Little Miss Molly Got Exactly What She Deserved

By Phillip Marlowe

When I read that 22 year-old Molly Matheson was found strangled dead in her apartment’s bathroom by her mother, I immediately suspected she was a big mudshark. I went online and soon found her Facebook page, still not yet removed. Looking over her photos, it’ll be a black perp, I told myself. The twit made a shot of herself at some fancy social event in the arms of this smiling little ape, all dressed up in White man clothing as her masthead profile photo (below “continued”).

Reginald Kimbro looking pleased with himself. These ugly flat-nosed apes actually think they are handsome.

Can you believe that crap? Proud of that photo? Yep, in today’s Jew brainwashed America we see our women acting this way. Disgusting.

This past weekend, 23 year-old Reginald Kimbro (right) was busted for the murder. Her parents claimed she only “sort of” knew him. Yeah, I bet. She freely allowed him into her apartment (no signs of forced entry). Undoubtedly, he expected to get some, being a black stud puppy and all. When he didn’t get it fast enough, or she had a change of mind, he cried the blues. And we know how much these poor, oppressed apes love singing the blues. One thing led to another and him being a Negro, lost it and strangled her in a fit of black rage. He certainly raped her, before or even after. That’s probably why it took so long to bust him — they had to wait until the DNA results came back.

Her mother discovered her daughter’s naked dead body in the apartment’s bathroom shower the next day. She had a blackened, grossly swollen eye from him punching her out at some point before her heart stopped beating — forever. The ape carried her into the shower in the lame attempt to wash away evidence; then put some of her clothing and bedding in the washing machine and turned it on before he made his brave escape. Personally? I think little Miss Molly got exactly what she asked for. I have absolutely ZERO empathy for stupid mudsharks like this. And I do indeed mean stupid. The twit was braindead even before getting the oxygen cut off to her foolish head.

Sometimes when I hear about some White chick getting murdered, I can tell right away the perp will turn out to be black and the twit was a mudshark. I’ll see a photo where I notice a cropped piece of a shoulder and know right then and there. In fact, I did the artwork layering above and below, plus wrote most of this copy before any news came out finally IDing the perp (April 28 — but I only read of the arrest on May 1 when I published this post on the Internet). I only did a little fine-tuning and adding new details that came out. It’s so predictable, anymore.*

Little Miss Molly Mudshark

She attended the University of Arkansas but dropped out in 2015. Her killer also went there, too (taking up space from a more deserving intelligent White); it’s probable that’s how she knew the ape. Except for the one on the bottom right and the news site that cropped out the Negro (I can’t tell any of them apart); photos were copied from her Facebook shortly after the crime. I actually did up this photo montage and the top photo illustration 2 weeks before the perp was named.

The media crops out black guys from photos all the time. They know Whites will say to themselves “it’ll be a black guy who did it.” Most Whites are now cued in and think that (maybe not saying so) because it really happens all the time. See my page “MUDSHARK MADNESS” to see quite a few from recent years. Blacks are violent, brutal animals.

And murderous, criminal blacks will kill anyone dead at the drop of a chicken bone, no matter who you are. Just watch the A&E show “The First 48” and you’ll see how these “people” really behave. You can also go to the site “New Nation News” for daily stories from around the country and the world — many of which will gross you the hell out. Blacks are just plain sick, nasty animals!

I can also tell by her uploaded Facebook photos she was a blithering multicult idiot, right along with an equally idiotic mother. I say idiot because she let herself go out with blacks and her mother didn’t teach her any better.

She was supposed to be a big sorority sister, but quit school 2 years ago without graduating (most likely because of her various involvements with blacks). She was also supposed to be a big Christian type (what a laugh) and the crime happened near Texas Christian university, which is the reason it got some media coverage. The media elites were hoping it might be a crazy Christian White perp. Now watch the story disappear as usual.

Like the black judge murdered in Cook county (Chicago) and his wife wounded, they reported on it initially on ABC “World News Tonight” but once it was found out a black did it, they dropped the story like a hot potato. It’s not part of the narrative to report in depth on black criminality — which is one reason why all these animals are so racially militant. The media has long been protecting this murderous race and building them up as so great. And they always make them out as such heroes and “unjustly persecuted” by evil racist Whites — mostly us White males, who are responsible for everything bad.

On Saturday night this past weekend, I went out to a pretty nice restaurant in town. When I left I saw young couples coming in all dressed up for the local high school prom — looking a lot like Molly’s idiotic Facebook shot above. Many of them were White chicks with black guys. One of the black guys looked over at me as I drove away in the parking lot. He seemed kind of sheepish about the whole thing like he knew deep down it wasn’t right, or maybe he just noticed me glaring at his ugly black ass all dressed up like a Barnum and Bailey circus monkey. Blacks look so stupid in formal attire.

I often look at them this way since the sight of it pisses me the hell off. I can’t wait for the day when we can take immediate action on the spot.

The filthy Jews are the ones who are behind this crap. I see them pairing off White females with blacks everywhere on the screen. Even local news often has a black male with a White female anchor. If you’re a White guy and you’re not angry seeing this happening, then you are too far gone with the Jewish diversity brainwashing.

If anyone wants to call me a racist and insensitive about the girl’s murder, then so be it.

* I write a lot of stuff in advance of finding out what really happened. It’s not because I’m so great, it’s only because things have become so obvious these days.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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92 Responses to Little Miss Molly Got Exactly What She Deserved

  1. The opinion you trust says:

    I never expected to hear so much negativity from Karen. For me she always was model of White Motherhood. She was our famine hero, she was a classy girl.


    Karen was my hero. I would always imagined her as a leady Liberty leading the Great White American Resistance.

    My understanding of Karen was inspired by the famous piece of art called “Liberty Leading the People” written by artist Dlacroix. This drawing depicts a young beautiful French women with two white bear breasts wide opened and loose, holding American Flag of Liberty and leading Incog Man to “Make America Great Again”.

    I thought of her as famine heroine with a nice freshly shaved white pussy which turned read, because you just splashed it with a glass of whisky.

    And now having here said all those things I understand that she is just a rich Latvian hater with a lot of whiteheads all over her pussi.

  2. Hoff says:

    opinion you lost is fuking out of line. Fuck off!

    Karen got it a hundred percent right.

  3. Littleberry says:

    TO: The opinion you trust:

    a) Do you deny that Lenin ordered the execution of the Tsar and his family? Collarary: Do you downgrade this question as not being important?

    I, and probably 99% of the readers here, think that this is an important question and that Lenin (and his cronies) did indeed kill the Tsar and his family. There are many more questions about Lenin and the jewish communists that you would have to address to fit in here, but, start with the one about the murder of the Tsar AND HIS FAMILY.

  4. Bailey says:

    Dafydd, thanks for that mexican holocaust denier video.
    I never laughed so hard in my life.

    sog , still a fuckin’ riot and i couldn’t agree more about Trump.
    The whole thing was a kosher production , even the fuckin’ inaugural address.

    It’s also good to see some of the original crew here, you know who you are.

  5. Ray says:

    Maybe Emily Rose Nauert, aka Moldylocks will get the same treatment as this stupid mudshark. We can only hope.

  6. Dafydd says:

    Here he is again:
    What we should do with Kikes and Muslims is to poke fun at the them; as ridicule triggers them
    Slightly of topic: Anyone who puts down fellow Caucasians on account of their nationality or nation; is either an hasbaRAT, troll, or an out and out MORON (with a very simplistic grasp of history and current affairs); because whether intentional or not; it is very divisive and plays into our enemies hands and has nothing positive to contribute to any debate.
    We should aim to be constructive without creating division, which is the modus operandi of our enemies; as there is a big difference between banter, and put downs; which the aforementioned MORONS don’t get for obvious reasons.
    @ The opinion you trust: Wikipedia is not a reliable scholarly source; therefore it is not acceptable as a reliable source in academia.

  7. Karen says:

    @The Opinion You Trust, I apologize for flying off the handle, I had been working for hours in the garden and so had a few beers and alcohol does not agree with me. Everything I wrote regarding the so-called Russian Revolution is true. I suggest you go to Hoff’s site and read Two Hundred Years Together. Besides, my grandparents though children at the time lived through it, and would have no reason to lie to me. The wealth discrepancies between the very rich and the very poor is obscene, and a more equitable distribution is fair and necessary. However, not all of the rich are pigs deserving murder and not all the poor are downtrodden saints. Leveling does not work and is against Nature. Some people through intelligence, industriousness or plain hard work are entitled to a bigger piece of the pie, but the system in place today does not play fair, so we are agreed on that much. The movie The Edge starring Anthony Hopkins dealt with this. A form of Socialism which takes into consideration human differences in abilities, rewarding these abilities while guaranteeing that no one is homeless or hungry, and free of the “it’s who you know” aspect that is predominant today, would work. Countries based on race are also a given.

  8. Karen says:

    @The Opinion You Trust, my apology for flying off the handle does not mean that I don’t consider you a vulgar little manlet. In my Socialist Utopia you would be provided the minimum required for sustenance in return for undergoing a vasectomy, as you obviously would have nothing to offer which would bring you the rewards given to Real Men.

  9. Bailey says:

    Dafydd, oh yea – they hate when people question their bs but laughing at it must really make them nuts.
    As a plus, laughter is our best medicine.

  10. Incogman…. I agree with you fully in what you are stating in this article…

    I have had enough myself of all of this bullshit from the Jew spew media, our Jew dick sucking governments, our Jew infested ed-Jew-cation system, etc. etc…. All these pricks ever do is promote this racial mixing that now has turned our society into garbage…

    These blacks that do these actions should be put up for execution… Period, end of story…

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    Red Pill says:

    May 6, 2017 at 8:07 am

    Dad tells daughter ‘you’re dead to me’ for going to prom with black man
    I checked out your link and read the story and moved it over here. Here’s the thing though. This mudshark is going to be dead to EVERYBODY before the age of thirty. Brutally strangled, stabbed, beat to death. And then usually set on fire either while still alive or after death. That’s called the mudshark free cremation. But first will be the drugs, the crack and marahoochie, the meth, and the heroin addictions. Usually some prostitution or whoring to trade for drugs goes along with it too. The niglets and baby daddies that she supports with prostitution and welfare money she receives. The welfare and food stamps/ebt cards Medicaid and public housing. The only time Dad would see her anyway is when she needs to be bailed out of jail or she needs more money for drugs or the baby daddy beat her up plus she got kicked out of the shelter for being high again. So she needs a place to stay for a night. So in either case she is lost anyway. Like the old saying goes… once you go black you’ll never come back… alive.

  12. GD says:

    Oh Phil. Bruce Jenner going tranny is simply an honest confession that Women are shit and his running in his own gay way. Bruce Jenner is shit, So are the shit Kardashians.
    Men, take hope, this original sin breed of shit will soon be dead.
    Even if I was 1/2 dead I can and will slaughter every women on this earth.
    I will do them much worse, fully alive. Disgusting women.
    They don’t love Jesus. They want to pull him when they are shit garbage people.
    Disgusting disgrace.

  13. Barney says:

    g-d – (g minus d = “not God” or “anti-God”, worshipped by the jews and known to the rest of us as the devil).

    You want to kill all women? If I read that right, you are the devil (=jew), in which case you’re not wanted here.

  14. anon says:


  15. Tennessee Walt says:

    I almost deleted your page in my favorites because your site was down for three days? Tell us what happened, did the jew world order do it or were you working on it…what what?

  16. Dwayne carrier says:

    I love this site! Realism in your face! I as a white man who is single, see this shit all the god damn time! Hot white women holding hands or making out in public with these walking black turds! They have their underwear showing and got the bling bling on pulling out the welfare cards to buy food. It’ s fucking disgusting. Years ago I bought into all this bullshit! I dressed talked walked and acted like them. I was awoken to reality by my stepfather who showed me all this garbage the Jews taught me as acceptable was a ruse. These apes piss me off! I’m not rascist and like Incogman if someone calls me racist they can eat shit because I’m telling the truth! Blacks are animals that need to be subjugated like the Jews. Both races are fucking disgusting and we were warned centuries ago by people like Benjamin Franklin that if left unchecked they would ruin this country. And hr was right they sure as hell did.

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  18. Anton Chigurh says:

    Yeah, inquiring minds want to know how your account got suspended.

  19. S O G says:

    smitherines aka morris dee(d)s
    the opinion who trusts hive web …you jerkoffs still here ..
    keep at it bailey ..there are a few nut cases on the loose in here ..
    laffter is the best way or killem all with kindness …or will the batshit nut sacks kindly stfu for a minute …sometimes silence is the most profound weapon of all especially when you force someone to quit talking / heh heh …ayyyhe …
    genuine sog ..misspelles n all …
    the new playground here looks mined of sorts …
    been busy not giving a fuck and being silent …
    they once said sit down —shut the fuck uop and LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN …knuckle fuckin haids ..
    works for me sometimes

    hey now am born ..hey ICU make you a deal come back and i’ll get back into the commenting …
    i suspect things will be picking up in the guvment agenda …more slaves to be made out of middle class working whites and more free sghit to ther fucking mexxees and muslim shitbags who we are supposed to be not letting in america …the jews have it all cocked up in the world ..
    awareness is slow to penetrate americans heads due to severew dumbing down …
    ay fuckin way ..peace out
    it is better to remain silent and be thiught of as nuts than to speak and remove all dougt .
    i dont doubt that much ..
    keep hittin those keys protocols ..still busting me up over here …

  20. Karen says:

    GD, you are proof that unlike women, only men are rational. With all women slaughtered (you should be careful, the FBI may even now be profiling you…a potential Ted Bundy) You and your queer buddies can continue sodomizing each other and the pooped out impacted turds will magically turn into living breathing little shits just like you.

  21. S O G says:

    glad your still around karen …you got a mean left hook and right uppercut …
    hows your garden doing ..i like the garden of eating meeself ..people grow all knds of shit in killafornia …when a strange mother fucker doesnt stand out around here you know its off to see the wizzard ..
    i am not as focused rthese days and AM writing lesser than i used to ..
    the part about offering news and educational stuff is to be busy hours a day lookkking at everything and digesting the jewish spik muslim nigger effluent sewage and spitting out soemthing funny yet informative ….i am in a different type of mode lately …
    hey barn you ever use apple macbook shit …what a fucking piece of shit the mac laptop is …anyway top aql who own a 2006-7-8 10.6.8 snow leopard osx ops sys you know that you cant use you tube ..or boo hoo ..etc ….download firefox # 37.1 off oldapps . com mie ..ayyae …and if you want seamonkey browser as well you can get edition 2.14 off of seamonkey home page downloads etc etc add nauseum ..
    that way you got firefox and flash and you tube not update firefox or flash or seamonkey etc …turn off updates in preferences …
    people think you can run later op sys el capitan and sierra with a 10.6 ….2.13 ghz or 1.83 ghz chip …..yeah sure you can take a hard drive and put it in a later mac and download el cap and then stick the hard drive back in your old apple cart ..grood ruck ..or use a logic board that is campat with your obsolete shit bag apple and and make sure its a 2.4 ghz logic bored ….
    or go and pay 3 thousaqnd dollars for a fuckin macbook air and enjoy all the bugs and hissing and crap in the overpriced crappolooza … thoughts for the day …priceless when priceless eqals 0 cents ..with inflation is now my 2 cents …stick with win7 and get anonymox and a vpn ..i have about 14 computers and yeah your life can be ruled by such madness but computers are a valuable tool …
    im running firefox on an old apple cus the safari browser is archaic and obsolete when it is no longer supported by apple …..fuck apple ..
    i dunno …rather than white women being murdered by niggers i would like to see them learn their lessons hard without being turned into maggot bait …trying to get through peoples skulls is nere impoosible as you well know …get prepped ..most people who lawfuly own firearms will never use them even in a survival mode environment ….whats my point …when that day comes maybe we the patriots will be the ones going door to door collecting firearms from shit bag cowards who wont lift a finger to protect themselves or their family …it is purely a gradient sliding eqausion …do not let firearms fall into the hands of the stinking government ….the landscape of america will change over night like goin over the rapids or the water fall …in the night ..electric grid the jews will ruin it ..they were fucking with it 5 years ago they fuck with everything …now the jews cerberus group own all american supermerkets …kroegers safeway albertsons ….bad omen there …anti trust with neon lites all over it ..kikes controlling your reality your future and food and health and many other subtle things and not so subtle …..ok for now …god bless ….
    the reason for the apple tutorial is because alot of people dont know theese tricks and they arent even that clever of tricks just utilitariN AND neccessary to make use of a jew tool for your benefit …
    as well if you have horizontal lines on the screen called artifacts you need a chip replacement or re ball of solder connectors …..does anyone like apple well enough to fuck with it …i used to hate microsoft but it can be controlled ….
    if you go to linux go to linux mint 18.1 serena …it is by far one of the best ,,
    free anti virus from comodo and they have a browser but you cant put it on old macs ..

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