The US Military is Awakening to The Jew!

They know what’s going on!

More and more people across America and the world are awakening to the Jew. Have you done your part to spread the news?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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45 Responses to The US Military is Awakening to The Jew!

  1. Red Pill says:

    been smoking the hope again?
    don’t be a dope.

    Looks Like Donald Trump May Well Be Jewish
    That Would Explain A Great Deal… – See more at:

    Trump Doesn’t Intend to Keep Any of His Campaign Promises

  2. Recon Ranger says:

    Hoo Raa to the brave troops who see the light… As a former Army Ranger I must say that these boys are hiding their faces due to the retaliation that would bestow upon them if known… We must give them all the support possible for going this far… If anyone recognizes them or knows them personally keep them protected and not let their identity by known… If not for the breed of man that we see here we would not be able to have this site to discuss on…Ole Donald has been duped by his internal traitors , wall street and England… This will put these good brave troops in harms way if sent to another fucking jew war… God Bless these brave young troops… You know very well these same young men would save your ass on the battlefield or on the streets of America… Thank God we still have these men within our ranks of white humans..RR

  3. Morris Deeds says:

    Is Jared Kushner actually now running foreign policy?

  4. Morris Deeds says:

    Illuminati Jews Double Cross Americans Once Again

    by Lynda

    It is impossible to have any reality based opinion on the subject of The Political unless one has studied The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as the template of Revolutionary history.

    Of Trump, it should be clear to the White nationalists like Smoloko that they have been played. Now is the time to reach out.

    Protocol 12:11. “We shall set up our own, to all appearances opposition, which at least in one of it organs will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.”

    It was essential to create the Trump phenomenon to identify the opposition to the globalist project at the grassroots in the American ZOG. The Owners are now much better acquainted with their ‘homegrown’ opposition. Trump has served this purpose so now he can nail his colours to the mast.

    Zionism is definitely one of the infernal columns of the war that is shaping up. . The Jews who think they will have some kind of victory under the ideology of Theodore ‘the Jews must suffer more’ Herzl are delusional. The Gentiles who think that ZOG can be can reformed by democratic means or that some form of White nationalism can rival that of The Crown and the Judaic supremacy are even more so. People need an organization that recognizes and respects the identity of national heritage but is not based on it.


    The USSR, the Nazi national socialism, the USSA/EUSSR were all precursors of the Revolution (inaugurated 1789) in its global, totalitarian phase. This would be Communism proper as set out in Marx’s vol 3 of The Kapital. In the USSR and National Socialist model – the Owners own the state and administer the bank through the state. In the latter model of USSA monopoly capitalism, the Owners own the bank which administers the state. Two models created by the same architect/s.

    In the Communist phase what is needed to globally consolidate the wealth of all national assets are world wars. Who owns the Bank of Russia? Does the Russian state own the BoR or do the Owners of the Bank of International Settlements? When we look at post USSR Russia vs the Zionist imperium: GOG and the ZOGs what we are seeing is the Grand Chessboard alignment that has been organised by the Masonic Agentur for WWIII. The take-out of 7 nations in 5 years mandate, of which General Wesley Clark spoke in his famous interview, is one of the possible flashpoints. The Ukraine is another. The gold backed Russian and Chinese currencies are another.

  5. juhader says:

    i want a real jew holicaust,109 countries theres no place left on this planet they can go time to cleanse the planet

  6. Ian Macdonald says:

    From Belgrave

    You should not rush to judgement of Trump’s integrity. He probably is making the best of a difficult situation from the standpoint of staying alive, which is a prerequisite to long term success in saving the Nation from its real enemies.

  7. Ian Macdonald says:

    see above

  8. The Christian Knight says:

    Goddamn Kikes destroy every thing they touch or Come across,, I think we owe Hitler an Apology

  9. Matt says:

    This whole scenario of the Jews and Assad reminds me of an old story in the Bible. 1 Kings 21

    Ahab wanted a piece of real estate owned by a man named Naboth, and Naboth refused to sell.

    So Ahab’s wife, Jezebel devised a plan. They declared a feast, and had Naboth set next to 2 scoundrels, who later testified before the people that Naboth had cursed both the king and God. They then took Naboth and stoned him to death, allowing Ahab to then seize Naboth’s property.

    In over 2,800 years, these Jews haven’t changed. Make up some lies up, have a false flag, kill the innocent and then seize their property. These Jews want Assyria for their own country.

  10. American born says:

    Trump’s new pick for top Economic Advisor, pro-immigration and worked for McCain during his campaign.

    His last name is Hasset. Anyone know if he’s a kike?

  11. Nationalist says:

    You mean the individual who serves in the military is waking up to Jewish aggression however the U.S. military itself is still pro liberal and pro Jewish. Our government is out of touch with its citizens including our military and although Donald Trump is a step in the right direction he too doesn’t quite fully get it. Things are happening in a good way but it may be too little too late unless more Whites wake up soon.

  12. The Christian Knight says:

    Insanity at its finest, Am I the only one seeing this!!?
    Watch Israeli Occupiers harassing Palestinian Christians with palm branches in hand, during their # PalmSunday march in Occupied Jerusalem

  13. Ray says:

    With World War III looming over a fake chemical attack in Syria, I will believe this when there is a mass mutiny among the green niggers to refuse to fight the jews’ next war or a reverse ‘Seven Days in May’ situation where they stage a coup and arrest the traitors, the alien (read: jew) infiltrators in government and the chest-pounding generals at the Pentagon who call for war against Russia, Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc. Otherwise a few individual soldiers who are opposed to this are worse than useless, and ZOG will always get some brainwashed idiot to launch some missiles. Hey guys, you can hide your cowardly faces behind signs all you want, the truth is there is no draft and nobody forced you to sign up for this shit. In this age of the internet, there is no excuse to not know the truth. I keep saying over and over, young White men should not be joining ZOG’s mercenary force today and go do something actually productive for their race. I am past having any sympathy for anyone who does, especially when they are ordered to turn their weapons on us.

  14. Israhell on Earth says:

    I watched Donald Trump’s inauguration speech three or four times and i teared up a bit when he said “…and the crime, and the drugs, and the gangs – this American carnage stops right here, right now…”
    Finally a president that was willing to openly adress the black crime epidemic. I was so happy that you folks finally get a better justice system. The current one is disgusting, it spits in the face of each and every person victimized by violent black repeat offenders who should be in prison but roam around for the sake of PC.
    Not just whites suffer, decent black people also suffer. And with every murdered employee/buisnessowner/entrepreneur America dies a little bit more.

    If Trump screws that up, you should dump him for good. Kushner isn’t just in charge of foreign policy, he also seems to dictate important domestic issues like the criminal justice reform. That’s a bad omen, and Mr. Flaherty has explained what CJR basically means. “Lowering mass incarceration” = more criminals on the streets.
    I hope i’m wrong and only non-violent, non-hard drugs selling perps get released earlier, and every real menace to society get’s a harsh and long sentence.

    Jared Kushner’s Ever-Expanding White House Job Now Includes Criminal Justice Reform

    Among his many titles, Jared Kushner has been charged with one more: talking out criminal justice reform with lawmakers.

    BuzzFeed reports that the president’s son-in-law is discussing legislation to reformm criminal justice with Sens. Chuck Grassley, Republican of Iowa, and Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat Thursday. Utah Sen. Mike Lee, a Republican, joined the meeting with Grassley, according to BuzzFeed.

    Last Congress, lawmakers proposed a bill aimed at lowering mass incarceration by reducing mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders and investing in programs to help ex-offenders integrate into society. That legislation stalled, but BuzzFeed reports that Kushner’s meeting with senators might indicate a renewed interest from the White House.

    Kushner’s briefcase is already full – he is nominally in charge of brokering a Middle East peace deal, and he was also tapped to head an innovation office tasked with bringing business solutions to problems including veteran care and opioid addiction. He is also facing investigation for his contacts with a Russian bank under Western economic sanctions.

    The satirical newspaper The Onion quipped that an overworked Kushner had “quietly moved” resolving the Middle East crisis “to his to-do list for next week.”

  15. Gilbert Huntly says:

    Trump’s biggest redeeming act, thus far, is his pick of the new Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch. Otherwise, this act against Syria (and Russia) proves he is
    under the influence of international Jewry.
    I remember when I used to get copies of a newsletter from “The Resistor”, which was, allegedly, published by a contingent of Special Forces based out of Fort Bragg.
    Whomever published it was of the same mind as these soldiers, pictured, here. Does anyone know what happened to them??

  16. John Taurus says:

    Israel is the capital of the Jew-S-A. We are all Israeli slaves. We fight Israel’s wars. We pay the cost of these wars. Jewmerica is bankrupt from fighting Israel’s wars. Old people must work to pay bills because Social Suckurity is not enough…that money is spent on Israel. If you are Black or non-White you will be taken care of but there is nothing for the White folk except slaving to pay Israel’s bills for war. Make war by deception is Israel’s motto and it certainly has worked on the American brain. They consider every Goy death a sacrifice to their God Satan and there have been many. Our traitorous government works hand in hand with Israel to meet Israel’s needs while pretending what is being done is in the best interests of “Jewmerica”. One of the Jews favorite misleading lies is, “WE’RE FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM”. America is one of the least free countries on earth. We have more people in jail than any other country on earth….1/4 of all the world’s prisoners. Israel/Jews have people murdered with impunity. Israel operates mostly by committing false flag attacks that are blamed on othere. Until people wake up to the Jew evilness, people will continue to die expanding Israel’s borders and fighting Israel’s enemies.

  17. Banjo_Billy says:

    But as the Jews suck the wealth from the USA and Europe and impoverish us, genocide the white race and re-populate the USA and Europe with Turd World scum, promote faggotry, dumb down our children with stupidity in schools and idiocy on the Jew-Tube, and lie, lie lie to us in the Jew Media — they claim to be “the Children of God.”

    How can you fools not believe the Children of God? The Children of God certainly would not deceive us, would they? Only the Children of the Devil would do that!

  18. CB says:


    When Trump poured crocodile tears
    over the ‘beautiful little babies’ gassed
    in the Jew war-torn Syria, it came across
    as baby porn rendered in the most banal
    and disgusting prose.

    Well, that’s the guy that would have
    ‘dated’ his own daughter (if he could),
    except that he pimped her out to the
    grasping Jews desirous of appropriating
    ‘pure Aryan’ genes – and thus purchased
    for himself a Talmudic indulgence that
    may – or may not – preserve him from
    being eaten alive – as a ‘billionaire’ –
    in the Jew shark pool of Jew York.

    To be sure, there was more than one
    way of preventing this vile prostitution
    contract of a ‘marriage’ from taking
    place, except that Trump, a former
    client and acolyte of the notorious
    queer Jew shyster Roy Kohn, is both
    a whore and a pimp – and would
    always suck off the highest bidder.

    Many American and European patriots
    were clutching at straws – and looking
    the other way at Ivanka’s ‘conversion’
    to Talmudic Judaism, when she desisted
    from believing that Jesus is the Saviour,
    and, instead, came to believe that He is
    “in Hell and is being boiled in hot semen” –
    as the Jew Talmud takes care to specify.

    However, the primary reason why Syria
    could be bombed, in the first place, is
    to be found not in the kosher sewers
    of Jew York, but in the post-communist
    political agoraphobia in Russia, where,
    for all of the ‘Soviet greatness’ nostalgia,
    the defunct Warsaw Pact – the former
    alliance of the not so willing – isn’t
    remembered very fondly.

    Yet, had any sheet of recycled paper
    capable of being run through a printer –
    and having a text of a Russian-Syrian
    accord for mutual defence arrangements
    printed out on it – been promulgated,
    it would have certainly eliminated any
    chance of that Jew neocon bombing
    of Syria from ever happening.

    It would have never happened, had
    the Soviet Union been still around –
    and still free of the total Jew control.

    Given, however, that the Jew-spawned
    communist ideology was dispensed with,
    perhaps Russia could simply revert to
    the time-honoured practice of selling
    protection – as Romans did, in their time –
    for the benefit of all, except Judea, a nest
    of vicious terrorist vipers subordinated to
    the fanatical Pharisaical cult that thrived on
    financial rip-offs of its captive population.

    The Jew bloodsuckers are always looking
    for a weak spot in each prospective victim –
    and whenever they find one, blood is bound
    to be sucked.

    It’s a shame Zyklon B was only used to kill lice.


  19. Austin Neary says:

    1-Russia suffers a terrorist attack.
    2-Conveniently a terrorist attack in another European country gets plenty of airtime which cancels out Russias suffering.
    3-An untrue story about chemical weapons being used by Assad with Russia taking the blame also. (THE ATTACK HAPPENED BUT AMERICA AND ISRAEL STAGED IT)
    4-A massive excuse for America to launch an attack and possibly get a foothold in Syria so they can topple Assad.
    Will everybody now wake up and realise that Russia has done nothing wrong. They are legally entitled to protect Syria,and with Iran they should dig their heels in and tell America and Israel to come on then. If its a fight you want lets do it. BUT YOU ARE NOT HAVING SYRIA YOU CORRUPT BASTARDS.
    It was America and Israel who murdered those people with chemical weapons and the media tell the masses otherwise.

  20. anon says:

    Told you losers that motherfucker is a red-haired jew. It does explain a lot. Mostly that we have been set up. It was the jews trump card. Get it?

    Looks Like Donald Trump May Well Be Jewish
    That Would Explain A Great Deal…

    Please forward this to the military…oh wait…

  21. Johnny Draco says:

    Another HOAX.
    San Bernardino’s North Park Elementary HOAX no one died no one hurt Period

  22. Colonel Sanders says:

    I disagree with Ray completely.Whites should join the militarily, local police and run for local government offices.These are very important tactics for fourth generational warfare.
    Disengagement is not a option if we want this country to continue.

  23. Frank Fredenburg says:

    #HoaxGate: Teen Retard Prank Caller Ran A Multi-Million Dollar Empire Of Drugs And Forged Documents

  24. Joe Btfsplk says:

    One Stephen Barry has posted over at TOO within the last several months. . .

  25. Johnny Draco says:

    @ Colonel Sanders says:
    April 10, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    Lead the way, Mr. Sanders.

  26. Karen says:

    Donald Trump is not a Jew, merely a traitor in it for himself . The Jew Bernie Sanders is a communist who will bring us the same mind numbing totalitarianism, loss of freedom, and mass genocide that befell Russia when the Bolsheviks couped it. Bernie! Are you stupid or just another hasbarat? It’s so simple, capitalism and communism are Hegelian tools. What the hell is wrong with white people that they can’t see the obvious! National Socialism is our only hope which is why the msm is still harping on it and demonizing Hitler.

  27. Karen says:

    There is only one war and it’s been fought non-stop, though mostly beneath the radar, and that war is Jew vs Gentile.

  28. Karen says:

    When cheesy, superficial, dick slurping, fame chasing sub-normals like Madonna, Travolta, etc. etc. etc. live in 20 million$ houses, own private jets and whose coke addled philosophy of life is “let them eat cake” all the while “pretending to care” while well meaning men are living with their families in cars, communism is a tempting reaction. I fell for it. But I wised up. Communism and capitalism are two sides of the same coin….a tiny elite sit on top of the pyramid calling the shots and you hoi polloi have no choice but to listen up and know your place which is STILL at the bottom of the heap, only difference, you have NO OPTIONS. Please, people, wise up.

  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    Montenegro just allowed as the 29th member of NATO. Who are these fuckers and why? Stay out of foreign entanglements. Even the name of the place sounds like niggers. these fuckers are full speed ahead toward jew war 3 even though we keep telling them to slow down, stop, and put it in reverse back up the bridge over troubled water is out. I’m going to have to look up these mountainniggers on my atlas. Is that part of Europe or asia or Russia?

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    Mountainniggers aint even on my 2003 world atlas. Monaco is 1 square mile and Netherlands has 16.000 square miles. Sean Spicer had to choke up a few times today turn in that white house badge. Why the attack on Syria? Well I think any decent human beings that watches little children and babies being gassed with chemicals would be abhorred and have to react. AXE me AXE me from American free press! No not you anybody but you asshole. What about inserting a syringe into a baby’s head and sucking out the brains and a pair of tongs to pull the dead baby out and dissecting it up to sell the baby organs for stem cell research and by a Lamborghini sports car? Would that require a missile strike on the planned parenthood headquarters? Get this guy out of here asap meaning right now. The SS meaning secret service bullies.

  31. protocolsRtrue says:

    I googled the mountainniggers and found them. Our newest member of NATO. Gee thanks. You don’t want to know oy vey we see jew war 3 coming now. You ever here of Brexit? I say amerexit right now! George is flipping over again let the man rest in peace.

  32. protocolsRtrue says:

    The country’s name in most Western European languages reflects an adaptation of the Venetian Montenegro (< Latin mons "mountain" + niger "black"), roughly "Mount Black" or "black mountain". Many other languages, particularly nearby ones, use their own direct translation of the term "black mountain".

    I thought Trump says that NATO is outdated and other countries need to start paying up? Now we get some mountain niggers too to defend? Where the fuck does all this money come from I ask? Oh yeah your income taxes and payroll taxes medicare and social security taxes withheld from your hard earned paychecks before you even get any of it for yourself or your own family. Don't vorry about it it's all being held in safe keeping lock boxes TRUST US JEWS funds until you can retire at age 96 then we will pay it all back. Just what we needed is more niggers to pay for in a place we cannot even find on a map of the usa.

  33. protocolsRtrue says:

    You cant even stop spending 500 million bucks to the jew planned parenthood dead baby profiteers yet you are going to SPEND 100 million dollars more of fake jew fed fake printed money debt notes over a few dead Syrian children? At least they had a CHANCE to live. Fuckit.

  34. protocolsRtrue says:

    Spicer also said even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons and 200 trillion billion jew holocaust survivors who somehow survived and made it to dc and Miami and jew York and chimpcago and la all said oy vey and fainted at the same time. What about the 60 trillion gazillion billion jews who were gassed at aweshits? What about them? I’m looking at them right now aint I? Oy vey he must be fired or apologize.

  35. Karen says:

    Two thousand year war…Jew vs Gentile

  36. Erik Snohdin says:

    I’m so saturated with hate and disgust for this race of ugly primates. When is this world gonna gather enough strength to make these bags of stinking pus pay for their crimes ?
    WHEN ? I’m so fucking sick of them. I want them all DEAD, every last kike rat.
    I’m so tired of watching them turn the tables on everything and everyone, twisting reality, contorting, lying, plundering, subverting, perverting, and those stinking kike bitches with their pissed-off angry faces and arrogant burning entitled eyes. I want to boil them in oil and hear their screams of terror, the same terror they have heaved on so many Christian souls throughout time. May their curse of guilt for murdering Christ be eternal !!
    God, where the fuck are you ? When will you return and smite these assholes like the way Neo smited the zillion Smiths in the final Matrix movie ? Please come back and help us all.
    I want to see Satanyahu hung by his ballsac, that fucking prick.

  37. John says:


    You listen/watch the same preacher I have for 23 years. If everyone else did this mess would end pretty quick.

  38. protocolsRtrue says:

    Sorry I went off on a rant on the mountainniggers montenegro being accepted into a nato alliance country. So I looked them up did you know they have a total standing army of a whopping 1,600 troops? Now what the fuck are they going to do to stop the Russians? We got more than that crammed onto the island of Guam and it didn’t even tip over and fall into the ocean. No wonder they wanted to join NATO. I thought this was about make America great again we don’t even secure our own borders.

  39. protocolsRtrue says:

    Put this jew bitch on your jews in media news list. I made the mistake of fucking a jew bitch once could have been her twin shister.

    Personal life[edit]

    In 1999, Bartiromo married Jonathan Steinberg, chief executive officer of WisdomTree Investments, and son of financier Saul Steinberg.[29][30]

  40. brian boru says:

    If Trump has in fact betrayed those who put their trust in him it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is important that white Americans finally understand that the system is truly beyond repair and that they cannot depend on it to represent their interests. The system, or swamp, will not be drained by democratic means. The kikes and their minions are too deeply entrenched. Every aspect of government is totally corrupt and serves the interests of the powerful creatures behind the scenes. It doesn’t really matter who the front men elected by the population are. They come and go but the system doesn’t change. Trump would require dictatorial powers and, much more importantly, a clear vision of what needs to be done to bring real change. That change could only be achieved by violence and terror. Show trials and executions of tens of thousands of the scum who have destroyed America over the last hundred years are essential if the country is to be set back on the rails again. That is, the complete removal of jews from power in every sector of society.
    What are the chances of that happening at present? Virtually nil. So what are white Americans to do? Well, the first thing is to understand the reality and discard illusions and delusions. Then, they have to begin to organise as whites. They have to elect leaders, locally and nationally, who openly represent only white interests. Who will ignore the frantic attacks that inevitably will be levelled against them by the kikes and their puppets. Since the military and police organisations are firmly under the control of the system they will be used to suppress white resistance. It will be a brutal experience that whites will have to undergo to finally learn the real nature of their rulers. These creatures are no different to communists and will use maximum violence if they think the situation warrants it. Nevertheless, there are now no other options. The chance of an easy, bloodless solution passed long ago. Whites now have to go through the fire. Those guns rusting in their closets will have to be used sooner or later or the white race in North America will simply go out with a whimper. Whites simply have to be prepared to wrench a white ethno state from the American wreckage which the jews have produced. A tough, new type of white American has to emerge from that wreckage and secure the existence of the white race and a future for white children. Presumably, this is what all whites who think like us want, and those numbers increase all the time. Let’s be clear. Trump was elected by white men despite the worst the system tried. The fact that he proved to be a dud doesn’t matter. We can organise and when our minds clear the fog of jew lies we can achieve our goals. It will be hard but the alternative is not acceptable.

  41. S O G says:

    liking the new karen …how many clean sober days now honey …?
    good comments ….
    nice that opinion is gone and smitherzine gone …rationality and sanity almost left with them here …i dont comment as much which means less eye strain for yall …
    lost 3000 bookmarks and fuck firefox …for now …but always back that shit up to html to a flash drive and to computer home file …you can always conjure sites from these baxckups ..
    point being my bookmarks had the notariety of being like triangulation on many subjects too vast for the human memory …fuckall ..
    the military is training jihad isis or plo or hamas or whatever frikin name the jew rebel theater calls themselves …soldiers are not happy about havong to train these retards ..why do they need training …er uh or consulting er uh hmmmm …cover plausibility deniability in this age of total diclosure via existing freenets etc ….nothing stays hidden for long …anyway the kikeshits want syria pretty bad ..they want to collect the whole set of pan arabian alphamale run secular countries in middleeast and put filthy parasite moslems in charge tp speed up the genocide of coptics and secular people …jews have a death wish for all …they are the angel of death ….on this planet …
    who in their right mind could even refute this or prove this fact wrong anymore …

    and concernin g trump ….im sayin that whoever dint know he was controlled opposition from all the last presidential farcxes on america then shame on you ..
    trump is gonna save what …he cant even save his rediculous hair style as the rest of this pubic scalp hair falls out etc …this guy is a dumb mother fucker and only represents some cartoonish jews who just happen to control the world ….how the fuck did this happen ….white people acting stupid refusinf the treuth and doing nothing whence they knew it ….time is running out for the world ….as the kike puts a mortgage on the whole world at 97% intresst……ever heard a jew say the word interst ..i dont recommend it as you cannot unhear this ….heh heh …i would love to go into my old spiels as i felt they were ingformative …never boasted shit only trey to teach certain pints of light …points of light ..but a pint sounds good ….
    uncle sog out …
    my long and unarticulate post a few days ago was trying to sort out flanders commen ts which were displayed on the post …sorry i didnt make it more articulate …but uh ….

  42. protocolsRtrue says:

    Forget about it There is still a God and Jesus does exist. Put that into your jew pipes and smoke that. I keep telling myself you are retired now just sit back and watch the grass grow. But after I read the protocols a great big light bulb went off in my head and I said I need to speak out and sound the warnings. Just like that woman that works in the place that rhymes with us postal service. She said every time you walk in the door the lights in the building get brighter. Because I get up on the ladder and change out the burned out lightbulbs and I was even underpaid for that. tp://

  43. John Taurus says:

    If God threw Satan out of heaven down to Earth, then we are in hell now because we live on Earth.. The Jews are Satan’s henchmen, his demons, his servants used to torment us in hell. There is no good in a Jew, only deceit and treachery. They do the devil’s bidding and only destroy. The whole world is about to go into war because our government is Israel’s servant and our government leaves no other country unf**ked with. No one is left in peace by our government which serves its master, Israel. The population of the world is about to be seriously reduced because of the Jews. Israel causes 90% of the world’s problems. Whites run like scared rabbits when accused of being politically uncorrect….words like “RACIST, NAZI, and ANTI-SEMITE” frighten Whites so much they shit their pants. It is time to stand up and be men……real men.

  44. American says:

    I won’t fight for Shlomo!

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