Useful Idiots Promoting Public Bathroom Pervs

By Phillip Marlowe

You might have heard President Trump signed an executive order last week stopping any federal effort to try to tell States how to legislate bathroom laws. Boy, did the libtards act like that was so bad! You might think something as little as that would be accepted by liberals. But hell no. These people are, frankly, totally insane when it comes to this “diversity” and “tolerance” nonsense.

You might laugh at my creepy gif photo above illustrating the topic, like I’m some kind of over-the-top “extremist.” But I assure you, there’s plenty of perverts out there just like that. For real. I can tell you a few stories I’ve seen with my own two eyes or what sick things friends told me of seeing disturbed nuts do in public.

I’ve embedded a Mark Dice video below. In it, Dice references (1:42 in) a Breitbart article listing 25 recent examples of perverts in public bathrooms, that FAKE NEWS CNN morning moron, Chris Cuomo (left) ignored during a twitter argument. Please go HERE to read. In this day and age of cellphone video and liberal lunacy, you will not believe all the peeping tom pervert crap!

Now I’m not the kind of guy who tries to tell you I’m all so sweet and innocent, etc., etc. Plenty of babes could tell you I’m a normal red-blooded man when you get me alone. But I just think the normal hetero male/female set-up should be the way society is governed. Anything else gives sick dirtbags with plainly obvious mental disorders free reign to satisfy completely disgusting urges — including molesting little kiddies. Practically all regular Americans I think would agree with me whole-heartedly.

Jillian T. Weiss, Executive Director at Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, was on FOX’s Tucker Carlson the other night promoting bathroom tranny nonsense. Weiss was born a Jew boy in the Bronx. “IT” succeeds another Jew creep, Michael Silverman, in the position. No surprise, there.

I used to wonder why all this kind of BS was going down in America. Head scratching, thinking about it. But no more. Once I understood the vile sickness of Jewry infecting America’s brains, everything fell together. As they say: The scales fell from my eyes.

Basically, the filthy Jews have been trying to completely rewire the country into some kind of pervert heaven. Since so many Jews are fags, lezzies or bizarre trannys themselves, they aim to perv up enough of us so they can feel comfortable getting their dirty freak on.

From the start, Jews have been behind the immorality of Hollywood and the pornography industry — where women and men are degraded into recreational sex whores with no loving relationships. Faggotry and confused tranny sexuality inhibit White reproduction and destroys the Christian family unit. All these things are part and parcel to the long-running Jewish moral subversions of the West.

The less of us Whites, the better for the NWO. This is the general long-term goal of International Jewry, without a doubt.

Looking at the situation with all this in mind, everything falls together.

In fact, once you look at all the dirty crap these self-absorbed, arrogant Jew bastards promote in our lands, you will be just as pissed as moi. Hell, maybe more so.

If that wasn’t bad enough, these brainwashers expect you to just go along with it. Say one thing and they scream “HATER” at the top of their lungs. It’s crazy the PC BS these creeps have done to our brains.

Getting back to my rather rude photo gif at the top of this article. You may not believe this — because it’s kind of hard for decent folks to understand — there are indeed some sickos out there just like that guy wacking off while watching himself in a mirror as a confused little girl stumbles on the scene while out shopping with her mommy at the Target store. Such freaks are possibly even demonic.

Fooling or grossing out so-called “breeders” (what they call us heteros) or even innocent little children (like in public bathrooms) is huge sexual turn-on for such grotesque SOBs. The more outrageous and outlandishly perverted they can be that shocks your normal person, gives these creeps big woodies. For real.

Liberal idiots like Chris Cuomo may actually be one of these pervert types on the weekend. Hell, his Jew bosses at CNN might even be aware of it. Cuomo could have gotten his richly paid media job just because of a secret, vile self. Hell, the little bastard could be all dolled up in fishnets and garter belt right now as we speak!

I don’t want to see the decent America of my brave and brilliant Christian Forefathers turned into a sicko new Sodom and Gomorrah. Do you?

These Jews are truly one sick, sick bunch of troublemakers, people.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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28 Responses to Useful Idiots Promoting Public Bathroom Pervs

  1. Cowboy says:

    It`s the filthy kikes every single time.

  2. murphyinthewoods says:

    Part of the problem is many whites with a “live and let live,” inclusive philosophy just don’t understand how other people can be different. They are privileged to have grown up and to have associated with primarily other whites, which is good. Even if they live in the city, white people naturally stay mostly with whites (even if they don’t admit it). Again, this is good and natural, except that without the experience of these other types of people combined with the jew brainwashing, they project their own sense of decency onto other cultures and peoples and believe these people are the same as whites. So wrong! The others have different “souls” altogether, if they even have a soul.
    Similar in the case of perverts (who are indeed seriously mentally, spiritually, and eventually physically ill), I think many normal people who are now brainwashed just assume that the trans person or homosexual has exactly the same altruism, decency, and values as the normal, healthy person does. As if it’s just a normal guy putting on a gown and makeup, who has no other, deeper “quirks.” “Who am I to tell a grown man he shouldn’t wear a dress if he feels like it?”
    Most people are too brainwashed by the rats to really see.