Evil Blacks Kill White People All The Time Just Driving

By Phillip Marlowe

Someone handed me a copy of the local paper yesterday (I don’t subscribe) and on the front page was the story of two stunningly beautiful high school seniors, Kaitlyn Duffy and Sabrina Mundorff, where one died in a car wreck and the other was critically injured. After skimming past the usual fluff about the saddened White family and candlelight crying fest where nice guy Whites still don’t get it, I reached the part in the back of the paper where the reporter finally listed the name of the bastard who ran into them head-on with a box truck. The reporter also says nothing about him trying to drive away after smashing into the girls, or that he was drinking on the job.

Yep, I could tell immediately just by the name it was another sorry-ass Negro (they didn’t show his easily obtainable mug shot, natch). He already had a rap sheet a mile long. He was charged with involuntary manslaughter, maiming as a result of DUI, felony hit and run resulting in a death, DUI and driving on a suspended operator’s license.

You should know that I have several pages of photos dedicated to blacks murdering us — be it mudsharks or just regular random Whites (including idiot multicults) targeted by these criminals for robbery, home invasions and/or murder. But blacks don’t just kill us with guns, knives and occasionally a handy two-by-four piece of lumber. Oh no. They are also most often the ones behind the wheel of a two ton car when a White is run over or turned to hamburger in a horrible car accident. Basically, blacks are just like walking wrecking balls to society.

Sure, you’ve got your crazy illegal wetbacks, drunk as hell on Coronas from Walmart and listening to blaring mariachi circus music (they actually dig that nutty crap), who kill us all the time on the road. But keeping track of illegals committing crime and also the stinking black race is just too much for one White guy. Yet you can see the “real deal” on a regular basis by going to the site NEW NATION NEWS where they list out such crimes from compadres all across the “NEW NATION” of our now racially screwed America. You will simply not believe just how bad things are getting.

But even NEW NATION NEWS can’t really cover how bad things really are. They depend on individual unpaid Whites across the country getting the information to them. In fact, this story about the young White girls above isn’t even there (someone reading here needs to send them this story).

Negroes truly are a menace to society. No doubt about it. Like I’ve said here on my site many times, blacks are like one man or one woman wrecking balls to civilization. Yep, even black bitches are GD crazy freaks. I read all the time of some wacked black women losing it and running over some little White lady in a parking lot. They are usually the ones who commit road rage murders, which you never hear a word about in the mainstream news.

People: This is a violent and ugly race. Absolutely. What’s really bad is that we got to hear them whining about racism every minute or always see them portrayed as so great on TV. Even the commercials make the smart people and doctors black and any idiots or criminals are always White. Hell, all the burglars in alarm commercials are White actors, when most of the time in real life they are black.

Look, we all know blacks are the most criminal race in the entire country.

I’ll add more photos below and probably create a whole new page up under my masthead, once I get the time. It will be in the “WHITE VICTIMS” section. Look above you. You can link to the pages there for updated photo montages, which I do every so often when I get the time.

I also have a section on White murder victims before the year 2000. Go HERE to see.

Or simply go to NEW NATION NEWS once in awhile to see a lot of the crap going down in what was once our own White countries.

Us Whites are truly getting effed over.

This kind of thing happens all the time:


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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34 Responses to Evil Blacks Kill White People All The Time Just Driving

  1. American born says:

    As I mentioned on the previous post I’m in Philly for a few days. Today I took the rental car and cruised around Camden, New Jersey for about three hours to observe the wildlife. Complete wasteland. The niggers and Puerto Rican’s have laid waste to the area. It is a third world nation within the United States. I am not exaggerating at all, pure shit.

    Northern Philadelphia is probably worse than Camden though. I went on a few hour safari through West Philly yesterday, pure crime culture worse, much worse than I have seen in years. I live in Las Vegas and Killadelphia dwarfs what I see on a daily basis in Vegas. Pure ruination.

  2. john says:

    A uninsured texting nigger ran a red light and plowed into me totalling 2 vehicles and putting me in the hospital with major life threatening injuries. His irresponsibility ended my career and disabled me for life. He had been in trouble his entire adult life. He only lost his driving privileges for one year after our worthless system found him at fault. I couldn’t go after his worthless nigger baby daddy ass because the only thing he had was a stinking litter of baby boons.

  3. Recon Ranger says:

    Don’t go to large gatherings, events, demonstrations, home parties, college games, pro games…. it seems like a prison doesn’t it ??? well for all the dumb shit Americans who have their heads up their asses I want to tell you that our once great America has turned to a nation of ” CANS “……AFRICANS, PUERTO RICANS,… MEXICANS….all of which have destroyed our nation and we are paying for it with our money and our lives…. it’s time for the shootin’ war to get underway… niggers, jews and their supporters need to be eliminated… and oh yes, we cannot forget the sand niggers … it’s not coming, it’s here and now….Get loaded and I don’t mean with booze… Shoot Move and Communicate…RR

  4. Gene says:

    Ugliest Kill the Most Beautiful

    It’s always amazing to me that these ugliest black bastards kill the absolutely stunningly good looking, beautiful ones! Look at these babes! There should be a war party waiting when he bonds out! No what I mean?

  5. Gene says:

    There should be a law against these people breeding….at all! At all! Cut off their EBT cards now!
    Get you a good .22 automatic rifle right now if you don’t own one. Get several bricks of 500 or a thousand round bricks of shells. That way you won’t run out of shells any time soon.
    Practice with it until you can hit a man sized target at about a hundred yards. It will shoot much farther than that, though.

  6. American born says:

    john, I had the option of insuring the vehicle at a cost of about $37 a day at Hertz. The colored man suggested that I was running a risk if I didn’t buy the insurance. I didn’t. I drive with the best of them.

    He was a typical nigger running game. These animals are are just that, animals.

    The valet cooms where I drop off my wife run game too. Stare right through them. My shoes cost more than they make in a month. I hand down orders. They respond accordingly. The tougher the nigger, the harder I swing.

    All in all, although I grew up around the nigger, I am over it. Animals in human form.

  7. American born says:

    I’m glad I had the opportunity to get out of Vegas and back to hardcore Eastcoast. I did time in state prison in the mid 90’s in MA. Was with some of the toughest around.

    I left that and went West. My disgust has been rekindled. Looking into the eyes of nigger has reminded me of years ago.

    The niggers in Vegas and the west coast are different, dumb as a s rock, but more human.

    Killadelphia is old school evil nigger. I also noticed loads of Moslem convert niggers. Not the filthy muz we have on Vegas that are from Africa. These are home grown niggers that are converts.

  8. Nationalist says:

    I’ve got news for you INCOG MAN, Negros have tried to kill me with their car several times in my driving career. Also where I live which is the greater Puget Sound region Negro “motorists” have shot at Whites while driving numerous times as well sometimes with dire consequences. Negros are a menace while driving but it has less to do with driving and more to do with Negros, they will act like apes for no reason other than they are apes and liberal Washington State is stupid for supporting them when there is no rational reason for doing so. Thanks for your wonderful and truthful web site, every day our only choice is the brainwashing anti-White news media, it’s enough to make a person sick or perhaps just simply dead. For the White liberals out there don’t say you haven’t been warned and stop taking the side of evil which is what liberalism is all about. God is a conservative, Satan is a liberal.

  9. Israhell on Earth says:


    Two years ago, when the Justice Department forced New Jersey officials to adopt new policies to discourage racial profiling by state troopers, it also told the state to study the driving habits of black and white motorists on the New Jersey Turnpike.

    The task was complicated, but the reason for it was simple: numerous studies have shown that police officers in New Jersey and elsewhere stop black and Hispanic drivers for speeding more often than they stop whites. What is less certain is why — how much of that disparity is because of racial profiling and how much, if any, is attributable to differences in driving behavior, which have never been adequately documented.

    But rather than clarifying the issue, the study created its own muddle. Justice Department officials say they have such serious questions about the methods used to gather the data that they have asked New Jersey’s attorney general not to release the findings. It is not clear whether they will be made public.

    The study involved photographing tens of thousands of drivers on the turnpike last spring while clocking speed with a radar gun. It found that black drivers sped much more than other drivers, according to three people who have reviewed the unreleased report. The racial gap was far wider than officials had expected and, in the politically charged controversies over profiling, the data could be used by defenders of the state police to argue that one reason black drivers are stopped more often than whites is that they are more likely to speed.
    Continue reading the main story

    Continue reading the main story

    There is evidence that racial profiling was common practice in the New Jersey State Police in the 1990’s: internal police memos; testimony by troopers; and training materials that encouraged officers to stop and search minority drivers. Most striking are police records that show that black and Hispanic motorists, who make up 30 percent of the drivers on the turnpike, were subjected to more than 80 percent of the searches.

    There are interpretive disputes over all these issues, but none more vigorous than the debate over how to quantify racial profiling on the nation’s highways.

    In North Carolina, for example, a professor hired in 2000 by the National Institute of Justice to study whether there are identifiable differences in driving behavior based on race, assigned teams of students to travel roads at the speed limit, record the race of drivers who passed them and use stopwatches to time the drivers’ speed. Though the study has not yet been released, civil rights groups have dismissed its methods as ”loony science” and called Matthew T. Zingraff, the lead researcher from North Carolina State University, a racist and a police apologist. Mr. Zingraff has said he was merely trying to find new data to quantify racial profiling.

    The analysis of speeders on the New Jersey Turnpike was designed to reduce human error by using high-speed photography to help identify the race of drivers.

    The study used specially designed radar gun cameras, which are used to photograph the license plates of speeders and whose photos are accepted as evidence in many courts around the country, to capture images of drivers in a variety of locations on the turnpike. The study defined speeding as exceeding the speed limit by 15 miles per hour, and officers are instructed to focus on the most egregious speeders.

    Researchers then showed the photos of 38,747 drivers to teams of three evaluators who tried to determine each driver’s race, without knowing whether the driver had sped or not. At least two evaluators were able to agree on the race of 26,334 of the drivers photographed, and an analysis of those motorists found that the disparity between white and black drivers widened at higher speeds.

    In the southern segment of the turnpike, where the speed limit is 65 m.p.h., 2.7 percent of black drivers were speeders, compared with 1.4 percent of white drivers. Among drivers going faster than 90 m.p.h., the disparity was even greater.

    By contrast, blacks were no more likely to speed than whites when the limit was 55 m.p.h. In those geographical segments of the turnpike, 13.1 percent of black drivers were speeders, compared with 13.5 percent of white drivers.

    Those results startled officials in the state attorney general’s office, who had assumed that the radar study would bolster their case that profiling was widespread. Instead, the study concluded that blacks make up 16 percent of the drivers on the turnpike and 25 percent of the speeders in the 65 m.p.h. zones, where complaints of profiling have been most common.

    Recent state police figures showed that 23 percent of the traffic stops on the turnpike involve black drivers. Before 1999, when New Jersey agreed to allow a federal monitor to oversee the force, the best available data showed that about 27 percent of all turnpike stops involved black drivers, although troopers were allowed to ignore rules that they record the driver’s race in each stop, so many analysts suspect that the actual percentage was far higher.

    While the new report has only been officially circulated at the Justice Department and among top officials in the state attorney general’s office, word of its results are being whispered about in state police barracks and have cheered those who argue that racial profiling has been exaggerated by lawyers and journalists.

    “PEOPLE WHO ARE BEING STOPPED ARE BEING STOPPED BECAUSE OF THE WAY THEY’RE OPERATING THEIR VEHICLES, NOT BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE,” said David Jones, vice president of the New Jersey State Troopers Fraternal Association, who has not seen the report.

    read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2002/03/21/nyregion/study-suggests-racial-gap-in-speeding-in-new-jersey.html

    Another “White privilege” myth busted. I’m sure there are racist white police officers out there targeting black drivers, but they are a tiny minority. If you’re a white wigger listening to blaring rap “music” while speeding and driving recklessly, the police won’t give you a pass, either.
    The silver lining here is that degenerate black thug culture is the main reason why “driving while black” get’s blacks into trouble, not systemic racial profiling.

  10. Barney says:

    Niggers are NOT people, and never can be. They’re an entirely different species and, like their cousin the jew, don’t seem to fit into OUR world’s ecosystem.

    Visually the nigger resembles a gorilla, but is uglier. Behaviourally it’s more like a chimpanzee, but more violent.

    Just ask yourself one question. Is there any other species on Earth that will knowingly set fire to it’s own nest?

    Dangerous wild animals shouldn’t be supplied with firearms, vehicles, machetes or anything else that can be used as a weapon because these things, and fire, WILL be used as weapons – – – against US. They kill each other all the time, but that’s just TNB and perfectly acceptable, but let them do it in their own countries because they sure as hell should NOT be in ours.

  11. Johnny Taurus says:

    These Black bass turds have brain damage from where the alphabet exploded while they were being named. Look at his name. Jerode…..Demetrius…..his parents obviously just collected random letters they picked up when the explosion occured and used that for his “NAME”. Some of the letters struck the Black infant in the head giving him brain damage. This medical emergency occurs often in the Black community because “EVIL WHITE MEN” made the alphabet explode and injure these Black children. I notice that Dylan Roof got nationwide coverage when he shot Blacks in Charleston…so did a White man that stabbed a Black student at a college…..but nothing was on the news outside the area in which the murders of a White man, his wife, his son, and the wounding of their daughter occured right outside of Charleston, S.C.!!! White lives do not matter and their murders are encouraged by the Jew media. Whites need to wake the hell up. We are at war…..RACE WAR.

  12. The opinion you trust says:

    You have got parasites!

    What can you do about it?

    Simplistic view of human parasites is a worm. Here is a good picture of a worm permanently living in a human eye: https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=fXywZ7z%2b&id=3992B1E4B7BD9C6BA370FB75BFAFB963A2BCCA31&thid=OIP.fXywZ7z-_49LYACJEWPQGgEsDf&q=human+parasites&simid=608034153601763450&selectedIndex=1&qpvt=human+parasites&ajaxhist=0

    CDC stands for a disease control and is a governmental agency. CDS warns of common parasites affecting millions in U.S. For many people, parasites are something which is not real, a prejudice, bias, a racism, but for millions more they are they are the terrifying reality.

    These highly adaptable and intelligent parasites take up residence in human hosts and feed on the person, causing life-threatening illness. Some think parasites may be acquired only in developing countries or from a few occasional encounters with an open-minded and social girlfriend.

    However, a new report finds the parasites are wide spread in the U.S., where millions of people develop parasitic infections. These microscopic creatures are picked up through food and water, using public water, in jails, hospitals, military, schools, public transportation, and finally all kind restaurants, using all kind sharing sits in public places, door knobs, currency, and other shit.

    You have got parasites, the “good home-grown parasites” here in the US!

    The niggers, jews, lationos, and Mixicans are the parasites! These parasites do not come from the door knob. Instead, they come from the Legal Acts of Congress from Israel, Mixico, and Africa.

    Repeatedly people ask what is our next? What do we do next and how do we practically address the Judeo – Niggerian Problem? People ask to tell them what to do because they afraid police will arrest them if they call for armed action to address the growing Judeo – Niggerian Problem? What can we legally do to address this Problem?

    Here is what we should do.

    White people get together into legal political movements like NSM.

    Start by offering your volunteer services if you afraid to become a member of NSM right away. Start by helping NSM to refine their ideology, mission, and strategy. Use NSM as a new political party of you choice instead of the Good Old Party or Democratic Party.

    Strategically using NSM as a political vehicle, the political party from which you will elect new type of leaders who will rewrite the Constitution and Statutes to properly recognize and address the Judeo Nigerian Problem.

    Nice, clean, legal, and no shootouts. Shootouts are not safe, because Jewish and Niggers ran police will arrest you right after you finish cleaning your weapons, but shortly before you loaded it.

    By acting legally, which means exercising your political power as a cohesive group of White People, we will be able to achieve greater goals, faster.

    The today’s Murderous Illegal Laws which perpetuate the murderous Niggers, murderous Jews, and murderous Mexican lations in power must be reverted.

    Niggers should be in Niggeria, and Jews should be in Israel, and Latinos should be in Mexico.

    There is nothing to do here whatsoever, as well as in any other country except the 3 mentioned above.

    Niggers, muslim-Jews, and Latinos, we white people want you to be happy. We want you to be happy at home, not this home, not in our home. You go back to your home in Africa. Niggers, Muslim-Jews, and Latino-Mexicans you are different species whom we respect you very much when you are in different places. Unfortunately, you are here, you do not want to stay in different places, you persistently, consciously, and intentionally follow the White People around it is not good thing to do. Look for independence, freedom, happiness somewhere else – in Africa and Israel.

    If you do not understand it then I clearly explain it to you: your home is Africa! When prt said he wants you all to get jobs, he meant not here, but in Africa. Go back in Africa and stay with you species, because you hate us and this your hate takes way too much of my time and energy to deal with your shit Niggers, Muslim-Jews, and Latino-Mexicans. And Italians with your fucking mafia go back home too. And all fucking perverts, and all kind shit go somewhere else. And all hell many types of Police go with them too in Africa and police each other there and fund each other there and fuck each other there. And fucking Jewish Financial Intermediaries go back to Israel and fuck each other there. Every time there is always a fucking intermediary between the results of my work and my happiness – the fucking pig – faced Jews and other rich scum.

    Here in America, we want self-governance, uniformity, discipline, and work toward achieving common goals.

    Nice, clean, peaceful, not overcrowded, and quiet.

  13. Karen says:

    Cry me a river. White politicians, movers and shakers, live in White gated communities untouched by immigration, and if they deviate from the Jewish master plan they’re finished, no more yachts, high priced hookers, expense paid vacations etc. The U.S., Canada, and much of western Europe is controlled by Jews through money, education, and their thousand and one organizations. They own you and you mean less than nothing to them, you’re all cattle in their eyes. You’re alone in this fight and unless you fight you’re finished. Niggers are the pawns, knights are the military, castles are the banks.

  14. The opinion you trust says:

    What is knowledge?

    Many say that the particular view of niggers and jews expressed here is a bias, assuming that our views are unsubstantiated, different from reality, and are not knowledge based.

    But we insist that we are not prejudiced against Niggers, Muslims, Jews, and Latinos, and our views of them are based on a gazillions of bits of data, information, and the expertise we have developed about the depth of the problem all those Niggers represent to us.

    Thus view of Niggers is based not on prejudice and racism but on scientific research, using which we accumulated Knowledge about harmful nature of the Niggers, Jewish – Muslims, and Mexican-Latinos.
    To understand difference between data, information, and knowledge it is useful to set the three in hierarchical order.

    Thus, what is knowledge, in other words what is the difference between frim clear knowledge about Niggers and Prejudice (as niggers are trying to brand our righteous moral and blameless response about them)?

    Knowledge at the highest level in a hierarchy. Knowledge refers to information that enables action and decisions or information with direction. Hence, knowledge is intrinsically similar to information and data, although it is the richest and deepest of the three, and is consequently also the most valuable. Knowledge is information that facilitates action, for example, individuals who are the domain experts within an organization as Huff is an expert on Jews. An example of knowledge includes recognizing that a phone number belongs to a good client who needs to be called once per week to get his orders.

    Information at the middle level. Information is data in context, for example a phone book. Data is at the lowest level: data refer to bare facts void of context, for example a telephone number.

    Knowledge definition is, in an area, the justified beliefs about relationships among concepts relevant to that particular area.

  15. Karen says:

    blah blah blah…..

  16. Karen says:

    You just had to jump in with the gibberish didn’t you, to distract from my you tube insert. How old are you? You’re obviously a very young and inexperienced hasbara, still following the hasbara manual to the letter.This is an insult to the Incogman site. One would think they’s at least send out polished hasbaras.

  17. Karen says:

    Because of your neophyte enthusiasm which is an ndirect insult to this esteemed site I shall post it again……

  18. Karen says:

    Because of your neophyte enthusiasm which is an indirect insult to this esteemed site I shall post it again……

  19. Karen says:

    This is old but in case any new internet browsers happen onto this site, please watch this….https://youtu.be/rA7Ymki71fM

  20. S O G says:

    nukkuhs trigger niggers and hoopty drivers are a shock to the sensibilities in human beings …its not racist to know and realize niggers are some kind of tool to bring down human benevolent societies …jew tools as are muislims ….muslims need to be exterminated …all of them …
    what is this jeopardy ?….what is opinion …aka asshole …everyone has one …if the guy says it smells like shiot and never sees the light of day is the correct answer >what is opinion , or ass …heh heh etc …knowledge is a different universe than opinion …alot of knowledge is treated like opionion and vice versa ..
    kareren showin some spunk …
    try injusticefile should be there on cogz left list …http://www.newsfollowup.com/obama_body_count_obama_death_list_re-election_cia_gay.htm

  21. Lori says:

    Alcohol and cigarettes should never be promoted in society, nor should other intoxication. Low proof alcohol is all that should be legal and it should be available to persons who use it at a minimal level, much less than one a day. To obtain a license you would have to pass an exam and upon purchase you would have to present the license. Upon violation of the use laws you lose the license required to purchase the alcohol. Using your license to supply non-licensed persons would be illegal. The abuse laws would apply to cigarettes as well. The sobbing family members who I had to witness from having their loved one slaughtered for other persons false intoxication rights is why. You would think human intelligence would resolve the non-stop trash the non-guilty have to pay for as logical reasoning for reform…or perhaps it is just evil.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Also, most of the beer and liquor industries are now majority owned by Jewry. They don’t have any problems with blacks killing us.

  22. INCOG MAN says:

    The filthy blacks won’t care one iota about any new laws.

    Don’t you get it, that we have some kind of violent wild primates infesting America?

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    Best video of the day belongs on this thread also. It shows hope. A woman minding her own business in broad daylight just putting gas in her vehicle. A load of homegrown domestic terrorists subhuman niggers drive up in what else but a caddilac. One of the subhumans jumps out of the caddy and jumps into her suv to steal it. She jumps on the hood to stop it and hangs on to the windshield wipers. Good thing too because the subhuman homegrown domestic terrorist drives and hits the brakes twice to try to dump her off. And then the subhuman would have run her over for sure to get away. Attempted murder in the course of robbery. So the nigger decides to forget about it and gets out and jumps back into the caddilac with the other homegrown domestic terrorist subhuman homies and take off. The best part? The car is still rolling away the woman chases it back down and jumps back into it while it is still rolling and stops it before it causes a major calamity on the highway also. My hero superwoman of the day right there. She really really really just loved that car. Note to police. Please tell me you can find this caddilac. Homegrown domestic terrorist subhuman niggers. Not quite ready for civilized human societies yet. As a matter of fact they are still about 20 million light years behind and after all this money and all these years of trying they aint getting any better. As a matter of fact and truth they are getting worse.

  24. The opinion you trust says:

    sog, you sound like an expired prostate cancer? Why for the third time I see you using screen name? What is your problem with the “lofty writing”? Focus on the niggers, do not stick to the other website participants, you psycho . You poof, blown out of proportion of your own importance, a fucking poser, do not tell people what to do. I do not care even if you a cocksucker or anything less. Find yourself another mascot.

  25. Israhell on Earth says:

    @ The opinion you trust

    Here is the shocking road fatality data for South Africa. It’s a hard sell for jews and leftists to blame the white man for this incredible mess, that’s why the mainstream media has stopped to cover inconvenient truths and the downsides of post-Apartheid SA. It’s hard to find anything positive, when the majority of blacks now say life was much better under apartheid.
    Job prospects were better, education was better, healthcare was better, security was better, the average income-gap between blacks and whites was lower, etc…

    Apartheid was that cruel, evil, and inhumane – millions of blacks from neighboring countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, or Mozambique risked their lives to get to SA, and they even try to get there today. If they make it and manage to open a small business, xenophobic mobs usually burn down the store and kill the foreigners on the spot. The majority black police force is either incompetent, indifferent or lacks the manpower to tackle the problem efficiently.

    DEMOGRAPHICS (2011):

    Black: 79,2%
    Coloured: 8,9
    White: 8,9%
    Asian: 2,5%


    South Africa: 156,4
    United States: 13,9


    – South Africa is among the top ten countries with highest road fatalities in the world – slightly ahead of war-torn Iraq
    – The three leading causes of fatal accidents are drunk driving, excessive speeding, and dangerous overtaking
    – “South African drivers are generally very aggressive, lack consideration and are extremely impatient”, said a government official
    – Car accidents claim the lives of 32 out of 100,000 South Africans every year – very close to the country’s murder rate(!)
    – This is nearly 3 times the rate of road fatalities in the United States, and 9 times the United Kingdom rate. When measured as a ratio of the number of vehicles in the country, South Africa has over 11 times the death rate of the United States
    – Annually, traffic accidents cost the county $35 billion, or roughly 10% of it’s GDP, and the cost of human lives is immeasurable.

    SOURCE: “The Truth about South Africa and Apartheid” by Stefan Molyneux. Highly recommended 83 min. video.

  26. S O G says:

    the only poof on here is you magot….
    you dont care if men are cocksuckers says it all …
    the only thing id do with your shriveled fuckin cork is cut it off with a butter knife and shove it up your well traveled ass…
    you should focus on not abusing the proper english language …
    i cant figure out why you are here except to bore people to death …
    heh heh …prostate problems run in your wheel house …remebre to tell your gay partners to take it easy …
    how nice that you forgot all your bullshit poser lofty sheister spew to insult me back …and in broken pigeon ebonix ..fuckin nigger ..
    p.s. ncogman i wont post anymore shit against asshole opinion no one needs even if he goes full homo on me in here ….lol…..

  27. Israhell on Earth says:

    Oh boy, getting to the bottom of that particular subject can be frustrating. I just read a short (((NPR))) article, and the jewish host David Greene tries to blame white drivers for the fact that most pedestrians on US streets get killed in minority/black neighborhoods.

    Greene and this colored gentleman http://www.npr.org/people/137765146/shankar-vedantam claim that white drivers often fail to stop at intersections and crosswalks when they see a black person.

    Mr. Vendantam admits that no big, unbiased study has ever been conducted. What remains is the usual accusation of evil white racism or at least “implicit bias”.

    If it’s true that white drivers tend to “overlook” black pedestrians at intersections, these race-baiters could ask why they do it, but realists have dubbed NPR National Propaganda Radio for a reason.


    I mean you have to be suicidal nowadays to stop in the hood after you struck a black person, especially if it’s a child. Just get the hell out of there as fast as possible, call an ambulance w/ your cell phone and drive to the next police precinct.

    This was not the first time that a black thug or an entire mob lynched a white driver for doing the right thing.


  28. silvernickel says:

    “Also, most of the beer and liquor industries are now majority owned by Jewry. They don’t have any problems with blacks killing us.”

    Exactly Incogman

    The jews have been in the alcohol business for centuries. They made the rum and supplied the negroes in the African Slave trade to the Jew World.


    Henry Ford says:

    Smug Rabbis looking to kosherize (ie. make profit) there bourbons

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