Criminal Blacks Murder White Women ALL THE TIME

By Phillip Marlowe

Last Tuesday, Corrina Meheil, 34, a visiting artist at the Corcoran School of Art and Design was found tied up and stabbed bloodily to death in the basement apartment of a rowhouse in Northwest Washington, DC. Her rotting corpse wasn’t found for almost 2 days after she was probably murdered. DC cops have released “POI” (“person” of interest) surveillance shots; as you can see (above right) it’s another footloose, free-ranging black animal.

Corrina was a big liberal. One of her art school colleagues told a reporter: “Corrina was a feminist who wanted to end violence against women… ” From Corrina’s own blog: “Hillary Rodham Clinton was a part of that narrative. My Mom required me to read ‘It takes a Village’…This year has been exciting and terrifying. So many tragedies inflicted on the full spectrum of non-white males in my country… Crying to my father after watching Philando Castile [black] pass in real time in front of the whole world…others rallied around chants of hate and fear toward people of color…”

Hilarious seeing such liberal fools get a close-up taste of how blacks are really like, huh? I guess the poor woman couldn’t pull off a big Kung Fu style move on her black killer like they do in all the ridiculous, CGI-loaded female empowerment movies put out by Jew Hollywood every minute. Reality is a bitch!

Downtown Washington, DC is so full of worthless, criminal blacks, grocery stores don’t dare sell beer — not because of drunken behavior out on the streets — but simply because the jigs will walk on in and steal the product at will. I found that out myself one hot summer night during a business trip to the nation’s capitol when I desired a few cold ones to enjoy back in my hotel room. I somewhat foolishly decided to take a quick hike to a store listed in the yellow pages. The clerk laughed when I asked where the beer was. I was probably taking my life in my hands just walking in that neighborhood after dark.

Corrina Meheil (left) with idiot congress creep Nancy Pelosi at a liberal art fundraiser event for black kids.

Doped-up, thieving blacks steal brewskies all the time. They will just grab up a big 12 or 24 pack and saunter on out the door like they own the place. Try to stop them and they might shoot you dead on the spot. Talk to any convenience store clerk and you’ll hear all kinds of stories about how blacks really act. Chinks hate them.

In December, a Washington DC apeman cut off his court-ordered ankle monitor and abducted Tricia McCauley, a popular local actress and yoga instructor on her way to meet friends at a Christmas dinner party. The woman didn’t make it.

A couple of days later they found her raped, beaten, tied-up and strangled dead body stuffed rudely down into the backseat floorboards of her own car after the SOB cruised around town a bit, probably doping it up with the dough he stole from her.

McCauley’s black killer told cops some BS story that he didn’t know it was illegal to strangle her to death when she asked him to kill her after having sex with him on the sidewalk. Right. That’s what the psycho bastard made up to police in the lame attempt to excuse himself.

Idiot liberal White women don’t realize how many of these crazy black animals are out there ready to kill them just to get laid, get some quick dope money and/or sheer giggles at killing a White person. Happens all the time.

This crime is definitely not uncommon, sorry to say. Somewhere between 100 and 200 Whites are murdered in the US on a monthly basis by blacks, if you also include mudsharks and associated White family and friends slaughtered at the same time by a black gone bonkers over whatever little thing.

Blacks will kill you dead and not think twice about it.

Also on Monday last week, a beautiful 19 year-old White woman named Kelsey Sue Tennant walked into her Tulsa, Oklahoma apartment after leaving work early. Her timing was most unfortunate. A black neighbor was busy ripping her off. He chased her down, beat and strangled the poor girl almost dead. As she lay dying, he continued rummaging through her things. He also shot and wounded her White boyfriend, Riley Allen, when he came to the apartment to find out if anything was wrong. The guy somehow escaped with minor injury, but his girlfriend was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The lousy ape bastard had only gotten away with a murder charge in January, 2016.

Blacks are totally a criminal class. Always have been. This diversity BS has been a complete and utter lie to White Americans. Black bastards don’t care one iota if you’re a big liberal or not. They just care about getting away — often with your murder.

Be a man or woman, you should carry a concealable 9mm semi auto at the ready, loaded to the gunnels with high velocity CORBON +P 125 grain hollow point slugs. Drill the stinking Negro who is threatening your life and don’t stop touching off rounds until you see the ape twitching on the ground. The dirty punk had it coming “IN SPADES.” LOL.

Hell, I’d nicely ask responding police officers if they would kindly take a picture of me as I kneeled down smiling next to his stone cold dead corpse like I was on Safari in Africa (in a way, I would be). But that’s just hard core little old me, I suppose.

Just kidding. Don’t do that or the libtards will have a fit. Hell, they’d probably put your face on national TV as an example of a big racist. Liberals don’t care anything about White people’s lives. Just take inner satisfaction for a job well-done and a big congratulations in advance from INCOG MAN.



Here’s the jig who killed the liberal.

Corrina wasn’t dead for almost 2 days. She was being TORTURED while he took his own sweet time cleaning out her bank account. Then he killed her. He probably raped and sexually assaulted her. too. No telling what God-awful things he did.

El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure, 28, was arrested Monday night (about a week after the crime) and has been charged with first-degree murder while armed and theft one in connection with Corrina Mehiel’s death.

We need to start HANGING these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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48 Responses to Criminal Blacks Murder White Women ALL THE TIME

  1. martel says:

    have no sympathy for any bitch that cks black animals, so I am in fact glad everytime one of the pigs gets a real sense of what they love so much,

  2. Gemjunior says:

    I wonder what she was thinking during her ordeal, and then as this asshole strangled her? Was she wondering who was at fault for this poor innocent creature turning so violent against her – anger and black rage against her for her privilege? Hmm I guess what really matters is forgiving and not tarring all black people with the same brush, one bad apple and all that. Ahem. Never relax, ever.

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’ll finish your sentence Martell. You wanted niggers? You got them! Have fun living (or dying) by them now. And paying for them. tee hee, ha haa, hoo hoo. PRTs LAUGHING at you you, you you, you you. Keep paying for your own destruction stupid fucks!! Or.. How about this one. You made your own bed bitch now die in it stabbed to death and most times set on fire too. May not apply in this case most are raped and murdered by random stranger nigger animal predators but just as common is a nigger animal they were having a relationship with. Happens every fucking day just like the Incogman said. Oh well like I said you wanted to have niggers walking around amongst civilized human beings in the name of equality and justice for all then you have to accept the consequences of so many murdered slaughtered perfectly good humans. Not to mention all the other crimes and carnage and mayhem and destruction. You wanted to live in the third world country of jews and their stupid ass pet niggers called dc. It turned out to be a short life didn’t it.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    Rest in Peace by the way I always say that I’m guessing you are jewish otherwise we would have never heard about it in the first place just another white person murdered by a nigger move along now nothing to see here. Plus the feminist shit the artist shit what libtard arts Marxist commie Bolshevik jew indoctrination center degree did she attend. No wonder she has to go to dc to look for a worthless hire me to do nothing job. Sure it’s time to start playing hardball with these scumbag jews and libtards and their stupid ass pet niggers. But before you all start calling ME a racist and shit remember this… I DIDN’T KILL the bitch. Some NIGGER did it. So it was a NIGGER that violated her most basic of human rights and civil rights. HER right to LIFE! Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Put THAT up on your fucking signs blacks lives matter and get mad if somebody says ALL lives matter. It’s the jews stupid!! And their stupid ass pet fucking niggers.

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    What I said was kind of harsh. But then again let this most recent one be another warning. It’s not like we haven’t warned them Incogman regulars. And now it just gets from we warned you to we told you so. And we have been warning you and telling you so for decades now. But you still refuse to listen. And now you are dead. And you cannot blame me anymore either.

  6. Nationalist says:

    Liberals should look much deeper into why they maintain attitudes that have no fundamental basis in history, religion (any religion but especially the Christian religion) or reality. If these liberal ideas are so right then how come even most liberals up until the year 1900 (a relatively recent year compared with how long people and civilization have been around) didn’t believe such nonsense – that Blacks are decent, cool and intelligent people worth having around. Perhaps their top 5% but 5% isn’t good enough, Whites should have higher standards than that. The lower our standards go the lower our standard of living will be and anyone can see our standard of living gets worse every year. I don’t care if I am the last White person on Earth to believe the Bible, we were not meant to live among apes. Simple logic would dictate that oceans and mountains exist for a reason and that is to keep the races separate.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    Ramble on. What a difference an election makes. I watched our real attorney General today say that the federal government under the doj will be cutting off all the fake jew federal reserve debt notes grant money to sanctuary shitties if they don’t start cooperating with federal laws regarding illegal alien immigrant criminals. ( I mean undocumented workers. There, is that better?). What a difference an election makes. The erection holder jew stupid ass pet nigger attorney private asfirmative action diversity hire and promote minority set aside jew stupid ass pet nigger leaves the doj and gets hired 100,000 dollars a month by the state of California to fight for the rights of people who are in this country illegally. Good for the taxpayers of California. One less stupid nigger in too. But you have to realize that this jew stupid ass pet nigger was supposed to be an attorney private fighting for our immigration LAWS in the first place! Not spend eight years fighting against them. But then again, that’s why jews pretend to like their pet stupid ass niggers so much. because jews know niggers are stupid too and use the stupid nigger silly putty brains to help destroy America and white people. Niggers are so damn stupid… How stupid are they PRT? Niggers are so damn stupid… get this… Niggers are so fucking stupid… Niggers actually believe that the jews will keep giving them free food and free housing and free medical care and free cash and free schools and even free sailfones after the real working white taxpayers are gone!!!?? That’s how fucking stupid niggers really are!! Niggers think jews are their best friends and would never lie to them or betray them or stab them in the back because jews pretend to like niggers so much!! TeeHee HaHa Hoo Hoo but it’s true. Oh what the fuck we’re only 20 trillion in hard debt and 80 trillion in unfunded LIE-abilities just let the jews keep printing more to pay for their pet niggers and now the other colors jews pretend to like so much. I aint paying for my own destruction and my countries destruction anymore let it all collapse and niggers gone wild when the ebt cards get rejected insufficient funds start killing niggers and jews day has dawned. But the jews will be lining up for flights to israil. Don’t let the jews leave. Let them reap what they have sown. You pretended to like niggers jewboys and jewgirls? Here you go. You got them. Every flight to israil needs to be a one way ticket and half seats filled with jews and the other half seats filled with their stupid ass pet niggers. See if the jews like the niggers so much then.

  8. Luna says:

    Another nigger loving bitch got DIEversified by one of her pet apes! I always follow rule#1. AVOID THE GROID! ALWAYS!

  9. Whitepride says:

    I would love to see all these filthy effin apes murdered!

  10. Barney says:

    Not (yet) living in a seriously nigger-infested area, I could be completely wrong on this, but it seems to me that niggers hardly ever attack ugly White Women.

    Niggers are obscenely ugly, and they know it. Niggerines (female niggers) are even uglier.

    The fact of our existence serves as a continual reminder to these primitive animals that even the least attractive of Our People is a vast improvement on anything they could ever hope to be, and it drives them mad with rage, so they want to defile and destroy our most beautiful women.

    In the past, as it will be in the near future, the penalty for violating, or even insulting, one of Our Womenfolk was – and will be – a severe flogging followed by hanging. No society can survive among dangerous wild animals, and we won’t have to tolerate them for very much longer.

    If “law enforcement” won’t do what has to be done, the local community will have to revert to Natural Law, as in the case of Leo Frank.

    Shoot to kill if threatened. Hang those apes that have already committed an atrocity against our race/species and make plans to send the rest back to their natural habitat. They’re no longer needed as farm animals, and they can’t cope with civilisation, so why are they still here?

    I’m not an American (I’m English), but I seem to remember something about a line in the US constitution that starts “The right of the people to keep and bear arms …”. Nothing in there about permits or differentiating between “open” and “concealed” carry, so exercise your constitutional rights, which are also a duty. Sooner or later we’ll have to start doing the same over here, but guns are more difficult to obtain. Niggers have them. Humans don’t.

    A violent species like the nigger (including the sand nigger) should be kept in a cage until it can be returned to the wild. They don’t belong among Humans.

    Send them all back where they came from, niggers back to the jungle, sand niggers back to the deserts, jews back to hell.

    I’m slowly working my way through Banjo Billy’s e-book “Muslim Werewolves” (I call them moslems – they hate it). Some Christians may find a few things to object to, but it’s a good insight into the ape-like minds of moslems and jews. You’ll find it near the bottom of the page at this link.

    Good work Billy, as always.

  11. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Our fathers handed this country over to Juden and untermenschen, so being in my right White mind, I naturally became a National Socialist/ historical revisionist.

    It is a lonely and hazardous journey with few fellow travelers.

    Three things that will bring a Jew imposed death sentence are coming to Jewmerica.

    Being a NSDAP “sympathizer”, rejecting the holohoax narrative, and an unwavering belief in Christ The Redeemer.

    Being all racis n sheet goes along with the above off course.

  12. Steamed McQueen says:

    White women who date or even associate with blacks deserve what they get because these women have been repeatedly warned as to what will almost certainly happen to them.

  13. John Taurus says:

    Charles Manson has had numerous news articles and movies made about his crimes. Blacks commit such crimes every day in every city in the Jewnited States…..yet those crimes are seldom mentioned outside the area in which they occured. Blacks are a violent group of animals…notice I did not say “Humans”. Blacks are not human. Blacks go to the same schools and colleges as White people and twice the money is spent educating them as is Whites, yet, they cannot pass the same tests….an example is the New York state’s teachers exam which was suspended because it was “weeding out Blacks and Hispanics”. Whites had better wake up to the violent Black problem we have in this country. The Jews constantly stir up racial trouble whenever a White person shoots a Black person in self-defense….Blacks are all “Gentle Giants” who have been mistreated. Personally, I would like to see Whites arm themselves and practice self-defense to send forth the message that White people are DANGEROUS PREY. Predators will soon learn it may result in the death of the predator when they attack a White person. Too many bleeding heart liberals don’t have a clue that they don’t have a clue when it comes to Black criminals.

  14. Gene says:

    I would say from the number of killings of white people, seriously, they can be called a national security threat and shipped back to Africa!

    It’s bad enough for one white person to suffer death at the hands of these worthless negro apes, but thousands and thousands of whites have been slaughtered by them. Enough is enough! Ship them ALL out.

    The ones that are innocent, well they will just have to pay for the crimes of the others. They ALL have to go!

  15. Gene says:

    Send ALL the Jews back to Israel where a glass parking lot can be made out of it.

    ALL Jews need to prepare to leave the U.S.. The overwhelming backlash that has started will continue to grow until ALL Jews will clamor for a safe place. These stinking Jews are a problem, just like Hitler said they are.

    Hell, the Jews didn’t go to ovens. They starved a lot because Hitler was feeding the troops that were fighting first! As well he should have. So the Jews were fed last, naturally, and had little to eat. The HOAXACOST is a joke and a lie!

    No wonder Bobby Fischer hated Jews. He said the U.S. “is a filthy Jew country. Round up hundreds of thousands of Jewish Ringleaders and execute them”.

  16. Gene says:

    Describes how blacks render immediate vengeance when one of their people are killed, whether by accident or on purpose. The little one probably ran right in front of his car and he couldn’t stop in time. That’s why I go real slow where children are playing.

    So they shot and killed the white driver.

    When a white person, especially a white women is killed at the hands of a black, about twenty blacks ought to be killed in the area, just for good measure. That would clear them out real fast.

  17. martel says:

    how can you protect yourself if the nig got guns and the punky politicians probably backed by jew money will not let you carry a gun, thats mass, new jewsey, jew york, conn, calif, and its spreading, how does the money overcome the 2nd amendment, how many old guys haved died because of these scum politicans because they were unarmed when the nigger came knocking on his door. People should be rioting in the streets against this shit law they have in so many states, and that pig Pelosi I would like to stick a barrel up her ass. Luckily Trump one or twit face Clinton would already have passed some laws to curb the 2nd amendment, its time to revolt, fuck these ass kissing politicians , guns should be allowed in all states and carry with it. Until that day none of you are free, remember your cking slave too.

  18. martel says:

    how can you protect yourself if the nig got guns and the punky politicians probably backed by jew money will not let you carry a gun, thats mass, new jewsey, jew york, conn, calif, and its spreading, how does the money overcome the 2nd amendment, how many old guys haved died because of these scum politicans because they were unarmed when the nigger came knocking on his door. People should be rioting in the streets against this shit law they have in so many states, and that pig Pelosi I would like to stick a barrel up her ass. Luckily Trump one or twit face Clinton would already have passed some laws to curb the 2nd amendment, its time to revolt, fuck these ass kissing politicians , guns should be allowed in all states and carry with it. Until that day none of you are free, remember your cking slave too.

  19. martel says:

    how ya gonna protect yourself when punk coward politicians make impossible in lots of states to carry a gun, either you chance it with getting a white loving cop or some imbecile that goes by the book. But its fucked if you do and fucked if you don’t New Jersey sucks wet ones, I tried to by a bb gun on line not thinking is was no longer in Idaho the surprise was they said it was illegal to send it and I needed to go to some special place to pick it up and sign and get investigated and so I said stick the bb gun up your ass its no good

  20. Barney says:

    Coal burners, SJW-types and other wastes of space need to visit apefreaka. Things have always been bad in South Africa, with monkeys murdering monkeys and monkeys hacking White Humans to pieces, but recently it’s been getting a lot worse, especially for Whites, with the nigger “government” telling the monkeys to take land and property from White Humans and “implying” that it’s ok to murder Whites in any sadistic way the monkey chooses.

    I’ve seen a page showing White Women slaughtered in the manner of a professional slaughterman (I once worked in the butchery trade). I’ve got the URL, but it’s too horrible to post. I’ve seen photos of niggers beheaded by other niggers, and a video of a nigger being beaten to death by a pack of wild niggers. They don’t value life, even when it’s their own. They have NO Human-like values. They hardly even qualify as animals. Most animals DON’T behave like that. Niggers are worse than chimpanzees in full chimpout mode.

    Niggers don’t just kill. They rape. They torture. Eventually they kill, but not before they’ve had their sadistic “fun”, often prolonging the torture over several days. Not only that, but they use boiling water, bleach and other chemicals, and White Men’s tools, including blowtorches, power drills, angle grinders, all the things they wouldn’t even have if it hadn’t been for White Humans. Recently I learned of niggers cutting a White Woman’s legs off with an angle grinder, just to hear her scream.

    Niggers are NOT Human and never will be. They don’t even come up to the standards of most animal species. I don’t know what to classify them as, but we don’t want them in our countries, and only the worst White trash should ever go to one of their countries to be raped, horribly mutilated and finally murdered.

    These things are evil, so if it’s “legal” where you are (or even if it isn’t), have a weapon with you at all times and know how to use it. You never know when a pack might attack.

    Here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), we’re not allowed access to guns, and even if we join a gun club, our ammunition (only ten or twenty rounds per session I believe) is counted in and counted out. We may own our guns, and be able to take them home with us (suitably disguised of course), but what good is a gun with nothing to use in it? Without bullets it’s just a club.

    Niggers have guns though. How do they get them? The only answer that makes sense to me is that zog supplies them. Guns for niggers, machetes for muds, nothing for the English.

    Once the last niggers have been deported or disposed of in some other way, we’ll need to re-draw the maps, marking nigger infested areas with the words “here be dragons” as a warning to future generations.

  21. kerdasi amaq says:

    Well, what I’ve read on the internet the legal definition of “human” means monster being, so when libtards talk about “human rights” they’re actually insulting the people.

    If this is true beasts of the fields (niggers) definitely count as “human”.

    Another thing; I’ve read about j e w s is that if they ever describe themselves as human or human beings; such as in a conversation with a libtard, they immediately say in Hebrew, sotto voce, “I take it back”.


  22. Karen says:

    My White Shepherds are trained not to trust anyone darker than a Sicilian.

  23. carnac123 says:

    Blacks are finally getting to do what they do best. They are not afraid of consequences. The liberals have succeeded in dividing them from the rest of the country. It was not too hard. They just played on their natural hatred for white people and their inability to fit in anywhere outside of Africa in any large percentages. Along with democrat propaganda there is government laws that discriminate against white people and the courts that uphold these unconstitutional laws. The negro is a destroyer. He destroyed his own continent and never improved it without help from whites and Orientals. The negro has been convinced by the Dems and their puppets that to be a criminal, to be a murderer of whites, and to hurt people minding their own business is a form of ‘freedom fighting’. All they do is get themselves killed or imprisoned but their actions benefit the leftist Democrats so it is encouraged. There is a civil war coming. How much will the average white put up with before they get their a$$ up form in front of the TV and go to war? I think that time is coming soon.

  24. protocolsRtrue says:

    Believe me I have already solved most of our counties problems in my own head. First, the interest on the debt is our biggest expenditure. Therefore, we abscond on interest payments usury to the jews equal to the amount of the interest on the debt. We cut those payments out first. Then we tell jews that we have to do that in order to balance the budget. Unless you can find other ways to cut the deficit spending deep jew gov . So then the jews and democraps will suddenly start finding all kinds of support and pay for niggers and illegal immigrant programs they can cut out of What do you get when paying interest on your debt usuary? Nothing. Air and more debt notices. Try explaining that to a nigger that don’t work wont work and never plans on working everything is free and always has been for multi generations of niggers now. Zog just keeps printing more money gives me an ebt card what’s the problem? My housing is free and my medical care is free and my sailfones are free too. So what’s the problem?? Working white taxpayers pay for all this shit plus the jews keep printing more federal means jewish debt reserve notes at interest It’s good to be a nigger they even give us bonus checks for being nigger bitches with 12 niglets we cannot afford to raise right and 12 different baby daddies.

  25. Whitepride says:

    I have no respect for white women that associate with niggers! Yep niggers are not human! It would be wonderful if they would all be killed!!!

  26. protocolsRtrue says:

    Have you ever seen that debt clock in America spinning away? I’m working on a new idea. Fux news has this cost of freedom block every Saturday morning when jews don’t watch it. I watch it. I have an idea cost of niggers channel. Get rid of a couple of those jew buy my shiney trinkets channels or buy my sex toys channels and replace them with the cost of niggers and jews channels. The numbers will be spinning all the time worse than watching the stock market channels people running around and screaming oh my gosh. A nigger just swiped her ebt card at the popeyes chicken for herself and twelve niglet and 8 baby daddies! Another nigger bitch just crapped out another niglet the spinning reels keep going up! Look 2 niggers dead and 14 wounded the Medicaid numbers going through the roof! The cost of niggers channel. 25 more niggers in the cage today stocks of cage food are up. police fire and rescue first responder stocks are up today it’s summertime in chimpcago. dead nigger storage company stocks are up also. Every time a nigger swipes an ebt card at her popeyes chicken store or baby birthday party at the nigger chucky cheeses riot melee on ebt card temporary yeah right cash welfare day you know you better be prepared to spend extra overtime money on nigger control officers uh huh.

  27. Barney says:

    Indians, whatever else they call themselves, Paki, Bangladeshi, whatever, were significantly improved as a species during the occupation of their country by Whites who couldn’t keep it in their trousers. The result is that most Indians are now part monkey and part Human, ranging from nearly white to nearly black.

    As a result, they have a degree of intelligence that’s greater than that of their ancestors.

    We built a civilisation in India, so what happened when we moved out?

    They reverted to their natural animalistic lifestyle, crapping in the street, living in squalor and blaming the White Man for their own laziness. Their country, and even their species, was vastly improved by the White Man, but they’re still not Human. They’re animals and always will be.

    Sometimes on the tel-aviv-zion we see abandoned palaces, left to nature because the Indian monkey doesn’t understand luxury, and what they can’t understand they either destroy or ignore.

    The African nigger never experienced that degree of genetic improvement, presumably because they’re such ugly beasts that only the most degenerate of Whites (Humans) wanted to breed with them.

    We gave them a civilisation, but all they know is to destroy what they’re not capable of creating themselves, and to attack anyone who dares to try to improve their situation. They’re jungle critters that don’t want a better life because they don’t understand our ways and never will. They’re perfectly content living in flimsy, smelly mud huts, killing neighboring tribes and eating their own niglets. They’re the most savage species known to Man, and the only way of dealing with them is by NOT dealing with them.

    They’re dangerous animals ffs! They can never be tamed. The jew tells us they’re people, just like us, even superior to us, but the jew tells us black is white, up is down, evil is good, perversion is normal and gender is something we can choose, ignoring reality.

    The jew is the devil (not “of” the devil, but the actual devil), so who are you going to believe, the enemy of all life, or your own lying eyes?

    Niggers can never be tamed and jews are incapable of telling the truth. The mud “races” (species) aren’t much better than niggers or jews. NONE of them are Human.

    Disclaimer (not really needed here). We all know “good” (or “less bad”) niggers and muds, including a few real “gentlemen” (or gentle-apes), but these are the exception, the result of breeding with Humans. There may even be a few “less bad” jews, but I’m referring here to the various non-Human species in general terms. The occasional “good” one only serves to demonstrate that the majority are not like that, and there’s no guarantee that even these few “good” ones won’t stab you in the back at the first opportunity, like the “honest” jew I trusted with my computer repairs for more than two decades, only to have the bastard destroy my operating system a few weeks ago, forcing me to reinstall.

    Humans and dangerous animals can’t live together. They’re predators. We’re prey. Given the chance, niggers will kill and eat us, muds will murder and rape our womenfolk and jews lie, cheat, steal and prey on us through their fraudulent “monetary system”.

    They all hate us, so why do we tolerate them? They have to go if we are to survive.

  28. protocolsRtrue says:

    So your average beat cop has the balls and intestinal fortitude to strap on a bulletproof vest and helmet and get into a squad car with a gun and a rifle and a radio. He’s patrolling around the niggerhood and he sees all these niggers lined up around the block and schrathing his head what the fuck are these niggers waiting for? This aint welfare check day. So he drives around and sees the sign. EBT cards accepted here buy 50 dollars of food swipe your ebt card get a free case of beer. So the inquisitive nigger control officer goes into the store to see what the niggers are swiping their free ebt cards for 50 bucks and a free case of beer. A pack of baloney and a loaf of bread. So the inquisitive nigger control officer reports the haji grocery store owner to the and the erection holder says I’m too busy defending the constitutional rights of people here in this country illegally and other niggers and rapists and child molesters I aint got no time for this shit. Making sure they get their rights to vote restored and voting rights for people that aint even taxpaying citizens.

  29. Barney says:

    PRT – I’m not disagreeing with you, just adding something.

    The key to the jews’ power is their eternal “ownership” of (mainly imaginary) “money”, which they “lend” on condition that we pay rent (called “interest”) on it.

    The “national debt” is entirely fraudulent, consisting of capital plus “compound interest” on every penny spent (“borrowed”) by the treasonous fraud jew-controlled “government” since the day the “national bank” was created (the fed in the US, the bank [not really] “of England” over here).

    Taxation doesn’t fund “government”. Taxation goes straight to the jews as part payment of all that fraudulent “interest”.

    Allowing anyone or anything other than a legitimate government (something we don’t have) to create our money is TREASON. Traitors are owed nothing (apart from a length of rope).

    I know there’s currently no such animal as an honest politician, but when we take over, the first thing we must do is to declare all money the absolute property of the people, and then deal with the traitors in the manner specified by law. No need for a trial. Their guilt is already proven.

    No more taxes. If (our legitimate) government wants money, it can create it interest free.

    Prices will drop, and if we then limit profits, perhaps to no more than 100% markup, they’ll drop even more.

    What most people don’t realise is that shopkeepers, suppliers and middlemen make anything from 100% to 1,000% every time an item changes hands. Patel’s corner shop probably needs to double it’s investment due to low turnover, but the big chains have no such excuse, buying much cheaper and ripping people off. Get rid of the greedy jew though, and we’ll be surprised how cheap things really are.

    I wouldn’t immediately abolish nigger EBT, just keep things ticking over for as long as it takes to deport all non-Whites. Keep the savages happy while the ships are being prepared.

    I’d also impose punitive import taxes on anything we can produce ourselves as a way of bringing jobs back home from overseas shitholes.

    The jews only pay the workers between 7% and 9% of the wealth they create, sometimes much less, so I’d give our workers a 500% pay rise so they could finally share in the fruits of their own labour.

    No niggers, no jews, no kebab, fairness for all.

    Any questions?

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    they send me to bumbfuck south dakata. I’,m seventeen with an m16. Guard these missile silos.. It didn’t take long to figure out the secret language this place is cold and sucks and there aint no women here. So I tell my boss I will shoot your fucking ass and the heater in this truck don’t fucking work and I mean it. The boss just says get usede to it kid I have a gun aimed at you also. The two manned concept.

  31. Matt says:

    Society will continue to degrade as long as feral blacks are allowed to run out of control. Until society stops listening to the Jews, Satan, and their misguided own understanding, and instead starts adhering to God’s order as prescribed in his word, the blacks will continue to be a plague.

    It’s Satan’s children, the Jews who are unlocking control of the blacks and opening the gates for a Muslim invasion.

    I imagine how wonderful and great life will be when God rids of the Satanic Jews.

  32. protocolsRtrue says:

    So my wife and me lives intertwained. I am an Airforce security guard 17 teen with the m16. The officer in the capsule says the silo alarm on silo 12 is going off. He wants me to go shoot the rabbit or drunkin indian Ill be there in twenty minutes after we jump start this fucking truck its 40 degrees below zero out here officer leitenant n the capsule. Get going asshole. Ok then and I will shoot every fucking rabbit and deer and officer I see along the way.

  33. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m 17 with an m16. The officer says get to silo 4 some protesters out there. So I get there with my partner he sends me out first of course. Just what the fuck do you college kids think you are doing now? We are protesting war. Well you better start protesting war on the other side of that line that says this is government property and you give up the rights to be seized and searched and shot. And don’t make me call the dogs. You wont shoot me. You bet your ass I will shoot you and every nigger around you fuck with this missile site again I’ll do what I was trained to do and I hate niggers and faggots and not so much lesbians but I will do what I was trained to do. Do you see these stripes?? I’m a master sergeant and I don’t call no leutenants to ask for permission to shoot college kids on my missile silos. You better just be moving on now if you know what’s good for you.

  34. daveinozz says:

    On a lighter note and O/T but thought you fellas might like this, I was born in the UK in 1952 and came to OZZ in 1971 and the demographic change is incredible and accelerating, a lot of africans coming in as is reflected in the home invasions etc etc, they all seem to get around in decent cars.

  35. Matt says:

    When the Jews (((Soviet Union))) were busy killing 66 million Russian Christians , not word from the (((US Jew media))), now that Russia supports Christians, they can’t spit on the sidewalk.

  36. Jovina74 says:

    Go with Niggers you die.

  37. protocolsRtrue says:

    Finish up my stupid missile security story 40 years ago stuff. A couple of silos are seen from the main highway but by far the most of them you couldn’t find even with a map. Especially at night in the wintertime. Hey there’s a big snowdrift over there maybe that’s it. So we do some off roading and four wheeling the only way to know your not on the road anymore is when you land in the ditch. It’s not like they post road signs nuclear war missile silo 2 miles ahead on the left. So the officer says some protesters again silo 4 keep setting off the alarms and are starting to get on my nerves. Go chase them off would you? Sure fine. It’s not like it is my job or anything but remember I am doing this because I want to and not because you told me to. Get going asshole. Get to the missile site greenpeace and no nukes save the whales college kids protesting war hey cant you read the sign? It says keep out government property all persons and the property under their control subject to search. And lets read that bottom sentence out loud together you CAN read and comprehend English college kids cant you? Yeah that line that says deadly force is authorized. We were trained always use the minimum amount of force necessary. That is a very subjective wide range of options. They trained US with billy clubs night sticks I suppose nowadays they have things like pepper spray and tazers and shit.

  38. Red Pill says:

    INCOGMAN says “Blacks will kill you dead and not think twice about it.”

    this is disinformation, Blacks don’t think, they react.
    to say the above makes the assumption they are capable of thinking.
    not at all incorrect, but lets not give them any wiggle room.

  39. Barney says:

    A bit more on my most recent comment about how the jews are ripping people off on wages and prices.

    I once worked for a firm that admitted they’d made enough money to cover the payroll by 8.15 Monday morning. That meant my true earnings were 160 times what I was being paid.

    Another firm sold a range of products, some with 850% markup, meaning that if they paid £10 for something, you paid £95.

    My most recent employer manufactured a unique product, and dealt directly with selected retailers. The retailer paid £500. The customer paid £1,200.

    A few years ago, a group of farmers took their calves to an animal sanctuary to protest a major supermarket chain that paid them only 27 pence (perhaps 35 cents US) per calf.

    Veal is never cheap, and then there’s the hide (skin), the offal (heart, liver, kidneys), and even the unwanted fat and bones are sold to soap manufacturers. That leaves the blood, which can be dried and sold to gardeners. Very little is wasted, so this supermarket, owned by a kike named Cohen, of course, was (and probably still is) making a fortune from each one of those calves that were obtained at nearly zero cost.

    Just a few examples of how much prices could drop in the absence of the jew.

  40. Dave says:

    90% of these murders could be avoided if the stupid white women wouldn’t date or socialize with these black savages. Many of these brainwashed SJW women like the one that was just killed will have to learn the hard way. Unfortunately for them, they won;t get another chance. If you burn the coal, you pay the tool.

  41. Ronnie Waters says:

    I’m glad she’s dead.

  42. Ronnie Waters says:

    Good riddance

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  44. Johnny Draco says:

    As the population gets darker, more and more will call themselves white.

  45. Truth-hammer says:

    Wow, the jew-press must have forgotten to publicize the murder of the poor evil YT blond 19-year old girl in Tulsa. Must have slipped (((their))) minds. Regards the SJW female in D.C., she apparently was a mystery-meat mud-shark and paid the toll for burning the coal. Too bad, so sad. She was in her mid-thirties with no evil YT children. Thus, all the shit-ape did was eliminate another SJW dried-up womb. No loss.

  46. white strategist says:

    Details on Ex-OU (white) Cheerleader & (black) Player Arrested in Backpage Prostitution Sting (ie. he was pimping her out)

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