlistment.[13]

    Early political career[edit]

    Blumenthal served as administrative assistant to United States Senator Abraham A. Ribicoff, as aide to Daniel P. Moynihan when Moynihan was Assistant to President Richard Nixon, and as a law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun. At age 31, he became United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, serving from 1977 to 1981, and as the chief federal prosecutor of that state successfully prosecuted many major cases involving drug traffickers, organized crime, white collar criminals, civil rights violators, consumer fraud, and environmental pollution.[6] In 1982, he married Cynthia Allison Malkin,[14] daughter of real estate investor Peter L. Malkin and granddaughter of lawyer and philanthropist Lawrence Wien.[15]

    Before he became Attorney General, Blumenthal was a partner in the law firm of Cummings & Lockwood, and subsequently in the law firm of Silver, Golub & Sandak.[16] In December 1982, while still at Cummings & Lockwood, he created and chaired the Citizens Crime Commission of Connecticut, a private, non-profit organization.[17] From 1981 to 1986, he was a volunteer counsel for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.[6]
    And yes InCog the cia IS mossad. ALL jews MUST be considered as israil firsters spies and traitors to America. Especially any dual citizens. That should be a no-brainer for any true American patriots working at fbi or counter-intel. Unfortunately, the jews Trojan horse has infiltrated all those federal means jewish agencies also. Even within the military ranks and especially dod civilians at the pentagram and all throughout the swampland called dc. The jews kol nidra whereby they exonerate themselves a year in advance for all their lies and oaths and vows that they intend to break IN THE FUTURE should preclude jews from any positions within the AMERICAN government. Hitler and the German people figured the nation wreckers out and asked the jews to leave. It was remarkable the turn around and return to greatness the German people were able to accomplish. But alas the jew nation wreckers got other stupid gentile goyim nations to destroy Germany for the jews benefit. Just like the jews are still doing now getting American money and blood to destroy all the nations surrounding israil in the middle east to clear the way for the israili empire from the Nile to the Euphrates. And have you heard any change to the constant drone of saber rattling iran this iran that bullshit yet? Of course not. The jews plans will not change what has to change is for more Gentiles to wake the fuck up and kick the fucking nation- wrecking jews out like every other country throughout history eventually did.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    The jews kol nidra, one of their most important prayers. This is part of their religion folks.

    “All vows we are likely to make, all oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.”[6][7]
    Now I ask you; How in the Fuck can anybody non-jewish accept a jew into any position that requires taking a vow or an oath or telling the truth? Asking and expecting a jew to tell the truth about anything anyway is about the biggest waste of your time you could do. If their lips are moving they are fucking lying about something. If their hands are moving they are stealing AND lying in sign language. Military oaths and vows? How about jews in our JEWdicial system? What is the point of even asking a jew witness to swear to tell the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God you’ll give a fucking jew a heart attack and a stroke with that one if it weren’t for the kol nidra. As bad as it is having all these stupid ass jew pet fucking niggers in our federal means it’s the jews themselves that are a thousand times worse. Every country they ever settle in 100 other countries throughout history can’t be wrong about these nation-wreckers.

  12. John Taurus says:

    Negroids are a weapon in the hands of the Jews used to destroy Whites.

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    It’s not just the jews biological weapons of mass destruction stupid-ass jew pet fucking niggers minority set-aside, assfirmative action diversity hire and promote jew pet fucking white hating racist niggers like obamas and erection holders and lynch’s… it’s the stupid ass niggers advisors. From protocol #2.
    2. The administrators, whom we shall choose from among the public, with strict regard to their capacities for servile obedience, will not be persons trained in the arts of government, and will therefore easily become pawns in our game in the hands of men of learning and genius who will be their advisers, specialists bred and reared from early childhood to rule the affairs of the whole world.

  14. Dale Skoglund says:

    The most interesting part of the O’Reilly interview with presidential “historian” Meacham is when O’Reilly claimed that Russia has always been our enemy and Meacham immediately agreed. These two are “court historians” and liars. How could they “forget” that judeo-communist Russia was our ally in WW II? I guess they don’t want anyone to know that WW II was fought to make the world safe for judeo-communism so that the “European World” could be destroyed!

    “The O’Reilly Factor, the number one news show for 16 years”….theirs good money in being a professional flunky…no one does it better than O’Reilly!

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    And who votes for these stupid ass jew pet niggers? Other stupid ass niggers and jews of course. It’s explained in protocol 10 paragraph 5 the last sentence. The nations founders predicted that the downfall of the republic will come when the majority realizes it can vote itself money from the public coffers and make OTHER PEOPLE PAY THE BILLS. And you got stupid ass jew pet niggers like erection holder getting paid to help NON-CITIZENS vote on how to spend other peoples (American taxpayers) money. This fucking minority set aside asssfirmative action diversity hire and promote stupid ass jew pet nigger is the jews wet dream traitor committing treason come true.

    5. TO SECURE THIS WE MUST HAVE EVERYBODY VOTE WITHOUT DISTINCTION OF CLASSES AND QUALIFICATIONS, in order to establish an absolute majority, which cannot be got from the educated propertied classes. In this way, by inculcating in all a sense of self-importance, we shall destroy among the GOYIM the importance of the family and its educational value and remove the possibility of individual minds splitting off, for the mob, handled by us, will not let them come to the front nor even give them a hearing; it is accustomed to listen to us only who pay it for obedience and attention. In this way we shall create a blind, mighty force which will never be in a position to move in any direction without the guidance of our agents set at its head by us as leaders of the mob. The people will submit to this regime because it will know that upon these leaders will depend its earnings, gratifications and the receipt of all kinds of benefits.
    And speaking of traitors committing treason like the erection holder and obama how about those scumbag coward traitors committing treason piece of shit zog agent tough boys and girls with their suits and polluted fucking badges secret societies and fraternal orders of doing whatever their jew paymasters tell them to do as long as the pay and benefits are right. The jews seen those scumbag cowards coming also protocol 1 paragraph 3 material.
    3. It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorisation, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.

    Everything is written in the protocols of zion. It may be old (written before televisions and radios in every household) but the principals are still in place and being adapted as technology advances.

  16. Smitherines says:

    John Taurus says:
    February 9, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    Negroids are a weapon in the hands of the Jews used to destroy Whites.

    Here it from the horses mouth John??

    “Blacks have been purposely misled by the Jewish people who, in previous centuries, built their fortunes in the transatlantic slave trade, and who continue to manipulate and exploit us even today. Because most black people make no distinction between Jews and whites, it is easy for the Jews to evade justice and escape the blame for the wrongs that they have inflicted on our people for centuries by convincing blacks that it was the white man who did it.

    In most cases the vast majority of the white race had nothing to do with slavery or other crimes that have been committed against our people. Whites were and continue to be exploited and manipulated by the Jews, the same as blacks, and their race is even more hated by the Jew, where blacks are simply disregarded by the Jews with indifference, as are other races. We are all simply pawns to the Jews who have no other use for us beyond being a source of profit to them and a weapon that can be used to help destroy whites, who they see as their sworn enemies, by encouraging us to breed with them until there are no longer any whites left.”

    extracted from Black historian’s web-page below:
    Hello and welcome to my website “We Thought They Were White.”
    My name is Dontell Jackson, and like many African-Americans,

    “We Thought They Were White”

  17. Smitherines says:

    Here typo meant “hear” not here (grammar)

  18. Smitherines says:

    Dale Skoglund says:
    February 9, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    “The O’Reilly Factor, the number one news show for 16 years”….theirs good money in being a professional flunky…no one does it better than O’Reilly!

    Yeah, he’s also the one that wrote the book: claiming Jesus was crucified, really
    by the Romans, and not the Jews, they were innocent victims. He goes
    on to EXPLAIN: that because of taxes (of all things) Jesus then experienced the
    wrath of the Romans and the Judea procurator Pilate?????

    If anything, Jesus said, “render onto Caesar what is Caesar’s property,
    and onto God what is his.” HTF does O’Reilly see that as infuriating the
    Romans, and in fact, Pilate had him BEATEN so bad, as hoping this would
    appease the Sanhedrin, and they would abandon the idea of putting him
    to DEATH !

    He knew he wasn’t guilty of any crime, and he didn’t want
    to kill someone for NOTHING! Why, he said, “I wash my hands of this act,
    you Jews, pick, whom you want killed, a murderer, Barabbas, or this
    Jesus.” We’ve known for centuries whom the Jews picked: thus
    ceiling Jesus’s fate, and Ive often thought Barabbas was metaphorical for
    Satan here, and Jesus God, THEY CHOSE Satan and still do today!

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    You could put the whole congressional nigger caucus together and get an I.Q. into the negative numbers. How? Because 1 nigger is extremely stupid. Put all their peanut brains together in one place at the same time and the stupidity multiplies well below the sum of the members of the group. This rule applies to niggers anywhere, whether it be congress, a park, a shopping mall, movie theatre, concert etc. jews are not just nation wreckers. jew behavior historically forces jews to be history changers also. Of course their control over all media with their fake jew printed federal means jewish reserve debt notes including jewlywood movies aids jews in lying about history also. Through movies like “Glory” the niggers actually believe they freed themselves from jew slavery. The South was right and were the real hero’s fighting to save this Country and it’s Constitutional Republic from the federal means jewish tyranny we see today. The south was even more than willing to separate from the North in that war for Southern Independence from federal means jewish tyranny, but the northern jews could not and would not let that happen for their own economic reasons. Can’t forget about all the jew war profiteers also following the armies around to make money off of the great American tragedy. So much fratricidal waste and death and destruction because of it all it’s heartbreaking and makes me want to cry and be angry at the same time. And I wonder what a northern soldier from Michigan would think if they were to visit detroilet today? Or any other northern soldier would think after visiting jew york or memphis or jew orleans or chimpcago or any other once great American shitty where the majority of the population is comprised of great society “temporary” (yeah right) programs put forth by the marxist communist bolshevik jew libtard democratic nation wrecking party to lift the worthless niggers out of poverty. It’s a dysfunctional bankrupt third world nigger shithole. Wouldn’t last a minute without constant infusion of fake jew printed federal money for every aspect of their worthless parasitic existences. But somehow they get the right to vote on how to spend working law abiding tax paying civilized human beings money. Those wasted soldiers (“even the best goyim should be killed” )would flip over in their graves while the Southerners can say “I told you so”.

  20. John Taurus says:

    California wants to secede from the union. Whites need to follow their example and move en masse to the old Southern States. We can take over through sheer numbers and secede from the Jewnited States and start our own all White country free of Negroids and other non-Whites. We must make sure we never again allow Jews or non-Whites within our borders.

  21. Matt says:

    The Ninth (Circus) COA refused to reinstate Trumps lawful travel ban.

    Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

    A 10 year old child could understand the wording.

    This is the problem with having lying Jews holding positions in our government and courts. I’ve seen it before where people litigate with Jews and have Jewish judges.

    With lying Jew judges, your contract and the law mean nothing, they’ll just re-write your contract on the fly in court and twist laws to rape, rob and plunder the goys. This is why Jews have to avoided like the black plague.

    Lifetime tenure for federal judges is insane. Judges that answer to know one, and then you get this clown Gorsuch, saying essentially, don’t even whisper a word against the corrupt judiciary, it’s disheartening.

    Trump needs to kick Gorsuch to the curb, pass legislation to stop lifetime tenure for judges. Limit a judges tenure to a maximum of 4 years and set up a special judicial oversight committee with the authority to remove crooked judges that legislate from the bench.

    This judicial system we have now is rotten piece of meat filled with corrupt Jew maggots. It isn’t working.

    We have Jew judges over turning laws and rejecting voter’s wishes on limiting homosexual rights. Then these filthy liars try to assert it’s in the constitution.

    In 1787 homosexual perversion was outlawed in every state, and now some Jew judge assert, it’s constitutionally protected going back to 1787. No one wrote or signed the constitution to protect sexual perverts.

    The Jews are a demonic parasite, children of Satan, that God will soon righteously judge.

  22. zcimmerian says:

    The Jewdicial System proves its all in a name.We do not live in a Democracy no matter what Shlomo says.

  23. awed bawl says:

    (((bill kristol))) caught on tape:

  24. Johnny Draco says:

    The story about Simo Häyhä, one of the world’s greatest snipers and soldiers, who fought off the Soviet invasion of Finland. He had well over 500 confirmed kills with his sniper rifle, and 200 more with his sub-machine gun. The English captions in this video are not perfect, but it is the best presentation on Simo I could find.

  25. Smitherines says:

    Rerevisionist says:
    February 9, 2017 at 11:11 am

    Miles Mathis has an unflattering piece on ‘Bowie’ (and thinks his death was faked, plausibly enough).

    It’s also believed “Major Tom” (ashes to ashes) was another ode to
    Crowely: later”my mother said, to get things DONE, better not mess
    with Major Tom, he’s a JUNKIE strong out…” Crowley was a known
    drug addict too, heroin and other opiods!!!

    Death faked, possible: I think, like Jenner, he wanted a sex change, and what better
    way then fake death, change and go incognito???

  26. Smitherines says:

    strong: typo strung out meant to write

  27. Smitherines says:×245.jpg

    Trump Must Break Judicial Power
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Trump Must Break Judicial Power

    Friday – February 10, 2017

    “Disheartening and demoralizing,” wailed Judge Neil Gorsuch of President Trump’s comments about the judges seeking to overturn his 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. from the Greater Middle East war zones.

    What a wimp. Did our future justice break down crying like Sen. Chuck Schumer? Sorry, this is not Antonin Scalia. And just what horrible thing had our president said?

    A “so-called judge” blocked the travel ban, said Trump. And the arguments in court, where 9th Circuit appellate judges were hearing the government’s appeal, were “disgraceful.” “A bad student in high school would have understood the arguments better.”

    Did the president disparage a couple of judges? Yep.

    Yet compare his remarks to the tweeted screeds of Elizabeth Warren after her Senate colleague, Jeff Sessions, was confirmed as attorney general.

    Sessions, said Warren, represents “radical hatred.” And if he makes “the tiniest attempt to bring his racism, sexism & bigotry” into the Department of Justice, “all of us” will pile on.

    Now this is hate speech. And it validates Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s decision to use Senate rules to shut her down.

    These episodes reveal much about America 2017.

    They reflect, first, the poisoned character of our politics. The language of Warren — that Sessions is stepped in “racism, sexism & bigotry” echoes the ugliest slander of the Hillary Clinton campaign, where she used similar words to describe Trump’s “deplorables.”

    Such language, reflecting as it does the beliefs of one-half of America about the other, rules out any rapprochement in America’s social or political life. This is pre-civil war language.

    For how do you sit down and work alongside people you believe to be crypto-Nazis, Klansmen and fascists? Apparently, you don’t. Rather, you vilify them, riot against them, deny them the right to speak or to be heard.

    And such conduct is becoming common on campuses today.

    Read More At:

  28. Smitherines says:

    “For how do you sit down and work alongside people you believe to be crypto-Nazis, Klansmen and fascists? Apparently, you don’t. Rather, you vilify them, riot against them, deny them the right to speak or to be heard.”

    Exactly, extracted Pat’s piece: they do this academy award acting, and SCREAMING
    like Jews do to anyone who mentions inconsistencies with the Holocaust narrative,
    or SCIENCE saying much of it was IMPOSSIBLE to have occurred in an
    attempt to SILENCE any opposition to their “controlled narrative!”

  29. Smitherines says:

    “Meanwhile, Trump’s White House should use the arrogant and incompetent conduct of these federal judges to make the case not only for creating a new Supreme Court, but for Congress to start using Article III, Section 2, of the Constitution — to restrict the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, and to reclaim its stolen powers.

    A clipping of the court’s wings is long overdue.” Extracted Pat’s piece

  30. Jim says:

    We need more people like you exposing the truth of what has been going in our great nation. How our constitution has been amended to hell and interpreted to the wills of the Jewish supremacists. Im so fed up with all this multicultural crap. It’s almost impossible to find a nice white girl who is loyal to not only a man but her race. I really need to move out of NJ. Horrible place to be for someone such as myself. Not only does this state violate the 2nd ammendment by making it a huge chore to get a gun but we’ve aloud niggers to overrun, inhabit, and destroy everyone of our great cities. I’m so pissed I was born into this.

  31. Red Pill says:

    Jim says:
    February 18, 2017 at 2:21 am
    you can change where you live. get out of NJ to day.
    i left CA, the land of my birth and family 45 years ago.
    who the fuck in there right mind lives there now?
    no regrets, no city, no niggers, got guns,
    and the 2nd amendment is alive and well in Texas.

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