Stupid Negro BS History Month Now Over

By Phillip Marlowe

Thank God, it’s finally the end of February and we can be done with all this phony Negro BS on TV every minute. Black “history” — what a laugh there. Most of their history revolves around them whining and bitching every chance they get.

But oh, wait, Jew media will simply have the same stinking black worship crap exactly as they did last month and the one before that. Everything in America is now getting “niggerized” up the ying-yang. It’s insane how much they are pushing this black BS. Did you know the black race was so great? The BS is ridiculous!

You idiot White liberals are probably foaming at the mouth right now calling me a racist. You think I care fools? Blacks are obviously the worse GD race on the planet. No doubt at all. Somehow you idiots think you can polish turds — while forcing your stupid diversity idiocy on the rest of us. I don’t think so, punks. Whites everywhere are waking up and getting furious. You will reap the whirlwind soon enough.

Not only are blacks completely stupid and anti-White racists, blacks are also criminals — often quite murderous, too. But not only do they kill other homies, they evilly torture and kill decent White people all the time (just click HERE and see a few). Hell, the media does everything they can to hide just how bad black-on-White crime truly is. They don’t want us Whites to “get it” as they gradually turn our race into a minority.


You know, I write about these filthy murderous blacks here all the time. Thank God we have a Internet where the truth is finally coming out.

All of this BS is due to Jewish efforts to undermine us White Christians. They’ve been busy backstabbing us for decades. Hell, you can turn on the TV right this very moment and find an example of the Jewish brainwashing of us White people.

Filthy Jews are forcing blacks into absolutely EVERYTHING now. Even the Hollywood Jew Warner Brothers video game for the movie LORD OF THE RINGS includes heroic black characters — as if blacks inhabited the Nordic world of JR Tolkien.

What’s worse is that the creeps expect Christian Americans to support Israel, no matter what evils that country does or sucks America into over there.

Some Jew girl at Temple University in Philadelphia pushing the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) back in the 1940’s — probably at the same time White Christian men were busy fighting Nazis and monkey men. Very few Jews or blacks actually died in WWII — yet it us White men who now get freely pissed on every minute. Didn’t you know the NAACP was really a Jewish creation and financed by the backstabbing Jews even till today? Why do you think the TV box is always yelping about black victimhood 60 years after the Civil Rights BS?


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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23 Responses to Stupid Negro BS History Month Now Over

  1. Luke says:

    Here is a fantastic analysis of the huge decline in viewer ratings for the once decent TV show ‘The Walking Dead’:

    I think the regular readers of Incogman’s website will enjoy this analysis. It fits in perfectly with today’s rant by Incogman.

  2. Barney says:

    Monkeys, queers, race-mixing, every kind of degeneracy. No-one on tel-aviv-zion ever thinks to use a contraceptive. As a result, no character knows his/her own parentage or how many sprogs are spawned all over the place. Reminds me of the old song “I’m my own grandpa”, except that it’s a lot worse than that. Apart from the queers, every male character screws every female character, resulting in about six million kids and niglets that don’t know who their parents are. There’s even an obvious niglet with a White father and a mother (since killed off) who was so White she could have been Swedish, and they expect us to believe such a thing is possible.

    Some queers on tel-aviv-zion are wearing beards trimmed to look fake, as if they’re hooked on, and some, male and female, have revived that horrible “hairstyle” known as a “bun”, making it look as if they’ve got lumps growing out of their heads.

    Queers are nearly always portrayed as likeable characters, honest, reliable with high standards of behaviour, the exact opposite of what queers really are.

    There’s a coon in one programme with a capuchin monkey hairstyle that moves up and down with it’s eyebrows.

    Niggers are nearly always the heroes, the peacemakers, the ones that calm an out-of-control situation, though there’s one niggerine (female nigger) that does display true monkey-like traits.

    Funny how they never portray jews as jews. No yarmulkes. No silly costumes. No obvious jew traits.

    This just about sums it up

  3. John Taurus says:

    Blacks have an average IQ of 80….Whites have an average IQ of 120. The two races are not equal. Not everyone is created equal. Some people are better looking than others. Some people have hair on their heads, others do not. Blacks are a burden on White people. Black colleges get Federal dollars to help them suceed. Is that not racist? White colleges do not get cash, Black colleges do. Racism pure and simple. Blacks never invented anything of value, yet, the way the Jew media hypes them up, Blacks invented everything and the EVIL WHITE MAN stole it from them. We are headed to race war. Whites need to wake up and start arming themselves for it is coming to their neighborhood. Blacks will be slain at a rate of 1000 Blacks to every White because of the difference in intelligence and ability to use firearms……unless the Jews succeed in taking guns from White people and leaving Blacks armed…..which is what Jews would love. Whites need to start speaking up and demanding free college educations because Blacks get everything free….Whites have the PRIVILEGE OF PAYING FOR BLACKS EXPENSES. Black history month….Black history museum in Washington…..BET…..Miss Black USA…..Black Congressional Caucus……NAACP…..all glorified as honorable…..when Whites do something for themselves they are labelled RACISTS, KKK’rs, NAZIS, and HATERS. Whites are second class citizens in the country they created and about to be murdered like their brothers that civilized South Africa. WAKE UP.

  4. Axis Sally says:

    How does anyone even know about this stuff? Are the hours of your lives so unlimited that you can afford to squander them viewing this insulting, disgusting, filth? Why would any self-respecting Aryan even own a television set? If you haven’t already, throw that thing out the window! Better yet, get an eight pound sledgehammer and garner yourself a little satisfaction while you’re at it.

  5. JD says:

    I understand Philip’s anger. It’s is true. The Jews have so many intelligent white people blind to what they have coordinatedly done to our US.
    It is sad. How is the No.1 and No.2 of the US ACLU Jewish?
    They get into education to change the curriculum. They get into Law to collude and prevent justice when it’s in their selective interest. And the Medical Industry and the ACA which was a total scam is run by Jews. If people don’t start waking up in the White House and start breaking up these Jewish leadership monopolized strong holds it won’t matter.

  6. murphyinthewoods says:

    Niggers did possibly inhabit the world of Tolkien… They were the Orcs! Ugly, brutish, beasts born without a soul; very violent (even with each other), and easily manipulated for evil works by their controllers (the jews).

    Just my two-sense, Ha! 😉

    Glad this hijacked month is over. My social media account was bursting at the seams with people’s fake praise of the noble niggers.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    There is a whole lot about this story that must be true. I swear to gosh I pass through the bank line and this trhree striper female syays this is your money and this is called cash. And then the same female is in front of the room in the same skirt briefing us this is money how to set up a banking account and checks do not mean free money. But the story gets more difficult. She says I remember you from waay back then at lackland you came through my pay window back then. I say my uniforms still fit even twenty years later and your skirts seem to still fit tightly. They stamped our last 4 digits of our ssn into our underwear back then. I was a master sergeant and we went through different places and she was just as mean as she was back then. She said I hate your fucking guts and I hated her fucking guts also so we decided to get married to each other. No seriously folks we were in very different parts of the whole wide world and this bitch still came back to fuck with me. I cant believe that it is you again. Professional stalking how can I get rid of these bitches? I go through the same finance office 20 years later and see the same woman. This place sucks.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    I was going to say that this woman is sharp. She is really sharp as a knife edge. and her tongue will cut you lie a knife too. My wife I already been to every war they can conceive of central command she says I been to Italy and bosniaa. Yeah but I am a man and you are a women working the paymaster window. She says she paid out tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to pilots flying overseas. Cash on pallets.. I say bitch you are 6 years older than I am and I still outrank you. She still has the upper card I have a vagina and you don’t. You got me on that one beeaytch but there is still that other Spanish lady that likes me.

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    It really is the most craziest shit. We are sitting in the briefing room and this young lady is telling us how to handle our finances. She has a short tight skirt military female on and three stripes on her sleeves. I nudge the guy next to me I say I am going to fuck that woman some day. Yeah right in your dreams. But guess what? Dreams can and still come true sometimes.

  10. Recon Ranger says:

    I get my daily news fro OAN… ( One America News ) I like to watch the old shows like Andy Griffith and Roy Rogers and such on Saturday mornings… I can’t believe how many nigger shit commercials are put on during these shows…. From the 60’s…. how the fucking hell does it correlate to those times ??… I am so sick of seeing commercials with nigs sitting next to some white whore having pizza, some kind of ” cozy ” situation, or implying outright romance…. as if it were some everyday ” you should know this white boy, it is good, and look at all the white girls who do this…. what is wrong with you whitey !!!!??? You must be a racist… ” didn’t you know that half breed families was the American way ??? YES I AM A RACIST AND PROUD OF IT…. In closing it looks like the fucking jews are getting a message down in Florida…. Oh Jee… what a shame…. My heart bleeeeeeds….Ba Bye the month of bs nigger history.. Shoot Move and Communicate…RR

  11. art says:

    Here in the Soviet Socialist Republik of Jew England; Boston/Cambridge area in particular, kneegrow history and worship is broadcast 24×7 365 days a year. The whitish jews that own and operate everything here. It’s always “non white celebration and worship, kill the evil YTs”

    I stopped listening to Mass Radio, TalmudVision and printed bird cage liner a looonnnggg time ago

    The nogs hre have the gall to still bitch for “mo gibs me’s” claiming jigaboo history month is the shortest month of the year… cold give these ungrateful parasites a holiday for them every day and they’d still whine, riot, pillege and threaten

    Once they have exterminated the last living white person, they would have to find a new target to blame the problems of their miserable worthless species

  12. Bill says:

    On polishing a turd, see here:

    But you can’t wash the nigger out of the shitskin.

  13. carnac123 says:

    Race mixing is getting terrible on television and on commercials. White people should ween themselves off of television for good. Show these assholes that they cannot hypnotize you to throw away your life and your race. Use your buying power as a weapon and stop buying American made products that push the race mixing meme.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    My wife her career took a straight to the top. I remember you back in the day when yoe got paid at lackland. Can you believe that shit? She now sayd I work at the pentagram I the finance office there. Come see where I work this place sucks really really bad I get the heebbee jebees these people are all walking around like zombies. I am what they call the problem solver now here at thee pentagram. I signed off on all the cash sent on pallets bill cantoris and I was the person that signed and audited that money. This place sucks money no kidding, Officers come in with problems their wife and the irs is after their asses They hit the bell ringer denise we have a serious problem here. That’s when they come back to my office and I take their case. Just what the fuck is your problem major of finance? Did you sign the right papers in your own real name? A fucking cloner got this shit all fucked up. That’s what I do now I work at the finance office in the pentagram . I sit in this office and try to figure out why things are all fucked up and how to fix your fucking problems.

  15. Red Pill says:

    Stupid Negro BS History Month Now Over


    Jeff Sessions Deals a Blow to Black Lives Matter

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a major policy change yesterday that will likely have broad and real consequences for people of color around the country. At a meeting of state attorneys general on Tuesday, Sessions said that the Justice Department would “pull back” on the federal scrutiny of police departments for civil rights violations against people of color.

    “Rather than dictating to local police how to do their jobs, or spending scarce federal resources to sue them in court, we should use our money, research, and expertise to help them figure out what is happening and determine the best ways to fight crime,” Sessions said Tuesday.

  16. Barney says:

    Nigger land grab in South Africa.

    It’s already happening. There’s been trouble for a while over Nigerian niggers being imported into SA (sound familiar?) and, presumably, taking jobs from the few South African niggers that can be bothered to work and gibs-me-dat from the rest. Being more closely related to chimps than Humans, the SA niggers are chimping out and killing the Nigerian niggers.

    I’ve seen photos of headless niggers and one with half it’s head sliced off. I’ve also seen a video of a nigger being murdered by a mob of what looks like six million niggers.

    Niggers are niggers, and they’ll always act like niggers, so there’s no point worrying about dead apes.

    South Africa’s got a lot of our People though, and the niggers have been murdering them at a rate of several a week since the country was handed over to the niggers when the terrorist mandela (shouldn’t that be monkey-dela?) was made “king”.

    I found a list a while ago of White South Africans murdered by niggers since that time, and from memory I think it ran to 650 A4 pages and increasing all the time.

    Sorry. No link. I didn’t think to bookmark it at the time.

    Now though, it’s six million times worse, with the nigger “government” telling the niggers to take any land they want, despite the fact that they won’t know what to do with it. White landowners are being slaughtered, and in the worst ways imaginable.

    Nothing on the BBC of course. They’re too busy Buggering British Children (what BBC really means) to be bothered with “trivia” like a country-wide massacre of White People. Why would the devil’s vermin care about a little thing like that?

    My understanding is that South Africa was first colonised by Whites, and that the niggers were only brought in (by jews?) as farm implements that are now obsolete, so the niggers don’t have a legitimate claim to “take the land back” because it was never theirs in the first place.

    There’s no point arguing the case though, not that there’d be any point in arguing with a monkey, and there’s nothing we can do to help our people who are trapped over there, but at least we can try to publicise their plight.

  17. Barney says:

    Axis Sally – Though I’m reluctant to trust you, assuming you’re the weight-lifting coal burner I’m thinking of, I agree 100% that we need to get rid of the tel-aviv-zion, the electric jew, the most powerful brainwashing tool ever invented.

    I see too much of that garbage while visiting friends, and I wouldn’t have a set of my own if you paid me.

    Recon Ranger One thing that really gets me is when they waste time advertising the programme you’re already watching. The only possible reason for that is to waste time. More adverts, less programme.

    I don’t believe the adverts are even paid for any more. All those repeated ads for the same thing, all those channels. No company could afford to pay for that. Banks can, because they create all the imaginary “money” they want out of nothing, but anyone else would be bankrupt within days.

    I get annoyed with all the lying “charity” adverts too, especially “water aid”, begging for shekels so they can go out to niggerland to dig wells for niggers that are too lazy to dig a fkn hole, too stupid to build their mud huts near a water supply and so fkn selfish as to send their niglets to the waterhole twenty miles away while the adults (can a nigger ever be considered adult?) sit waiting for them to come back.

    I don’t believe a word of it, and I don’t fkn care what monkeys get up to in their own countries.

    There are three legitimate places for niggers.

    1 – In the jungle.
    2 – Caged in a zoo.
    3 – As bushmeat in a cooking pot.

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    My wife is some tough cookie alright. She is one of the first females joined the air force and defintley the shortest. They have parades when we graduate basic training the colonel id in the grandstand the shortest people march in the front as guidonse so the rest of us don’t march them over and leave them behind. The colonel is like who who who whot the fuck let you in this airforce can your feet even reach the pedals of the gas and brakes in a truck? She’s like 3’8″ tall the general holds up a stick and says your not even allowed to ride the adult sized rollar coasters at Disneyland. The poor woman went through her whole life I wear a size 2 panties and bras. The military back then in the uniform store lady we don’t even have boots sized 2. We have boots sized 8 through 14 and that’s it. She was a pistol I give her credit for that.

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

    I know it’s a stupid story but true. Anybody been through the military knows we have to march and pass in review to get out of basic. The fucking colonel sees my wife marching and he’s lie my eyes must be deceiving me. Stop! Just stop! Drill Sergeant front and center! These recruits are supposed to be at least 4 feet tall . This recruit is a midget! And a female midget at that? No sir I measured her again this morning the drill sergeant said nervously looking to make sure she is wearing the high heeled pump shoes. Are you sure drill sergeant? Sir yes sir she meets the minimum standards and requirements. Barely and I mean barely literally by the hair on her head. Ok then you may proceed.

  20. guiltfreewhite says:

    Some 20 years or more back,I recall,it was a june evening, and the local cbs station showed a pro black bit.At the end, the announcer said” The preceding was brought to you,in honor of black history month” So,for some time,it hasn’t mattered much, if it’s long past February.I believe the entire month was given them around 1977, and from around 1927 to then, it was a week in February, not being fully shoved down our throats, until around 1966. Adding the king birthday to it, it’s six weeks of pumping them up, and tearing whites down.

  21. Ripper says:

    How are you gonna call yourself a white nationalist and say fuck the jews yet you worship an imaginary kike god. By doing so you have already bowed down to the kikes by being deluded by their religious dogma and jew fairytales.

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