Useful Idiots Promoting Public Bathroom Pervs

By Phillip Marlowe

You might have heard President Trump signed an executive order last week stopping any federal effort to try to tell States how to legislate bathroom laws. Boy, did the libtards act like that was so bad! You might think something as little as that would be accepted by liberals. But hell no. These people are, frankly, totally insane when it comes to this “diversity” and “tolerance” nonsense.

You might laugh at my creepy gif photo above illustrating the topic, like I’m some kind of over-the-top “extremist.” But I assure you, there’s plenty of perverts out there just like that. For real. I can tell you a few stories I’ve seen with my own two eyes or what sick things friends told me of seeing disturbed nuts do in public.

I’ve embedded a Mark Dice video below. In it, Dice references (1:42 in) a Breitbart article listing 25 recent examples of perverts in public bathrooms, that FAKE NEWS CNN morning moron, Chris Cuomo (left) ignored during a twitter argument. Please go HERE to read. In this day and age of cellphone video and liberal lunacy, you will not believe all the peeping tom pervert crap!

Now I’m not the kind of guy who tries to tell you I’m all so sweet and innocent, etc., etc. Plenty of babes could tell you I’m a normal red-blooded man when you get me alone. But I just think the normal hetero male/female set-up should be the way society is governed. Anything else gives sick dirtbags with plainly obvious mental disorders free reign to satisfy completely disgusting urges — including molesting little kiddies. Practically all regular Americans I think would agree with me whole-heartedly.

Jillian T. Weiss, Executive Director at Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund, was on FOX’s Tucker Carlson the other night promoting bathroom tranny nonsense. Weiss was born a Jew boy in the Bronx. “IT” succeeds another Jew creep, Michael Silverman, in the position. No surprise, there.

I used to wonder why all this kind of BS was going down in America. Head scratching, thinking about it. But no more. Once I understood the vile sickness of Jewry infecting America’s brains, everything fell together. As they say: The scales fell from my eyes.

Basically, the filthy Jews have been trying to completely rewire the country into some kind of pervert heaven. Since so many Jews are fags, lezzies or bizarre trannys themselves, they aim to perv up enough of us so they can feel comfortable getting their dirty freak on.

From the start, Jews have been behind the immorality of Hollywood and the pornography industry — where women and men are degraded into recreational sex whores with no loving relationships. Faggotry and confused tranny sexuality inhibit White reproduction and destroys the Christian family unit. All these things are part and parcel to the long-running Jewish moral subversions of the West.

The less of us Whites, the better for the NWO. This is the general long-term goal of International Jewry, without a doubt.

Looking at the situation with all this in mind, everything falls together.

In fact, once you look at all the dirty crap these self-absorbed, arrogant Jew bastards promote in our lands, you will be just as pissed as moi. Hell, maybe more so.

If that wasn’t bad enough, these brainwashers expect you to just go along with it. Say one thing and they scream “HATER” at the top of their lungs. It’s crazy the PC BS these creeps have done to our brains.

Getting back to my rather rude photo gif at the top of this article. You may not believe this — because it’s kind of hard for decent folks to understand — there are indeed some sickos out there just like that guy wacking off while watching himself in a mirror as a confused little girl stumbles on the scene while out shopping with her mommy at the Target store. Such freaks are possibly even demonic.

Fooling or grossing out so-called “breeders” (what they call us heteros) or even innocent little children (like in public bathrooms) is huge sexual turn-on for such grotesque SOBs. The more outrageous and outlandishly perverted they can be that shocks your normal person, gives these creeps big woodies. For real.

Liberal idiots like Chris Cuomo may actually be one of these pervert types on the weekend. Hell, his Jew bosses at CNN might even be aware of it. Cuomo could have gotten his richly paid media job just because of a secret, vile self. Hell, the little bastard could be all dolled up in fishnets and garter belt right now as we speak!

I don’t want to see the decent America of my brave and brilliant Christian Forefathers turned into a sicko new Sodom and Gomorrah. Do you?

These Jews are truly one sick, sick bunch of troublemakers, people.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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28 Responses to Useful Idiots Promoting Public Bathroom Pervs

  1. Cowboy says:

    It`s the filthy kikes every single time.

  2. murphyinthewoods says:

    Part of the problem is many whites with a “live and let live,” inclusive philosophy just don’t understand how other people can be different. They are privileged to have grown up and to have associated with primarily other whites, which is good. Even if they live in the city, white people naturally stay mostly with whites (even if they don’t admit it). Again, this is good and natural, except that without the experience of these other types of people combined with the jew brainwashing, they project their own sense of decency onto other cultures and peoples and believe these people are the same as whites. So wrong! The others have different “souls” altogether, if they even have a soul.
    Similar in the case of perverts (who are indeed seriously mentally, spiritually, and eventually physically ill), I think many normal people who are now brainwashed just assume that the trans person or homosexual has exactly the same altruism, decency, and values as the normal, healthy person does. As if it’s just a normal guy putting on a gown and makeup, who has no other, deeper “quirks.” “Who am I to tell a grown man he shouldn’t wear a dress if he feels like it?”
    Most people are too brainwashed by the rats to really see.

  3. murphyinthewoods says:

    Teach your children well; don’t let them be subjected for 7-8 hours a day by a brainwashed marxist school”teacher.” School is brainwashing machine number 1, followed closely by entertainment media, which seeks to normalize the most repellent doctrines.
    My children KNOW that trans and other perverts are mentally ill, and to stay away from them. It is not so difficult to teach what is obvious.

  4. Joe Btfsplk says:

    re the caulk up at the Oscars:

    Scratching my chin whiskers, the first thought was affirmative action may be involved.

    Price-Waterhouse Coopers has accepted full responsibility.

    “. . .PwC’s representatives were Brian Cullinan, a partner at the firm — and, according to his bio on the company’s website, a Matt Damon lookalike — and Martha Ruiz, the second woman to serve as a PwC Oscars tabulator. . .”

  5. Recon Ranger says:

    I had to take a hell of a dump this past saturday… went to the nordstrom store because they have a new and very clean shitter… I must say that it is difficult for me to hold it and I noticed the smaller unit being used and with a waiting line…. So I went over to the larger handicapped stall and it was busy… I waited and waited and finally losing my patience knocked on the door and some guy said… BEING USED.!!. I let it go for too much time then went down stairs… those were full as well… ( liberal Marin types full of shit ) I return upstairs 15 minutes later ready to shit my pants…. knocked on the handicapped door and the same voice returns…BEING USED !!.. So I was finally able to use the smaller one next door….Did my business and noticed some kind of strange silence next door all the time keeping my awareness… thought it to be a little strange… because it had been far to long for anyone to have to take a shit…. So I get out and wash my hands and this one fag looking pervert leaves the stall in a hurry… I look back and there is a jacket hanging down from inside the door… I take my time to wash my hands and not to my surprise here comes another pervert faggot out of the same stall… it was all I could do to prevent myself from shoving his head in the toilet and drown the bastard… I guess the way I presented my demeanor made this fucking fool pervert hit the road fast…God only knows what went on in there… What I am trying to put across here is that for the extreme amount of time they were in there it could have been a young boy under a mad man’s control. No one hangs in the shitter that long to know what is going on… I don’t… I guess the delay for me to actually use the bathroom was heaven sent in one respect so that I could actually more or less witness by default what is happening in our public bathrooms…. It is not a joke… perversion is real and all over the place… for all of you patriots out there who have young children and grandchildren best beware and always on guard for these filthy bastards…. as far as I know there are no cameras in these bathrooms….Sooooo, it is real possible to send a pervert to nirvana if caught in a bathroom… he/she or it can be taught a lesson… we Americans are sick of this shit…. RR

    • INCOG MAN says:


      Yep, you just stumbled on a faggot tryst. Homos are the most promiscuous slut puppys on the planet. They might live with a fag at home, but have “encounters” with other homos during the day. Little wonder they are the most diseased ridden “community” on the planet. A real vector for diseases.

  6. Red Pill says:

    “I don’t want to see the decent America of my brave and brilliant Christian Forefathers turned into a sicko new Sodom and Gomorrah. Do you?.”

    INCOGMAN, we are already there, the America of our brave and brilliant Christian Forefathers is as dead as they are.

    do you want the answer?
    our brave and brilliant Christian Forefathers lived by the precepts brought
    directly from the bible and applied them is their lives and every thing they

    now we have a bunch of psychopathic, antichrist, satanic demon inspired
    spawn from hell over us.

    if it’s to be fixed we must go back to were we once were.
    personally i believe it way to late as a nation to return.
    best we do it as individuates, save your soul.

    i will spare the nonbelievers the details.

  7. Red Pill says:

    you can swat at flies all day long and complain.
    until the shit is cleaned up and buried,
    all you can do is bitch and moan.
    no one is coming to our aid.
    we must start at home before you can give advice to others.
    that’s right, we are the ones that left the door open.
    our brave and brilliant Christian Forefathers are spinning in there graves.

    don’t look to be a victim as do the joo’s do.
    you can only change you,
    and with any effort you may inspire others to do as such.
    I, for one am sick of the bull shit of self pity.

  8. Red Pill says:

    take a shit @ Nordstroms

    Nordstrom’s in big trouble as full-line stores report fifth straight quarter of declines
    It was only a matter of time before the Nordstrom’s felt the pinch of the consumer pullback.

  9. carnac123 says:

    One of my majors in college was History and I graduated. I say this only because some lib may think I am simply talking out of my head. I know history well. I am here to say that one of the main factors in the demise of a nation is when immorality like homosexuality is so comfortable it is thrown in the faces of the common folk. When homosexuals and peadophiles can openly protest, demand things, and do their sickness in the open with no push-back, the country that allows that is on their way out. Whether their behavior causes the fall or is a symptom of falling,…they are still the ‘canaries in the coal mine’ test.

  10. Red Pill says:

    One of my majors in school was counting the holes in the acoustic tiles on the ceiling.
    i was thrown out of school in the 11th grade.
    they had determined that i could not be taught, and how correct they were.
    so basically i flunked out.
    then i joined the Navy and on my discharge i was not recommend for reenlistment.
    then in the employment sector the longest job i ever had was 6 years.
    left with out choices i became self employed and made and spent 3/4 million
    dollars in 7 years. broke to bust several times.

    what i am thankful for is that i could not be taught, and never “fit” in socially,
    and had few friends.
    but the one thing i can do is learn.
    when i came awake 14 years ago, i had little baggage to unload.
    so it never became a hindrance to acquiring knowledge.

    there is much to unlearn before one can relearn the whole truth.
    you can’t upload new knowledge if your mental hard drive is full of taught crap.
    AKA as brainwashing.

    i will be 73 on February the 29th, but the pope stole my birthday.

    carnac123 says:he learned history, today it’s not even taught and no one
    is interested in learning it.
    you got to learn it on your own because it’s not what you think it is.
    just saying.

  11. brian boru says:

    A society that tolerates homosexuality is on the downward slide. A society that approves and acclaims it is in terminal decline unless radical steps are taken. A few generations ago every medical establishment in the western world categorised homosexuality as a mental illness. Virtually everywhere it was also a criminal offence. Now, however, it is being promoted from the top down. As most of us on here understand many of our ‘leaders’ are compromised open or secret practitioners of this perversion who are forcing it on society.
    The jew argument that what people do in private is of no concern to the people is, naturally, a lie. Homosexuality has many detrimental effects on society at large; the most obvious being the cost in medical treatment that the taxpayers have to cover. Homos have a disease rate that is off the scale in comparison to normal people, and not just ailments such as syphilis or AIDS. They are afflicted with all sorts of strange cancers, blood disorders and parasites which normal people do not suffer from. Additionally, they have a murder rate, suicide rate, drug abuse rate and mental illness rate off the scale in comparison with society at large. It is no surprise to learn that the average homo dies in his early forties in comparison to normal men who die on average in their late seventies. The general public is slowly coming to realise the danger that this practice poses to them but at too slow a rate and they are being continuously mislead by the establishment which has a vested interest in continuing to promote it. The greatest threat is to the youth and, in my opinion, only the most violent reaction in dealing with it will solve the problem. White peoples’ greatest failing is their tolerance of what should not be tolerated. In an all white society it works fine but with the jew in charge it leads to catastrophe.

  12. American born says:

    Here is an interesting story about niggers and their ju ju witchcraft. This just happened here in Vegas:

    Note the look in the eyes of the buck nigger. He almost looks as if he wants to laugh. These Stone Age relics need to be shipped back to Africa ASAP.

  13. Erik says:

    Incog ;

    You make me smile each and every day.
    To even have just ONE voice in this world who sees and knows the truth is frickin’ beautiful.
    Hey, I’m curious what you think of Brother Nathanael ?

  14. Red Pill says:

    Killing Babies in Abortions is Now a Fashion Statement

    2017 is quickly becoming the year of Hollywood pushing liberal politics at awards ceremonies and in the fashion industry. And abortion giant Planned Parenthood is proving to be big player.

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    So I try to give my son “the talk” when he was 12 years old. I say son one thing for sure in this world.. what’s that dad? women are different than men. oh really? yeah not just in their lack of a dick and a vagina instead but the fact that they think differently too. And they are supposed to use different bathrooms. You see women mostly have to sit down to pee. Really? what else dad? Well there is a whole lot else on this subject but the main thing is that women don’t think the same way we do either. Women like to watch people sew quilts on tv and us men like to watch football and drink beer and eat chicken wings from buffalo. I’ll just cut to the chase son, and don’t tell your sister I said this. women are aliens. Yep that’s right sent from outer space through a place called area 51 in Nevada. And they want you to breed with them in an exercise called sex. It feels good but that’s what they want it to feel like, just to get you hooked. So don’t do it son and use one of these heavy duty rubbers and don’t drink and drive and that concludes my weekly safety briefing of the week.

  16. Barney says:

    Not quite on-topic, but not too far off.

    Harold Covington has a video on JewTube (if it hasn’t been taken down) entitled “Why I say nigger”, explaining why we must resist Orwellian speech-crime “laws” and conventions.

    This page though (that’s a link) explains the same thing in much more detail. It’s quite a long read, but worth it imho.

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    Went through the military too. Faggots were illegal as they should be. Very few women also but that wasn’t a crime . don’t ask don’t tell. don’t make jokes about faggots. ok so it is ok to be a faggot and anybody that likes real women is a criminal. then the transfaggot shit. I never thought I would live to see the day a Chelsea manning could get married in the base chapel of love. I guess I did live that long. Are you that hard up no pun intended for recruits that they don’t even have to be a boy or a girl anymore or a citizen from this country? Cant a recruiter even ask you to drop your shorts and reveal your panties anymore before you get on the bus gus? What the fuck kind of chicken shit jew bullshit faggot queer outfit is this anyway? We have a special job for you son guarding missiles in south Dakota you’ll love the place nice and warm and good food too. Sign here. We’ll be needing your mothers and fathers signatures also. two man concept. There is and were very good reasons for a 2 man concept back then. First, women are bitches and make you want to shoot them fuck the Iranian terroorists. Second, they are even worse bitches when they are on the rag so you want to shoot every innocent bitch in town also just to keep them from fucking with people. So I take the truck to town with this female to put gas in the truck and she starts asking me why am I putting gas in the truck I say because it runs better when it has gas in the tank and the heater don’t work either. This is going to be a long night do you have your kitbag with the long underwear? My panties are none of your business. They are my damn business bitch because I aint going to give you mine except for this one time. Better ask me next ahead of time. Where are we going? Somewhere here on the map only thing I know about it is that the place sucks. And blows. And we will be there for three fucking days guarding this fucking missile silo so shut the fuck up and use the johnny now because once this truck leaves this gas station we may never be found again. we didn’t have free sailfones back then either.

  18. murphyinthewoods says:

    Barney, great links… I couldn’t find the video on Youtube but I found an audio clip of “Why I say nigger” on the northwest front site. Here it is for anyone else interested:

    Very important point!

    On a separate but related note, I had to go to the dentist today and to my surprise the assistant was a nigger. I don’t live in a big city; I live in a place that is 98.9 percent white (on purpose!). The she boon was polite, although clumsy and forgetful of what the dentist instructed her; but I do not like being touched by a nigger! It was very uncomfortable for me, and I wasn’t sure how to proceed in that circumstance, since I was really put on the spot about it. I don’t really want to change dentists… I purposefully selected this dentist because at this practice none of them are jews. What a sorry state of affairs. I am going to call next time and ask in advance for one of the normal assistants by name.

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    I was only kidding they never had women in the missile security fields back then. For good reasons. I think they tried it once and the bitch got pregnant and the jews stole a missile with a nuclear warhead on top. But there was definetly women in the service back then, Ugly ones. Hideious ones. My wife was an exception. But most of the women in the service back then were like women championing the abortion rights of today. Holy fuck don’t take that seriously they were meant to scare us off. Do you want one of THESE hanging around your neck every day? Hell no I would rather go run in front of a machine gun and take myself out with a grenade! If I’m going to die eventually anyway I’ll take the fast exit not the slow death by female bitching torture. Or making me watch and listen to jews on tv stuff. Death by watching oprah and the jew skank whore pig bitches on the view!!!! No judge anything but that. I swear I will pay my surviellience camera speeding tickets on time! I sentence you to watching the jewlywood Oscars reruns on the red carpet through the whole thing reruns for the next ten years or until you kill yourself whichever comes first. Sheriff arpaio has nothing on these jews fuck the baloney sandwiches. I’ll never turn right on red without coming to a complete stop in this fucking county again.

  20. protocolsRtrue says:

    I pity the poor fools that have to endure not only their wives bitching about every little thing.. the sun could be brighter today and I hate waking up in the morning stuff. But the guys that have to deal with mother in laws also. Telling you they hate the day you married her daughter she could have done so much better with a nice jewish boy doctor or lawsuit ambulance chasing lawyer. You’re thinking I wonder if her head will fit in the garbage disposal? How many times will I need to smash it with this hammer to make it shut up? Get out of my rocking chair bitch! Your daughters pussy aint that good and neither was yours obviously. And if your old man was still alive I would smash him in the head with this hammer also. But he’s already dead.

  21. protocolsRtrue says:

    The two man concept nuclear security started and died in this day in south Dakota. I swear to gosh bitch if you start bitching about your husband and boyfriends and kids again I will shoot you right through your fucking head with this m 16 loaded and ready to fire. I got women of my own problems. I told you to pick up some extra rags and tampons at the last gas station did you do it? This truck stinks bad enough as it is I don’t want you menstruating all over the seats for the next 3 days it’s fucking freezing outside and the motor pool guys will have to run it through the truck crusher s truck shredder machine. But they didn’t have the small size tampons and female napkins. You wish bitch you needed a junior sized napkin I’m thinking of the guys building the hoover dam 22 of those guys were killed trying to hold back that flow. And no the trucks didn’t have radios back then either we just had motorolla bricks so we could call back to the officers and ask if we can shoot some rabbits and sodaks. The officers would say it’s ok to shoot the bunney rabbits but not the sodaks.

  22. John Taurus says:

    Fudge packing is an old Zionist tradition. The Zionists were penis worshipers before adopting Judaism as a front to cover their real religion of Devil worship. Now, the Jews are trying to shove homosexuality down our throats….pun intended. Ellen the Degenerate has a television talk show primarily because she is a lesbian. Country music videos, which are produced by Jews, have men kissing men, Black me kissing White women, and White men kissing Black women. Jewish brainwashing. Watch a video by the Brothers Osborn. Almost every country music video has something deviant going on in it. Of course, I don’t call the trash they produce now Country Music. It is trash. Soon there will be a “Country” singer doing a song called the “Bunghole Boogie” and it will feature some Black guy fudge packing some White guy. Just a matter of time. The Jews are evil to the core and destruction is their game. Where has common sense gone? White people are sooooooo easily manipulated. White people need to get their heads out of their azzzzzzes. IT’s FUDGEPACKING TIME IN GEORGIA!!!!!

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    I have a thousand stupid war stories. My wife is 4 feet 7 inches tall I ask how the fuck did they let you in the military your supposed to be able to lift 70 pounds. You only weigh 80 Fucking pounds soaking wet. They made me carry and fire a rifle her was like I don’t even know but we need to fill some quotas here. Fill a desk chair. So stupid war stories go on and on I swear to Gosh I was arguing with a sand nigger over the price of gasoline petrol in sand nigger land. I said man dude I don’t want to argue with you over the price of gas I don’t even speak sand nigger Ahab language So he was getting mad and I was getting mad don’t make me shoot you stuff . I called for oly from the upper peninsula of Michigan he’s like 6 foot 4 inches tall and he hates sand niggers and this whole place to begin with. He says whats the fucking problem and suddenly there was no problem anymore. Then I say see that guy snoozing inn the back chair of this truck? That’s Charlie I swear to Gosh that’s his real name and he is a sergeant in the American army. . That is a real nigger has 8 kids at home and a couple of baby mommas. Don’t make charly mad. He has two switches the on button and the off button. Just like his rifle and don’t make me wake him up because it will be a bloodbath and there will not be any survivors within 4 miles of this fucking petrol station In Saudi ahabia.

  24. S O G says:

    yeah recon i know the place geographical location …did some construction there when they built the place 30 + years ago ..marin the most fucked up county in the usa ..even washington deecee hates jerry brown ..takes some doing and the filthy sack .likker gavin newsome …california is drowning in jew sewage…..fuckin new law makes any single stall shitter a non gender race for the stall …except they removed the stalls and so instead of two at a time as in 1 urinal and one throne in a stall they are taking out the stalls walls etc so that there wont actually be a gender mix in the bathroom and here i thought that ewas their goal right ???…more rediculous polemics in the jew sewer ….yeah never allow your kids to venture anywhere alone in public ..even in big cities people pout their kids on leashes to keep em secure from grabbers and such …
    jews steal 200,000 kids a year in america …..yeah if the fafs were that quiet they wernt the free wonderful sexually superior to straights that the jews propagandize …even nfags know no one wants their filthy shit pushed in faces of straights …thats the issue …instead of keeping the shit in the closet they get to spectacularize their filth in the faces of the “normal”public and who want to see that shit …
    sodom and gamhorra ….a bunch of jew ceenters got hit with phone calls from that nigger around the bay area …big news ..the kikes use it all as a way to whinre and be victims so the nigger wont be executed by the jews any time soon …

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