Yids Flip Lids Over Spicer’s Minor Gassing Comment

Kike Mossad Operative Wolf Blitzer Loses His Shit On Sean Spicer After Exposing Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax


The kike Mossad operative Wolf Blitzer did an interview [BELOW] with Sean Spicer on CNN in which Spicer apologized for exposing the Jewish gas chamber hoax at today’s White House press conference.

What’s really interesting about this clip is how thick Blitzer lays the Holocaust guilt on Spicer for exposing this Jew hoax. He went way overboard with it rambling on about the gas chamber lies and muh six million etc.. He came off like the biggest dick.

The amount of media coverage this has gotten has been truly hilarious.

Seriously, why would the media flip out over this? Could it be that Adolf Hitler didn’t really put six million Jews in gas chambers disguised as shower rooms? Are they trying to cover for the fact that they’ve pushed this stupid lie for decades? Seems to me this is damage control by the Jew media.


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35 Responses to Yids Flip Lids Over Spicer’s Minor Gassing Comment

  1. Recon Ranger says:

    Shit man, Hitler didn’t cook enough of them… Damn…We need to buy pizza ovens and install in every American’s back yard…
    Shoot Move and Communicate…RR

  2. Ray says:

    Does anyone still actually watch Wolf Blitzed and the Cohen News Network? I loved it when Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, told CNN to stop spreading lies and fake news. 🙂

  3. Barney says:

    Two examples of TNB. In the first, a monkey creates it’s own version of a false-flag attack, and in the second it’s just monkeys (mis)behaving as monkeys always do.



    Tell me again how importing millions of savages is actually helping our countries.

  4. Johnny Draco says:

    kike Mossad operative Rabbit Blitzer frenzied ululation.



    “Ki-yi-yi-yi-yill goy-yoi-yoi-yoi-yim!”

    After the paroxysm of talmudic hatred rabbi(t) Blitzer, rubbing his claws together, resumed with “Stupid, stupid goyim.” And then proceeded to shove a bagel up his ass.

  5. Barney says:

    All this CRAP about “chemical weapons” as if they’re not already using chemical weapons on all of us. What are chemtrails if not chemical weapons continually being used against civilian populations? They spray us like bugs in a greenhouse, day in, day out, for decades, and then they whinge and whine about a “gas attack” that either didn’t happen or was staged by (((them))).

    What about jewish ritual murder? Matzo balls, anyone?

    (((They))) don’t give a [pick a word] how many of our kids they murder, whether it’s with ritual knives, poison vaccines, chemtrails, poison “food additives”, white phosphorus, bombs or bullets, and it seems this recent false-flag “gas attack” may show kids that were deliberately murdered for propaganda value. It certainly doesn’t show victims of a Sarin attack, or those handling the dead kids without adequate protective clothing would be dead as well.



    Unfortunately, kids are being murdered every day, some by (((perverts in politics))) because the bastards know they can get away with it, proving that they don’t care about “dead Syrian kids” any more than they care about any non-jew.

    This next site hasn’t hasn’t been updated for a year or more, but it shows just how bad things are among the (((rich and famous))) PERVERTS here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again).


  6. Anon says:

    Go on jewtube, find multiple Sean Spicer msm “omg muh holocaust” vids, and post a comment with a link the following holohoax video: https://youtu.be/tPc899uUb-A

    Normies need to wake up a bit today.

  7. Gene says:

    Molly Matheson

    Just in

    Apparent mudshark, Molly Matheson, strangled to death in her apartment bathroom. Don’t go with nigs!!!
    She should have known better, but these proponents of race mixing had her believing it would work out. It did not work out!!!

  8. John Taurus says:

    One thing about the Jews…..the truth is not in them….if their mouths are open or they have a pen in their hand, they are telling or writing lies or half truths meant to mislead. They cannot afford to have the holohoax exposed as a fraud…..they have been robbing the goy for years based on that lie. Making war by deception is their motto. If the world knew the truth about these devil’s demons the Jew would be banned from planet earth or Judaism would be banned. Anne Frank’s diary was written with a ball point pen…an instrument not available to the general public until after WWII. The Jews are murderers who murder with impunity. America needs to wake up to these evil beings. All missles and bombs need to be aimed and dropped on ISRAEL.

  9. Grant says:

    The new administration should be focusing on mortgages soon.
    The amount of money that is being stolen from citizens can be used for positive things not to mention the plus impact and alleviation for those.

  10. The Christian Knight says:

    Kike Monkeys, I will cut off all your Shylock noses and stick it up in your asses,,, Dirty paedophiles,,

  11. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Nuclear Blackmail

    This could be the answer for the change in Trump.

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I tested that link and it worked. Now it doesn’t. I found the link for this article at Jim Stone Freelance Journalist. The article is called: Time To Call It: Nuclear Blackmail. You’ll see the link for that article inside this article. It is an interesting article. It mentions a bomb found inside a nuclear power plant in Sweden.

  13. Johnny Draco says:

    The City by the Bay—“on behalf of” California—sues ‘mom and pop’ firearms accessories companies across the country. Dylan Saunders, owner of one such shop, 7.62 Precision, is fighting back.


  14. carnac123 says:

    Freedom of speech in the US is being attacked in the form of protests and political correctness. The Jews have decided that only they can gauge how a person in the government mentions the name of Hitler and if they don’t think it is said with enough hatred then the person saying the name might be a Nazi of in Holocaust denial. They demand an apology immediately if ‘Hitler’ is mentioned with a minimum touch of humanity. I was surprised at how fast Spicer was ‘kowtowing’ to the media and some Jewish agencies. I am tired of this bullshyt. I say what I please ands so should all of us. Whether a person believes there was a holocaust or not makes little difference to me. The fact that he can express his beliefs do make a difference. Freedom of speech is under attack. This is not Europe where one can be arrested for not agreeing with the holocaust narrative (imagine that). This is the US (so far) . Everyone knew Spicer was not agreeing with the Holocaust. THey knew what he was trying to get across but some Jewish organizations, their media, and some individuals were ready to pounce over nothing. They were quick to show their teeth. No group is going to take our right to free speech.

  15. Mark says:

    6 – million

    Jews Suck.

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    yids flip lids. I like that one. I cant give this my full book review yet because I am still in the first chapter.


  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    I can put my movie critic hat on and give a review of this one. Because I took the time and trouble to spend 2 hours watching it. That pretty much sums up my review. It sucked. less than 1 star. Not even a half moon. Denial. Pretty much a British film about the Brit historian David Irving who has written some very good books that I have read the destruction of Dresden being one of them. So some jew bitch whore college professor teaches holocaust studies in American taxpayer funded colleges and universities says David Irving is wrong about something in one of his books. So the Brits have a completely different sort of legal system and Irving sues HER for defamation and slander and now she has to go and try to prove that he was wrong. Irving defends himself in court the jew whore slut bitch has 20 trillion billion gazillion jews backing her up with all of their stolen money. The opening credits the closing credits bbc movie it nothing but executive producers directed by other producers and editors starring is nothing but golds and steins and silvers and bergs. So you know what this is going to be. Opening scene. Set the tone. David Irvings house. Push the doorbell and a negress maid answers. Here we go. Not that she’s thankful for such a well paying job but that he’s a wealthy white man slave owning racist. Then, here he is laying on the floor playing with his grandkid. Gee maybe he is a child molester too. Just goes on and on and on. So the movie sucked unless you are into the historical matter and how some of British legal system works. Otherwise unless you are trying to get into some rich jew bitches panties and know how to fake tears I suggest skip over it and get a beer and watch a football game instead.


  18. Johnny Draco says:

    Trump Is Pushing US Into Scripted And Pre-Planned World War III????????

  19. Barney says:

    carnac123 (April 12, 2017 at 11:47 pm)

    I assume everyone here has read Orwell’s “1984”. if not, it’s available on-line. Just Google


    Herr Hitler is the modern incarnation of Emmanuel Goldstein, and we have to enthusiastically engage in the obligatory “two minutes hate” every day or we’re hate-filled Nazis who want to gas six million of the devil’s vermin.

    Too fkn true we are, but why stop at six million, and why bother gassing them? Turn their own methods back on them, exactly like they did in the Katyn forest. One jew. One bullet. One big hole in the ground to take them all.

    Too expensive? Take too long? Waste of perfectly good bullets? Herd them all into underground “fall-out shelters” telling them it’s “for their own protection” as the devil’s chosen vermin, and then completely seal the place. The air won’t last long with all those noses scooping it up. They whinge and whine about imaginary “gas chambers”, so let them have gasless chambers.

    Funny how Orwell chose an obvious jew for his two minutes hate. I wonder (not really) why he did that.

  20. Gene says:


    Molly Matheson, mudshark, a woman who was involved in church strangled. No suspects, no arrests, but no signs of forced entry in this murder.

    So she knew her attacker don’t ya think? Possibly a nig that went all ape on her, maybe because she was leaving the relationship.

  21. Gene says:


    When I speak of a ‘glass parking lot’ it should be clear what that means. NUCLEAR OPTION.

    If you make a glass parking lot out of Israel most of the world’s troubles would vanish. Most of the pedophiles that are left would be out of business.


  22. protocolsRtrue says:

    America just dropped the moab mother of all non-nuclear bombs on Afghan rugheads. It was just sitting around taking up valuable real estate in a warehouse anyway. The Russians of course claim to have a father of all bombs 4 times more powerful.


  23. Johnny Draco says:

    @ Gene says:
    April 13, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Her (?) whole family needs a transvestigation.

  24. setmypeoplefree says:

    Jacques Baynac: “There are no proofs, yet I believe.”

    Robert Faurisson: “There are no proofs, therefore I refuse to believe.”

    For the first: freedom of expression.

    For the second: a sentence of one month to one year of prison, a fine of 2,000 to 300,000 francs, and additional penalties.

    An Orthodox Historian Finally Acknowledges:
    There is No Evidence for Nazi Gas Chambers


    The Gas Chambers: Truth or Lie?


  25. protocolsRtrue says:

    I will switch back to prt the movie critic to prt reality again. This bomb is not the same but there is something called fuel-air bombs. The concept is the same as when you walk into a house with a natural gas leak and it is dark and you say what’s that smell so you light a match to find out. KABOOM! Or in a garage with a gasoline leak somewhere and you smell it but light up a cigarette anyway. KABOOM! The fumes asshole. There is a reason that the sign says no smoking within 50 feet of the gas pumps asshole especially on airfields with aviation fuel. But you still see people smoking cigarettes and talking on sailfones while pumping gas in their gas tanks don’t you? So that’s how these fuel air bombs work disperse a cloud of highly explosive vapor over the target and then spark it. KABOOM! Not saying the moab is the same type. There was a movie way back called outbreak. Here’s what happened. Ebola broke out in a jungle village of tin shacks and mud huts in apefrica. So Dustin Hoffman is the good army nbc nuclear biological chemical weapons officer and Donald Sutherland is the evil nbc officer. They send them to go help the dying niggers from ebola they wear their really nice chemical warfare suits nothing like they give us in the military for real the evil doctor takes a syringe and sucks some blood from one of the most nearly dead niggers to take back to fort dietrich Maryland to study and make a weapon out of this stuff it is pretty fucking deadly. But the good army colonel who somehow doesn’t have to have his haircut or uniform within regulation just happens to be in some jewlywood version of reality estranged from his wife who just happens to work at the centers for disease control cdc in Atlanta. So anyway the bad colonel gets his virus sample and then promises the wise and good old nigger village doctor we will be back with help and medical supplies. So then here comes the c130 drops out a pallet and all the niggers still alive run out with their hands in the air thank gosh help and supplies are coming. The pallet releases the bomb when the parachute catches hold and then KABLAMO! All the niggers are dead anyway now and presumably the virus that was already killing them anyway. So we had a couple of these bombs in the first gulf war what should we do with them who should we drop them on? Good question and a lot of very creative answers came out. How about the republican guard them dumb fuckers are all bunched up together in one spot let’s give them a wake up call. Anyway that movie had a good version of a daisy cutter blu-92 or blue 52 whatever bomb what it could do.

  26. protocolsRtrue says:

    So flipping back between jewlywood movie critic and reality again back to that movie outbreak good colonel verses evil colonel. Of course the commanding general was a wise and all knowing nigger morgan FREEMAN by some jewish coincidence he says to the good colonel what do you want you fucked up and was wrong about everything else you ever said? Remember that weapons of mass destruction thing? That cost us a shitload of lives and money not to mention the country of Iraq people. Yeah yeah everybody makes mistakes once in a lifetime. ONCE?? Remember you came up with that global warming thing? OK twice. How about the solyndra solar panels?? 3 times. Need I go on? Ah no but I swear I am right about this one. This virus is bad. please please please believe me just one more time? OK colonel I’ll give you just one more chance BUT I SWEAR IF YOU FUCK THIS ONE UP TOO I WILL BUST YOU DOWN BELOW YOUR UNDERWEAR!! I WILL HURT YOU SO BAD YOUR MOMMAS VAGINA WILL GET A YEAST INFECTION! YOUR DADDIES GOING TO GET PROSTRATE CANCER!! Is that it? I’ll bust you down to private and make you cut your hair and wear a uniform properly not like this million dollar jewlywood movie! So then the good colonel calls his estranged wife that just happens to be a phd doctor at the cdc. Is this like the time you told me you seen a bigfoot? Or that people didn’t actually land on the moon? No I swear forget about all that other stuff this one is real. So there I am. We got 1 more blu82 left and the general asks people what should we do with it who should we drop it on? I raise my hand ask me ask me pick me. He ignores me but nobody else in the room says anything either. So I keep raising my hand and start jumping up and down young man do you need to use the restroom? This is a secure area we will have to shut down the whole briefing. No ask me? Anybody but you I was asking the generals and colonels and majors and captains and leutenants. OK private where should we drop the last remaining blu82 bomb? On Washington dc! Get that mfing lunatic out of this room! Better yet get that lunatic out of this whole fucking country.

  27. protocolsRtrue says:

    So I am the best damn carpenter builders in all four services I am a I man war machine. This guy comes up to my door where do I get my new uniforms? That door over there. Did you know who you were just talking too? No. That’s the new leutenant General of centcom. If that’s the new lieutenant general I feel a whole lot better now. And I’ve seen some whole full 4 star generals too. But looking back on things… The generals that I have ever seen or interacted with were good men and always put the boots on the ground first. Because that’s where they started from.
    The good ones anyway. And there wasn’t many women in my service eihhter. Faggots were shunned. Looking back farther most officers were good except when they started letting stupid ass niggers meet the quotas must hire and promote assfirmitave actions mninority hire and promote niggers stuff. Then they went to queers and faggotts and lezboz. Most of the women in the first place were queers or lezboz or compleytly whackos. So then they let I n don’t ask don’t tell and faggots can get married in the base chapel. Not ever stopping then they say you can even be a transfaggot and join the military. At least in jewsa. So I am a recruiter I ask the thing if you are a male or a female? It really is one of the top check boxes next to your real name and citizenship. Oh and just a minor point do you have a real id card or social security number? Can you lift 70 pounds of backpack? Hell yes I climb over walls with 70 pounds of marahoocie every day. Well that’s not the kind of backpack we were looing for. ok hosey . I want to make a couple things clear right now. I am not a racist. When I went into that bar and ordered a beer. The jew bitch next to me said would you like to take me back to my house and fuck me all night? I said I just got here don’t I even need to buy you a drink or something? How much is your pussy gonna cost me? It turned out it cost me a whole lot. So back to the real women I met at work that a place that rhymes with postal service. Beautiful woman. Smart. Intellegent and hard working. So I ask her on our thirty minute breaks what can you possibly see in me? She said whenever you walk through those doors the lights come on brighter. So we had a relationship for a while she was actually from Bolivia. She was beautiful and smart just tore my heart apart. But I was already married with children and she said I am too. And other stuff. If it was a different day or different time.

  28. Gerard says:

    “Soviet Communism” was only Controlled Opposition to western Capitalism funded by the same Wall Street Jewish bankers. The Soviet system was just a precursor to Zionism. Once the Jews robbed,raped and murdered eastern europe and Russia,they all left to Palestine with money & skill on how to run a murderous government.

  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    Talk about rape and robbery and nearly murder.. I was married to this woman X for 15 years and then we got separated she found a better man. But we had 2 children together M&M. Because we meaning me was in the military we got separated but remained technically married. So she is living with her new boyfriend and I live in a trailer with my new girlfriend. Eating raman soup and macaroni and cheese but still paying her child support. And I was always honest telling you the truth I am still legally married. So women have come and women have not come for 10 years they always ask me should I need a condom? No I had a vasectomy 25 years ago and it was final. OK so speed it up a bit the only reason I decided to remain married to my wife was for our two children M&M. I’m the sponsor on the medical and dental plans and that’s the only reason I don’t move away from here right now. So they give me the notices M&M had their annual checkups and teeth cleanings and x rays and shots doctor and dentist visits. OK fine as long as she’s making sure the kids are taken care of first. So like I said I was living with another woman in my trailer when I met this other woman at a place that rhymes with us postal service. So every time we captured a few hours together I explained to her the real situation I am not really cheating on my wife we have been separated for ten years. I am cheating on my girlfriend. So she says I am cheating too. Back to the service stuff I haven’t been to a dentist except once a year and before I retired. But I am still the sponsor I get the notices about when my wife separated been to the dentist and what they had done. As long as she’s taking care of the children M&M. I get her medical treatment notices also since again I am the main man responsible and we are still technically married to each other. I get this medical notice my wife madam X had a tubal litigation. I’m like look madam X I aint the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree but I know what a tubal litigation is. You were next to me after my surgery for a vasectomy after we had M&M 25 years ago. So you know you aint going to get pregnant by me. Tubal litigation? At your age? Com’n man woman. How did you know that? Because I am the sponsor on all the medical and dental bills dumb bitch they send ME the paperwork. So I wasn’t cheating on my now ex wife anymore I was cheating on my girlfriend and I still felt guilty and bad about it.

  30. anon says:

    James Benjamin True Jr.

    True along with Michael Ahearn organized America First, Inc. inaugurating the political term “America First” in August 1934.[6]

    In 1935 he invented the “kike-killer” truncheon (Pat. No. 2,026,077)[7] which was a short round club made in two sizes: one for men and a smaller size for women.[8]

    He later moved to Florida to assist with the magazine Nation and Race.


    Just throwing this in-


    Kike is a term for someone who is a jew. Early evidence suggests it was used at first among German-American jews in reference to newcomers from Eastern Europe, perhaps because the names of the latter ended in -ki or -ky.”[1]

    See also

    * Sheeny
    * Hebe

  31. brian boru says:

    Long before he won the election Trump should have had an administration ready to go and a clear policy of what he was going to do. Of course the enemy would have done everything they could do to stymie him, but with a clear idea of what needed to be done and the people who would support him in that in place then the chances of achieving them would have been much better. Instead, other than a vague idea of ‘making America great again’, there doesn’t seem to have been any firm plans of what to do, especially with regard to foreign policy. When this indecisiveness became obvious the enemy saw their opportunity to co-opt Trump and take over. The nigger-in-the-woodpile, the Israeli fanatic Kushner and other neocons, seem to be pulling the strings now and Trump seems to be going along with them because he doesn’t seem to have any idea of what else to do. If this is the case the hopes of the whites who put him in power are dashed and it’s back to policy as usual. When he is being praised by the likes of Clinton, McCain, Graham and so on you know that he has gone off the rails. While it is disappointing that Trump has folded so fast it really shouldn’t be that surprising. Now, whites need to reflect and plan anew on how to deal with our eternal enemy. At the very least we can be thankful that the Trump campaign has woken up millions of white Americans to the true nature of the system. This is something that fringe groups like the readers of this blog and others like it could never have achieved.

  32. Red Pill says:

    Black Security Guard Will Cost United Airlines Millions

    “There is no Greater Supporter of the Jewish State … Than Donald Trump”

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  34. Truth-hammer says:

    Spicer made a spectacle of himself. He might as well have recited the muslim’s Islam acceptance/conversion prayer like that cuck jew CNN reporter did when he was captured by the Iraqis. Sean Spicer, jew cuck.

  35. Cindy says:

    His name makes me chortle ” Wolf Blitzer “…. Yeah. More like Bernie Moneyburg…

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