Big Fat Liar Susan Rice Says She “DINDU NUFFIN”

By Phillip Marlowe

Wow. This is just plain unbelievable. Here we find out big time Obongo boy minion, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, was keeping tabs on private citizens working in Trump’s campaign by using secret NSA surveillance information. The woman even started compiling spreadsheets an entire year before the November election just to keep it all straight!

This is completely illegal — especially if she leaked the names to democrat compadres, who then leaked the names to anti-Trump liberals in the media. Everyone knows they did.

I still love you, Cog Man!

Sure, I can’t stand this Susan Rice character one bit since she’s some kind of half-breed dragon lady freak. But I’d still feel the exact same way morally and politically even if she was a cutesy, brainwashed liberal White chick wearing a pair of nerdy horn-rims. Hell, that would probably get me off! Uh-oh, looks like I said something evil White male sexist once again!

Yep, this whole thing is indeed a big stinking, corrupt deal. Rice told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell — that blubbering old Jewess Diva married into the mob (former Federal Reserve Chair, Alan Greenspan) — “I leaked nothing to nobody.” Sounds like Rice’s blackness is showing. Double negatives are a common expression among idiot Affirmative Action Negroes. She insisted politics played no role in her “unmasking” of names in the secret NSA surveillance. Riiiiight. We can be certain that this was the original source to all this never-ending Russian/Trump collusion BS in the media over the last few months. Everyone is sick and tired of the crap.

It’s obvious the illegality of these democrap’s actions. And I’m certain Obongo boy was also in the loop, right along with that Evelyn Farkas woman. Hell, there’s probably all kinds of lefty Hillary-loving creeps involved. People need to go to jail. No doubt about it.

Listen to this little Negro faggot try to explain away CNN’s liberal hypocrisy. CNN morning kook, Chris Cuomo, called it a right wing media conspiracy. The media is utterly and completely biased.

It’s ridiculous how the liberal media is going on and on about the evil Rooskies and whatever little contact they had with anyone associated with Trump. The creeps are going off the rails with total BS. They find out any Trump person shook the hand of a Russian and then act like it’s a new chapter in a big spy novel, like maybe something John le Clarré might write.

Hell, Hillary Clinton and her hubby raked in tons of Russian rubles over the years. It’s crazy!

These liberals are absolutely huge hypocrites. Always have been. Anything — and I mean anything — that goes against PC and liberal BS, is verboten. That’s why you have these liberals all for criminal illegal aliens and terrorist Mudslime non-Whites coming into our country and living off the public dole.

Doesn’t make one whit should any of us Whites care to differ with them.

The pro Jewish/black liberal media is clearly insane. They just can’t handle having Donald Trump as president and are doing everything they can to ruin his efforts to fix America, after all these years of Jewish multiculturism. Hell, me being a Trump supporter should tell you I’m at least trying to work within the system. For now.

We might well have to have a Civil War to really drain the swamp.

I’m ready for it. Are you?


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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38 Responses to Big Fat Liar Susan Rice Says She “DINDU NUFFIN”

  1. Karen says:

    Off topic but relevant considering the latest fake news:

  2. Recon Ranger says:

    Incog. If we have a civil war which we need it will have been brought on by the insane acts and deeds of the left… We white boys are in the wait for it to happen but we are too smart to actually get it started… we know that we have the smarts to wait for the time and the place and for good reason…. we know the left is too volatile and they do not have the composure to ” wait for the right time ” although the right time for we white folk will be the time the ” crazies ” go nuts over the emotional non control they have over their emotions and small brains… basically they have no self control as we rational types… as you said to drain the swamp we need a civil war. I say to blow away the Chris Matthews , Rice the hillarys , and all the scum in the swamp related to this mind set…It will eventually happen as the commie press is inciting this riot, resist attitude in the lesser brained chimps and supporters of them in the streets…. It seems that a rational approach to a peaceful white society is not in the cards due to the ” dindu nuffin” lower elements and their supporters / promoters… Well then we white boys will take to the streets being better trained with higher skills, stronger convictions, and of course better self control…. To all of the niggers, sand niggers, heeebs, and wiggers…. WE ARE BETTER SHOTS AND WHEN THE TIME COMES IT WILL BE PROVEN….Shoot, Move and Communicate….RR

  3. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Recon Ranger –

    While I, myself, have a tendency to think along the same lines as you, I very much DREAD cleaning up the mess! Dead bodies stink!

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    put her in the same cage with Hilary while we look for those deleted emails. We’ll call it the lbgt channel. You wanted surviellience you got it. Yucky.

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    Just add bill and monica jewlipski and the dress and we have the makings of one of those really good reality jew tv pay per view shows.

  6. Steamed McQueen says:

    Where are the GD indictments already? At what point does all of this become treason and sedition? Mr. Sessions? Hello?

    Rice, Obozo, Clintoon… arrest ALL of them!

    That’s one jury I’d pay to be a part of!

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    So my Son joins the marines right after training guess what? They send him on a 9 month vacation to the wonderful hills and mountains of Afghanastan. He uncovers a stash of opium the officer gives him an attaboy. He being my Son asks me what did you do in the war daddy to earn your Bronze Star. Well son,, it was like this… OK Dad shorten it up give me the quick version. There we were. In the middle of the fucking desert. Not that thing you eat after dinner I mean sand desert. And I run in to the tent and warn everybody to don their gas masks and chemical warfare suits we are under nbc attack!!! By nbc we commonly call that nuclear, biological and chemical attack. They are like what the fuck sergeant prt is this a drill? I say NO it is the nbc fucking lying jew news channel stupid keep your gas masks on until I can shut it off pull the plug on that tv. So they send me to the brig for a couple days to sober up but the funny thing is there weren’t no beer or women anywhere around that place where I was at. The women must have been upwind. You see these ghosts walking around covered from head to toe by gosh man they cant really be that ugly? No wonder you fuck goats. Needless to say I didn’t endear myself to the arabs very well talk about ugly Americans get these fuckers out of here as fast as possible and I mean like right now.

  8. Hoff says:

    Looks like Trump is flip floping about Assad. He is winning the war and starting to get ISIS out of Syria, and the Assad start to gas people.

    Make sense, right?

    If Trumps that stupid…
    Oh My God

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    So the major orders me to the brig for 2 days to sober up. But Sir he’s not even drunk yet? There aint no beer or women here. I get to the brig I say this place is pretty nice we got running water and flush toilets and breakfast lunch and dinner. The major then says ok asshole back to the tent and cot in the desert mfer. Shout out to Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona. True and real patriots.

  10. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Get this guy out of this country asap. He is a 1 man wrecking ball of diplomacy. Yeah but where should we send him???? Ahh the devious general says… Lets send him to WASHINGTON DC!!!

  11. Morris Deeds says:

    Today, 6 April 2017, marks the one hundredth anniversary of America’s entry into the First World War, probably the decisive factor in the eventual outcome of that war a year and a half later. Most schoolchildren, if they are taught anything at all about this event, hear it attributed to the German sinking of the Lusitania with American passengers aboard. Many do not know that the Lusitania was a British ship, that its sinking occurred nearly two years before our entry into the war, and that it was carrying a substantial amount of munitions, making it fair game under the laws of war. The existence of the munitions was only publicly acknowledged in 1982 after a salvage operation was announced; the British government finally admitted the truth, citing fear that explosives still inside the wreck might claim a few lives even yet.

  12. John Taurus says:

    The False News put out by Israel says that the Syrian President used nerve gas on the people there and then showed dead children on the news. It was probably Israel that committed this false flag to get Americans into a “LET’S KILL THOSE DAMNED ARABS IN SYRIA” mode so we will fight Israel’s enemies at our expense and lives. Israel uses false flag attacks all the time to get others to do Israel’s dirty work.

  13. Erik Snohdin says:

    John Taurus, I believe exactly the same thing. Never EVER put any nefarious act past a stinking foul shitty-sphinctered Jew bag of pus. What I cannot believe, and I truly hope it changes soon, is that Donald seems to be falling for this Jew gag. I hope the Donald wakes up to the never-ending cut-throat ways of the Jews. He cannot take this shit lightly just because his offspring are in cahoots with the scumbags.
    We cornered a Jew once at a forum. He was an arrogant entitled we-jews-can-do-no-wrong hypocrite fag, but he said something that has stuck with me forever. He said “We make things happen,” and that was it. I think that was the most truth one might ever get out of a fucking Jew, and this is exactly what they do.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    use of chemical gasses as a weapon of war. frits haber. Did a jig of joy watching british and French soldiers in their death agonies. Only a jew can unleash these things and laugh about it think it is funny. So jewboy take back your zyclon b and take a breath of that .

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    Holocaust? What holocaust? Oy vey do you mean the firebombings of hamburg or Dresden? Or Tokyo or Hiroshima? Nagasaki? Holocaust? Only jewish lives matter? Fuck the jews it’s the jews stupid. Put that back into your ugly jew face stupid and eat it. Who you gonna call now?

  16. guiltfreewhite says:

    Didn’t hear one word on the news tonight, on this being the 100th anniversary of our officially getting into the “great” war.HG Wells called it, “the war to end all wars” Many Americans see the only fault that we didn’t enter into it sooner.The 116,000 American lives lost, were just the down payment.

  17. Clean says:

    The time has come.
    We must come together to save our Country and it’s Founding Culture.

  18. Neo says:

    If only we had access to the transporter in Star Trek we could transport all the Jew bastards to the Sun….. now that be nice OH VEY………

  19. Frederick says:

    hi folks, I admit I was one of the first on the Trump ban wagon, now I’m jumping off.
    Trump just swallowed the zoinist military complex, all for to start the – ODEN YINON – THE PLAN FOR A GREATER ISRAEL, has began tonight. Even the President was manipulated in this, he will bear all responsibility. We now wait for the Bear to respond, this will be chaos. Mr. Red Pill was correct from the beginning I rather had hoped Mr, Trump wasn’t so gullible.


  20. NinjaJohn says:

    Well that settles it. Trump is a shill for the Jew World Order. 50 tomahawks launched into Syria after yet another Shylock false flag.

  21. Frederick says:

    Yeah,, less then 100 days in for Trump to bow and knee for his true zio masters. Trump was set up, even Obama wasn’t so deceived so fast, I hate to say. Seems like Steve Bannon was standing in the way and had to be removed for this reason and calling Kuscher a Cuck, just saying? I hope the American service men are spared by any retaliation by Russia, they have no choice where they go when called. But Go President Vladimir Go!!


  22. American born says:

    Trump just helped the Jews and ISIS.

    Kushner had a role in this.

  23. American born says:

    Irish Savant has a very good article on Trump and Kushner.

    Definitely worth checking out.

  24. Morris Deeds says:

    Was he (Trump) 4 years ago, sick to his stomach, when Gaza children were burned over 90 % of their bodies????

    Here is really what just happen as usually they are using PROPAGANDA just like the USS Liberty, 9-11,ll these other F Flags???

    So the same fake media with the Russian crap:sheep buy this hook,line and sinker now right???

    Let me ask something ,when Israel gassed women and children in Gaza with White Phosphorous: where was all the concern for “women and children” then????? No ABC News David Muir opening story on that crime against humanity or Sean Hannity!

    President Trump under withering fire of Zio Media and Zio Deep State Makes NeoCon Attack on Syria that Only Helps ISIS and al Qaeda — America’s Worst Enemy. Israel Still Controls the USA, and Leads Us to Disaster! –

    Funny, look below ,Nothing in our Media about those little children being burned with white prosperous BANNED several years ago , but they used it anyway cuz they know they can get away with cuz of the idiot Sheep here don’t care!

    Israel accused of indiscriminate phosphorus use in Gaza:

    Human Rights Watch report claims Israel committed war crimes in its use of air-burst white phosphorus artillery shells Shows how, not content to the human and economic catastrophe of the Iraq War and Afghanistan War, Zionists are now busy pushing the United States, Europe and the world toward an even more catastrophic war with Syria and Iran.

    Just as the Iraq war was based on lies, so the war on Syria and Iran are also based completely on lies.

    The Zionist controlled Globalist Media keeps talking about Syrian “human rights violations” when the Zionist-controlled government of the actually supporting radical Muslim terrorism against the people of Syria. Of course, it is all in the Service of Israel. It is not about human rights, and not about weapons of mass destruction — It is about smashing nations that dare to stand up to the horrendous human rights violations of Israel!

    David Duke below:

  25. Frederick says:

    Hi Mr. Incog

    I understand how you may feel about President Trump today, you inspired many of us to support him and that was great. However it all changed over night at least for me. Huge disappointment that Trump would be so willing, even though deceived to approve of a very reckless decision attacking Syria. I’d think his zio boy Jared Kushner was the primary leader in this. If Trump is so easily swayed then you Americans should be armed to the teeth because there won’t be much difference when flip flopping on Syria and taking your guns and Bibles. As you know how vile these jews are and they’ve taken control of his administration in less then 100 days!
    Trumps attack sent a clear message?? What damage was inflicted, I could have done better with a jack hammer. Trump was just showing off that he could do better then Obama, even risking a major military confrontation with Russia, just so amazingly reckless? I understand that Russia has there media propaganda in play as well, but I’d rather trust Russia with anything these days.

    I’ve totally lost interest in Trump and now good bye to all! Go Vladimir Go!!


  26. Bailey says:

    Frederick and i don’t often agree but here we do.
    Trump just fucked us over fake news.
    Allying with Russia to defeat the kosher ISIS was just a pipe dream.
    Should have known kike Israel was not going to let that happen but atleast the beaner invasion is down by 60 %.

  27. Denys Picard says:

    I can’t believe for all criticizing of Obama…not one of you has the courage to call Donald Kike Tramp for what he is: a Fucking Fake….no respect for the Constitution…acts to please the Kikes and vaginas by promoting Ivanka to head the Committee on retardedness…attacks Syria without the authorization of congress…where are your balls…because he is a white painted fucking puppet, it’s all right if he is a fucking fake!

  28. squarepegroundhole says:

    …upshot here is if Bill Cosby was around a rape would have occured

  29. Morris Deeds says:

    Fredrick, Bailye Picard,

    I can’t agree more, as The Don conned Incog man , he conned the rest of us also!!!

    Once elected all the “Lock her up shit” went down the Zionist rabbit hole
    along with locking Soros up, and now he’s altered his Mexican Wall plan,
    allowing the ones here to eventually become citizens!

    The only pre- election promise this Zion-Puppet will keep is closing the Internet
    down due to it “helping radical Islam” ( which he just helped 10 FOLD
    bombing Assad) recruit young Muslims here: aka shut down TRUTHER
    sites, so once again only FAKE Zionist- Jew controlled News will be

  30. Morris Deeds says:

    Syria Attack: The New War Lobby, Bending Reality

    By Ann Diener on April 7, 2017

    Yet again featuring “Opposition Groups” and Unfounded Gas Claims to Promote War in Syria×369.jpg

    Updated: With the UN Security Council meeting this morning, many of the links in this story tell the reality of the chemical attack that was conducted by the rebels in 2013. It is no surprise that the gas came through Turkey then and possibly now. What is infuriating is the Left in the US who are jumping on board with the “war party” that may cost America’s standing and facilitate global jihadism/terrorism in the future. If those in the war party where to get all they want, Syria would become a weak Wahhabist state, a base from which terrorists could have the ability to attack any country, globally. At some point, the US should ask itself why is this reality being favored? Why, yet again, are they not favoring unbiased investigations into the “gas attack” claim? – Ann

    Nothing is left to surprise anymore, again this morning a segment aired on “Democracy Now” featuring an “opposition supporter” Lina Sergie Attar of the Karam Foundation discussing the situation in Syria, again blaming the Bashar al-Assad Government for the most recent gas attack and “barrel bombs.”

    We have heard this story before. Only now they are trying again to make it fly. It has already been debunked.
    Beating a dead horse

    What is curious about the group is that last September, the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago, a group that has been channeling hundreds of thousands of dollars into the coffers of anti-Muslim groups according to AlterNet, would choose to host both “the opposition-aligned Karam Foundation and the Syrian American Medical Society, which it says was aimed at addressing the “Humanitarian crisis in Syria.”

    We all know their sordid history, and not only VT readers but many in the alternative media know. One only has to revisit an earlier “Democracy Now” interview with Dr. Zaher Sahloul, the former President of the Syrian American Medical Society. This accompanied the global media coverage of the bombed, bloodied and beaten little boy from Aleppo, apparently rescued from what was left of a makeshift refugee camp.

    At one time Democracy Now was a respected alternative media site. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case, and it is even worse than that. You can see this NEO article for more background, Dead Children, the Syrian-American Medical Society (SAMS) and its Friends.

    VT readers will find lots of other supporting documentation, for instance, one just needs to revisit the extensive research that was done on the Syrian American Medical Society, and its founder Dr. Zaher Sahloul:

    Doctors of Death: Syrian doctors in the US and their CIA-ISIS ties

    NEO – US Mideast Foreign Policy a bungled affair?

    Henry Kamens wrote,

    “As one Syrian expert living in the United States shared with me, ‘I know this doctor [Sahloul] personally. He is a Muslim Brotherhood member and is sympathetic to the sectarian rebel groups inside Syria, they shouldn’t even be called rebels because what they really are, are terrorists. Dr. Sahloul is the biggest bullshitter and don’t be fooled by his propaganda.’

    “ ‘Ask yourself this most basic question – what does the Syrian Army and Russia have to gain from bombing innocent children in hospitals? Nothing! The only people who gain anything out of this are the rebels who are purposely shelling and bombing civilians and then blaming it on the government, in order to fool you and gain support from Western nations.

    “They are trying to illicit a military response, or if not that, more arms and funding. Dr. Sahloul’s basic goal is far from innocent; his goal is to have American military intervention in the form of a no-fly zone. He wants more military supplies to aid terrorists in Aleppo. He is also a sympathiser with Jaysh al Fatah, an Idlib-based terror organisation.”

    Democracy Now interviewed Dr. Sahloul in August 2016.

    Now in comes a new organization featured on Democracy Now, the Karam Foundation, a stand in proxy as in a team tag match. This is another interesting can of worms to open with more to come.

    It is not surprising that the group does not disclose their donors, their 990 forms are available online and are linked here.

    More @ URL below:

  31. Morris Deeds says:

    Trump bombs Syria for ISIS – HUGE new false flag on the way?

    By Dr. Kevin Barrett on April 6, 2017

    JPG is hilarious GREAT artwork!×358.jpg

    It’s 10 pm Central on Thursday, April 6th. World War III is about to begin, because Trump just bit on the same chemical weapons false flag scam that Obama nimbly avoided in August, 2013. Is there anybody left so stupid they can’t see that Trump was “selected and inserted” to be a war president?

    Where are all the Trump fanboys now? Sitting in front of Fox News screaming “hooray for Trump, hooray for ISIS” ?

    If we haven’t all yet been reduced to radioactive rubble tomorrow morning, Professor Tony Hall and I will break down this horrifying situation on False Flag Weekly News. Watch it live, 10 to 11 a.m. Central, on No Lies Radio – or watch the archive available shortly after broadcast.

    Meanwhile, keep in mind that the people of the Zionist-occupied USA and its NATO puppet states have absolutely no interest in getting into World War III over another Syrian chemical weapons false flag. Those who are paying attention know it was a false flag. (Why would Assad dig his own grave, just as he won the war?! COME ON!) And the sheeple could care less about dead Syrian babies.

    So to rally the West for a potential World War III, the consent-manufacturing industry is probably going to hit us with a huge false flag. It will happen in the West, targeting mostly white people (the only kind whose lives have any value to the sheeple and the MSM) and will involve chemical weapons and horrible-looking casualties. The message: “HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE CHEMICAL WEAPONS! LOOK AT THE POOR VICTIMS! WE MUST DO SOMETHING! LET’S START BY GETTING RID OF ASSAD, WHO JUST USED CHEMICAL WEAPONS!”

    More below:

  32. Johnny Draco says:

    But, but, but he’s going to make America Great Again. Don’t chuw know?
    Two cars in every garage and a BIG chicken in every pot. Don’t chuw know??

  33. ProtocolsRtue says:

    You all need to just calm down for a minute. Sure I knew this was coming I didn’t serve 8 years in centcom for nothing. Just put it all in place what if Hilary was elected? We would have bill back In the white house and Chelsea as secretary of defense. And rainbow flags on top of it all. Shut the fuck and calm down. And who gives a shit anyway we are twenty trillion dollars in hard debt and 80 trillion in unfunded lie abilities to the jew federal reserve debt notes money printing machines. Like I am going to be the one to pay that back. So fuck the Chinese and fuck the russsians too. We got enough problems with all the niggers baby mommas and baby daddies homegrown domestic terrorists jew biological weapons of mass destruction as it is. I’ts the jews stupid!

  34. Frederick says:

    Mr. Bailey I agree. It was a very short lived time of hope and real change would take place, but we gave it a try. Now our last great hope is gone, lets move on exposing those pervert bastards. But I’m in Canadastan so I really got to watch my mouth!

    “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.”
    – Psalms 146:3

    “There is no business like Shoah business”. At the expense of millions of slaughtered dead innocent people for entertainment pleasure.


  35. Clean says:

    I don’t think it is reasonably possible or fruitful to pull inferences on anything we do or any doings in Syria. Syria is in the Middle East. It is part of the Jew, Middle Eastern spell that grips and shapes our perceptions. That doesn’t mean you are not right about Trump.

    Let’s wait and see what Trump actually effects.
    And the Bannon move is of no consequence, a fake news distortion
    Bannon retains his true role and I think he will also do a great job for America.

  36. Spoon says:

    “Blacks were 10x better as slaves, now they are just niggers and always a scam”

    If you think about it, They as a culture want to raise themselves up while colluding with Jews in the Music industry to push the masses of them down. They have no capacity for leadership. And I said that statement, because when blacks were slaves, despite abuses by slave owners, every black person had a job, home, bed and food.
    What about now? indignant and destorying your own people and others. PAWNS. Globalist, Elites etc are the source of much this causality. The Black music industry was so amazing in the 70’s and 80’s and its gone downhill ever since. That is product of intent and collusion.
    The black culture doesn’t care to ask these questions, so I will never trust them again
    Deport them back to Africa. They are not a net, net positive culture.

  37. Johnny Draco says:

    WAKE THE HELL UP WHITE MAN! Ignore the lies of the Jews.

  38. protocolsRtrue says:

    This is my warning for today. The jews go into Passover but get all stirred up around Easter. Already an attack on Christian Churches in Egypt, and an attack in Syria. Fucking with the Russians like this is nextgen missiles of October shit. And then Korea too. Completely blowing out George Washington’s farewell address stay the hell out of foreign entanglements and our unique position in the world allows us to stay neutral. We DO have a whole ocean between us and Syria and Libya and Egypt and Iraq and iran . And an ocean between mainland usa and north fucking korea and china too. So who can righteously be called the aggressors here? And George said long time ago after the creation of the federal reserve jew fake printed debt money notes take my name and face off of that worthless debt paper. Now he wants his name off of our nations capital and take down my monument from that fucking swampland of deep state jews and scumbag cowards traitors committing treason pieces of shit zog agent tough boys and girls wearing their polluted fucking scumbag coward zog agent badges too. Just call it hymietown and their stupid ass pet niggers Americas worst fucking enemies is our own And the fucking military/industrial/banking complex we were warned about them war profiteers also. You cant end war as long as the jew war profiteers are involved. 50 fucking million dollar missiles launched I’m guessing the new orders for 50 more new missiles was sent out even before those ones hit their targets? You have to get rid of the jews man always fucking shit up and causing problems. In America they give out citations for disturbing the peace let’s give a great BIG citation to the fucking jews for disturbing the peace. Make a new ticket for fucking shit up and causing problems. Make it retroactive for 2000 years. We got half of them chasing down this dumbasssombrickski guy stole a bunch of weapons sent his manifesto no details given to the public yet what he plans to do something about hating religions.

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