Backstabbing Jews Happy Seeing Whites a Minority

A couple of smiling, beady-eyed Israeli Jews at a big 2013 international conference hosted in Israel and specifically aimed at increasing Third Worlder immigration rates into EUROPE, but not sacred Israel, where they do everything they can to keep non-Jew peeps of color out. Can you believe the utter gall of these hypocrite Jew creeps? Just who do these sorry SOBs think they are? [INCOG]


Houston, Texas is a city that has been struggling to forge some kind of unique identity for the longest time.

Negro shows how to mix up “purple drank” using cough syrup with grape soda to catch a lazy buzz. Trayvon Martin was going to make it before Zimmerman justifiably plugged him in the gut.

There’s not really a whole lot to this town when it comes to culture. The only people really proud of the city are sportsball fans and the blacks because it’s the birthplace of a certain style of ooga booga music that mimics the effects of getting high on cough syrup and also the home of their queen negress, whose GIFs they use on Twitter in lieu of having a high enough IQ to form an actual argument.

Everything here revolves around working.

There’s a stable and at times booming economy, the oil and gas industry and the world’s largest medical center. There’s an exponential growth rate in regards to its population, which is set to overtake Chicago to become the third largest city in the US. These details basically serve to highlight the fact that the only thing that unites Houstonians is the fact that there’s an economy here. But now Houston has something new it can brag about: it has become the most “diverse” city in the US.

This is not a particularly shocking revelation to anyone who’s spent time in Houston. It’s similar to New York City in some regards, except the cost of living is much lower and it’s a lot closer to the southern border, which, along with its reputation as a sanctuary city, makes the city a prime destination for the world’s “wretched refuse.”

What is of note is the way in which the Lugenpresse packages this fact as if it’s the wave of the future and the only way forward for the rest of America. The LA Times article on the happening is chock full of quotes that read like PR blurbs for the kind of discombobulated mess of a country that Jews salivate over.

LA Times:

The story of how this city turned from a town of oil industry roughnecks and white blue-collar workers into a major political centrifuge for immigration reform, demographic analysts say, is nothing less than the story of the American city of the future.

Yes, Houston is the template for how ZOG wants every city across America to be: a mish-mash of incongruous groups of people from every corner of the world amassed in an urban sprawl with the purpose of consuming, taking up space and driving down wages.

Some people are skeptical of the phrase “white genocide” because in their minds, “genocide” entails something with more overt, organized violence carried out by the state, with death camps, mass executions and things of that nature. In fact, the word “genocide” simply mean an extermination of a people. And there absolutely is an active plot to destroy whites, spearheaded by Jews and enabled by white traitors and international finance capital.

This is the kind of America the backstabbing Jews want to see. Just stop and think about all the White Christian men who died fighting the Nazis in WWII! [INCOG]

Quotes like this make it nearly impossible for even the slowest among us to not see that white racial replacement is not only at the top of the agenda, but is openly being celebrated and cheered on by the news media and other mouthpieces of the establishment.

Yet demographic experts say the Houston metro area, home to the third-largest population of undocumented immigrants in the country — behind New York and Los Angeles — is a roadmap to what U.S. cities will look like in the coming decades as whites learn to live as minorities in the American heartland.

The illegal immigrants don’t need to learn how to follow the law and return to where they belong, but rather, law-abiding white people need to “learn to live as minorities” in the countries their ancestors built and bled for. Whites are now regarded as pushovers who will avoid confrontation with outsiders at any cost – as long as they can enjoy modern conveniences without too much hassle. And as much as I hate to admit it, it cannot be denied that it applies to large segments, if not the majority, of our population.

Here’s one big Jew rat pushing all this:

And what would an article celebrating white decline be without a Christ-Killer cheerleading our dispossession from the sidelines?

“This biracial Southern city dominated by white men throughout all of its history has become, by many measures, the single most ethnically diverse major metropolitan area in the country,” [Prof. Stephen] Klineberg said. “Who knew Houston would turn out to be at the forefront of what’s happening across all of America?”

Here we see the classic Jewish manipulation of language, where white men “dominating” (a word placing white prosperity in an oppressive context) is seen as a part of history (old-fashioned, in the past, no longer valid) while becoming “ethnically diverse” (less white, ooh look at all the restaurants) puts Houston at the forefront (the cutting edge, the avant garde, the future) of what’s happening (cool, hip, trendy, modern) all across America.

What that means is a whole new dynamic, in which minorities are no longer seen as outsiders. “Suddenly these are 100% American kids, and they’re falling in love with each other, making multiracial babies,” Klineberg said.

The Jewish obsession with miscegenation rears its ugly head. This sick kike can’t just leave it at the delusional multi-cult fantasy of Bosnians and Pakistanis barbecuing with Salvadorans and Zulus in some kind of peaceful, harmonious utopia. He’s so excited at the prospect of a grey goo humanity that he can’t help but sperg out with his “blended humanity” horseshit. And while race-mixing is more common than it used to be, the vast majority of people tend to stick to their own.

Even the gray-haired negress interviewed in the video accompanying the article said as much, despite clearly being prompted by the interviewer to talk up the rainbow nation/melting pot nonsense they’re trying to drive home in this piece.

(at 2:02)

It’s sort of surprising they included that bit in the clip.

A “psychology of inevitability” begins to set in around immigration, he said — it’s happening, and it might not be a bad thing.

Another classic kike tactic. He’s assuming the sale, which in this case is our marginalization, dispossession and eventual genocide. “Give it up, goyim. You’re finished. It’s inevitable. I have a Ph.D. and I said it so it must be true… but don’t worry. Extinction is not so bad.”

“Maybe it’s going to position Houston … for success in building the connections to the global marketplace. Maybe I can make money off of this…. And then we begin to say, how do we make this work?”

Ah the global marketplace. International finance strikes again.

This statement highlights the wrongheaded mentality that is driving the West off a cliff, with Shlomo at the helm in a conductor hat and a six-pointed parachute on his back. See, these people don’t even view us as human. To the Jew, we are nothing but interchangeable economic units that can be replaced at any time by squatty brown people that don’t mind living in squalor and getting paid substandard wages. These “new Americans” (and their “new European” counterparts across the pond) are already used to low standards of living, so when some penny-pinching scumbag business owner offers them your job at half the pay, they have no problem taking it from you. And that’s what is most important to these people. Our nations, our cultures, our societies, our communities, our blood, our genetic integrity all take a back seat to global kikeonomics.

Massive social engineering campaigns have made it to where whites value economic systems and abstract ideas like “progress” over their own survival.

What this quote reveals is that making money is prioritized over having a functional society. You can hear the shekel grabber clasping his hands together when he says “Maybe I can make some money off of this,” which is basically the mantra of the Jew. Never mind the fact that Houston’s robbery rate is through the roof. Never mind that many of these vibrant-Americans don’t work or contribute to society. Never mind that your children will be minorities in their own countries, trapped in schools with the spawn of gangbangers, smelly kids with Zika and other hostile, foreign miscreants.

Forget about having a cohesive community that your family will feel at home in. There’s shekels to squeeze! Muh global village.

This is the formula they have in store for the rest of white America, Europe and the Western world. It’s developments like this that make it clear how crucial it is for us to band together.

Local meetups are the first step to building communities and forging a viable resistance. Join your local Daily Stormer Book Club, Standard Pool Party, or hell, start your own group. The experience is not only rewarding, but is very much a necessity in the era that we live in.

ADDENDUM: Violent blacks in Houston are playing the “knock-out game,” where they smack random Whites or Asians in the streets and run off laughing. You won’t see the lying press say a word. Go HERE for video.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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51 Responses to Backstabbing Jews Happy Seeing Whites a Minority

  1. gregorz says:

    just keep lowering the edjewcation system shabos goy and watch your kind become stupid like them feral apes you do not see the jew elite send their children to public schools lol

  2. Governor George Wallace says:

    Other than typing a Reply to this article, what are you White men doing about it?
    Nothing, other than complaining. When are you going to start to act? More, castrated White males.

  3. Denny says:

    Jews are predator’s, and their Babylonian Talmud teaches them that’s. And you don’t have to read much of their Babylonian Talmud to know what their all about. The jews operate just like a vicious deadly wolfpack.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    I stopped paying taxes. None of this shit would last for a minute without fake federal fake jew printed money jew debt notes. They would and every jew shitty would collapse like a cheap tent without that fake jew money debt note printing machine. EBT card machine down today Medicaid card not accepted here either and the welfare temporary (yeah right) assistance for needy family card money stopped working and the free breakfasts and lunches and snacks for all of your niglets and spiglets and wiglets free lunch there is no such thing as a free lunch asshole somebody has to pay my stepdad Jim had 2 ships sunk out from under him by the slant eyed japs and worked 7 days a week at the good Lord and Henry Ford engine plant in Cleveland taught me that a long time ago so take that asshole. It would collapse like a cheap tent in a minute if somebody just pulled the plug on that fake jew debt printing note machine 20 trillion in hard debt with 80 trillion in unfunded LIE-ABILATIES! It will be civil war but no wars are civil. What will the niggers do then? Look how they act now? With all the free food and free housing and free medical care and free schools and free electricity and free water and free gas and free sailfones too? What will the niggers do then? Get a job? Man prt you are a dreamer now. Once I had a dream. I had a dream that some day ALL NIGGERS, and I mean ALL NIGGERS would someday break out of those chains and shackles of welfare government dependence slavery and get jobs and take care of their own niglets and baby mommas and rise up to real freedom and independence from dependence slavery. No really get off my back monkey I mean nigger I’m tired of carrying you around and feeding you and housing you I never even asked for you and all you do is keep bitching in my ear about this or that get lost go back to the fucking jungle mfucking nigger and believe me you wont be missed at all.

  5. carnac123 says:

    If we (white people) would stand up for our own rights and be willing to really fight for them the whole negro/jewish steam-roller would grind to a halt. When whites finally stand, we win. Get away from television which is nothing more than a propaganda outlet and a hypnotic trance inducer made by the left. If you must bloody some noses (so to say) then do it. Do what you must to save yourself, your race, and your culture.

  6. Recon Ranger says:

    It’s time for the jew and nigger knockout game….. not with hands or clubs but with the trigger finger… take them out or we all perish as white folk…as good ole George Wallace, the guvnor of Georgia or Alabama stated in 1968… ” If there’s gonna be bloodshed let it start here”… good man he was… shoot move and communicate…RR

  7. Luke says:

    For anyone in the pro-White community who voted for Trump because they swallowed the Andrew Anglin (Daily Stormer) promoted bullshit that Trump was some kind of secret reincarnation of Adolf Hitler – according to reports, Trump is saying that the most evil, anti-Second Amendment, totalitarian, virulently anti-White, hardcore liberal jew – Joe Lieberman – is the front runner for his pick to take over the already thoroughly jewed FBI.

    Joe Lieberman, for anyone who doesn’t remember, was screaming for Chinese Communist style censorship of the Internet. This guy is a hard core totalitarian Bolshevik Communist cockroach. Think about this for a second. Here Trump is, being attacked from all directions by the jew controlled enemy media, and he is so freaking jew stupid that he evidently thinks that, if he can kiss their nasty jew asses with just the right amount of subservience, gusto and enthusiasm, apparently by putting a jew into every major government position that gives them and even greater degree of tyrannical control and power over America – power which these same jews will then use to destroy his Presidency – that maybe the jew hyenas will lay off of him?

    How in the hell did a guy who this freaking stupid manage to wind up with net worth in the low billions?

  8. Gilbert Huntly says:

    As I consider the abominable condition of our country’s trends (from the perspective of an “educated” white man), I am chastising myself for not being more active pursuing its defense. For too long, we white men have succumbed to the consternation of our libtard-leaning peers, and have been too reluctant to speak-out against attacks and slights against our ethnos. Although I have never participated in any civil, organized demonstrations of a political nature, I am realizing the need for in-your-face resistance against leftist trends. Having done a college term paper on its history and political impact in past decades, I now realize that a rectification of the Ku Klux Klan might not be so ridiculous.

  9. kerdasi amaq says:

    So, what do you call a sewer rat, who has left his sewer, shed his fur, learned to walk on two legs and imitate the speech of man?

  10. kerdasi amaq says:

    A kikeyvermin, (plural kikenvermin)

    A sewer rat in human form.

  11. kerdasi amaq says:

    GGW, the problem with immigration is that the D.C. regime considers it unlawful to give immigrant invaders proper deportation orders. They administrively sabotage them every chance they get.

  12. kerdasi amaq says:

    What do you call it when a cop guns down an immigrant(illegal or otherwise)?

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    Ask me!!! ask me!!!!

    A justified shooting? No

    Call 911 he’s dieing? No.

    roadkill? no

    uh Ill have to fill out some paperwork and get more bullets for my gun? no..

    Ok I am running out of answers i’ll be on paid suspension for a few weeks and then they will fire me. BINGO!! Bada Bing Bada Boom after 3 months you can get your gun back and work as a security guard at a bank and you wont have to deal with the public meaning niggers as much anymore and life will be very peaceful. In other words retire and guard a bank instead.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    Funny but true story for today. I watch all the real police shows first 48 and they have a new one called live pd. So the cops are doing a raid on a house looking for a suspect all guns drawn and shit and then all the sudden you hear this da da ling da da ling do do do da da ling shit the cop says what the fuck is this an ice cream truck driving down the street we are doing a swat team raid here. So the camera pans over it is not an ice cream truck it is a big freezer box truck that says meat steaks chops chicken and biggest letters of all says we accept ebt cards. Now somebitch aint that something now they drive around the niggerhoods delivering the ribeyes and t-bones to the niggers for free with the magic ebt cards. Then they pan back to the swat team raid.

  15. Johnny Taurus says:

    When are Whites going to wake up!! The Jews are out greatest enemy, yet, to criticize a Jew will get you fired from your job. They seek to lower White IQ by race mixing and promoting it. Our country has been destroyed as Israel is and has been the capital of the Jewnited States for years. We fight Israel’s wars at our expense and we are now bankrupt and on the verge of ethnic cleansing of Whites from Jewmerica as Whites are now a minority. Jews control the Federal Reserve and have robbed us blind for the last 100 years. We put ourselves at their mercy……and they have none. The feces is hitting the fan and most Whites haven’t even noticed.

  16. Karen says:

    Roy Orbison, a true and talented Goy, whereas overrated (((Springsteen))) the showman makes his phony guitar player faces…………….

  17. DaShui says:

    I talked with some Chinese consulate workers in Houston. Their hatred for Mexicans was amazing. They wanted to live downtown close to work but crime kept them in the suburbs. Originally the consulate was in New Orleans but moved to Houston because of black crime, frypan to fire, lol.

  18. kerdasi amaq says:

    How about he’s serving an hot lead…

  19. kerdasi amaq says:

    …deportation order from which there is no appeal and no return!

  20. white strategist says:

    you should make a section where we submit mudsharks (from facebook), incogman.

    i’ll start:

  21. Morris Deeds says:

    Karen says:
    May 19, 2017 at 9:27 am

    Roy Orbison, a true and talented Goy, whereas overrated (((Springsteen))) the showman makes his phony guitar player faces…………….

    Springsteen is Dutch and Irish Catholic: I think, he went to Catholic school???
    Although before I looked him up in Wiki I thought he was a J, he’s got that
    sloped nose and J politics, him and his guitarist, one of the first to boycott
    Capetown South Africa, due to Apartheid, yet they will not lay one word
    out for Roger Waters and his anti Israel Apartheid crusade, sycophant
    hypocrites all of them!

    Springsteen is a Dutch (Germanic) you have to understand Karen Jews have
    no culture of their own (they are Khazar Frauds, not even real Israelites)
    and they’ve stolen Germanic names, like “Stein,”Rosenberg” “Weiss”
    etc, Yiddish is actually mostly German with Hebrew Characters!

  22. Karen says:

    Pointless to get oneself into a dither over mudsharks. We live in a time when quantity is valued over quality and the jew reigns supreme over this mess. Mudsharks are either very young and naive and if they have anything on the ball they will wake up soon enough and return to the flock. If not, then why worry? They’re well lost and good riddance, not worthy of adding to the white gene pool. em.

  23. Morris Deeds says:

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Rosenstein Joins the Posse×245.jpg
    Friday – May 19, 2017

    “With the stroke of a pen, Rod Rosenstein redeemed his reputation,” writes Dana Milbank of The Washington Post.

    What had Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein done to be welcomed home by the Post like the prodigal son?

    Without consulting the White House, he sandbagged President Trump, naming a special counsel to take over the investigation of the Russia connection that could prove ruinous to this presidency.

    Rod has reinvigorated a tired 10-month investigation that failed to find any collusion between Trump and Russian hacking of the DNC. Not a single indictment had come out of the FBI investigation.

    Yet, now a new special counsel, Robert Mueller, former director of the FBI, will slow-walk his way through this same terrain again, searching for clues leading to potentially impeachable offenses. What seemed to be winding down for Trump is now only just beginning to gear up.

    Also to be investigated is whether the president tried to curtail the FBI investigation with his phone calls and Oval Office meetings with FBI Director James Comey, before abruptly firing Comey last week.

    Regarded as able and honest, Mueller will be under media pressure to come up with charges. Great and famous prosecutors are measured by whom they convict and how many scalps they take.

    Moreover, a burgeoning special counsel’s office dredging up dirt on Trump and associates will find itself the beneficiary of an indulgent press.

    Why did Rosenstein capitulate to a Democrat-media clamor for a special counsel that could prove disastrous for the president who elevated and honored him?

    Surely in part, as Milbank writes, to salvage his damaged reputation.

    After being approved 94-6 by a Senate that hailed him as a principled and independent U.S. attorney for both George Bush and Barack Obama, Rosenstein found himself being pilloried for preparing the document White House aides called crucial to Trump’s decision to fire Comey.

    Rosenstein had gone over to the dark side. He had, it was said, on Trump’s orders, put the hit on Comey. Now, by siccing a special counsel on the president himself, Rosenstein is restored to the good graces of this city. Rosenstein just turned in his black hat for a white hat.

    Read More At:

  24. NinjaJohn says:

    It’s absolutely true and infuriating to see. I should know because I live in one of Houston’s suburbs. Muds everywhere and they’re getting bolder by the day. Someone above asked when Whites are going to wake up. Based on what I’ve seen, not anytime soon.

  25. Karen says:

    @ Morris Deeds, I’ve always been under the impression that Springsteen was Jewish. Maybe it’s because my husband, an insider in the Detroit music business, so far back in time it’s embarrassing, knew his manager, a Jew, and had only bad things to say about him, and not because he was Jewish. My husband, unlike me, is not a ‘bigot.’ Well, my bad. Even the Dutch can be phonies. Again, my bad.

  26. protocolsRtrue says:

    Bruce Springstien is jewish. period put that to bed but that don’t mean he and his bands made good music and I might just enter one of the bruce springstienbergs in my cd player and it wont break. Tell me one music person that made it to the top no matter how talented he is or her without a jew manager or a jew record producer involved Elvis could open his mouth and say I hate jewish mfuckers and the jews would back off and say this guy has talent. And a great personality the chicks will dig him. we can make some recordings out of that and maybe a few movies too. Even the beatles had a jew faggot first manager. No kidding epstien was the manager of his fathers record department in the department store and this obvious faggot said to the beatles I would like to be your manager .. So much is history now be our manager and market our records?? yeah hell yeat can we all say yeah now?

  27. Red Pill says:

    the verbal goes physical, any excuse will work for NIGGERS

    Black Man Praised After Slapping White Woman For Calling Him A Ni**er

    Man Bitchslaps Woman On Bus For Calling Him The N Word (0.55)

  28. protocolsRtrue says:

    PRTism of the day here. So today is my birthday my wife say’s I can’t believe an asshole like you is still alive and I say I cant believe it either God hasn’t given me my eternal dirtnap yet. Maybe he has big plans for me. Yeah right he picked the wrong vessel. God never picks the wrong vessel I take offense to that he just changes directions once in a while. Did you know that your birthday always lands on armed forces day? Yes and I would like to thank the whole world for that too. So I am in a good mood I turn on the tv radio channel 70’s music and this guy or lady is singing I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name and I am reminiscing back when I was roaming through the desert on a horse with no name. So we named it Toyota. We had a camel with no name either. So we named it deuce and a half. So the wife says an asshole like you should not be allowed to live past the age of 12. I said I gave this country 20 years and 10 seconds of my life and I want it all back. They still owe me 3 years and 10 seconds and haven’t bounced a check yet but coming pretty close 20 trillion in hard debt I don’t know what bank they use but hey I aint complaining.

  29. Joe Btfsplk says:

    >>>How in the hell did a guy who this freaking stupid manage to wind up with net worth in the low billions?<<<

    He didn't get that round mouth by eating square meals. . .

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    So I get home and my wife axes me where the fuck have you been for the last nine months. I cant tell you that she says get your hands off of me I don’t want to catch anything do you even know your childrens names? Yeah Mark and Michelle and your name is nina right? I say remember me my name is prt I am worldwide deployable or deplorable whichever you prefer. But I had every shot disease prevention and a couple of experimental anthrax shots too. And look at me I am still alive and perfectly fine . Should I use a condom at my age the condom would ask what was my purpose in life? But I still love you babydoll. .

  31. putnamvt says:

    More than you think and probably would like, “George Wallace”.

  32. protocolsRtrue says:

    You are coming here wanting to have sex with me and you just came back from Egypt and Jordan. Believe me lady if I had any bugs inside me they would be dead already.
    I should be more worried about you and you are my wife who’s going to catch a disease here it won’t be me. And since you are my wife and stuff can I axe you a personal question where have YOU been for the last 9 months because I am under contractual obligation to the military to make sure I am present and accounted for every day the colonel may not know where I am at but I am still here and able. I damn sure aint going to the hospital for a geniltile disease. So to sum it all up in a package lady you are not going to catch any diseases from me. Diseases take off running the other direction from me.

  33. American born says:

    I’m in Philadelphia for the next few days. I took a ride around this morning on safari through the negro hoods. Mile after mile of nigger savagery.

    Anglin has a post up today with a graph showing that in about forty years there will be four billion of them on the face of the earth. Earth can’t sustain that many niggers.

  34. Erik Snohdin says:

    Hey Fellas :
    Just wanna say I went to 2 college graduation ceremonies this weekend, both of them beautiful, and gorgeous weather. Each school graduated over 2200 kids. I don’t care what the press says, the WHITE RACE IS DOING VERY WELL in America. I kid you not when I say that 98% of both graduating classes were all white, the other 2% were Asian.
    Let me tell you something. if the Zio-scumtards think they are gonna wipe this race out, they got another thing comin’. My only regret was the mindset I saw in all these young Millennials ; tattoos, overflowing individualism and Tom Sawyer pride, open displays of sexualism, and I fear, massive liberalism. But we can turn this thing around. Trump is leading the way. He is giving these kids pause to rethink what the Jews have stolen from this country. They are all waking up. Only those paid by Soros are still acting recalcitrant. I know that I do my part every single day to wake the young ones up, and it is working. ONE BY ONE, if we all wake up someone around us, the filthy KIKE assfuck clowns won’t stand a chance against the white race. They should be afraid, VERY afraid, for we WILL drive them from this land just as 109 other countries have. It’s the only thing they understand ; FORCE. They know nothing but hate and jealousy, and eventually this will be their downfall, especially when they brag about all their plans and accomplishments. But anyways, I wanted to pass this onto you all ; the WHITE RACE is intact, at least in the world of education, and yes, I listened to the names of the graduates as they were called, and only a handful of kike scum. We can do it, ya know, we can. It’s up to us older guys to keep waking up the young ones now that Trump has given us a chance at healing this nation, so stick to it, Lads !!

  35. dick fuld says:

    to the tune of “walkin’ in a [winter] commie wonderland
    later on we’ll conspire
    as we plot by the fire
    marx is the boy
    & lenin’s his toy
    walkin’ in a commie wonderland

    the jews are all
    spies for hire
    from brooklyn north
    to south of tyre
    they called themselves reds
    now they’re surely all dead
    walkin’ in a commie wonderland

    they had a puppet
    named obama
    tell the truth
    you’re in the slammah
    the jews are the ones
    who all carry guns
    walkin’ in a commie wonderland

  36. Johnny Draco says:

    Erik Snohdin what agency are you working for??

  37. The opinion you trust says:

    Who is winning?

    The one who can survive and outdo the competition in terms of the deceit and backstabbing involved along the way.

    Winners must be more aggressive, more two-faced, more devious and more cunning and more willing to step on over everyone else.

    Most white people are driven today not by a need to help humanity to get rid of aggressive Jews and evil Niggers, but by greed, and need for power.

    Unabridged conspicuous profits unavoidable lead to egocentricity (interest in exotic countries and weird people, democratic views, multiculturalism, exotic sex, all culminating into the rear pleasures).

    Instead white people should self discipline themselves into consolidation around the common vision.

  38. The opinion you trust says:

    Good perception in re to “what agency”. It may not necessarily be a governmental agency, but more along the lines of a large financial intermediary or one of the top consulting.

  39. The opinion you trust says:

    Ideology Defined.

    This definition of ideology can be useful for the subject.

    Ideology definition is, in accordance to Alan Isaak (1987), “a fairly coherent set of values and beliefs about the way the social, economic, and political systems should be organized and operated and recommendations about how these values and beliefs should be put into effect.

    Start energetically writing your recommendations and beliefs how the social, economic, and political systems should be organized!

    If you do not want to, then remember that the Big Fat muslim Jew, Big Nigger, and Big Latino comes after you all led by the profit driven Big Brother in the top!

  40. The opinion you trust says:

    Major ideologies.

    Ideology #1: Conservatism:

    Divided house of conservatism. There are two types of conservatism: business conservatism and religious conservatism.

    Ideology #1 part 1: business conservatism

    Believe human beings are motivated purely by self-interest, especially their own economic interests, and that the achievement of material well-being is the central goal of society.

    Believe free operation and free market

    For higher standards more accountability, merit pay and proficiency testing – all policies designed to improve the economy.

    ideology #1 part 2: religious conservatism:

    Believe in Christian Religious Rights.

    Secular humanism

    Common sense conservatives are good

    Creation of white militia to self defend against Judeo-Niggerian threat.

    Ideology #2: Liberalism:

    Liberalism is the dominant ideology of the Democratic Party, and has two parts: 1. new politics liberalism, and 2. neoliberalism.

    ideology #2. 1: New politics liberalism.

    Pro Muslim – Jews, Pro Niggers, Pro Latinos;

    Due to Jewish propaganda they believe that many, perhaps most, of the problems in U.S. society result from a history of discrimination and oppression of murderous Niggers based on factors beyond individual control

    Making it easier for Niggers and Jews (oppressed groups) to receive a good education, obtain good jobs, and in general enjoy the good things the U.S. has to offer;

    This scumbags support affirmative action in hiring, multicultural education, and programs that promote diversity, hate toward white people.

    ideology #2. 2. Neoliberalism:

    Pro Niggers and pro Jews.

    Race and gender identity politics has

    Believe in growing economic inequality in the U.S.

    Ideology #3: other ideologies in the U.S. – extremism:


    Jewish extremist ideologies started directly involve in mainstream policymaking;

    Niggers and Jews extremist organizations.

    Ideology #4:

    Social Democracy:
    White equality and fraternity-understood as national solidarity-are the key values for social democrats, but they also advocate economic growth.

    Christian Democracy:
    values are fraternity and equality, understood as social justice.

  41. Erik Snohdin says:

    Hey guys, no agency. Just me, myself, and I. Have I said something retarded or have I shown a little too much hope for the white race ?

  42. protocolsRtrue says:

    I think I have the market cornered on retarded comments. Sorry. Just when I think I cannot possibly say something more stupid than a previous comment I come up with something even more stupid.

  43. GD says:

    Trump is trash. He’s a talker. He’s not going to change anything meaningfully.
    He continues to ignore Us. He is another snake.
    Should we be surprised?

  44. Morris Deeds says:

    Karen says:
    May 19, 2017 at 7:40 pm

    @ Morris Deeds, I’ve always been under the impression that Springsteen was Jewish. Maybe it’s because my husband, an insider in the Detroit music business, so far back in time it’s embarrassing, knew his manager, a Jew, and had only bad things to say about him, and not because he was Jewish. My husband, unlike me, is not a ‘bigot.’ Well, my bad. Even the Dutch can be phonies. Again, my bad.

    Dutch has been used and discarded just like Britain and Germany and every other
    European country contaminated by Jew’s usury and control wants they
    dig their teeth in, here Ben Franklin (he saw what Jews were doing through
    usury of banking in Europe) told Continental Congress to ” keep Jews in their
    own ghettos or eventually they will run all America’s banking houses, and
    have our decedents: tilling in the fields while they count their shekels, and
    our children will CURSE US, in our graves, for allowing this.”

    What has transpired today??? One just has to look at Goldman Sachs???

  45. Dafydd says:

    Paula Hitler: Statement in Support for her Brother

    A letter and interview by Paula Hitler

    Some so called White nationalists, who spend their wrenched existence belittling other White nations and people, do not possess the true Aryan sprit/soul; but the demonic spirit of the eternal Jew. With their petty, inadequate, impotent statements/remarks, to make themselves feel better about their worthless, unproductive existence.
    So if they are not HasbaRATS, or trolls, it makes little difference; as they are by default working for our eternal enemies; due the fact that they are too congenitally stupid to see the consequences of their retarded actions; due to their blind hatred; and in so doing are incapable of true education and high culture.
    Or as the saying goes: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt”.

  46. protocolsRtrue says:

    Unfuckingbelieveable. No really unfuckingbelieveable. I’m scrolling through the onscreen guide for today on what used to be called the military channel but they renamed it the American hero’s channel for some reason. They are having another Adolf Hitler and the Nazis day. Some of the stuff these jew deceivers and history changers come up with and make a tv show out of it. Just a few examples and I swear I am not making any of this up, the jews are. The guide description is like a tweet only has a certain amount of characters then you have to click into it if you care to read the rest.
    3:00 pm– Hitler’s Messiah Complex…A secret report reveals how psychotic episodes convinced Adolf Hitler that he was a modern-day pharaoh.

    4:00 pm– Hitler’s Death Ray– Nazi scientists work on a space weapon.

    5:00 pm– Nazi Killer Magic– It is the great untold story of World War Two. The role the occult played in shaping and determining the outcome of the fight.

    6:00 pm– The Nazi Jesus– It is one of the gargantuan struggles of the Second World War. Two men, one a Catholic pope who represents God on earth, the othe…
    I didn’t click into the rest.

    And my personal favorite…
    7:00pm– Hitler’s Zombie Army– An adventure into magic, high priests, and secret castles; mystery of the salt mine.

    Starting at 8:00 pm they go into 2 hours of Nazi Fugitives.
    This is all American kids learn. 10 years from now all they will know is that the slaves freed themselves in the civil war and in jew war 2 negro’s teamed up with jewish warriors and leaders to save the world and defeat the evil Nazi empire.

  47. Anon says:

    Texas Antifa are planning to hold a rally in Houston on June 10th. Granted, the city is beanerfied and niggerfied but the intent of the fags is to get a statue of the City’s founder, Sam Houston, taken down. Little by little they intend to erode our history. They intend to make us a mongrelized mass of morons who stand for nothing and fall for everything. It is a slippery slope and the longer we stand around doing nothing, the more emboldened those marxist fags will become. Inform the masses and let’s make sure Antifa knows that even in a diverse shithole there are still enough patriots around to run them off.

  48. S O G says:

    opinion ..wipe your ass on someone elses site ..
    eloquence and blithering meaninglkess lofty speech is equal to insulting peoples intelligence and i dare say your trying to imitate intelligent speech …could be a monkey geting airtime …go have a bananna …

  49. Joseph Johnson says:

    Hey there, I was permitted to post this response employing an excellent proxy from

  50. dick fuld says:

    kikes are really gonna dig the final culmination of the ” manhattan
    project”: an 800 foot hole in the manhattan schist.

    they’ll send divers down to attempt to recover “their” stolen gold,
    that will be in the form of au292, the most common radioactive
    isotope of the barbarous relic.

    scratch 3.6 million evil-doers.

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