The Greatest Generation? My Pearly White Butt!

By Phillip Marlowe

When I saw this video (below) over at the INFO STORMER site, I knew I had to run it on my site, too (thanks INFO STORMER guy). Watch the video below the “continued reading” button.

It reminded me of the time I got Tom Brokaw’s book as a Christmas present from a family member the year it came out. Brokaw is a beady-eyed little bastard traitor. Look at him the next time they drag the old fart out from retirement to spout liberal BS on TV. They do it all the time. Here’s a rich as hell guy, probably has palatial digs everywhere, a beautiful pad on Park Avenue in New York’s upper East Side, etc., etc. Punk. I hope he’s still around when the time comes.

By that Christmas, I had already come to the most of the conclusions you read here at my site. But I held my tongue and acted like it was a great present (everyone knows I’m big into history subjects). I think I deserve an Oscar for my performance that Christmas morning, sorry to say.

I finally had the guts to “come out of the closet” in the years after 9/11. But don’t worry, I didn’t turn gay. Merely started to tell everyone what I really thought about the BS. Guess what? It felt great! Needless to say, people got a mite “concerned.” Had a few arguments. One liberal female started crying like a blubbering baby right to my face. No matter. I had already long realized the Jew media’s brainwashing was deep. Hell, the creeps are now ramping it up in movies and TV as we speak!

Like I’ve said before on my site: Once you get the truth of exactly who is doing all this to our race, a lot of daily angst disappears and you really do feel set free. Pissed as hell, but a lot less confused on pretty much everything.

Think about all this stuff the next time they run a brand new Hitler or WW II documentary on TV. Or how about another attack on us White guys — who died by the hundreds of thousands in that war or the Civil War — freeing these spoiled criminal black bastards?

Criminy, it’s enough to make you scream!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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53 Responses to The Greatest Generation? My Pearly White Butt!

  1. Ray says:

    On the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War Jew, September 1, 2039, the dwindling minority of persecuted, spat-on Whites remaining in Europe and America are going to spit on the graves of the Greatest Generation of Dupes for aiding and abetting the goddamned kikes in the genocide of the White race and lament that Hitler was right. I know I will spit on them if I’m still around then–I’ll be 77. Unless this situation is stopped and reversed right fucking now.

  2. Morris Deeds says:

    View JPG below:×245.jpg

    Will Russiagate Backfire on the Left?
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Will Russiagate Backfire on the Left?

    Tuesday – March 21, 2017

    The big losers of the Russian hacking scandal may yet be those who invested all their capital in a script that turned out to based on a fairy tale.

    In Monday’s Intelligence Committee hearings, James Comey did confirm that his FBI has found nothing to support President Trump’s tweet that President Obama ordered him wiretapped. Not unexpected, but undeniably an embarrassment for the tweeter-in-chief.

    Yet longer-term damage may have been done to the left. For Monday’s hearing showed that its rendering of the campaign of 2016 may be a product of fiction and a fevered imagination.

    After eight months investigating the hacking and leaking of the emails of Clinton campaign chief John Podesta and the DNC, there is apparently no evidence yet of Trump collusion with Russia.

    More below:

    Read More At:

  3. Nationalist says:

    Great job INCOG MAN but it’s a funny thing how the White Nationalist community can put out so much good accurate information and still not get any kind of response from the White general public. Do they really like going against natural law and Biblical scripture so much that they are willing to sacrifice themselves and the entire White race just so they can live out their liberal fantasies that are based on hocus pocus nothing other than principals laid down by Satan? If only we could communicate with the founding fathers and have them explain to everyone what the constitution is really suppose to be – laws by White people, for White people in a nation that was founded as a White Christian nation and intended to always to be that way. Discrimination laws are actually anti-constitutional but so is the entire Democratic Party and sad to say today’s Republican Party as well. By the way many White WW II veterans have been victims of non-White criminal actions which is what they get for not taking the right side of the glorious and righteous National Socialists. The decline of the White race can be stopped and reversed but people need to wake up now before western countries turn into something resembling the original Planet of the Apes film series.

  4. Morris Deeds says:

    “Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from any role in the Russian hacking scandal. But the Justice Department should demand that the FBI put the highest priority on investigating the deep state and its journalistic collaborators in the sabotage of the Trump presidency.

    If Comey refuses to do it, appoint a special counsel.

    In the last analysis, as Glenn Greenwald, no Trumpite, writes for The Intercept, the real loser may well be the Democratic Party.” Extracted from the link!

    Read More At:

  5. Morris Deeds says:

    The Greatest Generation? My Pearly White Butt!
    Posted on March 21, 2017 by INCOG MAN

    There are Whites starting to GROW BACKBONES and fight back:

    Protesters fly Confederate flag next to NCAA tournament arena in Greenville

    See JPG:–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjtzbT0xO3c9NzQ0O2g9NTE2/

    Story below:

  6. Jack Rabbit says:

    That is a twisted lame brain film some dumb ass came up with, and I can’t believe you fell for it. If any generation was to blame for the political correctness, letting in all the beaners, putting niggers on a pedestal, letting the Jews take over all the news outlets, and dumbing down of America…it was the brain washed baby boomers. The “greatest generation” had the niggers in check, Jim Crow laws, the borders closed, the only technology companies in the world. Everything was invented and came out of the United States. They were the last great generation, and they are mostly gone.

  7. Red Pill says:

    Jack Rabbit says:
    don’t get in a hurry to point the finger.
    it’s been going on for 6,000 years. (brainwashing)
    no body let the jews do anything.
    every thing was done in ignorance.
    in other words, for the lack of the truth.
    now that we know, what will we do.
    that is the only question left to answer.
    got any suggestions?

  8. Matt says:

    50 out of 100 senators are Jewish. The US really is an Jew occupied country.

    Infiltrated and an arm of the great prostitute/Babylon.

    The corruptors of the world.

  9. Bobby Zipperman says:

    Come gather round White man wherever you are
    And admit that your daughter is dating a gar.
    Accept it that soon she’ll be beat to the bone
    Before shitting niglets where Whites should have grown
    But the times they are a- changin.

    Come White man and woman who’ve been trampled down
    Relentless by cuckolds and hordes black and brown.
    Rise up against those who want only your death
    And fight to the finish with God’s mighty breath
    Cuz the times they are a- changin.

    Come children of parents who this nation built
    By sweat from their brow and blood that they spilt.
    This land is still yours but it’s being taken down
    The choice is now yours to turn it around
    For the times they are a- changin.

    Come White man now stand up with Pepe and Kek
    To defeat all the rats that have this nation wrekt.
    Your sons and your daughters you this future owe
    A land free of shitskins whose motives we know.

    The line it is drawn and the die it is cast
    All Whites shall have victory and a home at last.
    The White man by God’s will shall this battle win
    For the times they are a- changin.

  10. Red Pill says:

    i did a math problem

    saw this news story

    then i added a picture, sure enough it was a white couple with a dead white son.
    then a search for the perpetrator.
    Storey is black and his victim, 28-year-old Jonas Cherry, was white.

    Read more here:

    i am not good at math
    but you don’t need to use a pencil and a piece of paper to know
    that 2 + 2 = 4.
    so now my fellow Texans are asked to feed and house this criminal nigger
    because some white ignorant parents say it won’t serve justice.

    Jonas Cherry begged for his life during the crime, which took place about 8:45 a.m. Oct. 16, 2006. Storey and Mike Porter stood over Jonas Cherry, who pleaded: “Please! I gave you what you want. Don’t hurt me.”

    They refused and shot him twice in the head and twice in his legs. Cherry, who was approaching his first wedding anniversary, was pronounced dead at the scene.

    According to documents filed in federal court, Storey’s lawyers were never told that he was just barely functional intellectually.

    Almost 10 years have passed since an assistant manager at the Putt-Putt Golf and Games in Hurst was shot to death by two robbers.

    On Tuesday, state District Judge Robb Catalano signed an order setting the execution date for Paul David Storey, 31, of Fort Worth for April 12.

    after 10 years, April the 12th can’t come to soon.

  11. INCOG MAN says:

    Look, I know how something like this can piss people off. I dealt with the issue of brave WW II vets myself.

    Someone commented threats to me about another commentator here, earlier today. Like I got some control over people out there writing to them — completely separate from here.

    Whites are JACKED UP. Oh, and another thing: I’m not some secret bitch Jewess. Any punk who thinks so, can SUCK IT!

  12. Morris Deeds says:

    Will Amal Clooney attack the Israeli elephant in the room?

    By Jonas E. Alexis on March 21, 2017

    If Amal Clooney is really serious, then she would approach these issues in a truthful and consistent manner, not as a clown who is trying to make a career out of a really bad situation.×347.jpg

    So far, so good. But will Clooney address the real elephant in the room? Does she really believe that ISIS can exist without Western and Israeli support? Where do terrorist cells such as the Syrian rebels and indeed ISIS get their wonderful toys? Did they forge them in the Middle East? Do they really have the technology to make weapons in places like Syria?

    Moreover, doesn’t Clooney know that Israel has been caught numerous times supporting ISIS? Doesn’t she know that Israeli officials such as Efraim Halevy have admitted that they have supported al-Nusra, a violent terrorist group?

    Doesn’t she know that no one wants to hold Israel responsible? Doesn’t she know that even the Trump administration doesn’t really want to criticize Israel?[2] Take it from the Times of Israel (August 2014):

    More below:

  13. Morris Deeds says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    March 21, 2017 at 7:47 pm

    I have my bona fide copy ALL READY TO UNFURL!

    They had a group raise it to show the Blacks and liberals they aren’t
    afraid to raise it. Then, you have Asiatic Indian hypocrite, Nicky Haley,
    South Carolina (R) was anti-Trump and made them take the flag down
    in SC, and at the same time, criticized, the UN, for calling the RACIST
    State or Israel “An Apartheid Regime!”

    Yet, can’t have a Confederate Flag: which was/is a “battle flag” has
    NOTHING to do with the slavery institution, in fact, Robert E Lee
    never owned a slave, and opposed it, and only fought for the South
    because Virginia was his home. In fact, Lincoln asked him first,
    to lead the union troops, first, which he didn’t accept!

    Yet, Jews made money with the cotton industry in the South off slavery
    for 400 years, 2 out of 3 Southern Jews owned slaves, Monsanto
    and Lehman Brothers: Jewish billionaires today, started as slave merchants!

    Yet, Haley has no problem with their Satanic Star flag to fly high!

  14. Morris Deeds says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    March 21, 2017 at 7:47 pm

    When will Haley’s hypocrisy ever be addressed ??

  15. Morris Deeds says:

    Nimrata “Nikki” Haley (née Randhawa; born January 20, 1972)[1][2][3] is an American politician and diplomat who is the current United States Ambassador to the United Nations.[4] She served as the 116th Governor of South Carolina from January 2011 to January 2017. Prior to her tenure as governor, Haley was a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, serving from 2005 until her election as governor.[3]

    Haley was born Nimrata Randhawa[1] in Bamberg, South Carolina, on January 20, 1972, to an Indian American Sikh family.[8] She was “always called Nikki, which means ‘little one,’ by her family.”[1] Her parents, father Ajit Singh Randhawa and mother Raj Kaur Randhawa, are immigrants from Amritsar District, Punjab, India.[9] Her father had been a professor at Punjab Agricultural University, and her mother had received her law degree from the University of Delhi.[

    Yet her “BROWN” brethren in Palestine don’t mean shit, and she doesn’t
    a have a problem with India’s “Nationalist Minister Modi” yet was
    down on the Don and “America FIRST!”

    Nimrata “Nikki” Haley :

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Screw that street crapper. She needs to be deported back to whatever filth hole her street crapper family comes from.

  16. Cowboy says:

    Patton was right, we fought the wrong side.

  17. Morris Deeds says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    March 21, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    Screw that street crapper. She needs to be deported back to whatever filth hole her street crapper family comes from.

    Yeah and first step is informing others.

  18. Morris Deeds says:

    Morris Deeds says:
    March 21, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    INCOG MAN says:
    March 21, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    (Just hypothetical)You go to India, get in their government, and then try to take
    away a symbol dear to many Hindus and see what would happen to you,
    you definitely wouldn’t still have the job, let alone a platform to sell
    out Y-T (Christian W Southerners, many of whom got her elected) for Zio- Shekels!

  19. INCOG MAN says:

    Anybody see that SOB Dick Durban questioning Gorsuch today? What a PC punk!

  20. Morris Deeds says:

    Look at this too, Jews talk about Trump and the Russian, this Hollywood Jew movie
    is an ode to how they (ZIONISTS) got Boris Yeltsin’s reelection assured, it’s
    OK for Jews to tamper with Russia’s elections though, right??

    Spinning Boris
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Spinning Boris
    DVD cover
    Directed by Roger Spottiswoode
    Produced by Cydney Bernard
    Written by

    Yuri Zeltser
    Grace Cary Bickley


    Jeff Goldblum
    Anthony LaPaglia
    Liev Schreiber

    Music by Jeff Danna
    Cinematography John S. Bartley

    Spinning Boris is a 2003 American comedy film starring Jeff Goldblum, Anthony LaPaglia and Liev Schreiber. It was directed by Roger Spottiswoode. In the film, a Russian political elite hires American consultants to help with Boris Yeltsin’s reelection campaign when his approval rating is down to single digits.

    The film is based on the true story of three American political consultants who ran the successful reelection campaign of Boris Yeltsin in 1996, although some question the degree of involvement of the Americans in Yeltsin’s reelection. The 1996 elections were marred by rampant vote fraud[1] and in 2012, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev explicitly said that “There is hardly any doubt who won [that race]. It was not Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin.”[2]

    Sound familiar above??

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Now these filthy Joo hypocrites go wacked over Trump and Russia, even though the creeps worked to undermine Russia’s elections back in the ’90’s and stir up the Ukraine. No effin’ wonder Putin liked Trump. I can’t stand Joo bastards one bit!

  21. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:
  22. Red Pill says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    March 21, 2017 at 6:31 pm

    Look, I know how something like this can piss people off. I dealt with the issue of brave WW II vets myself.
    my father a 20 year U.S. Navy veteran and Pearl Harbor survivor ,
    who died Oct. 30, 2016 @ 99 years of age.
    served on a Yangtze river gun boat in China in 1935

    he knew and would have agreed it was all for globalization.
    and the blood of his comrades was wasted for the system to survive.
    it also made him one ornery s.o.b. of a father.

  23. Matt says:

    Durbin is just another back stabbing kike, who wants to open our doors to a Muslim invasion.

    Transcript Fox News Sunday, 1/28/17.


    “and I think this is one that’s going to haunt us for a long time — was the suggestion by the president that somehow we’re going to favor Christians, and in some cases banning Muslims in the future. That is exactly the opposite message we need to send to our allies and to those who, frankly, want to do us harm around the world.”

    Durbin is saying we should ban Christians and favor Muslims. Typical kike trying to destroy Christian America. Durbin needs to be thrown out of office.

  24. Incog, long time. I’ve been spending a lot of time over at DS for, gawd, maybe a couple of years now. But you have to remember me: one of the world’s top anti-semites. Good tidings from he. Anyway, I saw this vid. And yes, if you look at the results – Oh Gawd- and of course the real history, WWII was an unmitigated disaster, and not just in terms of the White race, but for nobility: or truth in action. It is becoming apparent to many -many- that reality is scripted for the benefit of those scripting. Thank you for assisting, bro. Stormer, Anglin and contributors write and meme terrific pieces blowing up leftist jewish negro shibnoleths and hypocricies; but as of late, frankly, it’s gotten boring. There, people post dank memes and witty, pithy comments, but it seldom dives very deep. I could go on but I just want to say that I really, really appreciate your rock-bottom Americanness and badassitude. You have been a laying down regular American wit and wisdom for a long time now, since the early 2000’s, right? I have been with you all the way. Someday (soon) I hope we get to shake hands and throw back a couple of shots of good Tennessee whiskey to boot. Best, AOP.

    PS (to all): a VERY good vid- search on jewtube – Anonymous, we know who owns the Federal Reserve.

  25. carnac123 says:

    The people before and during WWII did not have the luxury of having more than 2 or 3 News medias to listen to. They listened to the big three (who aren’t so big now) and even then they were leftist. They only had one side of the news’ especially before the war. Those people were good, brave people but they were not too sophisticated because their only aim for the past 10 years of their life was keeping their families alive during a depression. They were eager to believe what their government and the media told them. The media took advantage of their patriotism and told them just enough to keep them angry and then pointed their anger toward the Axis. We all now know more insight of WWII than even the people who fought it.

  26. Ray says:

    I can understand somewhat that average people in WW2 had limited access to information, there was only the jew-controlled press, radio and movies. I think what burns me up more than anything is in recent decades, the surviving old WW2 vets for the most part still believed all the bullshit about how they “saved the world” from evil Nazis and Japs despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, i.e., massive non-White immigration, crime, jew-created degeneracy and cultural destruction, endless jew wars, etc. George Lincoln Rockwell, Willis Carto and a few others were exceptions. No, most of the demented old geezers were happy to fall asleep at the switch starting in the abundant 1950s and 60s and allowed all this happen, wear silly scrambled-egg ball caps be worshipped as divine war gods by the idiotic masses until they died leaving younger generations this fucking mess. So I reiterate, I spit on them.

  27. putnamvt says:

    Jews lynch black man for talking to ugly jewesses . this happened in Israel several months ago & of course the jewsmedia didn’t report it.

  28. John Taurus says:

    The brainwashing starts in childrens programs. Blaze is one example of Black superiority over Whites. Paw Patrol has an EVIL WHITE MAN as mayor of Soggy Bottom while a Black Female is the good guy in the other town. Rusty Rivet has a dark skinned female buddy that helps him in his endeavors. Whites are always the ones needing help from the minorities….while the bad guys are almost exclusively EVIL WHITE MALES. It doesn’t stop at children’s programing An ad featuring a pretty blond white woman has her drooling over her Black male co-star of the ad. There seems to be a law that no pretty White woman is allowed on the screen without a Black male lover/mate/date/co-host. This instills in White females brains that their life is not complete without a Black male best buddy. It doesn’t stop there. White males are being shown more often with Black females as their partners. Brainwashing.

  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    “Already the principal banks, the stock exchanges throughout the world, the loans to all the governments are in our hands.”

    “The other great power is the press. By ceaselessly repeating certain ideas, the press in the end makes them considered as truths. The theatre renders similar services, everywhere theatre and press follow our directives. By an indefatigable campaign in favour of the Democratic form of government, we will divide the Gentiles amongst themselves in political parties, we shall thus destroy the unity of their nations, we will sow the seeds of discord. Powerless, they will have to accept the law of our bank, always united, always devoted to our cause.”

    “We will push the Christians into wars, by a judicious exploitation of their pride and stupidity. They will massacre each other and thus make more space where we can place our own people.”
    Some of you are way too harsh in your judgements. ALL media was jewish owned and controlled back then. And the profit angle of war loans to governments is explained in the rabbis statement above also. Everybody should read General Smedley Butlers “War is a Racket” from 80 years ago. Spit on them???? In their prime they would grab you by your ankles and hold you upside down and smash your head into the pavement. And you forget about the draft. What was the choice? Jail and felony conviction? Like they spat upon men coming back from Vietnam? Such a large subject here. Killing out the best goyim. Literally. Physical impairments or mental defectives not allowed in this great club. And not everybody could get deferments for boo boos like the big mouth hypocrate rush limbaugh who has the assdacity to start a phony soldier campaign. Go to Canada burn your draft card in protest. Get pardoned while so many of the best Goyim lay in graves or are unknown left behind a name on a wall or are scarred for life receive no pardons. Another thought. Blacks held back from front line combat. They claim racism. Thank your lucky stars you were born with black skin niggers sounds like racism against white men to me. Most of the men taking the eternal dirt naps are white (the jews planned it that way). Going back to the civil war also. Despite Spielberg movies that also must show the ONE shield of david among a sea of crosses above Normandy. I visited many civil war battlefields and cemeteries buried three deep here lies 3 unknown union soldiers here lies 3 unknown Confederate soldiers. Grant kicked the jew war profiteers following his army around out of his theatre of operations Lincoln overturned the order. Too much to say here. False flags we call them now. Each can be researched independently but bullet points:

    The USS Maine blowing up in Havana was an accident caused by a fire in the ships coal bunker heating up a bulkhead (wall) with the adjoining powder magazine.

    Lusitania WAS transporting arms to England making it a legitimate target and the Germans even took pains to post in the jewspapers warnings to travelers that the ship would be sailing into the war zone. Create a jew federal reserve and a federal means jewish income tax and bada boom bada bing guess what we are in jew war one slaughtering each other.

    The Japanese attack WAS known in advance and every naval base in the pacific EXCEPT pearl harbor was given explicit warning that war was imminent. A proper warning would have gotten the ships dispersed and a warning flight letting the slant eyed japs know that the element of surprise was gone would have made them turn around and go home. But the Brits and the jews and the Bolshevik jew soviets wanted us in that war also to save their asses.

    Of course 911 anybody with a brain that watched how those buildings came down especially building 7 knows that the jews and certain people in our own deep state intelligence agencies knew that was coming.

    And all the other wars big and small including the cold war have been simply to make profits for jews and the military industrial banking complex or to make israil safe destroy israils enemies and build the israili empire in the middle east.

    There is a common thread throughout most of this and that is the jews hiding behind the curtains profiting handsomely and giggling while their father satan smiles down approvingly while pulling the puppet strings of high degree freemasons in the highest positions of authority and decision making presented as the ones making the decisions.

    Ever seen one of those old aircraft cemeteries in the desert? Or watch them tow old ships out to sea and purposely sink them or use them for target practice after spending 10 million dollars to clean them up so the environmental Nazis don’t start worrying about the fish? Anyway the point is what could we have done better with all these resources and money now that we are twenty trillion in hard debt? Free cars, stoves, refridegerators for everybody? How many cars could we build for the price of ONE of those amraps? Again, Smedley Butler was right. Take the profits out of war and make sure EVERYBODY gets to share in its hardships and suffering and war will disappear. But you have to stop listening to jews also.

  30. The opinion you trust says:

    In re to Morris Deeds March 21, 2017 at 10:45


    The proper use of payoffs and bribes. To give bribe properly you have to do indirect payment through the following: first, hire local consultants, hire public relations firms, hire advertising agencies. Ultimate decision about whether to give small bribe or large (in billions comparable to IMF’s disbursements) , must based on countries strategic goals.

  31. The opinion you trust says:

    Durbin is long overdue. Illinois deserves better much better than Durbin!

  32. Barney says:

    Red Pill summed it up pretty well (March 21, 2017 at 2:52 pm).

    Too many people blame us (the current generation) for having “allowed” or “enabled” the crimes, past as well as present, of the infernal jew. That’s BS! It’s not my fault.

    I don’t blame my ancestors either. It’s not their fault. Why? Because they didn’t know. Like us prior to the age of the internet, they were kept ignorant of jew criminality. The traitors at the “top” (scum always floats to the surface), being criminals themselves, colluded with the devil’s vermin to keep us all in the dark.

    Once the devil (the jews) had usurped the power to create imaginary “money”, that was the end of our chances – until the internet came our way and shone the light of truth on the jew maggot trying to hide behind the curtain. As well as charging us rent (called “interest”) on our own money, the devil was able to invent all the imaginary money it wanted for it’s own use.

    First it bought up all means of communication so we’d never learn anything the jew didn’t want us to know, and then it took over all governments.

    You can’t fight an enemy you can’t see. Fifteen years ago, I was one of the sheeple. I actually believed the six million LIE, and the lie that obsolete farm animals (niggers and muds) really were no different to White People. I’d seen non-White criminality, but convinced myself they weren’t all like that, and that we’d probably behave just as badly in other countries given the opportunity.

    I knew nothing about jews. I never saw a jew because I didn’t know what jews looked like, so I just saw “white people”. I didn’t even notice the hooked noses. I was genuinely shocked when I was told they didn’t accept Christ. I thought everyone did.

    The only reference to jews was when someone was “tight” with something. For example, a friend might roll a cigarette (we call them “fags” over here), and if was rolled economically, hardly thicker than a match, it might elicit a remark like “it’s a bit jewish isn’t it?”. That’s as far as it went though, joking about the jews’ reputation for meanness.

    It was only in 2005, after a traumatic event, when I started wandering the internet looking for “entertainment” that I started learning something of the truth. I started with David Icke because I’d read something about his claim that the “royal” family and others were shape-shifting lizards, something I could easily believe nowadays based on their anti-Human nature. At the time though, it seemed it might be good for a laugh.

    I didn’t find Icke’s “lizard people” (not at first anyway), but I did find links to sites that challenged the beliefs I’d been brought up with. It wasn’t easy learning that everything I thought I knew was a lie, but the claims made were backed by logic and reliable evidence, so I had to accept them.

    I don’t remember how or when I discovered IncogLand, but I remember thinking IncogMan was “a bit extreme”. I don’t think that any more though. The more I learn, the more I respect our host as a genuine truth-teller who “tells it like it is”.

    Back to blaming ourselves for the crimes of the jews though. It’s not my fault, and it isn’t yours either. Our ancestors couldn’t do anything to stop the jew because they didn’t know, and neither did most of us until our eyes were opened for us.

    It’s time to stop blaming anyone but the jew and prepare to do what has to be done. We’re the first people to know the truth, so it’s down to us to put things right, and to make absolutely certain that this time it stays done.

    Our ancestors didn’t know, but we do.


  33. INCOG MAN says:

    Looks like another bloody wog terrorist attack in London.

    Filthy GD goat herders need to go!

  34. Barney says:

    IncogMan – Here are some links to the BBC (Bugger Boys’ Club) story about the incident in Londonistan. It may be real, or a false flag to justify even more repressive legislation. We have to question everything nowadays.

  35. Barney says:

    Now for what I’d been about to post.

    The key to the jews’ power is their control of the monetary system. That’s what enabled them to propagandise us, to lie by commission and omission. With them controlling all sources of information, we were never allowed to hear the other side of the story.

    I used to wonder what the Germans could tell us about jew war 2. I realised there was another side to that story, but we were never allowed to hear it.

    We could displace the jew propagandists, the book publishers, the jewspaper owners, the jews in control of radio and tel-aviv-zion and start to get our message out to the people, but it would all be a waste of time while the devil’s own remained in control of finance.

    (Nearly) every man has his price. If he won’t sell for a million, what about ten million, a hundred million? How many zeroes then? The devil’s vermin create imaginary “money” out of nothing, so there’s no limit to what they can offer, and if that doesn’t work, people start having “unfortunate accidents”. What would you do if they threatened your wife and kids?

    The jew bankers can create all the imaginary “money” they want, just by repeatedly hitting that zero key.


    That’s a million you owe me, plus compound interest forever. Not enough? Try adding a few more zeroes.


    How’s that? Enough?

    Every country has a “national debt”. Over here (the sewer that was once England, and will be again) most people wrongly believe the national debt is payment owed to America for coming into jew war 2, but it’s really every penny “borrowed” from the jew bankers by the “British” branch of zog, plus more than 320 years’ compound “interest” since the jew bank “of England” was established as an act of treason in 1694, minus every penny paid back to the jew in taxes during that time.

    No need to calculate it. A “debt” created by an act of treason can never be valid.

    I know it’s an oxymoron, but if we could get an honest politician into number 10 Downing Street in Londonistan (or the White House for our American brothers), his first duty as a true servant of the people would be to declare all “money” the absolute property of the people forever.

    With the “national debt” nullified, usury prohibited and jew bankers and their enabling politicians executed for treason (no need for a trial – their guilt is already proven), everything else would start to fall into place.

    No more taxation. No more jew lies in books, newspapers (no longer jewspapers), radio or television (no longer tel-aviv-zion). No more propagandising the public. We learned the truth. So can everyone once the information is made available to them by Real White Human Beings.

    No more niggers, muds, shape-shifting aliens, queers, jews (oops! I think I’ve already said that a few times in this sentence). No more race mixing. No more undesirables. No more LIES.

    The day of the dangling jew can’t come soon enough for me, but we must bring the creation and ownership of money into our own hands. That’s the key to everything.

    Question. What do you do if a family of rattlesnakes moves into your daughter’s bedroom?

    They’re dangerous, but you tell yourself they’re not malicious. They’re only trying to make a living.

    You trap them, and later release them a long way away, but they keep coming back, a total of 109 times.

    Even the most reasonable of animal lovers has to decide eventually to make their eviction permanent, and there’s only one way to do that, by blowing their fkn brains out. That way, 110 becomes the last eviction.

    We must control our own money or those rattlesnakes will just keep coming back. Even if we eliminate every last one, the devil will create another batch. Even Human parents occasionally spawn psychopaths, which is another name for jews. Control the money and we’ll control the jew.

  36. Barney says:

    False flag or not? I’ve saved this page as a .pdf, and it will be interesting to find out how the story develops.

    The face of the “attacker” or possible crisis actor is shown in the third image from the top.

    Something to watch.

    Immediately below the 6th image down, it says “This was the scene in the immediate aftermath of the attack, after one of the attackers entered the grounds of Parliament” (my emphasis).

    One of the attackers. Now watch as it morphs into the usual “lone nut” story.

    He wuz a good boy, bout to turn his life aroun. He dindu nuffin.

  37. The opinion you trust says:

    Here is how the black Africans, who put in power by mistake, due to entirely affirmative action, depart justice in the United States.

    Philadelphia prosecutor-neggroid, instead of serving justice takes vacations bribes, expensive cars bribes, exotic resorts, and cash bribes, all that while 50% of American people live from a pay check to a pay check, and dream to get a God damned job, and do not even dream about exotic resorts.

    The demonic forces of darkness should be removed from all levels of government, stating with military, law enforcement, etc. Department of Sanitation is ok.

  38. Barney says:
    March 22, 2017 at 1:39 pm

    Beautifully said and I agree 100%. Money is the gateway to resources. With the finger on the money button, you control who gets access to resources, including yourself and your tribe.

    Money is a derivative, the real resources are the non-derivative. Imagine if some real resource took the place of the non-derivative and kikes monopolized it as a money source. Imagine the devil’s children used water. The kikes would have to cordon off all sources of water in the world and make sure they were in control of it. Then they would lend it out on the guarantee of a future return of even more water…

    See how that “works”?

  39. Red Pill says:


    Police: White murder suspect went to NYC to attack blacks

    NEW YORK (AP) — A white man from Baltimore bent on making a racist attack took a bus to New York City, the “media capital of the world,” randomly picked out a black man who was collecting bottles on the street and fatally wounded him with a sword, police said Wednesday.

    WHAT CRAP, You don’t have to drive to NYC to find a groid, Baltimore
    has more than it’s fair share.
    beside this white nerdy looking guy is probably some fag.

  40. Karen says:

    Why is it with these ever escalating ‘terrorist attacks’ it’s always the powerless hoi pol citizens who get creamed and never the movers and shakers? If I was a terrorist I would certainly be more circumspect in my choice of target.

  41. Ray says:

    “Spit on them???? In their prime they would grab you by your ankles and hold you upside down and smash your head into the pavement.”
    You’re missing my point. I’m pissed because the old fools never realized or were never willing to admit in their later years they were duped and used by the jews to kill their fellow Whites in a fratricidal war. They liked the perks and the worship too much. Smashing my head into the pavement has nothing to do with it.

  42. protocolsRtrue says:

    Stepdad Jim had 2 aircraft carriers sunk out from under him by the slant eyed japs. Stepdad jim from westbyGod west Virginia hated pretty much everything but his garden and tomatoes. A navy guy has the green thumb don’t fuck with my garden don’t walk on my fucking grass I will kill you and I mean it. But he still got up every morning at 4 am and went to the Cleveland Good Lord and MR. Henry Ford Engine plant even if he had to shovel out the snow to get there. He started hating niggers on welfare too after a while.

  43. The opinion you trust says:

    How many people disappear in us every year?

    Take the number 800,000: It’s true that 797,500 people under 18 were reported missing in a one-year period, according to a 2002 study. It is hard to say how many disappear and never found, but the rumors are 2,000 never found. That is enough to take care about any dissenting opinion and about those who see and speak up about harmful nature of jews, blacks, Mexicans, brown, yellow, rich, and their evil incentivizing instrument called Money.

    And there would be nothing wrong if they would be only disappearing bad people, we can only hope they are not going to disappear one of the good people here.

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